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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 24
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 24

Des Moines, Iowa
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4T IMF. VIS MOINLS UUASl t'R Feb. S. 1 98 Court 'regrets' upsetting tough drunken driving law The trail of John Goscli getting colder By FRANK SANTI AGO Survivor of pileup sues By PETER RACIIER DOVER. DEL (AP) Billboards went up last fall proclaiming "Delaware Is Tough On Drunken Drivers," and the stale distributed buttons saying "No Thanks, I'm Driving," for the holiday season.

But Delaware's highly publicized crackdown on drunken drivers was thrown into chaos Thursday when the state Supreme Court in a decision It called "regrettable" ruled the new law unconstitutional on a technicality. The decision wiped out charges against 1.150 people who bad been arrested through Jan. 30 under the law that took effect Oct 19. As a result Gov. Pierre du Pont planned to call the Legislature into special session, bureaucrats combed records Friday to determine who was charged under the Invalid law, and officials were checking jails to determine whether anyone was held illegally.

The state's attorney general, Charles Oberly, said he docs not intend to appeal although he A survivor of a massive pileup on Interstate Highway 80 near Des Moines during blizxard two years ago has sued two of the trackers Involved In the accident, seeking 1300,000 In damages. Mark F. Binder of Des Moines was one of four men riding in a westbound car on Feb 10, mi, when It was mangled In the middle of pileup of some 20 cars and trucks. Four men died in the succession of accidents on that snowy day, Including the three men riding with Binder. Miraculously, Binder escaped death.

News reports at the time said Binder was treated for his Injuries and released from a local horpiUl. In his lawsuit filed Friday In US. District Court Binder demands 150,000 for his Injuries plus 100.000 In punitive damages from the parties he claims were responsible. Binder's wife, Mary Ann, and his discussion with Gosch. Also reported on the street was a silver late-model Ford with a large black stripe across Its side.

Asked why Investigators have been unable to find the cars, Shanahan sa.d, "The plate could have been transferred and the car could have been painted. And the original Identification may not have been that good "The mere fact that we have found neither one of them Is a cause for further suspicion. The drivers have not come forward so thy might definitely have some Involvement. Although police have found three yellow newspaper bags like the one Gosch had, none has proved to be the one he used. Shanahan said the case "remains very active." Dennis Whclan, the Omaha Investigator hired by the Coaches, said that he had "good feelings" about the case, and that he was checking Into rumors the youngster was being kept by a cult near Des Moines.

He said, however, he has been unable to find anyone who positively saw Gosch after he vanished. Shanahan said of the DCI hours spent on the case, "It would probably be far eiceeded by a homicide but the reason is that we generally have more to do In a homicide because there Is evidence there. You Just can't make things happen. If the evidence was there, If the leads were there, there might be more." West Des Moines Police Chief Orval Cooney said' he has a "gut feeling" Gosch Is alive. "It's just a feeling I have.

Whether he's a runaway or what I don't know. I just feel he Is alive." A psychic from New Hampshire who telephoned the family last month and said he would find the youngster has given up his search. "He went back home." the chief said. The psychic, 32-year-old John Monti, accompanied by a business manager, found a pair of yellow-handled pliers, Cooney said. But the tool, Cooney said, was "common" and had no apparent connection to Gosch.

Alt, five months, ihe trail to missing wvkspiipr carrier John Coach remains as cold as the freeung February weather outside. State authorities and West Des Moines police say they have been unable to find a shred of Information that would point to what happened to the 12-year-old when he vanished early Sepl S. as he began his Des Moines Sunday Register route. Gerald Shanahan, chief of the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, estimates the search for the boy has cost the state 141.600, which Includes 1.676 man hours by up to seven Investigators who traveled 7.555 miles. "We have a full-time agent who has been working at least 10 hours a day along with an officer from the West Des Moines Police Department," said Shanahan.

That figure docs not Include costs to the West Des Moines police, which have not been computed, and the estimated 11,000 spent by the family for private Investigators. The money was raised from donations and chocolate bar sales In the community. After sifting through telephone tips, interviewing dozens, mailing stacks of fliers across the country, and following directions pointed out by psychics, no one Is able to say even whether the youngster is alive. The Investigation, says Shanahan, now centers on tracking down "sightings," claims by Individuals who call and say they have seen Gosch In places from supermarkets to bus depots across the country. None has turned up a positive Identification.

Friday police were pursuing one such sighting outside the state. Lacking in the case has been hard evidence or a crime scene. Gosch simply vanished, leaving a wagonload of newspapers and bis dog on a West Des Moines sidewalk. Still mysterious are two cars seen in the neighborhood by other carriers that morning. One was a dark blue full-sized car with Warren County license plates driven by a man who had parked at the curb and had a files to see bow many drivers' licenses would have to be returned.

Oberly also said his office would have to see if anyone is in jail under the new law. Arlen Meckler. Wilmington attorney who Is handling many drunken driving cases, said people who entered pleas under the new law would "want to withdraw those pleas. And because the law is invalid, I think there will be a substantial number." After a spate of publicity about the first efforts to enforce the new law. bar and restaurant owners complained that business fell off by as much as 40 percent Under the new law, police had broader powers and could require a breath test before making an arrest and warning a suspect of his rights.

In addition, it empowered police to seize the license of a driver who refused a breath test The license of such a driver then was automatically revoked for one year. Drivers could get a conditional license three months later if they had qualified for a first-offender rehabilitation program. Virginia abuzz over Redskins CHIPLEY. FLA. (AP) Florida Gov.

Bob Craham is set to make good on his Super Bowl wager with Virginia Gov. Charles Robb. Graham bet 3,000 bees the Miami Dolphins would beat the Washington Redskins in last Sunday's Super Bowl. Robb put up a hog as his side of the bet. Each governor's wagr was patterned after their favorite team's nicknames.

Washington's massive offensive line is known as the "Hogs," while the Dolphins' defensive unit is called the "Killer Bees." The Hogs demolished the Bees, 27-17, at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif: daughter, Kristin, also are plaintiffs In the suit. They allege that they are disagreed with the decision. The ruling will have a major Impact on drunken driving cases, each entitled to $25,000 In actual damages and 150,000 in punitive damages for the loss of Binder's consortium, companionship and support Defendants named In the suit are Oberly said. Prosecutors will examine each case to determine whether violators can be recharged under older drunken driving statutes. Burlington Industries the owner of a semi-trailer truck that Binder alleges jackknifed Into the path of bis he said.

car, James Wayne Burton of Virginia, In its ruling, the court said du Pont, Republican, did not have the con the driver of the Burlington truck; stitutional authority to reduce a and Thomas Potter of Maple Lake, the driver of another semi that funding provision of the new law from 1133.000 to 120.000 before Binder alleges tmarhed into the back of his car. signing it last June. The court said the Legislature should have approved the change. $11 million theft suspect will return to face charges Girl rap. victim's screims an ignored "Anyone found guilty by an ad ministrative bearing, we will have to return fees and licenses." Oberly said.

TUCSON, ARIZ. (AP) A Toe state Division of Motor bystander ignored a 15-year-old girl's Potamilis was the lone guard on duty at Sentry's Bronx warehouse the night of Dec. 1 1 when the largest cash heist in U.S. history was pulled off. He said two robbers had overpowered him.

Christos Potamitis, 24, of New York was arrested Wednesday lounging around a pool at the Holiday Inn beachfront where he was vacationing. He waived an extradition hearing In San Juan. SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO (AP) A former guard accused in the record cash theft of 111 million from an armored car company agreed Friday to return to New York City to face the charges. Vehicles reassigned employees from other departments Friday to help the screams for belp as a man dragged her toward a building, where he raped her, police said Friday. license revocation section purge the tTlH Orlur 1 4 CLASSIFICATION INDEX: ..00499 L-M70 IIO-JO TO PLACE AN AD Col 2144141 in Dot Mora tdhng or Mi 1 SOO-J32 15J ol h-e tram onW parti of lowaj writ Oauifwd AuW tiling Omim inid, Dt Mora tostr, P.O.

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6rt ti Possitei tMrt-lime Semoetlfs. 245-9144 PHONEPROS TYPISTS Manpower Temporary Services for eppi cat 244 444, 2W 4tl I VACUUM SALE, for rape? i Charges. Parts and reoeirv Pm art IW tin A ve, 243 -04 S5 Apartment Manager 4 month mala, Ufa and arhira, rod eaayardala Rtward Fvat. TOti. dayi Ml-J lor) ji CCSStC-CRILUyrnVweetT Today's Pattern Column Pure Sunshine! WILDE Sarvlcat lor John WikM, ot toe Southdalt Orla, mm ba II AM Saturday at lha unarm Homa Intarmanl Sumat Mamo-nai Gar dam Soumtoam Funarai Homt Couoie to manage apartment nds PeCrk) IGrit.

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Found nar E. Uth. Ownar WMRE557WAITER i ADMINISTRATIVE MGR apidry eipandm national Insurance marketing carp it seeking an Atfmintstrative Meneger Bech ground snousd inclurje exp-rncem. Life nd heith msuranc Superior low a none com-muncationt Atiov avrae written skits SoM lake-charge management (Wv Course work i LOMA, CLU, LUTCheiotuI knovrtaoveof computers a plus Not afraid of tang hours Compensation peckeue Includes loo benefits and titvien! work- ina rnndllioM Slarlina salary fen Lowest fes. Can DATELINE-p.

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develop and monitor cost of Out of wort' Back ftlh out of oniroi Naao to tD But. nd -c ro ALrUD, BOX AAV UM The 1983 State Conference On Iowa Construction Laws Ceder Raoids Feb 17th Des Moines tb Itth For additional information cat Linda Grensmg at Professional Education Systems toi free 1-euO 474 7155 leant, plus bonus arrange- I person and capable person and caeabtt BOOKKEEPER products Shout a retiabie of workin with others icettml weees and fringe benefits Wages menl. Send resume I Box 154, i 3nad. Stata Bank of Strai- fob Fulton Drtva II AM at tha Funarai Homa Ml. lion Camatery Ellis Davidson 3e05tttStraat I PM at tha Funarai Homt Histiiano Mamoi Gardant IVA ASHLEY Hit Vina Slraet.WOM 2.30 PM at tha Funarai Homa Lincoln Camatary, Gransar HAMILTON'S 243-5221 Need Individual with good INSURANCEAGENCf Safety dapoul boi rantal.

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Write P.O. Box 711 Grand Sta- UNPLANNED PREGNANCY? Discuss your choices in a conldenllel setting. Abortion and birth control services provided bv highly qualified medical and counseling staff. PRIVATE LOAN FUND FOR THOSE ELIGIBLE Planned Parenthood of Mid-Iowa 151 19th Des Moines 515-280-7000 Field Transport. Jet 149 a.

7, Ft. ADMINISTRATOR sr taking application! for licensed Administrator with a minimum of 2 vrs. experience supported by excellent references tor 47-bed tCF luckily located at Granger, low. Send resume to Health Car Management. 415 E.

Uth Sulla pes Moines, la. 50314.515243-1253. Found 'ifyH5- 4 16W ra Call to identl hIlLHavEn Energy Management CENTER CONVALESCENT C( 233UNIVERSIT e.o.e. white and cream. FOUND ENGLISH Seller female, FOUND on Freeway between lion, Des Moines, ia atmrr.

eoe CLEANING PERSON SOME MECHANICAL Northwest low John Deer Dealership. Experience preferred Good wages. Good benefits Insurance Contact: -1 5 1, Des Moines egisler SOCIAiWORK FAMILY THERAPIST Potential ooenlno for ftjtt lima Technician PREGNANT? I SUSAN Sam and I have had a debate, to whom would ba our perfect mate, nicking around after everything we've gone through, we figured It would nave to be you. You've got sincerity, beauty and whit. and a body that lust won't wilt, eap smiling and life win be fun Beanies ano weenies are one.

It sure has been a large mess, but I love you deeply to please say vet. LOVE GOOFY Tine ano etn, wdm. 775-4234 GERMAN SHEPHERD male, Requires compwlion of two years Energy Technology or Conserve-lion Management program from Individual needed for cleaning days per wk. References No cats before 10 am. or after 5.

274-3A41 CXTRTCAT TRANSCRIPTION OPERATOR Opening for experienced person with good typing, grammai, and puling skills. Close to l-eO'l-235. Free parkingbenefits. Cat Rick Joseph. U.S.

Insurance Group, community collage or school or twn years cottage Abortion Childbirth Family Planning Gynecological Service Private Individual Counseling (NOT GROUP) Call Collect S15-223-4H4 Pes Moines. Iowa blacktan, 18 mos. old. LOST area of Water Works Park. RESUMES, profetsionnty prepared.

Hedllr, Ag Enterprises. AGAGRALFrACEEENrsNS No appilcanl tjij 515-225-45? AG Iowa's lwest.ii5-34-3145 New Hampton7l2-77-3744 Massen. icoursework with rnaior Engineering from an accredited REWARD t250. 255 8944 GERMAN Shepherd, Yi family therapist lo start early March. Masters degre In social work or counseling required.

Experience as a martial and family therapist preferred. Send OBSTETRICAL -SPECIALIST are secondary health care center Is looking for qualified RN to develop alternative birthing center within hospital. Mutt knowledgeable of and experienced In family cantered obstetrics, alternative birthing concepts, and patient education in natural child birthing methods. Masters dearee desirable. ouna 5I5-27WMI college or university, and one year of runtime equivalent technical work experience In an energy management program; or fut-Itlm equivalent work experience In an energy management program may be substituted for th CLERK TVI SECRETARY female.

FOUND area af Eat) 2tlh-Unjyerslty. 243-1439 HU5KIE -small type, male, rust with white masts and merhlngt. LOST vlclnlfv of 1 Certified Hypnotist wt. loss, stress Individualized to You Office ot Hypnosis 274-5330 Near Drake. 45 worn.

Beneflls. 274-3541, No Saturdays. resume onty to Mary Vietmeier ACSW, Supervisor Family Counseling Program, IOWA CHILDREN'S 4. FAMILY SERVICES 1101 Walnut Des Moines, Iowa 5030 required education on year for SALESPERSON "Clubhouse Manager A CARD OF THANKS puMthrt th kecriitw It ntting wy to tth 8, Watri I-OJ7T. oriii vour appreciation af ESP-PSYCHIC READER LfUsA AP 'id.

black male, name RA! An Equal Opportunity Employer O'Hera. LOST 46lhGrand. 1100 STAT TYPISTS Reoulr an experienced person to lake charge of operations for a rival, prestigious country dub. xperienc shoud Inctud food and beverage, controls, and supervision of employees. Des Moines location.

Send resume to MOTOROlI beeper LOST Frf- Good position. Relail ex, essential. Clean, dependable, ptaasant personality Soma college preferred. Send resume to X-140, Pes Moines Register. IF You have a flair tor decoral-Ing, enloy arl, and tike workin with people I may hav the position tor you.

No experence necessary Ful or part tun. SIS-440 hour. I win train. Cat KELLY SERVICES 27-8244 VALENTINE MESSAGE Remember those dear to you with a Special Valentine Message on February 14th. Just 75 per line.

Valentine art available in different sliets. Call The Des Moines Register, Classified Advertising today. Locally, 284-8141 Iowa, Toll Free 1-800-532-1585 year oasis; or succeurut completion of an Energy Conservation low Psan Program as approved by Ihe low Energy Policy Council. Apply at: Personnel Office low Veterans Horn 13th and Summit Marshaillown, Iowa 50154 1:30 a m. to 440 p.m., Monday through Friday, 515-753-4329.

Applications accepted through Friday. February 11. ItW. An Qua! Opportunity Readtngs By Mrs. Paula Help You On All Problems of Life Write or Call 274-0344 3021 InnersoM SISTER AklNE Spiritual Reader and Advisor Will help you on all erobMms.

Vt Dora) tributes, and of her kindnesses. CaT 24-1141 tor UKtUMmuMn. Serteet for Irene G. Alvord. of 1M0 Woootand, i 1 Noon Seturdev at Ounn't Interested applicant should submit resume to X-708 Des Moines Regls-tar.

Des Moines. IA S03W. PAINT SALES Whoknale-retal ki-ttor setting and merchandising experience day night, Wearnan Pub. Teachers Meet the challenges ol a changing curriculum. let The Des Moines Register's Newspaper in Education program help inspire and motivate your students.

We ofltr a complete package ol low cost materials For more information write Susan Evans Newspaper in Education Des Moines Register P0 Boi 957 Des Moines, Iowa 50304 Or call 284 8513 in Des Moines or toll tree (800) 532 1455 elsewhere nW1 THE DES MOtNfS REGISTER IFWARb Call Ml -471 After RWlur, SrOO PM, PEKINGESE, LOST 1-M, golden BnM.ll HUB MANAGER red male, named Charlie, vie. Giena. price. Don't fail to see her. Write or catl: 2433 SE 14th 244-1322.

Cash pd. or loans for diamonds, iewlery. scrap gold. aunt, musi ywslrtlariwedrernucfL preferred. Fun oenerttv immediate opening SopiHr-Morrli Paint, 2015 InoersoN.

Can for appohil- AUTO SALES cal instruments, TVs. stereos, etc 1 female pup touno vie. i-remom- Ottumwe Country Club it seeking an experienced Club Manager. Applicant must hav strong food and never age background. Salary negotiabkt.

Sand resume to Search Committee. Ottumwa Partfi M2-4130 PART TIME LEASING AGENT TELEPHONE ADVERTISING Due to recent promotions In advertising department, nation wide firm is looking for professional setf motivated peoott. Some things offered; high based pay, paid vacations, yearly foreign bonus trips, group health Insurance, S400 par week It common her This Is absolutely tha highest paid most professional career offered any time anywhere Cat Todd Cronm al 244-2M1 after 10AM. quel Opportunity Employer mt Executive secRetaTxT top SkUH with shorthand Personntlnjcorported 243-7417 GROCERY person that under -stands and whoktsaie and HARTSOOR Services lor Kf Lucfst Hartuok, 3114 70m, PM Monday at Wstovr Funerl Home. Interrnant Gtan- Frank (SO Party ef S3? 33rd Street, Watt Oat Moines, era ba PM Saturday at Oum't New Ford Car and Light Truck Seles Apply in Person To Ron Q'Braia, CHARLES GASUS PUP, i-10 weeks, ihfOund or Mv.imm cruiMn rwu.

tuy a. tot. neer 2200 Wk Stanton W5-1452 miurvtai tltSthSIWDM 277-0502 Psychic Reader and Advisor Meditation on all problems. MRS. MARKS 1tS3E.

Grand ucy NOW? Find out about an inei- TOST tHC, blue AGGRESSIVE SALES PERSON Reward. 245-1 retail C-tlore chain la looking for agresslve parson with grocery background lo grow Slth ut. Salary open. Call: Ask for Dtmny. fi.i WE PAY OR LOAN CASH FUR JeweWy-DiamonoH, etc Pin wood Apartments.

Mutt apply person WAM-4PM at 4W0Prt Ave RTSPIRATORY Therapist, ful lima, 11PM-7AM Merer Hospital Medical Cntr Call 247-3 100 WHEN you need extra cash, sell goods or equipment you don I need with classified i To Piece your ad, can 244-4141 or low ToUFra 1-400-532-155. Country Club. Go Avenue, Klfetfs'EBVER OWe's at the RoHtn Prairt Irm ft now taking epocel-ons for Cock-laa Servers Excellent svportuni-ty to earn xlr money. Apply In person weekdays between 4-PM at Cwe's. Exceeent pay and benefits.

Prior xprinc hejpfu). rJ. a.rf. vwm tun OMca Park Saturday night, posslbty al DM CLub or Garbo's. Gold ring, btadi onvi face, dlaaonal row of pensivernoney Deck way.

Needed te handle proven test selling product. Dot Moines area. Mr. Burns -244-2827 CLEAN your tlrg room and set th items vou no longer us a ouick action classified ad fA IB4ell4l 324 Monday at Ouw'i Funer- diamonds. Reward.

255-1244. tmi 11U tn LIVE IN Housekeeper can-fret Iowa. Private room and -mxmmm etancv" CaHHc3iUiline282S235 ml Home USED Tlret, Wheels, Trensmls-slons? Try Class.flcailon 32 Amies good through Jury SIS. 277 4305 or 277-43 17 after 4 PM. Cjrrjajirjt.

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