The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 20, 1962 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 20, 1962
Page 20
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2-Algona (la.) Upper DM Moln»» •>- I' ' '"I" 1 ' Ht'ilTTTO liir. 'i l ,."!fr*g*..jurm IHE*U MAKE fre TRY A FEW FACTS ABOUT GEORGE wfshes In Tils cf«i»lorl'to s*fk the •ilonal ttcjt frorrt l9W4'« n«w oth district. T Don fully rfalliftd % obstacles facing any-. >ne choosing-taWri fof fcongr«» from the new *6fh dlstriet,,vvhleh V/a* carvfld by the last state legillature'from >e,did 6th and 8th districts, -ifter Iowa'had to reduce Its Congressiona rep- tfesefitatlon Ky one due to population shifts in ? C 'rKtdte feyislature did its b6»t to see that •no Democrat w^uld have an even Creole .ri_ seeking office. But 5he party will be represented, if ^Murray Is nominated, by a comparatively young 4nari, who knof s the battle he faces against a ^20-year veterafi, and who isn't afraid to make • ° For that 'willingness, regardless of anyone's fpersonal political preferences, he deserves con- ^siderable credit. iGOOD WAY TO BEGIN A WAR , The remarks made by Republican national "chairman William E. Miller in a New York speech Recently show a remarkable lack of common sense with regard to some of the world s touchy ^problems. They also can make us thankful that »Mr. Miller is not in or close to the drivers seat Jn government. Speaking at a party rally he is quoted as. "decrying the fact that when the Communist-built wall in East Berlin was erected, the Allies did inot tear It down "brick by brick." The wall, which nobody west of the line, '.and not many east of the line for that matter, like, was built In East German territory. Just Twhat does Mr. Miller think would happen if nhe Allies invaded East Berlin and started to tear Tdown the wall "brick by brick." »' What would'happen, in reverse, if East German military invaded West Berlin and proceeded to tear something down. • * A cold war of talk and summit meetings and "bluster and sabre rattling and general dissen- ijon is not pleasant; but it is a whole lot more "bcceptable than the hot war which Mr. Miller s •femarks indicates he would precipitate. «•• . • . * . . * * , • . "STUPENT EPITOR COMMENTS ™ Down at Iowa City, the assistant managing editor of the SUI dally paper, writes a column Tailed "File 13." . : Last week he had the following comment to make on the state in general, as Tollows: , "Gov. Erbe and others are telling lowans: There is no California. Seems to me the Governor indulges in too much negative thinking, like There Are No Cities in Iowa. Or, There is no 4iquor-by-the-drink in Iowa - only along the borders and in the interior. And, There are no Democrats in Iowa - so that's why the legislature gerrymandered the state. I have another •negative thought to throw outs "There is no pro- .gross in Iowa." Wonder if our student editor heard from •the Dean ? . ateo on ine WIWM^ ^.*-»v ; . . i . ,i_ D««^ English ship had not grfne aground in the Pota- rrfac River in the 1650's. . Serving as mate ot> 'the ship wcw John .Washington, great-grandfather <*-G*Hm.ty the time the ship was repaired, he had decided to inorry and settle in Virginia. Washington had little money when he or rived in America. But within 20 years he owned more than 5,000 acres of land, including tn- land that later became Mount Vernon. / The ancestral home of the Washington in England was Sulgrave M'anor, in Northampton shire. In 1914 the British government bough the house to celebrate.lOO years of peace be ,tween Britain and the Mpltef ?tates s , . . The first test of federat power, the Whiskey Rebellion, came while ^ashington Y/as president. In 1794 Washington sent ^troofis to crush the uprising by Pennsylvania farnvsrs\ who refused to pay a on whiskey. _ George Washington; sympathized with the taxpayer even as he re'cpgnized'the need for taxes. In' his ' Farewell Address, Washington lamented, ". . . no taxes can be devised which are not more or less inconvenient and .unpleasant .-.; .".with-that most all of us agree, even • iOAO • ' '" Washington had only seven or eight years of formal education, but in his Farewell Address he advised the .nation to "promote .'j V mstitu tions for the general diffusion of-kndwledge. IF EDJSON, LIVED TODAY STRlCTtyjUSfMESS ,-All «• The whole fa«Ujf out here enjoys p.m. were "She marks her sandwiches Uop secret'— cap figtire;out what's m them!'? t PCS |Wome2 'ill E. Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa Second clan potlage paid ft ftlgona, Iow« '• ~~ Issued Tuesday in 1962 By 'THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. - R B WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. » JACK PURCELL. Foreman NATIONAl LOITjORUL Ui REPRESENTATIVE American Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN TRADE AREA One Year, in advance ----------- ......... .Both AlKoiui papers. In combination, per year ----- *SjOO Single Copies ._ ..... ------------- ...... -- ............. lot SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE AREA One Yrar. in iKlysnut ------------ ......... - ..... ----- J5.0IJ Poth Algona papers, in comblna,""'). PCI year ---- $7.00 No bub^criplion Icsb than 6 inontlis. OFFJCIAl, CITY ANP CQyNTY ADVERTIsma RATES ON This happens to be .''National Electrical Week", selected : because the birthday of Thomas Alva Edison is February 11. ,,.... If Thomas 'Edison, the father of electricity, were alive today, how would he do in college ? One educator has expressed the opinion that Edison.could not even get into a modern engineering- school. "He wasn't a man" say? Dr. Carroll V. Newsome, president of New York University. '' ; ; <' . '''•• f • Edisin's formula was "trial and error , and he had plenty of trial and of error before he ' accomplished his goal in life. , The educator's point was -that: today the student is presumed to fit himself to the college, rather than the, college to the student. Todays college students are forced to struggle through a traditional curriculum devised long ago and including courses which the student neither rteeds ° r T^would be interesting to see jf Dr. .Newsome's school is cloing it different. However, Thomas Alva Edison was a man with an idea, and also with a great abundance of perserverence. He believed he was on the track of something, and didn't quit until he made the discovery he sought. , To him the world owes much - as mucn, perhaps as any man in our history. _ Who knows ? Perhaps in some of the la- particularly boratories, today, there is another young man, with an idea, who may stick to it until he formulates a cure for cancer, or old age, or even a successful formula for nations getting along • 'in the world. »•''-*• EAGER BEAVER IN STYIE IOWA FAU)> CITIZEN - The National Edu' cation Association says that education should not produce just average pupils but also well adjusted, eager beavers." It's good to .see someone or some group speak up for the eager beaver." Too often the term is used as a form of ridicule. , The authors of an NEA booklet contend that parents regard their children as 'things m need of correction; teachers regard pupils as "things" to be fitted into grade levels and mpld.- ed to conform to what is expected of the average; and churchmen may have the same effect of shrinking the youthful personality,. As a result the child tends to learn and perceive only those things which promise to make him better off. In other words, he takes the line of least resistance, shunning venture^ some or creative ideas.. • • The rare "eager beavers" say the authors - are "extremely adequate, self-actualizing' qnd see themselves as persons liked, wanted, acceptable and able. ,„ How do you produce "eager beqvers 1 These folks say by ceasing to regard children as "a kind of enemy of schools," persons cer- tqin to gp wrong unless someone keeps them straight. We can use all of the "eager beavers our homes and schools can produce. ,„„,„* THE PILES OP THE ALGdNA tJPPtiK DES .MQ1NES Fefi. 17, 1942 ' s i * « Instead of going to church, Sheriff Art Gogley of Kossuth county idashed to Wesley early Sunciay niorning to investigate dahiale; that occurred there dufing the preceding night. All the. win- rows 'in the office of Dr. P. L. Adams had been smashed by un- kftown Culprits. Sheriff Cogley picked up three lads for questioning, hit all had alibis that seemed to clear them of the crime. The sheriff stated the following day that'he had enough leads in the case to practically assure that the guilty persons would. be apprehended. * « • A large crowd attended the Red Cross benefit basketball doubleheader in the high school gym here Saturday night and was sturtned when Algona's Bulldogs bopped Humboidt, 28-20, giving the Wildcats'their first loss of the entire season to a North Central Conference team. Unfortunately, the win for Algona and loss for Humbbldt did not have any bearing on the loop race, which was due to wind up next weekend. The opening game of the night saw ^^^—— — — , L . ... . , opening game or me nigm, sow Recent unfounded reports of the placed State Department official whitte more Presentation rack up asSnation of Nikita Khrushchev told me that is one o the great 2() _ 18 dedsion ove r Algona St. shook ? leSs 9 of th e Fre e World worries of the Administration at Cecelia , s . Mgona high's wrestling Sore than is generally suspected, this time. The fate of the world which had a 7 . 3 dual mee t 1?t is a parfdox of the age In may well depend °n whomever is recor ' d during the regular season, whch we live that we must be chosen as the next leader of the ^ second m ^ district tourna- concerned over the safety of a Soviets. men t at Fort Dodge and moved man wh i? is pledged to the ultimate ^ ^ ^ .. ^ ^^^SS^^ here between Khrushchev and the Red Gelgel) into the state meet, com- heav- Chinese and the reason for this . up ^ f 0 u ow ing weekend at when largely stems from-the Comfnu- ^st "Waterloo. One Algona grap- nist leader's determination to co- . who lost in early competition exist peacefully with the Western £ he district mee t has since World. The next Russian leader .^^ fame in another field. He The question - why so much may be more impressed with the wflg Dkk Dalej who wrestled^at concern over 0 Mr. Khrushchev -,. Chinese argument of ^ * f 6 ^ 129 Ibs, now vocalist with the naturally arises. There is thiiT over with" and this of course, can Lawrence Welk band . concern for a very simple reason: only end in disaster. Vernon kohlhaas, safl of Mt> and Mrs. Phil Kohlhias, Algdna, graduated With a law degree front George Washington University; Jan. &.'. Traditional date M gfadtfatton at the university was Jail 22, Washington's birthday, but it .fell ort Suiiay in 1942, so they presented the diplomas to 375 a day later, • •• 1 Christmas. >«, ,. t . We also appl-e'diaie the envelope wrapper & s&'ntany subscribers have already; mentioned. \ Thank ybti, •' (JtenevieVe Jprgensen . M| . ^-L nl nnf I ( sttiPPiNfi ?rXos — UP- pet DM Moiriea Pub. Co., Al> Due to the war, tires weren't selling very well. The county tire rationing board had endorsed the sale of only six tires so far during the entire month of February. The total allotment for the month was 17 tires and 14 tubes — so there seemed to be enough left for the last four days. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leiningcr, Whittemore, were pretty proud — and they had a right to be. Their sons, William, 22, George, 20, and Robert, 18, had all enlisted in the U.S. Navy at Des Moines and had been shipped to navy bases to begin boot, training. washintoh CEILING THE You don't have io b« a Handy. Andy to do a perfect job of installing, acoustical llle ott an old or new celling. We'll iell you 1H« easy way and well get you Biatierf right. For quietness and beauty, there's nothing like an acoustical celling. Come In soon and see th« many new designs for. every room In your home. Use out budg*l plan. * * Like New Wrapper Algona Upper Des Moines: I am enclosing payment for our subscription, with $5 enclosed. We don't want to miss any copies I know that you would send N. Hwy. 18 them, but I'll try to keep you ^^_^ from unnecessary correspondence. MMBHMMi BRONSON BLD'G, SERVICE Algont •«.»»»»•»•••*•» - ,. " ' Professional Directory INSURANCE W/lJV'^'f *• *w» »t * —- t/ 1 no one knows who his successor - - . &-X&TAS. »s«|?f^^S A. J. (Arnie) Ricklefs Hospitalization Health & Accident Life — Auto — Fire -^ Hafl 2 E. State CY 4-4529 Nikita Khrushchev believes in peaceful co-existence. There are those around him, possibly even the man who will succeed him, who don't. vice Station in Algona about noon Saturday. Two employees of the station were busy putting some when he dies or if he is alcohol in the radiator of an auto - - -... , *^s £>L a woS ss? i."£js ax-bS •js^^s^^'^^l^^y^'sfs^^^ ant to us. He has been leader of;^ a °^ « successor is a' fodt plate glass window was blown Sovt-.U^te-mort.^rgJJ^ his^.^ ^^ ^V^ <«*£?*£, mark - scattered around the street outside HUNTERS and the window still was slightly ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY J. R. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — All Lines of Insurance CY 4-3176 206 E. State and has not plunged the world into another horrible war. He has been solely responsible for holding Red China in check and preventing them from going to war. Another plus to Mr. chev' credit is BLOSSOM INSURANCE . • 'AGENCY-- »: ,j „ All Lines of' insurance" Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-2735 Chiropractor Dr. D. D. Arnold Chiropractor Over Penney's Office Phone — CY 4-3378 Hours: 9:00 — 5:00 Open Friday Night Monday—Wednesday—Friday Dr. William L. Clegg Chiropractor 521 E. State St. Hours: 9:00 — 6:00 thru Sat 9:00 — 9:00 Friday Ph Off. CY 4-4077 Res. CY 4-3469 at times. • xllJi^ liiirvo ****** »••— •• ' « i f Larry Kopaska and Elmer Ko- scorched. There was plenty of ex- b y - • cuthrie Center re- citement as the employees dashed $102 bounty for 26 for the door at the time of the ' ' explosion. A six hour benefit for the Rod Cross at Demand's Cafe here BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 5 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile -.Farm Polio Insurance The latest Berlin crisis is a ^ in point. Last fall Khrushchev gave the United States an ultimatum to settle the Berlin problem by December or else. Well, December has passed, we did not change our position and there has been no "or else." We can only speculate what would have happened had we been dealing instead with a Stalin or a Bulganin. You Can Address Questions To Him At BOX 66 KALISPELL, MONTANA CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, General Phone CY 4-4512 DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOURNE. M. D. Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St. Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-2277 KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of insurance in force. CY 4-3756. Lola ScuHham. Sec'y J. N. KENEFICK. M. D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 CAROL L. PLOTT, M. D. 110 N. Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office Hours by Appointment CYpress 4-4864 Office CYpress 4-4331 Residence It is well to note, too, Khrushchev has indicated a lingncss to keep the lines of communications open between his government and that of the United States. And this has been so despite severe strains on relations between the two countries during the course of one crisis after another. retary — this pattern of policy. When Khrushchev visited this country he formed some impress- ons about Americans, at least a ew of which must have been fa- 'orable. There is every likelihood hat President Kennedy will visit he Soviet Union at some time within the next year or two. It will that wil- getting The most impressive evidence of i 5 a golden wedding anniversary. County Journal Dear Dan- I'm going steady with a 17-year-old girl but I feel she's 2H^^£&*-'^ a '* !W5i SiCeDb ,tt»^ V«d™l S ieU &. getting too .eriou. for y ^ -2raSE rpp we rrg^,s e «s\eK haven't she^ going to be a little confused because she won't be able - * iftSSKo^ S3SSv?t'JS m thinK yo e uf too^ung to te MtUng Sdous over each other. Some tears may flow but as The two recent visits to the ° f asge "' feel as you do, the girl should know the score, ynited States of Khrushchev 1 son- 10 "S d " y u * * * . in-law and the impending visit to • D My boy f rie nd or my ex-boy friend is in the service ana — «!",&« ^S&f&^tt'Stt£& £rSd^fre-r r ^» me we're through That f s happened three times and my nerves are JUSt He b ^du g e 0 home the end of this month.for three days and I know just • jpen but I'm wondering if I should let it happen. I this to be mean but I have my feelings too. What *v this? — Nancy J. , , ., vnnr px-hnv friend is cutting himself on the spot ana u Wlllijii me IICAI jrco. u. »...,. .,. ..... near f"MW * our ex uu / '.** "r* . u ,1 v,ic-> HO'O nnprnHnfl under have an important bearing on our you tnin k your nerves are bad, what about Inis. He: s 0 P? ra "'»>£'»" w fut ure deaiings with the Russians. ^^^^^^^^^y^S^ o her He's in no position to be gCing steady with either of you. Keep tlisHn mind and you'll know what to do the end of this month. THERE ARE 6,250 FAMILIES IN KOSSUTH COUNTY (1960 Census) (Withput Duplications) IN KQ55UTH (And Adjoseot Ares*) PURIN<3 JANUARY AN AVERAGI OF 5,626 OF THSSf BOUGHT ANO PAIP FOR . . . THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES Cogpty's Favorite New»p»P*«" t's going to HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, House, Household Goods, and Many Other Forms. Phone CY 4-3733 Ted S. Herbst Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co. Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto (with $10 Deductible) Life - Hail - Tractor Phone CY 4-3351 Don Stark, Mgr. HAROLD C, SUNDET Representing State Farm Ins. Co. 7Ub bo. Phillips at. Ateona Phone CY 4-2341 AUTQ-LIFE-yiK£-HAlL ' DALE W. LOCKWOOD The Equitable'Life Assurance Society Of The United States Burt. Iowa PhonejOl RICHARD A. MOEN Representing JOHN M. SCHUTTEH, M. D. Residence Phone CY 4-2335 DEAN F. KOOB, M. D. Residence Phone CY 4-4917 Physicians & Surgeons 220' No. Dodge, Algona Office Phone CY 4-4490 OPTOMETRISTS Dft. L. L. SrJYDER Optometrist llSKastSVate , Algona Telephone CY 4-2715 Closed Saturday Afternoons Modern One-Stop Insurance Business — Home — Car — Phone CY 4-4955 P.O. Box 337 Algona, Iowa In pursuing thjs policy of peaceful coexistence Nikita Khrushchev has subjected himself to wide open attack both from within and without the Kremlin, difficult for him to line in his relations Farm Management Drs. SAWYER and ERICKSOM Eyes Examined Contact Lenses Hearing Aid Glasses 0 Kasi State Street Algona, Iowa Phone CYpress 4-2198 Hours: &;00 s.m, to 5:00 p.m. Closed Saturday Afternoon* PR, C. M, Q'CONWOR Optometrist Visual AnayJsis & V'mal Training 108 South. Hwlan St (Home Federal Bldg.) 4.3743 near Dan: My girl was seriously hurt in a car accident in December XJear " t '" l . i :'J r . B "*, „_ 4 u _«i ..«m tv- Q foil «/o u/ore going steadv are. The problem is that she tninks l ' m toollsn tor not uai11 ^ otner 8A rls ; rom within and Dea r Dan: My girl was seriously hur in a car acciaent in lin. It has been and S t b e able tq return tp school until tl»e fall We were go , follow a "soft" uBuntUWie accident and as far as I'm concerned, we s ill ; ions with tbb " P The pWem is thaUhe thinks I'm ^o^Jorno^g line in his relations witn mis The prooiem is MI»I »»= "•""»» * •» ,rr~:'"---,f tn J n that . ~ Tne country. Even the tiny Balkan whe n she's in the hospita1 but I just ca£1 b " n | m f£ ^ftr as country" of Albania, has been ^ LidentwasW fault, I was t h e driver • »* I think p.ymg Tdenrwas ray fault, I was the driver, and I think paying her as ajtentin 9S I can is little enough for me to do. of jh/moqihs^f hpsplfslizaUon she still has. If you were in my place, 1.,.^..^:: 1 T H*ffe ^m s^Jyliut I'dtave to be in "your pl^before I country of Albania has been a^le to make its criticism qf Khrushchev felt. * t • S?£EBSS eas ^^^^^JS^£S^^ and the recent exchange of U-2 M^how you.fee _^^^^^^-^1^ ffbeS Zl ^^^wK^^to*^ 98 - -l" e thinking about this and if she thinks you should date ice her at her word. However, don't simply abandon her u7 the months ahead. ^ ^ ^ , a r Dau- My parents give me an allowance each week but when something they do^'t like or approve of, they mafee me return it. som - • • - -' the time when my mother hears them, she Carlton Form Management Company 12 Vis N Dodge Ph! CY 4-2891 DENTISTS PR. JfAIU, B, H9F Office tn Home Federa O|fice pj)on§ CY 4-4341 DR. J. B, HARRIS, JR. Phon» CY early to determine whether we ca_me out even jn (.he Puwers- Abel swap but at le^it we do know it was the direct result of negotiations between the two countries. Khrushchev has reached the age where we must be concerned over Science Shrinks Piles v lout Surgery Believes Pain T 1/Min rPtiorOS DUl JUUSV w» ""•' «""• "H~" ''•' -—«r—- r----- -;^; 7 . cavs I have to take them back. I only get a dollar a week and I think SLfld te allowed to spend it as I see fit. Do you agree ? - Mistreated. * WH 1 **" ..;_» 4 _j. u;jni nniv » : buck 9 week to play around with, I Stops Itch—I Rrw Ttrk, N. T. (Sp^UD - For tfcf first tim« icienc« baf found • a«w healing »ub|tanc« with tht Mto^- Ublng »bi)ity to »hriol( betuot- rhoid«, itop Itching, fud r«li*T* pain — without »orgery. In c*8t alter ca«e, vbfl* WI1C1C WC tliuai UK WIICCIJICU UVtt t*r*t ***** lli; .inn whom will succeed him. A highly think J agree with you to tbtt iqfftreri t»tew,«i!t» Hk| have ce(4»e4 t9 6* * problem!" — wicpverj «f § world-f»moM rweartb loititut*, ThU iniutMM to W* »»«0«W« 9* f*9'wi*f f«m

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