Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 2, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1896
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THE LOGANSPORT J YOL. XXL LOGANSJOET, INDIANA, TUESDAY MORNING, JUNE 2 1896. NO. 132. SURPRISING Was tbe sale of handkerchiefs yesterday . Everyone appreciated tho bargains we gave. Why not? lijc to -lOu embroiclertcl cambric handkerchlufi for lOe uud all sheer, linen ones Tvitli be-it edges and lino 'work worth from 40e to 75c for 19o. Whoever saw .them bought and the values advertised themselves so well that by evening we had sold 150 dozen. The s f ock will be replenished and the'remainintr 100 dozen will i. r o Monday at the following prices. Don't come iifttr r.hf y are all gone, i ut COME TODAY. LOT i. 100 dozen Sheer Linen, elegantlv embroidered .Huudkerchiefe. Th>j regular selling prices of which range from 40 to 7o cents. XOH can take your choice for | 9c LOT 100 Dozen Embroidered Swiss Scalloped, laee insertion and lace [block 1-inudkerchiefs. Actual value from 15 to 40 cents jour choice | Qc LOT 3 fil) Dozen all Linen Hem-stitched Handkerchiefs. Value 20 cents each all linen and your choice for '. ., 5c Tn connection with this sale we will eouc ucfc n special Wash (Joods Siilo giving you choice of 100 pieces. Os-'gsindies. Lawns and Drtsdc-ns $ . | 0 Duck Suits lot- Lo-dus ; (.50 Japanese Silkss „ .21 Silk and Fealbor Fans ".. .25 KEITHEE '• GETS. IT. •'House Votes Seat for S:vaflt!i South . •' •'•' '• • Carolina District V.iC:ii;t. .'Senate Proceedings—Bill for Reor 1 ganization of Navy R^;:dy—Pension "'"'. Bills Are Vetoed, •100-111 BROADWAY. 30C FOURTH ST. Clothes up to Date Have been in-great favor (it our establishment. Fact Is no on luis a finer lin« of woolens and worsteds to select.from than our?. important Features in v the luake-up of our clothes work their superiorly. ' not tbe cheapest tailors but claim to be the best. We ar Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 3 n Market Street. We Have Others we Call Them Knights , The queen cf heatts in r.H these parts, If you can £o by rumors' Is one who rtdcy a wheel, and £>idc3 About in dainty bloomers. • ZINN & COMPANY. We also have-tin tiss irtruent of second hand bicycles which must be sold; Call and make an offer. 1 302 Sixth Street I Must Have Honey 3 ^ So I Have Reduced my prices. Call and get:^ ^ a Nobby Suit before they are all gone. ^ | AL YOUNG, Tailor | 318 Pearl Street. Fresh Water Yeast! Hakes the purest and sweetest Bread- The Bread Recipe on separate Slip is PERFECT. THE BUCKEYE YEAST CO., ASHLEY, OHIO. Invitations. <Aro always appreciated and especially so when they are tastefully gotten;up. THE JOURNAL Job Printing Department- isi making .a Bpeoialty of NVITATJONS, JPROGRAMS- LETTERHEADS, NOTE HEADS. BILLHEADS,' STATEMENTS, CARDS, CIRCULARS, ETC. ETC. Latest Styles In Fancy Type and Materla. ';,-'-Washington, ,lune I'.—The ./ohnstoiv- Stokes election case fi'uin the Seventh district of South Carolina, which had hee'ii partly dispose; of'j'Yiib.y lust. .was'brought up as tho lii'.finisin'Cl husi jie'ss', and several voles taken on that rhiy wore- reconsidered, in flrdcr I hut tlie house might vote directly' u|':or. ihe proposition i.h;it ni'itlK'i'-lohhston n-n: 1 Stokes was (.-leci-eil, iiml that the s-o:n was vacant. A pi oposilion to that effect was ollleroil by Mr. MeC'ail (rep.. Mass.), chairman of elections commit •U:e No. :», whk'h invesligaiod the cast. Ily a (livi.sinn, Ihe bouse voted 1.0 sustain the |)i'0posiloii, 10 I to 1(V,!, and the yeas find nays were ordered. I!y u vole- of I'M TO "::i '..lit 1 lions,; lup'.i-d JleprescnUitive LMeCair." reso lutior, drclaring tin;' seal fur the Scv.- ciillr t,'oul.li Cai-oiii,:! district, vacant— that neither .'JohiibioiV nur S'.okos was elected. Tht' democrats and-populists and 5> ; rcp;:b!ie:nis voti'ti in ill:- hijii'iiUitivc.'. The negative vow; was fist tin'iro'.y by 1 republicans. This being suspension d-.iy.'on motion of Mr. Owens (ileni,. Ky.) and by,a vote oJ J.'i) to -I:?, the ruh's were suspended mid 'ii bill nasi-i'il to validate th-.' acrs ol 1 lii- Vp'i.-.latsiro of. Nov.- '.MV:;k-o. authorizing t-ln.' issue of various bond's. Mr. Cannon (rep.. 111.) presented a Supplemental report from the confer- 'ce* o.f tliii sundry civil :ippropriatiou bill, sbowiii;;- an iignymenl/ upon all iienvs except those inBitin? 1 . a|>|;ropria- j tions-foree-ruihi public buildings. Tht report "'as agreed to, the houso voting to insist upon its disagreement to-the amendments still in dispute, and ordering :i further conference thereon. Mr. Vhillips (rep,. Va,) moved to sus- jicnd tho rules aiul pass The labor commission bill. A motion to consider a. second as ordered, was objected to by Mr. Kem. (pop.. Neb.) and it was voted, without n dissent. The house then, without division, passed the Philips bill, providing 1 for the appointmentof a labor commission. Senate 1'roceedtnj;** • Washington, June 1.—The reading of Friday's journal having been..dispensed with, notice was given hy Sen- r.tor Jlorrill (rep., Vt.) that he would, address the senate Tuesday on the Ding-ley tariff bill, which, has re- iiiaiued on the calendar for sonjti aipnths past. .Unanimous consent was asked by Senator Sherman (rep., 0.) to have the vote on the passage of the filled cheese- bill taken Monday at four p. in., bnt'.qbjcction was made by Senator Harris.'(dem., Tcnn.). • . . .Senator "Brown (rep., Utah) offered n resolution, which was laid on the table lor t3u' present, declaring that ''in the opinion of the senate, the secretary of the • treasury -has no authority' under the act of January-3-1, .1375. to issue any further 'bonds in addition to those already issued, and that tiny such bonds "t'liat may hereafter be issued by hi.in •wqiYl'd-bc without, authority of law, autl void." .A,.u,iJl giving the Flagstalfit Canyon TUvilrpnd company right of w.ay.tlirongl. the Grand Canyon Forest reservation iu'.Northern Arizona was passed. .Scnatgr Morgan Idem., Ala;), from ihe, committee on foreign relations, reported a bill amendatory 1 of the'Nie- firajruun canal net, staling'; however, that he did riot expect'action upon i! try; the senate, ,,A joint resolution-'appropriating $0,100 to complete the painting of the ical fric/.e in-tlm-rotunda in the capitol s'avo rise to considerable dis- :r,ssion, becnuse it-'inade ol President Ulcvelund a prominent figure in the wrtiori to be finished, .whieh wae to )C a fcpresentatiori ,of him''touching the electric-button which : drelared the vprld'.s fair ,at Chicago open. Upon ob- e'etion the .resolution went over. " ' The - conference report '(jiartial)' on he Indian appropriation bill'ivas tnkeii I>,,the question being on the provision' n t.lic conference 'report im]iosing- eiti- enship on the Indians ot'tlit; five civil-.ed tribes. . " f "' Senator V'ilas (clem., Wis.) continued is a.i-g-ument ngninst t'ha't provision. The conference njpb'rt 1 : ivas also 011- poscd by Senator George"(dcinJ, Stiss.)'. \Vhilc he was still speaking tlie mom- ing hour expired;, and-the vice president at two p. in. Jnid before-t;he senate,; the bill'to prohibit the fnr : th/ec. issuance of hi.t<!'rust-be;u'ing'. bpniTs^withqui the Consent, of congress." '.. . Senator !CullOTn-(rC'p-,,---Ill.) argued ftgainst the"bill. He. confessed his sur-' pi-ise .thac su'cli a -'iiieiusiire should rc. ; . ceive fu.vor.ahlc consideration xitider the •circumsMnces. Tlic 'xmseqneucasofits pos.sajre.we.ru so J'ar-renchin'g as to-be- .eiinply appalling. , It.wpulcl be the un-. cloing'of all that hud bo.'Qn a'ccomplishet) since tlie pussjiye of .the rcsiim]itioii act 5n l'S75. • It_ would .'m'crtn' Te]iudint:ioii; It w-oiild throw oiit'O'Temployment huij ; - di-cds of fJiousiinrla of iiLborinivrncnand women. It would be.'an'oileiise agains: common•'honesty, and -would be forever n blot on tlie pages of 'Vmencan hii •tory But, ai there was no danger of such o nie-isnrc pnsiing tlit house he would LUC it n° fnrthtr consideration but i / i j vdnifULppJy 'niniKPir to t.lip, clisciissioi; o •the general financial'condition of tin coimfry and oC llie world. Jilll ti> K«orpiinl7.€! tho 2s'avy. • Washington, .iune 1. —The subcom mitteu of the house naval ^ommilTe? ivho ha\e beer, engaged for .some weeks in the preparation of a bill 10 reorganize tlie navy, have finished their labors The bill "which the.v will report to tin full eouiniiit:;e relieves the "hump" ol ''In.- liiiij, by creating a reserve list and plr.cirig upon it Hie ollieers whose pres- f.'iu-.y ;:o'.v produces the "hump." In a general way this feature of the bifFfol- Ic.-\v5; ..-iosely the sections of ihe ILeyer bill, reported, from the committee in the '-• Th?,jiev.' bill gives to the staff of the navy 1 ;! positive ranJc and title and in- «ri-asos I In. 1 medical, pay and engineer corps. Tile latter corps, whh:h is now limited to 20u, will he increased to SO.l liy allowing senators to appoint cngi- hrer cadets and permilling reel-nils t:o 'cr-iiu' into tho service J'roni the tech' : roiog!t;:il schools. 'In sonn- eases this .'p. :'iviSK:on extcurls to the selection of 'i-ipjiiiu'ers from ih;: ranks c,f the en- 7:xi;'d men. Apothecaries in ihe navy -i'.u- ifiven a warrant rank ii-ud ma'.'hin- ists lire. reoognixi.'(l liy dividing IjTeni •';;lu two g-ratles and increasing tlio •-"liui'.ies attached In these grades. Pui-.Mlon r.ill's Voroixl. AVashijigton, Juno 1.—The president Monday vetoed three pension bills, one originating in The ser.ais and 1\vo in Hie. house. Tin' (irstone. origiiiatingiri ihe senate, granted a pension ioliele:i ,\1, .'faeobi of IiCich'.'sier, Ind., widow oi :i('nj::!iiiii Oc'!"n .V.'esl. ..M'r.';. Jacob drev,- :i pojinion asWesiV \vido\v, and upon her rciiuiTrijige i i .la-eob her (wo c'liJ'liii-iM.i drew pcnsiors iMilil they \vore 10 yea:':; of .-.;;-r. A; ."fjicob's death slic reapplied for a po:;-. GIVEN A SCARE. Black, Ugly-Looking Storm Clouds Terrorize Afflicted St, Louis, Aid May Be Asked For—Epidemic Feared in East St. Louis—Search for Bodies Being Pushed. .The first of li'ie I'.onse bills v.-icei" %v;v I-' JonaJiian Kcfitl, Ian- of (\>r,i)::iny M Sixth rc;;-inK'iit- ]o\va va!u;;tcer c-av airy. The beiip'fitvary -.vas drojip from the pension n;l! nTloi' si verv Ihoro: 1 :.-!! PL! in Ocf jbor. o:ai!iliiii1ioii. for j'lT.itcl. it :i;'.|j;-::riv::- t,o tho sal-isfuclio;: o! tin: pens-Ion h'jror'.u (h:it tlic ilisnliil- !Vy for which l;i>-iv:is ;-:.'i!sioi,ied wsisnti'. rlui.! to-his :in.il,V ft'Vvii'i-. . . The r<vjiiii?ii.;;' (.-::.••.;: \vns vhnt nOIrs Ar.iniiu;! V/VAIJOL'!.:, wi'lov,' o{ J.'ohrri "Votxlcoo!:. lii-lo private in (he Fourth UniU'd ~J::rcs- yo/nira;or infantry', jn the .M.c:;ic;:n v/ar. . This bill was vetoed !.ir<;ai:nv thi'i'i' wis uo sunli oi'ginii/.ation. tlio service ,a!l"ged by the soldier bav- in. 1 .' bcoii in Uiu Fourth Kentucky vol- IK', tet'r infantry. jr*ru^Ult.Mit!:iI ?innihmtioufl. ^ff'iisiiingLon, June 1. — The president sent to .the senate the following" nomir.ntions: Abram R. -Scrvon. of New York, to b(> clilcf oxnmlricr of tlio civil servlco commission. v William R. CliMers, 10 bo United States attorney for .New Mexico. Acttt 'Approved, * Washing-ton, June 1. — The following ar.ts have been approved by' the president: ••V,j,,i- • ' .To inoorproatc -tlie' National university: donating condemned cannon to the cltyoi Ha.st!nR.s' ; Mich. ;• granting: a pension ol' fliX li month to MiitllOa Groshnm. widow ol V.'alter Q. Groshiim: granting ;i pension ol y]03 IL month to Nathan Kimball, lato brigadier f.ncral, United States army. Also a numherof acts prar.ting pensions or Increases. • St. Louis. June 1. —Shortly before two o'clock Monday morning tlje two stricken, cities, St. Louis and East St. Louis received a thorough scare. A storm came up from rhe southwest, accompanied by low rumbling th-under and almost continuous flashes of lightning. Then a few minutes later big black clouds appeared on the northern hori- Mu and rolled up uutil they covered the city. There \va.s considerable v;ind, though jio'.hiug a.t all approaching a. hurricane or ku-r.ado. The elemental disturbance- lasted fur nearly an hour, and then became a .-Jo\v, drizzling rain, which had increased to u downpour at ten o'clock in the morning. The work of clearing away the ruins s being carried on in a more systematic lumner, but the rain makes-the work i;l the more difficult. J'rof. L'ni.ima.n, an expert insurance irljusier of Chicago, is in (he city, a»d. iflor Jookijig over the field, he said the al loss will .fin* up over .fifl.nofl.ODO. 1,'rof.llauniau fi'.ljuj-ttM' 1hc iovs:-.s <-ausi-d to! :i::(]o;i bout live years H-oun;'- of citizens has were interred .Vonday afternoon. J.HtoM, Statement of Uonths. At two o'clock Monday afternoon the- Chronicle compiled t.ho following- table as the latest; list of fatalities' Known dead in St.. Louis, ]'JO: unknown dead in St. Louis, 8: fatally injured in St. Louis, .18; missing in St. Louis, HS; known dead in jCusi 1 .' St. Louis, :•!.•;: unknown dead :n ICa-st St. Louis. 3; fatally injured in East St. Louis. -2. Total fatality. I'M. DUEL IN THE STREETS. by the Louisville :v; J o. A iv.:'.".-? n ' ocn called for >-.n-.sider the ai' f:i:- nutsirle aid > icrm suITururs. Runaway Marrlngc Jt.wiiH.H in a Fatal Shooting feVntpu UL Lolmnon. Ind. Lebanon, I'm!., June 1. — At nine o'clock Monday morning Thomas AJlen, a wealthy stock dealer, ami Wallace JJiley, a prominent citixt-n, cnjj-ajjed Jn a, duel in front of the post oflicc. Itiley was instantly killed and Allen's son, who was sitting in his faiher's carriage, was seriously injured. The tragedy is the result of the runaway marriage of Allen's son. aged 37, and Kiley"slaughter, aged 2-1. Vi'ith ihe assisiance of a friend, wlio swore to the boy's age being 21. they scoured a license and wore mar- • 'd Saturday morning. When Mr. Allen learned of the jnarria^i; lie was very .vrotli. This reached the cars of Eiley nid he went.ynnn^nsr for Allen. He found him in front of ;hi; post.oiliccand opened '/ire on him. Allen jumped from his carriage and tired, killing liiloy instantly. Voung Allen will probably recover. Uvcaf. rxfiitn'icnt prevails here. Allen is in jail, and claims to have actVi! ciitirolv ill stlf-de- fens.;. lay a frcrnoon 10 Uivy nf n,pi)!'a'ij)s' lie relief of r,!;i; Cno 01 the peculiar '.'.irr.! is the appallin ci'^oi::; repovici! at j) -i - : . L'j) to .Mo;-;",..;.' m irs YiC'ro reijcrLotl i;:i: '. cline to the belie;' ih;; ill be found with rcl ! portions of the city. features "f the INf. of missing -in:;-. Tlie police ; ;::a::y of th«sc ::t:-.x-r.; in ol'dc.-r OUT. ON PAROLE. John Hliv.H'fliluimoiKl I'orniittcil to Visit Ills WJfo. 1'reUH-ia, June 1. — John Hays llam- nioml, tlif American mining 1 uiiginccr. who.vns sentenced to dcjith as one of flic lenders Of the Johuiinrabtfri;- reform committee .in the h'.tv; 1 conspiracy against, the; Transvaal government. but •whose sentence wns subsequently coin- muted to 13 1 years' imprisonment, lias been' released on parole in order that he mig-ht'visit his'Wife, who is still .it Johannesburg-. *• ."•Pretoria, June 1.— -Barney Uarnfttn has guaranteed thu' payment of the fines of the reform prisoners released .Saturday. Gov. Sir Hcrcnles -Robinson h."..s telegraphed his congratulations to President Krug'cr upon his clemency, \vbioh he Hiys will go. far. to restore good feeling and promote the peace ajidVelfare 'of 1 : South Africa, especially if the re- Maininfl 1 prisoners' arc dealt with in the saine libeml spirit; President 'Krug'er, upon leaving- the government house, wa.s .vociferously cheereO. Ke looked five years younger. The situation in Kast S'.' LOUJK is o;:e of gloom and misery. 'l'i:cr(t is some -•tear expressed of «m ppi-'lfinii: of disease nnioujr the ])om,"Jc:-s near the river. Under, the ruins is a vast quantity o£ decaying animal ar.d vegplablc matter which is'scndijjg pcstilcntlnl clouds up t through the debris. The sufferers are weak from exposure and exertion itnJ are in no condition. to fight the malaria that is breeding! on the island. 1 Another problem is the almost unan- irooLLs refusal of the sr.HVivr.s 10 leave their iK'longings 1 and occupy the mili- Inry tents which have been pitched at Brighton. In spite. of the presence of tlie ir.ilitia they fear that their goods arc not safe and refuse to leave unprotected all their earthly belonging*. Chief- of. Police Ganey has token extreme precautions to prevent vandalism and early ilonday morning 150 tramps •were rounded up and driven out of town. No additions vrere reported to the death 1 list, up to ten o'clock Monday morning. Active Relief Work. The chairmen o£ the four relief districts established iu the southern portion of St. Louis each received $j,000 from headquarters Monday morning: for immediate distribution. Such ciothing and supplies as were at hand were divided among the wagons and Kent to the district headquarters, there to be d-o.'cd. out as called for. What is needed' most i.s shoes, ban- tinge cloth, children's clothing- and ladies' underwear. Necessary furniture a.nd cots, together with dry bedding, are n.lso much called for. The • additional damage of continuous \:et -weather resulted in the issuing o£ another order prohibiting the operation of any electric lights in the district south of Kim and west of the lovee. Search for Bodies Bclnsr Pushed. The work of recovering bodies from the ri;i::s is being pus?ietl by the police. Every district captain has orders, where they have reason to believe bodies are, AN,OTHER 3TRIKS THREATENED. -:?i!-..-0!iri''n :it.the ',-.;;• in ihe manage]'n;:i!;iy:: trolley lines. it dil'iciilt for motormen rs to i-ai-i! a fv.l! day's pay >)':'<> i upon ;he- oi!iii]i\vcB, l:j;.-.:n.','slr:kr, and tlicre a ].r-ssibilify that there ::;i 11 f Iho Nas.--;;;: and •bis s.vsioms. •:i-.- Oil the X.i. v snu *.-\ stem i:o;n-..v.-hioh if a full day of leu hours eoi;!;i be niinir, ivoulii satisfy rhe rae:i. hut tlicy• oo:ni>!a.!n -chat They aie kept wsiifiKg furloug iinei'v'ala .. bet'iMHMi tri])s. for which rime iheyie-. oeivo no pay. The same st.iie of afl ! :.wrg is sii:d"lo exist on iho Rrool;iyn Heights ro.id. Tht' matter li^s in-en laken up by'. Disfriot Assembly 7,1, K. of L., to which most of tiie men bi-loji:;-. :MAY COINAGE. Ni'-.v ^"".u-"-:. .lus-.i.- lack- 0," sv:<;:'in c:,i mem: of the which miikes a;u! eoi'.i.'iic'ioi' is hnv.'r.:;' ii." P wiio nre a 4 i. v :i ;n is ;nove than will l:o :• iio-: 'Ilrnoklyu IToiiv Tho ri'.Ji' o!' p is" 20 con's an •'Stocks have-advanced rjOpcrcco.it, SCENES OF POIGNANT , GRIEF. llurkil of Victims of tho Moscow Panic ; Coon On. ' JJIoscow,. June 1.—-The burial of the .victims of the disaster on JveJiodijnskoje plain progressed.'ail'night long, and is still being proceeded with amid scenes' of 1 poignant; grief.' .Only mourners)'are admitted to. the'cemetery. ! ! AppolntoU Premier <>rrtn»l. M"ustoi-. ' -.' l .Vienna,...Iune l.-^Cdunt dc Thun and . Hoh'custcin, -formerly governor of Bo- hQmia, has bctin.-'-ap]>oiiited premier grand master 1 of; .the court of Archduke i"rSinx • Ferdinand,' eJdeijt son of. the late Archduke -.Chuirie-s, -. Louis. -This . up-, po'intjment Is'taltehas^ivn ir.dicntibh tha.t Archduke Franz, v : l jrcrdinn.nd is regarded as the successor to the;'throne, .• ; tiic court of archduke' having hitherto • b^e'n .prtsidccl .over, by .a director, an ofli- cial of inf(?rior.ran,jc..to that of agrnnd "• [i 160 iiif Rnt r «n Iinrmtim, :jyinarn,ic, Ind'.V.'Jnnn 1, —Jolin'Snldef nhoS ivnd HoiJounlj Jnjun-d 1'JiJlmnn Philips in a qnnrrol at @tni Cltj Dnl- Ijw, will rcco\ei Both are farmem 'n Hun conn*} i buried, to employ men to prosecute the penrch -and report results immediately to headquarters. At scvora.1 points in the ruined district the people of the neighborhood claim there arc bodies under the de- Vris, but no work is being done because the city authorities do 1 not think the reports are well founded, n.nd the own"ors of the property'are slow in clearing up the ruins. The situatiori as to street car service is steadily improving. All lines arc now running: except Scull ins, Cherokee, Tower''Grove aaid California avenue branches of the Union 1 Depot Railway eompanj'.• Convention Rail Repaired. The convention auditorium has been repaired, and was turned over to the Business Men's lengue Monday'after- noon. • . • No additional . bodies had lx»n i-e- coverud from the ruins up to OIK o'clock Jtond.'iy afternoon cither here.or in East St. Louis. 1 The'death rate at'.the -hospitals in bo-th cities, hns riot been increased since Sunday, and-tbe injured are reported doing a 1 ? well. as can bo expected. At t.he poor Jiouse.temporary repairs have'.been made. Tlie ruined 'chapel is boarded up and male, paupers, quartered, there,''and tlie female ]iau- pers have been transferred' to the men's' •uird The pauper hospital has been abandonxl and the Rick tra.nsferred to ,tlic insane.hospital. The funeriks of 127 tornndo,Victims in St, Louis have taken place so far/and it is estimated that at least 20 : inpre United states Mliif. Wa.shi:igton, June L—-Coinage exe- • cuted at the United States mints during Mav agg-rogated S-l.fiSli.fiOO a.i follo^vs-' 'Gold. '?2.S, 1 J7.200: silver.' Sl.S2fi.400, 1 of which SJ.3nO.OOC was. in standard silver dollars. These.ipiio.ragi'.on tlic.standard . silver dollars to the extent of more than $500,000 WHS paid into the treasury niul 1 taken up in miscellaneous j-cecipts. '. The national bar.l; uoto cir-nlatioa outstanding on June 1 was.SCS.-.SGO^-IG, r»n . increase of $!,0:i'.).00.'; during May. Xhe increase of 'rirailaiJon during M!ay based on bonds waK.¥l,SJ2,'MO' , Think* Ho Will Ot Mi;lit *<'nU'ii<:e. Berlin, June J.—I'rii/ Friedman, the ' absconding IJerlin lawyer, who has been in jail at Bordoaux, where he was ar- . rested, for some months, has been ex- trbdit-ed by the French authorities, aud • arrived.here Monday. Friedman sayJ tliat the court will not be able to impose upon him a sentence greater than that of two months' imprisonment. . Catnstropbe ftt Antwerp. Antwerp, June j.—During a perform-" anc,e Qf. .Lockhart's- American circus in •'• this city. Sunday evening, a staircase gave way with a crash, creating a pamo among the large number of persona present. . Iii the rush to get out 20 per- • sons were injured by being srjueezed or thrown down and trampled upon. A» rreparo Cotw^e Io Washington, June 1. — The white house steward and several servants left Washington Monday for Gray Ga,blcsto- make the president's cottage ready lor- the reception of Mrs. Cleveland and her chUdren, Mrg, Clcyclajjd. and tj$ babfes will probablyTch've.here for Grajj 1 .Gables on Thursday. The president-wilJ,, of course, remain here until after th* adjournment of congress. Mint Employe in Trouble. Washington, June 1. — Mint Director , Preston has dismissed. Weigh Clerk Chanfra.u, of the -N>w Orleans-mint, for cmlKZ/demcnt and directed that he be' prosecuted. Tlie present extent of his known peculations is $00 in gold. Superintendent Cade hf.s been ordered to at once enter suit on the bonds of Clian- f rau and Pipkin for their shortage. SulcJiin Identified. ~"1 Albany, ?«. Y.. June 3:—The man who- committed suicide in Washington 1( 'park Saturday has been identified by Miss Algie S. Whitford. of this city, as ' A. B. Goorge, a bicycle agent of DCS Moine*, la. >fiss 'iVhitford met Geoi-ge atMiagara Knjls about three wcftks ag'O 1 nnd her refusal to marry him probably was the cause for the act. . Kcrmudrt l^nublc to I.<:avn 1'ort, Philadi'lphia, 0'-u::e l.—Iiriiish Coiisui Clij)pei-ton Monday revoked the registration' p:i]jers : , of the. nlibnst^i'ing''. stetuner Uermiida. 'J^lie Bermuda will v now be unable to leave port-until she is ; registered by some governmentr.nd can 1 . - : •go to sea flying thc'llag of spine nation. ' . • KivrLhquaVo in ColoiDl>ta.' •Coion, Coiombhu June ]. — A severe", shook of earthquake was experienced ^ !hcre':at -2:.r;0.'O'clock ildjiday .,mt/rningf^ ;

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