The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 20, 1962 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 20, 1962
Page 11
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^ FEBRUARY 20, 1962 Carole Hum Is Wed Here To Whitfemore Man FEBRUARY 20, 1962 Carole Irene Hurn, daughter of Mrs. Irene Hurn, Algona, and the late Paul Hum, and Earl & Ludwig, son of Mr. and Mrs, Paul Ludwig, Whittemore, were married Feb. 3 at 10 a.m. in St. Cecelia's Catholic church here. Msgr. P. P. Gearen officiated and soloist was Terry Johnson, ' L The bride was attired in a floor, length gown of slipped satin with sequined lace bodice, princess waist, lace trim on the skirt and sleeves that ehded in points. Hef veil was elbow-length and she carried a bouquet of red rdses and white tube roses, • ' Her attendants Were Barbara Hurn, maid, of honor, Mrs. Raymond Metzen, bridesmaid, Sherry Ludwig, bridesmaid, and Sheila SALE THURSDAY (Washington's Birthday) and all this week! SPRING CURTAIN CALL.. ALL THIS WEEK! NOW AT GRAHAMS . . . GAY NEW DRAPERIES AND CURTAINS TO BRIGHTEN EVERY ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE . . . IT'S TIME FOR A FRESH, SPRING RENOVATION . . . AND GRAHAMS SPECIAL LOW PRICES ARE SO EASY ON YOUR BUDGET 111 WASHINGTON BIRTHDAY SPECIAL! EASY-CARE FIBERGLASS READY-TO-HANG DRAPERIES lustrous solid color draperies with a diamond weave, full 90" lertgth, 50" wide to' the pair guaranteed washable, drip-cfry. 52 Pair Regular $6.98 • White • Champagne • Nutmeg • Green • Gold • Pink COORDINATED MIX - MATCH CAFE SETS ^Medallion provincial print 36'" Cafe curtains in Red, Pink, or Toast. Coordinated snowflake flocked Dacron marquisette tier curtains with print trim to match cafes. Matching Valance $1.00 BIRTHDAY WEEKEND SPECIAL I COMPLETE CAFE SET Solid color drapery fabrics In both 30" and 36" lengths, full 72" the pair. A host of decorator colors. Complete with matching valance. $1.98 and Higher Values 88° Set . v ^XN^^^^^^~^-^^^^>~^^^^-~~^^ S ' MATCHING TRULON PANELS AND DRAPES Floral printed panel, 42 x 81 with matching pinch pleat ready to hang draperies, 90" long. Wash 'n hand, drip dry finish, Rose Beige ground. DRAPERIES 100% DACRON MARQUISETTE PANEL Snowy white Dacron marquisette with full 5" bottom hem .... easy-care, wash and hang. 42 x 81 39 42 x 90 Ea . $*! Ea. Pr< MATCHING TRULON DRAPES & BEDSPREAD New Chenille weave Trulon drapes with colorful stripe pattern in white, Beige, Oyster or Gold . . . with matching double or twin bed size spread. DRAPES BERSPREAD Pr . 9 98 WASHINGTON BIRTHDAY WEEKEND SPECIAL I LUXURIOUS FLOCKED PANELS Beautiful floral flocked design on new scallop edge panels, each 42 x 81 size. Choose from Blue or Gold on White grounds. $2,49 Value NOW ONLY Ludwig, flower gfrl. Coft Ltldwlg served as best man and Raymond Metzen and Waiter Tufchto were groomsmen. A dinner and reception wett held at the VFW hall here following the ceremony and a dance Was, held there in the evening. Definite Thilges was' hostess and Veronica Resting poured at the reception. The bride graduated frdm Algona high school in 1969 and later graduated from the Iowa School of Beauty Culture. She is einploy- ed at Veronica's Beauty Shop 1 here. The bridegroom is a gradufltfe of Presentation Academy, Whittemore, and is employed at Read's Furniture here. The new'lyweds are living in Algona. - Honor Andy Crawford Andrew Crawford, General Age^t for Investors Life Insurance Company of Iowa in Algonav was among that Company's . ( t«Jp i§61 sales award winners. Crawford received a placque for membership in the Company's $500,000 Club. Thursday thru. Saturday "Picnic" 9:10 only. "Ring Of Firt" 7:30 only. Saturday matinee at 1:30 "Abbott And Costello Meet The'.Keystone Kops" Plus 6 Cartoons. < Sunday "Flower 2:00-4:30-7:00-9:30. Drum -Song" Monday 9:30. .thru Wednesday, 7:00- Starting Sunday at the Algona Theatre Sultry Nancy Kwan leads a bevy of night club chorines in the "Fan Tan Fanny" song-and-dance number in "Flower Drum Song' , Uni- vcrsal's screen version of Rodgers and Hammcrstcin's smash stage musical. A Ross Hunter production In association with Joseph Fields, the color film stars Miss Kwan with James Shlgeta and Miyosht Umcki. •Portland Twp. By Mrs. Victor FJtch The'Four Corner Social Club met Feb. 13 in the home of Mrs. Glen Larsen after being postponed one week. Those present were the Mesdames Herman Harms, Rollo Moore, Bernard Phelps, Donald Ringsdorf, Verle Nelson and Victor Fitch. Mrs. Lloyd Bartlett was a guest. After old and new business was taken care of, the meeting was turned over to Mrs. Glen Larsen, who was in charge of fun ENDS TONITE (Wed.) "THE 400 BLOWS" THUR. thru SAT. ALGONA 2 BIG ACTION-PACKED HITS IN COLOR SHOP IN ALGONA GEORGE WASHINGTON BIRTHDAY BARGAIN DAYS, FEB. 22-23-24 SUN. thru WED. ALGONA CONTINUOUS SUNDAY FROM 1:30 liosT ,ROSS HUNTERSSS&JOSEPH FIELDS RODGERS&HAMMERSTEIN'S 55-5 . tove 0000000000000 o o , o FLOWER DRUM d SONG MlN COLOR • LENSES BY PANAVISION & K 9000000000000090000009 NANCY KWAN tontf'me WQNO' JAMES SHIGETA JUANITA HAU..JACK SCO-BEN SON PONG uMIYOSHI UMEKI - PIUS - CCHOR CARTOONS ADMISSION ADULTS 90c CHILDREN 25c JUNIORS 75C PQN'T MISS THIS DELIGHTFUL MUSICAL . . . IT IS TOPS FOR EVERYONE I <%&«J<e Manager SHOWN AT 9:00 ONLY time. Mrs. Donald Ringsdorf and Mrs. Lloyd Bartlett each won a prize. The next meeting will be March 6 in the home of Mrs. W. J. Stewart. Mrs., Stewart will be in charge of fun time. . Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sparks were recent visitors of the Rev. Max Goldman's in Forest City. Mrs. Merlyn Bartlett and little son, Perry Scott, daughter-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bartlett, arrived here from Bremerhaven, Germany. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bartlett went up to Keister, Minn, to visit their daughter-in-law and little grandchild, which they had not seen before, in the home of Mrs. Bartlett's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Larson. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sparks were supper guests Saturday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Heiko Boekelman. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jurgess and family, who are soon moving to Mound City, Missiouri, were being honored. The Portland Progress Club met Feb. 15 in the home of Mrs. Ray McWhorter, with Mrs. Glen Zwiefel assistant hostess. Present were Mesdames Harold Becker, Tom Trenary, Robert Wood; John Miller, Elizabeth Kennedy, Jay Steven, Jake Smith, Glen Zwiefel, Frank Becker, Clifford Young, Lawrence Govern, Ray Mc\. ter, A. L. Rasmussen, Axel Car\son and Victor .FitctiK The lesson was presented by; Mrsi Howard Sparks and Mrs. .Clifford..Young. Mrs. TCawrehce Govern, Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy and, Mrs. Robert Wood had the surprise number after which lunch was served by the hostesses. The next meeting will be in the home of Mrs. Frank Becker. Mr. and Mrs. Vern Shipler of Burt and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Shipler of Fairchild, Wisconsin were Friday evening visitors in the Jay Steven home. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sparks accompanied by his mother, Mrs. Ruth Sparks of Wesley, spent the evening of Feb. 14 at the Guy Di- monds near Britt. The occasion was Mr. Dimond's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bartlett went to Britt Monday morning for a check-up. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Fitch and Judy and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hix and family were Thursday evening visitors in the George Hix GUEENLAND — WHERE THE WEATHER makes Iowa seem almost tropical, the ice is 10,000 feet thick in spots, and the nights are several months long - that was my proxy trip this week through Ji conversation with an Algona electrician, Art Wiese Art is Just back from his second job trip to Thule Air Force Base. This time he stayed spven months. * * * THE PROJECT INCLUDED WHAT they call the, "Dewline" which is our government's early distance warning system. In case of enemy attack, bases such as Omaha can be alerted in a matter of minutes. ' * * * "IT REALLY GETS COLD UP THERE", said Art. To prove his point, he said Jayne Mansfield was there with the Bob Hope Christmas Show and it was storming so bad that Art didn't care to walk the two or three blocks to see the performance ! However, he did meet Jayne the next day in the P.X. "I eye-balld her some", admitted Art,, but when he was asked if Miss Mansfield had a pretty face, he replied, "Golly, I didn't notice !" LATER. ART SAW A TRAILER parked by the side of a road. Quite a large commotion was going on with an army officer supervising some men as they dug and sifted snow. It turned out that the cab in which Jayne had been riding had hit a bump, the door was thrown open and Jayne had lost an earring. The project was the search for it. iji sK * ART WAS EMPLOYED BY PETER KIEWIT and Sons, Northenr, out of Omaha. He worked on the base's new construction, rehabilitation of former construction and repairs. He was a foreman He spent six months there three years ago, was back in Iowa for 11 months ana then signed on for seven more months. FACILITIES FOR THE CIVILIAN construction workers are entirely separate from the army and air force personnel based there. It a(an entirely male world for all groups as no wives or families are allowed on the base and except for special entertainment groups, such as the Christmas Show, there are no tourists. When the base was begun m 1951, the native Eskimos were moved 60 miles north. THERE WAS AMPLE ENTERTAINMENT for the construction workers Art said. There were good late movies, recreation rooms, a ZS 'their own newspaper and radio and TV. Religious services for all ma or faiths were held regularly and were well-attended But he added/after a guy works hard ten hours a day, seven days a week, what to do with your leisure is not^much^of a problem. THE RADIO AND WEATHER STATION AT Thule has KOLD for call letters. It Is aptly named. Weather is reported in phases. When it is phai one, it is comparatively mild. At phase two warning it is conv r Isorv to walk in couples to keep track of each other. When phase ?h le c y omes oT-wSout 1 Everybody stays put ^P«<^ »»»"*«* from the barracks to mess hall and the men crawl along them because they can't see a thing in the over 60 miles an hour wind. 4 ijt V ' J,' '''"'-',. WHEN ART ARRIVED IN GREENLAND in June it was daylight 24 hours a day. There were quite a few flowers - lots of poppies, arc" home. "If the world is going to dogs, it's because everybody a bone to pick". the has James Devines Of Algona Are Wed 50 Years Mr. and Mrs. James F. Devine, Algona, observed their fiftieth wedding anniversary Wednesday, Feb. 14. They were married Feb. 14, 1912 in St. Cecelia's Catholic church here. Mrs. Devine was born in Illinois and came here at the age of nine. Mr. Devine was born at Livermore. They farmed in this area until 1953 when they retired and moved to Algona to live. Their children include Charles, Algona, Ray, LuVerne, Betty (Mrs. Wilbur Daley), St. Benedict, Maxine (Mrs. Francis McNally), Em- —-,,really . UD up was about being dark ajl annum me i-iu^n. ««••-•• ••--— "*,",. January, the bad weather was just beginning and It there in February and March. tji >H # SAFETY, BOTH DRIVING AND in construction work, is a big factor at Thule. Art was one of the foremen honored for a million man hour's work without an accident. The driving speed limit was.20 miles an hours and very few violated the restriction. If they did hey were forced to lay off from work for a day for every so many miles above the limit. Their pay was docked accordingly. BOARD AND ROOM COSTS WERE PAID by the company and the food was excellent, according to Art. The cooks were mostly Danish_and the pastries were out of this world. There was steak every Saturday night They kept piling/it on your plate until you yelled for.them to stop. Guys could have three or four T-bones if they thought they could eat them. * * * ART DOESN'T PLAN TO GO BACK to Greenland. The construction company for which he worked has completed the contracts there and have moved home all their equipment. "Besides", Art said, my wife, Frances w'odd murder me if I did. She doesn't like the long separations. Neither do I, but the pay is good and you send home almost all of it. Up there, there's no place to spend it !"^ THE COLUMN OF TWO WEEKS AGO, about the crazy mixed-up Egel-Kildow wedding certainly got a lot of mileage. It was picked up frSm the Fort Dodge Messenger by the Associated Press and sent coast-to-coast. I was phoned telling me it was picked as one of the four top news stories of the day along with Powers and a couple -tit poltical stories ! It was on at least two TV newscasts but, naturally I missed them and I know it was carried in papers in Iowa, Illinois[ a "° ^ an . sa ^ If anv of my readers saw it any place else 1 would love to hear about t My sympathies were with the couple at the time but their wedding will1 certaTnly be remembered long after the smooth-running type are forgotten. * * * THIS WEEK'S RECIPE is for an unusual pecan pie. (If you want to know where to get a very good buy on pecans, phone me and 111 tell you). 3 eggs 1 cup sugar 1 cup dark corn syrup 'A cup ketchup 1 tsp. vanilla 2 tbsp. melted butter or margarine 1 cup coarsely broken pecans to Beat eggs slightly. Stir in remaining in- firedients Pour into unbaked pie shell. Bake 10 minutes Reduce heat to 350 degrees Bake 40 to 45 minutes or until filling is set. Cool before serving. Makes one 9 inch pie. ^ GRACE. Sat. mat. 1:30 onlyi ALGONA Special Show For Entire Family! jjMiTefttraaasi H^iwip ww^w^^^^w . PLUS 6 COLOR CARTOONS - KIDDIES ONLY 25c metsburg, Jeanne (Mrs. Wayne Elder), Hawthorne, Nev., and Bernie (Mrs. M. Bainter), Whittier, Cal. They also have 27 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. 97 Mr. Thomas Fee, of near Cherokee recently celebrated his 97th birthday. He is still active and lives alone in his farm home. INJURED Merle Noland of Adair was severely injured recently when he fell from a load of baled hay. He was helping load the hay at the time. He suffered a head laceration, a slight concussion and a shattered shoulder socket WANT ADS BRING RESULTS

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