The Muscatine Journal and News-Tribune from Muscatine, Iowa on February 14, 1942 · Page 8
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The Muscatine Journal and News-Tribune from Muscatine, Iowa · Page 8

Muscatine, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1942
Page 8
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Mrs. Buffington Named to Head Church Society Letts—Mrs. Layton ' Buffington was elected president of the Pleas- snt Grove Bethel church Ladies Aid society when they were entertained" at an' all day meeting on Wednesday at the home of Mrs. L. G Browning. Other officers elected were Mrs.- Harlan Foster. vice president; Mrs. Louis" Dallmeyer, secretary, and Mrs. Frecl ' Eonnicbsen, treasurer. A potluck dinner was served at noon and ' the afternoon was spent socially. Those present were Mrs. Fred Bonnichson, Mrs. Lou Bonmchson Mrs. Louis Dallmeyer, Mrs. Egebert Shellabarger,- Mrs. Harold Shellabarger, and son, Charles, Mrs. Rudolf Schlichting, Mrs. Layton Buffington and two sons, Mrs. Harlan Foster, Mrs. Rilia Foster, Mrs. Ralph Lieberknccht, Mrs. Earl Bennett, Mrs. Carl Curtis Mrs. Ralph Platt, Mrs. Dora Crumly, Mrs. Charles Johnston and daughter, Marjorie and the hostess, Mrs. Browning. The next meeting will be at the Lome of Mrs. Ralph Platt. Marriage Announced. Announcements have been received- of the marriage of Thomas II. Flowers, son of Mr. and Mrs Philip Flowers of Moriarty, K. M. and Miss Margaret Ann Angel, 01 Spencer, N. M. The ceremony was performed on Jan. 20, in the Firs Presbyterian church in Los Angeles. Mrs. Philip Flowers attended the ceremony, Mr. Flowers employed at an aircraft factory in Los Angeles and the new homi will be at 3834 W. 59th St., in Lo Angeles. Mrs. Ernst Lieberknecht, Louis, county president of Women 1 Federated clubs, Mrs. T. L. Elanc president of the Letts Study club and Mrs. H. J.^ Austin and Mrs Robert Barnes, members of th club who were in charge of th sale of Christmas seals in Let; 2nd Concord township attended follow up meeting for the Louis, county committee held Friday a the home of Mrs. J. R. Fraser a Wapello. A potluck luncheon at o'clock preceded the meeting. Plan Registration. Fred Weir will be in charge o the registration for men betwee the ages of .20 and 45 on Monda from 7 a. m. to 9 p. m. at th . Letts school. He will be assisted b Louder Gage, -Harold McCormac Dewey Toland, and Mr. and Mr: Charles Hcrrick. Mrs. L. B. Hendrix who ha been a patient in the Hershey hos pital returned home on Thursday Mrs. Byron Hafner and infan son came home on Thursday eve ning from the Hershey hospital i Muscatine. Kay Eliason, son of Mr. an Mrs. Roscoe Eliason received dislocation in the wrist of the le arm in the Letts and Mornin Sun basketball game in the Louis county tournament on Thursda evening at Wapello. He will b out of basketball for several \veek Merle Dodder went to D< Moines on Thursday to get Mr ' Dodder who has been spendin several days with her brother, '. M. McGinnis who is seriously i there in the Veteran's hospital. Mrs. L. G. Browning accompanied Mr. Dod'der and spent, th day with her daughter, Mrs. Carle ton Moore and family, Mr. Moore is recovering from a serious illness. Eliasons Return. Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Eliason returned home Thursday evening from Ames where they had attended for several days the Farm and Home —week. Mrs. Eliason received a certificate for attending the Farm and Home meetings for nins years. There were 165 women present who had attended for live or more years. Mr:l. Charles Hei-rick and daughter, Harriet, returned home Thursday from Muscatine, where Harriet underwent a tonsilectomy. Mrs. Raymond Armentrout returned Thursday night to her home in Cedar Rapids, after spending the past week at the home of ; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Christie Turkington and sister, Lucretia. Radio • i Program TOHIOHT. 6:00-Thls ' Week of War WMAQ; Dinner Hour Music, WSUT. 6-30—Wavne KiiiK's Orchestra. WMT. •— —--j By America, Rose, W1IAQ, . WBBM; WHBF. 7:00—Abie's Irish WHO; Guy Lombardo, WBBM. 7.30—Truth-or Consequences, WMAQ; SSbby Lobby, WBBM, WMT S'00—Talk by Rep. Joseph Martin. jr., WOC; Your Hit Parade, 8:30-Spotli'ght Bands, WGX. WHBF; Promenade Concert. WMAQ. 9:00—Sports News reel. WMAQ. WLW- Believe It or :\ot, WOC. 9:30-People's Platform. WCCO: Chuck Foster's Orchestra, WGX 8:00-European News. WLW, WMAQ; News of the World, WBBM, WMT. 8:30—From the Orsan Loft. WBBM; Words and Music, WMAQ. 3:00—National Radio Pulpit,/WMAQ; Cfiicagoland Church Hour, 9-30—Thrilling Stori* of America, WMAQ; Soutaernaires, T.VCFL, D-00-Re^i'ewln.R Stand. WHBF, WGN; Milestones in American Music. WBBM. 10:30—Music and American loutn. MU5GATINE JOTIRNAE AND NEWS-TRIBTJNE: SATUBDAY. FEBRUARY 1 First Aid Glass WMAQ. W-LW: Discussion of Demonsthoncs and Lincoln Speeches, WBBM. WTAD. .1-00-Havon of Rest. WHBF; Syncopation Piece, KMOA. 11 ISO-Freedom's People, WLW: Pre- vue of New Records, WMAQ. 12:00-Upton Close. WMAQ. WHO: Listen to Lcibert, WOC. 1"-30—Life of Curator of Reptiles in New York Zoo. WTAD. 1-00—Famous Firesid- Plays, WENR; Safety Sons.'. WHBF. 1:30—Round Table Discussion, WMAQ; Columbia Workshop. WBBM. ;;00—The Americans Speak, WHBF: Help Your Neighbor. WON. "•30—Iowa Roundtahle. WHO; Wake Up. America. WOC. 3:00-Lutbrran Hour. WHBF: Letters From England. WLW. 3.30—Piny. "Memo to Bcrchtcscaden. WMAQ; Wintertime Concert, WLW. 4-00—Concert bv Tribes of American Indians, WHBF. „.,,,.,,. i -1:30—Musical Steelmakers. WENR, Concert Master. WTAD. 5-00—Dorothy Lamour in Silver Theater. WBBM; Amateur Hour, WEXR. S-30—Gene Autrey. WBBM: Pearson and Allen. WOC. 6;00-Jnck Benny. WMAQ. T\ HO. Prophecy Speaks. WHBF. 6:30—Fitch Bnndwnpon, ^SIAQ, WHO; Martin ot the Mist, WEXR, WLW. 7-00—Chase and Sanborn Program. WMAQ. WHO: World News Tonight. WBBM. WMT 7-30—One mnn s Family, WMAQ, WHO- Those Good Old Days. WLS. S:00—Manhattan Merry - Go - Round, WMAQ. WHO-x Walter Vv'm- chell. WEX-K. WLW. 5:30—Irene Rich. WEXR. WLW: Familiar Music, WMAQ. WHO. 9-00—Hour of Charm. WMAQ, WHO: Radio Rodeo, WHBF. 9-30—S h c r 1 o c k Holmes. WMAQ, WHO; They Live Forever, WMT. KMOX. 10:00—Pathway to the Stars, who; ChicoKo Black Hawks vs. Boston Bruins. WEXR. 10:30—Three Sheets in the »inn, WMAQ- Jimmy James' Orchestra, WLW. MONDAY. S;00— Good Mornintr Program, WGN: Certainly Time, WHO. S:30—Nash Serenade, WHBF; Songs of a Dreamer, WIBA. 9:15—Happy Meeting Time, WGN; Travel Radio Sen-ice. WSLI. 10:00—Buddy Clark, WBBM. WMT; It Happened Last Week, WSUI. 10--15—Melodies for Moderns, WCFL; Melodies. WGN. ll:30-Blue Plate Platter. WTAD; Deep River Boys. WCFL. 12:15—Words and Music, KSD: News, WHOK. 1:00—Vincent Lopez WOC; Listen to Leibert. WSBT. 1:30—Kernel's K a n a r I e s. TV CFL; Sweat and Swing. WMT. 2:15—Meet the Folks, WCFL; Your Army, wqx. 3:00—Arthur Tracy. WEXR: We Waltz, WOC. 3:30—Lest We Foreet. WSUI Matinee. WOWO. 4-00—Design for Dancing, WOC; Mu- sicn'.o, WCCO. 4:30—Getting the Most Out of LitV. WEXR: Radio Revue, WTAD. 3-00—Music by Shrednik, WMAQ: Troubadors. WTAD. 5.30_Prank Parker, WBBM. KMOX: Munslc for Brazil. WMAQ. 6-00—Pleasure Time. WLW; Fulton Lewis. Jr.. WHBF. 6-30— Cavalcade of America, WLW; Chicago Brain Buttle. WBBM. 7:00—Telephone Hour, WMAQ. WHO; U. S. in the 20th Century, 7-30—Voice' of Firestone. WMAQ. WHO: Gay Nineties Revue, WBBM. 8:00—Gabriel Heatter. WGN, WHBF: Lux Radio Theater, WBBM, WJR. S:30—For America We Sing. WENR; Auction ot Wits. WTAD. 3:00-Contented Hour. WMAQ, WHO; 'Raymond Gram Swing, WHBt. WGN*. 9:30—Dramn, "D.irk Ansel," WMAQ. WHO; Music That- Endures. WGN. 10-00—Fred Waring. WMAQ, WHO: Phil Han-is'' Orchestra. WKBB. 10:4j—Bansley Smith's Orchestra Attended By 72 West Liberty — Seventy-two were in attendance at the first aid class held Thursday .evening ing at the high school under the direction of Dr. Traadwell Robertson. A 'Red Cross film on first aid was shown and the first lesson was taken up. The meetings to follow will be held at the high school, due to the large attendance. The Women's Relief Corps entertained the members of the American Legion Auxiliary at a patriotic tea Friday afternoon at the I.O.O.F. hall with 40 present. Miss Violet Passmore,! president, gave the welcome and the program was in charge o£ Mrs. Monty Owen and Miss Helen Burns. Mrs. Owen read sketches of the. lives of Lincoln and Washington. Miss Burns had charge of the Valentine contests. Assembly singing was enjoyed. Refreshments were served from a tea table which was decorated in patriotic colors. Miss Violet Passmore poured, and Mrs. George Case and Mrs. Margaret Hayes were the committee. The Rebekah degree staff enjoyed a Valentine party Thursday evening at the home of Mr. anc Mrs. L. M. McGuire, with Mr. and Mrs. George Case assisting hosts. A covered dish dinner was served to 37 members. Euchre was the diversion of the evening, with Mrs. W. T. Johnson winning high score, and; Mrs. Elizabeth Hines low score: for the men, Charles Parks, high and Clifton Mclntire, low. A gift was .presented to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Morrison' who will move soon to Mrs. Gutkrie Is ;' Hostess for Clubf at Social Meeting Grandview — Mrs. Margaret Guthrie entertained the Past Noble Grand club at her home here Thursday. The day was. spent in quilling. A dinner was served at noon to Mrs. Mary McGrew,- Mrs. June McGill, Mrs. Ella Reed, Mrs. Alzada Arihood, -Mrs. Clara Connor, Mrs. Amelia Kemp, Mrs. Della Buster, Miss Fanny Kuder, Miss Nola-Benz, Mrs. Olive Pace, Mrs. Alrneda Euell, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Dulgar, Mrs. Margaret •Guthrie and Mrs. Eerdette Wittmar. and Burton. Mr. and Mrs. Casper Rowe entertained at dinner Thursday . in honor of his brother, Paul's birth. day. Those included in 'the courtesy besides.the honoree were Ed Rowe and Fay Arihood, of Grandview and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rowe and Bobby'of Wapello. Miss Mary Young, who has been quite ill the past week is improving. Orval Miller and mother, Mrs. Rissa Miller, of Wa-pello, were calling on friend_s here Wednesday evening. Goshen Bureau Leaders Meet at E. Lindle Home A' study group 'meeting of cooperators • and leaders of Goshen township was. held at "the home of Mrs. Earl ' Lindle Friday - with Miss Frances-Byrne, county home •demonstration ,agent, presenting the third phaseiof the year's study on "Foods for' Health and National • D-efense." The topic was,' "Seasonal plans for, maintaining year- around 'food supplies." Fifteen women were present for the planned buffet dinner served at noon. Featured was tamale pie, salad- bowl, carrot strips, whole wheat rolls, jelly, frozen prune whip, salted crackers and coffee. Mrs. Lyle Bridgeford and Mrs. Grahviile Flater served. Muscatine Journal Farm News Grange Elects Chatfield Head at Sweetland •Sweetland'—Reorganization of the Sweetland grange was completed, officers were named and installation services planned when a meeting was held 'Friday, evening at the Sweetland school. Howard Cook of Manchester, la., state deputy,-presided over the election. . > . Named to serve were: Master, Elmer Chatfield; overseer, Henry Miller; lecturer, Mrs. Harold Pace: steward, Albert Bermel; assistant steward, Albert Kaufmsnn; chaplain, Mrs. Milton "o Educational Coqperators For County-Wide War Emergency Program Named Personnel'of a large army of farm men and women-^ho will act as educational co-operators in the newly-revised war emergency program, being sponsored by, the-state extensiorj service and the Farm Bureau was announced today by County Agent John D. Morris. The men co-operators in the area adjacent to Muscatine including Fruitland 1 , 76, Cedar, Lake,'. Montpelier, . 'Bloomington and. Sweetland townships — will hold a train, ing school Wednesday, beginning at 10:30 a. m., in the Y. \\-J C. A. Gibson, la., where they will make their home, Mrs. Vea:-l Nauman and Mrs. George Patrick are spending! the week-end in Des Moines at the home of Mrs. Howard Ross and family. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hazlett entertained a group of friends at dnnner Thursday evening. 'McHard Is Named Chairman for Defense Council Rinnerts to Note 25th Anniversary Montpelier—The 25th wedding .anniversary ot Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rinnert, which . occurs today and the birthday anniversary 'of Mrs. Rinnert, which occurs on Sunday, will be observed at 3 later date, to be announced later. Roy .was honored at his home in observance" of his birthday anniversary Wednesday evening. The evening was spent with cards and socially, after which a luncheon was sewed with two ' decorated pink and blue birthday cakes forming the centerpiece of the table. Guests present were: Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bohr.sack and sons, Ronald and Melvin. of Stockton; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jakeman and son, Maynard, of Wilton: Mr. and Mrs. Francis Rinnert, Edmond, Joy and Susie Mr. and Mrs. Henry Spring,' A. T., Henrietta, Ethel and Roy. Mrs. Margaret Lobdell' was hostess to the Hazel Dell Social club at her home Wednesday j nftcrnoon with games being the • diversion. Refreshments w ere In a round table discussion on i B 0r g s tadt; treasurer, Milton Borg- the comparative food value o£ i s i a( jt. sorghum molasses and honey,-the j secretary, Harold. Pace; Gate per. Albert Eckhardt; Ceres, L Henry Miller; Pomona,-Mrs School Arranged. Men co-operators of Fulton, Moscow and Wilton town* will hold of instruction at Wilton, and those Wapsie, Goshen and Pike townships will convene aj group found molasses was much | j. more nutritious in calcium, phosphorous and iron. The uses of whole grain cereals in the 'diet ar.d variety in the use of canned and stored food was studied. The township chairman reported 77 women have been taking part through the study groups and 76 homes have been reached. Women present for the study were Mrs, Bert Kline,' Mrs. Vern Jarvis. Mrs. Guy Flater, Mrs. John Flater. Mrs. Thomas Carlisle Mrs. Lyle Bridgeford, Mrs. Robert Geertz, Mrs-. Lund Madsen, Mrs. George Cornell, Mrs. Leonad Agnew. Mrs. Floyd Mclr.tire, Mrs. Scott McMahon, Mrs. Gran- viHe Flater and Mrs. Ear', Lindle. The next meeting will be March 13 at the home of Mrs, Scott McMahon, West Liberty' — the dates for these two to be fixed soon. /Women co-operators will hold separate training schools under Miss Franc-M Albert Bermel; Flora. Mrs. Clark me direction ^ Mille-- lady assistant steward, Mrs- i Byrne, home demonstration agent, „,_. "'^uo+f;«w land this schedule will also be an- Elmer Chatfield. Members of the executive committee are Clark Miller, Ray Do\vn«r and Vern Van Camp. An oyster supper followed the business meeting Installation ceremonies were planned for has Shall Club Mrs. Otis Arnold Hostess to Club Atalissa— Mrs. Otis Arnold was hostess to the Penn Avenue club at her home Thursday afternoon, Mrs. Glen Phelps was in charge of the games and contests. Prizes 1 were awarded. A tray luncheon 1 in keeping with St. Valentine's I • day was served to the following, i Mrs. Lester Sterner and Sharon, •1 Mrs.. Glen Phelps and June, Mrs, 1 George Reiland, Mrs. Glen Jen- V sen and Gloria, Mrs. Christinia » Nissen. Mrs. Stewart Arnold and . : . Betty Kay and the hostess. Miss s'Geraldine Waite will be hostess C to the club Thursday afternoon, I Feb. 26. 1 Mrs. Albert Weiss entertained ; the members of the Good Neigh- 1 'bor club at her home Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Lura Watters and Mrs. Rose Weiss were in charge of /the entertainment which .included J-.Games and contests. Roll call was ^answered with current events, w: Luncheon was served by the hos- JJ tess to the following, Mesdames i.Lund Madsen, Raymond Oepping '• and son, Vernon, Walter Weiss, '•Jack. Hintz,. John Hintz, Arch p'james, Lynn Watters, John Mc- Ia - : Colm. Harold Ridenour, L. D. Mil- PI ler,' Larry • Burns, Jess Foster, SUi George Weiss and Hilda, • Mrs. ' Robert Geertz and the hostess. s ?;>-'Mr.:-. and'.- Mrs.. Robert Gerdts Wl -:ind.-Carolyn., have moved .to t'larrn near/Letts;,.. - p Tx-.The-Masons .-met in regular ses- °"- ; ;ion. at -Vine.; Masonic- hall--Thurs"- ' ' " ' [...Frank Oepping;-'Earl' -Turner 'and; Earl on the serving com- 1 •nittee. •• . . r. and 'Mrs. 'Herman. Kettleson WMAQ. WHO; Guy WJR. Lombardo, / Aledo — John McHard ot Aledo is named* today as chairman of the Mercer county defense council by W. S. Butcher of Aledo, de- Tense co-orciaator for the county. Mr. McHard Will work with Mr. Butcher-in planning activities ol the several committees named and to be named in planning civilian defense work in the county. In making the appointment Mr. Butcher relieved Mr. McHard of his duties as -a member of the county salvage committee and at the same time enlarged this committee from three to sever, members. The salvage committee is now composed of David McKcwn of Joy. chairman; R. E. Winger, L. L * Nelson. VirRil C. Lulrcll and Fred D. Moffit ol Aledo; R. E. Poffenbarger, New Boston and T. G, Parker of Sherrard. This committee will meet this evening at the court house » :n Aledo to plan activities. According to information received by Mr. Butcher the saying of paper, cardboard, rubber, ' scrap metals served later in the afternoon to the guests. The next meeting date is indefinite. Howard Harkir.s is recovering from injuries received to his hand, when he was kicked by a cow while milking at his home. His hand was severely cut. Miss Annamary and Frank Boh o£ Davenport and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baer visited Tuesday eve- Wapello Plans Celebration of Laynien's Week Wapello — Laymen of the Wa- pcllo Methodist church, under the leadership of the lay leader. W. H. Wicderrecbt, the president of the Woman's Society of Christian Service, Mrs. Charles Weber and the president of the brotherhood, L. E. Parish, are completing plans .for the observance of national Methodist laymen's week, Feb. 15-22. The plans include: An address by Dean Taylor, Dudgeon Buys Partner Interest in Wapello Firm . Wapello — Ross Dudgeon purchased the interest of George Jamison in the Jamison-Dudgeon furniture and undertaking business. Mr.^Jamison has not announced definite plans for the future. Mr. Dudgeon will be assisted by Mrs. Dudgeon. The'following selectees left recently for Des Moines where they will "be inducted into the U. S. army: Paul Richard Johnston, Perry Wyley Tomson, Wapello, and Everett Oren Gates, Oakville. Final arrangement for the third I and this schedule nounced later. An extension specialist from Iowa State college. Ames, is to be rere Wednesday to present instructions to the co-operators on their work and duties under the new program. The complete list of men and women c(j-operalors lor the county is announced today as follov.'s: Bloomington—Harry Reed, Harold Houseman, Edward Thicker, R S. Paelz and Lloyd Shield: Mrs. Virgil It-win, Mrs. A. E. Eckhardt, Mrs. C. H. Fishburn. Mrs. Otto Eden, and Mrs. J. J. Hoek=ema. RaUoning for Fertilizer Seen 3 Washington —(-?>— Rationing of fertilizer, farm machinery, processing equipment and other supplies may become necessary because of shortages of materiu-J needed for munitions. Secretary of Agriculture Wickard predicted today." "Farmers and extension workers together will have to use a^ the ingenuity 'at their command to reach food and crop production goals despite handicaps." he said. "Some rationing in agriculture registration on Monday. Feb. 16, were made at a meeting of the registrars o£ Louisa county neld at the court house, Friday afternoon. The meeting was in charge of inc Louisa county selective service board. Dean Parsons, H. I. Church and Keith L. McClurkin. Miss Beverly Leser.'ey of Colfax Iowa, h'as been elected by the on "The Layman and school board as assistant kindergarten teacher. Sne will begin her ning in the Fred Wayne Wetzel home Rinnert and and rags is important and this committee will take steps to salvage waste materials which may be used ior defense purposes. Boruffs Learn of Son's Location Buffalo Prairie—Mr. an;l Mrs. Chester Boruft have received a telegram from their son, John, hi the U. S. navy that he i.s at Oakland Calif., for an indefinite slay,' No word had been received from him since the' holiday season. Lytle Forsyth of Viola, scrv- of His Church", Sunday monnnR, Feb. 35, at 10:45. and a book review on "The Sharing Life" in the evening at .7:30. The homes of the memborsnip and constituency will be visited by laymen's visitation groups during the week, and a family-night dinner will b'c held on Thursday evening, Feb. 19, at 6:30. Or. Sunday. Feb, 22 a report on a questionnaire, circulated among the congregation, will be given at the hour of the morning worship service, by the lay leader, W. H Wiederrecht. In the evening at 7-30 William Matthews will conduct a round-table discussion on the questionnaire. Organizations in the church will have charge of round-table dis- Re-tipholstering Classes Will Be Given in Mercer Aledo — A re-upholslering class for a special group, a local leader training school and several unit meetings are scheduled tor the coming week by the^ Mercer county home bureau it is announced today by Miss Gertrude Kaiser, home adviser. The re-upholstering class will be held Monday at the Farm Bureau building in Aledo between 10:30 a. m. and 3:30 p. m. The class is for a special group of members who signed up recently for the project. Miss Dorothy Iwig oi the University of Illinois, extension service will be in charge. Friday, Feb. 20 local leaders of the units will meet in the Farm Bureau building assembly room tor a training school with Miss Grace Armstrong, food and nutrition specialist of the University in charge. "Control of Weight Through Diet" will be the subject for discussion and the local -leaders" will discuss .this subject at unit meetings later in the spring. •Mrs. Clarence Bear will ents-r- tain members of the Joy unit in her home Thursday afternoon. Hobbies will be the roll call subject and the minor .project will be given by Miss Helen Crane. Miss Kaiser will be in charge of the major project. entertained at a 6 o'clock dinner at their home Tuesday: night 'with Mr., and Mrs. Sylvester. Kiser. of .Mason City and Mr.Sand' Mrs. Dean Smith as hosts. Wilton to Allot Additional $100 to Red Cross Wilton — The Wilton Red Cross chapter held a special meeting this week and voted to give S100 in addition to S400 previously given as their share of Muscatine County's quota for war relief, or a total of S500. Mrs. G. G. Leith was appointed by the executive committee to organize a class m first aid and 35 have enrolled _ to date Anyone interested in joining the class should' notify Mrs. Leilh at once so that work may be started as soon ~zs possible. The Grace Noll Crowell book club sponsored a successful "Build a Bond" card party Thursday afternoon in the city hall. Fourteen tables were surrounded for the games and prizes for high scores were awarded in bridge to Mrs Harold Woodhouse, in five hundred to Mrs. H. G. Nicolaus and in bunco to Mrs. Edwara Fischer. Refreshments were served after the games and the hall was attractively decorated in the national colors. The general meeting ol the Women's Society o£ Christian Service held Thursday afternoon in the Methodist church vestry was marked by a large attendance. Mrs. Zella Lauser presided at the business session and Mrs. Edith Herr led the lesson study of "Bethlehem. Community Center", assisted by Miss Myrtle 1 Weaver. Mrs.' Olga Darting and Mrs.-Mae Sterner. Other numbers on the program were readings. "Washington and Lincoln," Mrs. Mabel Freederichsen. ing in '.he U. S. Navy is vUiting his parents at Viola and with other relatives here. He was reported lost on Dec. 7 at .Pearl Harbor, but later news revealed his safety. Members of the Missionary societies will observe the world day of prayer at the Hamlet Presbyterian church Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock, co-operating will be the Illinois City, Marston, Perryton, Hamlet and Buffalo Prairie churches. The annual teachers institute of M""c°r county \vi". 'meet Thursday and Friday, Feb. 26 and 27 at the Aledo Methodist church. Teachers in this vicinity will attend the ah day sessions. Addresses will be given by Dr. Robert Phillips, pro- fessoi 1 oJ social science of Purdue university.' Dr. Beryl Orris, prac- tising psychiatrist of Chicago; and George Schwebel, Superintend- ent'of schools of Osco. Special music has been provided ior tho program. cussions each Sunday duties next Monday. The rural kindergarten pupils will return to school Monday. March 2 and finish the last three months o£ school with the town pupils. Ralph McChesney returned to Boston, Mass., after spending a week's furlough from his service in the U. S. Navy, with his father L=c MeChesney. The Jolly Workers club met at the home of Mrs. Leonard Elliot', for an all day meeting Thursday. Plans were mad3 for the next meeting at the home of Mrs, Voglesong at Burlington: Mrs. Walter Wehmtyer, who has the ter. Fruitiand—Walter Kopf, Fred Shepard. John Graham, and George Schmidt; Mrs. Hf.rvey Kurriger, Inez Cross. Mrs. Dan Strouse, Mrs. Bertha Wallace, and Mrs. Emil Meyers. Fulton—John Schlapkohl, Alfred Bockwoldt, Walter Heinke, Ralph Brouers, Harry Seligman, Walter Egel, Harry Erockman, Clarence Guerink, and Rene Lambert: Mis.-; Melinda Schuester. Mrs-. Alfred Eockwoldt, Mrs. Walter Baker, Mrs. Melvin Hicsscn, Mre. Clarence Guerink, and Mi's. William Ehr-ecke. Other Leaders. Goshen — Granville Flaler. George Cornell, Raymond Lawis, Leonard Agnew, Lynn Wallers, and Robert Geertz. Lake—Clyde Mir.-dor, Knrvcy ! : McFate, Fred Rann, Roy Baker, j i Dale Willits and Herschel Harper: j i Mrs. Roy Vance, Mrs. Perry Davis, ' Mrs. Wendell Hoopes, Mrs. Charles Harbaugh, Mrs. Carl Fos- tcr.and Mrs. Henry Brauns. Montpslier—Dan Grimm, Ellery Watts. Edgar Kemper, Lyle Paul, and James Nugent; Mrs. Henry Paul, Mrs. Carl Bancks, Airs. Forrest Snoll, Mrs. Elmer Burk, and Mrs. Vern Potter. Moscow — Harold Hinkhouse, Will McKillup, Lauren Her.dsrson, Millard Johnson, Norton Lake, and C-dar-r-Walter Shcllabarger, A. may be inevitable. But farmers C Hunter, Jr., and Lloyd Litlrc!!; ! will suffer difficulties chcsriul'-) Mrs. Arthur Brookhart, Mrs. Mar- if they understand the " eccs j>'W Hunter, and Miss Faithe Wai- ^ ~^ ^g Miss Ziano Takes New Nursing Post ' Aledo — Miss Joan Ziano. for- Mercer position mer county nurse in county has accepted a with the department of -...w-- trial Hygiene of the state dcparl-J men: of public health according lo information received in Aledo by friends. This is a new department undii- the public health administration. Miss Ziano's new position call^ for traveling but local friends have not been advised as to her territory. Her office will be in been a surgical patient University hospital in Iowa bridge parly in her home Thursday. Mrs. H. C. Bueli won the traveling prize. Mr. and Mss. H. A. McMillan and Mrs. 'Mae Musser were supper guests in the home ot Mrs. Hilda Werbach Thursday evening Cards efurnished entertainment. Mrs R. W. Anderson, Mrs. Kellor Mrs Maynard Pechman, Mrs. Ralph Eudachek, Mrs. Dasa Musser," Mrs. Clayton Petsel, Mrs. A. E Baumer, were special guests when Mrs. .W. D. Kirkpatrick wa s hostess to Tuesday afternoon club in her home Tuesday. Bridge was played at four tables. Mrs. Raymond Rife, Mrs. Orval Kemp and Mrs. Harold Krai received prizes. Mrs. Harold Krai will be the next hostess. Feb. 24. jarm Moviiifrs Listed. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lear evening CUy< relurned home Friday. Jake Garrison, who is attending ! Mrs the Naval troit, Mich., is spending a , at Elmer Windman: Mrs. Harold Hinkhouse, Mrs. Dan Davkis, Mrs. to Attend Project School Muscatine with, home Bloomington w»7- _. W 01116113 ii-\ or women will : project leaders and Swceiland Walter Duffe, Mrs. John E. Brown,, Marvin Johnson, and Mrs. j " fa trades school at De- Will McConnaha. townships for the training school to be conducted Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Walter Mo!i.<, 710 Iow a avenue. Phase two of the project, "FooclJ and Health for National Defense", whcih takes up "Standards for Cooked Foods", will be presented by Miss Frances Byrne. Muscatine county home demonstration H-cay furlough at the home of his mother, Mrs. Lureta Garrison. Mrs. J. Nugent Hostess at Meet of Aid Society Montpelier—Mrs. James Nugent was hostess to the Montpelier Ladies Aid society at her home Thursday with an all day meeting and pot-luck dinner at noon. The day was spent quilting and doing fancy work. .Guests were Mrs. Arthur Helzler, and Mrs. Floyd Brown ol Pleasant Prairie; Miss Teckla Rinnert. Mrs. Lester Bohnssck and daughter. Mardell Evelyn. Mrs. Ellen. Nettletown. and Mrs, Essie Wainscott; Mrs. Ralpt daughter have'moved from the Nugent. Mrs. Antone Braun Mrs. ** T rri:il:- T ~U^rtll i\/Tvc TVM1I-! (VmSS Orono— Ray Yocum. Harry Johnston, Gerald Allen, James McKec, j ar.d Eldred Maxwell; Mrs. Rob- ' art Brown, Mrs. Clyde Martin. Mrs. Newton Parrish. Mrs. Jamas McKce, and Mrs. Oliver Stewart. Pike— Gus Meyers. John Foley, Roy Braun, Ernest Vetter, Valentine Party Planned By OES on Tuesday Night Lone Tree — A valentine party for Eastern Star members and their, husbands or friends will follow the stated meeting of the Fern-leaf chapter No. 199 to be held in the Masonic home. Tuesday evening. Feb. 17. Members will 'bring either fruit salad or cake. An invitation Riverside chapter to " from the attend its Clarence Kranz farm to the Joe Hotz farm south of town, where Mr. and Mrs. Harry Swanson have been living. The Swansons moved to a farm which Harry Brenneman has been farming. Mr. and Mrs. Arlo Jellicka and family from Iowa City moved to the Clarence Kranz farm. Mr. and Mrs. Art Reiland have moved to a farm ''near Atalissa. Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Huff have moved from the Hall farm to the Joe Hotz farm west of town. Tillie Lobdell, Mrs. Murl Moss and daughters, Alice and Janice, Mrs. Emma Schroedor. Mrs. Albert Kemper. Miss Anita Schroeder, Mrs. Harry Harkins, Mrs. Walter Kemper and daughters. Karen and Gloria, Mrs. Anna M. Kemper, Mrs. Mae Kemper, Mrs. Anna Nugent, Mrs. Tillie Bohr.- sack, and Mrs. James Nugent. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Antone Braun, on Thursday afternoon, Feb.'26. , Nick Schmidt, Harvey Barnhart. F. W. Elder and B. F. Nichols: Mrs. Glenn Nyenhuis, Mrs. Vaughan Phillips Mr.*. Roy Braun, Mrs. Elmer 'R a t h j e n. Mrs. Lcroy Christoffcrson. Mrs. Charles Gicr- se, Mrs. Lottie Potter and Mrs. Alberta Kelley. To Direct Efforts Seventy-Six — Robert O'Brien. Lee Riggs. Vernon Legler, Ernest Meeker, William Newell, Henry Schafer, L. Downer. E. J. Mc- Fadd-Eii and Glenn Whitoley: Mrs. J, s. McBride.' Mrs. John O'Brien. Mrs. Vernon Legler. Mrs. Ernest Meeker, Mrs. John Eliason. Mrs. Roy Mcran. Mrs. L. E. Downer, Mrs. Ed McFadden and Lois McFadden. Sweetland— Fred Hailing, Walter Mc'Gillvary, Gordon Day. Paul school "of instruction, Feb.. 19 has been received. Chapter members are also invited to attend Jessamine chapter, Iowa City, school, j Feb. 18. Dr. Muench Honored, Mr. and Mrs, Carl Werbach. were among the guests who attended a birthday dinner for Dr. V. O. Muench in Muscatine Thursday evening. Six-local young men left Thursday for' Des Moines as part of a contingent from this' county, to take pre-induction physical, .ex- selective Marion Crawford. Everett -Slaughter. aminations under the sen-ice act. They are and'"Buy'A Nag." Mrs. Lillie j Dale Walker. Lyle Crira, Gerald Duffe. Refreshments were served by. the social committee. Mesdames Elsie Collier. Lucile Davies, Lucile Darting, Lillie Duffe, Mildred Schroed'er, Sadie Hickey and Lydia Collier. ' . The Wilton Woman's club will hold its annual guest night, meeting Tuesday evening in the city hall. Mrs. S. M. Kiser. of Mason City- is visiting relatives and.friends in Wilton 'and vicinity. Stout, and Carl Yedlik. The' .women's organizations' of* the- Methodjst and , Evangelical Reformed churches are sponsor- -ing a meeting in observance of World Day of-Prayer. The. meeting-will-be held : .in the Reformed church-at 2 p A m. Friday. Feb. 20. Kensington Club' Meets. . Mrs. Myra Weise- of. Iowa City was a- guest. when 'Mrs. Hilda Werbach -entertained members of the Kensington club' at- a dessert vvi- Little GREAT HYMNS Henrv F Lylo tuns a clergyman wilti rcmarltaUc literary gilll Poor /icafl/i rompcl/fJ dim lo fliiw up lu'i pastorale, lie riff ached l<is Ion. ii.-i.lf srrmon.' <i;ij. (/iscouraoetf. UJenl Joifn lo Ill's Mound ocean and praycJ for i/ispiralion lo larila something ilia! mould line. AJ evening inns closing, IIP inroln ifiil immorlal hymn. n. fk MEYERS FUNERAL HOME 'A demonstration os. ^quick-bread" will also be given.* One out of every 20 trucks operating on American highways is owned" by government — federal, state or local. Stamler. Gordon Moorhcad. Clarnece Eis. Vernon Shepard and Henry SyWassink; Mrs. Ray Downer and "Mrs. Albert Bermel. Wapsie— Frank Elder, Adrian Wilson, Frank Kaalberg, J. LJf Brugman Leslie Steen. Robert Wigim. Roy Kelch. Wade Wolf, Roy Tipton and P. Brown; Mrs. John Wilson, Mrs. Blanche Birkett, Mrs. George Kirchncr, Mrs. W. C. Anderson. Mrs. Lesli^ Steen, Mrs. Robert Wigim, Mrs. Virgil Sharar. Mrs. John Blair. Mrs. Guy Hildebrand and Mrs. Will Johnson. Wilton— Otto Schlapkohl, Oakley Collier, H. M. Hain. Jamo<Moylan Frank Scott. Paul Kemp? ard Gerald Ochiltree; Mrs. Mark Collier. Mrs. Harold Covell, Mrs. John Baer, Mrs. Henry Docrfer, Mrs. W. C. Chapman and Mrs. Griff Johnson. Congr atulatioris, Clare Myers of Seaman, Iowa, Winner of the IOWA TEN-ACRE YIELD CONTEST With 138.6 bushels per acr» with PIONEER HYBRID CORN Over one holf of all Iowa farmer* plant Pioneer Hybrid Seed Corn. Here again, in the official 1941 Iowa 10-Acre Yield Contest, is proof of Pioneer leadership. Pioneer Hi Bred Corn Co Des Moines, Iowa.' '-'

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