The Chronicle-Telegram from ,  on February 26, 1947 · Page 12
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The Chronicle-Telegram from , · Page 12

Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1947
Page 12
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tJjrM«£j6lil6, r*b.. Wen*,"*!, ISO CARD OK tHANKS . hwffitvi "thinks to *» wi-.o **a eomfitt-tlng ifwpnthr »nd help in Our rfcfcnl iorro«. Fur the ht«t>M- ful MfvlM, floral offering*, »nrt other We *rf deeplv H«ney an .f MM r rtAMf.b WAITRESS MAC'S RESTAURANT BROAD STREET WfiUtf:.M'* Ph" • it t el« iul &t Apply In peraor OI«H\\ ASHl.R nt:<iaur»m I - \v.\nitKSH wii .. 6f our rtenreM noil, .lohnnv MtdoX. *'ho paused avsy February 2fi IM2. You »re not forxotien loved one. • Nor will tou ever he Ai Ion* as llf* inrf memory last We *ill 'remember thee W* ml.*t yon no*, our hearts are sore Jlj time itoet by, *> miss vou more. Tour loTJtit .tmlle, your gentle fare. Nnne. e.«n fill vour y»rant plare Your txnlnn Morn anrf Dad., nrothei? ""tjjsl^l bii.N ii * t'~s'i oi.tN fit Store Roofn, Living Quarters UTILITIES (Hid basement luih atmr room, living quarter*, modern Ne« reriu< I'd piio. 1 - better UiveatlMl^' JOHNB.KINTER Df.PFND ON A RIALTOR M3 f-.a*f \tfi.uf ' p' JIM? '.\ AN'riJD--f; » p e r I e n c e d waitress"*. ~ r ~CARMEL CORN MFG. ^^.r^JX', „, n,,,, „„ ilp.vm buv* an ensv to maiiatier. *e|i Kiil> liir.ltiii or part-lime lelepnonr , pn$lh|i biiMurst and ven- modern 7- \voix So e> necesfcaiy. Will*room hoinr »il on one pmpeitv In «' Bc,\ A-vi. r>< !<•-t>li'«r«tn nibble city ne.tbv. all products SALESLADIES" for mllllnerv depart - i.hl« brand nev and efllctemlv equip- ,„,.„, suliirv pins rmmnl<i<lon Expert canrtv Vnchen nr; sold si the 1 iKVin.i'e p;e(eri-etl Berson's WANTED.Women 31 to 45 tor Nurses Aides, :l lo II p m. and II p m to 7 a in. Inteiestluit work anil stead',' 'in- I ii i ^..-TIM,-,. |)lo\ment Apiilv NumlnR Office, Ely- H, J. DIETRICH i rl« Memorial Ho.«mtnl Ohio Thea're Hlrti'. K»nrtu.«Kv Ph 3.Via WAIIUKflS vvVniei; Cuinpntent hours Apply Hull a Pie Shop. 2J« Middle A»e ' ihe : to aoort ivholeR,' • «rr<>unt5;. nil neres.nrv equipment 1,., tonkin* r»s.: mel rorn mul pr,m:o chlpv uromirt «« inn m«v hmull : LOSf— doit Frtdnr. ilack A- ttn Pomeranian Reward, K found re-' fioOD location Restaurant—Lunches Olive or cull 41-&M and cane cri Brt'»d Street, Phone 37-BI2 leather wallet. Monday ntjiht In tlclntty of Olj-mpla Recreation Phone GO-HID, Reward. LOST-THII and white male setier if fritiftd.' PKone. Loraln 02-11.1 and j 4 .. _ F L!'.'..I:' referae charge* . , . _ . MUNIOY rtRSON Al7s7Bi)8INKSK NO I ICES ST"A\TOftM~ - A bonelW" foundation tarment foi all trpe.» of figures *'» AX r VTIIF^ Phm " Water 91 /VN _ L SIIL " 71H SUPPORT SHOP Spencer Specialist for 14 Year* ANNA E. MOOUE, Coraetlere 498 t\yrlt Blk S.1I Krone! Ph 314« nutvirailv FTNA FOAM cleans tugs and upliol'tery perftclly^ CASTLEDJl5_S»ccfnd St ~-UObo THINGS TO fcAT' ~ pnBSH~riiu"t'ns-vEOEt ABLES AB.OOKIRE'S GROCERY We Deliver rtnlnR fine T'nl* *file liirludes rent es'flt". RP^ numps. everything 'o do buMnesr, Mth .iiid priced riitln Llit Yo'.ir Property With R. E."Bob"Clawson Realtor tuiiirmire IO LOAN PAY CASH Full Time SALES CLERKS Steady Work APPLY NEISNER BROS. •!.vi nnoAn STREET Telephone Operators IP if urn of «nd For Your Next Car Bl financing your purchase «t at- j s^'i flrt > tracilte rateii • with no hidden j n " k charge*, no Intentliration tee» no ! om-^ emharraaameut — and ease ment terma with *ii ftlucstUm !« tr*iji (or » ! posit inn v tt Ii « f iitur -t h lo *tt»rf (barrel on S.ih.-iinuf Ul tin 1 1 Map t f r*»; ork! nit 4ft ftnt)< HAZLETT'S GROCERY and Kv«nui|ts *?•' f'.V*' 111 "' •'" HKK"qtl»lHy~K»t»rTdla "PoVttow" Brlni! M>nt»(nir» J t Bytnons ChMtnut _ WHEN t ~fo\Ti"'Y»nill> r w«nfs Rood lasty; bre»d for their meaU Jutt trj a. loaf ; nf R»ll'« Honn XJ»d» Br«»d Storw on Walter Orr i .._ iRATJNO Potatoes. "t.~C. OrllU. W. Ridge > ~~ TURKEYS ChlclteBs; alut or drwiid. order, »llte. Pruh t»rs. Through A Bank Auto ; Loan Vou can buy whererer TOU pleate -and you'll be eatah1l»hlng a vood . uhlle ynuie payln» tor your car See ua about It. THE Savings Deposit BASK A TRUST. CO' "The BanH For All The People- Member Federal Depoalt Iniurance Corporation 341 Broad Street . Phone 44S9 Uerubera' Federal Rcaerte «Sy>tem Tree Ripened Tangerines Turkeys York State Cheese »jic bullet that *«termlnale§ r«t» Antu Rat Killer ELYRIA FROZEN FOOD SERVICE—GROCERIES FULLER ROAD "The Friendly Store" . Cloaed Ti »id«T Evenlnut Until Further Notice WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS = ipK(!lAL~NXrTK:iEH NEED A LOAN? Get S2U lo $10(10 on fumitun. a* or note. Take 12. 15 or more month* to rtpar dtpendinj on the purpose nf TOUT loan UU HOUStHOLD'* miFHONI LOAN MRVICI 1 JlM MiniteMW >lll. T*H W lw« muck r«« <M«i «nd |i»« ue • *"*» mformali«a about rouradf, a The* c«II •( Utt offiet •nd brine tout* idmtt6c*tioB. p«p*n the ra*k fan M*d. M« due for at I«*M 10 H«r» VAf.'ATlONS * 1'. li D* v Ufa! rohOlt km* roil 2^1 tin! dMf>('t* ni h^r n' trart I \f b? n^flt*. Inqviirr in PfVAon 10 (H3 t m to 4 00 p m The Elyria Telephone Co. WANTED SALESLADIES ' Must Be Over 21 Full Or Part Time APPLY PHILLIPS ! : DRUG STORE 300 CLEVELAND STREET i Sales Girl Position I OPEN 40-HOUn. WEEK r.xrr.RiE:;cv; NOT NWESSARY wr TEACH YOU APPLY IN PERSON TO MH. LIKO- MUIR'S CUT RATE DRUG MM > HI.I.P « NN tl l» i EXPERIENCED * I,*me f,:i<iiie Lathe ».IJM .-nK.-a • R",ioh i>-i'i flour Mm hfulM*. 1 i .^i^Jipt'i- H1VI n«:!e Hl-IKt'v. HOLTLY P.ATRS APPLY Thft American Shipbuilding Co. ( 1ORAIS OHIO " NEEDED AT ONCE WASH MAN for laundry work. Experience desirable but not necessary. APPLY PEERLESS LAUNDRY I 336 Second Street i Position Open FOR merhiiiilcii) rlraftumiin. lax rtetnl!:nR experience preferred P U. Box hi" DtSTllIBUTOR wllli truck and w»rr- | IIDI.SC spitce to wholesale National • Bifind Bcverane.t Write Box A-4i t'iirr)nifle-'rple<r»ni yALKSMAN 1 . L'll-44. f.-aiitefl for alreartv •' eMahllahed Innuranve debit O\ur- mueeo snlur^ ancl rotnmlMlon. t)j.'- poituniiv MM- itrivrmreirsenT Musi ii«ie K,:'e Ho.v A-4J Chronicle Ir * * * * * BENDIX- WESTINGHOUSE Needs A Photo Retoucher Capable Of Making Layouts & Pasteups For Catalogue Illustrations run.inv AMI st i'fi.ifcs • CHESTNUT HARD COAL l-'Gll HROODKRR -.lljlirtACH f'OAl. 201 tte*l Bi'KWl f'OULtRY S'.nnlng Mash - Chick P«ed .Di s*l.ii»ut-v» Ren-O-Sul -- And Slock Mcilliines "Buescher's" RllKiKVILLF: PEED A- HARDWARE KASlX). H\Kinde Feeti* Poultry Supplies Orders taken for Baby ChlcKK THE BOEY FEED CO. '('ALL L'S-WE DK1.IVS.R .i4im Detroit fid.. Avon Ph 45-80'! . TUHKKY HAISERS \M1.L hare availdhle from March 15th lo June 15'h IS 000 Broad Brf»M«l Broitre Turkey Poulln Pullorum controlled, Throuch apeclal arransemen'.fi SI'f.t.lALIST)» t SEASON KD COtlDWOOD TRKl SUflOeitY AND TRKE REMOVAL ELYRIA NURSERY THEO. N. CARPENTER i.W (.Irafion RoKd Phone .1, «4! MIsCKLLANfcbliS t(»R"8\L.> Buy Ami. SHI Anll<i\ie» Or Any Old Art Object Afflf" CUI/"SD MS 3ncl Svreef. M I I IVi onvJr Phnnr 29Wi Spinet Pianosl . BLACK SKUNK fur coat, air* 14 j CRAFl'SMAN Rr-nionnble Phone 804.1 r\ c. vJ C roft _ m»' jut »**. ~ntw; 114 A; ten-ins C< b D sPonrrso 'o'dooS r r ,,n \\>< ShoHi'S, Sknt>« KAMM'S «e Sharpen * RF.roim.H «nd appllftnces ii Console • a "'*" -Kni-. e.r Irr nuidch * tnble model cotniiXia'ioiiK. I RLKi'THIf" Portable Seivtnt; portnhlr- radloa and record player* • radio pnoi.ouraph rotiiblnntlon.s •' aMtomntic ch»imer« t hand winding phonogiiiphs * electric Ironn • electric hestei* WftSTINOHOCSE electric ninxe C.ooii lOiulltlon. Phone N En ton :t-R-J etc Nturhln* lt>;c nfv. . ts.i. Flertrlr wa«her. HA, Electric clpiiner, >I.V. Kerosene Cook- IHK r.ioie »12 Inrnilre IM6 Brondwiiy, t'ltci-. Mnpli" t.ivn.K Room Suit*. :,!)-'i9.'> 407 Lnltr- Aye Pli". ._...- ,ONf Bedroom »iilte; I siimlc bed; I EASY waMicr and rndlo Allen Laiiiie, | ai.tlnne beet: o;hrr «rilc!e> Can bl would like lo nhoW you the ne« •"* Ml'-lrt'c S! . Anihe;st ! ,<eeu from « to t p. m No. 4 Gray Bl*. Bnldi'ln 'Spinet Piano See and' play , BREAK PAST SET; tnble and 4 fiddle- j RACCOON . ; Co»t ' exteljent condition thl* fine iiMtrument Beautiful lone : buck: chnirs. MO .1S3 Hawtho.rne Si ! mj-e IB-IB «20 ?07 Siftnford Ave. ExqiilMteKtyltng Your old platin on EASY" WASHFW. K » w i,lte. like new 241 BKAtrmUL Budget terms arranged i Stanford 8'reet. ,h«lv vn I j) offer"" ££ .Sp^'.o";: fr^cVu* P^'^^L PIANO COMPANY 's-PlECK fornu. We raised 3.VW of them In 0 :!!' ™. _"'.oad Si Klyria tet ,ff I S (H)xl9 WHKELS. tires, uiben oak breakfast set, 11800 West Hlver .street Phone sp<c on thlB LVOOO. Special offer _. r _ March. 13th. LYKENS POULTRY YAHDS A HATCHERT Hlooui\ltle. Ohio .n-419 k\ ib.S iniibic bo^. Phune N. f.aion JI7-W.I. Next door lo Eaton School ( ( - BIRDS DOGS CATS PKTS Write COC'KKK Spiiniei Pups, 7 weeka old. Jim • Sablji Phone 3911. Wakcman. IIOHSIvS'CA'Hl.l',, SIIKEH HUUs| tlOOD six-year-old Ouenneyi cow with nice heifer calf. Blood tested. Joseph Ertle, No. Eaton, qiiar-l tcr tulle tuji'th of ft2 on I.iland Ftond. 1 '1 COWS, (iuern.iey just freah. Jeraey! due Mftrrh 3flth. 1 OuernBe.y. 1 Jersey' veiu-lliiK heller. 1 vnrv good cultltat-! lux horse i»nd hHrtiesn. tools, corn! mid liny, aetcral bUKhels Early. Ohio Cul)bler potntoen. Wnrm Morning clr-l yi'lCK MEAL KBS rnnuc. mm legulalor Phone :I6-I44 il.'l Clink ,1-1'iKC'E livinn room Bet Pre-war. 4o: \V. ynd Si , upstnlts fiM W Broad Si H4J5 and wait no well pleated have FOR. "BENT—Washer. Manjile Sw confine.d our egg «upplv to llil« one Bo* 1130. Chronlclt-Telegram breeder. Can mave ,p«clal offer only I W ' ARM > mornlng ne ,, fr!1 BtrnM UIIM ! Co«l Co., Ph 40-615 i(JSED 550x18 and 800x16 tires, tl 50 up I Batteries General Repairing. .RED'S GARAGE Ph. 40-354 I 3620.1 Center Rldne Road i SIMMONS studio couch eoori romil- WE CAN WIRE YOUR HOME ' tlon Makes Into double or two single Replace old, danicerniu wiring Install bed* a>7 Marseilles nfier 8 p. m new twitches, outlets, flxuirea BENTON ELECTRIC CO 100 Cleveland 81 Phone 2738 ""VACUUM CLEANKRS Bruahet Belts. B«KS Paru tor nearly all makea BENTON ELECTRIC CO IM Clefplaiul St Ph 37D« "WHITB" WHINCIEH ROLLS Foi Most All Wanher-i BEiNTON ELECTRIC CO walnut dlnjnit table. ' I hull". VillfHI. S">T«lHfy. *1<HX!. i08 438 Second Street : DISHES, antiques, plate;, aluminum poU and p.-ins. curialii* Al.w Hoover »«e,-ppr. ltf>95. R"llab:e Furniture, .M9 l.octi St (T FT. FiuldiUM'. DC LBV*|. Jr. ^ •epurator. new. o»k breekfust set; n httshel Crater;, new. Phone Fvix j Ro»d. Call .after 3 p. m. John E. iCOWS for »»le Pr»nk Polexr.. 1st house \i/p| i IM^Tr^KI UAOrkVi/ADC ! on Rt 10 »t intersection of Rts ! WtLLIlNt.7 IUN HARDWARE i 10 Bml 20 i YCiUR G-E DEALER (ONE 7-yi>ar-ulrl work horse, sound, j Wellington, O. Phone 34J i LATHE r.-ork I Reuben Walkden Rte. B2, Colum- SINGLE BED " with ?anlew complete' Ga * >IU| : l>la SlKilon _ I Btndlx wajher. Phone 42-sis : BELOITJNf woik horse for sale " ' '" MARM1NK tur c.uau sUe 14-16 scurf, cood' condition Phone J RACCOON fur coat, nood condition iSlir 14-16 ReatonHble Phone R.I6.I HAS Humpluey HiTdlant lire circulator' nenter. Phone ;>';-SR;i •RADIO TX'BKS —11CA ur Phllco-to fit mn*i nlfl Hnd lu-tv n-iodclc P.«d:o M'rvlce also Dnv s Hardware and Music Sfiit'e D'AVK.NPOHI. 'hVlr! stine. ?. h«l> <oui- plete. cii(.#,i of drrtwrr-f. tables, dishes ; Phone 6821, 2,10 8th St. after a.:in; p "i _ ; LIGHT wnlintt dniliiK loom Milte. lit- ' Ing room suite, i uat color. 1036 Main I Street, (irnfion ' and neneiHl rrpnlrlng Obeilin 7M tr'!'. ':•; :'«-in blcvrle N-w: Mtr-A-Kal Riiv lamp: small electric hemer: boy'f. . Ice. okatH.. sl/e fi'.-. Phone B4M. HOUSE AND BARN PAINT" PI'RF I '•ncl nnd oil point. 1'i* A . till May 1st., » HEATERS, c.uf oil, electric — all si.-r.v frnm JI395 up • TIADIO8 C'onsolc tnble. bedroom iTKKicK Irom *!9 9.S up • ELF'CTIUe flocl;,* All sl/ea and shapes, (mm >7 95 up • THIPI.I: Plated Chrome Sf.s from l<1 viyt • He.iwwelxhl linoleum ru«ti> from t.-» <*5 up • Odd rhesfs In msple snrf «nlnut from 139 SO up • Bedroon. Suite loaded llyht mahogftn.v f4 compleieiv dust-proof pieces marked nv,sv down for q ilck clearance. Factory Furniture H HINKKLMAN . . 11. I.aVe Are Phone 4(1.1.18 Btldsei Teiinse \Vrf.l Avtnilf Kasllv Arranged Phone 1 ' "B"4 SLOIUM woix horse lor sale, weignt:^. , , .— , . -.--^ ... - I.SOO. Adan Hovorka. Island Rotid .. t-rOWtOra Overhead Garage! KITCHEN sets, rc». $C«. only $49 W5. No. Kston B-R-II. n /^i u J r ' HlXh-pollshed chrome chairs. 1795 HOKSF-.S. k I nils Kato WANTED TO BUY Cuttle, Livestock of ill Grafton Furniture Co. MENDELSON Doors On Hand For Immediate Delivery OXO - 8x7 - 9x9 - 10x12, etc.; Ft.bOR Snnaen ami Edi!«r« rented. rilKSS are not one-pleci doors, bin! I'.our or Uav Reasonable r»te«. Bo«u (Jpen Kvenlngs Eicept Mulli Slrtft Wednesday Orafuui O BENDIX- WEST1NGHOUSE ELYRIA, OHIO I Calves. Hogs Cattle and Sheep I Robinson Graftpn_49-I. ; WANT'ED— De"ncnn~"csltes. hldea. tea'l I 1 calves, how Carl Meiurek. Ober-j ! lln 8'U\ i WANTED—Deacon" Calrea Phone tlytla :)0-69i WANTED ymiuVchlclcens" Walter'Orr". Plione _40-5«1. ' _ KARM MACHINERY - TOOLS are made in sections which' ro'll' >"? " Dl " floors Save 50*, ol COM straight up the door jmnb and over- 'O IX1NNELL PAINT CO Phone_792n head on rollerbearlngs Call S. CiOAK dining" room "set. davenport and chair; desk. 131 Beverly Court USED metal bed complete with extra mattress. 112. Phone 7595 194B XEPHER EVINHirDK outboafrt motor, 54 10 II P.' 839 Walnut 81.. for estimates HOME" MOVIES S AND 19 MM Silent and Sound 8eU—Rent or Exchange Abbe Shutierbug Club 130 South 2-<i..toxl7 TIRES. 17 00. Phone. 6043. J73 MALE OR FEMALE HELP caali Investmeni leqiiltrd. Piste if mid nmrilal status. Box A-38. Cluoni- SITl'ATIUNS \V\NTEH A NEW Delco band" saw." 14-ln.""throat for steel anil wood; also a woocl'cui- tlnir lathe with a compound rest for steel working Phone 30-103 or 78.5 Ahhe noarl after K p m Buy Your Furniture At Wholesale Prices you cllrrrt to factory *hnw- Call 55-77.'* for Rppolntm-nt WE tr.ll room e»il»f»ctlou Quaranteed ANTONE KANDARE Phon« 857J. T M.C A._ TOD cili reiu"»ny »U« electric hand Uvlll. tk»H aawa. wtre bnuhen exun- •Jon ladders and all-metal (oWln(ti »ea/folda Jim Re»ar Phon» A?OD 35-QM. We rttltrer _ ' KLiNECTS "" i Custom Butchering Dealer* IP Urau. Hldea A Llvritoekv Phone MX3 Rtv 11 at Belden R. D J Qr«fton 385 Bfoad St., Over The Cetitun 1 BUI«.. 2nd RVxw 760 H Hospitalization Insurance FOB MBK. fVOKIEN AND CH1UOREN Holt Jns. Agency Phont 101 Bljrla Blk. SOUTH AMHERST BUlCDERS SUPPLY Mak. * Complete Installation APPROVED /SEPTIC TANKS Jtutalud or Set IB Hcl« CEMENT BLOCKS Plain «r acck-fac«4 •TLLJC — Land or 8»*«r i-tn. and I-m, <>K0. C'emenl. Slaf. Ston* Rulldlnt Tile Brick Sovllh Amherai Ption* ill) Turn loutb Off 111 At U|hl When You Borrow ... . . . Oet the EXTRA advanlajte rt friendly service! Whether you »pply for a loan In person or by telephone, you cjin count on receiving Immediate attention and a sincere desire to help you solve your paiil- cular money problem Loans are made here lo meet seasonal expenses, to buv needed things, to repair your home or car .In fact to meet mt'nl »nr sltimtlon calling for cash Come to our office or PHONE 3469 DICK RUSSELL--TED MORRIS WESTERN RESERVE. INC. LOCALLY OWNKD »05 Broad St . Second Floor OVER HASK.RODT'K ~~~ AGENTS"-* 'SALESMEN .1.1. P;vrry<U> Cafdn for entra earn- Ini,^. Ex-erybody wants newest atsort- menu for hlrtlidav, olher occasions Ou*atanil:iiK "American Beauty" bo\ sells for *l--par^ up lo 50c profit friend*, clubs bin on slRht. 12 others retail 60<- up, S'a'loiierv. Samples on appnnal PRIKNDSH1P STUDIOS INT. ,\25 Aflaiuf. Klinliii. N. Y • MALI: HELP WAXTKU VVANTtfO -Middle ascd mmi to help out on f»rm. |(c>od Home Mth p«y. steady ; Joseph Krtle. No Eaton, quarter mile. noitli rif R7 on Island Road i Open Evenings and Sundays """ SURPLUS" ITKMS • High speed drills & taps All sizes. ; • Tool A; S.A E, steel, bur A rounds • Type*rltera —Fire extinguishers., . . . . . - - . • Lar^c assortmeni "V" belts FAIRBANK-MORSE corn thellers and • Klectrlc fans ' 4 H P motors ' } hummermllls Don't wall Get tours ( » 3 pi, &'H P. motor—3 ph. <.; H r> ! now | motor. • i Elyria Fence & Implement ! OBERLIN SCRAP METAL J : - ' " .,•-••• -.-• " " j Opp N.Y.C. Depot —Plume 3i« Form Machinery OUERLLN. OHIO. u'AUi.t MAN or"noinnn "to""owii or YKS. now Is the time lo look at TOIII ANTIQUES—BUY AND SELL P . . /r . ,.../.-, •.,.-, operate route of U. 8. Postage Stamp Farm machinery and ha»e It repaired CHf.RRY and walnut diop-leaf tables. SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! Machines. No ekperttuice necessary : C-., i;—. <;/-UnAff>r ' ' unfl *- chalfs. chests, also dl»he», MKTAI, 8FM all a'uminiiin combinn. Will not in.eifere' present en,-! .r*" J i .1 Rw r 301 ' ""' M ^'- t "» f - l-.d Marseille r'^^^V^Vve e eImlnMe, plovmetn, ExcelleiH earutnua. »3..\- B 'A -rhe Hi u Ounn,et (Tut ALUMINUM Rur.l Mall Boxes. S.fesldel A KJ h f-. BI 3 ._ Qll . n . usft ..? ut Dairy Cleanser, filter Discs Dairy A BARGAIN in used tires, two 10-36 Pail». Kow Kare. 4-ply and two 5.50-16. 4.ply Firestone 1 "D,,- L ' " I tractor Urea, very good, used only 1, OUCSCner S v«»r. PJinne 94N( after & n m RIDOEyiULE FEED Ai HARDWARE ' f'-Jb FAHMALriracior on rubber In A-I i FOL'DINO'baby curilaKe. hair n condition. 1'j mile west of CumcliMi i silver fox scarf, almost new 116 4th St copper and KnlVHiiU-ed screen here Uet yours now. Farm & D»l:y! Supplv^ Co.._ \yellliiRton. C). Ph. 3M • RKAKKAST SETS. $49 50 and up lUdi- ant Heaters, for chilly mornings i »16 50 and up. all auestv Table-topi stoves, reudy lor Immediate delivery ' Sale! ROOM HEATERS From $5.95 Up THEY MUST BF. SOLD 1 OUR LOSS IS YOUR CIAINI W A G N.E R ' S The J3I« Store With the Small Front (1-E Coffee Msfcers • O-E Sun Lamps • O-E Automatic Electric BlnnkeU • O-E Floor Cleaners • O-E Fro/en Food Chests • G-E Dishwashers ». O-E ElecHIc Hoi I Wster Heateis t O-E Iron* • ll-E ,| Ironers • <1-K Rndlon • Kadlo- PhnnoKraph Cuinblnstlons • Record Playeis SEE YOI'H O - E DEALER WAGNER'S 'THE BIO STORK WITH SMALL FRONT 309 BROAD STREET THE r rtrnfts Assures better heslth Ii) the home «nd lessens uplieep on voui windows. Call 3239 for demonstration. FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY sr revched Table Covers Phone 38-9B7 FACTORY l.rncli work or oilier light wnrk-. hv elderlv man. Phone 41-49,1 Painting Of All Kinds SEK ME brlorc prices uo up Apnl lit DICK SEEKINS I'liiuie W'M'l Center on Scale Route 303, Wnkeman. O CASE tractors and cultivators. 490000 Three 5 section electric brooders ISO 00 each R. Lover. 2nd house uorih stile, east of Wellington CEMENT STAVE SILO H Arudt, ' table broiler. Ph 36-IS1 Its • MUSICIANS • ^ C 'DOES your instrument need j Circulating Space Oil or Gas, with or with- •. EXPERIENCED r,n«ln« Lathe Operatora Bench and Floor Machinist! HOURLY RATES APPLT The • American Shipbuilding Co. LORA1N. OHIO TWO OIHLS want any kind of day; vAorl:. P:ior.e ,'t!i-I7;' \ WANTED—Job bv experienced steno-' 'irAplier-.secietivrv, sn\»ll office pr«- (rnccl B.IX A-4J. Ciiruulile EXPF.R1ENCKD' NURSE, day or nlKht Phone 41-941. i SCHOOLS — INSTRtT'llONS ' Trumpet For Rent PROF ROUND, former professional, trumpet and ichool music teacher. I now minuter of music at the 1st Bnp-l list Church., .will leach you HI play' upon a cornet or trumpet, which he will rein. to_.voii. Phone 7432 BAHiY CHICKS TURKEY POl'LTS \VE are taklnn orders for cement stave silos made with water-proof cement.. Estimates for your requirement.^ Kindly furnished . LA GRANGE HDWE. CO. ' International Harvester Dealer : .nOraiiitf. O. Imp. Dlv. Phone 49 LEARS HARNESS SHOP j 1885 Lake Avenue i repairing? Let the Music Shop put it in top shape FOR YOU THE MUSIC SHOP Every Thing In Music Oil healers iwlth 10-lucli fire box i *6850. Living room suites from M9 50' „.,,.. ..,„, and up Tilt-back choirs with ottn-'v>9 Broad' St mans, all colors. $49.50 Room sl/e ' cnrpctlng. 14.95 yard, made untl laid . v ,._... . . ,„ . - real bacftuln. Others at *5 50 vard OX^OF.N. Acetylene. Welding Rods and Fuix. New siptl cable ' 4 -m. ro 3 «-tn Sisal Ropu--.!5c per Ib. Basement S»»h ' Lite Pullevs, Psper,'Steel. Vce Open Ki filings— Closed Wednesdays Phone 33t>£ Above Islav's In 9-foot -width* at Brownie furniture SOI Lodl Street SOUTH" "WIND Auto Heaters at Erb Rajllo Phone H176 EKiHT" 30-lb.v carton ~ No. T Jumbo blankets, stable saddles, brides.! and marilnRules f.verytVtng for the; horse. Phone ;-.n-77;i , Now Available j • VIKINO all electric feed irrlnders 130 days free irlali and Flu! Helling, 1,rather, Rubber Ver and Fl.,1. The Elyria Belting .& Machinery Co. Corner Buckeve * Williams Sts out blowers. j Coroaire-Duotherm : , And Others | Grand Gas Ranges j Pressure Cookers ! Ekco, Presto, Mirro-Matic 1 See the new Telechrome 1 Musalarm Table Radio ft Baby Chicks CCEIi from PuHorxirn ts. mated vtth U S R Fa Let its book Tout order Spencer hatchery In Went C'tiyal'.oiia Counly. 2500 faint- . lies Products sold 25 years Car e«- ' lenllal Write lodav, Rawlelun s Dtp! OHB-145-DA Fieeport. Ill or tee T. Sellers. 233 Harvard Si . Elyria Ohio _ FKMAie IIEI> WANTKIJ WANl r En—Olrls between the aura of Jl and 3S for lull Drne waitresses Hours t 00 a. m. to 4:30 p m Apply In person Lialy » 34« Broad Street -•^XI~M MM^,ir.i.-v. r~.,.,..-..,_, (•IN ~BOYS "»-anted. li~jeara or orer Etyrta Bovs-llng Center, d'~ Broad HI WAN : 1 ED" Upholsterers Good working siiep>tr. O Phone 2741 DAY-OLD AND STARTED CHICKS Leghorn Cockerels $3.00 Per 100 ORDER NOW 1 NEW EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR DAIRY HOUSE WATER HEATERS • ..i-Cial. Wilson Hot-Flo • 10-Oal Red-E-Hot • Conrte Milk House single >inlt. combination wash tank and electric water heater. MASTER rubber tired fann: .SHAKES'pkARli: wasn't klddliiK—when coiuil'lons Applv 301 Lodl Street .WANTED man lo work on poultry farm I waKons. . • DELCO shallow well water systems, i j • SUMP PUMPS < • Dairy water heaters , • CIAS engine and motor driven all ' ( pumps. ; • FLAME THROWERS • 14-QT aeamleas vr.llV palls. I • POWKR lawn mowers • CREAM SEPARATORS FARMERS SUPPLY STORE •Everything for the Fanner" 95 S ' Main St ._Oberlin Phone 155 LIVING ROOM suite. "oTdtoom suite. In- wrote "Out Damned Spot!" So wuh Kerns, out goes the spots Just Oial 2714 Tne Latest. Up-to-thc-Minute In WALLPAPER O'ir I.o«- Cuan Prices Save Your Muiip\ CAKTLKS. 215 2nd St CiOLF-^C'LL'BS. 3 woods. 8 Irons, new bnu. good condition 150. Ph 38-384 | Table Model Radios $24.50 and up FARM & L>AIRY •SUPPLY CO. '.'ELLINGTON. O. PHONE 1*3 j ...._.. _.. ____ WANTEM MISCKLLANEUUS _ _ STANTJAR'D" fceyhoard typewriter. Ooott 1 \~ HK ohlo Ran" * Metai"Co" buva ruga. _ condition. *1S Pn.we 39-384 _ psper and , n k | n(] , 0 , , U THK AMA7.1KO new F1NA FOAM will West Si. PJione S737— .19-MJ lcm« -eoiir upholsten- beautiful (.oft tufit'i uiiri oi.r.,( Tiiir Ft vtifi MAi»n«'A«i.-' ^ Walter Orr MAN for upholstering. Experienced. Imperial Furniture, 1816 East Ave. BAKER'S HATCHERY • !•«-« Can MtIK Coolers • Double and aliiitle wash <Ru« W»v »urt otber»i » Heavr tinned milk palls • Heavy turned milk cans tanks HOI peanut machines U ' C Some on lo- Ft vtifi " Shaffner and' Marx "blue Sewing Machine Chronlcle-Telexrum furs" t r ,. n r>r"«iU~ oi'r..., r ^ n ur old Singer Write Box «*, Are, ruria. o Phone Jo-niB | We Service All Makes Of , ..¥--' 2S . SALKSMAN. full or part-time for full line of soft drlnVi Acme Beverage am Lodl ffimat CIVIL ENGINEER TONY & JOHNNY SAY. Don t let thtjt cold bluiter; dfys |et you down nhen tia time to mote Just dial M13 and let the ATLAS warm friendly lervict do the work ATLAS MOVERS Croting-Packing-Slorog* It Smith Court Pnont Toil Beauty Operator Be In Business For YOURSELF Completely Equipped Boot n FOR RENT Vogue Beauty Salon 5»n Bioril St -Phone 341) I 5 Large Ohio Manufacturer haa Terr eiceilent opening for collect gradu- i I ate with Industrial backfroupd Will t : supervise eatimatlng and design I ' construcilon and maintenance of ] sewers, water Haves, paving. raUroad ; tracks and sll types of buildings In reply corer eiperlence. age and aal : sry expected j Write Bon No A-a». Chronicle': Telegram Kipton Hatchery PDULOROU CONTROLLED OH1CKB 9,000 STARTED WHITE ROCK* NEW HAMPSHIRE* Phones Oberlln 1394 — Birmingham 1« Located at Kipton, O. Open 8am to ^ p m Refrigeration Convenient Terms • FARM & DAIRY SUPPLY CO. drea*ea and skirts, sl/e 11-13. , ELKCTKIC hummer mill feed grinder ft blue Spring suit, sue 37 Phone: t. o rse power motor, never used. Vtti __.. _ . house past Stadium on S-Middle ^re BAJJY high chair. Magic Chef tab.1/.- Kneehole Desks. »34 50 and up top. all white gai ran K e 11-ft :i-ln .Telephone Sets |7 95 3-ln. Wilton run «'«-.- - - . by n-ll . Broad Rtreei 540 E Top Drop-I.eaf Taolea 113 U.I t'HE "Waterloo Transparent" to ami yov.r wood, cement, composition, ti'.i or llnollum floou. It «rti1s llle to anv floor -, HOLMES & BURKE O. Ph. J&3 FARM SUPPL1KS Behner's Garage & Welding General Repairing-Welding Lat'trariKe. O FARMERS HARDWARE | «, SUPPLY CO. i | .S»I Broad Street Plure 7527 | CIOOD used Frieze davenport, like new. ! t39 50 Ciood 3-plece used Frieze JU-J Ing room suite. |79 .SO Used tanltlet ! from 113 oo Odrl occasional tables ! 1150 up Beds. 12 00 Springs IU no Used riifis, all sl/e*. »5 00 and up! ai Brownie Furniture Ml tucll Si i SET. washer, table-top atove, and any other furniiure. wanted Phone oS-114 befoie C p. m. WANTED—Diapers, new or used, lii nood condition. Mrs, B Tomskl, R. D I. (iraftuii WANTED—Minneapolis Hoiievweil 'fiir^ u»ce control Write Box A-35. Chroul-' Furniture-- New and Rccondflloned ' le-Ti'le«iHin ',_V\>i,i Phone 3«14 WANTED—Bov « tmull bicycle In good ronultlon Phone 35-7'JJ WANTED "TO "BUY--Will pay up to II SO lor 50-gal drums suitable for turkey iiesw Rnlpti A Yates Phone 30-087 \V\NTED TO BUY Goats milkVoFalck man Phone 7K55. i .... BOATS & MOTORS ATTENTION OXDaTK TOUR ALUMA CBAKF BOA1 KOW. Only 110 Iba. New 1S47 Charn-. pion (Blue Rlb^oni Outboard MOIO.T, Call 911J after 4-p m week da: ( All das Saturday and. Sunday Rcl-'hert i Koala »rxd Moiora. Sao _W 15th St. . _ j. N. Rassier Realty Co'y Speculumj ID — Leatta and Bualoeu Proper, ire Flnjr.cinK ft Nectin.-» WANTED Bt'SIKEBS block dowqtown Will out trade (or Cleveland apartment •"" home Write Po« 3tl Coro'nieie __ "HEU'^WASTtU WANTED At Once First-Ciasi Stenographer Excellent Opportunity Good Salary Apply by Letter, giving experience, age, phone number, Box 494, The Chronicle-Telegram, Elyria, O. ~ IKMALt HKl-P WAMH> Permanent Positions FOR MOUl IiERS 1'1'HOl.A rHAR(ifeBi> FOUNDRY MI.N, BURNER ApplJ AMERICAN RADIATOR 8, STANDARD SANITARY CORPORATION WOODFOHD *VB. BABY CHICKS Wtute RncWa. New Hampshire Reds Worcester Hatchery feeds of all kind*., Als«.i da'-' ami hoK feeds nog feed. t".i 1'iirn o.-iis. bay Waller Orr. Nn Cirtce' Me. l!."it». ri- I'h 4«-6«' Phone LaCirange 80-1. r.-CABINET SINKS, daniaiscd In ship IT'S IDEAL For Qvi*htv 8ltd fiarlnn Chrome Sf«l*d Br»m .DRIVING LIGHTS $9.45 Pair ' Complete Wii r- Sviitch Op**n siunrlays Till Noon |'deal Auto Stores, Ltd. 11 Broad si Phone .l:;9! l.oraln Road D -I Klvrla at Fields Corners Phone 30-9*' Kootl linoleum ta>er must ne responsible Opportunity for righi nia:t lo make tjood monev Write BOA 14-A Cillonl.-le-IeleitraTl ^'urn^^'koVT^on *< P">«»» <r ° m • >.-\\.\ MALI. HILF WANTEU Wilford Hatchery WHITE ROCKS NEW HAMPSHIRES WHITE LEGHORNS And 4 Other Breeds Started Chicks Brooder Stoves & Supplies ELYRIA, OHIO HALL ROAD PHONE 345i ' A" SURE~B'ET"(oY~yoiii "money Chronicle-Tele gram" For Sale ad Dial 4412 or 4413 MALI: HELP WANTED ment Will »ell reasonable KAPLAN'S FURNITURE : 540 BROAD STREET i PETERS ...______.- SEWINCI MACHINt 1 REPAIR l HEADQUARTERS Work Guaranteed Need Water? i 000 OAL DELIVERED PHONE 30-36«_ FABM MACmNEBV FARMER'S NOTICE DO Your Spring Repairing nano * m ^*xSt& i *" Now, We Are Equipped Ph. TO74 142 E. 4»h Si. To Service Any Tractor or Farm Tool. ROTHGERY SERVICE & EQUIPMENT COMPANY ,;ifl ( !c \t-imid St Phone 4*-l< FARM PRODUCTS FOR SAl.t The Co. VICl.ASD SEED OAT» $1.45 Bo. FARM BUREAU 110 Huron Street Fhoue 3267 SPECIAL! §3.95 SCISSORS JACKS WOMEN WANTED EXPERIENCED PREFERRED • MACHINE WORK • ASSEMBLE • HAND FILING SECOND SHIFT- 4 P. M. to 12:30 A. M. Incentive Pay Plus Shift Bonu* The GENERAL 1NDUST1ES Co. PHONE 2866 Offers The Following Openings: i;.irresifd In ateady em piuvmrnt *rn sn «.*p Ver- k t Nignu 1 Da>a IJtpt Sights Staui!e»» Str»! Machine Sfh'.-p IS luni Corn Pnour 30-66* MIXED HAY. baled Phone 38U uill.un R to 9 a m MIXED HAY baled, m.d baled oat »'i»'> i l-.rstrr I'ji-pennr. R' 82 lust off 57 .'us' i.oune rlKht Phone N Eaton I.'-W- ' ". hav and baled straw THE store Prase. 2'j miles west of La BRUCK TIRE i & AUTO PARTS CO. • t u« Cleveland St A Beierij CM | PHONE 2505 j Open 1 00 a. m to C 00 p m. MIXED Kiank : Msri-. . t e lo.rh C.irrrt e \VrUl*.: D»v» (.'I ippe: N:i;l)t* J«;Ve' rice: Nlglila Welrt.i Kf.pei NI|j:iU ' l daNa, '. Tan* Si T*n» simp 1 snli IS.wp. Tank Shop. Tank sr.r.p Tank Shop Tat'.k Snop •.xtitftF.-* 1 * r'lXTVBES CAN BE FOUND AT MYERS—ELECTRIC _. .. beauiif-il Hnf f tuture* that appe»l to people wm, •.,',.%„'.. e-.:re flx?u;es of distiuc'.lon fur every "!.';,.."..." Good Pay While Learning Bonus For 2nd Shift or Night Work The PFAUDLER Co. Taylor Streei SJPBAVS. IOP $UU,, "Wally" & "Red" Maloney Cinders, slag. Ph. 36-023 fv* mfruurr. Phone A^t>n rt'om in Tl.eir h^mt OH. TKS \\iiinK -SuppU Too HOH.SF 4.i 67. LORAIN 647 Broudwav lite:'. - SH81 US - VINES NoW 1» the lune tu older vour Start .'i in.i. .» Appir* and olhrt liult trer» '.i S]u:m ddlviry Stock Agent. R K "I, r :.'D Olive SI . fclvil* Phone WO! MNPSC4FING LA.NDSCAPt" ARCHITECT Grr.uu-,c—Seeding —Plan' i*i« CLARENCE H ALBJCRS .N'.-in Kld.eville Phone *0-JS3j WK Do You Need Gas? . for We . YOU w ill l>r ngf* in us) -i RAY'S HANDI-GAS - • s "•(! ri 1 ('is i fcHf ie?d on R ! . e SO Pru'iie ^2 f'iii tKA'ieia ACiareMi, O i* »r.q BOTTLED GAS CAM. Ra\ » Hanrtl-Oas for Im (lellrer>- on bottled ^aA Located at Clan.ifl.-lrl on n\r IB and 6fl Ph 11 rinrlisflelrt Milling addrrta Wane- in* n Ohio Front License i Plate Brackets t (in YO..I* Nu* : 1 iJIMl iHAY. ! PUMPHREY & PUMPHREY i Phone ro ^4; La Pone O IT'S HERE! ; Our Annual Sale of O.ver HO BEDROOM SUITES ALL BRAND SEW, \ Every T^pe and Kir.u ln;a^lr,sblel All At Rrut-.-rd PlUfs! '. Pl.V.S '• 5 txlis P!r(f* Aov'i :lr.v KREF.' Sr-e tin). rf uiil tfttjii- btcci todft* ! «ir on hsnii. a nd O'..i verj i-asy terms TRADE in |N P YOUR'OLD SUITE IF YOU WISH! i We will give Mm a reiv grneroiu al- lowaiif.e on 1 T »i.en >o.; h iv a new one WK OXFl.R ALSO Free sU'i>t:r i.p 'n 4 ni'.ii'hs on any %.iit t:r.:il wanirU, ur liK^ieuUte (rev drlxeiv Set " .r l»is:e s'.oft of sii the better me; spri:,.; MaVit-Mrfi niid Coll ai>d box. Spnuga hv Mn.n.ojit. Wl.ive Don. Si-aiv. Fn|{l»udtti Take Plenty Of Time To Pay , ... No Banks Or Loan . Companies To Deal With ! We rar. I'prn MJUI sttuunt heie wun- .> \ i.rt-e ii'iu iirf AND' Brsii-si' FlKMIUHfc STORK i i THE ElYRIA i FURNITURE CO. : M) W Bioad 81 WILY BUY Grand Spinel or CpMght pl«!io for ca*h Wilte Boi A-4« C W K . Chronlr|e.TYlt>iiia.m \ Ml QI E S—S ELL. B I'17 "j'iSb* MALONLS " BCY SELL ""iNTIQOEJB": 4 2KI F,ast^Kj>er St. Ph 37-i3«.^ f Oneinal Throw Rugs For Sale NlEDIMi 341 3rd_8t. / BUY—SELL ANTIQUES" Mrs McAllister 35* 2nd 3871— 71»4 f* ^ RELIABLE! You rj»n rtepr-nci on Pflr Htli,i Trail*- w»y u fchoulfj be *;git-0! \\> svorc votir luriiiturp in ov;: niwcleni w»rp- litjiifco wheie %uu nit a.ssurfd to re- .iablr prolPcUon M hit lime* CALL L'Ji WITH CONKIDENCS PETE HELD TRANSFER CO. 112 I'OAJU Street Phune 2910 WUOl>~flNUE8S— tjLAG ACME COAL CO Phone 38-794 H RMSHCU HuuU-S with kudu u AI TOM iron) Uenrral Motors gate 4 lUJOM apurtir.ent. upntaira, private entiaiice. piutly !,in.l,.ht-cl, hM gai. ».iter. elertrlcuv furnuhed No chll- dien over tmr uld Rciibi-n 1(1 miles efcit of Elvrlh on Rte HKNJSlliU 1 FURNISHED and - u'nfornl»b«l" Couple* pie'ericd Hef4rreiico§ fj- | clialitird 419 £ RlTf; S; or Pboct lil^5 aftrr 4 p lo Moi.dhV PLEASANT room with lar^e deak new 'uwn Krntler.lA i T . ,<r 2lf)R ClJiAN rom.'ortablf room 2 rnon. 103 Prill'"' nil PI..KA!?ANT ruum !or e^nt It die Ate Phone M54 Mid

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