The Republic from Columbus, Indiana on April 17, 1916 · Page 3
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The Republic from Columbus, Indiana · Page 3

Columbus, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 17, 1916
Page 3
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THE EVElHNCr HEPUBUpAlT, COLtttlBtJS. 10110 AVr APRIL 17,1916. PAQ2 SUIt3 CLASSIFIED ADVEflTiSELIEIITS FOR SALE. : street. , - FOR SALE Cottage and vacant lots. C F. Dehmer. . - JbR SALE Shady Spot lawn seed. Union Implement Company. FOR , SALE Biff bone Poland China male hog. Phone 2 ark 2058. . FOR SALE Household KpoOy Call 631 . Hege avenue, 7TueUy afternoon, FOR "SALERENT- Cottage olix rooms at 1624 Cottage avenue. Va-cant April 18th. Phone X-631. FOR S ALE 1 2 and" 14-inch stove wood, $1.25 per cord, "delivered; , blocks, $1.50. Phone 73. Columbus Handle" & Tool Company. FDR SALE One lot of oak bedsteads as good as new,-at. $2.00 each. One Jot of oak wasbata'nda at $2.00 each; f 5 folding beds, cost J when new, :li".00, each $10.00. St. Denis hotel. F. tJ; Sangster. , j FO rTsale The property of Frank' Gilbert at 1445 north ' Franklin street, Friday, April 21st, at public sale on the premises. L. J. Cox, administrator. - Irvln A. Cox, auctioneer. ..." FOR SALE A line of good secondhand cars! 1 Overland touring jar, IStoddard-Daytan touring car. 1 Stoddard-Day ton roadster, 1 " Maxwell roadster. 1 light i truck, or delivery, car. All In good shape and . ready for demonstration. William's garage. - FOR SALE Lime sulphur solution. Union Implement Company. 1 FOR RENT. FOR RENT Cottage. Phope X-755. --f - , .-.Ti.-, f . ' y- :' -? V . - FOR RENT Furnished rooms; "all conveniences. The - ; Albemarle. Phone 1010. - " ; ' ' v ' FOR . RENT Store: rooms, office rooms, ' sleeping', rooms, - modern . fiats, dwelling houses, safety r, deposit boxes. .See John S. Crump. MISCELLANEOUS. DR. A. F. WRIGHT 33m Washington, street. Hours l'to 4 p.' tn. NOTICE Hege & Flanigan. funeral directors, 422 5th St. Office phone 750. WALL PAPER Call F. W. Carney & , Son, W-120. Will show samples at your residence and furnish . estimates. ; ;t " SHAQE TREES-FineVllnn. ' elmr pin oak hickory and Y ck walnut, for lawn or side v street., planting. W. tt Duncan. , Phofe 34. . WANTED. : ' WANTED At once, 4 good men and 2 boys over IB years of age, at the handle factory. r WANTED Married man to vorkydn farm; can use two men . it ame , family. Phone 1W-2022. f . r.IAP SHOWING LATEST CLASH IN MEXICO . t .I-.....-',' ,el rxso A 7 m-.: CL.VAU.K UCt0 'Xn ojoooctnttfe., VOCTfnhwJr-v iSfe. 1C? . -SAC, rCHtHUMtUA' THXK3y . w - - m 1 JOK -. IS JIHtKtf according to Park r Superintendent , In view of the numerous telegraphic j George . W. Burke. Tulips, narcissus, report. t from , Chihuahua : City and hyacinths, and other flowers are hard Juarez, officials were inclined to be-to keep so latefc One warm day and lleve the -news may be true. It was night will cause them to wilt. pointed out, however, that similar re-There will be plenty of lilies, red ' ports have been spread by the Villa Cinderella, amaryllls, cusarius and forces to, slacken the pursuit of the J primroses, he said. " bandit leader and have been round to - i he. untrue. ' MAN CLAIMS HE HELPED LDCCPC ,.Kv BC tupiict BURY DOROTHY ARNOLD, GREESf . IIX IU WAn MUMIIVdl WILL Echo of Mysterious Disappearance of New York Heiress More Than Six Years Ago. Allies Are Allowed to Continue Moving Troops Through Parts pi Country. -.. ; fftt TJKITKB Psess.) Wp Vnrb Anri1f7 Thft New' B UwWto Pbku.) York police this afternoon expected London, April 17. peeislve steps by to investigate but were skeptical of the allies, have forced a new crisis at the story of a Rhode Island state ton- Athens, with vthe possibility that vict that he helped bury Dorothy Am- Greece may find herself thrust into bid. New York heiress, who dlsap- waf HfVBi n" Wlii The missing girl's father, Francis R, ""'"f "ttTe Arnold, regarded the convict's story p transporting Serbian troop oyer- Edward lemS an inmate of the ' e8ilf j: antdA ?tZJTE' state prison at Providence, made' the mnt8' JfyAiJ4Jliit5l! Overriding the objections, of : the MH.C.S "confession,", moved, he said, by. a troubled conscience and the fact that he "got religion" a few Weeks ago. " Glenoris -said the girl died as the result of an operation. He said he today, protested several days ago that they would regard it as a deliberately unfriendly act If Greece permitted this troop movement. . t -i French correspondents , at Athens reported today that King Constantino Civilians are reported to have II red on a, detachment of 140 American troops when the laiter passed through the town of Par-ral. , Soldiers of the Carranza army are reported to hare aided the United States forces. . 4. 4 . ADDITIONAL SOCIETY. i.v.-.. PARCHESI CL.UB,V -'.Mrs. A. B. Spurgin' entertained the Monday Parches! Club this afternoon at her home on Pearl street. , : -CROCHET. CUVU. . The: Crochet Club will meet at Mrs. Big Benham's home on Eighth street Tuesday afternoon instead of with Mrs J Will S. Irwin as was previously announced MUSICAL' CLUB, The following young girls met Saturday afternoon 5 at Miss Evelyn Jewell's home on Hutchins avenue and organized a musical club: Misses Evelyn Jewell, 'Frances Lewellen, Qu elle Reeves, Mary. Louise Wright, Iris Hasketi, Callle .Balllnger, Eliza beth Way; . Lorene Carpenter and Ruth-Huffer. . - - M At the close of the meeting light refreshments were served. The nest meeting will be held at Frances Iew-ellen's .home on Chestnut street, ,thq second Saturday 'In 'May. ' in" New York where arrangements were made for the secret burials and another man were hired to hfelp is incenSed at the action of the allies tury her and that he was paid $250. mav nti0rnnt to utoh tha trdn.nn,. A wealthy New Yorker, he said, sent tatlon of Serbian troops by a show! a lAt U OCYfULll B.VCUUC" BBIIJUU q aimS - ' . The allies did not want to trans port the newly-equipped Serbian army I from the Island of Corfu to . Salonika by water because of the danger from Austro-German submarines. " They therefore' - suggested to Premier Skouldudis that the Serbian troops be sent to- PatrafT by steamer and theh I transported by rail. - .... i i . I - . .. i"-''''' SCHOOLS HAVE NO WATER, GERMAN WARSHIP IS . , ATTACKED BY AVIATOR Bombs Dropped by Frenchman Onto Enemy Ship in the North ' - Sea. ' , WANTED Several good men to cut wood. Call before 8 a, m. Colum bus Handle & Tool Company. WANTED You to know, that we are the only awning people in Colum-. bus.. Lawn mowers repaired, sharpened and guaranteed. Columbus Machine Works." LOST. IjOST -Gold fimmed spectacles at naptist church or on Street yester-day. D, C. Shirk. pron4(e95. ' "DECIDE TO PROVIDE" RAYMOND' O. WOODS , J (Keller Bldg) District Agent John Hancock Mu-tual Life Insurance , Company, of BoSton."Mas3. WALTER HATHAWAY & CO., FUNERAL DIRECTORS -544 Washington Street ' i t.ady attendant I Mr. J, JGoodnow FURNISHED: ROOMS Keller Building, Third Floor. Modern, Stean Heat: hot and cold running water In every room. Rates reasonable. Mrs. W. N. Boone. EASTER FLOWERS SCARCE. Due to Wilting, Caused by Late Eas- j ',,, ter This Year. " (B United Phess.) Pittsburgh, April 17. The usual 'gor geous Easter Sunday display of flow ers, will not, be so beautiful as usual this year because Easter .; Sunday combs on April 23rd, too late for many of the , bloods to show at their beet. Supply at. East Chicago Cut Off by By Umiteo Piess.) ; Board of Health. Paris. Aoril 17. A French aviator! (Df Omit Pitu) dropped sixteen bombs from an alti-' East. Chicago, Ind.. April 17. Re tude of only 100 yards on the decks cause filters had not been Installed of a German warship in the North Sea. according to orders Of the city board the war office , announced this after- OI neaun, several tocat scnooi Duua- noon. , j ings faced a temporary water famine - . .' . " ' - 1 It. J.- U. A. J. 4. a. A. L-te . . , The French plane flew so .low that wnen iae water suppiy was snui on Dy it is believed the bombardment had the city health "board. .The water irnnri ofiw-t i was coming direct from the lake and Aviators were active last night on ! the children were said t& hate nd pro- the Verdun front and east of the fort- tection from typhoid germs. ress, despite the heavy fog: French Seventy cases of typhoid have been air squadrons bombarded theTailwajr reported in East Chicago and Indiana stations at Coflans, Pagny, Arneville; Harbor. 3 .nd Rompach. CARRANZA OFFICIALS THINK VILLA IS DEAD See the big ads and then shop." But War'Mihister Obregoa 'Asks" Car ios Carranza to Confirm News,' .Br United Puu.) .; , ..,! Mexico City April . 17. War , Minis ter Obregon today telegraphed, to. Cajrt los Carranza, nephew of Gen. Car rail-za. asking him to confirm, if possible, the report that Villa's body had been found. "STACKS OF SMACKS" NEW, NAME GIVEN KISSES BY. WIDOW WHa SAYS IN SUIT SMACKS OF GALLANT MAJOR WERE "STACKING UP AND FALLING OVER.V 6" V " ""' i PLEATS GIVE STYLE 4 TOTHlSSlll?LBStm QUEER'S DENTAL SURGEON. Little Miss, Will Serve Queen Maude, . - of Norway. . l (Rr United Furss.) - Minneapolis. Minn.. April 17. Little Miss Dangy I: Just, now a junior at the University of Minnesota dental college, is equipping herself to accept the appointment as dental surgeon to Queen Maude, of Norway. Miss Just's aunt has been Queen Maude's royal dentist for years and. when she retires the appointment is to go to the Minnesota'gtrl. . . , , The nearest Miss Just has yet come to associating with royalty, however; was in Christiana, when she accident' ally happened ainwhKx is ally bumped into the king yhlle out walking one evening. " , . The "For Sale" ' ads ' are rendering a great service every day In bringinf the buyer and seller together. , O 1V S I pj ::p:v x - - . The long, finely pleated peplaaa and the pleated cuffs give a "Sunday-go-to-meeting" air to this otherwise simple ? tailored salt. Covert cloth is used to detelop It: touches of Oriental embroidery cmbelliih the belt and the collar, and dark brown bone buttons add to its ornamentation. Notice that the skirt Is SHORT. CQLUMBUS MARKETS. Monday, April 17. LIVE STOCK- COWS . .$4.506.00 6.00 6.50 .. 9.00 9.25 ....6.0006.50 ... 7.0007.50! Ooiirado ?of the Dalr 9 TWa SbtOiEBS CAM to BEAT IT? i i i i - i , i ncr ncr m i u - ri " l ' i StftfiO 15JVB Mtt TVbSE PAPHRS DID K V. NOU HEAR MB BU)W TAPS? i NbU SHOULD IBB )H BgQ.1 PIJ Ati. uff our .j IM THIS ! ii hi u- r u Spending v' ;- " 2i To ' Make Sales Dc2.v.-;.' The hundreds of dollars which the Evening Republican spends every year to increase its circulation, to get new readers, all mean new customers for you, Republican advertisers. tacn year tne . Keucan spends many dollars to increase its circulation and educate them into looking to! Columbus for their needs. There is nothing that will advertise a city more than its newspapers and in obtaining new readers we obtain new customers for The Republican advertisers. The Republican endeavors each'J j ; month to give to Its Subscribers . V a better paper -than; the pref V , vioiis month a fetter ' andA , ; newsier paper means rievV siibr a , scribers for the Republican ahdy. 5 new customers for you. ;. r r. . ; Vl'T'-V Month by month The Eep'ubll- "v can's circulation rows: tlonth. ": by month The Republican'! ser-. . : yice both to its readers and .io . its advertisers stows more effl C 1 cient. Month ly month the'ppw-i;-; er of the Republican as an ad-' vertismir medium. jrroWs vfhich - . means more sales and jrreater J "sales for you.? ' ' V..V V 7e E&emiig Advertising Department MAJOR CEORGE D SHERMAN AND MRS. LORETTA MONT ANTE. Mrs Loretta Montanye. 53, and a widow, "planted flowers in her; "garden of love" They have blossomed into a breach of promise salt with a $25,000 tag on the "love bouquet. .The widow's little "love garden" at Elgin was planted way back in 1908., Major Sherman, a neighbor, came according to Mrs. Montanye, "gathering rosebuds while he might." With the major and the widow, said Mrs. . Montanye ia her testimony, a kiss was not merely a kiss it was a "stack of smacks" and smothered her so she couldn't speak. Widow Montanye's testimony turned the X-rays on a five-year courtship she said she had with the gallant major. She told of ardent lovemaklng, a proposal and their first quarrel She said the major changed his mind and decided to remain , single. " Widow Montanye's love garden" wa4 spoiled. -Hence 'the 925,000 breach of promise salt. . Steers Hogs .................. Lambs Veal PRODUCE Country butter, packets Butter fat ..... Esgs Irish potatoes, per bushel .. Onions . . . . ............. ... . . . . Pop corn, per lb. on cob. Dew Pop corn, shelled, new ...... Dried beans, ,per bushel Shellbark hickory nuts ...... Large hickory nuts ......... Walnuts ....... Cabbage, per lb 02 Apples, per bu. ............ . .7501.00 Sweet potatoes , 1.00 Turnips 40 POULTRY .20.2S ... .31 .90 ... L50 . .05 . .03 4.10 .1.00 .1.25 .50 Hams Lard Shoulders , . . . . Spare ribs HAY Timothy, baled Clover, baled . Mixed, baled . Straw .. .It .12 J1H .. .10 Sept. .76 .76 .76 .76 Hens ............ Cocks Ducks .......... Geese. ....... ...s Turkeys, old .... Turkeys, young ....... GRAIN Wheat Corn Oata COUNTRY MEATS Bacon ; a , .15 . .06 . .11 .06 . .12 . .18 1.10 . .70 . .55 SEEDS Orchard Grasb Alfalfa Clover seea . . Timothy seed . Alslke ....... Red top ..... Sweet clover . Crimson clover Kentucky blue grass Rye ........... Millet . . . - .11.0012.00 .10.00 12.00 .10.0012.00 ...5.0006.00 ...2.25 ..11.00 13.00 A AA Aft! ... i03.40; ....7X09.50 2.51 ...... v. 7.00 ....2.oo2j;o! 01 ,.1.50i CHICAGO GRAIN. - M6nday. April It. Open High Low Close eFv .15 WHEAT No. 2 May ...1.15 1.15 1.14 1.11 July ..1.14 1.14 1.13 1.13 Sept. ...1.11 1.12 JL11 1.11 CORN No. 2 May ....75 .75 .75 , .75 July ... .76 .76, .76 .76 INDIANAPOLIS CASH Monday, HOGS Receipts ..' Tone .... . Best heavies Medium and mixed Common to choice lights ; Bulk of sales . CATTLE Receipts Tone Steers , Cows and heifers . . WHEAT Tone No. 2 red Extra No. 3 red . . Milling wheat .... CORN Too & v . Xo. 4 white . . . . No. 4 vellow OATS No. 4 mixed . . . . . Tone , No. 3 white No. 3 mixed .... . HAY.' ; Tone ............ PRICES. April 17. 4,000 Steady ..9.95 10.00 ...9.90 9.95 ;.. 9.00 9.95 . . .9.909.93 900 . . . . . Steady ...6.7509.65 ...3.50 09.25 ...... Easier . . .1.2001.21 .. .1,1901.20 1.20 CHICHESTER S PILLS ami l 1 mtttk lm It intern Tjr Vmkm i i an fl L.L. tut m rwtkwMH Sctt.ft.tHi.AlMTi SctUkta SOLD BYCCGISTSaiSnrjIK ... 4 I , V I , . i Strong ...740.75' .750.76 ...74 0.75 Steady ...440.44 ...4O0.4O .. ..-Steady Money to Loan On Household Goods, ianoa and Live Stock. , Phone 859 - Columbus, Ind. COLUriOUS LOW CO. OVER CRYSTAL THEATRE. No. 1 timothy. .'. rt v. J . . 11M 0 17.50 Nov tiiaothr vU.isniCSO Now l light clover, taixed UCC0 Ol0 No- 1 clover 4 , Nomina! . . -.. . !"--... i-: ..v'-' Ji:r:-V)-..

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