The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 15, 1953 · Page 8
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 8

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1953
Page 8
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... . w. f Det Momei Regitfer Page 8 Fri May 15. 1953 j BRITISH- Continued from Page One. mosities was carefully restrained. President Eisenhower did Bay at a press conference, In reference to Attlee's speech, that had "met no one in the United States who does not want peace." Indication of Progrt-M. But lie also made It clear that he has no objection to Prime Minister Winston Churchill's pro- . posal for a meeting with Russian Premier Georfri Malenkov so long as there is a reasonable indica tion in advance that progress could bo made toward peace. As yet, no such evidence ha been soon, according to the president, though he had outlined some modest advances which might be made, such as signature of an Austrian peace treaty. The president did indicate, however, that he is not much in nympathy with Churchill's general idea that the situation would be improved by an intimate, face-to-fare talk. There might be times when such methods would work, but, by-and-and-large, the president feels, the matters involved are so complicated that they must be negotiated through foreign offices and the state department. Approved of Statoniont. It .would be unwise, he t hought, to ray entirely on merely the heads of state meeting for an Intimate talk. Republicans in the past have criticized the intimacy and secrecy of the Churchill-Stalin-Roosevelt talks, saying they led to the concessions at Yalta and Tehran. Sir, Eisenhower revealed that he had approved of the state department statoniont the day before throwing cold water oq Churchill's proposal. Says Britain Should Apologize if- I . 'At - ' ' ' g&r u lmmmmmmmmmaeix&8K.4iM- Seal i .it It"' . I e , t f f ! a""". I Senator Joseph McCarthy (Rop., Wis.) holds excerpts of former British Prime Minister Clement Attlee's state-monts on President Kisenliowor and the American people which he termed cheap, uncalled for and fantastic." McCarthy spoke before tho senate Thursday against the Attlee speech and said Britain should apologise. W1KF.PHOTO IP). could not help the situation," said Cooper, "still, as other sat by and did not answer those (Attlee) statements and their implications, we here in the senate have the same responsibility not to sit by and seemingly acquiesce in other rash and Immoderate statements (meaning McCarthy's)." Attire Explains. In London Attlee answered Korean settlement followed by recognition of Red China got no comfort from President Eisenhower at his press conference. The president declared that he would not say at this moment that admittance of Red China to the U. N. should follow an armis. tice. Meaning of Recognition. However, Mr. Eisenhower talked around this subject to a certain MRS. L. S. LOUER DIES AT AGE 75 Mrs. Lewis S. Louer. 75, of Hotel Commodore, 3440 Grand ave., died of a heart attack in her apartment Thursday. She was the former Elsie Macomber, daughter of the late Mr, and Mrs. J. King-sley Macomber. Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. John Pruyn, of Winnetka, 111., and two granddaughters. Also surviving are a brother, J. King-sley Macomber, of Los Angeles, Cat., and three sisters, Mrs. John Parsons, of Seattle, Wash., Mrs. Charles F. Clarke, of Adel, and Mrs. O. P, Thompson, of Des Moines. Mrs. Louer was a member of St. Paul's Episcopal church and the Colonial Dames of America, The family said funeral services have not yet been arranged. hack bv citing these points: He extent. He thought it should be had made no attack on Americans! rempnibered that different na or the American Constitution but tions have different interprets. At the Capitol, however, the 'nad rnfrely pointed out the divi-,tions of what recognition of a recent Churchill and Attlee jsl,m "L l,u"" -""b ,u ;jj n. i...!!... . and the president which is not the release of the long developing resentment against one British attitude on the war in Asia, Angered by Ijiboritos. Public expression of this resent- always understood in Britain. He never suggested that President Eisenhower would hinder direct peace talks. He did not say America was isolationist but pointed out that nation means. Since President tnent has been held back only by ;the Constitution was framed at a considerations of preserving the front of British and American friendship. B:it for many months many Republicans and some Democrats have bridled at the attitude of tho loft wing of the Labor party which now appears to have become paramount in that party. Wilson's lime, according to Mr, Eisenhower, we have gone on the theory in this country that recognition also means tacit approval. Once recognition merely meant recognizing the fact that a ruler was in control. Because the word recognition has come to mean approval in this country, and might be viewed differently Attlee accused the senator rf e!sev:h-:e, the president said he the "canard" that hei m'm 1 wut '"'"' resenting as Dig a rut ociween time when the concept of the United States in relation to the rest of the world was isolationist. "I thought that was generally agreed," Attlee said. "Ordinary Salute." revivin once received Communist troops in Spain. The Republican govern British and American policies as Is 1 hat America threatens to 1 declared, and the Communist t there was not Communist. !n"Sht PPesr on the surface- Reds: Mark Twain On McCarthy's List salute he gave at the time wa3 "at the time the ordinary salute of all anti-Fascists." "I believe that anyone who reads my whole 'speech will acknowledge that it was not anti-American but fully recognized the great service to thn world of the I'nitcd States," Attlee declared, Britons who hope to see the LONDON, ENGLAND (U.P.) Moscow Radio reported in broadcast heard here Thursday night that U. S. Senator Josepr, McCarthy plans .to investigate Mark Twain. The Soviet com. mentator said the report came from American newspapers. All V Kill 'hUll.M. All KRTILMKNT. plunge the whole world into, war by careless, infantile and callous actions, that America is unwilling to be reasonable on a settlement of the Korean conflict, and that we are more than foolish in denying recognition and a seat in the United Nations to Red China. McCarthy held Churchill responsible, too. for sitting in commons "meekly nodding his head" in agreement with Att lee's speech critical of America. He said Churchill "owes to the American people a frank statement" on whether the Conservative leadership agrees. ' After McCarthy finished, Sen- i stor Everett Dirksen (Rep., ni.) took up the attack, also accusing "TRANSISTOR MAGIC AND! sent FREE. Use coupon below Churchill of seeminsr to acauiesce VOI R HEARING ' a valuable fac- -Mail to THK DAHLBERO COM- In Attlee's remarks. i tual report telling you just what to PANV, Golden Valley, Minneapolis expect from the aniazin? new (ran-.Moderation Pica. I sistnr development. Some fans Senator John Sherman Cooper, J'o should know: (1 1 One All- r (Rep.. Kv.h former V. S. alter- "n'"r nrannr, niu ri , FREE REPORT for the HARD OF HEARING Minn. rate delegate to the United Na- !)0 of battrry cost will , (InrxH't tions, then pleaded for "modera-i snmr so.tnrd -tran-.l tion" while the Korean armistice :jtfor aidt" vxc rni uiini tub'-- negotiations are mintr on H mtd " ft" hnltrrirt- (li find J . 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Start look-ing lovelier, feeling better, liv- "X. ONLY $3-50 "OW Wl VOJJ LOOK IN A BATHING SUIT ffilS SUMMER! j jMSiKtfieiittit 'J ftl 1 'fm a 1 Vi o' Sib 4iI" Cut tteMK I V . AJ : I. . . . . OMOfilETRIC ing longer, tomorrow. US CONTROL Funeral Saturday For Mrs. Carzoli Services for Mrs. Rosa Carzoli, 76, of 307 S. W. Diehl ave., will be at 9 a. m. Saturday at Christ the King church, with burial and graveside serv ices at Glendale cemetery. A Roaary service will be at 8 p. m. today at the Toninl funeral home. Mrs. Carzoli died of cancer Wednesday at f Mercy hospital. , Born in Mo- - dena. Italv. she Mm. carzou. enme to the United States and Iowa in 1912, living at Enterprise before moving to the Fort Des Moines area 28 years ago. Her husband, Alfredo, died in 1935. Surviving are a son, Charles; three daughters, Mrs. Donald Robinson. Mrs. J. P. Baumann and Mrs. Hilary Di Paglia; 10 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, all of Des Moines. Joe DeBonis Rites Saturday Services for Joe DeBonis, 48. Des Moines policeman for 20 years who died Thursday, will be at 1 p. m. Saturday at the Cald- well-Brien Funeral home. Burial will be at Glendale cemetery. The Rosary will be recited at the funeral home at 8 p. m. today. DeBonis died of a heart attack at his home, 15 Edison ave., Thursday morning. He had not missed a day's work because of illness in the last three years. NAVY- Confinued from Page One. fleet, second ranking job in the navy, but even that may not appease him. Some officer! aaid off-the-rec-ord that Fechteler'i demotion stemmed from political aourcea, that he had been a victim of Senator Robert A. Taffs demand for a set of new facei. Other opined that the Fechteler ouster came directly from Secretary Wilson'i desire for a new team. Little of Both. President Eisenhower at his press conference Thursday indicated there waa a little of both in the change, but he stressed that the desire of Secretary Wil son for a new team waa of uppermost consideration. Taft for several months had called for replacement of Gen. Omar N. Bradley, chairman, and the joint chiefs of ataff. . Because of this, Taft said Thursday he waa being credited in some quarters with having "dic tated" the choices of the new ap pointees. , The Ohioan aaid he regarded this as an effort by "Fair Deal columnists" to imply that he was interfering in military matters beyond his acope and forcing his will on the Eisenhower admin istration. He did not name the columnists. "While I highly approve of the new joint chiefs any idea that my candidates for chief of ataff were chosen is completely untrue," Taft declared. Praised Friends. The president praised his old friends on the present joint chiefs of staff and lauded them a loyal and dedicated men with whom he had worked through some soul- racking experiences. But, aaid the president, we do have a new approach. He said we feel that the U. S. has a right to think that there Is a new approach, a study that Is made without any real chain fastened to the past. The secretary of defense, said the president, fel that he should have a new team and he agreed with him. After Baying that the new joint chiefs would deal with global strategy, as opposed to a shift of emphasis from Europe to Asia, the president returned again to Secretary Wilson's wishes. As far as he was concerned, said the president, this shift mean nofhing except Wilson has selected a very able group of people to come and help him. Family Link. What aggravated the Fechteler case, in the eyes of the West Point and Annapolla graduates, was Fechteler'i atrong family link with the service traditions. Fechteler'i father, Augustus, had been a rear admiral before him and his brother,, the late Frank C. Fechteler, had been a jiavy lieutenant A heavy destroy er waa christened; the U. S. S. Fechteler In September, 194,5. Crawford Kent. 72, Film Actor, Dies HOLLYWOOD, CAL. 0TW Veteran Film Actor Crawford Kent, 72, died of a heart attack in his home Thursday. He had prominent rolls in such films as "Bengal Lancers" and "Mutiny on the Bounty." Guthrie Center Rites ForMrs.Godby,73 Services for a former Des Moinea resident, Mrs. Jesse God- by, 73, of Guthrie Center, who died at a hospital in Perry Wed nesday, will be at 2 p. m. Saturday In the Christian church at Guthrie Center, Mrs. Godby is survived by her husband, Jesse; two sons, C. A. Rockholz, of Sioux City, and C. L. Rockholz, of Des Moines; and two daughters, Mrs. Edwin H. Miner, of Goshen, N. Y and Mrs. John A. Lenz of Des Moines, Also sur viving ' are three brothers, two sisters and three grandchildren. ABVEBTISEMFNT. 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