The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1944
Page 3
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'MONDAY, NOVEMBER o,. /n.YTlIEVILLE (AKK.) COUKIEK NKWS Bqtsine Frashier Awarded. Honor At Little Rock Vets To Receive Aid Local Boards Will Help Ex-Servicemen Obtain Positions P A. Lynch, chairman ot Jvlts- sisslpiji county Local Hoard "A" announces Hint the plans as drawn "p by Arkansas State Headquar- teis, Selective Service,' toy aid to the returning veteran were discussed today at a meeting O f the loeiil fconrd'members, clocks, ajui' rccm- PloymciH coiiiinittecnmn who are charged with Die responsibilities of carrying put the program in their local board aven. Prom this discussion it was learned that Congress delegated to Selective Service the responsibility ot ,.. _ „„„ rendering aid in the replacement | yeni-s—1040-42, and state champion In their former positions of, or se-: \ n 1940 , curing new positions for returning. In addition to cotton he has con- veterans who have satisfactorily > • • - • "• Next? ROCK, Nov. C. M. P, Talfaot Jr., of I'olnsett county was named district champion 4-H Club boy and lialslne Frashier of South Mississippi county district champion 4-H Club girl in 'Northeast Arkansas (Saturday, 4-H Achievement Dny, by \Y. J, Jernlgan, stale club agent o( the ijnivcrsi.ty of Arkansas College of Agriculture, Norccil Wilklns of Polnsell county was also selected as one of the eight stale champion girls In tlie 4rH Victory garden contest. Tiilbot has conducted a cotlon ilcm'oiistrnllon each of Ills eight .years In 4-H Club work, growing his .cotton on land that produces to three bales per acre. He. was polnsctt 'county ciian)- ploii In cotton production for three completed their services iti the aimed forces subsequent to May 1, 1940.. Tlie discharged veteran will be Instructed at his Separation Center to report cither in person o; 1 by niail to his local board. When the veteran reports his rights and ben- elits arc explained lo him and if (be' veteran desires to return to his former civilian job and is qualified for reinstatement, it is the direct responsibility, of the' local board and the reemployinent coninuUee- .hian to whom he reports to so aid him. If all efforts of reinstatement in his former position by amicable methods fail. Selective Service may invoke the law. Should the veteran desire N to .change from Ills former occupation to another, suggested perhaps .by his military experience, or in case he had never held a job prior 'to hts induction, the local board .wljl put'him in contact with the •proper agency to assist him in obtaining work of ins choosing. Any interested person pisy secure detailed information pertaining to this. program at the local board office. • -.' Fugitive From,'" ' Gestapo Plays , In 'Master Race' i Slight, vivacious'nnd witty . with milk aD(| honey complexion of her Swedish ancestors topped by burnished gold hull- ',. . ,-'K(}"« Zlemer locks' like' Hie gracious Hostess anil ututerstiindnlg help-mate she is to her rckhowricd' husb;i|ul. Gregor Zlenier, raOlu comiiicntn)or (ind author. She' defiiillcly. Itoc/n't ooli )lke a menace ,.. . i yet shfi's >H'the Nazi's btack-Hsl .,,''', '.tat mving gained their confidence -1" ll. ypurs In lierlin ,...., and then ctunilng to warn America of UK' Until iibout the, "Master 'RftCe", showiilg ut the nllz.'i'licntre tomorrow and Wednesday, . • ' The Germans ''confided in Fran Zlenicr because thejs regarded her us more Swedish than American . . Hie (laughter of a Swedish horticulturist, Erlek Wilson, she was Acini. Lord Louis Mountbatlcn, above, may soon step clown as Supreme Allied Cpnlinn'r.t'c) .in southeast AsiV... It'lias been, reported, ' biit will. reivTahi in 'ch.i.rgo of various •' important j forilicoraihg' ope'rnlions' aguii'isl 1 •'' . . , ;.' the Jans.. '• •" . -\.''.' In Luke City, Minn., an spoke mi Iftigllsh inilll she was eishl . . . mnjored hi music at University of Mimiesota . , . became principal of Fergus Kails hlgli scluml . . . met Kleiner, then head of 'a college Hugllsh department, when her hlfjli school learn licked tils lenm in a debate. 'I hey b.ilh wiinlcd after their nwrrluge Philippines to touch ;u travel, iinrt went to the after two years, .pulled up stakes and trekked In Dorlin in ID'28 wllh $2SU and slx-month-olcl ilnuglilrr. i'atrlela . . . founded the American School In socliil rooms of' the American Oliurch. . . Mrs, .Kleiner taught' all eight lower grades, ran household. Muilie'l vnli't> , .• ; Inter, it.s concert singer, loured Oermniiy rind sung for Hitler ami Nir/.t uig-wiss . . . kept eyes and cars open . ! . helped refugees o escape . . , forc- i'i! to flee when Oeslaix) became suspicious nn<| eloscxl seliool. ducted demonstration!! in com, hogs, and peanuts.'His total production is valued at Sl.482.06. The district champion * has-been president of his 4-H Club -two years; and-.vice-president two years.' .;' The district champion, 4 r il. 'girl in -northeast .Arkansas has , also been in 4-H Club work eiyhl' years. During her 4-H membership' ^iss In .cur, i,v,rnfo iit«"tTnii»/i m n i nc SSir%rT'!''^'?*'r «'ta™"S;'£5£ a £ S=IH™~IS»-":''6"S?feS»^ clothing demonstration each of the eight'years she has been in club work.-For five years she grew and exhibited beef calves, winning her share of the prizes. Miss Frasnjer has been president of licr 4-H Club three years, reporter two years, play leader one vcar, and is secretary of the South Mississippi county 4-H Council lliis vcar.. most. 88 billion, or an' increase of more than 260 per cent. The substitution. by Army Ordnance of a web gun .sling for the traditional, leather gun sling'has resulted in a'saving to taxpayers ol more than $5,000.000 over the past Lwo years, says Urlg./acrf. A. G. Gillespic. commandant' orthc-Wa- tervilct, N. Y., arsenal/ '••'. . . Kead Courier Nowa Want Ad*. Foliage Puts On Garb Of Autumn Colors Here Jack Frost lins gone lo work In Mississippi County, He has spilled red paint over li'iivc-s of Iho sumac and black gums, a few o! the iimplcs arc turn- Ing golden anil- red, hickory nnd [jerslimnan trees rapidly 'are yellowing and Ilui oaks .no on the point of tinning all shinies, Although some leaves have (iill- Cl), j)|any of till'))) inc ))OUllng o|l lo tlielr llmus, as they cluinge, colors, until ii kllllinj frost or high wind, when Ihey fall gently lo Hie uruund Jl|d ait swcjlj JifjX 1 U||(l there. R««<J courier N(iw» Want Adi. Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Orcomulslon relieves promptly because It KOts right to tho seal o[ Iho trouble to help loosen and oxpel germ laden phlegm, nnd aid imturo to KOQtho and heal iu\v, tender, Inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist lo sell you ft bottle of Orcomulfilon wllh the understanding yon must like (ho way H quickly allays llm cough or you are to h(wc your inoney back. > GREOMULSION forCouJrhj.Chesf Colds, Bronchitis OBI»FB tin) CJiAiicery C'uurl, , In Dhlilcl, MhsUslppI "(,'ounty, Arkunsav, 'IHIoj'd'Lcwts, Plalntlll, vs No. - Kulaliu r/cwis, . Defendant. dofe.ndanl, Ruliilln ixiwbj, Is ' . , hereby .wuriic'fl to ajipcar within ^cwb bated thlsflfl d»jr of October, 1944 ' ' -HABVBYfMORBIS, Clerk. 0. P. Coope*, Atty;'Jor'PlJ. -'• . r»10jie-23-30-lliO Gives Mothers Miseries of Acts Promptly to Help Relieve Coughing Spismt, Congestion and Irritation In Upper Bronchial TubeV 1 Because us petle'trtiiing-'itimulaling notion (us illustratol) brings sucli ... . Kwuil rplicf, most jpupg jpotliers tocold-congetUd , u b VapoRub on the throat; ch«c upper bronchial amibackatkcltlnic.listartfiowoik: 1*i M , *, •" OIKV " ml ^1" °" wofking for «|)«cl«l mcdlcifiil | lours |0 btmg :c | lcf , nv | tes reslfjl j vtport s ] ce j } of,,,,, [,y morn i n g moit of me misery of (he cold is gone! ONLY VAPORUB Gives You thu special double action. It is'timc- chMt.fnd back testeil, liornc-provcd...the best surface* ilko a known home itmc>!^ for r ''"' " winning, com- miseries of i forllng poultice coWs. Try ic! VAPORUB Don't Kill This Needed Tax Source I'rpsi-Cota,Company, Long Island Cilu, N. V. Franchiseil bottler: Pepsi-Coin Ilottlinjr Co. of lilythcville WARNING ORDER Iri the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. • . G. L. Warren, Plaintiff, vs. No. 8830 Irene Warren, Defendant. The defendant, Irene Warren, is herepy warned to appear v/lthin thirty days in the court named ill the caption hereof and answer the complamt of tiie plaintiff, G. L. Warren. Dated this 1G day of Oct., 1944. HARVEY MORKIS, Clerk By M. Jarratt, D. C. C. F. Cooper, Atty. for P1L WARNING OKDEK Rucl Johnson is warned to appear in tjie Chancery Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas within thirty days from this date to answer a complaint filed .against, him,.,in said court by W. H. Payne. Dated this 16th day of October, 19M. • '•'' HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. Reid & Evrard, Attorneys for Plaintiff. 10]16-23-30-ll|6 r^i'Spoi'l >o»,- Dl(—Oil alieHI NOW Don't put off getting C-2223 to rc-"pain of mii.scular rheumatism and.other rheumatic pains.Caution: Use only as directciKFirst' bottle .purchase priec hack if not satisfied. GOc anU $1.00. Today, buy C-2223. HALF ILLION LIFE'S Little TROUBLES -CAN'T SLTEP- No need to lie in bed—toss- worry anil fret because CONSTIPATION or GAS PRESSURE won't let you.sleep, lie sensible—get up—take a dash of ADLER-I-KA to relieve the pressure of Inrgc intestines on nerves and organs of tnedigeslive tract. Adlcrikn assisls old food wastes and gas through a comfoitalile lm\vcl movcnicnt'so that bowels return to nonnnl size and the discomforts of pressure stop. Deforc you know it, you arc asleep. Morning fimls you feeling clean — refreshed and ready for a good^day's work or fun. Caution, use only as directed. KIUBY BROS. DRUG STOKES Worry of FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irritating? Don't bo embarrassed by loose false teeth slipping, dropping or wabbling when you cat. talk or laugli. Just sprinkle a little FAS- TEETH on your plates. This pleasant powder gives a remarkable sense of added comfort and security by holding plates more firmly. No gummy, gooey, pasty tnste or feeling. It's alkaline (non-acid). Get PASTEETH at any drug store. Work shoe re- 'pairs are made here with (lie same mcticu- care used for most expensive shoes. Our leathers arc longr wearing and the best available for this character work. If you want wear and comfort iry us. H-flLT€RS QURLITY SHOC SHOP 121 W. MRIN ST. SEE HOW the secret German highups, even in defeat, plan again to betray your daughters, Hill your sons, ravage your homes, smash your lives! See It All In THE SUPER -DRAMATIC SENSATION -OF THIS VERY HOUR! • • what our Ameri, . can fighting men ore up agqmsf right now — facing new trials and fempfafions; new fears and dangers; new p/ofs and perf/s? ;'; : .; :\ f ';^ —that's Arkansas' Tq?c Share from Legqlized Rqcing-- FOR OLD AGE PENSIONS, AID TO CRIPPLED CHILDREN AND THE BLIND SUPPORT OF OUR TUBERCULOSIS SANATORIUM AND STATE HOSPITAL AND OOR STATE GUARD FUND! Yes, 2i Million Dollars in Badly Needed Taxes Paid Largely by Out-of-State Visitors to Arkansas Since 193S! It's one thing to ileslroy u pbpulfir, IcRitl nnd heavy tax-producllnK enterprise '. . , jt's (|uite another thinf? to find a way'to UKJM/ACE (he lax mifitcy the H(a(e wtnikl lose |iy Hitch, a move . . . ospeviully when 90'/ t of' the taxes arc tiow hei'lR free')' .'p'i'iil by wealthy Easterners annually at- traclw! t<i Arkansas. Copl heads areWcded now to retain MCGALIZED for oi)u pieet a year, or \vi 1 lie forced to levy ADDED taxes (o itininlajn aj! (lie henefils we prov do fur our unfortunates. Arkansas' share'of JiM-1 Hating taxes was'nearly ?r>0(),()()0.(IO, Plus $60,(p$ll This Year For RED CROSS, BUM! ES FOR AMERICA, PARALYSIS The Widely Commended Charity Days; Observed .This Season At Arkansas' One Legalized Racing[Meet Provided Well For Three Great .Humanitarian , Efforts, Tpo! , Here's the Evidence D WESTERS U10N AN A. Production with GEORGE COULOURIS 7 STANLEY RIDGES • OSA MASSEN / CARL ESMOND • MANGY GATES / MORRIS CARNOVSKY • GAVIN MUIR Produced by ROBERT GOLDEN Directed by HERBERT J. BIBERMAN f Screen Ploy by Herbert J Biberman. Anne Froelick und.Rowland (cigh imMBBB^^^BBHMBM RITZ THEATRE Blytheville, Ark. TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY HAD IT NOT KEEN I'OH HACINU ($21,110,113 DAY'S I'KOCKKIIS AT TIIE OAKI.AWN TRACK DONATED), RUN'DLKS KOK AMKHICA COt;i.l) NOT HAVE ACCOMPLISHED THE GREAT CIOO» THAT IT HAS DONE FOIl TIIF, WAK EITOKT IN AKKAN- SAS. YOUlt CENTEK IS THE FINEST PKO.IKCT OF ITS KIND IN THE UNITED STATES. YOUIt SE\V1S« ICOPMS IIAVK PltrtDIJCED GARMENTS FOR SEIIVICE FAMILIES IN TIIE THOUSANDS. YOUR CAUK OF TIIE WOUNDED AND YOUR CONSIDERATION FOK THEIR FAMILIES HAS BEEN A MOUAI.E IIUII.DKK |!EY()NI) COMl'HK- HENSION. TO LOSE THIS EFFORT WHICH IS' AM, TURNED TO THE GREATEST GOOD'OF OUR OWN FIGHTING MEN WOULD BE A NATIONAL CALAMITY. , , GERTRUDE TORREY, TRES, nUNDI.ES FOR AMERICA. VOTE AGAINST ADDED TAXES! VOTE AGAINST CURTAILED TAX BENEFITS! March 16, 1944 "It is with a feeling of deep grnti- t\ule that \ve wish to acknowledge (March 1C) the.receipt of your, check (day's proceeds ot trie - : OAKLAVVN RACE TRACK) lo the .amount of $20,005.07,. representing your, .contribution to the Garland County Chapter'of the American ncd Cross for the year 1314 . . * ' ' ' ' "'. . . H may Iiirlhcr Interest you to know that of the total fluid raised In our campaign, 54.8% remains'; In Hoi Springs for use Joqally^ nnd the remainder is used to-,relieve* the sufferings nnd the vicissitudes 'which beset our toys in nil areas of military operation throughout ' • "Please'be assured that?we greatly appreciate your splendid Assistance in this cause and tiintivb'jiVpe'you srjall be in a position to remember us again nt a future time.", .vr H. H. TEED, ChRirman,' 1944 Red Cross Campaign. '"Hie $18.613.41 received from a day's proceeds of the Oaklawh' Race Trick last March Is in the hands of the Arkansas State Chapter of the'National 'Foundation for Infantile Paralysis and is being held in escrow, awaiting action of the Junior"Lcague'of'Little Rock,qn plans to build on on annex .to their house to be used for n convalescence home for crippled children. The mAn- cy will be used for preparing arid equipping the rest home when, .the plans are approved." .-*' ^ J. HERBERT GRAVES, ' Chairman, 'Arkansas.State Chapter of the National Foundation for Infanllle"Per:'ysIs. Mark Your Ballot Like This to Keep This Revenue AGAINST !NITJAT|P ACT NO Arkansas Tax Conservation Council Pyramid Bldg. ; -;.;,'.'' Little Rock ..... -•• •--{ — PoHttctl Advertiswrnot.

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