The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 30, 1962 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 30, 1962
Page 11
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Thank you, Clars Frleden, West Betrd, for yew kind remarks fe Tidbits, • Maurice Pearson lefi WeK'3 ofcKestta' t6 go Into ofe niuSieal fields wHefeby tie fett he cotihf f&rthel' hfs ambitions £6 greater advantage, \ an • almost qup'fe from Welk's letter. 1 still rhfts him and wisn tie would decide to return to Wel'k. t have misse'd DicK Keener, too; arid was sbifty to learn of his (Untimely death. n • • A letter from Mrs. Hallard Sny der, Cudahay, Calif., says in part, "This is a beautiful day and everything looks fresh after a nice rain last night. ,E\>erytffiS $SRt§ to see the robins after the |6n| 66fcf winter back hom^, so i am en616s- ing a clipping about rotifiins. We' hope to be home' sbffle time ffl April. I enjoy Tidbits J6 mticnY' Thank you, Mrs. S. The clipftiiS told about the hoa'fd^ of ti&ti that invaded the Sari; Fr'aJicisco area that gof"happily s#a6Ke' on over-ripe pyracafntna berfiesf. According to an aviculturist, Alex Eisenberg, the birds get drunk on over-ripe berries. They don't v/alk away when approached nor do' they fly. * * • A TV pr6gra)n) Iowa fndu^trJ6s, carried ihfei*|stirig facts on buttons-the factory at M&statihe and which I haVe flfiWA'pa'St Sever times. Earl Bradley; i former Al- gonan, was .coUnfy supt, of schools there ma'riy' yerffs.ind retired a few years ago". He' ktiotys Muse* tine from inside,out and. can -tell all about toe buttons, industry as well as other facts of Interest. * * » ' I have been feeding the birds for a long time and it is fun to watch them. I'd like to have seen the group that attacked a waffle tossed out by a friend who told me about the "battle of the waffle". Once convinced it was not an enemy missile, they went at it and consumed it with great gusto. I saw a robin tug at some spaghetti and his surprise must have! been great when he discovered it was not a worm. | * * • Frances Easion was pinned by a doctor (not by her husband) some time ago and if you think it was romance, well do some un-thinking. True, she was pinned, but it was one put in her hip after a fall on ice last winter. Now she is, un-pinned and feels just fine., Says it seems so good to liave the hip Mel riatural. She remains wary of ice; ; • ; . • *• : *.••'. , vWiat a wonderful age we fivt iri and w6uid tBat pui- ariceltols coufd return, and see some of the things ttett htfye' napped M tfi6 pa'^t few ye'afs. .Cffnstmas" five a group of 13 relative's wliich included Mrs. Hortense Ferguson, Lew[s and fa'rriily, vferl on tti'e' fid6k- iip with Mrs. Ferguson's sisters, Mrs. George Horton, White Plains, N. Y,, Mrs. Ruby Wallace, Hollywood/. Calif ij and relatives in Portland; 'Ore. It, was just like being in A fStstii With them. • and "Tillie" Har m California they fiiri Art Linkletter show. iti&f •Would show up iff ffie 4 . fifidfen'ce tot the camera Ml difttted tt Si$ center area SftTo.'n'.tntfge* fiSosen for questions. "Gtt 7 §' y * brother Phil was inter- vievfe'd and gave a witty retort to a question. , » * • When I heard the Robert Rcil- ly's parakeet in the background, I asked her "Does he talk any?" Bob answered from 'nearby, "Oh, he speaks fine parakeet language.' 1 Well, ttiaft the 6nW Kind 1 have eye'f jie'ard from a bird, fiiit owners ,d6 tell ni£ .stoYie's of their bird's wide ENGLISH vocabularies. .-' ..-'.'; ', ' : • ' * • • • • fc of'teW I tfiuiK, Edf Sullivan should quit ffle' buS'fnesS,- egpecial- Iy< when' he has shHeftlng 1 singers whp torture \fs .with chopp'ed up and murdered Old songs, lovely in the 1 original,' 'such as "Let Me Call You Sweetheart','. It na'S.a" .lovely melody and I always wish I were back to the time I was dancing to it's dulcet strains", ftien Ed allows it. to be hacked almost beyond recognition. ' - . • ' • • Aclcle VVhite has been a resident icre several months, coming because her husband Claude .onger able , to care for her and Decause attendants were difficult to get. He is very .faithful in his calls on her, here daily regardless of weather. .They celebrated . their twenty-eighth wedding anniversary Jan. 28. Most of these years Adele las been battling multiple : sclerosis uncomplainingly and with fort- tude. I wish I had a fliagic wand.; Sickness would be abolished in- and/, special,. Awards given to tfiose whose locomotion has beendffnied. i $ i Yup ~ "BMeerf the f'i&fa 6t yduth arid the' _ years 6f retirement cMe th'osl nickel-plated years when you dial* the Work". '_ , : ,-.»,*••», fijcfw about ttlgiris? "SfeiKOgrapfi- er to* friend, "That's.the dre'ss she we*ar$,when she Wants .to look half- My decetit, but.not completely. * * • : When I noticed dn ad "Mouse t>l Organs", musical ihstnirrienfe didn't, come tb my. mind first as should, I v immediately thought of hearts^ stomachs, lungs, etc. Bach of us are indeed a house of organs. * . ' * * Once in awhile tlite sickness and nursing racket can be beaten. To such a gr!6up belongs Ellis' Mains, wh6 had his wife Evelyn, an R.N., •for his hurSe. * « * Mrs. Florence F^ohling, Em rrietsbufg, wife of Henry, a resi- deri't h£fe, left a few days ag6 for McAllen, Tex. with her parents. She went to' assist in the-driving and will be gone about a week. Her parents .will remain 1 for the winter. Henry's birthday was 6b served Jan. 18. » * • You have heard about the "Lost Chord." My story is about the lost "cord." The last seen was in a newspaper-wrapped package in the hail, iri readiness tor repair. When wanted, it wasn't anywhere to be found, and the search has been thorough. Some worri'en were here who may have picked it up by mistake. If you find A heating cord, please phone me. (Hurrah! it's been found-picked up by mistake as I thought.) * • • Mrs. Arthur Wiesc had a phone call recently from' her' husband, who for.seyen months .has been on government construction work at Thule, Greenland; He will be home Feb. 1, a little sooner than he had expected. The trip will be made via jet. and by leaving the base there a't 5 p.m. he' will be iri New- York at 10 p.m. In all, his travel time will be 24 hours, quite a record. Bob Hope arid Jayne Mansfield were there recently with a group of entertainers. It was a bad night, show blowing and making it almost impossible to see. It was only four blocks from Art's place of residence to the place of entertainment, but Art said he wouldn't brave the s^orm even to see Bob. He did see Jayne the following day : at.the quite an ey'efulf, ffc<5 family pet Fritz is licking his chops, presumably lowing the surpri%he got gave' the other day. The lady of house was minus a family for the noon meal, the husband away 0nd the daughter taking ft fist fri&rf at school. Oul! came* fl gefierMf ing of Hamburg, a toasi all the trfmmffigs 1 , fcatsM .. ...... Taking the sandwich and a bottle of pop,to living r6om andjJflaCiflg the refreshments ori I Matt lo> table; she was about to pdrtalte when the phone fang in' anotheY room. She wasn't delayed lohf- but when she got back to her rek past, Fritz was rolling his eyes If? appreciation and licking the la"st crumb from his mouth. The b'est sartdwich a dog ever had. He Was* an "eager eater." « * « While the Gordon Ktifins faer£ in Des Moines attendin'g the SpbffV ShdW, Fairy took time to telephone former Algonan Delia Laird, \vl- clow of the late Warren Laird, The daughter Betty has been married for some tirrie, but most df Us* think of her as still the pr'fetfy" little blonde of six or seven..Ffflry ( said she and Delia covered ,AIgojf& pretty well and I feel flattered that Delia remembered fo ask about me. With the birth recently of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Klinker at OmaHa, .Neb., Mr. arid Mrs. James Walker b e c a rri e', grandparents of their thirtieth grandchild, 14 grandsons and 16 granddaughters. They had hoped Sic new baby would be ; a boy to even the score. She has been named Lavonne Marie and joins seven' ^ther children. The father is in a" Veterans hospital gravely sick with a liver ailment. V • • - • J • Mr. and Mrsr. G. A. Wittkopf were in St. Louis, M6'., Jan. 9, ,10 and 11 attending a National Dairy bueen convention. All 50 of the united States Ceres' represented, to mention Hawaii and Iceland in particular because of the distance'.' Hawaii would be an ideal place to Establish an ice cream business jut Iceland — well, I don't know. it savors of the joke "selling ice ioxes to the Eskimos", except everybody likes ice cream! Mr. W. learned snow in St. Louis is so rare provisions are not made for street clearing as we know it. instead Of the heavy equipment we have, blades are put on garbage trucks and there you are! ST. JOE By Mr* Syf ; Mr., and Mrs. Alvin Erpelding, Celeste and Valdori returned home Monday afternoon from a trip (o and Oklahoma wherfl they visited with relatives flffd friends and also attended th£ Stock Show in Denver. Mr. ahd Mrs. George Wa|h'er, accompanied by Mr. and Mri Nick Reding from.Whittemore, left wedriesday f&r Arizona to visit Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Reding arid Tc/esetay, January 30, 1962 Atgona (la.) Upper Des Motne*-fe Wflgncr and sons irf M riho to help Mr. and Mrs. fio Reding and family get settled in their home in Scottsdale. The Bob Redings left Monday for Arizona. Phil Bormann had his tonsils anfl aderioids removed in M6rcy hospital, Fort Dodge, Wednesday. iPhil, s6n of Mr. Inti fifrl Cfarenci Bormann, is a freshman at Cfarr> gan. Mrs. Tony Weydert entertained the R-Nu Club Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Nicholas Weydert, Mrs. F'elef kifsch and Mrs. Adeline Wagner receiving prizes. STORApr CABINETS, metal, 'Js.ldpp'fe'f lies Moines. " • DRESS-UP YOUR HOME NOW ! Choose From 3 Floors! ^ ^^~~~~~— -^~^~~^. ^^^^^^^^^--^^^ Carpeting - Draperies - Furniture At BjustromV? you can sec all three matchecj in perfect balance. No guesswork! Our decorating cons ultartt will help you ! i YOU GAN BE SURE YOU'RE RIGHT When you buy at EASY TERMS Cwftom Drapery 11 by Decorating || Consultant FfeEE DUST PROOF VAN I iFUlRNITURE CO TERMS I will sell at Public Auction the following described personal property on the farm located five mifes east of EsthervHIe, loWa, oh highway 9, then '/4 mile north, or one* mile east of Griivef, Iowa, corner, then '/4 mile north, on — Al Sale Staff* dt 11:30 aim. Church Group Serving Lunch 180 Head of Livestock 180 CAfftE 18 Head Black Angus Cows Ctirhirig with 2nd calf. 8 Head of Shorthorn Cows Coming With 2nd calf. 30 Head of Hereford Cows All ebwsr brecl back to these choice Hereford Bulls. 2 Registered Hereford Bulls Coming 3 yrs. old. All Federal TB arid Bangs Tested. HOGS 45 Landrace Black Poland China Cross Gilts Bred to La rid r dee Boars St'art farrowing Feb. 25th Auctioneers' Note: This will be the finest set of gilts' to be sold this spring arid will weigh 450-475 Ibs. 20 Young Ewes Bred tb lamb iri February. 57 Mixed Steers writf HeSfef Calves Heifers c6lfhood Vaccinated arid TB tested. Wintered on silage and just right ttf 88 Sfi g76ss ffifs" spring. MACHINERY 7 fffAGTORS—f 960 Gase Model 900, 1000 hours, like new; 1959 Case Model 8*0(0) Case A-Mdtic With full cab; 1954 Sup'er MTA, Live PoWer; ifef 6 International Crawler — C6rnglete with heavy duty Int. dozer, tfiis crawler has been on my farm since new cfflcf Has 2,850 Hours. Have just spent $675iOO {Juifihg trii* rtiachind ih A-l shape. Repair bill from GiBlbs CooR aWil- able day of sale; International H — compiefe wfth neW rubber, live pump and flew FajfiHHand loader. Loader bucket Hydraulic; controlled 1 arid iompfe^e with snow scoop, maniife bucKSt and blade; 2 8N Ford tractors, A-T. 2 TRUCKS - 1960 International 160 with heavy duty 304 V-8 engine, complete wi% /foist and box. Bought new, 18,000 actual miles; 1953 Chevrolet panel. POWER EQUIPMtNT — Mc-D. model 2MH, complete with grease barik" aW sheller/ like new; Mc-D. model 76 combine, complete with pickup, straw spreader and P.T.O., like rfew; Lundell offset field harvester, complete with 2-rbw corrl head, hay conditioner, stalk chbp'per, like new; Mc-D. 6-row corn planter, complete with liquid fertilizer, insecticide rind Aldfih^att. Double disc openers. r>JeW last year; Case 6-row cultivat&r/ neW last yeSf; 18-ft. Gc7se yi/rieel tandem disc, 20-in. blades, 9-in. spacing, notch discs in front. fVev7 Ittst yetir; Gds€ 150-bu. spreader, power take-off, V-belt drive; Case plow, 5-14-in., hydraulic, high ctetifclfite, Mffi trip bottoms, new last year; Case 6-row rotary hoe, built-in rubber-tired transports/ fW6 ySdrs 6ld; Case blower, 40-ft. pipe, power take-off drive; Melroe drag, 7-section, complete with rubber- tired evener, like new; Mc-D. 18-ft. tandem land roller, like new; Mc-D. 3-16-in. heavy duty plow, model 16-L, hydraulic. OTHER MACrllNERV'- Field sprayer, trailer type, new last year; Machine trailer; Int. field cultivator; Int. 50t baler; Pollard Windrow turner; John Deere 48-ft. elevator, wide type, heavy duty chain, power take-off; 48-ft. Kelly Ryan elevator, new last year; Int. seeder, with 12-bu. hopper, mounted on flare box; Int. 15-ft. disc; Mc-D. 2-row cultivator, model 238, with new sweeps; New 14-ln Wards Hammer Mill, with traveling feed table, auger discharge.and power tdke-off drive/ 2 months old. , WAGONS — Three barge-type boxes; Two self-unloading wagon boxes; Int. wagon gear; Four John Deere Wagon gears; 4-wheel gas wagon, ibrriplefe with tank arid pump; Electric Wagon. TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT — Seven nearly new electric motors, ranging from Vz h.p. to 1 !/2 h.p.; Five electric fencers; 16-ft, portable elevator; 16-ft. portable auger with rubber-tired transports; 40-ft. aUger. FORD EQUIPMENT - Ford mower, highway-tyfje side rrtount; Ford oufley; Ford rotary stalk cutter; Ford side delivery rake; Ford utility box; FOrcf cultivator; Ford Made; Ford post hole LIQUID FERTILIZER! EQUIPMENT - 4,000-GoHon Bulk Tank eorripdete with new pump, motor and hoses, this tank was coated inside, has been used two years and is like new; Four 575-Gal. Tanks, cornblete with valves and hoses. FEED - 2,000 Bales Alfalfa Hay, put up with Lundell conditioner; 3,006 Bales of Straw; 300 Bales of Oat Hay. FEEDING EQUIPMENT - 90-ft. Blend-O-Matic U-trough feeder for automatic feeding; Balzer Mixing Feed Wagon - 20 nearly neW feed Bunks; 16-ft. Hay Bufik; Stock Ldddmg Chute, o'h wheels; 20-ft. Hay Bunk, on rubber-tired gear; Eight Blair Cattle Scratches and Oilers; Miscellaneous Hog Waterers, Feeders, Hog Troughs; 2 Walk-In Hog Feeders, etc. SEVERAt PORTABLE BUILDINGS - 6-Pen Doanne Hog House. Three 4-Pen Hog Houses. MANY OTHER ITEMS TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION Tf RMS - Ovi/ner will finance all off-season machinery as well as the calves providing prospective buyers make ar- rcingemerits with owner prior to sale. Usual auction terms to apply to balance of sale. WAYNE H. GRIM, owner CLARK, CLARK, AUCTIONEERS IOWA TRUST ^ SAVINGS BANK, ESTHIRVIWe,

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