The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 16, 1946
Page 8
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I»AGE EIGHT ULYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUKSDAV, APRIL 10, 194(5 Major Leagues Opening Today ; Tntmon To Toss First •Bail At Washington; •Huge Crowds Expected By CARL. LUNDQUIST NEW YORK, April 16. (UP)—The «ong says "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," but America was ready to without being led. Tills was a doy to forget about nylon lines, black marketeers, high rents, low beer supply, sugar rationing, shortages of shorts, shirts, suits, »nd the delay on the delivery of that Papoose Gndders To Wind Up LaWSOII, Moody Training With Practice Game llf . . ft Win Arena Bou! "1'op" Mosicy's Junior High pn- doing banij-up Jobs at f swing into action at Ilaley Field Thursday night in a mil-length practice gume ending their two weens or spring training. Some 35 ambitions youngsters will take the Held In the Intra-squad contest which will mark their final grid activity until September 1. The squad has been divided Into t.vo teams. "Reds" and the 'Whites." One eleven will be captained by a promising young quarterback, E. B. Gee Jr., white the opposing team will lake orders from sturdy Jim Garner, guard. "Pop", who lias been driving the larts steadily during the past two 19*6 automobile. weeks, is oiienlj- enthusiastic over It WHS a day even to forget about his IS-tG prospects, but one of his tht Iranian question and the atom bifgcst disappointments Tliursdoy bohib. ' I night may be his inability to show Baseball, the genuine pre-war Blytheville fans his newest back- brand, was ready to take over the field star. Roger Lum, who has American sporting scene and tho been showing His heels to evcry- fahs were ready to respond by turn- thing on the squad this spring but Ing out better than 250,000 Strom who may be tumble to perform lor the major league openers, ' Thursday night because uf parental The world still is full of compli-! objections. cations on this day seven months nf-' "Pop." who tet the Japanese surrender, but in major league baseball, reconversion 1ms been swift and efficient and the fullback, back is halfback. Hough" Lutes, ends, and Kenneth Hood, "Holland" Ht/hugh, Another likely-looking Harold Hoiieycutt. right Up front, Ihe I'apooscs also hiive several standouts, notably Donald Bunch nnd Jim Garner guards, ami tackle. All of Ihese youngsters al>cl ()tll ~ ova will dismay their wares for tlic fans Thursday nli;ht In ;i bciiclll game tx' at 8 o'clock. Midget League Teams To Meet At Gymnasium Teams or junior High School MidKCt, League will meet niiiiln lo- nlghl at, .the gymnasium t« try for another victory ill their tourn- Hincnt. which will end In Muy. At the Iftst games. Thursday! night, The Wildcats lost to the Roberts Substitutes For Thomas, Teaming With Bill Cozell Buck Lawson and Jack Moody were victorious over Heel Roberts and 1)111 Co/.ell in last night's urc.slliiiB show at the American Legion Arena. It was necessary to substitute Roberts for George Tho- 1 mas due }o the fact that Thomas wns not released from the Florida Circuit In time to appear here. There wasn't a slow moment luring the entire evening. In the first fall of the msin event Lawson and Roberts won the loss he coin and got the action nuclei way. Toward ihe close of the fal standard of play on all fronts deli-, nltclv should be better than nt any ] territory. 'tinrp thn 1141 seismi tile head ol lilt IIUIIM; >u muo...j . since me i;m season. I ., v hich has sent from its portals Kach team has plnyed three knows his football players, hails Royer Him as "the creatcst halfback prospect who ever slcppcd on Haley Field." That statement takes In a lot of especially coining from of the House nf Mosley In the nation's capital, southpaw Hurrv Truman, whose principal :--• - • , „ „„ .,.,,„ cUini to baseball fame is that he *y" Russell ami N°'™«' Y; hulls from the same stale., ns Morton' Monk." nil of whom ha ve wo.It h Cooper, a pretty fharp right hander, I distinction the livery of AUb.nmi s will officially Inaugurate the season I Crimson r " Ie by tossing out the first ball. | "Pop" milkes no secret of «ie After that, pitcher Truman, who fact thai lie Is sold on Roger Lum is taking the afternoon off from his: us a prospective star. duties as President of the United "The boy has speed, co-ordlna- SUtes. will sit down and enjoy the lion nnd courai'1." "Pop says. ball game between the Washington' "We certainly hope lie will be Senators and Boston Red Sox. Meanwhile. Cooper, his fellow townsman-.. . from Independence. Mo, is expected I There nrc plenty of other pood- to slioulder the pitching assign-»looking youngsters with the Paps. ip«nt for the Boston Braves In their opener against the visiling Dodgers but he won't get even part of the afternoon off unless Brooklyn b;U- Uke a liking to his forkball Tigers who chalked of 13 against 7 for ents. up a score their oppon- Thc second game, seventh jjrndc loiuiis. ciuled with a Q-G victory for the Dodgers. Losers were ihe GI nuts. Mirh talented ijerfonners as "Her- ith the I'aiJooses this games nnd up to tonight winners nre as folloxv.s: Seventh Grade: Dodgers, 3 Crowns, 'A Yankees, 1 GiiiuU. 0. Eighth tirade Bobcats, 3 Tigers, 2 Lions, I Wildcats. 0. Moody succeeded in getting co/cll over to his corner and in spile of Referee Meroney's efforts to break up Ihe two on one fight they succeeded in getting Coxell so mtichy that he attacked his own partner, Roberts, when he tried to help him to the corner. It took Lawson and Moixly 25 minutes to pin bolh opponents for victory in the first full. There wns more comedy In the second fall of the tag match than could be found in a three ring circus. Lawson Roberts in a mighty vicious headlock on the oilier side of the ring. Conell decided that he would aid his partner In recovering from this unfortunate pose so started to his rcs- :ue. About, Ihe time Jii reached \ .lii'in Roberts broke free and thlnk- ni{. co/ell to be his opponent inched him squarely 'on the jaw. . punching feat ensued much to he approval of Ihe opposing, team, luwson and Moody. Afler Roberts tiid com>l had about knocked llu'iiific.'lvo.s out It wasn't too difficult for Lawson and Moody to tlicm. At the end of the fall Ijii\v.soil was drubbing Roberts ,irounc( then decided Hut I he would «ivi' hill! :m airplane spin, He ii'uchrcl down and started to hoist Roberts to his shoulders. He was loo (irc-d. He just couldn't make it so he fell over on Robert:; and \vun the full with a body pin. Roberts being so tired he couldn't uet ul>. In the preliminaries it was clis- (.•overed that Roberts is a skillful wrestler as well as a rough stuff arlist. He nnd Lawson put on an exhibition of skillful scientific wrestling which is a rare occurancc in modern wrestling here or any- svhere else. Several times during the match they had to be untangled by mutual consent both having a good hold on the other and ncllhcr being able to break. Lnw- I linally won with a body pin. Co/.ell was 12 minutos knocking Moody out with his lists and then limnf; across him for the techni- cid body pin and victory in the first preliminary. Pawmeen Members Hold 4-H Meeting A meeting of the Pawliccn 4-H Club was held Wednesday, with Benny Mctlieny presiding. Twenty- eight club members and five visitors were \rosent. The group sang. led by liobbio Uyrd, SOUK captain. Special visitors at the meeting were Gerald Cassidy and Perry Lee: Adklsson of the Armorcl 4-H Club. They gave a demonstration on • arm machinery maintenance and farm safety. Also. H. B. Shcppard. farm labor assistant, was present to check with the pupils and determine how many of their families had been going to the straw- captain, reported four; and Melthn Uyrd, room improvement captain, reported seven. Evelyn Kinder wns a visitor. :jerry harvest. Reports were given by the following captains: Don Gulp, cotton captain, reported one; J. W. May. calf captain, reported 10; Martin Halchcr. corn captain, reported two; Max Gulp, gardening and canning captain, reported five; Wanda Lee Haughn. clothing captain, reported five; Bobbie Jean Byrd, poultry Dr. W. E. Blauvelt, a New York litiitc entomologist, discovered the HU'etivencss of ''aobcncne 1 ' as ;i new fumignnt for controlling red spicier mite, one of the major posts of greenhouse roses. The new method, he expects, will save rose growers at least $100,000 a year. Steele News Tech. Sergt. James Banks, son of Mr. and Mis. Johnnie Grant, lias received a discharge from the army ut Fort Leavomvorth, Kails. Calvin c. Cole, yeoman first class, son or Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cole, ha.s been discharged from the Navy ot the Separation center in Memphis. He is a veteran of 18 months service, of which 12 months were in the Pacific Theater. Hilly N. May, radio man second class, son of Mrs.. Nora May. has been returned to civilian life through the Navy's separation center at Memphis. A veteran of 32 months duty, lie was In the Pacific Theater 18 months. Staff Sergt. Vernon Woodard, soi of Will Woodard, has received f discharge, from the Army at Camp Chaffee. A veteran of 25 month? rervicc, he spent 12 months In the Pacific. $25 Reward for information enabling] me to secure a 6 or 7 room unfurnished house. Contact E. V. (Buck) Tomlinson Phone 2335 — 119 East Ash A NATURAL AID FOR Hyper-Acidity OF THE STOMACH Mountain Valley Water Is a natural aid In helping eliminate wastes from the system. Not laxative, It works gently through the kidneys. Ask your doctor about this famous health waler from Hot Springs, Ark. It has been prescribed for more than 6 yean. Free booklet on request. ORDER A CASE. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Blytheville, Ark. CHICK THEATRE 'Where Happiness Cost* So Little" Wrrk Day*: Btart* at 7 f. m. however. Gee and Hay arc sparkling at quartcroack. Larry Lutz rind Billy Victory, brother of former Chick star J. T. Victory, arc («rs specialty. ' Baseball last year was probably more prosperous than it had any right to be considering the quality of play from the oldslcrs and rooK- tes who carried on while the real stars were off" to war. But that prosperity is expected to pale ! n toniparison with the boom that is in . prosi>ect for Ihe coming campaign. ':' For example, estimated crowds for the openers, based on advance ticket sales, will be, better than double those for the same teams in IQIfi opening games, provided the weather is decent. \ The estimated attendance for today's openers compared wilh 1915. opening day crowds at the same' porks. American League I91fi 1845 at. Louis at Detroit 55.000 28,357 Boston at Washington 35,000 2-M04 New York nt Philndel. 2S.OOO G 000 Cleveland at Chicago 25,000 3,049 -'.Totals .!' 140,000 62.500 National League Chicago at Cincinnati 30.000 M.05Q Philwdcl. at New York 50.000 12.G-10 Brooklyn at Boston 15,000 9,02t Pittsburgh at St. Louis 15,0:10 Totals 111.000 57,760 Totals (2 leagues) 251.000 120.2CO At the Polo Grounds for the New •York-. -Giant-Philadelphia' Phillies' opener, Gov. Thomas E. Dewey promised to be on hand to throw out the first ball. New York's ucw may- i LOCAL LADY SPIT UP ACID LIQUIDS FOR HOURS AFTER EATlNfc For hours nfter every, a Local lady used to spit u|> n strong, acidulous liriuid mixed with pieces of half-digested food. She says It was awful. At times she would nearly strangle. She had stomach bloat, daily hcndnchcs and constant Irregular bowel action. Tod*y, tills lady cats her meals and enjoys them. And she says the change is due tc takinp INNEH- AID. Her food agrees with her. No gas, bloat or spitting up after eating. She is also free ot headaches now,-and bowels arc regular, thanks to this Remarkable New, Compound. INNER-AID contains 12 Great Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear: pas from stomach, act on sluugish liver and kidneys. Miserable pco- j pie soon feel different all over. So don't BO on suffering! Get INNER- AID. Sold by all drug stores here In Blytheville. Coopers Town, a village ol prefabricated housing iinltsffor married veterans lit Ihe University ot Kentucky, hns .set up its own city government, with a mayor and city council controlling the mmiiclpa' unit. or. William O'Owycr, said he was pnssiiiE up the Giani opener to officiate for his home team, the Brooklyn IDodKcrs. when thev open at 131)bets Field on Thursday. O'Dwycr's predecessor, F. II. I-n- Guimtii). UKM ;o lake In the openers ill all three parks nnd developed n first rate pitching arm during his three terms as mayor. PILES Hurt Like Sin! But Now I Grin Tlimifiiri'ls chniiKr grnnm (o [irins. UHC ft roil r/'irf'iiV foi imiliv fnr flisii^s ol piles: si>nl ilniKKl;:!*! I'y imlfMl Thornton & iiir. HiirprlsJiiB QUICK ji r of ]»nin. Ucrli, a Minn tiv ing Tlm Follow lr»w " AL «U . , .. n liiird piirtsi lontlM to tlnin^ swell L'F<' tiiH'inrn' wny tcxlny. (i**L hil>« titoii K.- Minrn's I^'rlnl Oinlinctit or nlon & Mlnur 1U-CUU Ht illrt-diuiM. If n HI li<; rrfnndcil on Or tic s'Oi'fia ovgrvvv USED CARS WANTED We will pay you the full OPA Ceiling plus your extra equipment. If you arc Ki>ii>K l(> keep your presunl cur lei us you mi estim.iic on reconclilioiiing your motor, body iinil yainling.- Crtdit terms tmi 1)« iirrnngeti Tires, Tillies and auto anil hnnii! radios for sale. Lee Motor Spies, Inc. TUESDAY BUDDY NIGHT 15c to All 'Two O'Clock Courage" \vilh Tom Ocmway and Ann Rutherford Also Shorls WedrteiHav ft T DOUBLE' FEATURE "The Black Parachute" with John Car-ratlin and Os:i Musscri "Atlantic City" wilh Brad Tuylor and Constance Moore Also Short New Theater Manila's Finest Satarday &, Sunday, Mai. 1 o'clock Sunday & Tuesday NlghU, S:3» o'clock AH other nights 8 o'clock Oldsiuobilc iCasl Main SI. GiMC Trucks I'hunc 519 (Sump-Pumps) Are Available Again AT LANTER'S HARDWARE CO., INC. OPEN 6:45; STARTS 7 p. m AIR CONDITIONED Tuesday BARGAIN NIGHT "THE KID SISTER" with Kogcr Prj'or and Judy Clark FLUK SERIAL ..and COMEDY Admission lOc nnd 14c Wednesday & Thursday 'Vacation From Marriage' NOT ON YOUH TINTYPE! .Grandma looks calm and collected as she poses for posterity, but she wasn't ' -not on your tintype! Getting her family ready, for this picture was a • long, weary'business,' j The day this'phofo was snapped, Grandma was up at dawn, wrestling Twith the old wood stove, coaxing the kettle to boil, cooking breakfast And ' the day before, she ironed the mountain of starched clothes that hajjneeded 'such hard scrubbing. The day before that-. But that was Grandma's life. She didn't know any other kind. Her "way of housekeeping took lots of time, lots of elbow grease. In Grandma's gayest dreams she never imagined the time would come when a woman would have dozens of electric servants daily for the cost of a bar of soap. • J Electric service - ready and willing around the clock and calendar"is a modern miracle Grandma missed by being born too soon. But electrical "dependability (and cheapness, too) didn't happen by accident. Not on your 'tintype! They've the result of plenty of hard work and practical experience 'on the part of your neighbors who operate this company. • K.OC NELSON EOOY ir, "THE EtECTRIC HOUR" with Rob.rt Armbn»l«r'» Orch.ltrQ. Sunday., -1:30 P. M, f DST, CBS Network. Tuesday PAL NITE Identity Unknown' Kicharrf Arlen ' Cheryl Walker Serial: "The Monster .t The Ape" Also Shorts Wednesday & Thursday 'WILSON 1 ••*. (In Technicolor) Alexander Knox Charles Co burn GcraltHiic ViUpcrald News of Hie Day A Shorls )uc to the length of the picture icrc will be only nnn show each night, beginning at 7:30 o'clock. R1TZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Box office opens at 7:00; ricluto slarls :il 7:15. —BARGAIN NIGHT— "JUNIOR PROM" Admission lOc and He wilh Vrcclilic Sleivart. .tune Preif- scr. .ludy Clark, Frank D.irro, and 1 Three Famous Orchestras — Romance and Rhylhm at the Tecn- Age Canteen for the Tecn-Agcrs, tft's Our Business to Serre t/ou _ ' Wednesday & Thursday "WILD FIRE" (In Gorgeous Colori With Bob Stccte, Sterling Holloway, Virginia Maples and Sarah Padtlcn. Slory of the wild horse who risked dentil to save the lives ot two men 'who had saved him. Also Tivo Shorls and News

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