The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 23, 1962 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1962
Page 14
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Ottosen Host To 7 Guests •'We American Legion „ held lift all-day 1 rag sewing Tuesday at the Home of Mrs. Martin Meyer, thirteen todies ww,e, present for the p&t luck din- [nef. ' <- ' ' [ Me AilkJlfary received the Lib- IerJ,y ..B6l) 'Citation and two bell Irirtger awards for having attained |fhe,-l*82 quota by Nov. 12, 1961. IMrs. LeRoy Worby read an article Ion rehabilitation. - , Progressive dub ' ' Tne Progfles'IVe dub'met Monday at the home of Mrs. Fred Kampen. Mrs. Harold Mountain gave scripture. The ladies ar<j having the county club meeting at 'he Lutheran church here Mar. 6. Mrs. Oliver Lee gav4 the lesson fcn Wisconsin. Mrs. Ralph ftich- Irds had recreation which Waff a TJible quiz. ' * I Guests Were Mrs. Howard Hel- gckson, Mrs. Mike Coyle,<Mrs/ nie Leist and Mrs. Clara Sol- — . , [Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Morgan nd four children rhoved Monday •om Ottosen to Rolfe. ' I Mr. and Mrs. 'Louis Jacobson nd family were "Jan. 9 supper uests at the Edward Zfanel home ' help Leslie Zinnel celebrate her rthday. IMrs. Sam Kropf was hostess to e Ladies Rural Club and their isbands at an-all. day meeting. hursday. Twenty-three Were pres- nt at the pot luck "dinner. For creation they 'enjoyed two con- its. The club (anniversary, which lin February, iwai discussed. LONE ROCK fey Mrs Darryl Householder Ir. and Mrs. 'Maurice Weisbrod family were,Sunday .visitors in. Be Leonard, Hplsf'home in Altia. They made the acquaintance the Holst'S; new daughter, fvonne Maureen, born Jan. 8 in he hospital" at Britt. The baby eighed 7 Ibs, and 4 ozs. Grantl- narents are Mr. and Mrs. Harvey ia'th'of Algona. " and Mrs. Clinton Rath were Sunday guests in:the Dale'Schroe- er, home. They helped celebrate he birthday of the Schroeder's (£, Michael.' " ^-••w^- '>**' - ' Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fuoss and, Sddie, called Sunday in the Louis lerninghaus home. Also Sunday liers were Mr. and Mrs. Donald lansen and daughter, Charlynu, |nd Mr. and Mrs. 'Jim Berning- aus. :'•,'" ;'•;."; : Mr. and Mrsj John Berninghaus ere Saturday ^visitors in the par- ntal Louis Berninghaus home. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Berninghaus ailed in the Earl Fuoss home Wednesday evening. They cele- rated tne birthdays of Mr. joss and their son, Eddie. Mr. and Mrs. Merwyn Hurlburt nd family were Sunday guests i the Dale Schroeder home they elped Michael Schroeder cele- rate his 2nd birthday. ,, ..' ' ., Mrs. MefwFn Hurlburt and childfefi called in the home of Mr. afid Mrs. Paul Zuraach flear Fenton Tuesday, ' Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Smith of Wesley were-Sunday dinner guests in the Emil Person home. Mr. and Mrs. Ardcn ttovey were Sunday dinner guests in the Clarence Hoyey.hohie at'Armstrong. Mr. and Mrs'. Bbb"Marlow attended a party In the David Lynch home Friday evening. They helped the Lynches celebrate then 26th wedding anniversary. Mrs. Roger Radig and son called in the Earl Bowman home in Algona Friday. , Mr. agd ijrs. -Garryl Householder $nd Vieki Jo,Were Monday evening 'visitors 'in the Carl Olson home at LIvermore. Mr. and Mrs. Garryl Householder and Vicki JO were Thursday supper guests 'in the Richard Stucki home at Penton. They celebrated Jeffrey Stucki's first birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Marlow and Rodney of Burt were also guests. ' Mrs. Leo Wood of Whittemore spent, Monday visiting in the home ot Mrs. Mary Genrich. Mr.-and v Mrs. Bob Seefeld and Bret of Wesley visited Thursday evening in the Tracy Stone home. Mrs. Bernard 'Kramer and daughter, Shelly, joined their husband and father 1 , Bernard Kramer, who is-stationed with, the army at ?ort Sill, Okla. They 'are living in Lawton, Okla. •''.,-,' Mr. and Mrs'. Maurice Weisbrod jailed on Mrs. Martha Rath and Mrs. eiarerice ; ;'0"sb6rn at Holy Family hospital. =in Estherville Friday. . ' "o Mr. and Mrs..Howard Bierstedt were Sunday ^callers iniUie Orville Kressin home. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schadendorf were Sunday callers in the. home of Mrs. Frauke Sichadendorf in Dakota. "<;•', Mr. and Mrs.,Walter Thompson. ; Notlco ol Incorporation 1C It I. INSURANCE AQ'ENCY. INC. J • Notice la herebygiven that there n«s •been incorporated under the provisions lot the Iowa Business Corporation Act, "Selng chapter 321 Pi the laws of the ..flth General Assembly of the State of [Iowa, and acts amendatory thcreol, corporation as follows: . i. The name of the corporation Is Ip & L INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. I 2. The corporation began Its exlst- lence January 15, 11)02, and is to have [perpetual duration. I 8. The corporation shall hove un[ limited power tp engage in, and to up any lawful apt concerning any or ah t lawful bu*injits.for wjiich corporations [ may be organized under the Iowa Business Corpprailon Act. •4. The aggregate number of shares of stock which the cprppralion shall have authority to issue Is 6,000 shares pf 'capital stock, all of the same class. o| the par value of $10 per share. I S. The address of the corporal ton's registered office Is The Security btale Bank, Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa. the name of its registered agent at nich address is C. W. Conn. . ' T fl. The names and addresses of the : Directors of the corporation as designated in Its articles of Incorporation «fe C. W. Cnnr "wia, Iowa, and It. By C^ W."c, ! oT>n,^^ President 13) attended funeral services of Mrs. Sam, Mcdelsh of Bancroft Thurs« day tfiorning. 'Mf. "and Mrs. Gene Blanchard and family of Spencer were Tuesday visitors in the Ben Schmidt homti. Mr. and Mrs. Blanchard and Mrs. Schmidt visited their father and grandfather, Henry Sche'ppmann of 'Algona, who is b. patient in. the St. Ann,hospital there. Mr. Scheppmann is recovering 'nicely from surgery he ro- celve'd Saturday morning. Mr, and Mrs. Frank Flaig attended the, Isaac Walton League dinner Thursday evening at A Al- gpna! :• , : . .Mr; and Mrs. Gehardt Krause and family of Kanawha and Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Krause and family pf I Fenton were guests in the Elmer Krause home Sunday. They celebrated the 7th birthday of Da. vid Krause. ' Bancroft News Mrs.- Perry Torino left Monday for several days with her daughter's family. Sue will care for the Fred Hudson - children while Mr. and Mrs. Hudson are in California. Mrs.; Clyde Eckhart returned home from Holy Family hospital, Estherville, where she had been a patient for several days. Duane _ and : David McGliesh, Chicago, came for'the.funer.aT of their grandmother Mrs. Anna Mc- Cliesh,., and spent several days with their' parents, Mr, and Mrs,. Glen McClieK. Larry Eckhart, Chicago, spent the weekend with his parents, the Clyde Eckhartk I>:r. and Mrs. Delbert • Ferguson are parents of a daughter Born Jan, 17'at Holy.Family hospital, Estherville. They now have a family of three girls. Kay Menke, Mary and David Welp spent the weekend with their parents here., Mary Lee Ringer mjfsfXlnt the week with their igrandparefifcsY the Richard Menkes,' ' Kelatives from here ,.attei$p§ the funeral and burial of-, Ted Green at Ledyard were Mrs.' Mulligan and family. Mr. iind Francis* Schiltz and Mrs. ' Ji Govern. • RESTED Mrs. Mdrie Hanseh , Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Nielsen Of Cedar Falls visited Wednesday afternoon! at the home of Mrs. Ellif Nelsen. They were Wednesday overnight guests at the Carl BOn* nicksen home. Mrs. Anna jonansen entertained her brothers, John E. Hansen'of Eagle Grove and Wm. Hansen of Ottosen and their wives Saturday at her home. The occasion was Mrs, Johansen's birhday. Her son; Herluf and family and granddaughter, Nancy Johansen were also guests. The DenmarK Dandies Boys 4-H club officers, David Hansen, Jam r es Miller, Raymond Justice and Fred Christiansen met Saturday evening at the, Cecil Christiansen home to plan the year's calendar. The first American, turnpike, known as Little River Turnpike, was authorized in Virginia in 1785. Today, Americans travel on over 750,000 miles of highway. To familiarize motorists; with the luxury and comfort of driving a new car, auto ;manufacturers last year spent over $80 million in newspaper advertising. To get your prospect lukewarm, you have to get yourself red hot. . '• Here arc the winders' in the •'Business Firm Slogan Contest*' as presented In last week's Algona Upper Des Moiries. 'Thl correct ttamos were also printed Jah. 16, and in a slipup this: news story ftas accidentally omitted. " ? Winners may receive their one dollar award by calling fct the Upper Des Moines. - Algona — Margaret Hee.rdt, Chuck Bloom, Mrs. B. G. Rbvn, Wally Hill, Mrs.. Henry- Zwiefel, Bertha Hardgrove, A. J. Ricklefs, Mrs. R. W. Wetzel, Cary Lane, Jackie Kelley, Mrs. Ralph !Moe, Mrs. Ray Cook, Bette Schumacher, Evert M. Richardson, Cheryl Rusk, Jim Buscher, Mfs. Alex Eisciien, Mrs. Stanley Garman, Jean ijigsbee, Debbie Keljey, Charles Devine, Mark Conn, Mrs. } A. L. Benschoter, Russell Kelley, iMary Ann Sigsbce and Roger Strom. ,. . Whittemore — Mrs. • Dennis Zumach, Edna Potra'tz, Mrs. John L'. Carlson. • Armstrong — Clifford McGregor. Irvington — Mrs. Verl R. Patterson, Mrs. John Altman. , Wesley — Delmar Mains,' W. A. Hammond. . - ; .. • ' .Titonka — Mrs. Anios Krominga, Mrs. Eldon Attig. J •:' Sexton — Thomas Arndorfer. > Bode — Mrs. Peter Kirscn, Mrs. Raymond Thilges,'. Mr^sf Dave Bernhard. . "Burt — Robert Lovstad, Lewis Heerdt. •> ''i West Bend — Elaine Fehr. Rodman — Michael French. Ottosen — Mrs. Dennis Wagner, Jr. • • . ' -..;- v .v • 'St. Benedict — Stela Arndorfer. Lakota —, Mrs. ^George Ban- marin. r Bancroft — Mrs. John Shay. Teaching Course With Credits Starts Feb. 5 I ; Residents of the Algona area — especially teachers — will have an opportunity to earn college credits through an evening course being offered by the Drake University Community College this spring semester. ' Education 128 *- "Teaching Social Studies" — is one of 36 courses which Drake University faculty members will be conducting in 31 Iowa communities. The significance of social understandings for improved living conditions will be covered extensively. The development of experience units and the selection and use of materials in teaching social studies at the elementary level will be a major part of the coiirse. Three semester hours of undergraduate college .credit can be earned upon successful completion of the course. , 'Richard E. Banister, Fort Dodge, will teach the class. He has bachelor of arts and master of arts degrees in education from the University of Nebraska. Classes will be held'each Monday evening, 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the Algona'high school. Registration for the course will be Monday, Feb. : 5, followed by a class period. ;"•'.•• Tuesday, January 29, 1962 AtflQna (la.) Upper Dat Meln«*~7 New Pastor At YOU SAW IT Burt Church Suit — Burt residents welcomed a new family, Rev. Clarence Sh'anrioii family, who came to Burl from Minneapolis. Rev. Shannon will be pastor of the Burt Full Gospel church. The family includes Rev. and Mrs. Shannon, Linda, in 6th grade, David, a 4th grader, Phillip/a 2nd grader, Johnnie, a kindergartner, Paul, 2 years, and Peter, 1 month. ADVERTISED IN THE UPPER DES MOINES MEN AND MACHINES BEHIND YOUR ELECTRIC SERVICE /NUMBER 5 r/iii Corporation has been lormu uner he provisions of Chapter 321 o the (&V8 of the Jfllty-ElBlitn Genural ^ As- wnbly (lUiiU) unucr me jianie ot IOWA BJ5EN KING CORPO&AI'ION With JU (TTncipal place 01 business in the City <l Algona Kossulh County, Iowa, su d ftirporation havhi« been author Usd to mmencc puslnebs as of the *«>?»,* January, A. U. Wi< and the dwr*- of er business as laws of the Slate of lowu undvr which said C6rpor«t(on was prgmiUea. •a'hc aggregate numbur ol slvurc» ul «ock wnfclv iald Corporation is uu >• mte<i to Issue Is »6.0Up »liaroii of "»« cltiss pf common stock with «o par 1 iton. .l^O-j^jj Uay Qt Jumu ,ry, A, U, wimiii£i$<M "LINE CREW, A Symtol of Service." Howard Norris, Robert Stanford, Dallas Fairley and Robert Schooley listen attentively in'briefing!session. Their work permits no mistakes. L. * J T .'*'. J$**A, . t'.Js it.. ( PUBLIC AUCTION Having decided to discontinue farming, I will offer all of my personal property at public auction on the farm located from Corwlth: 4 miles East on the Blacktop and 1% South or from Dcnhart: Mi mile North or from Kanawha: 4 miles West and 2Vt miles North on — WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31 12:30 SHARP LUNCH ON GROUNDS 12:30 SHARP FULL LINE OF POWER EQUIPMENT — Including 2 tractors, 1960 Farmall 500 Diesel LPTO, power steering, winterized, fluid In tires, '1400 hours, in like-new condition; 1950 Farmall M, good 6 ply tires, mechanically A-l; 1960 Kewanee 14 ft. tandem disc, A-l; 1960 IHC 4-row rotary hoe; 1960 IHC 4-14 in. slat bottom,plow; 1954 IHC 4-row cultivator, very good; 1955 IHC 4-row No. 444 clutchless cornplanter with fertilizer attach.; 1950 2M corn picker with near-new chains, good; Gandy bisect aldrln applicator attach., fits all planters; Kewanee 4-sectlon Harrow with noble cvcner; Continental 7-row sprayer comp. with drops; Stalk rake; John Deere manure spreader; 10 ft. Electric grain auger, 4 Inch; Horn Manure loader; IHC trailer on rubber with mid-west hoist and 6 x 12 barge box; John Deere No. 931 trailer on rubber with mid-west boist and 6 x 12 barge box; Farmers Friend 48 ft. 2 wheel elevator; Bailing corn dryer, PTO drive, gas fired, good; IHC endgatc seeder; 7% h.p. gasoline motor power unit for elevator; 2-40 bu. Pride of the Farm hog feeders, cast bottoms. • ':'.. LIVESTOCK 7- 1 Holstelh cow, fresh January 3rd with 2nd calf, a good producing family cow, tested; 1 black heifer calf; 8 head of black aced ewes, bred to Columbian buck, 3 years old, lamb in February. FEED — 600 bales of Alfalfa-Bronte hay In barn; 300 bales of oat traw, in barn. . MISCELLANEOUS EQUIPMENT — 2-300 gal. gas barrels with stand, etc., 2 sets of wheel weights! IHC Hydra, cylinder; 15-farrowlng stalls; Richie combination stock and hog waterers; stock tank with milt-in hog waterer; 1956 cushman scooter with 7% h.p. motor good Ires, A-l; Ptas misc. shop tools, chicken nests, waterers, feeders, etc. SOME t HOUSEHOLD ITEMS — Bendlx electric clothes dryer; Maytag washing machine. Plan to attend this sale as this is a very fine line of equipment la A-l shape. Come early, as there are a few small items to sell. TERMS OF SALE: CASH. No property removed until settled for. Not responsible for accidents BOB SCHULZ, Owner Leek.& West, Auct. Corwith State Bank, Clerk *llN(5 OUT FARM AUCTION I will hold a public auction on farm located 1 mile East and 2>/& miles South of Guckeen, Minn., or 5 miles West and 2% miles South of Blue Earth, Minnesota, on — Monday, January 29, 1962 SALE STARTS 12:15 SHARP DITSWORTH LUNCH ON GROUND? 3 TRACTORS .— 1960 John Deere model 730 gas tractor, complete with 3 point hitch, roll-o-matic, power steering, live power take off, live hydraulic, used only 700 hours; Late model 1958 John Deere 720 diesel, complete with 3 point hitch, wide front, power troll, live hydraulic, live power take off, 13-38 rice tires, fenders, electric starter, new tractor guarantee, 1400 hours; 1951 W.D. Allls Chalmers tractor with complete W.D. 45 assembly. J. D. POWER MACHINERY — 1960 J.D. model 495 4-row corn planter complete with double disc openers, rubber pack wheels, planter box extension, large fertilizer boxes; 1961 J.D. model 666 trip bottom plow, 4-bottom 16", new style with Yetter coulters; J. D. Endgate seeder; J. D. 13'/4 ft. rigid wheel tandem disc; J.D. model 40 4-row cultivator with rubber gauge wheels, like new; J.D. Gyramor Stock cutter, like new; J.D. four 6-ft. section flexible harrow, like new; J.D. 18-ft. trac. disc, hydraulic control; J. D. 4-bar rubber tired side delivery rake; J.D. 4-bar side delivery rake. OTHER POWER MACHINERY — 1957 Allis Chalmers 4-row cultivator with rubber gauge wheels; 1955 Allis Chalmers 2-row mounted corn picker converted into a model 33; Allis Chplmers 2-row W.D. cultivator; W.D. field cultivator; Case 12-ft 24 x 6 double disc low rubber tired drill; 11-ft. cultipacker; New Idea 12-A rubber tired manure spreader; Stan hoist drive on hoist; Case rubber tired Manure spreader; Case 4-row rotary hoe; Noble rubber tired rotary hoe and drag transport with hydrau. control; Broy hi|l trailer type 7-row weed sprayer with down spouts; Owatonna 44-ft. wide type undcrslung derrick Grain elevator complete with 62 chain PTO drive and truck hopper, like new; 10-ft. sup. grain drill; 10-ft. fertilizer spreader, like new; Case 2 bottom 16" tractor plow; 6-ft, tractor mower. 1959 J.D. 45 COMBINE with No. 10 2-row corn head, 10 ft. platform, endless belt windrower pick-up attachment, new cycle extension and cab; !<Mt. broinus seeder; Westendorf rubber tired wagon, heavy duty 7rton wide track with 15" rub.; 6Vz x 12 steel barge box; Ward's lo-load heavy fluty rubber tire wagon with 14" rubber, new; Ward's large gjant flare box with 2-way endgate ami 2" floor, new; ward's hoist with 5" cylinder, new; rubber tired wagon with flare box; rubber tired wagon with flat rack; rubber tired wagon and box; 2-wheel trailer with flat bed; 4-section flexible harrow with noble cvener; Broy hill hoist; J.D. 44-ft. elevator with steel chain and PTO drive; 2-wheel trailer; inland field cultivator. MISCELLANEOUS — 21 ft. Mayrath auger with heavy duty ',2 horse motor; pony cart; 11-ft. 4" grain auger with hopper; 565 gal. gas barrpl with hose, nozzles; new 300 g«l. g»»s barrel with pump; 2 Allis Chalmers beat housprs; John Deere heat houser; clipper fanning mill with motor; 2 J.D. hydraulic cylinders with hoses; large loading chute on skids; Jinipeo model F-125 space heater with tremo. control; cement mixer; like new mitee portable air compressor complete with motor and hose; Universal traction master hitch; like new walk-in hog feeder; Roll-over scraper; Jack-all jack; wagon jack; swinging hog feeder; 16-ft. hog feeder with floor; feed bunks; hog feeders; etc. 12 x 28 criss cross tractor chains; U x 28 criss cross tractor chains; 12 x 28 tractor tire and tube; »00 x 36 tractor tires; fencers; corn cribbing; numerous tools and other miscellaneous itewsj SQME ALFALFA HAY. . 1953 INTERNA'flCJiNAL MODEL L-160 ?-Ton Truck with 2-spee4 #xle, 14-ft. conbinatiim grain a»d Stock rack, double deck, spare wheel and tire, only 2,000 miles on new engine. AUCTIONEER NOTE r- This is »u excellent line of Machinery Tractors, Combine, Plow are U»e sharpest. R,est jpf machinery very good. See you sharp at 12:15 on January 29th. — Wedel and Clark. USUAL AUCTION TERMS — No property removed until settled for. Not responsible for accidents ,. * . __ ROLLO E, OREIMANN, Owner & Ow

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