The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 23, 1962 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1962
Page 11
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folA.-/? if •;->'! ' " -:•',•" in to call f,us here at Good Sa< , . whftfe she was employed tftlof to her tehtrance to the School & nursing A Naeve hosjrtt&. AI- bei-j; Lea, Minn. At present sffe is , a't St.. Paul, Minn., where she is taking a thr^e month course in pedlacrtcs, 'a jtert of her trailing, hhe told of an interesting but pathetic incident which took place a day or two before Ch'fistmss. A few days old infant girl was left oh tne steps of Miller hospital and all tiffor^s to firfd the mother have foiled so far. There have been numerous broadcasts, appeals and many pictures in the papers of this tiny tot whom they have nani- ed Baby Jane ttoe. Sarah says she 1 is a little charmer and very win* soirie for one 1 , so young. ftfrs. Cora topper, resident hen was recently visited by hef son-in a'ncl" augfteT, Mr. a'ftd an< MIf reiitembfer Mf. Mrs. ' ffoberl! Stephenson aft'd ira, who lived here d few years agoi whetf Mr. S. was sefenee hi structdr here. The fdmify now lives at Long Island, W. Y. ant Sandra attends State Cdilege ai Cddflf Falls. She was a visitor at •he Randall Clarks recehtly when ihe daughter Sarah was home. • • i Mr. and Mrs. Johrt Thompson had box seats for the Rose Parade New Yea'fg day! How come? Well, John has relatives living in Pasadena -whose hbusff ti On the street where the parade goes. The ThtfhTfe&ns welfe fa Cdtit&A Springs for a visit with a soil-to law and daughter and flew from there t6 California to visit anothe son-in-law and daughter and sev 3ral relatives of John's. » « • Maltla MnWhorter's birthday wft jbserved Jan. 3 and Matt Loring' /ah. 5., 4 -. * ' « fine's a lovely lady &M she Isn' a party crasher, bu.t she did get to the right place the wrong day Who? rm not tellfng. * • * « Aft6f her "person made happy by (6ng distance phone Call tfa's Efh- Crouch, whose granddaughters and daughter-in-law called her rorrf, Houston, Tex. They are thff amiiy of her late S6n*, Leroy. * ' * ". * Watch your prdnflhcfaMons, tV actors. Orgy was pronounced wifh che 0 sounded as in get. It should as a J. Another announcer says 'ussy as it is spelled. It is as dough it were spelled Too Shay, o much f6r my information ! Mtnneapolfs 1 very,newest- Rnesf In hospitality, food and service. Completely air-conditioned rooms and Suites with ' FREE TV dhd radio, feafed Swimming Pool (n garden setting. Holiday Dining Room - Coffee Sh6p. Slear Metropblitaii Stadium and airport - only minutes to downtown Minneapolis and St.Paul. Banquet - Meeting Facilities (of up to 200. Children under 12 Free " Phone: TU<edo8-791I TWXMP7S4 U. S. Interstate 494 & 34rh Avenue South MINNEAPOLIS Nell Larson and Ted now have rcakfast together after 42 years nd four months with the Druggists /iotual. He is retired and now lans to get caught up on all the lings he has been wanting to do and didn't have time. The firs one was ice fishing and he caugh his limit. The next is a trip to Florida. He and Nell plan to go in mid-February and spend a couple of months there. He is missed by the "gang" at the coffee breaks but Dale Heeren will try to fil his place. • * * Mr. and Mrs. John Altman, Jr. left for Mesa, Ariz, about the time of the Christmas big snow and got lome two/weeks later, just ahead of that miserable windy Jan. 5. • * . • • Well, it's all over for another year. Candles off the hall mantle, rees down, .packages put away, and everybody weighs about five more pounds, while it lasted. 'Twas wonderful What a "to-do" about Jimmy Durante and his "Good night, Mrs. Calabash^ where ever you are" and the report of his refusal to explain. I read several years ago Mrs. .Calabash was an affectionate name' for his first wife and after her death he closed his program with those words. Why the sudden ••• . *-.., • "sa kind to your wash-and-wear garments... fkket Kickoff For Scouf Show A. M. Qulntard of Algona, tils- rlct ScouiMglandf jficKetl Sale), ' &'st 'fflk tveek will mark j ilcket sates f6f i ingiand Exposition, to, be 17 at the NatKMtf Otti kick-off of the ,Cab Scouts at d fey &C80&. iff Uniform w/11 be ccmtMlng all per* sdns-in thfe vidnify freMlve to,(She;, purchase of tickets admitting th& t6 the mammoth . action. tlon k For. the; unit treasury, provision ill m'adf< whereby'' iM .unit cfifl £<& "siblj: 'receive ff/id^'comtnisslon on; individual ticket sold to add ^O'theif unit funtis which are used for purchase of camping and skills equipment. s 8ub'> Packs. Scbut Troops atid Jhflpter PdsES" aft hW busily eh- 'tfptl. ih> selecting 'a specialty to W ;dfiflofis1fa*M -1ft flte Scouting- lanQ ''• exposition?' &uu' 'ifldications E*s|)|jl'£S.£Xl t^Stifr ftfdfc^ltF&t it «*}.M4M IM point to .tne iact tnatut seems to rfe'6ne':of the biggest extravaganzas 'IviK'JiWdtJcetfby.the bfljys register- ed in tb^tikJMfoaf ifaij movement', Mrs. t&feh toffefltftf oJF field recentry^d»plavEfl her most prized 1 tdfttfBfffraS .p'osfS&iSglp'ft'/ 'ft creche, ftttftte by* fief IsCe 1 husbflrid twenty-nine years ago;. Through the jteaftT iftimy flgul-gs, trees and aftiffl'als haV3 beefi added to the 1 ' "f, ft is prftjalltly iijSr^d but fftb 6* sfof feUft. ' -. - j, CARB6N PAPEflS; fifflfte fafrplf. depf., tfpge* . M&lrtw* Pub. Cov, ? , VVilma Jean Ticrnan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Tiernan, Rolfe and Marvin W. Origer, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Origer, St. Joe, were married January 3 in St. Margaret's Catholic church at Rolfe. Rev Gerald Wingert officiated at the double ring ceremony. The new Mr. and Mrs Origer are living on the John Origer farm near St. Joe following a wedding trip through southern states. A con* plete wedding story appeared in last week's UDM. (UDM Engraving)' "se6recy." Mrs. Hugo-Johnson has received a letter frpm Mrs. Clyde Smith, a former Algonan now living in Chicago and who will be well-remembered. There were two daughters, Evelyn and Louise. Evelyn is married, has a family and lives in ""'arson, Mo. Louise has for a num- >er of years been a W.A.C. and s at Fort Mason, San Francisco. She has recently re-enlisted for, the test time after which she will be retired. . • • * • •. • , • August Single recently received a >icture of his "twin for 77 years," Slmer Peterson, who was born hree days prior to August. The Petersons farmed the'old Dickin- on place near the Zahlten farm nd which is now in possession of iyle Keith. The men have been The same day some employee: ;of the Botsford company were Working at Wesley. They quit at? four o'clock as the storm was get- ling so bad and crept home through blinding snow. * • 4 At the last minute Mrs. Adolpli Oberlander, Hopkins, Minn., had a chance to come to Algbria-^too late for the Wedding of her brother, Ray Bilsborough and Patricia, Ward, but was able to see them' when they returned -from their honeymoon Jan. 1. Yeah—how about that? - "Fat men are usually very trustworthy." "Why is that" said the second man. "Oh, they find it diffi Cult to stoop to anything low." * * - « You may talk about "horse You can't lo a business a profit! Every year,, iti good tmaed an<f bad, many busf- nesses don't maKe* Mdtiey. Thfeir costs may be too higlvtheir prices too lo\fr, or there ifaay bd matty othei; things wrong for profitable operation. Ai the 1 end of the,year, although they served thany people well, thertfsreri'ti any profits. Since they hone net tttt ineomi, they pay no in* tome taxi' - , , NoW tdkf a cp^p. "biuiSg : ttoB irear ita ctutomeri (who own it) buy goods and services as the'y need them. At the end of tte year, after all eipensea have been paid, any money remaining is refunded to cufltomeW onf the bridia of their purchases. Aften these, refunds have been made, then it n| These busiriesiSes hive one thing in common.' Neither made a profit. vThe first one tried to and couldn't;: the; co-op' (Mdrft want to, and didn't. Neither paid an iricomt tax tecauee neither had net inctime. x . -,,-.. . unusually close friends all these .people down the road seem very years. At one time Peterson was ! de voted. Every Double-Pass Lint Control for double-filtering. And Hamilton's Sun E Day Lamp makes everything sunshine-fresh . . . brings summer inside. Exclusive Twin Air Stream drying, one air current for drying gentleness, the other for drying speed. Clothe* tumble siluntly In a satin- smooth drum that protect* the sheerest garments. Leave it to Hamflton to recognize the growing importance Of miracle fiber wash-and-wear clothes — and do something about it! The new Hamilton dryer has a simplified Control Center that does the master-minding for all your needs. 3-Cycle Timer for wash-and-wear, wools, and normal loads. Fabri-Dial ends temperature guesswork — selects the ideal temperature for every fabric. Never before have wash-and-wear «J6thes looked so fresh and wrinkle-free as when they've b&n fejtfly dried in a Hamilton. Stop in to hear more why Hamilton diying is the nicest compliment you can pay you; washable* OWN A HAMHJQN GAS DRYER FOR ONLY $239 95 BEECHER LANE APPLIANCES "THE waeesT TRADER IN TOWN" ^—,..'., of "Better Homes and Gar^ Jens" and other publications; .He is now retired and lives at Westminster, Calif. He wil be welt remembered by many around here. Ray and Pat Cook spent the hoi- days at Pomona, Calif, with their :on and daughter-in-law, Mr and Yfrs. Don Cook and children. They ;pent a pleasant evening with Mr ind Mrs Dick Dale and were joined yy Mr and Mrs Lloyd Keith, Bur- jank, and Mr and Mrs Joel Her- JSt. • * • Lois Groon has some interesting itatbtics. Her sister and husband, Mr and Mrs Esrl Meier, Burt, became parents of twins Jan. 2, Garild Eiias and Mary Elizabeth. A year ago last June, Lois' brother ind his wife, Mr and Mrs Raymond Lavrcnz, had twins, Tim and Tom. Asked where her twins were, LoLs replied, "I had mine barn six years apart, Betsey and Chris- .ine." • * • Don and Jean IIoniTningsen and children have had a nice vacation. having spent from Dec. 20 to Jan. 6 at Atlanta, Ga., with Jean's bro ther-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Louma. The chil.Jr-n had fun picking cotton, but like I had imagined it grew on higher bushes. I saw fields in -Oklahoma and found it har J to believe it was cotton, I had alawys pictured it as growths at least as high as currant bushes. If you suddenly notice Jack lien- ny has quit flapping his haivl, around, yr.u will know it's bacau;c> I wrote and asked him why he had to emphasize his dialog with meaninglesj gestures. His )nnd.<i flapping around !o->k like dead fish. Of course' I don't hava tin bast idea this "ccmslruciive criticism" will change him, and if I got a-s well paid for flapping, _ W( .|| | s;i!l wouldn't. It's a boring mannerism. I was sorry to hear of P.i-hard Shcrvian's untimely dea'.h. A pi'y for a yourig man so talented to be lost f). the literary world. HJ h-Tin't \yrittcn much of late, I believe but I have enjoyed ssveral of' his stories. One hears a lot of stories about the storm last week and highway hazards, it doea seem as though the farmers who failed to ask Jack Allen to put up for the night when he "became lost in the snowstorm were lacking in hospitality and concern for the welfare of a traveler Seeing they had no intentions of giving him refuge, he asked how far he was from Sexton, and braved the mile and a half driv ing blind, so to speak. When he reached number 18 he decided to try to get on through, and did but he said it sure was rou ,h »,! 'Pat" Cook California they had a neighbor look after their parakeet, Herkie As days passed, the little fellow drooped and drooped, wouldn't eaf and was a sorry picture, unresponsive and forlorn. Came the day the Cooks got home. Ray went to the cage at once and greet' 3d him, and from time to time as upgage was. unloaded, he stopped to talk to the bird. The cage jpor v/as opened, gradually the aird perked up, began to eat with suddenly restored appetite, flew out of his cagf, rooster! on Ray's lead and said coaxingly, "Let's lave a beer." ' he klsstes time he goes to ner and S° es ° n down the road thrpwing kisses to Hen. Why don't you do that?" ','Me?", snorted the husband, "I don't know the woman." * * * -, You may talk abuot "horse sense" if you like, but there is While Ray and on vacation in "bird sense" too. were shares In CO-OP BENEFITS NO. 5 OF A PUBLIC INFORMATION SER- *•"',• IES SPONORED BY THESE ELEVATORS. . Comei HQBARTON CO-OP ELEVATOR, '••*-* ' > i «>;• '!.' . '. J-2V: : -'I ' CO^P fgona . . . Ray Reid, Mgr. i . . . Larry-TwedtrMgr.. FARMERS ELEVA^lcO,/Swea City ; . ... Russell Parker, Mgr. LONE ROCK CO-OP EXCHANGE * . . , . Lorenz deitzenauer, Mgr.. WEST BEND ELEVATOR dO. ...... R. W. Jurgens, Mgr. CO-OP GRAlft & PRbdLlct CO., Rin^sted. Kenneth Patterson, Mgr. LuVERNE CO-OP ELEVATOR ... ... . Eldon Guess, Mgr. FENTON CO-OP ELEVATOR »,. t . . . .. Curtis Lura, Mgr. BURT CO-OP ELEVAfdR . 4 . . . . J. L. Miller, Mgr. IRViNGTON CO-OP ELEVATOR . . . . E. F. Immerfall, ; Mgr. TlTbNKA CO-OP ELEVATOR . . . . . . Jack Stott, Mgr. FARMERS CO-OP ELEVATOR, Bode .... E. N. Ellingson, Mgr. LCDYARD CO-OP ELEVATOR . . . . . Bernard Reilly, Mgr. ^M* f 1 "~r — ^ -^-i« •yy,jf.f- ^. Y nwwfi|«*^^ f 9 w 9* great year to get a grea(d»al. But be- ore you Buy, ch6ck" your Podge Dealer, FOftO FAIRLAI7E MERCURY METEOR THE NEW SIZE BWBI PART 8ISCAYHE fn FORD GALAXIE $207? $2203 $2241 $2324 $2378 ; The comparii»o aSove U based on tninuliavittt' luagested lolfil tike ol six cyundir?daor sadins. Only whitD »sll Ores, bumper guards, other opllonsl equipmenl. lljte .8imt IdCjf Uxis (if inyj ind destination ch»rj« ««tri. Q PERFORMANCE,par{ has the mpst powerfpl staftoard six in the busings. With its standard Vtf, the oar has 9 phenomenal power-to-weight ratio. 0 SAFETY. Dart give?, nigre bracing PQwer-pdf'pqunjJ tnah gny oar near its price. A? much at 62.% mpre lining area. Brakes adjust themselves. d DEPENDABILITY. Dart's body Is comoietely ru$tprpofe4 You cao go 32,000 miles between grease JOBS. A battery saving alternator is standard equipment for fast, sure starting, B COMFORT.Fluty legroom. Chair-hl; tires that put plenty of rubber on the road. Smooth Torsion-Aire ride. J SIZE. The iiew size Dodge Part Is fo feet sjiorter than America's larg* PERCIVAl MOTORS, lift, BOO South Phillips, ArgonaJowo -WIN A NEW ?A8 OR ONE OF 20,000 PRIZES CURIN.G NATIQNAfc JA/UIARY TREASURE HUNT/ SEE YOUR DODGE DEAUB FOK DETAI ' ' -• ' - •

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