The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 23, 1962 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1962
Page 10
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Eastern Star Officers Are Installed Here r was held Tuesday evening Jan. is, at the Masonic lemple. Honored guest was Don Carter «L Wi grand or ^ anlst of ^e state O.E.S. Mr. Carter is a band master at Dayton and is the com poser of the march used at 0 E S meetings. ' ' ' Clara ShiltS was i n s t a 11 i n g officer Mildred Nelson, installing marsnall, and Clara Amesbury, installing chaplain. Jane and Don Asa are retiring worthy .matron and worthy patron,, and planned the evening's program New officers installed were Marguerite Guster, worthy matron; R. Guster, worthy patron; Kathryn Peirce, associate matron: Bless Rusk, associate patron; Florence Bjustrom, secretary; and Ruth Cook, treasurer. Bernitas Rusk, marshal; Jane Asa, chaplain; Ethel Loss, organist;. Charlotte Collier, Adah; Helen Lukes, Ruth; Josephine Ruark, Esther; Atha Hardgrove, Martha; Norma Walker, Electa; Clara Wolcott, warder and Leon Laird, sentinel. KossuthGpP Women To Have Member Drive Mrs. John Schutter, chairman of the Kpssuth county chapter of Republican Women, has announced a membership contest. A $25 savings bond will be given to any person signing up 100 members. The contest is open to any /woman in the county and is for both new or renewal membership's. Further information can be obtained from Mrs. Schutter. Announcement also came recently from Mrs. M. M. Wood of Paulina, state membership chairman, that a Kossuth county' member, Mrs. C. C. Inman of Bancroft, was one of five in the state to win an essay contest on the subject, "Why It Is important to be a Member of a Republican Woman's Club." Mrs. Inman's entry will now be sent to the national competition. •'Bancroft By Mrs. ' Lawrence Bergman Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Dorr entertained their club at a card party Sunday evening. Connie Hatten was honored at a shower in St. John's church hall Monday evening. Mrs. Ed Coche entertained a group of friends at her home Thursday evening, Relatives from here attending the Gigler-Schutter wedding at Good Hope church, Titonka, Saturday evening were Mr. and Mrs Frances Krariier and family, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Farrow- and family, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hillman and family and Mrs.' John Farrow and family. Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Bergman received word of a son born Jan., 9 to Mr. and Mrs. Lelarvl Dorner, Redwood City, Calif. Urben Mayer; Waterloo spent several days with his cousin Roj McGuiro and attended the funeral of F. J. Welp. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wilhelmi and family, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. ' McNertney attended funeral services Tuesday at Swea City for Mrs. Vern Lund. Mrs. Wilhelmi is a sister of Mr. Lund. Many persons from here are patients of Holy Family hospital, Estherville. Mrs. Joseph Fox, surgery, Mrs. Evelyn Eckheart, medical, Bob Boyer, medical, Mrs. John Abbas, medical, Mrs. Anna McCliesh, Mrs, Bess Murray, medical. . Kenneth Bergman accompanied Bob Wilhelmi to Phoenix, Ariz, where he will visit the Joseph Donahoe family. He will also visit his sister and family the Leland Derners at Redwood City, Cajif. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Sheridan went to Iowa City, Saturday, for the wedding of their son Thomas who was married Saturday morning. Thomas is a student at the Uni versity, Iowa City. Debaters Third high school's B-squad debate team, consisting of Alan Bode, John Phillips, John Schutter and Alan Holt, all first year debaters, placed third in an invitational debate tourney at Denison Saturday. There were 14 teams from 10 schools entered in the meet. Another Algona quartet, Sharon Smith, Boh Pratt, Marilyn Skow and David Reid, won three and lost five in the meet, their first in competition. MAGIC MAHKEflS, *« labeling boxes, package*, drawing mwkiuSF, »te. Y«- ie4 colors. Upper P«* Moines So,, Algona Studenf "On College Tour Sfoiik City, iowa — Mr. Gary Resting, of Algeria, will tour with the College band Jar*, tiary 29-31. The 68 member band, under the of Prof. James Hustls, Will play several concerts throughout northwest iowa during the three-day touK Mr. Resting is the soli of Mrs. Veronica Resting of /Aigbna. ; Creek Elite the, Plum Creek \BHte 4-H club met Saturday, Jan. 13, tit the home of Linda Gardner. tJhristy Vowig gave a picture study ..arid Susan Bode also gave a talk, fetm Mescher demonstrated on "Hbw to Frfcrne a Picture". Ruth Sen sChoter showed us "How to make a Bulletin Board." Guest mothecs were Mrs. Ward and Mrs. Mes- Fallout School A school on radioactive fallout find use of counters to determine "ie amount in the air was held i" the Algona fire station Thursday. Two instructors from the fire engineering service of Iowa State University presented the dne-day course for 28 state highway em- ployees, including several from Algona and surrounding counties. CARRIER George Waughtal of Aplington retired recently after 42',^ years of service as a mail carrier. He has been located in Aplington since 1939. Tuesday, Jonuary 23, 1962 Algona (la.) Upper De» Melnes-3 CHINCHILLAS .. Mrs. Helen Rocksien of Manilla raises chinchillas and she now has 39 little furry creatures living in her basement. Mrs. Rocksien reports that a chinchilla coat is ,second only to Russian sable in expense. LEMONS A lemon tree at Ladlec Meat processing in Mechanicsville had ripe fruit for the first time. Four lemons ripened on the three year old tree recently. The fruit meas. ured 12 inches around. LIGHTERS Y«nreh»ie« — Windptmf. A Standard or thinlint ONLY Values! JliKi'ssni) LANOLIN .COMPOUND 101. tubt Soothe chipped, dry skin '-, Reg.45< each 1O _.._..' . -' Product t Site . Price rCJLCOHOL RUBBING COMPOUND, Pint I Body rub —Ideal for sickroom 59 [_AXAR TABLETS, 50's ' i , I Excellent pain reliever «...^.. .69 "—BEEF, IRON I WINE, Pint - x Iron-rich tonic to help stimulate appetite f.98 -—BENZOIN (Compound Tincture) 2 02 „ 65 , -JORIC ACID CRYSTALS, 4 oz.^ „ .43 i i_BORIC ACID POWDER, 8 oz. _ 63 k _BURNTONE IMPROVED. 1 oz. tube- First aid for minor burns. Antihistaminic—anesthetic 1.00 * .—SPIRIT OF CAMPHOR, 1 oz. „. ...... .47 —CAMPHORATED OIL, 2 oz. - , Chest rub for congestion of colds „. .43 - —CASTOR OIL, 2 or. „. 41 —COLD SORE LOTION, W or. . ' —with" applicators ...„ ;_..................._ .39 —CORN REMEDY —.with felt pads.:...,..... .55 —CYTAMIN MULTIPLE VITAMIN CAPSULES, 100's Vitamin value'at a low, low price „.. 2.98 —EPSOM-SALT, 8 or.......... ..„. ...„. .37 —6LYCERJN * ROSE.WATER, 8 or..;....... .69 —HAIRTONt ROSE HAIR OIL, 4 or. Mildly fragrant „ „«..... . .49 —IBATH, 6 or. — For hygienic care of eyes ,69 • —IODINE TINCTURE, 1 oz...;,..... .39 I-MAGNESIA TABLETS (Milk of) 100's For simple acid stomach and mild laxative .59 —MACNEX POWDER, 4 oz. ' Quick-acting antacid _ .89 —MA6NEX TARGETS, 12's -*. Antacid - Long lasting effect Taste like candy...... .39 __MERTHIOLATE (Tincture of) 1 oz. First aid for minor cuts and Sbraslons ..,•;• .47.: —MILK OF MAGNESIA, Pint ..„„..„.„..„„ .57 —NAVAP INHALER — for "stuffy" nose 39" —SACCHARIN TABLETS, Vi gr. 100's. 33 —SHAVING LOTION, 4 oz. Astringent, refreshing „ 50 —SODA MINT TABLETS, 45's-Antacid....._. .23 SODIUM BICARBONATE, 8 oz. ..„ .37 —SOLUTION #59, Pint —Antiseptic Mouthwash 59 —SORETONE, 6 oz. — Liniment for temporary 'relief of minor muscular aches and pains .98 SUPER HIGH POTENCY VITAMIN MINERAL CAPSULES, 92's — Really super 9.00 SUPPOSITORIES, Glycerin (Adult) 12's .49 SUPPOSITORIES, Glycerin (Infant) 12's .49 TARTAN LIP POMADE for fever sores, chapped lips 35 TOOTHACHE DROPS - with applicator .49 WHEAT GERM OIL Capsules, 100's 1.19 WINTERGREEN OIL. 2 oz „ 63 WITCH HAZEL, Pint — Astringent „ 69 YEAST TABLETS (Brewer's) 250's 98 ZINC OXIDE OINTMENT, 2V4 oz. tube 59 Sala ' Price 2 for .59 2 for .69 2 for 1.98 2 for .65 2 for .43 2 for .63 2 for 1.00 2 for .47 2 for .43 2 for .41 2 for .39 2 for .55 2 for 2.98 2 for .37 2 for .69 2 for .49 2 for .69 2 for .39 2 for .59 2 foe-.89 • McKesspii VITAMIN A Capsules Bottles of 100 ' 2for*2 s ' 2f.r*4'» SURIN 11/4 oz. tube Reg. 98i Each 2 for 98* Try Surln for quick, temporary relief of aches and pains of arthritis. lander STEAM & DRY Sttims30tn!nutet on one lining • ONLY IRON $388 •m>MH McKMj^ASPIRIN TWINS , i«*_mi_. i 4rtl .| t DENTURE CLEANSER McKesstin 6'/20z.jar. Cleans dentures thoroughly without brushing • Reg. 63< Each 2 for 63* • denture I cleanser imture eanser DANCING MILEAGE HOSIERY SEAMLESS 2 prs. per box Reg. 59i Each bottles of 100, 2 bottles HAIR DRYER Hot or cold switch Fully guaranteed ONLY. $395 MIRRO-MATIC ELECTRIC BUY NOW.. .ant/ SAVE/ SUPER HIGH POTENCY PERCOLATOR/ Vitaitimjilnerdl Capsules isjiiriii f'"' ''J!J! Fully automatic • UL Approved . 4 to 8 cups ••: Dual immersion '" '• :!! type element v TWINS Accufafis dose — lime flavored O bottles AQ<f Reg. 74* Value Super! I'oiency..". Reg. $9.00 Each 2 bottles 92 each $900 Vintage 8 PIECE -*^ SNACK SET by Anchor Hocking $159 ELECTRIC HEATING PAD • 3 Positive htats • Washable cover ONLY*2 98 • Guaranteed for 1 year •""^ Top Grain [Leather WALLETS Men's«,ladies' tcnlessponstructiyii. , ,<g?jx'•sxjgscjN '**" $|4» McKesson DENTURE ADHESIVE 1% oz. tube Small application holds teeth fast ALL DAY Reg. 63? Each 2 for 63* McKesson 900 CALORIE DIET MORE BIG [$6.00 VALUE Hfin.ltp aiwpn at "Mr Store .25 —ANALGESIC BALM, 1 oz. tube .......................... 69 , _ COD LIVER OIL (Plain) Pint ..; ......................... 1.39 _ CUT 'N SCRATCH CREAM, 1 oz. tube "Tops'* for the medicine chest ..................... 69 _LIOUID SWEETENER TWINS (2 bottles 25 cc.) ..................... „ ......... 1.30 Val. _ MERCUROCHROME, 1 oz. .............. ...... ........ „ ..... 33 —MINERAL OIL (Heavy) Pint ............ . ............. .'. ..... 69 .49 OUTSTANDING BUYS FOR THE HOME -FAClAi TISSUES -- 400 Sheets ........ .ST. REGIS HOT WATER BOTTLE ...... ... .ST. REGIS COMBINATION SYRINGE ............. ST. REGIS FOUNTAIN SYRIN8E ...„. ........ „.„.„ ST. REGIS STATIONERY 80 sheets and 40 envelop?? ...«, ......... ... . ST. REGIS BOBBY PINS rubber tips ................. _...„ ........ Reg. .25 card iT. REGIS FILLER PAPER - 300 sheets ............... ST. REGIS COMBS — 2 sizes, nylon and slyreira .I3CKET CELLOPHANE TAPE 800" per roil ........................... Reg. .23 per roll „ EXTENSION CQB9 - 9 feet - 3 outlets ......... „ .—MIXED NUTS - 14 oz. can, fancy roasted ..... ____ _5T. RE6IS JUNIOR ALARM CLOCK ........... ^.^«. ST REGIS ALARM CLOCK ....... „ .......... 8 ounce Tastes good • Mixes easily Chocolate or Vanilla Reg. $1.19 Each SPECIAL LOW, LOW PRICE IRONING BOARD PAD & COVER SET Silicone — cuts ironing time almost , In half PEN & REFILL COMBINATION 10 of each In set Retractable — clear-vu .Full.J^icSO'-S^iitablelor'twir) or double be'd $?^ '' .-.,. •'•••. ••- •••, •••; •. . • GuaranUp||rapVmoth damage-;' '•/•.'•;. •';•'• • i ....... .'-,•', Eiftra'.wld^pjlril^q'om binding lasts twice as long fXTRA DFfP Pllt ' XMendof^^feyon 6°i Acrilan acrylic ' '-.-•' CAIKR UCtr riLL • .--^^{jtuice^^^ sandalwood. blue, yellow, piriii.gieen .McKesson THIAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE 25 mg. —100'$ Reg. $2.29 2 for *2 29 Soft, smooth hand and body lotion SOOTHE SKIN TWINS 2 8 oz. plastic tll9 luttles ? l 50 mg. - 100's Reg. J 3.98 2 hr »3'« 100mg;.-10q'j Reg. $6.98 • 2 (.r »6" Reliable FIVER THERMOMETER Hey JGtfsf While They Last FREE INDIAN HEADDRESS Adjustable headband ir> Plastic Case f/trf Oral or Rectal ONLY 59* McKesson ASCORBIC ACID TWINS lOOmg. —100's Reg. $1.79 Each 2 ( ,,*1 29 250 mg. — 100's Reg. $3.59 Each 2 „ *2 49 500 mg. — SO's Reg. $3.59 Each 2 „, *2 49 BOXED STATIONERY Assorted Vellums & Parchments Bring your Mom or Dad to our^tore and get your Beautiful multi-colored headdress.., |ust right for "Cowboys and Indians" ^^^ ^^^^ "^^ppl^p ^^PPM^^ ^^^ ^^^$ ALGONA

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