The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 15, 1930
Page 3
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FRIDAY AUGUST 15, 1930 Rl.YTIlKVJU-HjJAKK.) COUR110H NEWS Playboy Finds Legion Hard J'ugilive Paris Banker Regrets Rash Enlistment; Situation Delicate. 1IY M1NOTT SAUNDL'KS NEA Service Writer PARIS.—For comlort and peace, a French prison has amazingly become the most attractive refuge in life for Senor Laureano Carlos de Villanuevn, Venezuelan diplomat, sportsman, social swashbuckler and former highly respected employee ol the Paris branch of the National City Bank of New York. He tearfully confessed this after serving a few days as a private in the Spanish Foreign Legion. Villanuevn has confessed lo the manipulation of funds entrusted to him by friends and he is wanted for the disappearance of something over half a million dollars. His case has stirred banking circles, astonished the distinguished society which he adorned, and caused international complications of a "very delicate nature." As Senor Villaneuva, this handsome man of 32 danced the tango l>eaulifuHy and played a fine game of polo. As Alexandra Avial he is only a raw recruit in the Spanish Foreign Legion, subject to the iron discipline of that strange command and sweltering under the fierce Moroccan sun, breaking sione for building Riffian roads. Found by Friends Villiaeuva fled when the crash was imminent because of his juggling ol accounts. Ten days . he was found by two faithful friends, tired physically, broken morally, pitiously pleading to be allowed to return lo Paris am face justice. "My only cies:re now is lo go back and be a prisoner," he said. Then, speaking ol the Foreign Legion which he had joined in « ••al fling of courage, he added: "I never supposed that'this life was so hard." Investigations proceed, Influential friends have made ap]«als t; high circles in Spain (or an annulment of Villancuva's enlistment, and It is reported that the French Foreign O.Tice'may ask for his extradition. The road would be easy to the comparatively soft berth of a prison cell if it were not for the unwritten rule of the Foreign Legion. Many Crimjiuils Enlist Men usually join this service, which is even stronger in France than in Spain, to escape from society. They sign under any name they chbose~ and no questions are asked. They may be soldiers of fortune or holly pursued criminals, but once in the Foreign Legion they lose their identity except to their command. To many recruits this complete Isolation is their only reason for joining. The ranis arc niled with men from all corners of the earth, but they are on a level. The regime is relentless, the work l.ard. If there is any righting to be done, the legionnaires go first. To many of them a fighting chance for life is better than what they would face on! of the service. Many break and pass into oblivion, but tl-.e strong often learn to love the legion and take pride In their exploits. If Aiexanflrc Avial,' wanted a? Villanueva. is released Irom th: Spanish Legion to face charges in France his case will ba almost a precedent. It has been pointed out here that the morale of the legion would be weakened and II that recruiting would sulfcr. To Life of SufTcrinj "The case involves an ex'.rcme- ly delicate point." said an officia' of the French Foreign Office when asked about what pressure would he brought to obtain Villanucva's extradition. And he added that "considerable deliberation -will b: re riu i red." There was iliilc doubt that Vil- liinucva had had enough of the legion when he was loiind in a Mor- rcccan mountain camp overlooking the sea. near Ceuta. His shapely hands were bruised, his sleek black hair undipped, and rings around his eyes told of tuflerins and fatigue. Asked in an Interview to explain his predicament he said t-arily: "Temptation, a taste for luxury l:cyond my means, and perhaps also the beauty of women." He explained how he long hesitated and then alter the first mistake he gave himself up to a life of pleasure. When he Sound he could no longer go on he though', of suicide, but finally told a friend of his troubles. "To this friend T owe my life," he said. "During the hoars while I wept, beside him he yave me the - courage necessary to face the fu' lure. I 'had responsibilities to meet, but in order to repay my clients of the bank it was necessary to start another life. I wcilt to Spain, but unhappily, alone and came completely dcsi>crate. I rcc- away from encouragement, T bc- ognizcd the futility of the cflflort I was making, and broken ar.d finished. I joined the Spanish Foreign Legion. "I wanted to go to the desert. 1 felt that, the Immense solitude would help me lo bear my sutler- i ing. Alas, today I am but a rag | without energy. ! Now I have only the desire to : unit this region and return to 1'ar- | is as a prisoner. I put my life in ; the hands of a lew faithful friends i and try to make reparations." ' In speaking of his Impressions of the legion he said: | "What lias been most painful to fl NEVER.SUPPOSED>THAT IHISjLIFE From a lavish life in French soi-H- ly to llu- hard, relentless discipline of the Spanish Foreien l.cgion was loo fircal a cliaiiRC for (.uiirniiu Carlos lie Villanucvu, iiklurnl up per left. Now, lliuugh he is a fugitive from justice in Fr.mi'e hue ait^e of his manipulations of hank funds, he wants to be released Trn m his enlistment, uliich was under an assu lilfcl name. me is the promiscuity of the life. Here are all types, some of good families who have committed youthful follies or become desperate through love, mixed with the lowest. Assassins and highway rankers hide under a false name while tlie i Government Declares War on Man Eating Lions NAIROBI, (Ul'J—A war of extermination has been declared by Kid Wright Wins Free Ride and Big Lake Vote MANILA, Ark.. Aug. H.-R. T. ^idi \Vrli;hl was reeleclcd us constable of Big Lake Township over opponents bv a large majority in A raic Hint created much Interest ;,n;oug lornl citiwns. Tlie "KU1" npjicsed by two prominent candidates. Will Wrlfiht. who by the- way is no relation, and Newt Muore. Tlie climax of Kill's vk-lory occurred on Main street ycsteviluj morning, wlu-ii Will palil off an election bet. liefore Hie giv/c- ol amused spectators, Kid rode non- e'halanlly down the sli'cet In an o!<' whcclb-irrow. He smoked Ills clgur niul smiled broadly, lie tipped lib hat anil nodded (o those who wn watching him on tho sidewalks. A the i)voi)cllln(! end of the barrow was no oilier than Will Wright one ol Hie detected men, and along side of the "Keeil" was New Moore, holding 1111 opi'ii umbrella , over the victor's head. "Well, Ilu'iv you are, said Kid, when the ilebt had been paid off. "Tom Campbell promised you boys IhiU II yon voted for him he would liive you twenty cent coUon. He ain't In, so he can't give you Mich, liul you see, I've already filled my campaign promises. 'lie held out his hand to catch a few droiis of rain. "1 told you, I'd make it ruin. just as toon as I sol back In. And 1 did." He giggled and slipped away in the crowd. Kill is the same' constable that helped warn the young girls al Ut' Lake 'o slay off Ihc slrceK when wearini! men's dollies. He attributes much of Ills success In this race to the. national publicity hi, received on account of this public duty. He says that he will continue, to enforce laws that make for public decency. AILS MI-:N wno it<mm;i> my VAN'COUVf.Ii, Wash. tUl'1-Two nen roblhxl George Holt, taxi driv- '!'. and tied him by Ills llumws lo i II-HCC-. Holt escaped. irtioLic-.l 'hi'iul, :uul tin- two weie anvili-J n t!u shiver's taxi. *m c ! the government against miineattns most unmentionable passions arc given free rein. The dregs of 1m- , ''°» s winch, in a few weeks tins inanity liatini these lines. 1 must itunnuer, claimed 20 victims, terror return lo Paris- -soon --immediate- j^ing the natives of [lie Ankolc ami ly." j Maska districts of Uganda. Lost in Wall Street | A " expedition has been sent to the Villanueva wrote a letter to the j district muter the leadership of judge hearing his case saying, "1 Cap:. Salmon, noted hunter and enlisted in i:ie Spanish Foieign | eauie ranger, lo wipe out tte mar- Lesion in a moment ut hysteria j aiulcrs, which had become So bold under the name of Alexandra Avial that they earned (iff many of their victims in broad daylight. Similar aci=si. '.lad to bo taken seven years ago when lions were making constant raids on native .settlements. JEFFERSON. Die. (UP)—While lending home his bull. Marion Loo- pcy stumbled and broke his litll 1 finger. "Smile £ttlie Ache' Ordinary pains— Itciul- nche anil nuunilgiit, museu- lav pains, functioiiitl pains, the headache and congested feeling of a cold in Hie .head—how quickly they ^disappear when you take a, tablet or two of DR.MILES' Dr, Miles* Aspir-Mint is tho now, stable, mint-lluvorcd lalilet that is milking people all over the country "Smile at the Ache" Your rlrjiKcist l>a» tlieiu. 15c nnii 25c Packages TOULL GET RELIEF-. OR YQUR MONEY-BACK and I am at your disposition." The son of a former Venezuelan Charge des Aflairs, Villaneuva was himself attached to the legation for a time. The heaviest loser by j s his transaction is Jose Maria Cur- denas, a wealthy Venezuelan living here, who Is claiming $475.GOJ from the bank which, however, disclaims responsibility and a civil action is pending. It is allaged that Villaneuva persuaded Cardenas to transfer his checking account to au interest-bearing account and th'. bank claims that, Its accounts, as such, are iri order. Friends of the ruguive say that Ifc lost most of his money in speculation as a result of the Wall i Street crash. He was a lavish spender and owned a siring 01 polo ponies. One of his hobbies was to attend boxing matches and ofler cash prices for the winner during (he course of a bout. He hao a winning personality and :• reputation for business accuinen. SKES WASHINGTON INDUSTRY HOQUI/.;vr, \SM=n, (UP)—J. Emy Tsukimoto, Tokyo oyster expert, visited oyster beds on Grays and \V:l!iapa iiarhnrs. T.^ui-'moto \vas a pioneer in successful growing of Japanese oy.sters on Puiigct Sound. THE GIKI.'S KICI1T TEACHER: What was the first thing James th.? First did when he came lo the throne?" CYNTHIA: Sat on it, I suppose. —Tid-Bits. IMl'llOVIXG FAST POLICEMAN: Miss, you were doing sixty miles aifchonr! HUE: Oh, isn't that splendid! 1 only learned to drive yesterday.-Hyde, England, Rcporler. al their Radio Rendezvous iRADIO 50,000 W 1090 Kilotyclcs —275.1 Motors FRIDAY AT CENTRAL STANDARD TIME COTTON & }/ ^ /& %* Ti o keep that Poison In Time with the Old Reliable The liesl is . always the /_''_';• cheapest. : '-U. Dust M'illi •" (' "Delta Brand."— fresh : ~^-' -effective lj|! —economical : ; fj| j Wire or phone 6-1871 for Immediate delivjr)? use SOCONY PARAFFINE BASE Made from selected 100% pure Paraffine Ease Crudes. ... A grade for each, condition. Seals Power .".^.' prevents friction , . . means New Life for Old Motors—Longer Life for All. Specials For Saturday Only "Costs no more but covers more' 1 COMMERCIAL CHEMICAL CO., Memphis; World'a largest manufacturers of Calcium Arsenato You Won't del Hit If yon buy of Mr. Bowers' Store BANANAS (if)t(len Yellow Fruil Nice I'inn lb-5c W essou Oil I-\)V All Cnnkinfr • I'urposi-s Pints Quarts 17c Jell-o k'e Cream 1'owder Tomatoes Standard Nn. 2 Can 3 for 25c Cabbage I ,.l . . * ' Nice Firm Heads Ib. 3c Home Baked Ham Ib. 85c CORN I'i'ide ol' Illinois No. 'i Can 2 for 25c Salmon Chum 2 for 25c MILK 1'et or Cainatiuti (i Small SUGAR in-l,l> Limit With Othtr Groceries 49c PEARS KiTsh and Nice Calif, liarllclt Ib. 12k POTTED MEAT Li "S. 4c SPINACH NO. ^jhnjflc WATERMELONS sS^2flc SAUSAGE <I7 Vieniiii. Lihliy's Bitch CRACKERS Crln. PEANUT BUTTER ,S,J9c Salt Meat KOI- Ib. 12c MEAL 21-1,1) Sack Ih-.sf Cream 63c Lettuce Firm Heads each LEMONS .'Hill Stinkisl Do/,. 33c GRAPES n-l.1i Haskel each 33c Oranges Nice Si/.c Doz. 23c ^••••i^™^^^^^^™^^—— P ork Chops Sausage N " I'tii'L- I'ork Country Style lb.23c Ib. 15c "LARD COFFEE 1'ti re iiust Grade, linlk -S 5.75 ! 6 Kf 81.00 Pinto, tS'avy or Great Northern 12 L r5; 1-00 ach 89c ' MS2;V MAGNOLIA STATIONS AND'DEALE ' ^THROUGHOUT JHE SOUTHWEST RS Turnips \silh toj)^, Muslard,Spring Onions, Celery, fresh Siring IJcans, Com, Pcaclu:., Cooking Apples, Bell Pcpp«:rs, Avurodas, Grapes, Spinach and Cuenniber=.

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