The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 23, 1962 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1962
Page 1
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IT MAY VERY WELL BE that I. haye been watching too much tslevisiftn lately. It is riot only that my eyes are stuck in this fixed stare and that I twitch and start to contact my nearest dealer at the slightest suggestion of a commercial, it is also that 1 am expecting my everyday life .to turn out like it does on TV. * * * TAKE THE OTHER MORNING FOR EXAMPLE. I had watched a dramatic program where a woman was in her own home in a very lonely district and a vagrant maniac .came along and murdered her between her back porch and her kitchen cellar way. Of course, those things don't happen in Algona, Iowa, especially in broad daylight. I am not the least bit neurotic. Everybody hears the refrigerator chant, "On Chicago" and sees those butterflies over the kitchen sink, don't they ? Just the same, I was a little bit worried when I saw the shoulde of a man disappear right by the dining section window. * * * HE WAS ABOUT FIVE FOOT EIGHT inches tall — or maybe was eight foot, five inches — and I wouldn't have thought, another thin about it excepting that just as my heart was quieting down a little, could hear the knob to the back porch door slowly, slowly turning. The the footsteps started. Creak-creak-creak-across the porch floor. I wa determined to remain calm, and I grabbed up that $15 postage fund fo the church I am in charge of, and thrust it down the neck of my blouse If I was to be murdered for my money, I would at least put up a ter rifle fight! * * * NEXT THE KNOB TO THE CELLARWAY door started to turn, could hear the door slide open, inch by inch. The intruder was entering 1 plucked up my courage and hoarsely croaked, "Who's there ?" Afte; an eon of silence, a strong masculine voice answered, — "Meter man !' * * * THEN THERE WAS THE OTHER day when I met this former gir friend of mine whom I hadn't seen for at least 20 years. I didn't even get a chance to ask how many kids she has before she started babbling about this brand of soap she uses. I know she is at least as old as I am. but when I.looked at her face, I found another time when real life isn't at all like it is on TV. Her complexion was even worse than mine is. * * » I KNOW FROM WATCHING TV THAT a wife should never take her husband for granted. He is exposed to all sorts of designing women every day of his life. You have to be especially careful if your husband uses the kind of hair dressing my husband uses. That's why I was particularly concerned when I answered the telephone and a throbbing, contralto voice asked if Harlan was home. She didn't say who she was, but knowing that Father has lately given up using the little dab that will do him in favor of daring to use the two dabs that make girls pursue him, I was plenty worried. What's more the voice said she just had to talk with him and she gave me her number to call the moment he got home. • . ' • * * * I THOUGHT I ALREADY HAD HER number before she even gave it to me, but when I told Father about it, I must say he took it quite casually. He took off his overalls, washed his hands, and asked what was for supper before he even went to the telephone. I can act quite casual also when the occasion demands, so I went over and gave the dog a drink of water so that I could eavesdrop on the conversation. I couldn't gather much from my end. Father being a man of few words, but he did say, "It is? — You are? — That bad, eh? — Well, I am, too." Then after a pause he said in a low voice, "I suppose I can manage to {iet away tonight, if you can't wait until tomorrow." I tried not to be too nosy. I even waited until he got settled reading the paper be/ore I asked him, for goodness sakes, what was that all about. He said, "Her sewer's plugged. Gotta go over there right after supper." * * * 2-Alaono (la.) Uppar Do Maine* Tuesday, January 23, 1»62 t LuVerne Youth Winner TV COMMERCIALS SOMETIMES TELL me that the woman who bakes for her family does it for love of them. That's why the other day I whipped up a cake using the old-fashioned method, starting from scratch. The kids came home from school, saw the cake on the table and asked if they could have a piece. I waited for the shower of hugs and kisses that is supposed to accompany this. They chewed a bit, then asked, "You bake this, Ma ?" I proudly admitted that I had. "Taint near as good as the mix one Jeanie baked last week", they said between mbuthfuls. * * * A WOMAN GETS TIPS ON GLAMOUR from watching TV. I haven't yet tried the hair preparation that makes people wonder does she or doesn't she, but if I get just five more gray hairs, I am going to. But the other evening, I decided maybe Father was tired of looking at the same old me, so I took a bath and instead of getting into my flannel pajamas, I got dressed again. What's more I borrowed some of Mary Ann's eye make-up and put a teeny dab of emerald green on the lids and frosted it with a touch of the glitter gold. * * * FATHER NOTICED ME ALL RIGHT. He came home from the Smoke Shop and said, "How come you are all cleaned up ? You sure c'on't expect me to take you any place tonight yet, do you ?" In my most persuasive way I gave him a little talk about still liking to be alone with him. After he calmed down a little and got settled beside me on the davenport — to watch TV, naturally — I could see that the touch of Dark Brilliance perfume I put on my wrists and ear lobes was beginning to work. Father looked at me with a downright gleam in his eye. His other eye, of course, was watching TV, but then you can't have everything. Next he turned to me, stretched out his arm and mur- murred, "My Dear ? Scratch my back. It itches right over here. * * * 1 IMAGINE THE NEXT TIME I go to my family physician for a check-up as they recommend on TV 1 might find it just like the medical programs on television. Dr. Ben Casey's waiting rooms are simply crowded with the most interesting cases like leprosy acquired in a search for lost diamond mines in South Africa, extreme shock from seeing your grandmother beat up a policeman and addicts waiting to hold up the hospital medicine chest. But it will just be my luck to find the waiting room filled with the same old gall bladder complaints varied viruses and an assortment of maternity cases in logical stages of advancement. And when the doctor examines me, though I may complain about a pain in my abdomen, he'll probably find nothing incurable at all — just a case of eating too much sauerkraut and spareribs ! i * * THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS for Corn Custard. Although she doesn't know I have it yet, it comes from Jessie Smith. 2 cups cooked or canned corn 3 eggs, beaten <f. , • f » .» V/'z cups milk 2 tbsp. chopped green pepper I tsp. salt Add the milk to the beaten eggs, combine corn, green peppers and salt. Bake for 30 minutes in a 375 degree oven. — GRACE. A Kossuth County 4-H member, Duane Hilbert of LuVerne, won first place in the late summer steer class in the junior Angus show al the recent National Western Stock Show. He also won first place in the junior angus showmanship competition and then went on to wir grandchampion showmanship honors over all breeds. (UDM Engraving] Swea Girl Is Honored At Upper Iowa U. Swe'a-Eagle — Janet Thoreson was recently elected Personality Girl at Upper Iowa University at Fayette. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Thoreson. Jan is a 21-year old senior. She is majoring in elementary education and minoring in P.E. During her years at U.I.U. Jan las participated in Lutheran Student Group, and was vice president one year; Sigma Nu Sigma; WAA; SEA; Madrigals, Choir; and served on the Peacock staff (col- ege annual). She has been in sev- ral plays and an opera. This year he is the editor of the Peacock. During her spare time, which he seldom has, Jan likes to swim nd bowl. After graduation in August, Jan lans on teaching the fourth grade n a medium sized school in north- rn Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Tokheirn .nd family returned Jan. 9 after a two-week trip to the west. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Tokheim en- erlained Saturday evening in wnor of Steven's 6th birthday. Dinner guests were Orville Work nd daughters, and Mr. and Mrs. Parley Work and Michael. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hans were inner guests Friday evening at he home of Mr. and Mrs. Loren ans, Fairmont, in honor of Kimerly's 5th birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lofstrom and Villiam attended a family dinner t the Herman Melz home -at Blue Sarth Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Carr at- ended commital rites for John oseph Poshusta, infant son of Jr. and Mrs. Keith Poshusta, Maon City, Jan. 11. The baby, a ;randson of the Carrs, lived only our hours. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Carr were unday visitors at the home of heir daughter and family, the inus Vaskes at Rolfe. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Preston and \lr. and Mrs. Maynard Jensen vere Sunday guests at the John Kelly home for the 3rd birthday of Marilee Kelly. Lionel Thompson has been in loly Family hospital since Jan. a or medical treatment. Mrs. E. E. Thompson has been confined to her bed for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Godfredson vii-ited her brother, Don Hoppc at the Fairmont Community hospital Sunday. He underwent major sur gery the first of last week. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Jones and Dick Smith left Wednesday morning to visit Florida and the southern states. Studies show that charge accounts have a tremendous impact on increasing the effectiveness of department or specialty store advertising, and that women "from 17 to 70" are influenced more by newspaper advertising of the stores where they have charge accounts. 3 Women Join LuVerne Club LuVerne — WSCS met Wednesday in the Methodist church. Mrs. Ailyn Brink presided with 35 in attendance. Mrs. Allen Blake led the devotional service. The lesson was given by Mrs. William Goet; sch. Welcomed as new members were Mrs. L. B. Shelton, Mrs. Gail Wolf and Mrs. Theodore Johnson. Hostesses were Mrs. Robert Barber, Mrs. Elmer Kubly, Mrs. Elden Guess, Mrs. Roland Walline, Mrs. Ray Agard, acting were Mrs. Kubly and Mrs. Frances Shorey. Hospital Report Mrs. Everett Schipull underwent a tonsilectomy at Lutheran hospital, Fort Dodge, Thursday. Mrs. Marie Maass entered Lutheran hospital, Fort Dodge, Wednesday for a check-up. The Progressive Club .were guests of Mrs. Bert Ramus Monday evening. Mrs. I. H. Chapman presided with 15 members present. Mrs. Jon Nelson presented the topicv Attending a leadership training school in Giimore City, Monday evening from the LuVerne Methodist church were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. (Villiam Goetsch, Mrs. Duane Neal, James Mallory. Rev. Wor hie Usher teaches a class. The LuVerne Live Wires Girls 4-H Club honored a member, Viccie Fox, with a skating party at Algona, Saturday evening as a •arewell courtesy. Late refreshments were enjoyed at Van's Cafe, Algona. Taking the girls were their leader, Mrs. John Voss, Jr. and eorge Schnetzer. Mr. and Mrs. John Voss Jr., and Le Ola Ann visited Sunday with their son and brother the Delmer Voss family in Eagle Grove. Their nine month-old son, Craig, had returned from Lutheran hospital, Fort Dodge where he was a medical patient for ten days. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Thu and family of Gracttinger and Marlin Grcgcrson of Rutland were SUP. day guests of the Vernon Eggles- tons. Mr. and Mrs. William Goetsch were guests Sunday of cousins Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wagner in Webster City. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baumgartncr were Sunday visitors in Mason City with his sister Mrs. Minnie- Dickie. Mrs. William Goetsch was with her sister Mrs. Phyllis Struthers in Irvington the past week as the family were ill with the flu. Mrs. John Voss, Jr. attended a Girls 4-H leaders training school Monday .in the Algona Methodist church. The Friendly Neighbor Club were Tuesday guests of Mrs. W. Raymond Legler. Mrs. Jen-/ Krause was a guest. The topic was presented by Mrs. Edwin Marly. The election of officers will be of LuVerne. They went to assist in the care of the three small children of their granddaughter ify. and Mrs. Judeari Weltrig, daughter of the Marty's. Mr", aftu Mrs. Weltha went to Dallas, TeX, to attend a turkey growers convention. Mr. and Mrs. John Voss, Jr., and Le Ota Ann visited Monday evening with Mr. arid Mrs. Jess Blaiser at Britt. Le Ota Ann at tended a Rainbow meeting. •Quests Monday in the Rev. Wor- thle Usher home were her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Harding of fistherville and her sister Mr. and Mrs. Glen Lundgren of Rltlgsted. i Raymond Schaller has purchased the estate farm of the late Alfred Miller east of town, 'tie receives possession March 1, 1962. Mr. and Mrs. Monte Toohey, who Have farmed the Miller farm move to the farm vacated by Raymond Schaller. ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Glen Braynard moved Saturday to their new home Which they built recently. They have farmed the farm of Mrs. Mary Devitt of Algona several years. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Meier and five children of Belmondi are moving to live with his mother, Mrs. Matie Meier and son Roy Meier, siluthwest of LuVerne. They have two sons, ten and nine years, who Will enroll in the LuVerne school. Mrs. Herman Hinz was hostess to her 500 card club Tuesday. Guest players were Mrs. Charles Hinz, Mrs. Jessie Stripling and Mrs. Harold Meyer. At play, high Mrs. Stripling, low, Mrs. Hinz. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barber and boys attended open house in the Legion hall at West Bend Sunday honoring the 50th wedding anniversary of his uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Barber. The Biddies and Kiddies Card Club were Tuesday guests of Mrs. Stanley Genrich. Mrs. Victor Baumgartner and Vickie were guests. At play, high, Mrs. George Studer, low, Mrs. Jerry Stille, nine bid, Mrs. Leslie Calkins and travel, Mrs. Clif Richardson. The Good Will club were guests Thursday of Mrs. William Goetsch with 8 members present. Mrs Goetsch and Mrs. Orville Hurlburl showed slides of the school for retarded children at Algona. held at the February meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kubly spent SCRIPTO MARKING PENCILS. the P^t week with their daughter lishing Co.. phone CY 4-3535. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Marty, east New Car Sales Zoom To 51 In Two Weeks Sales of new cars and trucks zoomed to 51 during the past two weeks in Kossuth county. Sales were more brisk than for many months. Here are owners of new ,'ehicles, according to records at he county treasurer's' office: ' Chevrolet — Pioneer HiBrecl Corn Co., Algona, truck (2); Janet ..udwig, West Bend; Leander Menke, Swea City; Myron Cram, Corwith; Dale Finer, Titonka; Elmer or Kate Gray, Buffalo Center; Leo Carman, Algona; Janice or Wm. Wiemer, Ledyard; R. W. Bierstedt, Lone Rock; S. E. Henry, Algona; A. L. Metzger, Lono lock; Leonard Baas, West Bend; R. M. Walker, Whittemore; W. B. Alderson, Fenton; Roger Fehr, Vest Bend, pickup; Deitering mp., Bancroft; Gerald or Georga Voigt, Fenton; R. L. Medin, Whitemore; A. L. Fish, Corwith; G. T. Berg, Eimore; II. J. Manser, Alzona; Francis P. Conway, Whitte- nore; A. L. Weber, LuVerne; Elhert. Chev., Whittemore; and H. H. Ricklefs, Titonka. International — McGuire Bros., Bancroft. Ford — D. O. Friets, Bancroft, pickup; R. S. Mather, Swea City; 0. T. or Luella Cherland, Lone Rock; C. N. Berg, Eimore; Taylor Imp., Algona, truck; Edward Hol- acok, Algona; Dorothy Cook, Algona; D. 0. Friets, Bancroft; C. E.. Winger t, LuVerne; T. L. Larson, Algona. Lincoln — Alfred or Zola Oesterreicher,.Titonka. Mercury — H. H. Miller, Elmore; J. E. Wortman, Lakota; M. C. Paulson, Lakota; John Johnson, l.akota. Chrysler — L. H. KJeinpeter, Pontiac — M. E. Flaig, Lono Rock; A. L. Rasmussen, Burt. Olds — Nels Isaacson, Ajgona; X. J. Ruba, Algona. Jiuick — A. H. Eden, Titonka; It. P. Madsen, Wesley. Rambler — W. J. Mayer, Algona; C. R. Strom, Algona. Local Church Names Officers Fdr New Year New officers were elected at the annual congregational meeting of ithe^ Presbyterian church here. Meiers elected to three year terms were tiick Meyer, Paul James and Richafd Mawdsley. trustees named to three year terms were Alfred Schultz, Joseph Skow, Adrian Caster and Keith Christie. Glenn Jones was elected trustee for one year to fill the unexpired term of the late Arthur Krause. Ivan Long was elected financial secretary and benevolence treasurer arid Ava Simpson was reelected church treasurer. Paul James was named building fund treasurer and recorder. Al Agena is new youth budget treasurer. Karl Kiilsholm was re-elected Sunday School superintendent and Robert Pingel, assistant. Joseph Ward and D. 0.4 Clopton were elected head ushers; Mrs. A. E. Kresensky, librarian, Mrs. Fred Geigel historian; Mrs. Richard Hurt, music committee member and Mrs, Harlan Sigsbee, Presby- terlan Life magazine chairman.; and Kay Agenk. fh§ woflfiiflating committee wai Alwln Huehhold, Glenn Jones, Claudd Ruark, Mrs. Oran Hudson , onii-jrinw TAQSf ** tipper &6« MolneO Pub. Co., Al* geria. L. DA Allen Welch BALLROOM LEGION 26th Friday Firestone New De Luxe Champion \ NEW TREADS \ APPLIED ON SOUND BODIES r OR ON YOUR OWN TIRES COMPLETE SET Only Firestone has it... • The same revolutionary tread design that comes on original equipment and premium-priced tires is NOW available for your ,tf>wn tires! Gives you traction -•Clear across the tread ... no dead spot in the center! Increases mileage too! Don't settle for out-of-date treads ... get this extra value and safety FOR SURE. , 12-MONTH ROAD HAZARD GUARANTEE r Superior quality allows I to guarantee against tira J failure from road hazards, \ Guarantee honored in all 50 ! States and Canada, wherever ' you drive. ~ JNTRODUCTORY l-Mfct COFFER Our New Treads, identified by Medallion and shop mark, an GUARANTEED t. Against defect* in workman, •hip and material* during life of tread. t. Against normal road hazards (except repairable punctures) encountered in everyday passenger car use for 12 monlhi. Repairi made without charge, replacement* prorated on tread wear and based on list pricea current at time of adjustment. Plus tax and 4 trade-in tires j 7.50-14 TUBELESS Just say ... it!" MONTHS * TO PAY Joe Bradley Firestone SOUTH OF ALGONA HOTEL PHONE CY 4-2421, ALGONA, IOWA Your FIRESTONE Wholesale and retail Dealer, OR VIKING OIL CO., Algona CHROME SERVICE, Algona MURRAY OIL CO., Bancroft BUTCH'S DOC, Whittemore KRAUSE "66", Fenton LAPPE'S D-X, Burt WAGNER DOC, Algona ED'S D-X, Algona T .1 11 11 n i '^^^^^^''^•'''••'''•••••'•'••••••••iE^eHiiBMBjBj'iBBBjijpBipBj^^ This is it!! FINAL WEEK of ZENDER'S Price Buster Sale on Brand Name Men's & Boy's Clothing. 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