The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 16, 1962 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1962
Page 17
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if 4 -,~, Sftds about; week. La . ys so Ji Hf. } the ndenhall; tings and; thei* ^change ig back ther| bruary we h to Arizona bad roads and coming/ Iff d it Dorothy Campbell of Ed.....J, Wish., <'i* /sE finished ading yowcdluhitt where" yoli ,"?"5 e " tej f. on '«',w often ypu men- ned Californfa.'ff you think Oa£ jrnia is beautiful you must see feshington. We went to^'Tacoma ' visited the Roger She is the former Lois '" ^ITnd "a" nfece" 61'"our 'lends, James "and Thelhia tt stat toped i at Fort • Uwft ' A|rll fo Octbjbe?"!^', *° '> ^i• "f"'.' * t'* ' tnas. Matty, shoppers ate ( the streets-some look happy and a d "The 1 can't > what to buy. fe, about W<* tiu g. . Sorie ; gating j c | low." Earl Has a-flne>iew of -the 'river from his hotel room. Muscatine is an interesting t$wn. ' • '* » the form' lette* frort DrusciHa Mertz, Grand Island, Neb., was as she said mostly family facts. Of mostj interest to-Algonans is that he and her husband " Don celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary in November. She adds that Don's", father, J. 8. nlertz, West Bend, will observe his "We expect a.mad Natoal Speech -, • \~rz, HclVO OllF IS^JL wuiii ^gufsl from PHiladefpi Xihefsqrt) ^' Wori .i-u«a"iA, - cunj 'Ia'ud6 in ,..„ larvard. Liza (the daughter) is tenth grader at St. Hilda's and -, m a furor, pursued by bevies of cute Htle boysl It's a gay life." ,~ « •• * Connie Jergenson writes from AUrora, Colo. "Still A ke^fJ tip. on 'tidbits" so don't ever quit. Phil 'eceived a letter from" a-man at $$\ *,? wa S 1 yin £ he ' fo ft nd PHil's balloon and message in His sornfield one wee*k from the,day hey took off from Denver. Some rip. (1 don't know what It's all- ibout but she assumes I am in- ormed.) We missed otir trip td qwa last summer but hope.we an",get there next year.";(Good Yau Ho longer need to feel Cool We are comfy arja 1 warm, since we, installed our new heating system. Even ladies with wet heads are remarking how comfortable tHey are. Y6u Cart Look As ; '' the It Is of interest to know has some fine schools and'i...«,.. e first rating is the Emmetsbufg" high school. Allen Hendrlksbri' was graduated from the school a feft years ago, had, a scholarship which entitled -fifin to study, 'at Harvard where, he has been th: "" arftKa half years', tie is 6f the- debating te*m tl ther, honors""are"the' wfi ™—«. ««•««* w MA. w b»t* wliiuuiK^ vnr"*^ Rhodes scholarship \which wlH-en- able him -to study at "Oiford," England<\He wiU the", latter part ^ . father-lives at- Emm&sburg. and bis mother i is *Xtt}>89ftx Atgorttt (lo.) Upper Des > • ( Ha l r st v'«. A new "do" can d> wonders for you ! o'ur " *' " th SJAT£ BEAUTYl SALON June ~#r Delrae Nina Fran • ! I M 1 1 *&ltf»'llj have the wrong : .house,* mister ...We have a Thtw FQUR B^EFITS count in automatic drying; AUTOMATIC GAS DRYER 2. « , , , • - f wlth s 8 yrMike heat drying clothes ' Mgfr?«h.clean " SQft anq fluffy, w wltWrtht rum, protects ypyr mpst f »« n gu al! of them ! "s wBflJ p »ad HAIttUtQn BEECHER LANE APPLIANCE TiRMS 11 ALOONA ,lt ,1s-wonderfiii;, io fbridgejVtle mile's and talk'Wtho%edlonk- especially at Christmas time when family ties tighten. I had a call from my cousin Melvin Hender- Spri,of.Upland, Calif. DeoV>24.fHe and .thetfamily were just firilshwg breakfast ,and I was anticlpaflfig S y'nopri tray.i'He.'said 'ffwa^Bl e, day before, he had mowiS 'the lawft and got plenty wa'fhV<3ding it, birds were 1 chirping, flowers abloom and a bright sunshine. He p t sk;ed about the snow and I- told him "we *had' plenty! 'fi£ t&id^&l ^vish I,wa4 back there"' in' lt/V 1 w,ished!he .was toojfand all the' family. Here to be s close, by. ,W6 had, some 'wonderful' holidays''tCh gether back in the' "good' old days." ' ) ; ! ;Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bowman had a'call from their'son iLafty and wifej ^Bos,ion; • Mass.; and. Mrs". Bowman got all choked, up just me about, ik Another call froni jtheir;, daughter MBS. Don ! .Craig,iEast ; Peoriai 111, Mrs< Bowman's, i mother '.',. Mrs.. Eliza Angle, had.,'a ; call, from her son Everett Robinson,; Eugene, ,0re. A lot of love goes out over.the air waves; / • j i .• > - , .-,'•. , ; Mr. and Mrs. .Howard Beardsley and daughter. Margaret Ann, Che-; verly, * Md;,i spent', Christmas f at Rficfc Rapids,!With .Mrs. i JBeard-s jsley's brother, and : sister-in-law, Mr. 'and j Mrs. Paul JCollinsi > • / s •••• . t: i, i .. f . ..r., - .» . j . When tiicy Hoffman brought me a Christmas gift she said they were .expecting' a long 1 distance call. I didn't ask from whom but I .have an idea it was from their daughter Joan who lives at Houston, Tex. '•'••• « * Not to be out-done by one another, aoe and Paulette : Bradley each took a fall on icy spots, one at home, one at church. Fortunately neither .was' seriously hurt and I didn't think to ask if was the same ankle—left or right. Donna Rqefcr said she got stuck in the snow when she was out for dinner Christmas. She said the snow had such a crust on it she could walk on it. Sounds , like what my mother used to tell me about the snows of her girlhood. Donna had to get dug out by the friends whom she was visiting, but came home sailing from then on. • • i * : * * ' ' I'd like to toll you about a couple of engagement ' rings I know about which' were recently received by well-known young wojnen. But I won't unless they tell me I may later. • * • You can imagine how exasperated Patty Ward was when snow in Des Moines kept her in the capital city till Dec. 24 when she wanted to get home earlier. As a bride-elect she had a lot of things to di. By the time this reaches the press she will be Mrs. Ray Bils- borowgh, the wedding having taken place Dec. 30.' Best wishes to you Mr. and Mrs. B. •• ' *, * * Bernard Yeoman's son, ,,., Oj Fort Leonard, Wood, Mo., was accompanied home by a buddy David Schade, whoso >aj-eiu> live at Winona, Minn. ' >ads being what they were at Christmas and a few days prior, travel was slow and in order to get pie guest home as quickly as ppssible, Richard and his grand"...".. . Geofge Y§9Rl?n drove as far as LakeiMUls with him. There a long distance call was put in 8Bf wjjejj tjje father wa.s asked if hp would, accept a caU from his son there, he bellowed, "I don't hove a son in Lake Mills!" "Oh y,qp do," mjgjjt have been tlid answer, but apparently everything w«s Clanged, 0£ and I hope the yoyng man had a happy reunion with his family. Richard left for Camp, Re?. gS and I suppose his " returned with him. * * * ,,„,-. and Lucy Hoffman bad their annual holiday phone call from Mf. and Mrs,. Fitzgerald of neap ^jajj Francjsgg, Cajif., who C a J:'Wi&i*. jMW JM S w &' "our snow weather friends. "An appropriate name ajicj very much so The |his year. , * * . * : Gary, son of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Colwell, chooses the darhdest times to have sicknesses. Two years ago he had an appendecto- ny at Christmas time, this year J's mumps. Christmas day his parents left him 1 with a "sister' or a couple of hours while they md his grandmother, Mfg.* Hugh L-olwell, went td Clarion for a brief Visit with his other grandmother, Mrs. 0. G. Day. Beter luck next year, Gary. • * * I tfon't flatter myself that Lawrence Welk has any personal interest in me. It was merely bo- cause I inquired about the-, little -nnadian stager, Mauride' P'ea.r- son, and expressed pleasure at the Welk programs that he sent a gracious reply, and/ now nf Christmas, ai card with hisl pic- .ure and Christmas message.. I'd like to write him again 1 and beg him NOT to dance any more. His terpsichorean efforts ' are medio- cre. Leave the dancing to lithe some Barbara and Bobbfel tlteir rhythum and grace are a joy to watch. Garfield 4-H Pancake Supper ; The .annual pancake suppeV) Garfl6ld 4-H club dad's night,'Was held Jan. 1 at the West Bend community school, with 24 members answering roll call. Gloria Metzger reported on 4-tt fun night. They discussed the livestock budget estimate sheets. Ronnie Buenger had an estimate sheet filled out for beef and Ronald Struthers had one filled out for sheep. The average person in the United States consumes 1,500 pounds of fbpd a year. Grocery advertisers last year invested over $147,000,000 in newspaper advertising to tell consumers about their products. ' - — " «»- -" » " ** -.WWnTW f -»V^ > WM » MtR $MC. "ft^" LET YOUR FINGERS DO THE WALKING Shop the SWfS " 'TSIW?^H v^r;yk3ur< ,* ; JpgTO*^ j*<>* *3?'^ * V f^'""T^ Sa^^t6tafttiVe^\ra^C^.bft.te'^tH* J loJEltdfolv Biiickjs Motor Ttend Ki^^inVs ^»t- rX : fa&^#a&kAntt\$ t rr+*A t « ':- s ' -. \ A "• ' C" ^ 1 ^ ^ --s *• •¥•' S >h. i ^* **.*•!•> >vi>si AHM %«. A **>« vJ ^ prr^f;^*; ' * Cr s ^T. SErVOUR IpCAL AUTHORIZtO QUALITY 6UICK DEALER NOW ... "r^HSCHUi-TI BROS.—South rpB?(r telecflonl Big values? See, your Bulclc'Deafer for Double YOUR ul.ITY BuicK D^ALEH PUHlDS • and NOlV we even bring YOU S&H GREEN STAMPS AMERICA'S OLDEST MOST RELIABLE STAMP PLAN NOW AVAILABLE AT BILL'S MARKET! Come in and shop our appetizing selection of quality meats, vegetables and canned foods. You're sure to find the right items to complete your menu . . . and at our every day low, low prices plus S & H GREEN STAMPS. ARE YOU PRESSED FOR TIME? THEN CALL BILL'S CLOVER FARM MARKET!! If the weather is bad or if you are pressed for time, just pick up your phone and dial CY 4-4410. Your order will be given our personal attention and delivered promptly to your door. The same low prices apply plus Green Stamps. FREE DELIVERY CHECK OUT COUNTERS FRONT - REAR FREE DELIVERY SPACIOUS AISLES FRIENDLY SERVICE

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