The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 16, 1962 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1962
Page 16
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pndeUoyi levy for and the' authb'fiied spread same on , ail Nays: 'none Motion aitled, Motion -by Charles Plathc and-§ec bnded by Charles Newel Ihflt ditch ex ~ «it*.A*."'aiF>f*>tt* *!.«' ;--.. <*" •W*? r r fisriMBndo>'O«iir'.» J6hn M. Sijiuftw, M. ft.,'' . B*.C|*JSijl*^*^."1>.T"'AedT* M* C.L8«j"fr5? i '""""'"""' i " fe< . Foth, M.'D,, ehf ..,.4*..— FUNS . . N6rtf> C«rt a— C*,, emptlbn i be 1 «lfo\vefl ~ ana, refund be lvsnJn Ihi afnouiit bt |7B and the 961 taxes be abated for Joseph Borte t t HK No, B/.Sec. 34'94-39.'V mine ''Motion, earriea. t_lfc**..,4..«.4..»i»A..-»..*..i Alfierl* MUrV Utll, Utilities . A«6h« MUCI, ulll.; uffWHei . Payfoll Fund, County payroll , Payroll Fund, Ceurtty Payroll l«V<Sn UridMrsf," AHIst* SKerltf Webster C. Sheriff, Board & Lodge ----- j.. --------- f- Ralph W. Lmahorjt, Board A Lodge .._..}..t._--i-.----- Ratph W. Llndlwrst, M«als, Mileage & Assistance -iu.- Donald M. Wo*),- Mlleafle .. Una's SfudiS. Supplies „_,.„ Minerva Curtis, , Cart & Kssp . Soe.j C«h5 it Ke§t> ---- .<..<.«.. §6yi & Girts Hone, &m> & Keep .»kfiw.ti.->« titan St i6w*,,Aia te BUM . Chll- Jotldn by CtiaHes PlalhB arid Mc-|U>ner* sruaio, supplies *....,. ended by /elfis .Sorensen that Mathlas N. W. Bell, Tel. Serv. -, r — Eeimet's 1961 takes be abated ind he Elko Photd Produc be alloWea a refund in the amount of Gordon L. Wlnkel, $22.011 far an 6pen aiteh K>? the ' " ' 1956-60. • • - * • earned. . e years orf ne 1956-60. Ayesi all Nays: None .Motion | Joyce H»yd*n t .Mileage .^... Mf. and Mi's. Henry J, Bdoth of Bowlus, Minn, announce 'the engagement of their daughter, Marlene Susan, shown here, to Davic V. Richtsmeier, of Minneapolis, - son of Mr, and Mrs. A! N. Richtsmeier of .Wesley. Miss Booth is employed,at Investors Diversified Services in Minneapolis. Mr. Richtsmeier is employed at the Lake Street office of the Northwestern National Bjiflk 6f Mlnrie- apolis as auditor. A Sebtefnber wedding is planned. (TOM' Engraving; ; Motion by Charles Newel and seconded, by Charles Plathe that Ipfll tax be abated and a. refund given Gustav KraU36; See. 1'— " Uon. . carried Soft Water „.-... Pharmacy, Supplies to Coast, Supplies .... J. Motion by A. M, Kollasch and seo- -jided by diaries piathe that Percy E. Little be allowed a refund for an IBM, Maintenance Family Centered Prefect, Sup- open ditch in the amount of ««,63 fof Ready Mix, Supplies ........ N. W. Bell Tel., Tel. Sefv. — F!djaA& Chambers Co., Sup, br"a1i6»ed"'Tes% 'iHr'sSKlwS^ I uft:*tffiT.$r*'&~~&* the years 1956-60 In Section 13-100-28. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. . Motion by Jent Sorensen and tee- 1 onded by Charles Plathe 'that be allowed Jesae M. SchWe Prairie City, Iowa, for ovef-pa a trailer License In the amo Aye«: all Nays} none M&tlon t tied. Motion by Charles Newelja.™ „— onded byX. M.,K6Ua|dii, Ihkt.Kftlfldl fed A. and by * amo in the amount of I45.B7 be U Rasmlissen for the years OFFICIAL NOTICE BEFORE THE IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION TO THE CITIZENS OF KOBSUTH COUNTY, IOWA: Notice is hereby given that the In ter-State Oil Co.. SIoUX City, Iowa .transferor, 'and Inter-State Auto Supply Co., Inc., Sioux City. la. transferee have filed, a Joint application for the Commission's approval of the transfer of Liquid Transport Carrier Certificate No. LC-78, which authorizes the operations as a Liquid Transport Carrier between all points in the State of Iowa. The Commission : has • fixed Wednesday, January 31, 1962, ten (10:00) o'clock a.m. at the office of the Commission, Des Moines, ' Iowa as time and place for public hearing In the joove docketed application. IOWA STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION Harold E. Hughes, Chairman Ray H, Thompson, Commissioner Bernard J. Martin, Commissioner ATTEST: Claude E. .Davis, Secretary, .bated at Des Molnes, December 6, 1961. Docket No. DLC-186. Cl-2) NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS AND PROPOSED FORM OF CONTRACT FOR THE.CONSTRUCTION OF A STREET EQUIPMENT GARAGE IN AND FOR THE CITY OF ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, AND THE TAKING OF BIDS FOR SUCH CONSTRUCTION. Notice is hereby given that the City Council of'the City 1 of Algona,;, Kossufh County, Iowa will meet at the City Hall in Algona, Iowa on the 31st day of January;, 1962 at 8:00 o'clock P.M., at which' time and place a hearing will be held on the proposed plans, specifications and proposed form of contract for the construction of a Street Equipment Garage. At said hearing any person may appear and file objections to the proposed plans, specifications or form of contract, or the cost of such Improvement. This notice is given In accordance with Section 23.2 of tne 1958 Code of Iowa, and by order of the City Council. Sealed proposals for the general con- Itruction, plumbing and heating con- ilruction,-and electrical wiring construction on said Street Equipment Garage will tia received by the City of Algona, Iowa at the office of tho City Clerk of said City until 8:00 o'clock P.M. on the 31st uay of January, 1962. All bids submitted shall be made on printed torrns attached to and maoe a part of the proposed contract documents. Bids shall be submitted according to the following listed classifications: General Construction Plumbing and Heating Construe- tion Electrical Wiring Construction. Bids shall be addressed to the Cily of Algona, Iowa and delivered to the City (_,erk in scaled envelopes marked with Ine name of the bidder and the division of the work bid upon in accordance with tne above listed classifications. The contract documents arc on file with tho City Clerk at tho City Hall in Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa and at the office of Thorson, Gjelten & Schellberg Architects, Forest City, Iowa, and copies may be secured by the contractors from said Architects. The character and amount of the security to be submitted by the bidders is stated in the proposed contract documents. No bidder may withdraw his bid for at least thirty (30) days after the scheduled closing time for receipt of bids. By virtue of statutory authority a preference will be given to products and provisions grown and to coal produced within Ihe State of Iowa and to Iowa labor. After the bids are opened and examined by the City Council of Algona, Iowa, said Council may by resolution declare who is the lowest bidder and may defer award of said contract pending verification of necessary details. The City Coun cil further reserves the right to reject any or all bids received ana to waiv formalities in bids. Dated at Algona, Iowa this 2nd day o January, 1962. By order of the City Council of th City of Algona, Iowa. CITY OF AIGONA, IOWA BY: /S/ Dr. Cameron C. Shier ; Mayor ATTEST: /S/ David A. Smith City Clerk Published in the Algona Kossut County Advance, Algona, Iowa January II, 1962. ibatemeni for 1961 on an open ditch n Sec, 35-&7-2B. Ayes; all Nay's: nt Motion By A. M. Koltasch and i. onded by Charles Newel that taxes be suspended on the N. A. Pingel property in Lakota described as the , .rr S 264.5' of Lot 35 ex tr 125' x 95' SB fS° m «,„.,.„. cor of Lots 36-37. Ayes: all Nays nort 9°r is . V. 111 '*"^.! Motion carried. k!«-Fer|«nanrt Co., * $jp- ; Redone ~Ertviio&"'cV."Sup-~ J ' piles —._..'_' Blossom In«, Agency, Bond tt, t>K ScHUItz 4 Schultz, Blood -''/Tests' Via.. :... inn M. ScKuttefi Blood Tests 41,60 484.40 150.50 5S.4S (4.60 3.13 24.70 6)8.05 61.11 6.00 5.60 2.66 4.00 4.00 40.00 3.00 250.37 11.22 361.21 283.05 isfcT 3,|i 46.2 3. dfdf) fc&4^._K«,l**AAd.»i.. M A«K Stafft Of lo*a, OlSiblW ... . Mte if Iowa, Em«rgi»hiy Rillef ra Button, Hauling ....«*i, Jim Vjpond, plcklna CofH ---- Alg6n»^-6tktff Plaffy R»fit ».^ Culllgan, Soft Water ..--.^^i- Sfahdafd Oil, FuSl, ...^.... e«a»f to CoaW, Supplies ^.. N. W. Bell, Tel, Ser*. >. t ... John M, Sehutter, M, D., Medl- eal _-.^.iV--i---i-----i- Honsbruch Drug, Medical ... Atgena Imp. Co., Parts ------ HegartyS fib. & Mfg., Repairs Jim's Canvas t, Uph,, Repairs Carlson Imp., Parts ' * f aylSr * Imp^ ftent Parts Russell Rent*, Repairs —... Const. Co6p. Creameries, Dairy Products ......i..4..i.... Finn's Bakery, Food „Standard CHI, Fuel .... i. Lester J, Bias,., 2 Boars „_.»,. Whlttemore Hatchery, Chicks Hobarton Co-op. Elevator, Feed AlgOAa Imp. Co., Parts ..... DRAINAGE FUND John Thompson, Dr, 4 Walter Frambach, Dr. 4 . D. L. Leffett, Dr, 4 arties H. ferryman. Dr. -4 », "" " Dr. 32" ...i r ' ' 34 **£*4* i Co., Miller Lumber Co., wanfey ay JC ogcl's, Supplies —....., ohn Thofflpsbn, Lab« ,jv_L. Kirndre Coneffetfe Pra * Tile ,i..*.:ooh Bros., irrey Egmp.sCo,, pafw *„;; i|o •fflond N. KlasS ASItScltftes, *• it..—....».ii»«t^ i .Vi4...'j, as. uAiva, *Md*<A*V4±>tt>-;g aaffij^d6»eh«i SystVai/MotorSr 2,00*1 AOCn Eirua,, fi3uptme8,*4.*.<.»i...,a 2,43 Bill Ibvlflgton Coop. Co,; Supplies . - 38.90 , 22 If | §icK WagiW.iabOf ..«•..».,.. * 8.80 * "JArthur Rode, PaK^..i.i.i^.-. 5mifrooof,¥leV B tirrCo a 1 . Motion by Charles Plathe and sec untied by Charles Newel that refund b allowed Irvln Harhis lor 1959-60 aft 1961' be abated in Sec. 11-94-30. (Re fund $73.68) Ayes: all Nays: none Mo lion carried. ; Motion by Jens Sorensen and sec onded by Charles Newel that refum be allowed Burton & Ruth Hansttn on open ditch for the year 1061 in the amount of $34.20. Ayes: all Nays: none VIotion carried. • • t Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded by A. M. Kollasch that taxj >e_ abated in the amo.unt of $124J Ave. or 1960 on. the Gustln Property d cribed as: part of Lot 3 Call's A 1 Add. to Algona — 67' x 120' X 68' x 120'. Ayes: all Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel and sec- nded by Charles Plathe that rcsolu- ion be recommended to the highway Comm. for Farm-to-market-road funds, Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried Motion by Charles, Plathe and sec- rtded by Charles Newel that refund e allowed M. J. Kellner in the amount £ $13^7 in Sec. 34-94-29 for an open itch. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion arrled.' •• •• '•• •• •'• • :.• Dec. 1, 1961 2:00 P.M. ." Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by Jens Sorensen that-the bid of All Wheel Drive Co., Ft. Dodge be awarded contract on truck and plow. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. It was motioned that claims allowed at this meeting of the persons and firms listed immediately following be ratified, allowed, and confirmed. PAYROLL FUND Raymond H. Wisnom, Jr., court re Hell Alice L. iprter , . 67.02 - CJgpp, co. home 142.12 i. Clapp, co. home 142.12 Mtirl Jorgenson, co. home 133.35 Hulda Jorgenson, co. home --..123.25 Mary E. Lamprlght, assists the • - '• treas ; 18.88 Joan Mueller, assists sheriff ... 119.61 L. C. Rovn, probation deputy .. 112.98 R. K. Beck, probation officer .. 111.66 Dean G. Parrott, court reporter 56.30 Fern V. Miller, court reporter „ 186.42 Claire A. Boltz, court reporter . 62.60 Raymond H. Wisnom. Jr., court reporter 67.02 A. M. Kollasch, meetings & mileage 520.50 Charles H. Newel, meetings & mileage - - «5.97 John H. Rode, meetings & • mileage - * 497.70 Jens M. Sorensen, meetings & mileage 351.10 'liurlns Plathe, meetings & mileage _... 425.11 H. M. Smith, engineer 703.23 John Frascr, assists engineer — 501.70 Hazel Anllkcr, assists engineer 209.35 James Hoffman. Rodman 136.78 Clifford Blanchard, labor 265.08 Noble L. Crouch, labor 276.74 Clifford Holmes, labor 27(1.79 Earl Johns, labor - 332.77 Ben Metzger, labor _ 286,93 t'erdinand Meyer, labor - 267.36 Ralph Markla. labor 274.71 Herbert C. Nellis. labor 301.75 Edward Ricke, labor 293.15 James W. Schultz, labor . 208.08 George C. Studer, labor - 263.12 Lloyd Schaller. labor 108.40 Lem Stockwell, labor 304.21 John Schueler, Jr., labor 286 31 Erich Wlllrett, labor 278.88 James Walker, labor _ 308.27 Cyril Wagner, labor 321.02 transbOrt-ation ;j.'i.^.i..-_t. ; North Central !Pub.; Servt.lGai Charles..ScKrader, Fuel —... Algona Mun. Util., Utilities . Dr. Richardson, Medical .... ohri M. Sehutter, M. D., Medical —•—' ... .,.--. Dan L Bray, M. D., Medical lonsbruch Drug, Medical ... <py'M. Turner, M. D.; Medical t. Ann Ho$p.,'Medical^-4-i^ ! Holy Family Hosp.,, Medical . oseph M. Rooney, M. D., Medi- 'cal. .I......... , Hancock . Co. Auditor, Medical Hancock Co. Mem. Hosp., Medical „ tusk Drug,, Medical —A, G. Bourne, M. D., Medical fKiente. Pharmacy, Medical _ ohn Keneflck, M. D., 'Medical >or^ld J. Welp, Medical , .' ,Vag We Board Proceedings BOARD PROCEEDINGS rV'SHfTH PAY PEC. 1, U IGUlAH NOVEMBER SESSION Boaj'd, of Supervisors met pur- U> adjournniunt. Those present John Bode, Chairman, A. M Charles Newel, Jens Soren- Chgrles Plalhe. Absent: None Jens SoiuasL-a and eec- ' ; Newel that the third iff of the Soldier Relief ,ye«: AH Nays: none Newel and sec— Hut rcpoit of , _ Me, .J. f>., ior hii 4th •te gpproyed A>ei,: all Jon Carried ides Pl^tht and sec» Newri tot bond of . elstK to-,tlu! Tr Aye*; C. E. Zaugg, labor _ 334.97 Henry Zweifel. labor 283.68 Raymond Baadc, labor 264.42 John Eller, Jr. labor 167.70 Henry Elbcrt, labor 19135 Alvin Ewing, labor 274.00 Dale Helmers, labor 288.63 Anton Kardoes, labor ._ . 202 M Marvin Lallier, labor 140.71 David W. Merryman, labor 111.2C Urban Neuroth. labor 290.81 Ed Blanchard, labor .. 264 6( J. W. Burnett, labor 277.8f E. M. Downs, labor 290.4C Don Hainzingcr, labor 307.8( Arnold Hainzingcr, labor 276.59 Clarence Hentges, labor 273.42 George W. Kockler. labor A. J. Kollasch. labor 321.98 Roelf E. Miller, labor 280.1! Charles Thompson, labor 271.12 George Weringa, labor 302.1! . STATE INSTITUTION Ralph W. Lindhorst, mileage — 40.00 .Mc'iilal Health Institute, care and keep 237.72 COURT FUNP Payroll Fund, court payroll 735.7! Dr. Shierk, mayor fees 7.0C Joseph J. Straub, court costs .. 25.00 L. W. Nitehals. court costs .. 25.00 Leo J. Cassel, court costs 50.01 RETIREMENT FUNP Earl Eller, refund 6.22 LIBRARY FUND Curriculum Materials Corp., lilmstrlps _ 102.01 Meredith Press, books 5.44 The Macmillan Co., books 8.05 T. B. FUND A. 1. Gotten, Inspection — Harold Masher, Indemnity .. Orvillc Thill, Indemnity Henry Dearchs, Jr., Indemnity Orville Hurlburt, Indemnity .. Howard Krausc, Indemnity .. Milton Wilhelm, Indemnity .. BANGS FUND Dr. A. J. Cotton, Inspection . Dr. T. 1. Lensing, Inspection Dr. J. f. Johns, Jr, Inspection Dr. A. J. Cotten, Inspection . 3r, John E. Uren, Inspection >. J. L Cecil, Inspection ,— J. L. Crouch, Inspection . Ralph W: Llndhorst, .Mileage Upper De*' Molnes Pub. Co., Proceedings ,._»..!— Bancroft Register, Proceedings Advance, Proceedings —.— Advance, Notice — Bancroft Register, Notice — Upper Des Molnes, Supplies Gordon L. Wlnkel, Expenses . Kossuth Co. Treas., Bounty . ' '-. POOR FUND Payroll Fund, "Poor Payroll — Roy' Davidson,. Rent —: Harvey Rath, Rent, -«.i.-.» G. R. Coofe Reiit .ii-i,.--Marvel Immerfjll, Mileage .. Bar**/- " : - " ' ----' - 10.00 20.00 ,10.00 55.20 530.43 530.42 530,42 7.11 327.08 10.00 268.91 84.45 975.00 28.00 35.00 25.00 20,02 ?, Funeral Horr*;f : f M Hspor- 4 "> ; t, oh'-JSJirri-lSi-I-i^-^ ,: " '15.00 , . ....-_ iaH -Piiulseh, 1 ; Transportation arry Funeral Home f Transpor- Wten 20.00 10.00 ; 5".32 faiion ...._.,»*_..-^._....-. Helen -A. Ulhi,! Mileage .-.. lotel Algeria, Tra^jportatton - ] ly "~"" ""' 260.00 cal --—.. niverslty Hosp., Medical ___ Alston Pharmacy, Medical .. Mallory Drug Store, Medical oy M. Turner, M. D., Medical ....... :-—.--—-- arry C. Johnson, Blood ____ An. Ken Peirce, Blood _____ Henry D. Buchholtz, Medical areway Stores, Food _______ |ouncil Oak, Food ____ ".. ___ Rowing Food Mart, -'Food ____ jogrens Groc., Food ___ ...^ '55.37. £50 . 70.88, 53.25; 126.38 "9.75 57.38 30.00 '1125.72 1,2«,15 11 .25 213.30 119.20 -279.38U 226.30 75.00 9.10 '<.'<. '. • 241.25" 333.75 . 37.65 18.70: 30.75 25.00 25.00 72.00 222.00 "40.00 35.00 25.12 onn 'inompson,, un at .... D. U;,Leffert,ipr.,S3 +* ohft: .TheffipiOfl,'; Df, S4 -..'. J MMr!'Lumber &.,* Oh 68"IZJ Jenrt Thompsofti-'Dr. 69 U»*» 0. U Laffert,. Dr. 69 u Clefh«hti©fahan, : Dr. 79 -.1.'- PnS(S'§fty 'MSnatfi'ment' Inc., v Dr. 80 ..i.ij.i i . Adam"H*ldenitheidf, Dr.' 81 * Michael Jo Wagner, Dr. 81 .. ft^ady Mix. DJ. 83 -.-.--.-. & k* L«Ife>t, JDr, 83 ....... Sn)am^a>| Kelly) & FrIMedK, .D."L..'Leftert,"Dr."Tds""I" Clement Crahan, Dr. 116 .—. Adam Heiderscheidt, Dr. 116 .' Miller Lumber Co.,.Dr. 126 -.' Clement Crahan,'' Dr. J26 «.. D. L. : Leffert, Dr. 133 . Fagre Const, Co., Dr. 133 .-" Fagre Const. Co., Dr. 133 (3 Warrants) ^ „ "' 2,864.26 John Thompson, Dr. 148 '"' D. L, LeffeMi DrrEK 5 ., Secoridary ftqad Fund, Dr. 3-46 Secondary Road Fund, Dr. 5-87 Adam Heiderscheidt, Dr. HK 8 Clement Crahan, Dr. HK 8 .. Harold F.fambach, Dr.. HK 8 '. 190.00 , 13.32 178.06 39.9$' 1 ' t 1 2!so 89.05 654.00 7.00 12.00 12.50 S.OO. 10.00 6.40 6.00 37.55 17.00 6.00 20.40 20.40 40.00 635.11 25.00 63.90 ' 13.60 13.60 1.00 23.80 151.91 97.50 Jenry Lawrence isucgc, wiuvei tt^. M ^. Jtowa E16C. Supply ,00.', Sup/ blies .——,-.—.a^.^fc^-tii.i^^ Port Dodge Machine & Supply , C6., ParW ...^»-«.»;.-iUto Estherville Concrete Products UCo., Tile ........i 1__ Chapman s, Supplies .L,..^,^. Great Western Laboratories, . supplies. \Uc\ Arctlcweld, ""nech' " pairs . 2ylindet head -^ Knech's Standard Service, Re*| ar i.-...»...i-^..j... Oes Molnes Film Carriers, f Freight ....... , "arvin McCullough.Part .i... emna Motor Co., Part __..»_.. .ern Vager, Labor .^..^.^...^ All Wheel Drive Co., Parts Tort Dodge Machine ,& Sup* : co.,.Parts ...... . , 9,61 35'.70 HB.OO. 1,56 1.60 15.00 . 13.18 81.SO . 1.65 owa State Highway Commla* _8lon, EJtpfess ....^ :.^. Earl C,, Fletcher,, Sheriff of Blue Earth, Mileage'„ . . iSe VTr C«ey.»'paira ^.....i arclay Co,, Parts j...j*..k.^.« remlef Kastehei- 60., Partt .-. ddie Quinn Radiatof shop-, Martin Oil! Standard Oil, Fuel, .-^..L... j -, : Martin Oils WCy Fuel „!.»».. '.'/ K. & Hi Oil Co.-, - 9.00 Repairs ..,—.^«.,... an Norman. Dwg Co., sup' PUCS t ,*,..i.^*A*i.rfak*k*.4.>_i»LB>»i&ia*^ 6gMS Tife Service, Recap „ psal's ;D-X Service, ,Tires ... j-. Coneifete,|grpduets GI JOftfl3Tn o Itlpso n f J FuUnton LUmbe -.piieB _._ ( ^,— 4^P*! ifiA , iblldsoH" imd"fafia"riis r N %%fi Jetf 5 fW Inejeitturjfy/'XutlllrJrriAyei? Nays: None, Motion carried, " -AMMAL; Oesri Meyef. .... RUfus thompaont Dantly u Jorgenabh %ee-' Piathe 1 thakthe . foi- Aflimal ' Claim's' Be, nty;'Audltor,'''iAy«r atlan ^ pson K. & H. Coop.'Oil Co., Fuel ... 201.74' 12.00 29.87 15.86 56.80 15.4S 18.54 20.00 30.68 Walter/Frambach,. Or; HK 8'_. , JU.OB D. ; ,U Leffert,; Dr. HK( 8 - t ^. » 773.B5 Clement iCrahon,, Dr; TRl., 131 8.50 Fergie's Super. Service, FUel i_ Sepail-s -j.. ^ '. Standard Oil, FueF & Rebalrs Henry Mayland,' Jr. & Clafa, Qravel ..»„.—.—... . Arnold >iotdf Supply, Parts' Martin Oils Inc., Fuel Cook's Welders Supply Co., Supplies Norton Machine Worfes, Re'- , , 7.8S ' 77lflO 492.47' ' 285.61 59.08 ... PJP.e s.onsn/ny-L MicMaei »r..cltri8t lj lndemni&r * Earl 6. JorgfeHsefi..'Ihdemhlly FttflO. Baumah, Indemnity^'. M«, Kenneth 'Henerhfln, In- . " demfilty ..ti.».i.'..i'.ii K »iii ; fteger SCBfiefer, Ifldemnlty .. ..... -"--- Badje, indemnity .. • ..indfltttnlty . jOn motion adiournme'nt. w«s, until,Jan. a, 1 mi. • , . • tf, RObE, 1 ChalfttaAl ATTEST: Hinnv. .» Kossuth CoUnty A f> ftink ;fturnJbin?5& eS Heat- ," WeStTBena Hnfrf*Parti*t"IIII Statp , Highway Commission, ' Furnace —. . ._ ' Ernie Williams, Parts SOLDIERS RELIEF'FUND University Hospital, Medical — LuVerne Pharmacy, Medical *. m 73.87' 18.57 PUBLIC AUCTION l^orth Central;- Pub. Serv. Co. : .-.Gas i J-^_.i-__. j... _______ N. W. Bell TeK, Tel. Serv.'.. Kossutb Co.' Treas., Taxes __ Kossuth Co. Treas,, . Freight _' Tovfn of Titpfttti/ Else, Serv. ._ Lohe Rock TeC Tel. Serv: ... Central la{' Tel. Co., Tel. 'Serv. la. Elec. Light & Power CQ.) - 'Elec., Serv. . _____________ Tlitciftka Tel. Co., Tel. Serv. „ Town Of West Send, Elet. Serv. West Iowa Tel. Co., Tel. 'Sbrv. Iowa Pub.- Serv. Co., Elee. Serv. Algona Mun. Util., Utilities--. 25.07 80.02 73.10 6.19 6.50 21.88 20.01 4.93 14.54 1.25 7.58 5.00 12.26 . ., -. ...^ Georfle McVay, Road Work - 2,002.61 Payroll Fund, Secondary Road Payroll ..: ----------- -_±. 14,634.73 46.84 9.52 8.10 2.87 15.47 N. W. Bell, Tel. Serv ..... . West. Iowa Tel. Co., Tel. Serv. Sentral Iowa Tel. Co., Tel. Serv. la. Elec. Light & Power Co., Elec. Serv. ______________ Arouse. Cartage Co., Supplies '. S-orfe Rock Co-op. Tel. Co., Tel. Serv. ______ , ____ ..... __ , Central Iowa Te|. Co., Tel. Serv. Iowa tPub. Serv. Co.,'Elet. Serv. - . B .uu Town of 'West Bend, Elee.'Serv.- , ' 1.26 M. T. McGuire, Road Work —J 2,862,80 James H. Merryman, Labor, >' Management & Equipment. 338.00 Dukehart'Hughes Tractor & Equip. Co., Parts .. ---- ... ---- 401.79 Herman M. Brown Co.. Parts Sieg Fort Dodge Co., Parts ____ BroWn Supply Co., Supplies „ . Standard Oil Co., Fuel . ____ „ 1,962.32 James H. Merryman, Labor, Management, Equip. ........ 3.658.00 Paper Calmenson & Co., Parts 519.03 Goplerud Lubricants Inc., Fuel 144.D5 Having decided to quit farming we will hold a joint sale at'ihe Ernest .Bleuer farm located i west, % north, i west, 1 north from Rodman, Iowa, or 7'west, l south of Whfttemore; or % east, 1 south, lowest, 1 south from Cylinder, Iowa, ; \ THURSDAY, JANUARY 18th BEGINNNIG AT 12:30 O'CLOCK FARM MACHINERY, ETC. -i Three tractqrg — 1956 Model 50 John Deere, with power steering; 1955 No. 33 Massey Harris; 1&49 "M" IHC Tractor; 1950 John Deere No. 14 Rotary Hoe; 1960 John Deere No. 12 Rotary Hoe; ."2M"' IHC Cornpicker; 1956 A-fJ Case Combine With motor; 448 IHC 4-row Cultivator; 2-row Massey-Harris Cultivator; John Deere No. 200 Cultivator; Case 9-ft. Windrower;! IHC 13' 1 6" -Wheel Tandem Disc; IHC 15-ft. Disc; .John Deere;Krft., Disc; 2-iIHC 12-ft. Spring Tooth Harrows;'IHC No. 440 4-row Corn, Planter; John Deere 490 Corn Planter, reconditioned; 12-ft. John Deere Spring Tooth Harrow; IHC 5-section Harrow; -Lindsay 4-section Harrow; Case 3-14 Plow, on rubber; 2—IHC 2-16 Plows; -1 on.'rubber; John Deere 2-16 Plow on rubber; John Deere 42-ft. Elevator; >New Idea 42-ft. Elevator; Stan-Hoist Drive on Hoist with 3-h.p. Elector Motor; Economy-King rubber tired gear with "Husky''. Hoist and Walsh flare box, new; Rubber tired-gear and flare box; Wagon and i flare box on rubber; Gear and straight box; 1955 Chevrolet Half-Ton Pick-up, with fold down rack; New Idea 4-wheel- f ed Spreader On rubber;,John Deere Spreader; 2—300 gallon Gas Barrels on stands; .Wards Hammermjll ; Fertilizer Spreader; Side Delivery rake;-Hay Loader;,UIC 2-row Planter; 2—IHC Horse mowers; Air Compressor and'many Tools; .Heat Houser; Electric fencer- and 50 electric,fence posts; 100 bu. Hog Feeder; Pride of Farm Hog Waterers 2 hole; Lots of Old Iron.. , : . . ABOUT 300 HENS — 300, Chick Gas Brooder and other equipment, TERMS: Cash or any arrangements you can make with clerk. Not responsible for accidents. Ernest and Paul Bleuer, Owners ARNOLD & QUINN, Auct. IOWA STATE BANK, West Bend, Clerk Tl ANNUAL United Fund Iowa, Inc. • l . i , 4 * j ti * r 6Jtf.'(9 597.67 802.71 FARM AUCTION As I am moving to another state I will hold a public auction on the arm located 6 miles east, 2 miles north and «/i mile west of Greattinger; or 12'^ miles south and l"/, west of Dolliver; or arage on Emmet county J; on mile west of county FRIDAY, JANUARY 19 MURPHY LUNCH ON GROUNDS SALE STARTS AT 12:30 3r. N. H. Hesse, Inspection _ Dr. Tedmar D, Rijssing, Inspection - 3r. E. J. Capesius, Inspection ~ . Howard R. Gibson, Inspection Dr. J. K. Hill, Inspection .-. Dr. A. W. R. Lichter, Inspection --, Dr. D. j. Shey, Inspection COURT FUND }|lie Bruns, Juror's Fees eter Kirtch, Juror's Fees .. erhjrd McDonnell, Juror's Fees --• lorence Peterson, Juror's Fees acob Simons, Juror's Fees .. 0. Watcrbury, Juror's Fees . SOLDIfRS REUEf ''elp Drug Store, Medical .. 6ui Depot, 62.20 29.57 43.63 43.30 32.32 20.46 50.00 23.00 9.00 10.00 19.00 29.00 28.00 17.00 11.00 57.00 8.00 4.00 2.00 13.00 21.00 7.30 6.20 0,20 7.50 5.10 8.60 6.72 54 HEAD OF CATTLE — Holstein cow No. 16, fresh with 3rd calf Nov. 22, bred back Dec. 19; Holstein heifer No. 12, fresh with 1st calf Oct., bred back Nov. 29th; Holstein cow No. 15, fresh with 4th calf Dec. 15th; Holstein cow No. 14, fresh with 3rd calf in Oct. bred back; fiolsteln cow No. 20, fresh with 2nd calf in Sept., bred back Nov. 22; Uolstein cow No. 38, fresh with 2nd calf in Oct., bred b«ck Dec. 3- Holstein cow No. 19, fresh with 2nd calf in Oct., bred back J)ec is' HolsteJn cow No. 18, fresh with 3rd calf Dec. 5th, open; Holstein cow VQ. 17, to freshen with 2nd calf Feb. 7th: Holstein cow No. 10, fresh with 5th calf in Sept., bred back No. 20; Holstein heifer No. 9, fresh with 1st calf in Oct., bred back Dec, 9; Holstein cow No. 8, fresh with 4th calf in Oct., bred back Dec. 1; Holstein cow No. 7, fresh with 5th calf in Oct., bred back Nov.; Blue Roan cow No. 13, fresh with 3rd calf in Oct., bred back Nov. 23; Blue Roan cow No. 5, to freshen with 4th calf by sale date; Blue Roan cow No. 4, fresh with 5th calf in Oct., bred back Nov. 28; Shorthorn heifer No. 31, fresh with 1st calf in Oct., bred back Nov. 21; Shorthorn cow No. 6, fresh with 5th calf in Oct., bred back Dec. 10; Guernsey Heifer No. 1, fresh with 1st calf Nov. 20th; Jersey cow No. 2, rresh witl. 4th calf in Sept., bred. b6Ck Nov. 30; Jersey cow No 3, fresh with 4th calf in Sept., bred Wck Nov. 25; Two Guernsey heifers to freshen with 1st calf before sale date; Holstein heifer to freshen with 1st calf before sale date; Three Holstein bred heifers- $ he) Annual Meeting, of thfe pnited-Futid of Algona, Iowa, Inc.i shall be held in the Assembly Room of the Kossuth County Court House on Wednesday evening, January 24, 1962-at 'eight O'Clock P.|.' ", • ) ?ach_ Contributor to the .United Fund of Algona, Iowa, Inc. is a member and is urged to be present at this meet- " ing which is called as per,r4quirement of the Articles of incorporation;.and for the purpose of presenting the Annual reports and election J of seven directors' to fill three- year '.terms' created by th'e expiring term's' on the Board of Directors. " ' '' of January 1962. ( , ^ . -^ f , , / Wes H. Barflett, President ' United Fund of Algona, la. Inc. FARM SALE As I am moving into a different state, ,1 will hold a public auction on farm located 3 miles south, </i mile east of Dolliver or H miles east, 2'/4 miles north on county J., then '/i mile cast of Estherville-, or from Armstrong, 7 miles west, Wi miles north and Vi mile east on — WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24, 1962 LUNCH ON GROUNDS SALE STARTS AT 12:30 200-HEAD OF LIVESTOCK-200 181 HEAP OF HOGS — 15 Hampshire, Landrace and black Poland China cross gilts bred to purebred Hampshire boar. To farrow last of January to 18 of February; 15 Gilts same as above only to farrow March ib to April 1, all vaccinated; 40 mixed fall pigs; 60 heavy fall pigs; 40 late summer pigs; 1 purebred Hampshire boar. 19 HEAD OF CATTLE — 1 Ayrshire Cow to freshen last of March with 2nd calf; milking good now; 1 choice Ayrshire yearling heifer; 17 mixed coming yearling steer and heifer calves, 3 THRACfORS — 1955 Minneapolis Moline model V.B. Special with live hydraulic, live power take off, power steering, overhauled, with large 283-7 piston displacement; 1950 Minneapolis Moline model V., live hydraulic with 4>/4 piston displacement or power pack) Johq Deere model A with live hydraulic with mounted Horn manure loader. OTHER POWER MACHINERY - 1961 Wiilsh (raWsr typ we«rt sprayer with fiber glass lined tank (7-row) has hand sprayer and down spouts; Minneapolis Moline 4-row corn planter with fertilizer attach' „,-.., 'ears old; Minneapolis Moline 4-row cultivator; Case 2-whee| rubber tV«<) tractor spreader; Brillion 15-ft laad foUer with seajed 'v We will hold.a public auction o|n farm located 3 miles east, 3 miles north, 2'miles east Of Graettligef; or 14 miles north, i'/i miles west of Emmetsburg; or,0 miles-east of Estherville, south of county J to end of black top then 2 miles west, on Tl!E$DAY, JANUARY 23 DITSWORTH LUNCH ON GROUNt) SALE STARTS AT 12:00 SHARP : 80 HEAD piF CATTLE — 80 Head of 2-year-old Hereford steers, on full feed, cattle to be spld by poUnd and .weighed on State Inspected Scale to the nearest scale. ! . v 16jHEArJi;pf HEAVY FEEDING PIGS, vaccinated. POWER MACHINERY — III niodel 560 1060 LP gas tractor, 3-way hydraulic, live power take-off, power steering, fluid in tires, 800 hours,, (last hitch to be sold separately)) 1954 III super M tractor with LP gas, power steering and live pump| J951 model 8 N Ford tractor, (to be sold separately, ttwih.Draulic Lo»der with hydraulic bucket control with snow bucket; 1948 model 8 N Ford tractor, complete with step-up and step-down transmission, completely overhauled with new pistons and sleeves; 1960 model 2MH 2-roW mounted corn picker with blower, grease bank, comp.; 1950 JD mo^el 494 4-row corn planter with dry iertllizer disc openers, insecticide attachment, 160 rods of wire; I960 IH No. 60 4-bottom 16" plow, with hydraulic lift and trip beaiijs; I960 Model N PTO JD powpr,spreader, used.very little; IH mode! 461 4-row cultivator; Jt> 14-Ft. rigid type wfceel tandeni disc; JP 13>/^ ft, field cultivator; Oliver 3-boitom l«" hjdraullc lift tractor plow, with trip bottoms: IH 3-bottom 16" mounted fast hlteh plow, with slat mould boards) 2-bottom mounted ford plow;' scraper for Ford tractor; JD 44-ft. Wide type undcrslung derrick grain elpvator on rubber with irn,ck hopper and Pi'O drive; 4-row bus brown rotary hoe; New Idea 4-bap side delivery rake on .rubber; .New .Idea .semi-mounted .7-ft, .powet- mower; IH endgate seeder; IH ifrjft binder wlndrower; Candy insecticide and Herbicide applicator; Nol)le Jever flexible harrow, with heavy duty evener, 6-sec.; bicclric elevit6r speed Jack with 3H electric motor, WAGONS & FEEDING EQUJJPMENT; — Lundell ehopner with c«rn and hay heads, also hay conditioner and «atiy other acclssorles tq go with it; Knoedler burr mill with Hopper and loader, discharge' auger; NO. 40 gratar^Vator, unloading with i«lei Heider ; 26 cl » oice and heifer calves. *,, rt r . AUCTIONEERS NOTE ~ All cows and heifers are T.B. and Bangs Fed. tested with Ind. Health Cert. AH but 4 are also calf-hood vacc ' heifers. Have a 3.8 average herd test J K herd of co *' s and bred to Angus Bull. 2 TRACTORS - 1951 HI M tractor with roto valves and - TO tr °" a " d *"• nir-UAr iT KK ' ,, ..7 cD> modc ' 2M 2-"w mounted corn picker with rubber rolls and blower; Allis Chalmers model 60 combine with motor, straw spreader, windrow spreader, wagon elevator - new canvas; »I model 440 corn planter with fertilizer attachment; IH model 438 4-row cultivator; Pus Brown 4-row rotary hoe; HI 12' tractor spruu tooth harrow; J.p. model II 2-wneel rubber tired manure spreader- jn 7 tractor mower; Humboldt manure loader; 10' hydraulic wheel tandi-m disc; IH 3-bQttom H" »l*l I»«<M» lw*t«r pbw. OTHER MACHINERY ^ III W binder Vtodrower; case 3-bar side delivery rake; soil fWter, w el«vat<tr; Meyer* bale loader; J£ c fi flejible harrow; overfcjBa4 k«ift; g new J.p. mo4el 953 rubbed Ured wa gons with 15" rubber »ud Bjjyer WU hflist, 8 , w W&!Xes; W 1 ead gate seeder for wide wagon; iq x W brooder house; loading FEED - 800 bales alfalfa hay; 400 bales straw DONALD LAMMERS BOIITVJT & CLAflK, Auct. GRAmtlNQEH STATE BANK, Clerk roller bearings; Minneapolis Moline 2-row mounted cornplcker with blower, 9 years old; Winter's 4-bottom stubble turner, Jlke new, .,', *-, 4QHN PEEBE POWER MACHINERY _ New 1061 heavy duty 4rrow John Peere rotary hoe; New 1961 model gH4 h»r Roto R^kei 1^69—U^ rigid John Deere wheel tandem disc; I960 JoJW Peeve model g$6 'mm 4'bottom 14" trip bottom new style tractor plow; 1955 John Peere model 2$ combine, complete with PTO, pick up, wjnd rnwlt 1 spreifieri •• d less than aoo acres; 1958 John Peere 43-ft, wi4s typ§ ««4er- rrlck grain elevator with W* H. Br|gg« & Strain motor with ,.„.._. 1959 4»bn Peere level flexible barrow with Nobel eveojr; John Peere 7-ft. tractor mower; John Peere lo-ft binder wiUdrowm food canvas and PTO drive, OTHER MACHINERY - Rubber yr«d w*gon with 15" rubber and midwest hoist; Electric steel Harp Ijox with. 21" wo,pd floor i Heavy <}u wagon with steel flare box and hoist; Speed Jack; Rubber tired \vag wito flare bo*; 2-wbeej machine trailer with 19-fi, bed; l?-ft. sprii tooth narrow; John Peere endgate seeder. pyjU>!NQS -1991 Walk-In bog feeder with steel top door; hog bouses with planned floor, 12 « 18, shinglel roof aj4 < building. , ^ ^ .„ l? gNT - mi Pfterson automatic hog 4 cattle Rotary bog feeder i; 45-bu. steel bog feeler; I years old; U wood farrowing crates, _ J4NEQVS - ?85 Gal, gas barrePw steel _„. _ if ?4tpper parlor furnace with J»lower; i itydrittUe, «yU|u|g»j ' fo»v«rUWe; m bales of slsHa; m bales of straw. s — No Property Be.Djo,y«d MnW NOT BESPONSIBW! FOB LOUIS LINGARD - Owner First unloading wagon, with factory c&g^wred cover; Little giant portable elevator hopper wiin Wt b, «w|a¥j Mayrata 6" anger with briggs and stratton motor, mounted on JNt. long) portable best cattle scratches best cattle s^rat^herj tVt'o Wit. walk-in entile feeders; fjve wallt-ln hog feeders; three 'mlneriil and salt feeders for cattle; four rotary Pri«e of the Farm hog fe ' ' • l - with 45" rubber with ipt ff rubber tired wagons with )| H , hydraulic hoist, VWQ'tM»gai,, Vfa the Farm hog water"— "•"** '- ment, feeders, w|tei waterers. • "." , troj . three fed bunks i electric wagon jarge box "and hydraulic hpist; twv , . wod barge box with tanks; square steel tanks; Pr|d@ of $19 (steel And wood); poultry equip/ .; fiv« tdr|a|, Pride of the Ferps ^ ^ «pstairs and attafiheU |(orcfr; Porjafbie bp| house; 4*8 riSb fiOUS^t $ j * * ' ' ' . , - 4M bales of 3rd cu^ng alfalfa ft»y;,tfa bales straw; $89 bales alfalfa b»y brakes; air i'flQPR . f"4l nowir, power - Mounted c*Wftnt Wi*er to lit on ford tractoi'i Pi»Hser trailer type motor driven .post driven P»vW Bradley sum* 3 tnif «tf w,w»,r««ry pmt tye bar

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