The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 16, 1962 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1962
Page 14
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v< NBW GIANT IS GROWING ,.^..^_,it Kennedy's "State df the Union" message, as well as .other- current International n»\vs Items, have be*en bflnfllng 2 to the attention fif >he-~American public the fdct that western Eurdpedh ridtiorts seem (o be making progress on fhe (jath to d United States of fcurope.' ;* .thf' ebrribjrfed p.opula'tions.of France, West '^jrmariy, Italy, Belgium,' Holland and Luxem- |ouf^ Is greater than that of either the O.S.' or RMsSjcf, cjr\cH»s industrial potential is greater than that'; pf Russia and almost as great as that of the U.S.A. arid now great Britain and the Scan- ainqyjan'countries are making overtures to join. What, does this all mean to us ? The chief progress mqde thus far by the European Economic Community of the nations named, is that they are gradually removing all tariff barriers between themselves, and that their leaders Have been able to ,sit down as something of a bo'ard of directors and lead the group as a whole, not as individual nations. 'By uniting and removing tariff barriers, .the nations are doing far more trading with e^ach Other on the basis of what each member cdn do, best and cheapest. American exports to these countries can be expected to drop as a result, American exports can also expect to find tremendous competition from, these same countries in the rest of the world. , President Kennedy points out that - this European combine is making existing U.S.* tariff /aws obsolete, and he is calling for a consideV- able revision in this session of Congress as -a result. You can expect a battle — industries which have thrived partially due to protective* tariffs will not give" up easily. ' ' <• . _Up Until how/the U.S. has dealt with each .nation, on Imports and exports, as individuals. In the future we will be confronted with a po- iwerjyl blp.c, one that at present is showing no Signs o,f attempting to exclude U.S. products, but whjch might in the future raise a common .Will. tP.irfttaliate agamst p,ur own tariff barriers. ^ There-is another thought, also. •..f,,:r. W^orlaneru in t,h,e nations involved are pro- °3f > $ i"9 J 3et l er ,'h/Jn Purowfi sp far as basic' skills are concerned;' but they may produce bet-, Jer pradu,ct$;qt, lower cost, due to lower wage Schedules. American workmen have allowed Ihemselves to drift: ay/ay from the ojd pridci ,of: iraftsmanship, which somewhat . characterizes 'he European worker. If our manufactured pro- ^ucts aYe"'slfpsho'd'fn cfudllty, We^h'SlI sufrer'-in .world markets. Especially so if the cost for U.S. products is higher. ' ' * ,; WMf vve have fpcysed our attention on the space.age; and the race for the moon, the na- tipn* of Western Europe hqve been making hay on the world's economic scene. They may let CS 111 E. Call Strcet-^Ph. CY 4-3535-Algona. Iowa _ 8«oond cfa«i poilaao paid al Algona. Iow» Issued Tuesday in 1962 By ' THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Kditor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr JACK PURCELL. Foreman ' Russia or the U.S. 6f'b'o'»h.g!f'fe"fhe',rri6qrt, but they In turn might wind up controlling the'trarth. * * •- *' WE AGREE WITH ERBE So far as we can recall, we 1 failed to find ourselves in agreement with Gov. Erbe much in 1961, But in 1962 we find at least one subject on which we think the Governor is right. It is the matter of unemployment insurance and the tax rate therefor. Seems that an Ottumwa legislator and AFL official has lambasted Erbe for not increasing the state's unemployment tax, and liberalizing the state's program for granting unemployment insurance. The critic says that two-thirds of Iowa's unemployed draw an average of only $30 a week. By inference, he says this should be higher. In the first place, all money that goes into the unemployment insurance fund comes directly from the employer. The employee does not pay one cent Into this fund. So it is easy for someone who does not have to pay It to talk about increasing the payment. Secondly, the principle of unemployment insurance is a good one. It is based on the theory that if or when unemployment develops so that employers have to lay off workers, these legitimate workers will be able to draw at least a partial week's pay for as long as 26 weeks. . j-But unemployment insurance was never intended as a haven for the shiftless, the transient worker who doesn't really want to work, his job without reason. And most of these are the ones trying to abuse the system and raid the funds ^ aeejuired for legitimate Workers facing Tt i A . % l n ,*•'•/ , t , " , t^j,^A<*4^'"» fc ^»'4 >t ^""*-~'~^**''"*'^7**^f'!^ > called„& M si&e, iffis-p-tMb Abbott aftdk&ste ' - /' r "' -CSSfif MtM&Jfefli? fhe weather tfas balffl^liflfsl b|^Wfirs|iP^itw^ fact, - so' nice that- ..tulips 1 :;,Weie K s {&ij*rt» (Sink the.Chrls Seefeld.hoiflc . ^- >..,.«• on East Elm, Street. MiS ; ;Seefeld < Sixteen invited ahyofifs w}fi^fdMtBj9fflls • Go-l- wWa to ylsleiiM'iJlfiee aad"§WM 'Sife* -'>, •' i '* a ' W: 'v*. '" r. » > -f hoiti 'Benl 'Mere lre*t»e\markeii^ v jiea*y by,.% Si^uW^^WW^**^^*!*^-*^, ^aSfefld; Wi - ~tthdut f Hef« t. VXX.rUt 11U* 6 1K3W, WI111.C VUillt f»7Z *»**«v v or , • -- y *»* >* /J * .ctttt. <noY<l iHfr- fellow. «fltf ' f I ^*W..ttfc fill s» "jffi.%.1:s?"**^ 4.ttf86k*jfl< w 68 cents; 27 Ibr test white oats, 47 cents; no. 2 yellow "soybearfs, < Algona' 66ys 4 $1.67; no. 3 barley,' 46 ceflt&;"<pr& first *nle"etifig of un > _. CW L uan. a Mim< eggs, 33 .cents"; sweat Ten ofembers Wefe pfee'nl~Mlk'd cream. 37 cents; Kens; over five Bray "ga'Ve-a'-deiiiotts^Slfbh r atid Ibs*.; 17% eents. Bernie kernel kave ! 'a'faiE Lunch * • • ' ' was sefve'd by B6de|. " " ' ' ' Among movies slated' to show •••'' " fi "'"'— L >•£— here during the week wete "The MAGIC MARKERS t'nr i» Little Foxes", with Bette Davis ^ff SS^&St& andHerbert Marshall, "Kathleen", drawing, marking, die, 1 W*' "Show me you've gc^fftwh, Argyta—*o Ottt ' and clean the «idewaJk*t S ! , n ' I ! t i ' ' " * j < • Washington — ZP» -•,'.» »« fi :2 h •» ^^ m wr r highlights m*i O- O Ji Weekly Report jro£"shfNmti 0 n t , Cmpital by Rmy Ten** ^ ' Mr^fiHMMMMIMHMI^B Well, the boys are back doing business at the same old coiner, spending your money and 'mjne, determihed to keep' the -world safe. funds acquired for legitimate Workers facing loss of jobs or hardships not of tHefr owh making, j; ..'•;;** !i, Seems as though th.ere' are some who* forgot where the unemployment- insurance money comes from in the first place. * * * LICKING THEIR CHOPS It has.been interesting to watch the various reactions to news stories pertaining to the possible candidacy for re-election of Congressman Merwin Coiad, either from the new sixth dii or sevejithldistrict, in Iowa. indicated he v would like .nothing better thlqn to have Mr.' Coad as an opponent, and the''same is true with Mr. Jensen in the 7th district. Along with the incumbents, there seems to #%> c ! n air. of expeetancy^on fhe<-parf gf some of our riewspaper brethren who' evidently 1 woufd like nothing better than;fd aim their guns at Merwin. . . ' , Yes, there is much licking <5f chops, ' For ourselves, regardless of domestic up- The second session of the 87th Congress got underway this week and it was easy to sense that its 53Jf members were eager to' get > thing's fiiilderway again. '. j ' Some 'of the 'old faces are gone, removed from the scene by death and resignation. , The machinery of national legislation m'ovfd slowly at first,. Pidnng, up speed-as it goes along an,d lending' always,'in 'a frenzy.' of e'xcitement and last-minute confusion. ' _ ' In ,the! opening hours of this there- is an air onist and the protagonist square off for the big battle. ; While this comparison with an athletic contest can' be made >vthit f e<4is more*lurkjna-.,undeniKth ' surface than tKe-desirroFoneH to take on another. The issues are many in Congress and the diverse views just as 'numerous. • » » Here we have Republican against Democrat, Southerner against Northerner, Conservative against * one goal — influence national leg- >islation. And for this their pay -can run ffoni a few thousand dollars to as much as $100,000 a year! ( Nice work'if you^can getjit.' : jf ' The lobbyist is' condeirin'ed, ridiculed, investigated,' insulted. But, aside from a rare exception, he Is the victim of unfair treatment. What he has tp sell is not dishon; orable. -He 'n\ay repres^At' .labor or big 'business, {he /American Medical Association or the'clothes -pin industry. Frequently, ,he is helpful to members of Congress by providing them with, information f on which to make "tip their own minds. But the lobbyist is an easy target. He can only take'abuse; he can't dish jt out. • * •-.',' on this great stage sand and one people who keen this tight little community calle^Cap- ,itol Hill running smoothly. There >are the elevator operators, the bill :le>ks, the page boys, the mes> „, Mt the comity. "$ogaft : M the.wlye w?4 "011$ A fidpk That ;2ked"< t 4 . fcl " , Algona high school's Wrestling team pasted Fort Dodge, 31%-12%', 'giving 'away, fiye points on "a forfeit .in the 112 Ib. division', to annex its sixth straight dual meet win of the 1941-42 campaign. The locals took six matches by falls during the night. Fastest fall came in the heavyweight match wher) Bob Gelgel flipped Whitcomb in 17 seconds, which tied the all-thne record here for fastest f""- . . .' - Hood's,IGA store in Algona had just undergone' a complete <remod- filing job,'.with'new shelving'and other facilitiel' designed b give " s, store a t brighter look and more nt»antnfi4t*i f/\f* «««nAMi«nHM * **"•** ***** W*» V iTAM*. U4*«**«^ Ak.(4tlll«\tf\«A4 ) ^ACtWlAly^ lit ff f K llfcM * UlCl V HI with Shirley Temple and Herbert' ie"d colors. Opbef pes Moine Marshal and "Keep 'em Flying", ,' i*ubllsliln9 'Co., 1 : Algbaa, . f ' • '— - - - -•-..-;--^ tjj a.^,.,.... .-..- Jir , ,-..--. ..-.- ?.^._r.. "...-.. . Professional Directory INSURANCE A. J. (Arnie) Ricklefs Hospitalization Health & Accident Life — Auto — Fire — Hail 2 E. State , CY ,4-4529 ALGONA INSURANCE . ' AGENCY, ' ', J.; H. (Jini)'KdLP Surety Bonds — All Lines of Insurance CY 4-8176 -206 E. State •, ( and Swea qty were in first and second place in the State 'Line Conference basketball race.' The" Bears had a 4-1 mark, Swea. City a 3-1 record. Armstrong,; Ledyard 4 Thompson were other teams the loop.' • ' * * • A total 'of 13' more Kossuth county men had enlisted in the armed J forces since -Jan.«!,-1942.- Of the 13, 10 went Into 'the navy, two into the arm] BLOSSOM INSURANCE • AGENCY 'All 'Lines of Insurance Automobile - Furniture.Loan' 7 W,' Dodge '. -. phone CY 4-2735 m BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 5 -N. 'Dodge' Phone CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile - Farm" , . . , Polio Insurance week of January, two from Kossuth" also enlisted in ,the marines at Des Moines. - : ' < CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, • ' 'Life/ General - Phone CY 4-4512 D"""" —•••*• - «>»w *»4«*M***tU*0*.r '4-&1.IU men" who run the Senate' sub,' train, the janitors, the'wiri- 'dow cleaners, and the men whose only job is to "call the roll in the .House and Senate. LNAl EDITORIAL A! ... —..j.ess, ; at least, not one j around the world and pairing his vote with some other perpetual absentee. But we rather doubt that Mr. Coad will be a candidate again for Congress, and if he isn't it may deprive some of the expectancy now existing as to ways and means of crucifying him in a campaign. .•• * * * THINQS BETTER ON FARMS Grundy Register - There are fewer closing out farm sales in Grundy county this year than m late years. That is good. It looks bad for a town when merchants quit business. It also looks bad for the farms when many farmers quit farming. The main reason why so many farmers m recent years gave up farming was and views on a multiplicity of £e .Si. moi ?°« wU1 ^ the l ™* of subjects - millions all over the world. Let's Without question this new ses- wlsh U*" 1 wel1 ' sion of Congress will be marked by a great deal of in-fighting some of it bitter and some of it mca n. What happens on the floor of the House and Senate is nothing compared to the strong language that takes place in the cloak - A Mason • City truck' Sriyer, 0. .^.« Koi>iWts,"'wds"'.'klIletl .'instantly when the - ;semi-trailer. he- ?was driving plowed into the rear of another truck 4%' miles west" of Algona on highway 18 at 3 a.m. Friday. The cab of the truck driven by Roberts " '• " ' crushed and^the pjnned insid ed'to anothe , tion of the cab loose.^Fire buraed the truck engine. The blaze was extinguished by Algona firemen ' 'KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION ' Over •$V4,'o66,6d'6 v worth* ofVii surance ; in force- ; CYf<4-3756.} '< ' Lola Scuffhani, 1 Sec'y , - room or the inner sanctum of a closed-door committee room You Can Address Questions To ' Him At BOX 66 KALISPELL, MONTANA We can expect the major contest to center on the Kennedy Ad- , Dear Dan: I like this boy who is two years older than I am and I ministration's fight to push more .know he Ukes me. Do you think I'm foolish at 13 ? — Thirteen of its New Frontier program Dear Thirteen: No, you're not foolish. You're just 13, that's all through this year. Going into his * * * i" the White House Dear Dan: I'm 16 and would like to know if a boy and girl are going ™ u ' " HEHBST INS. AGENCY i For Auto, House, Household } Goods, and Many Other Forms. Phone CY 4-3733 Ted S. -Herbs! •, Faxm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co. . Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto (with $10 Deductible) Life - Hail- - Tractor Phone CY 4-3351 Don Stark, Mgr, HAROLD C, SUNDET ' Representing State Farm Ins. Co. ' 708 So. Phillips St. Algona Phone CY 4-2341 - AUTCHUGp^FIRE--HA,lL DALE W. LOCKWOOD Tl\e Equitable'L'ife Assurance Society Of ' The United States Burt, Iowa Phone 201 JOHN M, SOHUTTER. M. D. Residence" Pnone C Y 4-2335 DEAN F. KOOB. M. D. , Residence Phone. CY 4-4917 j ; Physicians & Surgeons 2*0 No. Dodge, Algona . Office Phone CY 4-4490 QPTO/yiETRISTS .pit. l» i« £>nx.UbH ' Optometrist 113 Bast State Algona. Telephone CY 4-2715 Uiosed Satui'aay. Afternoons DM. SAWYER and ERICKSOW • ' Eyes JExamined Contact Lenses Hearing Aid Glasses' . U Kast gtate Street Algona, Iowa Phpne OYptess 4-2198 Hours: 9:00' a,ni, to 5:0« p,m. Closed Saturday Aiterijoona Chiropractor Dx, Jt>. O. Axnoid* Chiropractor -, Over Penney's Office Phone. — CY 4-3378 Hou^s: 9:"00 — 6:00 ' Open Friday Night Monday—Wednesday—Friday Dr. William L. Clegg Chiropractor 521 E. State St. ' . Hours: 9:'00'—',6:00 thru Sat. - 9:00 — 9:00 Friday Ph. Oft-CY 4-4BV7, Res. CV- 4-3469 DOCTORS Ur.' auUltjNt, M. a. Physician & Surgeon • , 118 N. Moore St. { Office, phone CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-2277 J. N. KENEnCK, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 2i8W.-State Street Oifice phone CY'4-2353 Kesideht phone CY 4-2614 QAHOL L. PLOTT, M. D. ,-.- 110. N. Moore Street. Practice Limited to Surgery, Oilice Hours by Appointment :QYpress 4-^864..^fflw,: . Residence' .NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE American Newspaper Representatives Inc 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y ' ln RATES IN TRADE AREA ......... ... conibinati °». RATES OUTSIDE AREA ° One Year, in advance ....'. ..... «,, „„ Both Algona papers, in cambin«Hon."per"yc"ar S7M le^ than 6 months. ' —-*/.«) . AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER cided to try something else. Indications at the, present ar ? that farm income in the future is gqing to be better be. cause of government assurance that support prices will be higher. This ai*uranc.e has helped to keep some farmers on thf fa/ms who had in mind to quit. Any condition that compels good tarm.ers to go into some 9th _r business to make a good living is bad. |t is^ not only bad for the farmers, but it is bad for, the country. Any financial government he| B to keep farmers prosperous and satisfied is a good investment. * » * A minister's name, for his mimeograph machine: "The Holy Roller.'* - Dallas Center Times - SERVICE Andy Crawford Types Of Insurance CY 4-2279 JANUARY IS "STOCK-UP TIME" FQR PRINTING and OFFICE SUPPLIES s BOOKS • EXPENSE f PAPER t t SHEETS TICKETS t GABJBON • SHIPPING TAGS • LEGAL FORMS • STATEMENTS t ENVELOPES • LEpEiyiEAIJS • STAPLERS & STAPLES • AND MAJS'Y OTHER DES MOINI5 PUB. CO. ALGONA In this past year in office the President has learned how to use friendly persuasion on Capitol Hill. It worked in many instances and there is little d 9 nbt but that this kind of political activity will be stepped up in the weeks ahead This friendly persuasjgn takes many forms. If the President knows the votes will be close on a particular piece of legislation he is anxious to get through, .Wtiite House aides keep the telephone lines hot, from one end of Pensyl- vania avenue to the other. * * * Uy and l^rge, the White U QUSO knows in advance who is wjth the President, who is against him and who is straddling the fence. It's these last two groups which cot the "treatment." On* Congressman may be reminded favor. Another is tpjd Farm Management Dear Kitty: I think you like this boy a lot more than he likes you He's showing his lack of interest by not giving you the attention a steady girl should expect. You'd be sqiart if you didn't concentrate all of your attention on him and also forget about going away together. ,,._,.,,. I'm a Southern girl who thinks very highly of a boy from Ohio who is stationed at the air base near my {iome. He's well li^ed and a very nice boy but because he's frorn, the fJorth, my parents have told rue not to have anything tp do with him, I fcnow this may sound silly but mother and father are still fighting the Civil War, They say "they don't trust a Yankee and don't want me to date this boy of even speak to, him. What really gripes jne is that my father owns a clothing'store and I personally know many boys fro,m the base buy suits and. other wearing apparel from him and he doesn't ask }f they're from the North oj- not. Do you knqw. of any way I can convince my parents (bat their attitude is all wrong ? —Rebel, - ' • Dear Rebel: Vow clergyman able to talk some sense into yaur parents' heads but I doubt it. If your father doesn't trust the Northern boys, he shoulsi bask ¥P his toyef by not accepting their bu> ijf>ej§ i>» his store. J feel sorry for youf mother and him. ?••-«* DR. C. M O'CONNOR Optometrist Visual Anaylsls & Visual Training 108 SQUtfe Parian 8t (Home Federal Bldg.) PHONE CY 4-3743 DENTISTS _ --- JVAJttl* «tt •»•»• • •«__ Office in Hojne Federal^Tdg. Office phone CY 4-43,41 MA l^Bl night a problem j.up that cauged quite a row. ' and &5p sM<Jy (ixed we double-dated, and then my " - "" **» W*# VM'i.i9UUl l\}f ^\J|" Kennedy himsejf to use the phone to apply his own ^ ;^ et ; t , ed . st ength of an can get wholly on the photographed' the Pi^gSTViS K^ pearance ui his State. • ^^,^.^ W 4 when the' •, The boys, just Iwghe^l at me'and If far and wwted home, i had (o waik i ! - but { felt safer doing $gji WSW I'm the ty^ gjrl wl» believes t i operator |ph"a«l .. but ..„,„ , mad ? — Be. Of cours and he got so Six blocks a{ in the car wl is among her .» Wide, f'vS f boy- Was I right. slightest bit i ouly t»U«a, YW always worry about it and ygu won't g«Tjuyito DR, J, 8. Ptaiut At 632

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