The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 16, 1962 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1962
Page 11
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\ SPaul Lud Jlwerity-fifth *„ Saturday, ;i n their h ^ 3atholic / leld In _._ •', lall, wlttfi f, juests. ? The event /cards after [ rf Mr. and ,|ied in ti ••iive years „. *ihe past 20,ye •'farm. They " lifts. . Grandson I A numbe Mr, and celebrated _ ling annivers^,, fig with a mass . in St. Michael's !h. A reception was vening in Academy approximately 125 was spent playing lich lunch was sefv* Uudwig were mar* ,,Bend, farmed 'for S||of, town ,ahd for r* Sa**T ir—*—* t ' **»•• pfwl bodle, also a pat hospital, underweHt sui surgery „---- «-- son and Mr. and Mrs. g^S^M^^^amily, Mr. of da Downing and daughter of Newton Mr. and. Mrs. Harold Schmel- hele*; ; u * William; Meyee nd Mrs". iWiliianl aeyer, Jr., arrived home last Frl- ^ _ 'Years nf a ; at the- home of Mr, an thur Heldenwith."- Mr. and ivus. 4 vyiuiam usw Mr. and Mrs. Hafold Opheim, fttd Mrs". Melvin Hr'— lji< - *•*• * Mrs. Harold 2 and Mrs. William Mrs. narine band. station*. e Bowl niembe>,orth6 endalil '\ »>»»• "ui-uwiy riosenaam ,wi New Years eve ,the hoi,, of Mr. and Mrs. Efaier Ostwald, The brothers and .sisters of Wer per Gade of West.,Bern! rte{ a mews,,junior aeacon, way gflfl, seflior,, steward, Earl junior steward and drews, tyler. 'i-v • ,,«•< ' ^ ni ' \. t- Present Plays \ » > , V ^''"' 4-llreef |.k, plans' will be ™ seated^ by members of the Bttf High school speech class f" auditorium^afc- $80 Sim;-.* j'y-Giry the'Oade h»me 'for,a r Vices for Thd; .old 'son iof), Meldt, at M|ll s survive^by r h]s „..,_,,—. thy and David,,his grandparents, to. and Mrl /Johit'Hddt of'Mai- lard and Mr. and'Mrs.'Walter Struecker of here.' , \f - <<*>!' . , Members .of 'St.' Paul's Lutheran ely-herd, a meedhfe Rev. -Cleo KautSCh opened the meeting with scripture reading and a prayer. Following the business meeting, the ladles «M n/4/i *«1 A*4«i A_. J- __ ___ .. •• > » itratz Reiinfoh^ < |. A Potrdtz'faniiiyiJreiinion icld Suridaylin,. F^st' ^ """ dlnhci at 'y i-«-vj.».»™ uui^vi;, 01, UVVH, fag frpm;WhittemoH were. Mrs. Edward Maahf Sr; a; - Mr s and ,.._ and fam- >, Mr. f and'Mrs. Eldon'Means '•and family,' MrV and Mrs. Elmer " sMrs.f Maynard ; Susan Schultzf « ;t T "Of *•»** 4«UiC>9 made plans, to. do some quilting in the near, future. •, < .,- h > , 'Mr.iand..Mrs. Heiiry Lauck Sr. andjlr, and Mrs. Erwin Struecker went. to,Riceville^Sa%diy where they atferiderf the-wedding,of Janice LauCk and Larry Mahohey that evenihg, f A reception was heldrin the churchf-parloVs fojlpwing the '' family gathering. Presents wer Robert Bell and Mr, •" and Mfs , • Hugo Gade of Algona, WMam'B"el of West Bend, Mf. and Mrs., EmiT Blerstedt of Fenbn, Mr. and Mrs Wniam Meye^, Sr.vMr,'and Mrs William Roeber,'. Mathilda .Meyer Mrs. Dora PauisticH aftd Mrs. Ed win Gade^of.Whittemor.e, , , Christmas Day dinner the parental home.ol Mr. and Mrs. George Wichtendahl i James Pritchard and Omaha, Neb., , Mrs. rMaahs,, Mr: :a J'Roeber andlfai _ xWilfreH Schmejifif»here a'nl'Mr.' •and Mrs. Edward ! Maahs of Env 'metsburg. ' ''*: ; • • J '"' ' — '--.-. Members, Installed .. „ , , « New*'ntembers of church'coun^.. \ yho were installed following- ser= ,yices Sunday in St ~ -eran church* ^e:'" tf '77 *"rvt»*"e W|C „.,-,.., bride is a niece,of Whltiemore fdlks. ;Mr. a'nd}Mrs t R,alph Gehgier 01 - nyed- Home Sunday after spending two .weeks; > with Mr. Gengler's aitois iin'!Miami, ,^la. and T^ler/ Tex.,. •.-. .^, •:. •'. v , : , t ' Mr. and Mrs., Earl Reaver and daughters, Faith and Lori 'of Humboldt, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Leininger of Lotts Creek, Mr. Harold Zimmerman- , Chairmari;; »OJe ( ' Gun^erson, vice §hairman!|Eldon Maahs, 'financial ecretaryr'Erjviti'Struiecker.elderj . ymond iZtomgfl, schooD Wa Villiam 1 Hfcnover j i Those. whos% ter _ . djd r ipire and| Continue, drf the c F4re: Reuben) ,Butzke! -> • i Walter j^. iw«»U **"°«i 'fer Vadt Baas, SCHoolDoara.'Aureaf ..—,«,. and Edwjn Greinert.- trustees, ,and Rev. Ceo Kautsch. ' • / i * '• ( ? Three Newcomers i ' ,; . .'; . ; Mr. and Mrs. Duane Mogler are F;parents;of a daughter born Dec. S';28 in the fBritt hospital. This is jieir firsts child, Mr. and Mrs. 'Robert -Shipler 'are parents of>a^son born Dec. 28 . in the Britt hospital; ,This is their sfirst child. Mrsf Mogler and Mrs. Shipler|are sisters.. '•„•', ' A :- - ; ^ : . Mr. and .Mrs. Harlan L^lninger are parents of a son bprn Jfin. |? in Palo -Alto Memorial' hospital! This is their first .child. T : . ' • v r * • . j i • ' ' . \, ... ._ - ^— . In Hospital^'- t^.-;- \, ••..<•<-.. . t Mrs. ^William jMeyer ;Sr. entere^ Lutheran hospital at Fort Dodge Thursday for observation. •i Rolofld ,0st\vald entered St, Ann hospital in Algona Tuesday where he underwent surgery. , Vincent Elbert entered St. Ann hospital Monday for surgery. \ George, Winkel f is -a patient in Mercy hospital, Fort Dodge. He and 2" " f i Vf ""*"*" auuiiicijuan"- and fatnilV visited; at ..the.matebal Aqrella Leinlnger home' • Sunday evening/, ' / > , . 1 J'Mi' i ;akl. MrsV (George Toung' of El Monte, Cal. arrived here lasi Friday and,, are ,. the home of their. daughter, Mri and Mrs. Charles P. Elbert and new .aw, Jeffrey. ' t • l Mr,- and 'Mrs. William ElBert and' son iWlllianu Jr.f,!,Huntington ParkrCaj.', are visiting -at the homes, o^. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bell, ^parents of Mrs. Elbert in , and , Mrs. Whittemore, and Mr. , , a Arnold Eltiert in-^Foflda, Elbeftli ' parents * " . and IVJrs. 1 Herman', Vaudt attended a,. dinner in Algeria' Sun- were '.Mrs. family of —,— j —., , „„„. Florence Burns and -family of Everly, Mri and Mrs. Harlan Wichtendahi of Cherokee, Mr. and'Mrs. Bernard Wichtendahl of .Ottosen, Mr. and Mrs'. Henry „ W.ichtpndahl, West Bend, Selma and Emogene Wichtendahl 'o|- Algona, and Mr. and Mmpelbert Wichtendahl of;here. j Mary Loebach', Karen Tiefen- Jialer of Odebolt, and John Loe- Bach of Loras« College at Diibuque spent the holidays at- the Joe Loebach home- -in _ Whittemore. The girls are student nurses, at St. Vincent hospital in Sioux City. Groups At Burt Name Officers For New Year , ,Burt - , Members - of, Kossuth Lodge'held open installation ser vices Thursday evening. f Clark 'Miller acted as installing master. J.-L. Miller < was installing marshal^,and, G. H, McMullen was installing chaplain. •> ..^Officers, installed to lead the Lodge -., during 1562 ..were: Med#s''>7wfti" 'Flo! Denflljt* Meistfr, ( J6'-' bas land^Judy^MitefieriHlayor fdr.aDayij'wrth-Eu-, ••--•* Larry, .VVestllngV Du'« Se-^Cdbk; Roger U G 1UUI HamffionVfrJean Mescheri;^ Jiiti?' ,P ob ? t } & ' AckermanJ uuujr Sfctdheja, Audrey Lappe 'and Don- toft Schrader. ^ ' ""***" Circle Mcetingl , t Methodis? chWch' meet Jan ^Mennett., jumuuim, T ^wrorsnipiui master, Bpb.Lang/seiupr,warden, •—j~' T^. ri*t*T3*oj K»V»*W* i waiucu, Al 'Hinckley^juniqr', warden, Kenneth Richards, secretary, J. L. NOT TRUE Don't let your t d.e n - a g e r tell you^a clu tter,,ed room is a sign of "creative -. x , ; personajjtyt'1 The University of .California, studied the matter, discovered that's not so, Creative minds think more clearly in cleared space! Jyet'a devote next Saturday to a '62 clean-out. Tack up a bright-painted bulletin boardj trim an unpainted storage cabinet the same shade. There now! All paraphernalia has I pkce. January,beauty ,Iesson: Light toned make-up sticks can hide wrinkles and circles. , The trick: paint the shadow, not the puff. Use a lipstick brush to guide makeup, right into a wrinkle's cr.eyice. (This brings the creyice forward to appear even with surrounding skin.) Put your"regular make-up over all. There! Aren't you younger? ,QHOC-NUT PUFFS Look! A good cookie recipe •frpmcMrs. Joe Young of Kansas: .Beat together 2 eggs whites. Vst tan. cream nf tar. . wfiitea, %.tsp, cream of tar for,:,fi,t8'p. salt and l.tsp. Vanilla. til} frothy* Gradually add- %. cup grpnvlated sugar, beating till mixture makes stiff ..peaks. Fold in one 6- oz. pkg. chocolate chips and # cup chopped' walnuts, Cover a cookie sheet with brown paper. Drop cookie mixture by rounded tea. spoon. Bake 25 minutes in a 300-degree gas oven. Greet two dozen delicious tea timers! happwuHhen a cranberry sauce is com- ucc McCULLOCH 0 N E/5 2 • Fy II Wra * Fingertip putting Handle it a Mien serve it with a , ' 5 Now thjt tfie holiday fuss h,as, f jailed away,, look at your refrigerator, |s it still bursting at ite seams? May* * be ypur brppd h»s "put' Often spmebpdy Writes gij9W9 M. A new ga? re' |lJust .wjhat « natural gas?' frigeratpir would yjejd, moee Though ypu can't see p? space, mpre cpnveiiience.'-r, tafte, ip, .gas, j s energy in its an<| JoJ^s ,more eqpnpmy. most efficient form! Mother £pf^*pving gas iefrigera" N&t»?t .m»de natural g«8 tors have no moving parts fromjgfiimal-vege.table p;^;|feB f^ffi'f yu. orthwR IWural Ga pany's pipelines trans- nat- Omahci, N«brp,ka Rachel circle,-with Lulu Hawcott, Mary Volefltine assisting hOS less. Mary Sal-chef will preseB devotions. Rebecca circle with Stella Geesman. Jenny Riebhoff will presen devotions and Edna Smith program. • "Rhoda clrole ,with- Helen Vogej, Cora O'Keefe, assisting. Alice Cole will give devotions and program by Phyllis "——• Ruth circle with .Inez Graham, Shirley Wagner.»asslsting. Florence Spear will present devotions and program, Volma Dixon. > The January joint meeting of the 3urt American Legiori and Auxil- ary was held Jan. 2. Mrs. 0. ti. Sraham wjtt be hostess to the January serving meeting at her home Jan. .10. Hostesses Tuesday evening were filli Sigsbee and Gladys Hawcott, A. », ; The annual Presbyterian congrer ational meeting will be held at he church Jan. ^11. A pot luck upper,.will be enjoyed at 6:30. he business meeting will follow at By M«. Victor Fltth ' -.-_ Mrs, Roy Ringsdorf left Wednesday night from Perry on their Way to Oakland, Cal where they will be met by Mrs Albert Shannon, San Jose, a sister of Roy's. They will visit the Shan- nons and other relatives in California. They plan to b6. gone about two weeks,- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jennings, Tltonka are doing the chores for them. Several Portland residents have lad the flu the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Larson were Sunday supper guests in the home of Mrs. Effie Teeter in Algona. , The Portland Social Club met Jan. 11 in the home of Mrs. Josephine Arend. Those attending were Alleda Harms, Mamie Fitch> Hazel Larsen, Edith Jandl, Effie Teeter, Elvira Chrlstensen, Jose- >hine Arend and Ella Lampe. Mrs. Mary Kain of Algona, was a (fa.) Upper D« Mo!ri«*-S guest, Alleda Harms was in charge of the program. Lunch was servec by the hostess at the close Of ihi meeting. The next meeting will be held Feb. 8 in the home of Mrs. Alleda Harms. Sunday supper guests in th0 Jesse Harms home were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Champion and family ol Swca City and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Harms of Burt. , The Portland Progress Club Will Meet Jan. 19 in the home of Mrs; Lawrence Govern. The lesson will be "Skills with the Skillet", by Mrs. Lawrence Govern and Mrs. Victor Fitch. "He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what le cannot lose!" SwineAss'nTo Banquet, Jan. 30 The annual meeting and ban- [uet of the Kossuth County Swine rriprovement Association will be held at the high school annex, Algorta, 6:30 p.m., Tuelsday, Jan. 30, according to Dean Bai county extension director. Directors of the association whose prime objective is increasing the quality and profitability of swine in Kossuth county met recently to plan the program. They have arranged for a top speaker for this banquet. ' v Tickets at $1.SO each are available from him at the extension office, Algona, plus the following directors of the association —.Ray Laabs, Lone Rock; Kermit KueC- ker, West Bertd; Julia Baas, Algona; Charles Nygaard, Wesley; Glenn .Olson, Armstrong; Albert Kollasch, .Bancroft; Pat Bradley, Burt; and Maurice Erpelding, Wesley, technician. LILY Mrs. Velma Howell of Red Oak has a 6-foot tall sacred lily, that recently bloomed. One thing she was sure about—the foul-odored >laht had to be removed from the muse. It started giving off the odor as it bloomed, The Jong 1 stemmed plant had no foliage or jranches; neither did it have vis- ble roots; ' ' ! COMPLETE CLOSING OUT AS I HAVE DECIDED TO QUIT FARMING, I WILL SELL MY PERSONAL PROPERTY TO THE HIGHEST BIDDERS ON THE FARM LOCATED 2* MILES WEST OF JUNCTION 18. &' 169 (north of Algona), THEN 2 MILES SOUTH, OR 1 MILE SOUTH OF HOBARTON; OR 7 MILES EAST OF WHITTEMORE ON 18, THENi2SO\JTH, ON- ' l \ * SALE STARTS 12:30'P.M. SHARP MURPHY'S-LUNCH WAGON ON GROUNDS & 1954 INTERNATIONAL SUPER M Completely overhauled one year ago. Ha? power , steering, power crater pistons and hydraulic seat, and 2-way hydraulic, all put on when overhauled 1 year ago. New brakes, near new rear tires, A-l Condition. 1952 TO-20 Ferguson tractor, complete engine and hydraulic system overhauled one year ago; with Davis loader, hydraulic manure and snow bucket, both A-l; new paint. 1946 Oliver tractor with 1958 No. 4 Oliver mounted picker, both A-l. This tractor and picker will be offered separately or as a unit. ' 1960 John Deere No. 494 corn planter, with dry fertilizer attachment*. Gandy insecticide attachments for 494 John Deere planter used one season. Just like new. No. 455 International 4-row cultivator, rubber gauge wheels, super M mountings. 2 Hydraulic dump wagons, complete with 6 x 12 steel barge boxes, heavy duty hoists and running gears. 1953, A-6-Case combine with motor, pickup straw spreader and wagon hitch, good condition. Minneapolis Moline 12-ft. tandem wheel disc. 16 ft, Case springtooth harrow, near new. No. 60 International 4rbotlom plow, trip back, bottoms, used one season. 15 ft. Lan^ Roller 15 ft. John Deere disc 4'row Minneapolis Mojine rotary hoe 7-row wheel-type weeej sprayer 5-section Lindsey harrow 44 ft, Owatonna wid«.typ», 2-wheel elevator, on rubber 38 ft. Galloway, wide-type 2 wheel elevator, on rubber 36 ft. John Deere elevator, 4 wheel on steel John Deere side rake, 4-bar, on steel 1954 New Idea tractor manure spreader with heavy duty chain, 2 wheel on rubber No. 77 .New Holland baler with motor, completely overhauled and new knot- ter one year ago Minneapolis^ Moline 7 ft. trqctor mower, 3 point hitch, 2 years old Windrower attachment for 7 ft. mower One 5-t$n rubber tired wagon One 3-ton rubber tired wagon Bale rack Moi-AII self propelled weed mower Clipper fanning mill 2-row Oliver corn plow Stalk Rake Dirt bucket for 3-point hitch 5 ft. horse mower 2 steel wheeled wagons Flare box Triple box New Idea speed jack John Deere endgate seeder, 3 years old 300 gal. gas tank with hose, nozzle and steel stand 150 gallon gas tqnk with hose and nozzle Paint sprayer with tire chuck 2 gallon auxiliary paint tank with hoses 2 units for DeLaval "A" milker Hay Bunk Feed Bunk Norton walk-in feeder 55 Bu. steel hog feeder 2 brooder houses 1 pqrtoble hop house . '• A, ^ » . 18 - GOOD WHITEFACE CALVES - 18 11 STEERS AND 7 HEIFERS LAST SPRING CALVES ABOUT 500 BALES ALFALFA HAY ABOUT 1200 BALES ALFALFA, ALSIKE, AND TIMOTHY HAY MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS - '/ 2 inch electric drill, '/< inch electric drill, battery charger, 2 grinders, vise, tap and die, socket wrenches and other tools, electric fancers, hog waterers, pig feeders, slat cribbing, etc., chicken feeders, waterers, nests, roosts and many Other items toe numerous to mention. TIRMS: CASH. No Property fp Be Removed Until Settled For. ^^^Bv. ^^^^^w^^^* ^^^^^B ^mmi WHMH! Not Re ? pon?iblQ For Accident* LiEK, AUCTIONIIR5

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