The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 16, 1962 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1962
Page 10
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->«j.4 "1--*, t"*1 * " ™" cliahge , Jan. 3 st. Mar he da't it'of Mr fj.Tleripitf &£ Rolfe the sWoT^r, and iffrjBlst, r rtmhlS T".Ti~C" .'j 1 *,"' 05 ^. v ryjf JUl ~i > f •"• «" .-doublfr Hflk cihmo8y" arid acolytes were .MicHael 'Hood ahd Michael * Wleschftfir. (-"Hie bride, > given Sn marriage •by her,lather., was 1 .attired'in a "gown of'Jusjxous rayon peau de SOie, fashioned . into. a princess , front, Meted [with re^mbr6|der- ed Alencoii lace applique' on the bodice and skirt, a bustle-draped < back with a brush train. A pearl .drift :ctmt heldiherrfingertir; V eU. ShWafriea i cascade* pouque't'bf -red roses. - Diane Reding was,maid of hon ,or! Twilla Bahger T served. 'bridesmaid, * ' School •M*'>Wte.iiftinW- **o**o charge -.-, Veaufy, ft/Ste, OVig¥ ..„„ . " tSrhiing affei* his army service.' LuVerne Couple New Heads Of -»•» , v" > tt i'7,t *? T "« Theafri •&/ Iff >!*>*'' ,r' Corwifh Lodge Joifll Installation bf the Paradisis ^ftdgS, a*T~f«fafflse Chapter of the Corwith Masons and Order o'f Eastern Stars took place Jan. 6.' I wizards Met Mrs. Allen Blake, LuVerne wa' escorted ty the/East to te installe as Worthy Matfpri. Wortjiy Patro: Luvel-ne, -.Mefflbelfs 6,f file •\'Wt their -t....__. icauicia Party Jail, tff It'lhe iriie 6f their &a«8r, M. Wcf .riflssdn ririd his wife. ' Guests brought a noon dinner j which was followed by a prbgram and a social afternoon. Many who [ banned to come were snow : bQutid >y,the stbrm and were'unable to ittend'. ' A*- -m. : iifefllliif^SiE: rttu • Cl TV ATAA.1 V tibyiMr,* Mrs. "Antelfa Hat Wesley Wizards 4-H girls met I Jan. 6 with -Judy Seaberg, Sandra Carlson assisted. One guest, *" number HeY officers ar6 as follows: As- ociate Matron, Dianne Chambers; \ssociate Patron, Herman Wise; Eula, Mae Voss;, treas- iys Wood, Conductress, a Edward Illg and John Wagne servea'as belt man ahd grooms man. Loren Tiernan and Gregory OrJger were ushers. «|!.Q}Jp,^iF>g the ceremony a din ner and reception was held a the We^BeM ^L6gion hail, with Mary Jane OAgei? in; charge ,of the guest; book'. Mrs. .LeRby Cobb and Mrs.'Gregory Orige)r• poured, with Mary Jane Origer s ciitting the cake. ; . ' - t Mr. ahd f Mrs. Origer, following a trip through 'southern states, will live • ihere 'oh the groom's father's, farm. The bride a -grad- cbnduc- Shipman; chaplain, oris Barb ess, Betty , Eleanor Moore, marshall, Alice Johnson; organist, Helen Mullins; Poults of the Star, Ada, Geraldine Gaskill; Ruth, Sue Mullins; Esther and • Lillian Hauswirth. Martha, Abbie Maw;. Electa, Betty Williams, warder, Erma Puffer; sen- tifiel, John Vdss, Jr. FULL "BLOOM" It isn't, very often you see a maple tree with all its leaves at :his time of year. The tree is in front of the Carl and Earl Blomgren home, in Albert City. The ree shed none of its . all when all the bthtr' osing theirs. i last were on wmuuw ireaimeni wun pictures and Shirley Becker gave a demonstration. Le Roy Rickes recently bought Jie 3-rpom house from Joe Weigs and moved if to their farhi at the cast edge of Wesley. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Relsing and children have rented the house vacated by the Bob Heiman family and will move Feb. 1 from the Joe Miller JibiiSe where they occupied the firs't floor apartment. The house they have rented is oil the John Garmah farm south of town. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Goejtz, Elaine and Kfithy visited his brothers John and Fred Goetz and the lat ter's family in Lostant, 111., sev era! days during the holidays They also visited their daughter i_?J"* _2_/^X_ -TV !.V~ ! • i -—.-.- . T* «4*1U TTlllUO UU 1 eyes and hair. * LuVerne By Mrs. Fern Bigings and'sisfer, Delpfes 'Goetz, "at St. ' ' ' Frays , 'OuBuque. Maurice L. Krebsbach "MOE" Rigidly regulated by the Iowa State Department of Health, fluoride is introduced Into the Algona water supply scientifically and automatically — and has been for several years. Fluoride In water is instrumental in checking tooth decay. In the photo above, Maurice Krebsbach, Algona Municipal Utilities waterworks plant operator now in his 3rd year of service, is shown checking pounds of fluoride being fed into water, to keep pace with water being pumped. On hottesf djys in summer, the 4My waterworks has pumped up t6 650,000 gallons a flay, down' to aY&uhd 225',000 gallons on winter's coldest days. Water-borne impurities are next to impossible in Algona's water supply. "Pete" Krebsbach was born in Swea City, and attended school in Ledyard. A single man, he is naturally an avid hunter — of pheasants, we mean. Maurice 'baches' it with Don Jorgenson in an apartment at 5 East Call, and the two do their own cooking. Maurice says he can handle almost any kind of dish, but is an expert on and goulash. Girls, the line forms at the riglit! VISITORS ALWAY$ WILCOMB Just as at (he AMU power plant, visitors are always welcome at (lie Algona Municipal Utilities, waterworks. You'll see lots of good, jwro, delicious wafer i JO ***»•* v fc-»*i* tit A^UIt/UUUC< Allen Carlsson, registrar at Virginia Military Institute at Lexington, Virginia, spent 4 days during the holiday week with his parents, Rev. and Mrs. Percy Carlsson. His wife 'spent that time with her parents, t ih .(jhicago. Mr. ahd Mrs.'Carl Arnold were visitors in Sioux City Jan. 17. 'John Hildman was taken to the Brftt TiosDital Tuesday morning for back treatment. ' Mike -Vitzthuhi ^as brought home from Mercy hospital, Mason City, ,where he had been for tests and observation. Jim Hayerly had a hernia operation in the Brit't hpspital Jan. 8. Women pf ,the .White Cross met Jan. 14 in th§ Evangelical Free church for a dessert luncheon and regular .•missionary' sewing project, which included tying a comforter. ,A series of prayer meltings we^re held Jan. £t-i2 inclusive' in the Rev. Percy Carlssbn, Lester Larson, Dr. Jpngewaard, Mrs. Chloie Simpson and Mrs. Annie Hansen honfies. John Paulson p}ans to have surgery Jan. 23 in Mercy hospital Mason City, to correct a back in Algona Municipal Utilities "UVI ElECTRICAUY" The local branch of the Britl hospital Auxiliary met Jan. 10 in the Lester Larson home. Joe Hauptman is recuperating from a badly infected knee that has kept him house-bound the past several weeks. ™ A .!.^ e crowd attended the Firemen's ball at Duncan Wed nesday evening, Jan. 10. Pfc. and Mrs. Lelan,d Pearson of Ft. Hood army air base near'Kil- leen, Tex., spent Dec. 28-Jan 6 in the parental Elpf Pearson home. Other guests New Years Day were Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Brqns of Algpna, Leslie Pearson and Dwight Stansberry. Patty Blelch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bleich, and Marilyn Froehlich, daughter pf Mr. and Mrs. Carl Froehlich rented an apartment in Britt where both are employed in the dry milk packaging plant. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Weber en- tertaih^ tfieir 500 club Jan. 14. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rockwood moved Jan. 6 into their newly- constructed ranch-type home at the east end of main street. The 5SHSIid . home they vacated has WfiPW'w'Mr- 1 and "Mrs. Ed powns. • '••'• Jeanne Nelson, daughter of Mr *"£ 'Cl^n'te Nelson, nd ^ren Haverly, d 9H gbfer of and Mrs. Jj m HaverJy, «mong 10 students 'of dsr school of Algona who participated in the Mohawk Interpretive Reading Festival »t Mason City and Junior College Saturday, Cahasta 8 were guests Monday afternoon of Mrs. Hattie Baker with all members present. At two tables, high, Mrs. Frank Gronbach, tied for low, Mrs. Duane Neal and Mrs. Phil Lichty.' Diane Sanford,. Badger, ,her friend, Paul Simons, Fort D.odgi her grandmother, Mrs. Jessie San ford, were Sunday guests of Di ar/e's .aunt, the ,James Traiiger family. , , , ... T^ Joyce Meyer, bf Des Moiries wte a weekend visitor with 'her par ents, the Harold Meyer family.. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gronbach attended the Ice Follies Sunday in Des Moines. ; Sunday .visitors, in the ^m^a, Vfilo Patterson home were .Mr. ana Wrs. James Radley W Des Moines, Wrs. Vernon Shimon, Pat and tfike of Rolf, Sandra Patterson of F&rt f podge.., , Recent' .visitors in the parental - F. Fett hozrie were the Gerald* Richardson family of' Britt and Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Fett of Bode Holiday guests in the Supt. and Wrs. L. B. Shelton home were their son, Lee of Des Moines, their daughter, Marlene Shelton of Denver, Colo. , ' : ^-Y-! Mrs. Mary Pederman, who liyes with her daughter the I. ,H. Cliap- man family, has returned from a trip to Trolley, N. D., where she- attended the: wedding 'of her grandfather, Mary K.; Hellebust Saturday, Dec. 30. Mr. arid 'Mrs. "Francis Sanford and family df -Badger, 'fheir moth- W- ' *""" '•—'———— er Mrs. Jessie Sanford, LuVerne, Were Saturday -evening- guests oi their brother and son, the Wayne Sanfords. Home made ice cream was served. Jess Lindebakl was at Pequot Lakes Tuesday to Saturday the past week where he completed the sale of his 665 acre farm there! Mr. and Mrs. Lindebak have spent the past five years of the.'farm- Ing season .at the 'farm coming to their LuVerne home for the winter months. r Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Weber visited Friday"|o Monday with their son, the Jerry Webers at White Bear Lake, Mum. At a 6:30 p.m. dinner Dec. 31 at ^Algona were Mr. and Mrs. Al- vin r^ e %\S LuVerne ' Mr - antl Mrs. 'John'Weber, Irvington, -Mr. £nd Mrs. Henry Johansen, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lynk, Mrs; Esther ;% .'Efl'ri slides Virgil Rule of Bellevue recently suffered a .break in. the 'small bone above th6 ankle of his left leg, 'He twisted the leg as 'he slipped. oft . ice. X : rays showed the fractiire. qfSIHSttipr, a ;SpfipP4 ;rqBBJ?,,-:; »* fA film ,was shown- by -Revi -teo fl socla tJ* - Algono, Iowa ' 'vn.sVJ •/ :; ru - Wiursday fliru Saturday' r — '"ftie Lawless Breed" 7:'30; "To .'Hell And Back" 9:00. ' " „ Saturday 'M"at|nee — ,','Last Rdund Up" 2:00'; cartoons'at 1:30. Sunday '—-•i'Thg Errand Boy" l:30-3:35-5:40-7;50-9:§5. - ( ' Monday, and 'Tuesday — ''.The Errand Boy," 7:30-9:40.. .Wednesday --..Cinema Art Show ,'La Strada" at 8:30. ' Sdf f MSt. 1:30 only C%HCt*JOr^ Special Show For Entire Family GENEAUTRYfS .BIGGEST ADVENTURE! Vf end hit fomoui lion*, CHAMftON LAST ROUND-UP m> JEAN HEATHER • RALPH MORGAN • CAROL THURSTON • MARK DANIELS TEXAS RANGERS •( - F , NA L CHAPTER THE GREEN ARCHER" PLUS 6 COLOR CARTOONS loolr them ovet* from every angle... 'RE NEW- • ALL THROUGH I Size up BIG WAGOIM! The new TRAVELAU,* by INTERNATIONAL is Wylishly low in height, big and joomy inside. With all 3 seats in. « «"ries 9 Wg people. WUh seats adjusted, , _ .. ^ ADMISSION $i,X UJ*-), nf.\t tt ie is,i,i JCM.., ^ wtfi'i SUN. Thru TUES. CONTINUOUS SUNDAY FROM 1:30 iTSTHENuT-ArHisNuniEsr! . -8 power ia standam. eome |po4els offer torsion-bar front •uspenwon and box-section franw. MEET THE SCOUT! Made for work-and of cargo JN-rNATIONAL 4-cylinder Comanche gas and oil. w^v.^.«» drive provides traptjon anywhere. *° t -">s for action w ' ' " top come o^-flMBWUt W»YI Miaplete with side, and g|sfer, Lawrence Fox a<«1 Mrs. Schrpeder en- it 500 club one eve- nlng last week. Bill Hauptly and Mrs. John Hildman won high score prizes and John Hildman and Mrs Hauptly low score prizes Lee . oy Ricke entered Mercy hospital, Mason City, Jan. 7. Beh Eden wa> brought home J8fl. .W from Mercy hospital, Mason City, where he had been a patient for a week. He had surgery on his neck to correct an injury guffered twq years ago when an elevator fell on him. SHIPPING TAGS — Upper Des Moioe* Pub. Co., Ai- 89M4. e, too - use m and gas tanks do not hang down below frame level INTERNATIONAL V-8 power la standard. Some models offe7 tomon-bar front suspension, and is Come in today! See 'em! CRASHP5 H014.YWQQD- &!$HTTK£QUQH THE LAUGH BARRIER! WIT OUT A PIQKUP! ALGONA IMP UMEN

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