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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 16
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa • Page 16

Des Moines, Iowa
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THE DES MOIXES IMffllSTKK Wedneaday Morning, Oct. 24, 1923-LAltGEST DAILY CIRCULATION IN IOWA. 16 will be held In the chapel bans, nient at 6:30 p. m. The after! noon session will start at 2 p.

fn. Mr. Bader's address will be given at 6:30 n. m. Amn.

COUNTY CHURCHES OF CHRIST WILL CONVENE HERE Methodist Women Active in Preparation for Coming of Woman's Foreign Missionary Society Convention BAD DEBT LOSS $750,000,000 Chicago Expert Talks to Credit Men Here. SMUTS GALLS PARLEY TO SAVE DYING EUROPE Attacks France; Warns England and U. S. other speakers will be- Dr. 8 Medbnry, pastor of the Univer'aitv Church of Christ; Dr.

W. a Shullenberger of the Central Church of Christ. Dr. N. Carpenter of the Capitol Hill Church of ChriHt, President D.

W. Morehouse of Drake university, W. Baker, state secretary of the Iowa Christian missionary, J. c. Cald-well, dean of the Drake Bible col.

lege, and Miss Annette Newcomr state secretary of the Women's! Christ' Missionary socfetv. Jesse M. Bader of St. Louis, national superintendent of evangelism, will address the convention of the Polk county Churches of Christ in the chapel of the University -Church of Christ tomorrow. A conference of ell ministers and ministerial students will be held in the chapel from 10: SO a.

ni. to 7:30 p. A luncheon J. P. O'ICeefe, secretary of the Chicago Association of Credit Men, addressed the monthly meeting of the Des Moines Credit Men's association at the Harris-Emery tearoom last night, which was attended by 140 members.

Mr. O'Keefe's subject waa: "The Credit Man: His Business and Fraternal (B Tha Aaaodatad Praaa.) London, Oct. 23. Premier Smuu of South Africa called a conference of the powers to con-Rider the whole European situation In a speech tonight at a dinner attended by the South African delegation to the imperial conference. He attacked France for Iter pollry and warned England nd the United Slates against any "excessive gpneroslty" in the remission of Interallied war debts which might aid in further militarization of the continent.

"Of the great number of public men whose names stand under the peace treaty," he said, "there are only two or three who still furrite in power today. Yor better or for worse I am one ol horn, and the responsibility for iiiiiiiM I A Sale i and fj Exhibit Hostetler Photos. Supreme Court Decisions what was done at 1'arls weighs i Hosteller Photos, Mrs. George Cosson, anticipation fit' the fomlnjr of hundreds of missionaries and workers In their behalf to Relations." Stating that tbe bad debt loss in the United State last year was 1750,000,000, as compared with a fire loss of Mr. O'Keefe emphasized the importance of the work of the national association, in securing legislation to protect the granting of credit.

Bad check laws, bulk sales laws and mechanics' lien laws, be said, are having a beneficial effect. The national organization of credit men, comprising 33,000 members, has also been active during the past year in prosecuting fraudulent failures, Mr. O'Keefe stated, having secured 137 Indictments and eighty convictions In cases of concealment of assets. Closer fraternal relations among the credit men of business houses were urged by the speaker as a means of cutting down the bad debt loss both through the prevention of credit granting to those not entitled to it. and through friendly handling of Insolvency cases so as to reduce the cost of liquidation.

Parley Adopts Reorganization Plan Cleveland, Oct. 23. Associated Press) A reorganisation plan which provides that local as y-ynl 1 heavily on niv conscience, in spiti of the fact that 1 signed it only nnder protest and sense of fore boding of future calamities which has come only too true. BnshiPit for Principal. It? I "A gallant attempt to save Eu rope without patcning or temporizing was necessary," he said "and this could only be done through a conference of the now- Mrs.

A. E. Iteed. chairman has been untiring In her efforts in planning such cordiality that Des Moines will truly be a contention city and a hospitable one to tbe guests coming from all corners of the globe. Mrs.

Evelyn Kiloy Nicholson has charge of arranging the program for the convention, which will be one of the largest In numbers ever held in the city. Mrs. Nicholson Is the wife of Bishop Thomas Nicholson and is the president of the National Women's Foreign Missionary society. She recently returned from Europe, where she was Bent as a delegate to the international missionary council, over which John R. Mott presided at Oxford, Mrs.

Nicholson was a former member of the faculty of Cornell college, Mount Vernon. Ia. rs mainly Interested in the reparations question. The situa Harold D. Kvana, receiver for the liberty 8avina bank, vi. Tree Havlnxa bank, uppetlant. Tohnam county. Judre Blph Otto. Action to taiabiiah preferred claim. Affirmed.

Opinion by UeOraff. Neva Hilllker, appellant, vs. Edwin Hill Ik AIuuk tounty. Judfre WlllUn. hulf.hlnnon.

Invorce. Aaverced. Opinion by Ue'Jraff Martin Hurke, appellant, va. John Jacobaon, rt al. Woodbury county.

Judge Oeorfe peon. Action to runcel land purchaea contraot Affirmed. Opinion by fltevena. Cltlsena Havlnca bank of va. Alex N- Herring.

appellant Johnson county. Ralph Otto. Action on note. ReverriAd, Opinion by Steven. Kate t-aney, apillant, vs.

A. O. V. W. Woodbury ceunty.

Judje Ororje Jepaon. Affirmed. Opinion by Weaver. Farmer Iun and Yrus company, et appellant, va, Adatu Hcheetx. et al.

Johnnon county. Judae O. Pophani. iitt to set aelda dead. Affirmed, opinion by Wearer, F.

A. Koalrr et al, appellant, va. Catherine I. at logy. Woodbury county.

Judge UIIm New by. Action on petl attend the general executive convention of the Woman's Foreign Missionary society, which convenes in Des Moines Oct. 28 to 31, continuous has been done for many months in the convention city. Mrs. George Cosson, as general chairman, has shouldered the burden of preparation and has been efficiently assisted by Mrs.

Z. C. Thornburg as publicity chairman. Mrs. Oner 8., Dow, president of the Des Moines branch which embraces Ion Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana, will be the official convention hostess.

Mrs. A. E. Read as hospitality sociations Bliall he the sovereign organizations within the International, was unanimously adopted by the Young Men's Christian association constitutional convention here today. The plan will be aubmltted to the 2,000 local associations for referendum.

tlon of Intervention, Aiiirmea. ipin- Beautiful Period Chests THE MODELS EXHIBITED AT THE RECENT INDUSTRIAL SHOW! So many admired them there so many asked if they were for sale, this announcement is sure to create a certain Interest. The chests are of solid walnut or brown mahogany, in beautiful PERIOD DESIGNS, are lined with genuine Tennessee Red Cedar. Moth proof, dust proof, damp proof perfect protection for your furs and woolens and -still a beautiful piece of, furniture for the home. Samples Hence Such Low Prices! Walnut Chest No.

708 at 44 Walnut Chest No. 75S at $70 1 Walnut Chest No. 708 at QSH Walnut Chest No. 778 at 76.50 Walnut Chest No. 78.1 at 80.50 Walnut Chest No.

745, at S45 Ivory Chest 1105, for $37 Gray Ivory Chest 1012 at $30 Cedar Chest No. 815, for 22.50 Cedar Chert No. 635, at $2.1 Cedar Chests; Fourth Floor. ion by tha Tourt. fliate of Iowa vs.

Albert Lnwfton and Hostetler Photos. (Above) Mrs. Z. C. Thornburg.

(UHow) Kvflvn Ittloy Nicholson. Williamson Circle MeeU. Mrs. Ada Cadwallader, 2217 Logan avenue, will entertain the Ladies of tbe Orand Army, General Williamson circle, No. 54 TVaHnearlov.

Orr the services. Interment will be In Glendale cemetery. Pallbearers will be: W. H. Mc-Henry, Charles S.

Denman, (ieorge Kuhns, L. J. Tuttle, Krsnd O. Green and Stnrk Advertlaa that aatra run In tha Want into r-1 rtr SCHOOLS OF CITY READY TO HELP WELFARE DRIVE Fred Ueeaon, appellants. Warren county.

JuUka tKrn Hit 'ea. Cunvkllou of larceny trom a building In tha nighttime. Reversed and remanded. Opinion by Arthur. II.

D. LvMiie. receiver for North Uh. erty Ravlnars bank, appellant, va, First National Ba.nk of Norway. Johnson county.

Judge Kalph Otto. Appeal from court older Mowing claim. Affirmed. Opinion by Htevjne Btate of Iowa va. Laura Beddard ant John Beddard, appellants, Woodbury county Jwr8 Hamilton.

ConvJij-tlon or forcibly and swrtitly con fining another paraon. Keveraed. Opinion by Htevena Htate of Iowa vs. Ray Carter, appellant. Woodbury county.

Judge C. C. Hamilton Appeal from conviction for edurtlon. lie versed. Opinion by le Public school teachers are organized and ready fur the annual school welfare drive which is to lake place Nov.

5 to 10 in connection with Dts Moines' public wel Ornff Veala lumber companr va w. Brown tt al, appellants, Plymouth county. Judge William Kutrhlnson. Bull to enforce mechanic's Hen. At.

firmed. Opinion by Weaver. William r. Graves va. Rudy araanfM et ml appellanta.

O'Brien county Judere i C. Bra Ley. Action on notes. Affirmed orlnlon by lie flraff. Joeeph W.

Hsllam vs Oeorge Pint appellant. Woodbury county. Judge Milea W. N'ewby. Action to aub-jei't alleged homestead to lien.

Affirmed. Cptnlon by Graff. Hinmau vs. Charles Trlenen et al. appellant.

O'Brien county. Judge C. Bradley. Action to forecloae mortgage. Modified and affirmed.

Opinion WounkerSrothem tion was too desperate to be dealt with by any subordinate authorities or even the reparations commission or the council of tn league of nations. It is. a business for the principals, not agents," he declared. "It is vitally important that, the United States should be there as an active member and bear her full weight which, under the circumstances, may be more decisive than that of anv other power. "In her distress Europe is today more than ever turning her eyes and stretching out htr hands to ber prent daughter nation In th west.

The appeal is not so much (or material assistance as for moral support. In this dsrk hmi" It is the lack of -moral Justice which is Europe's undoing. Failh In Amerlra. "The peoples of Europe have faith In America. I sare that faith and that feeling and I have complete confidence in America' readiness to act at the right time.

President Coolldga has already in his recent statement tajien the Initiative. It Is being followed up nd tha new world may once more come in to redress the balance of the old as it did six or seven years ago." The principal Issue for settlement of such a conference as he angrested would be the reduction of the total German reparation from the 132 000.000,000 gold rikarki filed In 1921 to a reasonable figure, with a reasonable moratorium. On the armament question he said: i "People here are already beginning to become seriously alarmed about the French armaments on the land and In the air. The French government also has lent, large Bums to smaller Eurooenn Htates around Germany, mainly with a vie to feeding the ravenous military appetites. There is dangrf lest a policy of excessive generosity on our part or on the part of America may simply have the effect of enabling.

Frxnce still more effectively to subsidize and foster militarism on the contl-uent," Boy Falls Forty Feet; Condition Is Serious Davenport, Oct. 23. (Special) Although he struck his arm against a power wire charged with 12.000 volts and fell forty feet to the ground from a steel tower at Rock Island, 12-year-old Joseph Stuhr of Rock Island Is Btill alive. His condition Is serious tonight. by weaver Frank Judge Ijena Allien am, rm.

8 A. Caldwell et al Hloux county C. C. Bradley. 11 Mudlfl SATISFACTION ALWAYS.

AT YOUNKERS' anu Orlnlon by ourt. affirmed. C.A. La Fleur at al. aopellantf va.

glout Cltv 9 A raldwKll it al. U'liliMm Hiitnhtn.fin. note. Auiion ol l.uelh at al. aonellant.

va WAH1F2 FOR THE IOWA CLOTHING C0MPANTS MAMMOTH REMOVAL SALE Don't Buy Clothing Until You Get Our Prices See Today's Tribune fare campaign. Supt. J. W. Stude-baker declared yesterday.

Jtrlof periods dally are being devoted to welfare talks in connection with class room work. Instead of the system of student team captains employed last year each teacher will supervise the campaign in her own classes under the general canipagn chu.r-manship of Assistant Superintendent A. W. Merrill. "Contributions from the public school children shall be purely voluntary," Superintendent Studo-baker said.

"No. student is to be embarrassed into pledging sums of money he cannot afford." The welfare drive will combine In the public schools this year with the P. T. shoe fund and the Red Cross. Thirty-five per "ent of the results will iro to the public welfare bureau, 35 to the P.

T. A. and 30 to the Red Cross. In charge of Mrs. Katherine Haley of tile women's division of public welfare delve a similar campaign has been organized in the parochial schools and will be under way Nov.

5. GEORGE ENTWISTLE, PIONEER OF EAST SIDE, SUCCUMBS George Entwistlo, 79 years old, a resident of I)s Moines since 1856, died yesterday afternoon at 1:15 o'clock at his home, 1304 East Fourteenth street. He came to Des Moines by stage coach and was a lifelong resident on the east side. His father, Edward Entwlstle, who died In Des Moines about ten years ago, when 15 years old helped to build one of the first railroad, engines built In Knglaud and was one of the pilots of tbe first engines made. The first engines built were miniature affairs 'compared with modern locomotives and ran on rails made of scrap Iron.

George was a member of Calvary Baptist church and Kingman post of G. A. U. He Is survived by one daughter, Mrs. W.

H. Stephens of Dos Moines. He was an uncle of Ed 'and George O'Dea, local automobile dealers. Funeral services will be held' at the home Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Interment will be in Woodland cemetery.

To Hold Funeral of iMra. J. B. Marsh Today Funeral services for Mrs. J.

B. Marsh, club woman and church worker, who d'ed Monday at her home, 1700 Ninth street, will be held at Dunn's funeral home this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. Oowan C. Williams of St.

Luke's church w'll conduct laleT Rome on Grants It rill Mil It A'lv. Overcoat for A 'nnt A-t 8.r Jeowh. rectilvar for Lnton Tniat H.vlnaa lnk. Womlburv cnunir. Ao-d1 on rfirrd claim.

Oola-lon bv Preiton. A Auiui Kln at al. annelUntt. va TJ.1-11b fivkaiua al. Oat.ola countv.

Juil William Hutrhlnicon. Action for nrwcl-no nerfortnattca contract. Affirmed. Onln'on bv the court. C.

A. nhanaon Evan Rowland et 1.1. aooellanta Johneon county. Judre I G. Action In replevin.

Affirmed, uutlon bv Hleveni. Hunt Haniware comuanv ve. Pnlllo Herioff et al. acnellann. W'oodhurv count v.

judre C. C. Hamilton. Action to foreclose mechanlci lien. Ravereed.

Onlnlon bv ftteven. Otietlna ArnUh. annellant. va Ravnnlda fttnlan, et al. Johmnn countv, Jui ta oh Otto Suit et o-lde deed.

Affirm, d. r-v ilax Wlleon. appellant, J. W. T.apham.

Woodbury cuuntr. Judea C. C. Hamilton. Appal frofn Judament for damafea.

Affirmed. Opinion by Slovene. J. J. Roberta, et al.

ve. Ororra H. Weteon. at al, appellanu Woodbury county. Judre Milea W.

Newby. Action on contract. Affirmed. Opinion by Weavar. In tha matter of th eMate of Andrew Thomnaon.

W. 3. Burbank, trea-urer of Iowa. va. H.

P. Btoele, et al. appellanta. Appeal from Judgment aue-tafnlnl paymmt of collateral Inheritance tax. Reversed and remanded.

Opinion by Oraff. Parnell Bavlnta bank, appellant, va A. Khuell. Iowa county. Jude Ralph Otto.

AcMon to act a.lde deed. Affirmed. Opinion by the court. Stena Slerler va. Theodore Huach, appellant.

Lyon county' Judje C. C. Bradley. Action to recover, damafea Affirmed. Opinion by Preaton.

Jeaaa T. Lhl va. Maple Valley I.timber company. Monona county. Judaa r.

li.mllton. Action to quiet title. Modified and affirmed. Opinion by Weaver. Report British Boat Aground Off U.

S. Coast Sandy Hook. N. Oct. 23.

(Associated Press, An unidentified threeinasted British schooner was In distress today off Petink llfo saving station, thirty miles east of Fire island. The coast guard cutter Seminole was ordered to ber assistance. Settle longshoremen fttrike. New Orleans, Oct. 28.

Union longshoremen and screwmen who went on strike hero several weeks ago, returned to work today on shinning board vessels under an agreement between the unions and the board which calls for a wage of 80 cents an hour foi thn and 20 cents a Death Raisin bread today I AiSiiLLY Mr. MyriU A hit-y, 8tt or I I c7w the Garden Many hinds Raisin RM-frtik and limpUmf old, ufM yeatertlay Tier noon at her Jiom, 1M Flrl tre(. Valley Junction. he la aurvived by her husband, S. Ashley.

Funetal service will ba held Thursday afternoon at o'clock at IWira funeral home In VaMey Junction. Interine'U will be In, Jordancametary. TTAKLAN'ClilfTea "Everett Harlan." 71 yearn old, who wan for many yeara the owner of the Harlan Drug company at Tenth aud Walnut Mret ta. died at hla Koine in Seattle, on Oct. 2.

accord i to word receK ed hare. Ha la Kurvived by lilt) widow. Mr. Eallle f. Harlan, an 4 two aon.

William and Huah Harlan, all of Seattle. Funeral eervtcea were held and Interment mrdf In fteatj.le. VKTUhsON Tffia May Petereon, formerly of ls Molnea, died Monday at the home o( her aUter. Mn, Albert in hot Antrelea, Cal- She uaa a graduate of Eapt Hiah ei'hool and aluo attended the Cummlrijr Art arhool and the Chlcaro Art Institute. She la aur vtved by two aietera.

Mrs. Fordyce Van Hoeaen of Da Molnee, and Mre. Balrer of Lna and four brother 11 v-lnr Minnesota, Funeral eervtcee and in terTpTti will be held Jn lo Anyeea. BAlRD m. Frank1 Bafrd, fi yeara old, Fail Sixth atreet.

died laat nlirht at 6:10 o'clock at the Iowa Method. at hospital. Hhe la aurvived by her husband and five children. The bony Ufa In state at Caldwell' funeral home IendlriK the arrangement of futteral asrv- of Growth! The warmth that radiates the nursery is the warmth that builds healthy, sturdy men and women of Tomorrow. A Majestic Electric Heater is the most modern of all electrical companions for your children because it is abtolutely safe.

A Majestic Electric Heater giro to die nursery good cheer and a spirit that develop youth and happinesa. Be sure that the playground for your children if such a "Garden of Growth." Thtrt art nttny dittinrtm ftmtnrtt ahm tki mm Majistic Htaltri which $mphansn thtir itairrshif. Ask jour dtalir lo ixflain them and ncutvhilt hi hat them dtl'trsr, arrange for trt for jour htm. I baked it specially last night for the many women who have formed happy little custom of serving Raisin Bread on Wednesdays. I baked it as you like it beautiful loaves with plenty of plump and juicy Sun-Maid Raisins.

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(Mill li.M) at Mailt 7 1.

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