The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 16, 1962 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, January 16, 1962
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By ROSS Waller * i * •Algona city mail carriers have ai little request to make. It is that i, P aLtrons Please keep theft walks shoveled, in this bad and snowy winter. Fresh air is good for one, and if you' don't overdue ""f.shoveUng it doesn't hurt a bit, and it helps the waistline. *, * » . We've traveled most of the'bo* wi "ter in the Jflomea ESTABLISHED ^ IOWA, TUESDAY, JANUARY' 15, THREE SECTIONS-18 PAGES Pius 8 Page Tabloid VOL. 99 - NO. 2 Passes First Test Mrs.Zeller Passes Here; Funeral Held Halt Zoning Change; City Gives Pay Boost . J" a surprise move, Algona'si would city. Council, after hearing a third area. wind up as commercial 75 At Meeting In Whiffemore Indicate O.K. I . J» ., * ""O ** V4I** VA I «A^C*t for, Mrs. John F ea ?u g ?; a P r °PP sed amendment The council that Whittemore ~all ' all - . rea resident, were held- Conference and the Corning in St. Cecelia's Catholic pep band is the best one church. Mggr. -p. P. Gearen offi i t the loudestf If "Candid Camera" wants « few more laughs, it should focus a camera on the basketball .coi games. ' er. the * * * BAG: i lan , d bur ^l was in the centf- tery at St. Joe. Hamilton Funeral ° har * e Of At, a public mee evening at m school, an a and zoning commission I th'an" the" original^DroDOsar'rhi-I most unanil "ous vote was give meeting here Wednesday planning and zoning commission « the P r °P° sitlon °f merging mos ^ mme . hded .th?.*W of the l^^fr^l!!! 1 " 6 ?^^ 00 *.«*;j»y Boning 6rdinance"re: placing and 37common ft:,**" ^ n 10. , ane e ^f P| annin g and zoning com- entire eight half-blocks' to com- distlct with A1 S° na - if H* f* ** « I' Ze » e f d l ed .W*? 1 where she had patient for one day. ;She was born Margaret Origer, a y 5, 1891 at St. Joe to Nicholas soon - ana Mary Arend Origer. She was One ' of I I* » «. re at St. ™£f meeti ?g tomorrow night was 7-3 and it was at that meeting ^" Z?f.l ay> -n an ' ">• The amend- that the petition with theTl sig f 116 "' Uien will probably go back natures was presented bv inter to the council '«' fin J • the final action | ested persons. It is major reasons for I on the zo'nine last ' th f^JfGenrich,in California: I Si'and lhe"^ple^rm^ S K^US£ttB iJSH Wel±y "" Commis * n P&* I ^ £?J™ ia l_ A !* ona P?cnic for Cali-1 Joe. until 1957 when they retired I "on to the change and beaming the I ° " *~ • a measure meets with approval in a public vote on the question. This was the first of two public meetings to discuss the matter. A second will be held Wednesday evening for Algona area at the fornians is to be'held at Park, Huntington Beach, 11 to they retired where they live at 423 "— street. Mrs. Zeller of St. Cecelia's Following its along the same line, with interested citizens invited to par- on the zon-1 ticipate. on East Call Erlander, Kent, rent here, 52 de-t,, t ..-—, — _.«^ i( i,i 10> grees today. You can buy a can Kate Hess > Dubuque; and a broth- of Alaskan air here — let me er> John °^ger, Bode. Five grand- know if you want one. (No thanks children also survive — lta "° " - -'- ' * '' ,Pallbearers at the services were »reg Origer, Paul Thilges Sr [Gerald Elbert, Bernard Thilges' Cancer Society planning meet-1 -^^ ^'^ ™ d Martin Frider! multiple, dwelling district - and Mayor C. C. Shierk and " all " gational church nounces Angus dead. Recent in Algona, "an-1 Cotton, county memorials were given to the nftnies of Esther,Hodgson, Dr. X. L.,pfpffer, Edward Pergande, J. F. Sullivan, John Hati- sen, Charles Theesfield and Dr P. 'V. Janse. Our Pakistani camel driver who visited the .U.S. recently has now received his, new pickup truck as a gift from this country to replace his camel. First thing he did on receipt of the vehicle was to throw himself on the ground and thank Allah. The Ford Motor Co., which made the gift, may have been a little surprised to find itself on the side of Allah at that moment. • • • In Russia they have a TV in every hotel room — only it watches YOU. * * • They're still trying to figure this »ne out. Mrs. Jerry Briggs has' an aunt s of 51 re«sidpnt<! litrina j« , u " owul e '» action on the zo * Survivors include her husband; | Moore , ?bd Wooster'stVe^arT^ information" P rior """— A ""1 of Bode and Berl volved in . the amendment. At the hired JamesChalstromT to audS discussion ' • one sister, Mrs. P re fent time, the entire zone is in the city books. ' ; ' He said jt was almost impossi- ^ i .... j . .. ble to operate the Whittemore school on a reasonably financial basis with 93 pupils including kindergarten classes. There are 39 pupils at Whittemore, kindergarten through 6th grade, and 54 in 7th through 12th. The cost last year was about $78,000 to operate at Whittemore. Elgin Allen, Algona high principal, and Glenn Chally, junior high principal, were present. On inquiry, Allen said that the Algona system could handle the Whittemore pupils without any particular overcrowding. , There were comparatively few questions from the 75 or so persons present.'One' Ssfted" f abou meals; it is not compulsory t take hot lunch in the Algona sys tern, he was told. , The conclusion of the meeting was that so far'as the Whittemore Independent system was concerned, it favored making formal application to the Kossuth County Board of Education for approval Jan. 31 Deadline On Some Crop Loans, Agreements and uncle who sister. are brother and Her aunt married a Mr. Lee in •California. Mr. Lee had a daughter who married the uncle. Thus, her' aunt became brother's mother-in-law. her If you have anything more complicated please let us know. Sometimes the Algona Toastmasters Club could run the Burlingto Liars club a close contest. Lik last meeting, when Byron Ric] ardson was called upon to tell his last fishing trip. Dr, Nash als was called on to give a criticisn of Algona, and LaVerne Anderso to speak in Praise of Algona. N further reports on what they said But we'd like to know, • » • Memo to Subscribers: This newspaper would greatly appro ciate it if subscribers moving to a new address would so notify us A new postoffice ruling now sets a cost of 10 cents every time the P.O. sends us a change of address We hsye a few folks on the lisl who move often enough to exceec their subscription cost in P.O. change of address fees. * * • Last summer Bancroft-born Richard Sherman, author and mo tion picture writer, dropped in on a visit along with Harlan Miller, Des Moines columnist. Last week Richard died of a throat obstruction and heart attack in New York. His father was an early-day resident of both Bancroft and Algona, and the tost manager appointed for the state liquor store in the early 30's. It was Richard's first visit back to his home country in a good many years — and his Jast. At the annual meeting of the Stockholders of the Iowa State Bank, Algona, the following officers and directors were re-elected: Harold Gilmore, chairman of the board; Al Agena, president; Gordon. C. Hall, vice president; Roy McMahon, vice president' and cashier; and Ed Gilmore, ass't cashier. Directors are: 'Harold Cowan, Harold Gilmore, Luke Linnan, Roy McMahon, Hugh Raney, Clarence Mawdsley and Al Agena. President Agena reports that deposits, increased 15% or $800,000 in the past year and surplus was increased by $50,000.00 making the total capital structure $580,000. Effective Jan. 1, 1962 the bank added another service in that 4% will be paid on Time Certificates of Deposit and 3% per annum on savings accounts. The Iowa State also has a one million dollar excess Fidelity Bond, for customer protection. January 31, 1962 will be the deadline for' loans and purchase agreements on several commodities harvested !in: i961,> according to Richard I. Anderson, t Chairman of the Agricultural sjabttiiation .and Conservation .Committee.- ... Farmers in the county-who produce barley, flaxseed, grain sorghums, oats, rye or soybeans should be alerted to this final date to obtain price support on these commodities, the Chairman said. The final date for obtaining loans and purchase agreements is January 31, 1962, for all of the com- nodities listed above. Chairman Anderson lists the bllowing general provisions of oans and purchase agreements on he 1961 crop of the above commodities: Famous Last Line ~ This court does not believe In being bia»ed, but will the bailiff please bring iu the guilty per- ty. BURT SAVINGS HAS ANNUAL MEETING Stockholders of the Burt Savings bank elected a board of directors for 1962 at their annual meeting Tuesday, All present directors were re-elected. They are; K. J. Smith, Donald Patterson, George Patterson, R. I, Mawdsley Sr,, L. E,, Linnan, H. E. Racliut Sr., Herman Rachut, Jr., and G. H. McMullen. Following the stockholders meeting the directors met and re-elected H, E, Rachut Sr,, president; R. I. Mawdsley, vice president; G. H, McMullen, cashier; and H. E, Rachut, Jr., assistant cashier. SECURITY STATE ANNUAL MEETING TODAY The annual meeting of stockholders of the Security State JJank of Algona is being held today, Tuesday. Barley — Loans will mature on April 30, 1962. The county support ate for Grade No. 2 or better is 95 cents per bushel. Grain Sorghums — Loans mature on March 31, 1962. The county support rate for Grade No. 2 or better is $1.84 per cwt. Oats — Loans mature April 30, 1962. The county support rate for Grade No. 3 is 61 cents per bushel. Rye — Loans mature on April 30, 1962. The county support rate for Grade No. 2 or better, or No 3 on test weight only,' is $1.00 per Firemen On WaylbCall In Accident A minor fire at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hobble, five miles west of Algona on McGregor street road and a half-mile north, at 1:40 p.m. Sunday resulted indirectly in a traffic charge against a young Britt man, Arnie L. Mey. er, 20. The Algona fire department was West Bend Golden Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Stattelman are pictured above in a recent photo by Glenn's Studio. (UDM Engraving). bushel. Soybeans -?- Loans mature 01 May 31, 1962. The county suppor rate is $2.25 per bushel. Flaxseed — Loans mature „ March 31, 1962. The county suppor rate is $2.80 per bushel for Grad No. 1 with a 6-cent per bushel dis count for Grade No. 2 flaxseed. Chairman Anderson also pointec. out that loans or purchase agreements on corn will be available to May 31, 1962. Such loans wil mature on July 31, 1962. The county support fate is $1.12 per bushel. 3 Join Navy Bancroft - Tom McGuire, Bill ilhelmi and Duane Vtske spent he weekend in MiwieajH>lis where they enlisted in the navy, They exriect to, be called into service in February. A False Alarm The burglar alarm at the Iowa tate Bank sprang into action Monlay afternoxMi, creating a little temporary e^citeBjeni, jj; was awsftl as e maintenance man was checking it over. |t works 1 Swea City Girl Places 1st In Grain Contest Caryl Larsen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey C. Larsen, Swea City, placed first in District 2 Farmers and Grain' Dealers as- fcjafiw's "Youth Speaking contest." The district includes 19 north Iowa counties. Caryl will be one of five finalists to compete for state honors at the gram dealers convention to be held in Des Moines Jan. 224hrough Jan! Caryl was swarded a watch, a 3-day trip to the convention and a 3-day trip to Ohio State University novf cummAM CUn i*. — J • _ _ \ next summer. She is a junior the Swea City high school. Club Guejt The Algona Rotary club had 9$ its guest Monday Lynn Kueck, of the Algona high schori Honor Society. called by the Hobbies when fire broke out between the walls above a fireplace in their home. A fire truck was dispatched to the scene, and as is normal in such cases, all of the firemen don't ride on the truck. One, Chet Webb, who has been on the department for many years, stopped at the fire station and picked up another fireman, Bob Laing. They headed west on Me- Gregor street road in a taxi owned by Webb and collided with a car driven by Meyer, who according to Patrolman Bill Tordoff, failed to yield the right-of-way. • Luckily, there were no personal injuries. The Webb auto swerved into the south ditch where it bogged down in deep snow — upright. Laing caught a ride with another person to the fire and Webb re» ported the accident and ordered a tow truck to the scene. The' fire did very little damage to the Hobble house and was ex* tinguished at once. It was the only fire call of the week for Algona firemen. ;o have a public vote on the pro- wsition of merging the Algona and Whittemore Public districts. If Algona's meeting indicates a imilar feeling, such a proposal will most likely be worked out, and such an application made. If County Board of Education approval is given, a public vote with .in the areas concerned would then take place, after circulation of pe titions asking for such a vote Nurse May Be Released Here ., ,, , /,,.; '. « \ , Cut In State fund Reduces Community Club Elects, Fenton At the annual meeting of the Fenton Community Club, Monday evening at the Fenton Community Center, Jim Meyer was elected president for the coming year, Clarence Yager was named vice resident and chairman of the nembership committee, and Don Priebe was elected secretary-treasurer. Named to the steering committee with the officers were Gerald Voigt and Dr. E. W. Ruske. 3U1 Hantelman, retiring presi- lent, conducted the meeting after a turkey dinner, prepared by Mrs. Albert Mitchell and Mrs. Hex Wolfe. Albert Schwarzenbach was named to head all ticket sale drives. L-Rock Church Invites Pastor Lone Rock — The Lone Rock Presbyterian church held its annual church meeting Wednesday evening. Rev. Harlan Krause was moderator. Benjamin Meyer, now attending seminary, was voted to be called to serve the Lone Rock church as pastor. Mr, Meyer will come to Lone Rock in June. William Christenson and A. A. Krueger were newly serve as elders for Dental Meeting The Tri-County Dental Society vill hold its annual meeting at the ohnson House in Algona Thursay. evening, Jan. 18. Program chairman will be Dr. J. B. Harris, Vlgona. elected to three year terms and Willis Cotton, Mervyn Christenson and Art Person were re-elected. Delmar Fischer was a newly elected trustee to serve a term of three yars. Clarence Kraft, Donald Blanchard and Roy Jensen were all re-elected to serve as trustees. Angus Cotton was elected treasurer and Mervyn Christenson asst. treasurer. Robert Fortney was reelected Sunday School supt., Mrs. Qennis Priebe was newly-elected junior Sunday School supt., Ron aid Behrends was elected Youth Fellowship president and Willis, Bellinger, treas. Mrs. Donald Blanchard as organist, Mrs. Milton Madison, choir director and Mrs.. Ralph Hammer- Strom, Cradle Roll supt. Ushers for the year will be E. A. Lee, Pelmar Fischer, Harlan Blanchard, Mervyn Christenson, Clarence Kraft and Maurice Weisbrod. MrarVernlunn OfSweaDles; Funeral Today Funeral services for Mrs. Vern Gladys Maria) Lunn, 54, were eld at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Immanuel Lutheran church at Swea City. She died Saturday morning t Holy Family hospital, Esther- ille, after a lingering illness. Rev. Leroy Pilman officiated and burial was in Harrison township cemetery. Mrs. Lunn was born Feb 16 1907 at Swea City. She was married Jan. 2, 1926 to Vern Lunn at Mankato. They have lived all their married life in Swea City where he is a businessman. She is survived by her husband- one sister, Mrs. Gene Fagerlund of Swea City; brothers, Oliver and Virgil of Swea City, and Robert of Buffalo Center. Two aunts and an uncle, David Blomster, of Swea City, also survive. Early. Fire Call JAlgona firemen raced to the Irvin Kenne farm, four-miles west, four south and a fourth-mile west of Algona at 5:17 a.m. Tuesday when the family smelled smoke in their home and discovered a 'ire. The blaze burned a hole in the floor after getting its start near a chimney in the basement. A pile of cobs in the basement also be- i „..„_*„ ^ n J°, b "™- Piemen quickly ex- £S Salary Total », • ,,, , here *u S a Sudden turn of ossuth Count wil1 . ex- h . inguished the blaze and kept dam- T ui. services of a county *"•««"" i ge to a minimum. Tall Corn Supper Tall Corn Barracks 688 and their Auxiliary will hold a pot-luck supper and meeting at the Legion hall here Wednesday, Jan. 17, at 6:30 p.m. A special program has been planned for the evening. Anyone planning to attend should bring a $300 OMVI Fine; One New Case, District Court An Algona man, John S. Rosen- steil, entered a plea of guilty to a charge of OMVI in district court here this week and was fined $300 and costs. Judge G. W. Stillman 'ieard the plea. Rosensteil's driver's license was evoked for 60 days. He was ar- ested here Jan. 3 following a car rash on North Thorington street. One new case was filed in dis- rict court. The Iowa State High- vay Commission is plaintiff and ohn E. Merrill, defendant in the matter. According to the petition, j the defendant constructed an'un- authorized access to highway 169 from his property and the plaintiff asks for a mandatory injunction in order to remove the access to the highway. Fed. Land Bank Ass'n Meeting, Dinner Feb. 8 health nurse at the end ,of this month. A lack of state aid and a' decision by the county board of supervisors to pay a salary set at its Jan. 2 organization meeting, and no more, will probably result in the release of Joyce Hayden, who has served in the post since 1951. The meeting will be held at the Pack Meeting Cub Scout pack 29 and parents will meet Tuesday, Jan. 23, at 7 p.m. in the Lucia Wallace school gym. Kiwanis members will inspect Cub Scout uniforms and awards will go to the following boys: Tommy Nelson, Ken Marshall, Paul Christiansen, Bruce Johnson, Eugene Hunt, Rex Chally, Steve Armstrong and Don Sindelar. One new Cub, Bob Stillman, will )e installed and one Cub, Buzz covered dish and table service. Fairbanks, will graduate. Burt High School Gymnasium. Hutchins said the group would hear a revievy of their association's progress during the past year and elect two directors. The Algona FLBA makes long-term real estate loans to farmers in Kossuth county. Dinner will be served at 6:45 p.m. to members and wives and guests by the Burt Band mothers and will be followed by entertainment and business meeting. Four Juveniles Admit Traffic Sign Damage Four juvenile boys were each fined $10 and costs in Mayor C. C Shierk's court here this week after they admitted damaging and steal- ng traffic signs in Algona. Local officers had been investigating the malicious acts since November. One traffic sign was returned by tiie foursome. The boys at times used an auto to push traffic posts over and caused quite a bit of damage during recent weeks. The following persons paid fines in Mayor Shierk's court following hearings of state charges: Henry Hefti, LuVerne, $100, reckless driving; Warner Johnson, Burt, $25, aid , - . . . nurse's salary. State funds this year are less than normal, and in order to keep Miss Hayden's salary at its 1961 level as outlined by the board at the Jan. 2 meeting, the county would have to furnish an additional $480 in 1962 — or about $40 per month. An original motion by Supervisor John Rode to hire Miss Hayden for 1962 was passed Jan. 2. When notice of the cut in state funds reached the supervisors, another meeting was held Jan. 12. At that time, the board decided to go by its Jan. 2 decision — that is, to pay the salary stipulated at that time. Further discussion of the matter was slated to be held at a board meeting today (Tuesday). The county health nurse works with doctors, schools and individuals all over the county — and her services are available to anyone in the county. Miss Hayden stated this week that she has been contacted by another county that is searching for a health nurse — and if the final decision here releases her, she may accept the other job at the end of the month. intoxication; Cleo Jones, Redding, $10, parking truck without flares, and $10, expired driver's license; Leo Steven, Algona,. $10, speeding; John Carter, Orlando, Fla., $10, failing to have control; Leroy Scherer, Algona, $10, stop sign; and Elmer Swanson, Swea City, »0, intoxication. An Algona juvenile was fined $25 for hunting rabbits after hours. Fallout Books At Postoffice The Algona Post Office announces that it has received from the Department of Defense, booklets on "Fallout Protection" — what to know and do about nuclear attack. These will be given out at the windows of the local post office one to a family. Patrons are asked not to have children ask for the booklets as there are only enough for one to a family.

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