The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 9, 1962 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1962
Page 18
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—„ tifte. u» get „,„, •f*z—,-;-<"- 01 *«M bfegln where 1 left off.last .'w^ek on'excerpts' from cards, mentioning messages «*-" 'those who will be known 1 •Prom Florence Patterson . r ,,-§'-. P fe ) ! nix ' Mi -> "* tilted to Gladys Ttlbdn Paddock yester- w Mrs. fiourne, _,— 0 an Algona cof» Friday'and i will try and go. I also talked with Paul Danson. He goes to-'thrsame church I do. Alice. Cfuikshank. Ditsworth has son'who teaches'in Te'mpe: Sh Visited there last winer and spen a few days .with me. They expec her baek'this .Jaiiuary, My daueh ter still i teaches, and 'the grand daughter is tt6w 5. When I men ,tfoned Neva'Patterson Potter las week and ,hef Christmas trip to had enclosed a- Ibveiy^haTdker chief. I am always talking about dia -monds and Mrs. Earl S'heppard came up wltk one. Oh it was just a chunk of glass cut, diamond style and was the center of the Star of (Bethlehem, but it Sparkled and I called>h>r up to' tell hef f get my gent, A message from my cousin to- la Henderson Swinney says she and her husband will be with the' son and family. Every Christmas A card of greeting from Helen | rence as he Is , and Tedo Hutchison with them and a path id cleared for hltfg pictured in a living room comer, Lennon girls were soiprettyVDjj fedo at the piano and Helen enjoys college." % quote fs*,1 finding nearby, Very good like- quite correct for' Mrs. ftess-and their smiJes so cheery. "My mother and I"," so (Thank you, . Don was not along. '. ; '*' ment 'her mother's flame 1 want to mention Harold Hat- me. 1 believe she.lives ch|ns 'greetings-original verse and most appropriate to Christ I mas. * « * I Lake. * * « ' Another Currier and Ives to my collection which will out completely — two to wv.. u ..u AMiiiujr. AJVCI y vin is LI n tm j TnOIIKS 10 fill of yoti WflO fC* i -- -y-.-™^ v» T v w j my memory goes back to the day membered me. You are most kind. bes ' de a mill oil painting J ha< Wegathered at her home, then in ... [my room. "'- 1 *' * '• Riverside, now at Merttone. Twen« Carolers have' remembered ugly-one of us. Mahy'Hav^ been sub- seven groups in one evening, Dec. traded from the group and as 19. They were a Brownie group; r ,„. ., many added. (Such is life. 'First Lutheran young folk, Barber L Th1 ? nk , yoUl . , ' i f (Shoppers, a girls' group I didn'd the P°° Wet written viewed school, house where we; beside a mfll oil painting/«! W^»TaMW my room. Flnel Thank yk,'B up chll«^^° • '"" ^ r jorie Apple, chairman of my $jSCg ' ' r .-,* --^ *V, *': '*' . , Johnso»,M* 22, Earl ' Man Succumbs - , -Cookery, is superlative, ,it sounds lll*j.. _ . .1. i»_**. .« * . a _, * • Larson's came two chil- a Christmas - - "u' * nd Mrs' Glen McCllesh e\v^ Veto A( eateirtklned a grotip tiarfy at their n&fte M^ Jl Pox Is a medical -patient r --- r .. a ,t 'Holy Family , hospital/Es vllle.?!. v- -^-y: : • -r-.- Esther- si "The fire was not any where murder, died." — «— v •** *iiv»AWb\;u MIMA. One of the firemen WE DARE COMPARE we're OftDIJAIW-CAUOR, - , -' ' : * i .. i, • obN' STARK , 218 S. MOORE n ALGONA. IOWA AUTO POLICY Yes — you get lower rates now on the finest auto insurance policy available! farm Bureau Mutual:.continues toglyeyoutheMOSTPfotepflon •no the BEST Service at rate'reduction?; background, and another wit folded papers arms and legs What fun the youngsters mus | have doing these. * * , • Older Algonans will remembe Mrs. George Brown, mother o Mabel, Harry, Grace and Nellie She now, lives in Chicago with her daughter Nellie and husband. She celebrated ,her~ iopth * birthday | Christmas day. Grace lives a RJverside,, Calif.', and Mabel als6 lives in Chicago. about Harry. 'I don't know mm BUREAU IOWA INSURANCE COMPANY More mail this 20th day of December—From the Don Akres; Jefferson City, Mo. They attended a Lawrence Welk concert in November,and were thrilled at talking to Dick Dale, Joe Feeney j and Larry Hooper when the performers were in Kansas City. They .didn't get to talk to Law- , / - * tt - qeiyed word, W , the" sudden death &» get ^ ...__.. ki^vu often staying odd jobs, done and , the brilliant clear skies arid Wlfle open spaces. We recently - bouifft another trailer park just 'outswe of Long Beach. It was built ' In 1955, has 66 mobile home lots ^ifd a 3 bedroom house' Jn which 'we Will live. • ' • - .>,! Alice Ditsworth writes"— go to Tempe, Ariz., to see Dick and family in Jan; While thereil expect to see Florence Howard and the Curtis family at PhoehlXl Anne Curtis lived in wo years." She says my house "I believe you know. Mabel Livingston who ives at Pacific, Junction." Yes, Alice. I do know her well, and hus- and Charlie, -but it . Is Apache unction; NOT Pacific. • t' Mr. ThaetfeF'i-an- "* fe'stlitfarit when Hving^HeYfe, He leaves rtj wife and three (children. «is , is the forlrfer J <Geneva''Glaus Fenton. ,-'• .»•-«•' « .-\ » He ran a-grocery store with^his brother iat ^theitime of jdeath;; ^ Richards Schiltz, son, pf*.Mr. and 1 MTs. Aftljur,! Schflte, underwent 4>rgery, tf, Hojy, Family,' Esthervflle, ' The My. Ne glibor .Cliife met at Gladys Fuerstehau honie/'Des. S6, with a pot luck at noon. Two new niembers joined, Mrs, Lenny Pompe,, Mrs, Harlan Len- Ineger, Mrs. Struecker .was 'd visitor. Gifts, were .excharigeci. New secret pals were drawn t ah<Lthfere Was an exchange of coOkiesVthe' next meeting is to be held JatL 17,.; . -. / . , , , < '- -C' 1 " yma&m&mt!^^ v ? f * L A K HOMES AT ALLEN J. BLAKE, DIRECTOR ' -' ' AMBULANCE SERVICE OXYGEN EQUIPPED ~ RADIO CONTROLLED PHONE TU 2-3322 (collect) LuVerne (Home Office) &&&^^ I-ITTI—>r nnniimi i— i -Him •iniia irnindirniirjtimii nn n ill «> L_II JrlLJjrim laiOJULiliJ Science Shrinks Pite§ Stops T.A. K. T. - M flwt tlffl* *dene« lui foaM • n*w kesllnr nb«Ua<<« with tb* Mtok* Uhlnr Ability to ibrink hemor- rholdt, itop.itchinf, « p*in - without mrctry. In CM* irftw MM, wkflt p«in, «ctti«l tobk plack • • :,, More carolers — girls Dec. 19, Dec, .20,' Cutt 18, FfB. dependable GAS heat Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet curtails natural gas service. When power lines are down, when other fuel deliveries fail dependable gas is there to warm your home . . . cook your food . . . heat your water ... dry your clothes. And dependability is just one of the many reasons modern homemakers choose the magic gas flame. 7 of the most important reasons why modern homemakers choose GAS! couts and a .girls group, rand Thursday ; three groups, ,onet ia loir from, the St. ,Joe church. They sang one verse in German one in English which pleased Matt Lohring, ; Casper. Thilges, Fred Tiede and Eva Erpelding. . , t? • • ' • - ;*, • •*,- ••". • i |.v Well, so much (or Christmas ,r- I Want to,e_xtend thanks to Dr.rand Mrs^. .Lyle Ellis,. Hartford, Conni for the fruit cake.. I;Shall;have>a few, friends, in , after the "holiday and -welll think of you while ea{ini ** ow I'Oojjjd.- tejl)you"in a-letter Js contained in tfiis ; .column, ;J so;-tel this be .considered -mys ipersonaj thanks.- And : here's a very Haripy v Mr. and . Ml-s; 'Fred Eckhart, I Tom and Dale spent New Year's With the Utter's'sister'at Roches- er, Minn. ' f, Mr. and Mrtj. Marvon Becker FOR GREATER PROFIT ON YOUR SAVINGS^ SAVE NOW at of Algona. evening. , Bernie Fox, home on-, leave from Georgia, was an'out of J town /guest. Bernie Jeft Monday after ten days with his parents, the Wilbur Fox family. ' Mrs. Rose Murphy, %ho f L several weeks' in California a,, U] Chicago and Xmas with her sons at Winthropi returned home Frl- suffered a here hos- 1. Economy' 2. DEPENDABILITY 3. Cleanliness 4. Safety 5. Silence 6. Humidity Control 7. Maintenance Free NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE "Your Gas Comp«:iy" Algon* Year ; , to .you, my , good friends. And thanks to .everyone ilse who sent gifts , and cards. God's blessing on each of you. To you Lucille iAnderzen, too, I was surprised at my ..neglect in wrife ing to you. Shame on me!, -• • - • • • • • • i • . , ; The Clyde Lloyds are looking ihead. They purchased a trailer louse and are anxious for spring o come. "Just a small one," Mrs,. Joyd said, "but adequate." I old her less work,, too. Happy ishing! They are looking forward o a trip to Colorado Springs. * • • .• Jennie Jensen's birthday was ob« erved Dec. 18. Another nickname I forgot 'Cotton" Quarton for Florence, now Mrs. Lee Nugent. A letter to Mrs. Fred Ryther rom her daughter, Mrs. Mildred Dahlhauser, who was here on a ecent visit from Wash. "1 suppose by now you know that I was n the Empire Builder that was derailed near Selz, N. Dak. The train was sailing through there about 70 miles per hour. The only ones that were seriously injured were the cooks and waiters in the diner. Six of them were badly burned from the vats of hot grease, hot water and big coffee urns that tipped over and spilled liquids over them. They wer taken to a hospital at Harvey N D. Most people in our car sense something was wrong. Every time the train stopped the work men were doing something om side. There was a freight trail derailment the night before jus outside St. Paul and pur train wa detoured through St. Cloud ant Alexandria. ^ ^ V I was in the dressing room when the car tipped on it's side. I was thrown against a partition am hung on for dear life. I then easec myself around this partition ant slid into a seat. A woman reached out to grab her four year old son but three chairs had slid down around her and she couldn't reach him. I was closer so I reached out and held him close with my right arm and continued to hang onto the partition. There was a horrible grinding noise and at the same time we were sliding along on the side of the train and also being bounced up and down. When the train came to a halt I practically crawled through those two cars All I could think of was to get back to ray seat and luggage. It ««£ more than an hour before the am bulance arrived to take the iniur ed to 9 hospital, Jt was 10 day. •it Mrs. heart a day evenjig ambulance to Holy pital, Estherville. . «.Mrs^'Bos&.Z!uen& moved JSrjday, to Minneapolis - where - she will iS$*,$ r ' l ' H '* te - S 06 nfis ! * : &<*'» B6b t ;llving'ijn-.;*finnei -• ' '" Iti SAVE BV JAN. 10, EA^N from JAU 1. ' ' . ;,.' ' ' ' • -*». • ' .' ' '' ' ' ' '. "' | Never has' Home Federal paid as large «d^ld^ end eis nowltwlng; paid for thelast six months^ of 196l!.0ver $273,000 to 7;500 wise savers. 'January 'lO/get your foil share of the generoiis earnings ahead for 1962. Each account insured "P ^jM/VW |!»y the .Federal Saving and Loan ' plah. Free customer*parking. ' •'••*»- **,".'*''[ Stop-at HOME ,FEMRAL>SAVINGS,,this, w«ek,or- v -•> * *• • c ? ; , MA j k .ypi5 R -SAVINGS - ^,;',»/a,.-; .;* -,« ,,, ,, *' i . -<t V «. ^ ^ 1 . 1 PAID CURRENT RATE i ui'ttinrn i , { . 90th Semi-Annual Financial Statement . . • . ' • !.'. ' : ,'•'•!•,!•- ' i •>, • \': : -\. •. HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN A||oClAflON OF ALGONA, IOWA ."..»..'•.,:•' '••••-'.'.•. •' af the close of business December 31, 1961 (after payment of dividends)' 'v ' ' ! .; ••-•• - ::> . .-•"*•• •>• •• ; ' .i ' .!!. ; ..!';'. ASSETS"^ • •'• • '< ; . First Mortgage Loans andi Other First Liens on . . LIABILITIES Real; Estate Owned and In Judg"ment~ir"_I 565145 Loapi ln Oth * r Lia W |ltie » ------------------------- 123,821.24 Officrf Building «nd Equipment7L**«l^pric|. ' ' General Reserve _.„.,.,.,, ^jj^].9^ ^ Deferred ^l^~Md^r~A^~:~~".~ ^WjiSw SUrp ' U * "—-"-—— P*?. 1 ^; J'9?W34.25 $15,938,354.32 * OFFICERS &DIRECTORS Officers : C. R, LaBarre, Pres,, M, J, Mowers, Executive Stanton, Vice-President and Treasurer, Richard A, Ringsdorf; Cashier, tiirectprsi Gi J>, Shunt- way, H. M, Hauberg, M, G, Norton, C, R, UBarre, Karl R, Hoffroani & W/ StiJImaii, M, J, Mowers, D, E. Dewel, . '- antf ecV/ Mark R. INSURED IAFITY SAVJNQ5 INSURED UP TQ $10,000 BY THI FIOIMt «^VINQ5 AND tOAN INSURAN^i koRPpRATIQN OP WA5HINOTON, D, C. ; •-—-.. '•..•.'• •. : . ••'.-'!... i". ' '' 'i'' v ,'"' ' '• •*;•'• •!• •- , , Mertiber of: Federal Home l^osn Bink SyitejWi Federal §»ylnp and Lpan Insurance tioii, United States Savings and l4>8n l^ea^ie, Iowa Savings and Loan iiague, The and Loan Foundation, '-.• 1117-1812 f 45 ywr record of HIQH EARNINGS P |!d t9 iAvilS.

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