The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1930
Page 5
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TUESDAY, DKCKMBKR f), 1030 CLASSIFIED AD! Iv.'o cents :i v.-ord loi 1 first iw.crUou and one cent a word for L'ach bubiWiuftH hiiiTtioi!. No advcrlistnmn 1 . '.•ikon fur Itis than 5i)c. Count tiic words and senu the cabli. Phone 3U6 (ARK.) COD 111 Ell MOWS ANNE AUSTIN t BUCK PIGEON' HIE AVENGING PAWOl* MURDER BACKGTAH, : a' FOH SAI,B FOR SAI-E— Two Walker hc'.mds, | t'vu P.iKi live \jar.s old. OIK- i trained CM ikor, oilier ysnly ua;n- : c<[. Kcth for S15. \V. M. Taylor ! Reiser, Ark! 2P-K11 ! FOR SALE— 1'ire :niiiv:.neD ajency, de?i:c:l. News. 3:.:iy i!L v.orhi. Addrevi: "U", Tenns it ; Courier -H'-lCll m:<;i\ 111:111. -ninAY Jl AMT\ SKI.I.M U inuriicrcj nl lirlJr.r. Ttir m.lajlii^ »r Ibc "Ji-nlli liiniil" >hi)«s l!::il iht ful- luxtluu l>:i^ (i;iLiurfnnll.( fur iinir- <lrn fl.lVlv ilViniDM) mill 1'Dl.l.V l)i;AI,|-_ luK.'ll.vr In Ihc viillirlnmi I'-!.OIIA M1l,i:s, III .\U;i'w cldsol, r.-nUIn;: a nutf KPII! lu Ml'i Mljk'li ktir l!:ln!... li fr.n.i I) rr,ll r,\ D1A. Hie lunlil. ^Ihn kji>'k kite nut n-ilcct) linj illd nut lu'nr I.OLS DUM.Al 1 , \\lto \vni In ll:i- illiilr.i; riioui Mllh Til ACIOV .MII.IVS. rins f"' IKTI Ji:m:r. .MAIISIl \],1. mid JOI1.V IIKAKI.'. i\ho rnnir In nrLinrati'ly null \\i-re nollpcil !>>• no io New York friends of mine. She was young, attractive, more reined than—er—than tho average ns woman in musical comedy. Naturally, 1 told her if 6ho was ever in Hamilton to Jook mo up. And sho did." "And because she was 'moro refined than tlio averaKO youny woman in musical comedy'—thau tho uverai^o chorus girl, lo put it simply," Dumlvfoitook him up, "you co-operated with Mrs. Dunlap to introduce lici 1 to your most intltuato friends—iiiulutiiui; your wife?" > ho FOil SALE—Variety of popular . o:e'.—H'c pc:' ci;ny. 12U E. i Davis. C-K-10| FCH SAI.F—Do<t'e Seoau. excellent i i-ontiition. 5 pi-p.cllcally ncv.- tires, i ISi'D liie!;:c, v.ay b-.ic-v,- va!'.::. S175. ; 5'J, ilrs. Jt;u Miils. in-J ri DKVlUIl » lip I'tiiuc uont tlirc^llr "H!i JAN 171' l-'OR BAI.i:—Full biocd Jer.-.ey co'.v. Gccoixl calf and in lie: prime J. H. An!lir;::y. Armor:!, At'f.. Ci'-K'.O FOP- SALE— Hcii;o Cavls. c.;v. SOS WC3-: i HP-KH ~C1 SALE—At B-jrgaii'., pretty i Enalirli home. Cu' EI--I. rinnfcJ r;i hi'.-h tfircccd Id with p'.cniy 0- sh.'.c!e. Brick pavsd cirivo'.v.iv. The residence \:x; part hatd-.vtcd rcoms, Iwth, living room, dirins rcom. breakfast ro:m and kitchen. r,;jc fcr 5 cars. 2 servant rooms, cr.icken :-curo F.ntl yard. Lot about ciu acve. Wonderful ho:ne. Cost i pwnci- S5500. V/1-! bt-li for S-5003, j v.i'': S503.CO cash, taiancc monthly I 'till paid Jcr. Possession NOW. I Land Co. C-K-10 I I-'CH RENT I FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, I sarsgc. 305 Uoagan. 5p-!:13 ' FOR RENT—Tv.-o room?, fuir.ished for liijht liciis:l:erp!mr. 025 Walnut St.. Phone 521. Mr:;. S. P. Cnvcndar. 1C-TT' 1 from Illi- 1>IJ: Iruo (In- i] hi III UAVMO.M). S|irui;uc o^iihilus Hie nute 1<* Mill, mij *nyn JIL- knuiv Ml:i In .\c\v York, nnd Hull blic i\mle lil«i MlKKL'MliiF; Lc try tci t;rl tliL- con- trai-l fcr ii llniuillnn HILIV]?. Iliui- ilk-c U-l!^ Ihr Krullli Hint n t;nn \\lth a ftlU-ni'pr u:is tlKtil. To III* Miriivlhr, lie li'nrn^ Hint Murhhnll >i:id huvli n vnii, ilint Ilic \vhnlu urouti iiM-tl It lit Inrnct prrictlcc, nnd llinl Mtn ivns Ilic InM to tl^e IE. 'i'liL- Kim If n<m" rnlNvInn, n^"l JlliuiK'i 1 Irnrns tlmt IM i-ryime <if flit- KIICKIN linil uli|iurlnnllr to *u-:il II. C.MUll.VN llllAKi: *ny>< tli:it .Mfn 111111.1 Iiaie Inki'ii Ir, iniJ tlint Siir.-i^'UL' *tolc It fruui lipr cud k 11 tc.1 her. ilmiUri- n|iiKir- riit]/ fi;iiuri-H lhl>t thi-iiry, tiiitl nxkA Mnr.stinll \^ucrc liu kup\r \ll-i tjL-furL- itlio t-:n:iL- In Ilntnlltiiti. arow co ox WITII TMI: STOKV CHAPTER XVHl '!VOU are damned Impertinent sir!" Jmtee Mafrh.-ill shouted, tho ends of his waxed mustache Irembling with anger. '•Then I take it that you do not wish to divulge the circumstances of your friendship with Mrs. Selim?" Dundee asked deferentially. "Friendship!" tho old man suortcd. "Your Implications, sir, arc dastardly! I met Mrs. Kelim, or rather, .N'ila Leigh, as she was once, sev- ii.-: in New FOR RENT—Furniancd ail ntwly rurnishcd. Five roo:ns', rnd ijalh. Can give nosse^.lou De-1 ccmber ,!5th. Lccatcd !032 West | WalivJt Street. L' L. L. V.'ard." G50-SK. 6CK-Ti j FOR SENT -CO acr=s. fi::e Isnd In [ Fiat Lake, for ! 'i cotton or ! nicney rc:U. Address Mrs. Gco. | 'lueitcr. Pace, Mi55. <Jf-lil2 : | " introduced to rao, only eral years ai;o when I York. N'a'urcilJy — " "Just a moment, Judrre. You say <s/~vll, Huso! Why didn't you tell ^ me?" Karen Marshall walled. "You see, ^ir, what you arc do> •?IIK!" Judso Mursliall Blormeil. "I jiiu truly sorry \t I have distressed you, Mrs. Mars><ill," Dira- leo protested sincerely. "1M—' lo EhruKKcd nuil turned ngaln to (ho IniFhaiid: "I nnilc-rstand you wero Mrs. Sellm's landlord. May I ask how much rent Bho paid?" "Tho house : v;ls for 5100 month—fiiniUliitl." ''And did MIE. Sellm pay her rent promptly?" Dundee persisted. "Since this Is Iho 2-llh ot May, sir, Mrs. Selim's rent for Juno was uot yet due." Not before poor little Karen could Dundee force himself to ask what, Inevitably, would have been h!s next question—one which could tiol have been evaded, ns the ex-judge had evaded 'iue other two questions: "Is it not li'uc. Judge- 3far. s?K!j/, that Xild Leigh ,Scli:n paitf you no t'CNt af alii" nut there were oilier ways to lind out. .... . "Look here, Dundee!" a brusiiup voice challenged, and the detective whirled to face.Polly Ueale. ft was like her, ho.thought with a slight grill, to address him as one man to anolhcr. . . . "Yes, MIES liealc!" "I'm no fool, and I don't think auy of my friends here are either —though two or three ot them have acted like it today," tho iiiasculine- looking girl stated flatly. "You've made It very plain that any one of us here, except the Sprague mat]. o yon yotl" Eho retorted, but her i yes wero gentler thnn her voice. Ills faco bnrnlnc with embarrassment, Dundee went IhioiiKh tho traditional gestures of imllco "frlsli- IIB"—nuinliiK hla banila rapidly down tho girl's tall, sturdy body, bnplng her pockets. And his fin- ;ers fumbled sadly as lie opened 'ier tooled leather hand bag. "Snltgfled?" Polly licalo demanded, and at Dundee's miserable uod, tho girl faced her friends: "Well, come nlong, girls!" "Lord! What e girl!" Dundee muttered to Strnwu, iia tho SOUUR Amazon herded Flora Miles, fenny Cratn, Carolyn Drake, Lola Dunlaii and Jauet Raymond Into tho dlnliiH I should liavo done without yuii—" "Well. I can't see lliat you've louo much iclfh me," Bbu piiwl. 'Hut I'd like to ctlcK aroiinil, l[ you're going to do some real Sli")lock-Ing—" "Can't bo done, Penny. I want a stay hero alone for nwhllc rmiV mull tilings over. Uut I'd llv.u u Isavo a long talk wllh yon tomorrow." "Conio to Sunday dinner. Mother loves murder myslcrles," b!io HUB. tcil. Then realization swupi uvrr ber. Her brown oycs whlencd, 'filled with terror. "Stop ililnkini; one ot us did It! Stop, 1 tell you!" "(.'mi you slop, Penny?" bo naked gently. 1J *-' UT Bho fk-d from liiiu C1LENTLY, nnd alinosl meekly, ns tj wildly for tho firr,t Hum thai ^ If ashamed Info aubmlsalon by'long, horrible ovcnliiK. iJundce. Polly Bcale'B example, John Drake. jwnlcbliiB from tlio daorwny ot tliti Tracer Miles, Cllvo Hnmmoinl,'lighted liall. HUW Hie cluiuffinr onen Judge Mnrslmll nnd Dexter SurnBuo tlio rear door nf Ihe Dunl;i]i limou- permitted Captnin Strawn and Sergeant Tumor to "frisk" them. sine, saw I'cnny catapult herself Into Lota Dunlap's oiitsdr-tciicd "How about tlio guest closet nml I arms. Hie cars?" Dundeo asked of Slrn-vn j "Wben tlld liic Dnnlnp chanff.Mir In a low volco when the frultlcfs, i-.ill for his mistress?" he nskeU unpleasant task was finished. |:-l.,, who stood lieslde him. "Gone- over with a flue toulli "AbouC 10 mliiiitcs after ymi :ir- OUR BOARDING HOUSE : By CLU0 WANTED — Family Washings'. Waihecl and honed by competent whi'.e woman. Mrs. .Brown. she was introduced to you as Nita Leish. Tiicn you knew her as an actress, f presume?" "I refuse to eiilimlt lo such a cov.ardly attack, isir!" "Attack, Judge?" D:nif1ca ?e- peatr-tl with assumed astonishment. "I merely thought yiu might be alilc to slieil :i little light on the i::ist of the wonuiu who has been murdered hero toii:iy, with a wea.- HO;L you.admit to having owuud. .''. . How. 701 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF WANTED—To trade Oldsmobilo I ' Ecdan fcr coo:l radio. Roberts! Gr.vr:". E.-oail'.vsy. ' 5C-K12 : .AT O.NCK—SOUTH AMERICA On : UNITED STATES. format::::)! j pt:i;k-iis; Ir.bor, dcrica!. nicchan- j . ical. salesmanship; experience un-1 nect^ary. Salaries S25.-C-IOO. ivcek- | ly. li.:!is;;u!iatij:i f;n BOX I ins. CHICAGO, n.u ' i V.'AKT to trade a new Slid 8:113- ' c: Ecu ins! Machine for tar. mcd'i-! "T" Fora preferred. Call at Rufus j Lite. 2C" Wrst Dnvi.-. OI'-Kil j ;-OiiLTKY WA.-nilD—Market ;.>ri-! c:.s. any qnan-ity. Mnri'yn Hat- j chc.-v, -210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TP' The elderly cs-Jnilsc slared at his Cnrnientnr for a moment a^ if murder was In his heart. He sn.spcd 'v. !«. then suddenly liis wholt planner changed. "I apolo;i::e, Dundee. You inissl re:-.!izc how—JJut that Is beside the could have stolen Hugo's gun and silencer. . . , Hag tho gun beeu found?" "ft lias not, Miss Bcale.' "0. K.l" The queer girl snapped her fingers. "I Eiove tliat you or Captain Slrawn search tlic men lor Iho weapon, and tliat I search llio women. . . . Wait!" sho commanded harshly to a flurry of feminine protests. "I'll ask yon. Dun <lce. lo search me first yourself. 1 bellove the technical 'frisk ing.' isn't it? . . . . Here is my liai:d hag. I wore no coat, except this—" nnrt slie pointed to the jacket of her tweci suit. As she slrodc toward Iho iletcc five Clive Hammond sprang after her witit an cath and a sharp com l.-oinl. I iiitt NU;i Leigh at—or—at ninnil. a Louial gathering, aroused by "Shut up. Clivc! I'm not married comb long ego," Strnwn assured him gloomily.-"And not a-hiding Itlnco In or outside, tho liouso thut .mil the Sellm \< Ihe toys' haven't poked lutp—luclml- and had been ing the meadow AS anyone around C:30. . could throw fiom tho bedroom windows." Tlie women were filing buck into ho room, some pale, somo flushed, 'lit all able to look each other in lio eye again. With surprising jannttness Pclly Bealo saluted Dundee. "Nothing noro deadly on any of «s than flora's triple-deck compact." "I thank yon with all my heart, •lisa Ilenlc." Dundee said sincerely. 'And now I Ihink yon may nil go lo your homes. . . . Ot course you nidcrstand,** ho Interrupted a chorus of relieved ejaculations, 'that all ot yon will bo wanted for Lho inquest, which will probably bo licld Monday." "And what's more," Captain Slrawn cut In, to show his authority, "I want all ot you to hold yourselves ready for further questioning at any time." There was a stampede for coats and hals, a rush for cars us If the house, were on fire, or—Dundee re fleeted wryly—as it those lie had torlurcd were afraid ho would change his mind. Hushing away with batrcd of him In their hearts. Only I'cnny Crain held back, il term.Is 'frisk-, maneuvering for a chaucc to speak Then 'frisk' mo with him. "I don't have to go with the rest do I?" she begged In a husky whls- i:er. "Aud why not?" Dundee grlnnef at her. "I'm 'attached 1 to Iho district at torney's office, too, aren't I?" "Right! And you'vo been n, brick this overling. I don't know v.-Cat lived," Stvawn aiiMvcrcd "Snld he'd, dropped Mia. Dur.iau and the Seltm womun at ;ihouL 2'.30 ordered In return . . Known nothing, ot course." The chief ot tho cldo squad drew a deep hrcalli. "Well, Bonnie, he has nothhi ng on mo. In aplte of all Hie pi-.lnvcr 1 don't kr.o-.v iiolhinn eltlier." "You need soino dinner, clilrf," •Diindco suggested. "And Ilic lioys musl be getting hungry, too." "Somebody's Rot to guard tlio ni£e, 1 suppose," Slrawn i;loouicd. N'ot llmt It will do any gno-1. . . . \wl wlinl nbont thai innlit—tlial !arr woman 1 ; Shall 1 lock her lip n general principles?" "Ko. 1 want to h.ivo nnollier talk vllh her, and It she bucks ul b|ieud- ng Ihe night here, I'll lake her lo he Rhodes House, and turn her tvrr to my old friend, MoCier tliodes. We haven't anything on ior, you know," "No, nor on anyliady else, except .hat old fool, Marshall, and v,'o can't clap him into Jail— yet," Sirawii agreed, his gray cycj wink- "Tr.kc your crew on in, chief," Dundee urged. "I'll stick till midnight or longer, It you don't mind. You can arrango lo liave a conplo ot the hoys relievo me about i2. And by the way, will yon telephone me tho inlnuto yon get hold of Ralph Hammond?". "Well, maybe not so quick an all that," Strawn drawled. "I'll tako tlio first crack at tliat baby, my lad! Not so dumb, am 1, Honnlo- boy? Not so dumb! I can put two and two together ag well as tlio nest one—pietty near aa uell an Hip district attorney's new 'special investigator. 1 " (To Ho Continued) „„, „— ..„.., THE ioEft is -iks W AU- LOYAL MEMBERS .QF *flJE OWl ( VJIUOOlN VJOU ME Its! BOOSTING -fWE l£>CAL CAMPMGN "I'D PROVlOP MONEY. rOOR CLOTHES AND \ I'OYS YOU "the DESTITUTE., so -THAT -THEIQ. CHCi3ftAA9 i W- NOT 8E OKE' OF DEOECfJOH AW> HOPELESSNESS/ UEtff IS ONE MeiUOP IN OUP CAMPfHQN <**• VEACW OF os \jiu (AAV^E WOOSE .-rt> UQUSE AND IMPLORE ^(E GOOP VJOOSBWN.&9 -?O >1U_ A MARKET BAG U\<E <ms ^J^H TOOPf ayi^ED GOOPS AND M&3E1A8LES ~*+* AND "WEN SEg. gAGS'OF PLENTY ARE-fUPNED' \OVER -fo -<H& IOCAL ORQANI^M'ION v^uic^ MOWS' WCH' fAM\U£S AlEEp -THEM MOST/ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES GilEjAT-FOR BABE!!!: B|y/Mairtiii SSSTEI7 f^ASTY'S K8TGHEN I just ioiii; encns i to allow them PERSONA!, XCTTCE to who::\ it. ::ir.y con:ev;i. I Sii'.vo po.steci my farm, NW 1 ! r: 6irtio:i (i. I'ov.'iKiii;) lo. H;inr? !:! MiiMssipp! Co'-inty. Ark. Ire^lMj.Kio will 'be ;irus'jtuicd. fP-Kll New GrlatHx Col fox NEW OKLKAKS. Doc. D. lUPl—I .'"" Co;iou ck.--.jd sleaclv. ; . Hy SISTER JLAKY I >,'RA Service Writrr ! When a s;cv: is carefully a n :i !l):opci:y made i'. i» one of the i:i:«l ! taiitlyins auri nouriihir/; fonrli j tin', can ije scrv:d to a .lun.'iy j family. Clier.p cuts ot me:-.; I s:Ee;i to grc-at advantage anri t'r.t- : fin:tlicd dish is ocJii economical • and I rcoms give tlie final touch to any | f tew that makes a real feat.t out ; of plain fare. The rule for vegetable cookery ! I'.olris gocc! in stews. Da not overcook the vegetables. Add Ihein enough before serving to caok tender. : Since the vegetables arc cooked , with t!:c mrat there is no waste of j valuable mineral sails. The liquid j in wliicii both the meat and vcgc- i tables arc cooked is served with : !he stew. ! Esef. vial or Iamb make deii- 1 clous stci-.x Jiiitablo fcr all mem- ' bers of a family. The liquid with sifted vegetables can be given to to prevent crushing while the thickening is being stirred into the liquid. One lablesnoon flour stirred to a smooth paste with a little cold water will thicken U p o cups ot liquid. even the youngest person at the table. The stew proper in all its glory of meat and vegetables, will satisfy the hungry hunter or football' player. A brown stew is assured if the meat Is CUD in cubes, rolled In flour and quickly browned in melted fat COURSE FOIt PEN'AL WORKERS before simmering. Gentle simmer-; BOSTON. «JP>— A two-year col- ing for two hours or longer in- ' lege course for penal and crimin- sures pcrfeci tenderness in the j ology workers, with study nnd Held meat. Careful trimming of excess , wcrk in sociology, law case work fat and gristle Is essential. If bone practice, medicine and other stib- HOW Kt Wife 5PINO THKV WWrfctdl'OVWMTO RPMP,UE'& -TOSftiw H\6KV ftT 1ft' (Wtt 006\\tlR TOP ,'tH hU"VXmA?MW \"i«\; ; ' Ls included in the cut it should bs lemovcd before serving Tlie liquid can be thickened or not as preferred. If thickened, the vegetables should be skimmed out Jecls, Is recommended by Dr. Sheldon Glueck of the Harvard Crime Survey. He recently reported his views to the Miusnchusclls Society for Mental Hygiene. Ott ,XOO SHOUu> "VftV-Vl 11 NOVICE VOO DOfiSr Wtri N^^ P.M.S W 8UT.1 W«E TO MOtttV .. wooi.0 YOU oo ? iVND HIS FRIENDS 'v ESCROW vis BETTEC CHAWS6 OUR ABOU7 5PV1M& FCOW, 3EHIMO THKT BIG ROCK WJO RUN FO ~TH6 IMSTEftD LISTEM SWOPiJ OF A crn:~s arc rcqiiu-e.'i i to prepnix- a delicious stew tiip.n to ; trill an esjvnirlve .s'.c.i 1 ': The blc-.ik A't-tr York Col ton .\E\V VOiJK. Dec. 0. IUP)— C bnrciy ^'.c Opr-n High I Oil .it thrre W.KO i-rsci By-.BIosser SiVeVEO THOUSHT I'D FAU- FOR THIS 6VCGT SUW.BUT i HAVE IT EYES n , «c:::t!: at Sl.OflO.OCO cr ir..-ii j. HAY CORN, '< oa. tn; bu. . in car, Sales < ii., " c.'.c 174 c. LD K-.05. . li:.: i.-p.-cini r.:.;::s !nu?h -.V m:;a'c ;rcn'i vca-.H is.' -. bmr.ihn 'o.' cr.i:in p -. u..nn;ti Lxr.n- tecs and macaioni. C.iutt.s prjviic color ivhcn other mrjiio of -jam;3!iii:n aro no: ;;i h.uul. A fr-v.-nuis-- • PAVING -rTx' "" Time In [v.y I'.ivins Ta\o-> h -riling ^iinrl. Ihe i\--ial'y is .pn hi>;ii for :inyc:-.i- lo n-^lcft ,i.;.\h]-; iicforr li'.e hooks C'lr.^c— i'.ctli-r I'av N*nv,— - " C. ,t. KVilAltn. WASH TUBliS ^ / ue^cK vcij.. ot;; -•' KW6KTWE.GENIUS, i OMtQUt CE\IV di-o Thnn Haif Auto i'ails? Al'TO I'AKTS Do iiot de!:-.y to pny AM) S!-:\Y'.-:R TAXES is ;hc :.-..•.[ D:iy. i\:\(\ a^c:d the ;"j.s'.i. (1. (J. CACDIM.. . L'olL'clor. IS THE fROVT OF If) VE(\RS OF ELEtlRtCLM. RWS.SHOT OF PENETRRlMG !.\OR£ POVJE?-FUl. MKHlNtS, EFFECTW6 W TO 3OO MIL6S KKADY FOR THE BLAST TtAt BCMP. WrtlCrt \ SVAlt E<VLOCe, UCMTWMS E>JOUti^ T.M.T. TO 8LOVJ UP f\ BMTU SOI) u!HU MOTlCE- TKW IT IS h VIMVl CVUOTEC, FUSES .TIME ctocxs, op. ^^^^ By Gram FOR TOE TEST? ooop. i THE ',WiR iW \QO f EET ro oree.Me T«E MftCrtiNE WHEN ,„ :SC'J SEf MV,bl&MW-J . . TrtE MXCH*IE 1^ SETS TOO CURIOUS. XvlEWONE ISTEMSE J ' HOT ABOUND. :'*.'•

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