The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 9, 1962 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1962
Page 14
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i: to put «tt efid to this tef' -* a — - .^ | f l t T . r r6« * ta4Et~4 • • :. / _. here we have stroiigly* edit- fiictinf views'oil the use Df; milt- *ir." .. , .., Iffetnore school oV forger 6'f Jne fWo tft'M* Mj'J}}.?*"i | H lw """sfliaf ahoiKer mer- .j being Wljced in this geriefdl are6. ' ' The merger of the Forest' Cfty-Leland fertile districts Impending. PetWpns ,a're now De - IrlnjS circulated criking for o vote fin f fie* proposal, **VfHey are considerably farther along on the Jdea thatvw'e are at the momenf thf re' are; tv ment that we ofte used to thefn fhaf ledge fhe excelfen We retet 1 Jo __., ,_ and our city street a*4ij< 'fhe fire aepa,., been and Is rerriarka The city street' period when „.,- y .,» tor over a weelc's fj'nie. The boys doitt fifafSff faSfaXffiti- praise for their effof*' " Aa - •**•' **«*''•« are not alone In thj? ea jnan-we are at tne momenf. The city street department wflVM did • '.'Edl(or Ben Carter of the Forest City Summit standing job of srfo'W' re*$0/a'l [a^m! is tnis to S6iy* nA*ir\fi «<>UA>>« >*'«'*» uj>jiCt»v/ M^i^ii /^n'^/iLj of If Will eonie a larger Forest City high n an enrollment In excess of 125 stu- W(i - ... -atFi class or year, plus a hurrying up iiof fhe switch .of our school system to the three!;fear jtfnjbr frgh gn'd the three-year Senior high ijpnopl p'art of'operation.,„ , . HEQF'C MnPIKIft ^1 t V'Enlargin^ tKe.!,t^ent ^ody (and sch'ool' ME " 5 HOPIN ^ jareef will mcj(<e (ipssfble the ddclltron' Ot" many Emmefsburfl Jfl1° r 4 su N ec '*** ie ! f >4 offered e'eononSfcally^ At nedy's recent orde tfeast ]0 new subjects can be a'cfded, the study ment, including tl,__ jiomnilttee reports, with.-c<Hnpa'rafively little ad- cut expenses wherever fditlondl cdst . m 1llh«*.«,U." » ' ,' f rom tne i rreiist jbi|^ iTditlondl cefst .mlllage-wise." , , \ Jh6 Fertile high schoof has 66 plus students. .'Th'ere may be a Ifew hurdles in the matter J^lf Whittemore Independent joining'Algona, but ; g Is' a consideration worth thought and com- -pro'nfise as needed. The first step is. a good, gen- .er'al under^fanrlinn 5 «f «K« nrnnnml Tkn» :> ...L.. deficit for the to reach $ top of the year that closed aiWlrff ofi/up'' ""/'"Tj! •tf jT"""j~" :' r ~T. w ~i J"V"" '""^ "V u »""."' 9 en " > Tne Presicle'nt i'a aj ' J fhl c'uVrenf outlodfc re- rf/° r ' U ul erSt ° ndfn9 ^ f f ^ e R r °P dsal - Tha ' ;is ^hy . emphasize^ the necessity/to" coljafu/t'ifij nlcet 'fe P f J C At!"" 9 *' i° n ^t ?' W ,l? if '^ 0 ^ and sar y w ° f ' k 6f '*' aWnment «ji ?l?l fe""^ *Jflny 17 , n Algona, should be well attended. iifale cost/ to telimifiafe or defer low' priority efc- tivities, and to limit the number of government THESE of democracy or back, Not j't going to ... 6; to impression I" : • - f : — a — • jr» • •, infM^Vei; 6 1 c* *4»'i- '"A- S, J.W •wl^Wi---^^*^^ %a.*l )f !r^SjplJf$ffei:httr , — t r ,-,..^.»^,,,„. » rine roara or supervisor! DOOKS wercilfelng'accebietii ferfrted Ko'sSiltlu c6uWy made*a decl andMrt td 'damp* fell over-tHe during'theif* first' m%eti«| of United States. • • new year' that pleased every, \, They voted, to, 'trarister $75 Fund and debt of _ •as even $Ii ri •, 'wnrnfT.i t-4 uaww .* w*& qarp > ~ •W-T*' ThorWf"wa^ MT'tne board i of-, directory *pf the-^ --* i«"»*.« organization, sjicc'e.e'airig.Ofe' ' Kvamsdale; Other 'directors were Whbn Bill' HUff, 3tf, of ri Harold V. Jofaes. Stuart Butter-; Donneilsofl suddenly lost his d t\M • rj*nr 0 « H dr n|r t and, Algot sight, his neighbors took over ' ' v ."{ ' 1' \f ' .work on his 474 acre farm. , <• I', •• f jl Lk eye ailment was diagnosed ' 63* r . i Jal stertTtel for William rare fungus condition and he-wl; Turner, who died of injuries fa undergo extremely compile ceiyed at Pearl Harbor 'Dec. 7. and technical eye treatments. 11. becomink thfeiflwt. yjctfm of Were •iaii ,Jld^faMf*roCT MS Sre^'irf'the'iPres, fehttfch Stinday fiftei»noonVRev. ,C. C.,,Richardson- -officiated at the -rites and-Joe-'Lowe,--Algona ;attor- ffl , . — ... ney, paid .tribute to the young,, ^ ,i,^l" ** *V ;* „ '; marines mlmolry. . , \ T <V '., '^J*»J "8 h ^ool'l, wi-esllfog . "*y* - • i >>^t " ^rjr^l*. * JfeSSK AccorMg ^ weather, Htt^/ «J<9n.'I7 ir) Algona, should be'well attended. "' . '' * * * JSAME dio STORY - -The State of Iowa fiappily has discovered *5JiTi °19 re t9* revenue was received in' 1961 *\U°!\*b°P ^g*P anticipated, or sljghfly over 3 .million dollars more than expected. •| ^But the next statement changes tills comforting outlook. '" •' "State Comptroller Marym Selden then, adds employees to the absolute" minimum." T! 16 ;'^residential oHder w'as c'ouched in general terms. NoW we will see what happens in specifics. The agency heads must be held )o Close account — for, as sad past precedent so .abundantly proves, it is o'ne thing to talk about economy in government and a very different thing to achieve it. One more point: fhe President's order, of •8*1, ''?/.*< * ., jYe, t C|gjfOT improve our; view! $11 ,WZm:of f ^e RrpBlems" A face-all-.over th'e world bV'lis'te; |n! they had every right toytufetforce ST^T'g Ag rslcultura 'd, to get the' tiny territory baclr. *} J°" (F ,^ B $$) w^ft *%.%.v «** -WT\«* viiw vvunu ujr liatcil** *- Q • » i \ HCIQ uall. £\)^ 8t5v 1*161 Cwu* u*uuaci. ing to only'"drie' Side of 'the st6%' These arguments may bi right here< Secretary 'Earr-Vincent an-' and either through indifference ?dr and they may be wrong. #6"r our n °unced the nieeting would begin- ighorance turning a deaf ear do ; part we only regret tha;t this'has at 10:3 ° a<m - /c> ' * the other." '|> , all caused a serious rift-between . Quite nhvinnslv tho mtorJua, fwn nca-nlri nllioo tfin " TT^if,,ri ty during the past 10 years. Jan-' up decisions. The annual meeting of the Kos County Agricultural ABOUT FARM BUREAU , "wDlll pf A^evyutupi. mcaoutcu 'J,<1* ^ % .inches, more'Bian double the.' here. "totaf/'^rvSKa^S 11 aV ^ A ^ e ^ ^ lrionlh - e - 1 ^ Uichl ' t£5^£»^ t ^raj=ra-^^»" i^arA-^jssr* I The" legislature avoided adding to the state 9 $? J??^ tbj? y ear fa y taking 30 million out of 'me state^reasury surplus. !li ?? 't'f *" e SQ nie' old s'tory. The minute that ' f e is better than expected, or income begins fh up' w jth spending, trie next move is to h»3 cnAnninrt TU*««*(«.. whVi ftlOnV ~~ SAYS SHUMAN MEMORY SHORT Iowa Falls Citizen - Subsidies defy God's will. , Quite obviously, 'the average-, two age-old allies— &'" United May*" 1 C. F.Specht ; and the Al-' American has only so many iWhi-1 States and India. ' '• / ? ona B °y. s P°"»^ere Cooperating utes or hours in the day to-digMt : The other case in point involves an S athen n| qjd.paMr, which was the news which too often conJ4, ! a pitiful plea from Cuba that the to be sold |^ n ?,l'?F d f? r IJational from a auick leaf thrmurh nf (tfa * United States do indeed' use force defense pffip§ses v A hpuse-to- • ve Ca'stro and the Com- house can v a s* .Saturday tfirned up from our nearby island several tons of paper. The city, of .< . Algona was furbishing a truck and , Scouts were loading the .paper ' ~>r them by drive some time. ii H*iTt'K*s.""~i, * 2 ADVERTISED |N ON THE fHil?^ T- - - , . Low Rates newspapers or tuning in brieflyTfo to remove his radio or television set. "' : - r """ ; " ( " *«• • So it becomes one of the greaj tragedies of our ' Pa ' CuIIen, well-known Algonan, ' age citizen of the United Sta yet they have a tremendous be^. ing on :our Jives and on our 'fu4 tures. '-}•'; jjJPPIR ! DES MOINES POLICY ,DfN STARK I ' . 218 S. Moore • , J-' Algona, Iowa ' ?/' CY 4-3351 '. WHM IU«AUIUIIDIN6 ; •s,{ .wt-* j-ttj ental ack. "•: • The most difficult musical instrument to p|ay is second fiddle. - Lake View Resort j ••• v ' * * * ; flattery: The art o'f telling a person exactly .|vhat he thinks of Himself. - Prairie City News r PCS jHflomce 'ill K. Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa Sacorid elaii BP»l»9fi paid at Algona. Iowa That is the word of Charles Shuman, president °^ the American Farm Bureau Federation. ( 'Alon§"ab'o'u1 the tirrte of the first the federdl-stdte"and local agricujJDrc.. =^. 01 ,o |U! . .^UU^MK, service was created. Federal tax money went ('service if Iu his view the invasi6n of Cuba While it is commendable cept the igovernment ., Corps at Ft. Dodge Tuesday morn- He was to be sent to Des then to a large /air field •^ Issued TUesday,in 1962 By .THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WAJLJJER, Editor &, Publisher ,. DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. JACK PURCELL. Foreman NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE American Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave,, New York 10, N. Y. in RATES W TRADE AREA , e .--, ---------- .......... ... $4 M A W on , a P a Pere, In combination, per year ....$6.00 copies _ r __, ________ , ___________ __ __ jQp SUBSCRtPtlON RATES OUTSIDE AREA e Year, in advance crry AKp QOUNTT NEWSPAPER RATES ON BEQUEST JANUARY JS "$f6ck-Ui> TIME" FOli PliiNtlNG and OFFICE SUPPUES SHEETS || |{EGISTE» fjCKETS l T _- |~ 1 • w—• vi -vni 1*4 r\ l|lwT||&v TV Will into the program. State tax money went info the program. But there needed to be some local agency to share the sponsorship. . To do that job "farm bureaus" were created. These "farpri bureaus" took some of their local dollars.( and mixed them;with state and federal tax money (subsidies). The result, at the local level was the original "courjty agent" system. Around that system, strongly supported by state and federal subsidies, the "farm bureaus" federated into state farm bureaus and finally mto the powerful American Farm Bureau Federation - for which Mr Shuman is now the spokesmen. Without the subsidies, which cause Mr. Shuman to quail back in fright and fear and invoke the name of the Almighty, there would have been no Farm Bureau and, quite possibly,-no one would ever have heard of Mr. Shuman. * * • * TIPS FOR A QOOD YEAR Grundy Register. - If you haven't had a complete physical examination by your family doctor recently, start the year right by seeing him soon. Many diseases can be cured if they are found and treated early. Eat the right foods during 1962. Everyone needs three balanced meals a day to give him energy and keep up his resistance to disease. There are no substitutes for meat, milk, fruit, vegetables and whole grain cereals. No pills, liquids, or powders can take the place of nourishing foods. Get enough sleep. While it's true that some folks don'} need as tnany hours sleep as others, everyone needs an adequate amount for himself, because sleep lets the body use its energy. Keep your muscles in tone with daily, moderate exercise. Daily and moderate are very important words, tots and lots of exercise Just once in awhile probqbly does more harm than good. Exercise a little each day, and you should start to feel really fit. —. —, r are living right now cannot be • ', • \ from the other party or parties, t described with words. You have.w . fieth Annl|<of v -A|gpgg., feafl'-b^pii' live it in your own flesh. It is with named chairman of a local drive «u- j- """"" '" P"'"' tears in m y e y es that I write these *to obtain books for men in the prompt this discussion. words—tears of pain and 'anguisn service. The drive was being Except for a few brief flurries '• " : '• —: ~—' ;' .. ' in the headlines of the world press the name Goa will fade back into the oblivion from whence it came. Goa—a tiny piece of real estate on the West Coast of India. Overnight, • this Portuguese colony for four centuries was seized by the Indians with hardly a shot fired. In the United Nations our am- Professional Directory »f. • I 'J")f' i*jSSf'^k'»4«' fel? ffj??'' "i f"! " '' ** INSURANCE You Can Address Questions To Him At BOX 66 KALISPELL, MONTANA bassador warned that this Indian ^ "aggression' 1 might be the begin- :... ? ea . r I ? a " : Th , 1 , s , ning of the end of the UN. The. think about him all * T»'"_ ij . t f*i 'i' .... - - . fr'ionHo fall ma V»« A, J. (Arnie) Ricklefs sp Health jfe Acqdent Life —.Auto *- Fire.-^'Hail 2 E. State CY 4-4529 Chiropractor _, has me wondering. I like him very much and B time byt I dqp't know how he feels. A lot of my to T"rl«a Kit4- *v«<t V\«c-4- Pninni4 IA11« *** A' I.M l_:«iJ._ — T ALGONA INSURANCE ' • • w-AGENCY:M' ?./!,:'• J. R. (Jim) KOLP .Surety Bonds-*. All :Llne3 of Insurance. •CY 4-3176 - 206.E. State' BLOSSOM INSURANCE: AGENCY . with India ""^ uu ^ s "> u souas ai ine corn er;score ana sometimes he's real crabby Automobile".. Furnituvf'^™ ia> and tells me to go away. What should I do? Should I think he likes me 7 N Dodae PhoSv *\&™ ... :Cir Civc nn nn him' _ Miss Mlvnrt Tin . . . . -Lwafee j-none UY 4-^7d5 nng of the end of the UN The. ou m a e rae u PP now ow e ees. ot of my United States took the side of For- friends tel1 me he lik P? me but my best friend tells me he. hates me. I tugal and the Soviet Union to no ;iust donlt ^°^ who to b ^ ve bemuse sonietimes he acts very nice one's surprise sided with India an ^ bu ^ s me sodas at the corner; store and sometimes h,e's real crabby ' Or: O. D. Arnold 'I *: .'Chiropractor ,,.., 0Vfr Penney's Oftice Phone — CY.4-3373 Hours:-0:00 — 5:00 Open Friday Night , Monday—Wednesday—Friday Dr. William L'.'Clegg : . Chiropractor 521 E. State St. Hours: 9:00 — 6:00 thru Sat. 9:00 —'9:00 Friday Ph. Off. CY 4-4677 Res. CY 4-3469 one's surprise sided For our part we insisted in'The ana . lells me ^V* 8 ?;-^ "W strongest language possible tl,"t iQr ^^ e "P"" him? -Miw Mixed Up. Dear Miss Mixed Up: I know of no boy, especially one as young as the use of military force cannot be ;,, T ear Ml " .™ x . ed U P : know of no bo .y' especially one as young as tolerated. '°' is b °y Probably is, who invests money in sodas for a girl he doesn't BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE How, then, do the Indians explain this act of aggression?' »,»»*.-• t^-uj (.*» w»si*KX4j *o, TTIIW in vi«i3i.a uivmwj in ouuao iui a - girl lie UOcau t like Perhaps you're too aggressive and chase him more than you 5 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-4443 should. Very few boys like to be chased or be the too obvious object of Home - Automobile *• Farm a girl's attention. Polio Insurance A correspomlent"~for one of in- , , Duear . Dan: , There's this girl and boy I like as friends and waijt to dia's leading newspapers claims '^ elp but m order to help them - l need y° ur hel P- The y like each other the United States has adopted a y, ery , muc they ' re both shy " How would y° u advise me to ^ double-standar H '' em? fO|TgRS . Physician & Surgeon •118 N. Moore St. Office jjhppe qY 4-2345 Resident phpne CY 4-2277 double-standard of interpreting the meaning of force. In other words, this country can use military force but calls it by some other name. He points out that in South Viet- Nam, in troubled South East Asia, Dear Helpful: Probably the best thing you can do for this couple is ;p leave them alone. Well meaning friends sometimes ruin things If u - boy knows the girl likes him and the girl knows the boy likes her, "' manage to tell each other as times * * * CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, General . Phone CY 4-4512 • there are now 2,000 U.S. They are taking part in that country's war against the Coin- munist. And much closer home, this wrft Apraqy House, Householi • J3XPENSE BOOKS f MPJSU PUPS • SHIPPING TAGS • STATEMENTS • ENVELOPES • LETTERHEADS f /JfjSRS & J^ANY OTIIER Pil MOfNES PUB. CO. ALGONA .. KOSS.UTH MHTUAi, INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of insurance in force. CY 4-3756. Dear Dan: More than one of the girls J know have ha,d. babies out L ° Ia Scufthai » 1 ' s «c'y of wedlock and in every single case, {he girl has beep shapjed and disgraced. Her former friends aVen't allowed to Sssociatfe with her arid if a boy asks her for a date once the baby has been born, most of the time he's .going, to seg h,RW far he can ge{ iyjth her. These girls are .... |9 od g'ris and dpUdn't bj branded "b»d" hec^e O f 8 (polish, mistake. Indian says, we sent the powerful £ lea f , te11 me w ^ ** eirl b * ]v W 8 s( *>™rt and, not fte fepy? ™ .^.... . .. U.S. fleet patrolling the coast of Wondering. . , ^ • Fwm^Buiik the Dominican Republic when it si; pe^ Wonaeriijg, ^V teen-«M otaples pre expectei} ^Q imdejsta^ AJKed' was feared a new government im-~ «P m . oral ° bli 8 atl ^ Pder whicfr |ey opeffttf while d«ttlM> In 8"» ^W-friendly to this country might take $ tuatlon > tne ma » e :« fexpected tfl bg the ojje who sfte 0ie p|ce, v over. $ ads * e jy a V (°r aaoior bad. WhW the PPS |s po|j|fe4 at Sflmeth; the girl would have sense enough to 'realiijf pjorf " " J. N, ^EffpFICIf, M. P. Physician & Surgeon ,318 W, State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resicjent phpnp QY 4-2614 Phone CY 4-3733 TeS 8. ««)}»* in this same argument further the Indian asks whether i t was not self defense, too, that in Now we neither agree or ill agree with these contentions. BI dians 7urthef insist'thaTsince' taken from them fclif ,*g'«3«*pe-""*£*''** a>- j^ , CAROL L. PLOTT, M, D. 110 N.,Mqofp Street , Pra9tice. Limited to Surgery Otfice Hours. by : Appointment : Cypress,4-4864 Office' . CYuress : 4-4331 Residents : N,'M,.sgBUTTEB, , .. Phone,CY 4-833i ^^ ... ', KOOB, M, D,'" ' Kesidence Phone CY Surgeons ' ^ HARO Staf ve n ° Cd „ n P ne m°»ths- However, tlie boy doesn't escape as easily as you might Pear Dan: Oijr ctob is haying a 4fnc« |o 9R and nje}pbere are sup- ed to ask non-memfeprs even f| it mjy ^an § girl las Kk ft boy, SS fl^^.^L? 1 " 1 h *y e al fte proWras s(pa}ght except jSovt toe . . ,ust sit in the car do I? Dq I waik the Remember, my parents will be in {he car w,' be our first date together. I'm almost ft arid this ~— " • The goodnights, in this

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