The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 9, 1962 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1962
Page 10
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^-i'^t^f'T^ "*' r *V^'f H !ttr ''^';i 1 ,f f" V,'V'" 'V' : '. '•' '. r:','''^^^ lf /1^^^"Jv*> • •V '"":"."• > " \ • C*?'. ,''"<'*• . ' • lj .1' v," '-v/'v" jir ••V« <*"•'*•*'/'.*, » / " * •* • ' ' , • > , • *' - . l v I Elevator To i .f *.« W i',*;. WIMI • * _ . . • • . i -.Pe'tffo'ft\4j A'new" mayor .and -It Will be .Dividend" Day in Fen- f*<' fl^otmncflmett. were sworn to,' Saturday, JaViVat t £ t& I & T 0 ! 8 ,^ i! < "remonles at the ton Cooperative Elevator fentofl. community center. 'Rath*: fS^S^ ^^vaS frtHtiforl that- A nit A i. i.u ..ill ™ri 08(60081114 find Jollfev lURliitl' uiwukcu uiat Uay al ulG CjfiVfltOI* I iof*it*arf ^U /U i xu ••«•»«**» flhd W addition there will be a I V? ' ° fl councilmen, free lUnch served from 9 a m to I -•^"'ft^ounciimen are George 4 s !p.m. ' ' U,?^/?^^ 011 ^ Arn °W Hanson. i-'jTJm fi^f 1B« i-jj— i..... . . The coanoiL'unanimously approved a resolutfotfof congratulations for I TMA- «4M^i«J4jlJv> •**—_- — ^ J.__ . .4 tiw Tim mws In tfWi* •>, £.' " '* > ' M^, and # f lv^™ •7 AH I 1 AM HA*** IM A ^frLL.'A t famll y and >^s, Clara Pischfe^Kiainn. • ' ' < ! *°™?» r.yllfiUIl HUW III UOilLl 01 NewYears . D ay'«ta»ef r m««tfl, > t,Mi'. »nA tt&\ 'v.lxtiAX &:'-«••... '*•.'«•»'.."•..* .1 .'. j' Frink Of Cylinder Is Oii* ,8 ^ « i .7 i£ 3 otherf ,Mrs. 'Morris Mitcfiefl Had a \J •--—.»«»• <*H\« CI Si -l%" e , party j Thursday. .Those jilting f were, Mrs. Ole Peterson, Mrs. Alberf-Mftchell,- Mrs. Bertie Berkeland, Mrs. Ernest«Berkland and Mrs. Melvin Berkland. ,;Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Kassulke and ramiltr *T%*.VHAM& nrf^ u . .^ ,. . rvn family, Trimont, Minn, were New Years day dinner 'guests^ or ''Mr d Mrs. Raymond { Stoeber, Deb- ».— i«» 0 . avajruiuiiu .acoeoer, i;eo- [«f nd ^ ent) two °* thfr.Kassulke Children stayed last week in the Stoeber home. ^Afterno«n> guests in the Wilfred Stoeber home January 3rd were Mr. and. Mrs.,, Bernard Peterson, Mrs. Vera tVohlers, Mrs. Russell K^sand jMiss Anna Helsvig, Mrs. Wohlera and Mrs, Byers are- Maters of Mrs, itoebet .and' Mrs : Peterson is, a cousin pro-tenli tit f wiff assumfe; the itta- ypr's chair if Uotfey 'IS '.absent* ffi,W. ^ »w?$[ Mayor Jolley -heard" his first case last^week.,The offender was arrested by town marshal Albert bchwarfzeflbach and the charge 1 was driving without, lights to avoid identification. The fine administered wfes $15, an3 costs'. Mr. and 'Mrs. Edm , Mr. and 'Mrs. Edmund Krapp and Jan; Humboldt"! twere New Yeara-Eve and da^ guests at, the home of 'Mrs-. Krapp's parents Mr., and Mrs. Albert Schwartzen- '•. Hill ,fn% _.„., Cedars Palis/ ing the holid _ -••..and.Mrs'Paul Eigler."- J'Mu'elleT'and Mr, and^Mrs' Llovd" Ws|Ertiest Votteler Kern and family. The Mrtvwwl •t -t^ r l; Vottelei " s s^terUlso in honor of Mrs VoS •s.' Joe Larfalteiner in Fairmont, birthday. VolgU ™?y- M ., „ , Mr. and Mrs. E. L./Vattx, Davi Ronald Martin, a former Sen- enport, spent the, holidays^ with tral teacher, was a* recent dinner Mrs. Vaux's parents «T-W'*K- guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Gra- L. J. Weisbrod. menz. Martin is attending the - New Years V$ ~dlnW;* rttt 6 ? 0 ^2-"$ w y ,* Fore fen r° f ' Mrs - E - • H - Dreye* ,wete*Mr M? S,A eflix ^Ti •- ^ J $ d Mrs - Darrel DreylrS fami iSf'f ol'^-rt n f ^ tefer f >' Mr - «4jMrs. 4*i: KtaS/S: went^to SiOvct City'WednesdaV.onrted MrsUliSalph Walk^ mitte^ lore,arid'Mr. afid'Mfs:'!Roger* !yer^ Sioux City!' 1 '; , " •; ' * >j '» ''^, bacn.- . ., Fairyille Aid Meets The Fa'irville Lutheran Ladies Aid-.met, Thursday. Bev.. R. D 7 l /llml«vtnM InJ 1.1 _i _ ji. 1 L i "• ,,- —«i.*.**v |SicacULCU the topic '.'Love Reaching Into All -— •• - j • • 1.1 i ^i i .i f it i SAfURDAt JANUARY Distribution for 1955 or HAVE LUNCH FENTON EVATOR !tf SW ra r.:s3,/ l « > - »an<r Mrs. Ervin '^.-jPylHider announce" the'en- of *Mr- and Mrs. Richard Jetsten" Kingsted. t. •, 4 ,.,=-, . , , The WorW'^The^hostessesKwere Mrs. Carl Beck'and Mrs. Oryjlle Bt>rchardt, Mrs;. Rose Borch'arHf and Mr. and Mrl. tarry Be61ffey and .family, 5t, .Charles, Minn' were New, Years 'Day dinner ifues-ts of-Mr: and Mrs. Keiinetft Neitzel in Fort Dodge. ffi^' 5s d .. MrSl Jesse Foster ani1 t&eu; daughter-; Judy moved on Ntnv Vonrt! TTn<i *~ ili^ J.* ',! •" ™ « »• modeled apartment, b the builH- tog owned by Gus.Kra'use. Their apartment -is u|>stair8vih-the back iar s Weiner. ' Elf. •• —p-w^ ***M*1.I1UU11 Rev. W.,'H.v Friedrich yotions ing Aro the de •»»*' **»- Mr • a Bierstedtr t , ,\ w 'Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Mueller tod boys were last Sunday* dinner -g|es s of Mr. and Mrs. .Art-Muel? Ipr: William Voigf and Miss Lois Voigt were supper guests that day m the Franklin Mueller home', Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stucki and family were New'Years Day fcL?! es £' of Mr - and Mrs' Wilfred Stoeber. ! Mrs. E. tf. Dreyer, Mr. and Mrs 1 ! £ a jrel T Dreyer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Dreyer and Mr MU M n S> R « ger Dreyer and Keitfi ' Mitchell, Burt -were. Saturday 5 Dec. 30 guests of Mr. and Mrs! Arhn Kohlwes, Humboldt. VMr. and Mrs. Gerald Voigi games, Agnes Goetsch, Mrs. tior- ftice Behne and Fern Carlson of no^iT 1 }" ^ rs ; ^ rman Nor-Jfstherville.'had a surprise birth- r rw ?' \*$ otl • > Theodore Way .party for Elmer Moore a Duane Meling, Cylinder; Mr. %therville, Dec. jta MrS. Chester Stanr an/4 U.2_ '.Mra •.]tT~,,.. n _j xr. - Mrs. Jacobson, Cylinder, Posses Hurt Woman's ri?i5^p'* tt S^ 4 r ' %* &». iMMWsonv g^.tf Cylte'der,,we're «T v ..irM» e fer" I. TuVlal Mrs. Jabl^ -itack very 1 uueAjjecieoiy 'at st- Mary's .hospital. in Rochester, f -She." was.itfil Jfo^njeci ^the|;A%" netta "Jensien.' daughter /»# ~tra<& a heart fib - Jiart of the to s the one occupied . by, Mr: and Mrs. Kenneth Krause. The Fosters "' i --»•?*«*»*•• AIIC j? uoicrs operate Foster Cafe and Judy is a h 00 .,f V operator in fl Sfl]on ^ H/l A guests of AIbert Mitche « r:-~ V«T? t*'" M i a t ^ "'"y"« M t cl !f cl1 ' da ,ugnler of Hatfs fn£.Cablin'a Christoffersen, and and reared at Emmets-. r&k'*$ ,fe J>«i sftce &r® in^hefDepew vlcin% ttij , J Mrs.yjacobson i fe Wljk> by ^ hulband and«/thF i& ^- ' ee cnuoren Mrs. Melvin Weisbrod, of Ring. Sren. Mra T.vla Cn.»..i .» u- «r . *' lolk/ * w «^ Ui JUIIR" st i d « Mrs-. Lyje Sprout of. Kant wha *nnrf .Tatfinc? - 7 *HA-v._— „ .. E. i •ifefeSfe 0 *' jtato#tf*HW&lfli 'M&Epwei^lft CIsupWmlrkeEfaf ,of a^h^art attack..?.. ( ",>,-.% .- ......w U(.wf/VAdtcux WIB JLIl*< ^a™;," SupBr'Valu store for -the jpaTft five,years;;«.,, :, } ^j 1 * •.n rim n n'r „ <-' * ' i-.u^a^J..^...!* fy .ty 4'.. * < , aon AK« surviving is her mother/MPs: "Carolina Jensen of She was ^^ defth" Mrs. — .„ Luedtke. ' ^'w^w^bn 4Wt U1C HO* ^on/r.-^ve^Reach- ;.^a;5'.Leif44l, ^er'and^MrV:' ? M?e|tag. v •?" .•-'*'*.. *!• . . a nd William Boetteher d Arnold Mever to nA** , ,TS;..«i ntv «* 7 v J? 1 ; 1*535 "" w '-sf V4tecV"27i '..-- 'J *_y ', i* ie- Thursday afternoon. Mrl Clarence Yager Jed the ' son wjiicb consisted of .three film Dodge strips., ,0n& .was about church N|W wo , rk ,. and Jhe': other" ,two -about nfj^ . _Ph.ohsm. The hostesses wer? Mrs. ^ ^ <: II' ' • %» .--.' -'^M T - - Frank McFall, .Mrs; : ^ aiciim Menz ;and Mrs. Roelf Miller. The anuary birthday; guesfs present wer^ Mrs.,Hans Baago, Mrs. Roelf Miller,, Mrs, Wilfred Stoeber, Mrs Harvey Walker, MrsV Charles Weisbrod and Mrs. Dale Weisbrod. December 31 dinner , guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Gramenz were Mr. and Mrs. Ray ; Watson, West Be "d, Mr. and Mrs. Rolland Wat- GOODS STARTS TODAY ENTIRE STOCK d family jvere New Years iner guesfs of Mrs. Thees- uahe Wallukait in ; Fort Years Day dinner guests -----'• aricJ Mrs. Art Voigt, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Weisbrod and Na duie Rose Weisbrod .and Mervin Wallace. .: • . New Years Day dinner guests ot Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd .Kern were Mr. and Mrs. Art Mueller, Mrs Amanda Kern and Mr. and Mrs Clarence Yager and boys. Merle and Barbara-Halverson returned to Minneapolis New Ypnre Hair T"U«.. „__ « _ n daughter Beth had a group of l a : dies in for a coffee party Dec 28 Mrs Newel ..arid Beth we« New uim, Minn. Mrs, Newel vfe ited her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs, Joe-Harraan. Miss Newel was a^guest at a coffee party given bv caretakers at a New Ulm park fo former Girl' Scout camp counse Jg^ job which sh^ held las ars day. They are both attend- g Lutheran Bible. Institute there and visited with their parents Mr and Mrs. Kenneth Halverson for the holidays. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Halverson- were: Thursday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Lee, Estherville. aN ™ v '*™ Eve guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank McFall'were Mr . e r »nH M rS< Ge / a > d 'V°igt and James j Wr. and Mrs. Wendell Rusch and Margo. > Roclf Miller and their ,5,eth Ann, Fowler, Illinois ."-•«*, between Christmas am New Years with Mrs. Berryman' parent? Mr., and Mrs. Eldon Han telman The Hantelman's second ojdest daughter Faye was also home for the holidays. She is a secretary in Denver, Colo. - IIJVH. AM*] Hjf '' V w*. ' _ and Mrs - f '« - eoy Lee and famjly, Bakersfield, Cal were overaight guests^pf Mr., and Mrs a. &. btraley, Dec. 28th. Dies AtLeMars ^ n J°", -.Funeral services for Robert Morris, 30, of Le Mars, la , 26 at St. James church at Le Mars. Mr Morris .died of cancer Dec 22 at the Veterans hospital ' . . Catholic cemetery. ,Mr. Morris is survived by his Wife the former Lorraine Foley r>r rh*> TTontnit o«,i o " EViRY IN STORE GOES At A DISCOUNT Include* All DRESSES, CAR^ <X?A TS; SWBATI^ 5K!RT§; , iTC. and USUAL WHITiQQQDSJ »****; tfWia^'urj.'aL? — ' . ••• - - • - ,_._,.-,._ v .. .... » FENTON BUSINESS and PROFESSIONAL -„ ~ DIRECTORY GERALD VOIGT INSURANCE FINTON/IA. Invffes You fp Fenton WEISBROD m NEW Dr, E. W, Ruske PINTIST Offlff Phon. 79 hct 25 , Iowa HANTELMAN The Fenton . i, -j . ' ™^p " ! y* 1 >! • y :r lwp ""i* UOYDM.BiRKLAND FUNERAL CHAPEL Fenton, Fowa Experienced Embalmers and : Funeral Directors Reliobl. ^4 Hour Ambulance Servic* ' ' ' Funeral /^ay^Be Referred To Us '" ' With Confidence Phones FENTON 23 RIN6STED 21QO • 2f , . , f Bf<3< GHfCKENS , WA'SHVGIVES «:- ItJeayei' nert»ln^ fe ' > ' Mr, and ist wHa,t they.jjick' , ; usa . produce' ; ' ITCilTAii All A^-' ^ri?K,v\ ..'',,:,'. r. » i T^FTOfiffii T^ - -^mmli :.; '/% r - A JJK h-A'J ^i-frr <•' .»,n ARM at UNION, IOWA M6M5ER FEDERAL DEPQSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Vye Ar* Plio^ To An n«Mn W That Tim« S«y|n ? » Certify, MtrtH rin 8 A, tl {nttrcft Pn if fnuff. In, '. "ti'j it < *f OfJMllt, THIS »V fHf HiafliiT 8ATi O'F INTIRKT A PANK MAY PAY ON TIME RlVoSITS. BUILD YOUR HOME COMMUWTY 8Y COMMUNITY. a?I First Trust *'J : K% Jrrt >f Cj£

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