The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 9, 1962 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1962
Page 8
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9, 1»62 LcjingOf 1*africa Jane H ( tariff AigoUa, became of Roderick Michael filbert Jfc and Mrs. Mfchae! a of Algous, ia,a eefemotfy Dec. • & I-M. at St, fietiedlet -fbolte church, F athcr M. Ruba officiated. Acolytes were Tom and Jerry Stader. Sister there included Mr. and Mfg, J Frank Afaterns, Richard Madsefli! and Otto Gdete. Mr^ and Mrs. Ben Matern haw who teach- tour of thrpifeftal schoo te' the \Nofblrt ' * ' _, Mrs' deor-gl Vltzthum and Viola Studer visited Mr. and " o Teachers College," Cedar Mrs. Matern is the former ta* rfaii|1it 6 f M the Tafe Wests. ' * flnd »! l 'it f a . Mraer, sdtt of Mrs. Clilf 'A|fms»tt, left the Safl Diego Naval -* 30 froin Mercy Sfason Cl^'where ****** 1*jL4feu> *C j. _ *. iy;—r»" ""u Mai/ puniei Mary Janet was organist and the childrea's choir offered musical accompaniment Attending the bride were Joyce HudspeUi as maid of honor, and Ofetty Hudspeth and Karen Mishak as bridesmaids. Michaela El fert Was junior, bridesmaid. ^ Bridegroom attendants were Ed filbert as best man, and Joe Rahm, Ronald fcriggs as groomsman, and Dennis Hudspeth as junior groomsman. > The bridal gown was of satin brocade with sequins and pearls •"•oviding a. necklace effect at the tf'IrTinA - nrit t% tfUUJ.^ *„ +.*• PM , Mfc and Mrs, Joyfe attended anniversary b¥ 1 Maurice -Swan Mr. and Mrs , and family left Seattle, Wash, tloned as an Had spent the John Paulson and the silver wedding Mr. and Mrs! at Britt Dec. 31. . David tfegtmeyer by car SUfldaylor yhere he is sta- atmy recrdit. He holidays with his *tf ™" a uura i/ec. S3. ether small son Jeffrey was for ta the home of Ute p ^aadparents," the Andrew ings. Mrs. Kefai&g, the new ift er, Is the former Charlene Do daughter ot Mr. and Mi's. - ve « * i™* 3 on the. drape pouf., Bridal ffewer fere red and •" white: carnation ?S holly on are? net, a>d- the veil tfas^ejbow length on a rhine- «one t^ara. . , ' /; 7'* , i ^°%$ng the ; ceremony ' a din ncr and reception \ was Held a *« ^urch hall. Mrs, R. ( Johnson ft*! &fr H»* Hudspetiv aunts oft jhe bride, cut the wedding cake. 1>P Ann Klemm was in charge, 6l the guest, book., , . InJJi 6 ™ de graduated from Elmo , re ' Minn, high school in 1957, find the bridegroom is a graduate of St.. Cecelia's Academy, and in e army. The young* couplet went . e wen tP.Boston, Mass, on, theih wedding So«;|(il Club At PorrtoncI Qiieiis Jackie Laing, daughter, of Mrs. Helen Laing, and the late Fitman Laing, Sr,, will be ,'th^J bride of Vern Muiier son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Muller of Whittemore, in a ceremony. Jan. 27 in St. Cecelia's Catholic'Ctfurch here. Miss Laing is employed at the Kossuth county auditor's office, and Mr. Muller farms at Lotts W" /•-"'! '• Wesley Couples Wesley —»Mr. and Mrs'Larry Srandgenett are parents of a bab; o •* vwv »** *• ^M*\iiii>o v/i a UaU girl born- Tuesday, Jan. 2, in St Ana hospitalj! 'Algona! I The^r- aLso have.fcur sonsS (MrstadranAlpnbft -' tie "Four Corner et Jan. z in the home .of ars. Herman flarms. -The meet- ng was called* tb'Vrder oy P the n|w 'resident, Mrs. Verle Nelson. Mrs! ferman Harms was in charge 'of time. % s . wi&ur Spear a* Haase ' , and "-'Mrs. Victor fitch won .prizes. , ,,.,,, •-Those attending were Mesdames Hazel Carroll, yerle Nelson; Donald .Ringsdorf.iBernard Phelps, w R. Stewart, ^Wilbur Spear, Glen tenon, Rqllo Moore, Loren Han- eeu, Herman Harms, Victor 'Fitch' #nd Lepna Haase. ' • At the close of the afternoon lunch ..was served by the hostess •The next meeting will be held in Sh « me 6f ^s. Glen Larsen ,peD. 6. • . New Years day dinner guests in *e RollQ Moore home, were Mr Mervin Bristow arid , erne> Mr " and Mrs. Moore and family of Dolli- ,s rs rang s the jformec ff&an jGoetz, icfa ter of Mr. and Mrs., Joe*Goet4 ndlMfcs. Toiny! Grandg^nett 1 W . Benedict are the paternal grandparents and Mr. and Mrs. George Cink are the • maternal great- grandparents. The infant has been named Maria Jean., ,, ;',,,. A baby girl was born Saturday Et c: fj . to the Britt hospital to Mh.Brid Mrs. RicbaVV ferandgen-' ett.' This is their first child and has been named Denise Kay. Mrs. Grandgenetfc is the M-mer Donna Goelz, daughter of Mrs. Lizzie Goetz. Mr. and Mrs. Tony ,Grandgenett are the parental grandparents-and Mr. and Mrs. George Cink are , the , ^atej-rial;' gre* grandparents. ' " ' Attend Open HOUSQ :, K-esleygns who^ttep^ed the sU- ver wedding anniversary, of Mr' and-,Mrs, Ben Matern of Garner Dec. 31 in the Catholic parish hall Mr. and Mrs. Jim Nielson and - i l»pfHochelle.''nl. spent the y_ t* 6 *? 1 "} wiUi her parents, — CfrvJife* Smiths*and with his parents in Britt* Paul Erdmanj iftSd ™ spSi jneeting of thl|l&ai County Concert association 1 "board Wednesday evening in Algona; The latter is- lotcal representative for the as- soci^tjon. . f.. ., 3?ayj Hilbert,' wh6 Had been employed at r>env,ef-; bolo. the past seven, months came hpme Dec 3I^nd is ./again' working in the ^cnapge' State banlfjhere. Judy who" went* with her is 3|' ; Denver.] 'They are ViuiTIT"'? >^fr an ^ ^^ Norber ffllbert. ' * Mr. and Mrs. prville Weiland and family were New'•Year's Dav guests of the Uohn Weilands- of Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Rinden and jamuy ,of Jpice were dinner guests I^Kfav ia jthe MS-s. Mary Floni tr.]andjMrs. Joe Skow and i a ,n..,, and Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Paulson were (Sunday 1 ,;Dec. 31, guests m the Mrs. Mary Flom home in honor of Mr. Paulson's birthday _ A' don; 'Steven Val, was born Dec. 30 to Mr. and Mrs. Valgene Uansen of- Cedar Falls. The Chares Prices and Theron Hansens ^re -the >grandparents.,.-The young bouple-have anotner son, Mark Anthpny. HNewYeHs fifties were fold at the Lou Cink farm home and at the Albert Lickteig home. Ben Eden entered Mercy 'hospital, Mason qjty, Tuesday and had surgery ^Bdriesday. '* •:' *" 'RobeH Becker^ son of Mrs'. Justine Becker had an appendectomy at the Britt hospital Tuesday eve- . wart and Mr. and Mrs. Russe? Henry of Iowa City were supper guests m the Roscoe stewar home Wednesday. oie wart • Mr. and Mrs. Russell Henry of Iowa City spent several days at (he Roscoe Stewart home. Mrs thC f ° rmer Ellen Ste ' vMr. and Mrs. Lewis Larsen and Nancy were dinner guests in the Leyant Moore home -Wednesday Nancy remained to spend the af- IT on™ WhUe her parents We 1' to n, rS -J ::iy(le Moore a «d M !"- s - Geor e e Gaton of Minn, called at the Victor Fitch home Sunday evening Leo Clark and Mrs. Haro Stevenson of Britt visited in t Ray Fitch home Wednesday T t w £ ears dinner Quests in t Jack Tieman home were t Frank Dreyers of Lone Rock, t Davjd Dreyers of Humboldt He ry ,^ ma ?f of Fenton ^d M and Mrs. Re* Wolf of Fenton ^~24 PIECE j'HAND CUT'' V\ GLASSWARE SET 8 FRUIT JUICED 8 TUMBLERS 8 ICED TEAS Glassware Set-FREt;with the purchase of a new ^J. : 'GAS' : • • "BlHOiyiE HEATER -j, r ^rfw?. ; *ppt'fp West Salem Wise, to spend the New Year weekend.with J^fr. 3 nd Mrs. R 0 land Christensen and see the ne baby boy born to the Kolan Cfiristensen's. The baby has bee RfiOWKt David Use, < Guests at a New Years party i NJC Jphnny If. Harms tome wer Buffgio cepter, Mr. awJ MFS. Lor ff «?nsen upg laroiiy, Mf. and Mrs. npjjo Mwa-e and famjjy, and Mr- and Mrs. Msrtin Harms, Ti IPflka snx} Shifley Pietere and VflWfc Wine of Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny H. Haras Debbie and Dixie and Mr. «nt, Mrs. Martin Harms were New Yew Oinoer guests in the John 4- warms home in Titonka. " "One of Ihe surest of all truths is that Ufe will give you no more then you give : it." If success tunis yeup head' you're facing the wrong " " ' ' JKHLL !^(/r NOW-EnJoy NOW the comfort O f\ SWEiPlNB SUPER FLOOR HEAT Pon't let that old heater fool you and freeze you an- Other day. Order your ne w §iegler Heater with Super tloor Heat now-jind receiv? your beautiful Giassware set absolutely free. Stop ii» spd atari saying | FINANCI TERMS AVAILABLE THiRMOOAS COMPANY OF ALGONA if* Phillip* 5t. CY 4-234) (52-1) ima B ucau > "« UK parental ,ur* (B Neuroth hdttg -and ifl ffii ^>r ftBrtftil-hWW*-' ^ «-£-* i -S, of teriwdn coffee Ether j .**."*= »*..*-Vli» i next ^ , i' e [i ProhalMlF if^lMULEi le, Chartis'iGlty, mfd flfe' zr-e""" "' ««• UHU ivirs. £*i i man Bodes, 'r , '','••;• Downs.- Alf Studers are the yoiulg- |S i-dti*' t&**v4 *^ <, «ter's great-grandparents,' '" ^ a«r» tt^t^lw. >'^^j a F SX&J& the Christinas "v& cnte rrugrai High School * ' * I ' • 'f 4' •PMI .*fr ffiST'sto was iAdTBS ffif ^^^m the hospital the latter nm*" 'At k" f _. '.:.,-..„, •, Haye >you ;eyer see solely by the power Or syflthette fcibber ma in a p$i:Mtie nm\ How would- yoi'dikrWuMfer- stand how a jet engine Work's 1 e^ Jloraffie myfiteltl r at P c6ntfdlfng Oman's Ijpifee' sWp8;a¥d!ffite§ o a rfdlo' wfiffift {^"pdwlreii'.'^^ 'lifluid sunshine?" , These are' some of &e exciting moments in store for Algona high students when Previews of Pro. fr** 0 *, the world-famou*'"General *- sciencd show, is.presented '"', Jan. 12 at ' ' MANNING Bios *I 5P^' - ' /•, - i' <V a a ' ? n - ac ' "f 16 ^ e school audiorium. The,,stage M shotgun resentaUon wiU be, made , by take: SU& son i ames.Cook,, and 'David; Busch, I was that One day, only. any ffl6V f see It ,fn;Jfel6 f^V»W^a^y?S»j!^ . „ , ^ ^•^••M - ri «««: ou^^ MANI I 1 - \ J[ f A? b f » > ' ' I . , L/ivFfii * .i >-^ -^—^\'Kt: T ^f?ff As we have decic^d to quit farming we [wllllholil a publlV auet,on on the farm located 4fc miles south,"%' mile west fo'f ; Lone Rock, or 5 miles f west and 5 miles 'north of Algona, 6f'l' mile east of Letts Creek, on !>•' ..-•-'• u. **<*<wtt\ i , ^^^^^^ ^^^" ^^B {•• B^P^ ••^•^ pjpj |PJ • p^pj JANUARY!! MURPHY 1UNCH ON ^ROUNDS — SALE STARTS : 12:30 ' ' ' ^ r« ER POWER McCormick modeltZM.H., 2-row mounted corn picker, complete with grease bank, shields; picked 300 acres, used fvyo seasons, like new. 1950 model 1 A-6 spike tooth Case combine complete with motor and starter, straw spreader, extended axle; always shedded and in excellent condition McCormick Deering 14-ft. wheel tandem tractor disc.' John Deere model 494, 4-row corn planter with rubber pack wheek, fert. and Insecticide'; • " ' John Deere 4-row rotary hoe. - ; Western 15-ft. land roller. ' 2-McCormick Deering No. 8 - 3 bottom 14 ? m, rubber tired tractor plows, with Plow Chjef sjof hole boards. "•f^^f , i — .TI-. i/Vr itM r» 1953 McCbrmifck^irpeF' 'H|,trrf:tor with fire prater pistons, 'in excellent condition. , . F i >'• ' • 1948 McCornjJck,model '^ po >ver steering, hauled, Has. goddrutber'.' 1 "' '' " > . over- 1943 ^cft,rrnjek| |rnodel /M'^with i pbwor pack, extra fast high gear for rota'ry hoe. •'''•" I I j ' * • t t * ' i~ * OTHER MACHINERY 20-ft 6-inch auger with dump 2 HP motor & flexible spout. Rubber tired wagpn with 15-in rubber. McCormick Peering all steel flare box. Sears rubber-tired wagon with wood flare box. McCormick Deering wagon with 15-in. rubber. Flat Rack. John Deere endgqte seeder. Clipper fanning m|ll, 1/3 HB motor. Olson bale fork. Ceqent rnjxer John Deere cylinder MsCormick Deering cylinder Small hand seeder MeCormjck Peering 3 to 5 HP gas Air compressor with ^HP^mofor Aiemite greaser * Rubber-tired wheel barrow 2-h«nd, 3-gal. sprayer* 9 rolls of slat cribbing f '/» HP mqtor " 7Q-ft. rubber endless belt '/i inch drill ' " Electric soldering iron Sfpel posts for electric fence 4,P-ft. extension ladder" 16-fr. ladder •»'"' "p*» / TpQLS and M!$CI|UNEOUS ITIMf Farmer's Friend 46-ft. wide-type tnderslung derrick gram elevator With 62 steel chain. ^-'fV','. ' l Farmer's Friend drive-ten h,orst. ' Caswell manure loader with snoW bucket! ' ' Deering tractor spring tooth harrow, lindsay heavy duty 44sectiohr243ft: harrow Npw Idea No 12-A rubber tired tractor spreader ; New Idea 4-Bqr sjde Delivery rake. , P Hqrn stp^l(t,cutter T ., i Mc^orrrjJik Debijng^ft, [trqctdrl mower. McCorm,ck Of ermg nrqdel 25qMow corn 'cultivator McCormick Deering 238, 2-row tractor ^tlvalo^ r^'3 LI j'""' 18 ^ 6 s P r «yer Vith 200 gdl. tank ferqder blade to ao on tr«rf«r ^j, ^^ .ey,,^ '-. ! T^^^^^^P^^""**»ii ,* ; STRAW 12 x .14 grain bin. 10 x 14 brooder house. 4,perrhog hou*e with 4.* 4 |ol,t and 4 x « • 0 x 14 broodpr house, SOWjp STRAW' :__-\ • .- t ' •- - ... tijfSSSSSSCmSSS^^SSSSS^^^^ - - • • ^^M^»Tc.f «T W®ll ^hedcte^, ... gppd epndiHon, , 9n ^ ^a* had excellent «are. Hu n . dred, of jmqll Itemi n^t'lUted, Bf HERP ON .TWP JO Auctioneers Reo powgr Jpwn rpower Hog chut, wlthtrflp^pr 300-gal. gas bflrreron st.e) stand * 5MX f 3 .Yetter colters horses Bmi *» & ••*••.$$ t j ~ \^ *-^ * ^ 'W '^W new USUAt .- •«'••. vfiiivi) ^Yf jrgu eye spout elbows $S(nie lumber ,• . : , feikg new 000/1$ t rtwtor t j r ^, wjth t(|bei Other used tire* 6 rolls of garden hose * Small end whee.( for mower .... 0rea<9 gun filler • • *"• ' *HM hii* ?£\ /* •f \-f -y^.Jf N ,,.-.^*

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