The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 10, 1934
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Served by the United Pre»s TUB DOMINANT NEWSl'Al'Kri OP NOHTHEA hr An^.,.. u ,.,...., __..'^T^ ^" ^ ' ••—^ »W fcw-V<' VOL. XXX—NO. IiO'1 BlylV Dally News niylhcvlllo Courier _^"'^f- nlle v I-endcr Elylheville Herald - _ OP NOUTHEA jii- ARKANSAS ANO SOUTHEAST MISSOURI lU.rniRVIU.K, ARKANSAS. SA'|'UUnAV,^!ARCl7"lormr HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS RpOSFMT ACTSTO iNDAIRMAIL DEATHS Dillinger Machine Gun Riddles PolioTCar OUTLAW HCEO THEFT DF First Lady on Cuban Soil After Hop from Miami -^——_ Desperado Apparently Has Recruited New Band of Chicago Gunmen;, CHICAGO, Mar. 10 (UP)-John Dlnirjger, r quick shooting Indiana oullaw. today was believed to have recruited n new band o[ gunmen from Chicago gangland . following the riddling of a police automobile with machine gun slugs. Tlie shooting episode occurred as the result of another appearance of Die desperado on fashionable Lake Shore drive yesterday lo steal a powerful automobile. Identified by Chaufftnr Dillinger had been identified ] through .pictures as the gunman' who forced James Gaskin, a chauffeur, from the Lincoln sedan • of hU employer, Herman Stern, Investment broker. The outlaw- was aided by three other men .in stealing Ihc automobile, Gaskln «ild. The outlaw carried a machine gun similar to the weapons taken from the Crown Point, Ind., jiilt during a break a week ago. After Gaskln reported the automobile theft police were warned to be on the watch for his automobile nnd for a gray redan in which Dillinger's companions accompanied turn. Turn Gun on Police Car Policeman Robert Christian • last nighi sighted two automobiles • speeding northwest on Irving .Park boulevard. The automobiles' answered the description of the Lincoln and its escort. Christian followed the automobiles westward in tin- northwest environs of the city. At a busy through ''street ' lie drew up to within a dozen. Je«t of the second automobile. He apparently was sighted then for the first time. One of the occupants JIIL HERE | Mississippi Killer and Five . Others Face Hearings On i-p.dp.ra! Charges Wi'arhiH Imndcutfs around his uists but otherwise uniniinaclcil, ] Honey Enton, bad limn of the Tip- l»ih hill country In Mississippi, ami five other ini'ii captured by ifiiunly officers and federal agents Wednesday about 20 mites soulh- l\ of tills city, were removed fioui Mississippi county jnlls this morning xvltli Jonosboro as their <iuii:i'd!iitc destination. Baton was taken from Ihe coiin- lv Jnll hen: shortly Ixtforc noon nlotig with n cousin, Mrnnk Eaton, ••id Guy Ijincnsler. The trio, with nlv Koion handcuffed, \vos placet! 11 a small sedan nnd accompanied by Sheriff Clarence Wilson nut! ] Agent Peterson of Memphis. They were to meet two other rar.s al ihc Intersection of Highway 18 and An interval, in Mrs. Franklin .D. Roosevelt's air voyage to PuerUV Rico is recorded Iii're as ihe First- Unity'" comnlnlnt; Henry Cnibbc, chatted with. officials after arriilng in Nuevitns, Cuba, first slop nflcr taking olf in Miami Fla At left' n!)?gr>u nml noy iJincnslpr. n moved from IJtie Osccola Jail, nn< four other federal ttgcnts. All six ot the prisoners were li is Rexford Tugwell, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, who alto was bouiul to Puerto Rico to study economic conditions. Jewish Aid Gives Courses, lo John McDowell and •"Herman Graves Winners', of ;two scholarships awarded by the -Jewish Ladles Aid have .been announced. Herman t,r the automobile leaned out. of I Graves has'been given a scholar- window with a machine gun and' s>li P in voice and John McDowell opened fire. Bullets crashed into- the police car. smashing the windshield, puncturing a tire, and breaking motor connections and radiator. Plcrpont Denirs Killing LIMA, O.. Mar. 10 (UP) — A thrill of excitement passed through the crowded county court chamber today when defense counsel for Harry Pierpont, on trial for his life charged with slaying Sheriff Jesse Snrber in liberating John Dillinger from a cell last October a cotton course; McDowell, who is-the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McDowell. Is a senior-in the city high school. His ambition is to enter the cotton btis- Detectives Accused in Robbery of Bank GREENVILLE, S. C., Mar. 10 (UP)—Two city detectives, a bookkeeper • of the bank, end a local filling: station operator were charged • in warrants issued today with ccn.plicity in the $50,000 roblx-ry of a South Carolina Kiulonnl bank messenger here early this week. . .The. detectives are John E. Cores and Henry j. Lindsey. T.-.e bookkeeper. Hugh White, was accom- be arraigned before U. com No Successor Named as Counly Director of C\VA Woman's Work iiuissloiwr E. I,. Wes(,brook, Jr.. a Jonpsborn this afternoon on Dye act charges. The hearing as far a Eaton Is concerned is regarde only ns o formality ns pans fyr.nlimlty for l>Ls trial on n high way robber"' ehaiRn-ln with capital punishment to asked. Bnggett ami Crabbe will probably face robbery charge in Mississippi. It Is believed thn Frank Eaton, Guy Lancaster an Roy ' will bf> released n Joncsboro. Other thnn to indicate that ay New Year's Patty roopa Remain on Guard in Prison Described MILWAUKEE. Wls., March 10. UI'l— The inonolouy oc lilt InsUli- lie house or correction lure wus rokcn on New Year's eve by wild rgic.i, shocking even to some or fU- Inmates themselves. 11 mis rc- ralcd in testimony before « county xwr<l InvcstlpiUng committee. . ;rtiore was spreud un the records oilay a story OC a mute dniicc p ormed by u woman Inmate of Urn wison at tlic hclitht ot a New em's celebration. Returnee! to State Prison Farm as Furlough Violator Mrs. John W. E'dringlon of Or-m- ! Eaton. Crabbe and Baggelt will be 12. suddenly called Pierpont to testify. The Dillinger gang member had sat sullenly al counsel table whlli a succession of witnesses Identified him as the trigger man In the killing. • "Just face the jiiry," said Pier- poiil's attorney when the defendant amb'ed to the witness chair, looking neither lo right nor left . iu the crowded and heavily guard- isehool of cotton. I iness and he. plans to unpletion of his course, which will be started immediately following his graduation In June. Graves, who is now employed at an Osceola filling station, t, the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Graves. He was formerly employed at the Joe Applebaum store and Is well known here where he has appeared on public programs a great many times. At one lime he studied voice for sis months under Charles Brooks of Memphis. Both will receive instruction in Memphis. Graves will study under Virginia Moreno Sledge, who appeared here in a recent concert sponsored by the aid, and Mr. McDowell will attend the Murdock STILES Fufft D[ ccptcd but thai no bo appointed at Inis time. Tl;e women's work In this cmrnly i<> schcdiikxl lo close in about t«n weeks. Mrs. Edrinfton declined to make a statement today [or publication prt court room. "Now state whether you are the killer of Sheriff Sarber." "I certainly am not," Pierpont barked out, looking unflinchingly at the Jury." Closing Stock Prices Winners of other scholarships will be announced later. Members of the scholarship committee are: Mrs. Walter Rosenthal. chairman, Mrs. Herman Hess, Mrs. Milton Sternberg and Mrs. Roland Wolfort. A. T. nd T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem steel .. Chrysler Cities service 121 3-4 . 15 1-2 . 43 1-4 . 53 1-2 ..31-8 General American Tank 40 5-8 General Eleclric 22 General IvSotoTs 37 3-4 Tnternational Harvester 41 1-2 •Middlewest- Utilities 5-16 Montgomery Ward 32 1-8 Hew York central 3T 1-2 Packard 56-8 Phillips Petroleum .... n 1-4 Radio 8 Simmons Beds 20 SI Loate-San Francisco .31-2 Standard of N. j 45 1-2 Texas Co 28 3-8 U. S. Steel '54 Silver Bills to Pass WASHINGTON, Mar. 10 (UP)— Two silver bills, designed to aid the status of the devaluated metal, reported out of tire house coinage committee odjjy, will be passed by he house, Sper.kcr Henry T. RjUn- ey (Dem., 111.) said today. Chicago Wheat Nfav open high 1-2 S3 low close 1-8 87 3-4 i 3-8 87 5-8 85 7-3 87 1- Chicago Corn open high low close 50 3-4 51 1-2 50 3-4 51 3-8 52 3--I 53 3-8 52 5-8 53 3-8 oilier than that she found it im"e to continue ihe work v:mcl) , r-, c 111.15 i>een goiitj; on since Dccem- Ot IhVee OOnSjber. Under her direcion more thnn -From New Mexicofe.™ lMlve hee " Bim ' rn " Awaited at Murray, Ky. Funeral services will probably b? held at Murray. Ky., Monday foi Luther C. Stilos. dent who died Blythevilte resi- there Tnursdnv Dyess Names Board to Adjust All CWA Claims LITTLE ROCK, March 10. (UP) Burlr.l will be made at Ihc Sink- 1— W. R. Dyess, state CWA director, Ini; Springs cemetery following . '°dny appointed a board of claims the i.rrival of his sons. Jakc.| Ior llle purpose ot adjusting nnd Oi-.nvles Graves and William, of 1 rcrlilymj all outstanding claims Kostvcli, New Mexico, who nrr ex- j f or material against the Ctt'A. pectod lo arrive there tomorrow. . T' : e board consists of Floyd The deceased hod resided here Sharps, state CWA comptroller. R. four years. He had been ill for'. c - Limerick, consulting engineer f?r a Ion? time from malaria fevcrip WA , Roy D. Llkins, Ktale purchns- nnd was removed to the hospital, ln B. agent for CWA. Robert, c. Meat Murray two weeks ago for .•m: Na i 1 '' chief accountant fcr CWA. bcrs ami Interest in the case that [fact that Eaton was serving a life term for slaying from ambush a federal nycnt. when he eseajicd From a Mississippi prison farm several months iigo and the theft of a federal man's car In a recent escapade which culminated In his arrest. Eaton ixid two companions, alleged to have been Crabbe and Baggctt. terrorized the Tippah hills country, stronghold of the Eaton gang, recently on n drunken aprce. Eaton and his companions are nc- cuscd of commandeering a school bus. UTeckigg it. taking the federal agent's car from his wife, wrecking it, and escaping In another car Inter found abandoned on the Red Line road west of Osccola. It was In bringing the latter car through Tennessee and Into Arakusas that Eaton and his companions ran afoul of the Dyer act which makes the transports- SEARCY, Ark.—Finally deciding hnt tliere was no use ;if trying J D. Rlchtirdson of this lime when he alreudy laces nn un- served sentence, penitentiary odl- clals came hern Wednesday and returned Richardson to the state con- >'lcl, farm ut Tucker. After thinking the matter ovc: carefully they evidently decided thn Richardson's alleged planning of tin K«nsett bunk robbery, F*b. 19, ecu stltutcd a violation of an Indcftnln furlough extended last summer. niclmrdson had been sentenced lo serve five- years for robbery a Blythevllle but had served only short part of his sentence when h was furloughed. In addition to th Kensett charge, which Richardson will facD.when he finishes his pres cut stretch, he mny also ue riitrli on another robbery charge at Bly thevllle, the first trial having re suited in a hung Jury. • • Vcriion Qean, wlxxsn arrest "sev eral days, ago In Memphis brough the activities of White and Missis slppi county officers In the case-I a close, will fnce preliminary hoar Ing here today. He Li accused nlon with Lester Shields and Aaro Richardson, wlin have confessed, o participating directly in the rob bery. Gcnn has also admitted I) robbery. All of the seven held ID the rob bery case except Gean have bee held to the grand jury. Others'in elude, besWes Shields and the t» Richardsons, the wives of the lat tcr, who are sisters, and (hoir fall er. Gean is a brother of Ule w women. Of the group only Mn Aaron Richardson has made bon nnd been released. Mrs. Richard on, who is In ill health ,has re irned to her home at Blytlievill In addition to the Kensett rob xry members of the gang hav xen crdlted with a Cooler, Mi Ken credited with a Cooler, Mi lie of the group. tion of stolen «ir from one operation. He Is survived by his wife. Mrs. ! comptroller. . C. B. Nckon .assistant CWA New York Cotton NEW YORK, March 10. CUP)Cotlon closed steady. open high low close Mar 1211 1211 1210 1206n May .... 1218 1220 1215 1216 July .... 1229 1233 1227 1228 Ocl 1242 1247 1240 1244 Dec 1251 1257 1249 1255 Jn. a.... 1257 1262 1255 1259 Spots ctewd steady at 1235, off 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. March 10 (UP) —Cotton closed steady, open high' low close * f w 1209 1209 1209 1205b May .... 1219 1220 1214 12)7 July .... 1228 1232 1225 1230 °«t 1238 1245 1238 12*3 D«c 1249 1253 12« 1252b •Jan 1255 1255 1255 125«b Spots closed quiet, at 1228. off 4. . . Cordy 5-tiles,- four son."; and three: Companies holding: o-.ilstnr.diiig daugiitei-s by a 'former marriage, j clnlm5 against the CWA will be in- , the sons residing In New Mexico. ' s ' r ucted to appear before the board . Mrs. Nellie Farris, Mrs. Murrell i a ' a ....... Andrews, and Miss Anna Mary Stiles, ivho jive in Murray, and another son, L. C.. Jr., of this city, his father, W. B. Sltlos. who resides with his fister. Mrs. J. v. Pierce, at New Liberty; two brothers. Walter SMics. of here, and Lee Stiles, of Yarbro. Those relflHCS went to his bedside before he p.issed away andj are remaining there for the funeral. date to discuss their claims. THosn clnims In whic.'i there is no question as to their correctness xvlll be passed for payment immediately. Says Brazil Alone Could Furnish World's Cotton NEW state to another a federal offense. Ironically enough, detailed statements nnd evidence secured by the federal agents in several days of Investigation In this conn- nominally for the Dyer oct violation nnd thefl ot government property, are expected to figure materially in Mississippi's bid to hang Eaton for highway robbery. The same may be true in the cases of Crabbe and Bnggett. Eaton had a notorious record as n moonshiner before the slaying of Clyde Rivers, federal agent, led to a life term In prison. The gang has for years been considered one of north Mississippi's most powerful nns The Mo.'s Undertaking company) is in charge of arrangements. that Brazil aionc could supply the i flaunted his power before officers An Old Turkish Custom I\ UrOWng ISTANBUL. fUP) — The modern Turts do not approve of the wearing of veils by Turkish women. The newspaper "Kepubllc" Inuzhs with cotton. Dr. H. C. Nlx- rofessor of history and polltl- '.cM economy at Tu!nne university, predicted that adoption by the {United States of a narrow nationalism on the cotton problem would, result unfavorably to the cotum belt. Nixon warned that a flat reduction of farm acreage without regard lo region or productivity .might result Iu a depression worse at the plight of a young girl who < than the one from which the na- clung to lire old custom, it relates: tlon is recovering, A young girl, Mcryen Hanum. I "Bra?!! ;;loiit;. one authority aged 18. had her face veiled in the ]stales, can Minplv the word , old-fashioned way. she wanted to j cotton but will"'not as Ion" KS the step off ths Scutari boat. Her veil j United States does," Nixon s.i:d. prevented her from seeing the gangway, and she slumblcd and fell Into the sea. She was fished out and taken lo. hospital," Mc'tnry must fci> present In an alloy before it, can be railed an n the sparsely settled hill sec- ion. Ideal for secret hiding places for a number of years. Child Dies of Pneumonia Frances Barnes, year ol daughter oi Mrs. Fred R. Bsrr.e of Wilson, died yesterday froi pneumonia. A sister and a bro thrr am critically ill and father died three months OiK' of the children is ill fro: CK and complicsUonF. and other The pneumonia, sins will be taken t in Alabama Strike Area mrtMINOHAM, Alii., Mtir. 10 Ul'i— 8'iard troo|« vu- iilncd on duty throii x hoiit Wiil- er county loday although peace id (|ii!el tippearcd to have rc- aced Ihreiitencd violence In nn \ienslve coal mine strike. The troops were .sent Into the ell coal district yesterday at ilia MIHCSI of Hie county sheriff who eared bloodshed. Throe coiupan- .1 of Infantry, a cavulry trio, and ii nerlal squadron now occupy the rlke locked counlry. d Boston Family Forcec to Seek Shelter Will Neighbors MEMPHIS, Mar. 10 (UP) — E( Boston, polnsett county, Arkansas armer. whose home was visited b: Vorman Thomas on the Socialist' islt to Tyronsa February 17, hn wen evicted from his home nn ui.s sought shelter with his wif iiul seven children at the. horn of another farmer who lives in wo-room house, 11 was learn? lere today. Eviction of tire Boston famll centered attention on .shnrecrop per conditions -in the South n, irotesls. were sent to Nornia Thomas In New York, governmei officials in Washington, and Bher Iff J. R. Dubord at 'Marked Tree " Dr. William R, Afnberson 'nn Robert Keeblcr of Memphis an H.ciny East of Tyronza, Ark.,slgi ed the telegraphic protests.' These men' in UieJ Leaiue. for Industrial Democracy which sponsored the Socialist.lehder's visit to Memphis and his Investigation or conditions' In Arkansas.••• • . The eviction of tjie. Boston family-Is the, .beginning, of a -"new wave of forced removals from the farms despite the cotton acreage ngrefnienls," according 10 the pro- tcsw will, to Woshlnifton; •amed Flyer and Secretary of War Discuss Aviation Matters WASHINGTON,' March 10. (OP) —Prpjhbiit Roosevelt today order- d curtailment pf army airmail-ser- cc to avoid further excessive" loss lite among army flyers. As I'jie presidential order was bc- ng (umoiincud at Ihe White'House, Co). Charles "AriJiidborgh was con- liidlng aii ttvlntlon conference •cross the street with Secretary of The White House announcement lid "the president feels t:nat the oss or life has been fur loo ex- ccijslvc even though weather con- illlons.durluK the period of army •Irniall service'were unusually se- fi.lf.Pl SG 316 Members Were Enrolled, Repres e n t i n g Nine Churches Ten Army Pilots Lost Ten army pilots have been killed flying the mall or In llylng duty connected with Hie airmail. Umler Hie president's curtailment order the army will continue lo carry the airmail but'schedules'will be rearranged or restricted to reduce (hc'hazard to pilots. ' •' ' The 'president's orders for ' cur- lailmoin,'were contained In a'let- ter to Secretary of War Dcrn.,The letter said in part: •' orders lt> the army air corps stop- ' "Will you pieoie issue immediate l»ng all carrying of mall except on such routes, under such weather conditions, and under such equipment and personnel conditions as ' will Insure, as far as the utmost care can provide, against, constant recurrence of fatal accidents. .T,ils exception Includes, of course, full authority j<>. change. . Dr maSUy • schedules." . • ~ \- Llndbcrgh's confcrr-nra today with ^ Dorn wns on the general subject ot aviation, tha secretary said alter' tlie -famous flyer's ' niysterjous ap- jicarance at (lie war departpwnt "ad given rise to a variety of- rtl- mors, .Including Mho possibility he' mlglR be named assistant 'secretary for aviation. The deaths' of four more military pilots added new fuel to congressional debate w.hleh has raged sporadically since the army .took over the airmail February 18.. The new dcatlis brought the army's airmail [oil to ten. Republicans Charje "MiuWr" - Tlic fatalities occurred as an administration bill to restore the- mall service to. private hands was nlroduccd for speedy congrcsslon- 1 action. An early voic was cx- ccted but Republican critics al- acketj the administration's cari- cllnllon of the airmail contracts Assassin's Fire Fatal to Japanese Millionaire KAMAKURA. Japan, Mar. 10 UP) — Sunjl Muto, millionaire apanese Industrialist and news- iapcr publisher, died today from iillet wounds Inflicted by an os- assin. Authorities investigated the pos- ibllity that Muto may have been i victim of the drend "blood irotherhood," members of which re awaiting punishment for prrv- ous attacks on prominent capitalists. Muto was shol yesterday morn- ng as he motored from his home •ere to the railway station. A stray bullet killed his secretary. The assassin then turned the gun ou There were 316 B. Y. P. U. members who attended the annual Mississippi county B. V. P. U. training school which closed here last evening after five sessions. The nine churches having representatives were: Manila. 'Dell. Clear Lake, Armorcl. Manila mission, jonesboro, Wilson and the First und Second churches liere. The examinations were given last evening by J. p. Friend, president of the county -n. Y. p. u. association, in the absence of E. E. Lee of Dallas, southwlde'B. Y. p. u secretary, who had been here all week but who went to Jonesboro for a banquet at the First Baptist church there. A social hour concluded the meeting with the women of the hcstes: church sen-Ing refreshment*. The school was sponsored by the First Baptist church B. Y. P. u organization with Miss Luna B WUhelm. general B. Y. p. u. director. wound. :ilmself and Inflicted a falali The faculty was made up of: Mr 'Lee, Miss Edna SImmcrman associate B. Y. P. U. director of the First church at Paraeould. Mrs. j L. Ncivsom. B. Y. P. U. director of the Second church here. Devotional periods were conduct ed by the Rev. Ralph Kerley. o Jonesboro. L. B. Tull of Blythevillc tr.e Rev. John T. Caugliley of Wll son! and Mr. Leo. t«tay. The Woman Fined $50 For Liquor Law Violation Elizabeth Turner was fined $50 by Municipal Judge c. A. Cunningham yesterday on a charge of Illegal possession ot intosleoHng liquor. The trial was featured by a clash between Police Chief Ed Rice and Jr.dgp Cunningham. Rkc objected lo lit? officers having to secure a chair for the defendant as play- Ing "chamber maid" for her, according to reports. This brnugM forth a rebuke from the court. J. T. Summers was fined $26 : Prairie, Mo., for burin] there! sentenced to 20 da>-s In Jail on a mother and four sisters ond brothers survive. Mess Undertaking company is In charge of arrangements. i petit larceny charge. A pstlt. larceny charge against Bob Sumners was nolle pressed lo- day, A similar charge has been docketed against John McKeraie. WEATHER Arkansas— Fair, not quite so cole in west and central portions to night. Sunday fair, rising tempei nlures. Memphis and vicinity—Fair an cold tonight. Temperature 20 to 26 Simdsy fair and .warmer. luiractcrizlnB mrder." "legalized The deaths of two pilots ycster- ay brought bitter debate in the eimte and forced adjournment of he house. After congress ndjourn- d two more pilots were killed The army deatlis yesterday Sergeant Ernest B. Sell, Indiana nnsylvnnla. killed when his lane cracked up nt Daytona Bench, Fla., with a mall cargo Ll. Otlo WIcnecke, killed with mail cargo in n snowstorm near Burton, O. Lts. F. L. Howard and A. R. terwin. killed shortly after tak- ng off from Cheyenne, Wyo. on night practice night preparatory o entering the mall .service. Rubber Company Had to Relearn Bike Tire Trade AKRON. Ohio (UP)—How the world's largest rubber company ergot how lo make bicycle tires, one of its earliest products, was related here recently by Burgess Dsrrow, Goodyear 'development nanngcr, froih the witness stand at a Clayton Act 'hearing A protested hundred-millioti- dollnr 1931 Scars-Roebuck contract ;ave Goodyear the bicycle tire suslness of the mail order house, It wss shown. "We had been out of the bicycle, tire business for 18 sears." Darrow sold. "We had to set up a workshop In the corner and learn again how to make them. Alabama Man Dies Bob RobsrL'on. 45. resident of Florence. .-\la... «-ho came here several mbnllu ajo. died yesterday at Gosnell. He had been . In ill health since coming here The maximum temperature here to work for Cecil Lsngford, of the yesterday was 54, minimum 27. clear, according to Samuel F. N'o;-- ili, official weather observer. The temperature last night dropped lo 19. Gcsncll community. Burial was made today at North SawL:> cemetery with the Moss Undertaking company In charge of minngements.

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