The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 9, 1962 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1962
Page 3
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Mf, and Mrs, Phfl Diamond I jwrs. France—litna;;.!.. ."I."! •__ ffj& ars&535 M " -WTBTBB «im wrs. Ted Mungaf, Mark ts at dinner Jan. i were Mr Mrs. Richard Moe and faZ Something new has been added ,to the foundation Department at CHRISCHILLES' " ••" «• v*t,*aiu r cius «.fh n/^'j 11 ,? 8 flt ' CIear La Ke with Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ferris. have'murnedfroni^ vacl'tioTo" Cdmlrt 9 fo Al 9« n « Mf* Sunday thru Wednesday several days al Sulphur Springs, ".^ ^^JLJL: ' Mov ••-,-\ t ''. • < < ' ' J Ml.' alfit .Mrs', Ed ftalig Spent tiday and Saturday at Wellmaii with Mr. and Mrs, B6b Tolsdorf and family!,, v - ,' ,, . .? Mrs. Mabel ftammer, toother of Mrs. Albert Slobe, fell In front <j# the S'& L store one day last week affd-ls hbs-pMlized 'with'a" broken pejyic bone. Mr< and Mrs. Howard .Beardsley took their daughter'Margaret Ann | to Masoft City Tuesday where she ' af- Judge and Mrs, G. W. Stlllman r el . atlves and friends. She is now how funny animals would look if they slouched like poople how nice people would look if they had good posture like animals Mrs. Mrs. Kathryn Mahoney returned Friday from Washington where Mrs.^ D : iS £ck With ^ a " d Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Feaster were visited over the holidays • tfl6 Inffor*c »iA(U« u »»„_ * Union twp. Mothers and B .. club will meet Jan. 11 at the J of Nola Hoover with Mrs. Goldman, Forest City, guest speaker. Helen Haas will give the """ 'se number and each mem- asked to bring Mrs. John u s here. Jackie St —j »» "uiiuajr mieinupn I cnptlf fh ner; SnJftfiS ** ^ A*- student ' at Mon^ I ^ »"*• B~d. ? Guests Tuesdfy o^Mr, and' Mrs. ? atn .'J, whose home . ls in .China, was | ^ Ser , w - e / e recently visrfed LOOK BETTER TEEt BETTER BETTER wear a 'tupporf Wow h tin ifme .„ »olve yoer rery tpeclol figure prob- !••> for one* and for oil . . . ond solve » •n comfort. Once yo« ' discover Camp .'com.. lort you will never be sallsfled with any Older foundation gar- •enf. There's a style . , V| , ,. 3 ond size designed |ust for yoo... ol a price you will willingly pay. SlVp Jn.|odoy P f£, • persoaallzed Biting of a, Camp .Support. 1 ! Mary.Munfjer, our graduate corsetiere, has taken a special course In fitting these unique garments. They are recommended by local doctors and this store has a stock of popular selling numbers. If you have a girdle pro- r. and Mrs. A. D. Crawford as callers Sunday " -—. and Mrs. Lowell ner, former Algonans, Guests Tuesday of Mi Gail Haase were Mr. arid Mrs Raymond Larson and s6n Ronald. Renwick. Mrs. Osta "Thompson was also a guest. . .Mrs. Albert Mezger, Lone Rock, Mrs. Wilbur Bockholt and Diane rom Burt visited at Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Buchanan and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Blecker, Cedar Rapids. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Culbertson have recently been visited by Mr and' Mrs; Glenn Dales, St. Paul Minn. They also spent some time with the Bob and Bill Thompson families. • , . Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fox have had as holiday guests ; Mr. and Mrs. Keith Campbell; Sheldon, "WHOA BOSSIE t" Debbie Reynolds, trying to learn the ways of ^old of the wrong end of a sensitive calf in "Second 'Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Dahl -«'»• .Tltwdl. 1IVJI1G 1O 111 OUlIm. WaS I »*-* -I •»» . . . ' holiday guest of the Dreesmans ftLT^ 8 ' ^ r ° hm left a week before Christmas 8 to L^ eona £ occke ,' R - N - came from visit their daughter Marilyn and Ml " nea P° lls and "P 61 " last week- husband, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Un T he . r P ar ents, Mr. and ftnffoio of/->^i^«j_ o .• i . Mrs. Leonard Onsrke > • blem consult Mrs. Munger. Exclusively locally at ~~" ' ^•^•"•i^'fc^v***! *JIIC1UUI1| Mr. and Mrs. James Van Allen of Des Moines,. arid son, Kenneth of St. Paul, Minn. : E. J. Evers, who is on a diesel engine installation project in .Tonkawa, Okla., is home -for a visit since before Christmas' with his wife and family. He will return to Tonkawa next week. '••••••'., Betsy Weber, daughter of Mrs. Elichard Groen returned Jan. 3 rom Chicago, where She had visited with her grandmother and aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth Weber and Mrs. Elizabeth Seger. Sarah Clark,' 4 student' ijursfe' aV Naeve hospital, Albert Lea, Minn., was home until Jan. 3 for a vaca- ,tion with her., parents, Mr. and Mrs. Randall Clark".,She, St Paul for a few months of pediatric training. Other guests of Mr. anc Mrs. Clark on New Years day were Harold Quisley, Albert Lea, and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Becker, — O""*-* ilAWUAVIl CSJ1U husband, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Guffels, at Colorado Springs, Colo From there they flew to ~' Cal., for-a visit wit.. «., 1V daughter Marilyn and her -„„<,band,,Don Jennings and other relatives in the area. Cleone Crawford came from Denver, Colo, where she teaches and spent Christmas and a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Crawford. They took her to Des Moines to entrain for Denver and also visited with Mr Crawford's mother, Mrs. 'A.. C. Crawford who is recovering nice- 1 ' ly from a hip fracture. i Cottage prayer meetings are be,mg held at the Regular Baptist church here each night this week through Saturday night, Jan. 13 with the exception of Thursday ' Beginning Monday,- Jan. : 15, and running through Sunday, Jan. 1 21 revival meetings will be held' Leonard Mrs. ' tman nightly at 8 p.m.'Ralph M.-Davidson, evangelist, will be present:' ' '. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Donovan had as Christmas weekend guests Mr. and- Mrs. Bob Donovan, Rock Valley, Mr.-and Mrs. Jack Wittern; -South: 'St.' PauH <Minm,> and the respestive families" ~and Mr. „ a twd with Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Wagner at Mesa, Ariz. ' Mr. and Mrs. Harold Erpelding were hosts to their 500 card club, Jan. 7. Prizes went to: Duane Riley, "high, Gerald Erpelding, low, and Dwight Cook won travel. Mrs. Celia Deal had as dinner guests Sunday Al Coleman and family, . Clarion. The daughter Kathy Coleman, who is employed in Washington, was home for the holidays. , ' Mrs. L. C. Hanson has had re cent word of the death of her sister, Mrs. Ruth Look, at Tajunja, Calif., formerly of Lu Verne. She had been in-failing health for some time. ,.••,'. • : HoIiday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kupkynka were Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Elsbecker, and. four children, Council Bluffs. They also visited the parental Elsbeckers at Bancroft, Mr. and Mrs. Nat Bangs, Cally and Betsy, returned Wednesday from Locust, N. J. where they had been, since before Christmas with, the • latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. St. Joe. Mr. and Mrs. John Helmers Ckrischilles © IT* (Q> 2R1 IS*' were visited a week by Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Wilschusen and family, Brainerd, Minn., who left Thursday. Other holiday guests were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Helmers, Spirit Lake, and Pete Helmers, Sioux City. Mrs. Helmers and son Tony did not accompany him as the child had recently been dismissed from a hospital following a severe sickness. ——— — —-J.—MII* » <w *M*AA&41Ck9 ClllU IVil M*** *Ml<liX«A. *3 £JUJ arid Mrs. Leo Lichter. The grand- W. J. Gridley. •sons Mike and Mark Wittern re- Cresco-Riverdale Homemake® mained for a.lpngeAyisif and .were will meet at the : home of MB. taken home Thursday by Mr. r and Mprle -.Teeter Jan. 17 at i:30 with Mrs. Dnnnvnn '• ' , . • ' I Mrc T.nmnnf WAllAnxi n ».r nnn :~t.* . ^ _ rf •.*• « HUM I- .^ •-.——..-— »«».« Al Mw J. . wv WllflJ Mrs. Donovan./-; : ., : •'.'•• Airs. Lament Wellendorf assisting Mrs. Emma Dreyer had as | n( ?f,j ess - , T . h , e lesson will be skills guests for dinner New Years day Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Meyer and wilh a skillet. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schneider have been visited by Mr. and Mrs. David Schneider, Fort Irwin, Cal. David has returned to the camp and will soon be shipped out. His wife is now with her mother, Mrs. Andrea Dontjes, at ' Winnebago, Minn. Dinner guests at the Maynard Kuecks Dec. 21 were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Nelson and family, Lu- Verne, Mr. and Mrs. Wiibut Skoopman and family, Otho, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bates and family, Somers, and Mrs. Lillian Stangl, Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Furst spent from Dec. 28 till Jan. 2 at Grand Forks, N. D. with Mrs.' Furst's parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Barnard, former Algonans-, The son Darrell Barnard of Minneapolis, joined the family and. th thirty-third .wedding anniversar of the Barnards was celebrated. ss*^w r »*«a,*»^*si Herman Funk ML. aiiu wire. /iurea Meyer and «"o« <iciiuuu runn Roger, Whittemore,, Mr. and Mrs were Y isited ov er the holidays by William Zumach, Esth'erville, and their dau S hter Florence l Chicago Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dreyer Sun- Mr> antl Mrs - c - H - Simpson day she will have as guests her have been visited by Mrs. Alma grandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sim P son . Nevada. Zumach, Fenton, Mr. arid 'Mrs Rev> anij Mrs. Knute Orion and Dennis Zumach, Cylinder, Mr. and the latter ' s sister Bonnie Gilliland, Mrs. Mervin Hurlburt, Lone Rock Omana . Ncb ., returned home Mr. and Mrs. Larry Dreyer, Burt Tuesda y and were accompanied and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Meyer by Mrs> Clark Orton wfto will vis- Whittemore. 'it there a few days. STARTING SATURDAY NIGHT AT 11:30 WITH A MIDNIGHT SHOW ALGONA Jbeglns -THE SECOND RITTIR * KEN SCOTT STIVE FQRRiSTVJUliT PROWS'E ECOLOR IY PELUXg PLUS COLOR CARTOON ANP "FOOT&ALL HIGHLIGHTS OF 1961" CONTINUOUS IMNPAY FROM 1:30 NOTE: If yew we not laughing in the .fin! 30 minute*, Jee the Mr. and Mrs, Floyd Erickson had Mr. and Mrs, James Hartl, Eagle Grove, as guests Friday and the mother, Mrs. Charles Armstrong, who is now making her home with the Hartls. Mrs. Elva Coon spent Christmas at Mason City with her son Bert and family. Their son Jeff was home on leave having been in boot training since June. He left Jan. 2 for France. Mrs. Helen Trauger has returned from Des Moines where she visited over the weekend at Mason City with Mr. and Mrs. C. Richard Tippen, who have now moved to Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Kuhn, their daughter Mrs. Dallas Klein and Rickey were accompanied by Mrs. H. L. Clum, Emmetsburg, to Ankeny Saturday for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. "Bob Kuhn and family. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dreyer and family spent New Years day at Glenville, Minn., with Mr. and Mrs. Burton Davis and were joined by the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Oldenberg, Austin, Minn, Mr. and Mrs. Don Nelson went to Fort Dodge Friday and took their daughter, Mrs. Charles Simmons to her home at Manchester. Mrs. Simmons had been at Lulh- eran hospital for therapy treatments. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Larson were Visited five days during the Christmas week by Dr. and Mrs. William Bobbins and family, Madison, Wis., and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gormley and daughter, St. Louis, Mo. George Yeoman left Tuesday for Penver, Colo., and will visit a week with Mr. and Mrs. Meryl Yeoman. From there he will go to San Mateo, Calif., and other points qnd will be gone for the winter. Mr. aud Mrs. C. A. Geilcnfeld had as dinner guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Bernell Brunsvald ami sons Joel, Bruce and Brian, Rock Island, III., Mr. and Mrs. Marion Donohue and family, Forest City, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Geilen * and family. FARM SALE CALENDAR i Algona .Upper Des Moines If you are planning a'sale, our sale service is at your command This includes listing sheets, avai ^able^at our office, free listing i this celumn and any layout hel you may'need in preparing th sale ad. Also, if sale is postponed we re-run the ad without charge under our plan Jan. 10, Wednesday — Rudy Naeve sale, 7 west of Humboldt, 1 north, 1st place west on highway 3. Farm equipment, etc. Anderson & Kleve auctioneers; Humboldt Trust & Savings Bank, Gilmore City, clerk. Sale details in UDM last week. Jan. 11, Thursday - Manning Bros, farm sale, with big line of power machinery, etc. At farm 5 west and 5 north of Algona, or 4% south and % west of Lone Rock. Clark & Clark, auctioneers; Security State Bank, Algona, clerk. Sale details in full in today's UDM. Jan. 15, Monday — Henry A. Schley sale, i& miles south of Ceylon corner, V4 mile east, then south (see details today). 64 hend cattle, machinery, etc. Wedel & Clark, auctioneers; State Brink of Ceylon,.. clerk. ' Jan. l«, Tuesday — Roman Arend closing out, full line of power machinery arid livestock, at farm & mile east of St. Benedict. Complete details today in UDM. Jan. 16, Tuesday — Frank De (roote sale, 1 mile north, 1% west of Humboldt. Farm machinery, 70 lead cattle, etc. Anderson & Cleve, auctioneers; Humboldt Trust & Savings Bank, clerk. De- ails today. Jan. 18, Thursday — Ernest & 'aul Bluer complete-closing out luction, on farm located • 1 west, & north, 1 west, 1 north from lodman, or 7 west, 1 south of Whittemore; or Ms east, 1 south, 1 west, 1 south from Cylinder. Arold & Quinn, auctioneers, Iowa tate Bank, West Bend, clerk; De- ails later. Jan. 19, Friday — Donald Lammers sale, 6 east, 2 north, and V4 west of Graettinger. Includes 54 head Holstein and Jersey cattle, machinery, etc. Bortvit & Clark, auctioneers; Graettinger State Bank, .cleric Jan. 23, Tuesday — Bob & D. C. Barringer sale, 14 north and 1% west of Emmetsburg. Includes 80 head cattle (Hereford), machinery, etc. Bortvit, Burns & Clark, auctioneers; Graettinger State Bank, clerk. Jan. 24, Wednesday — Jim VI- pond sale, one mile south of Hobarton from the old' Whittemore Road. Big machinery and livestock listing. Quinn & Leek will be auctioneers. Sale details to come later. . Jan. 24, Wednesday — Louis Lingard sale, 7 west of Armstrong, 2Vfe north and V 4 east. 200 head livestock, machinery, etc. Clark & Clark, auctioneers; First Trust & Savings Bank, clerk. Details later. Jan. 25, Thursday — Oscar Berkland, 7 miles .west of Fenton. Complete Farm Sale. Berkland & Ben sen, auctioneers, Cylinder State Bank, clerk. Details later in UDM. ' Feb. 3, Saturday — Ralph Morgan closing out sale, from 169-18 intersection go two west and,2Vfe south. Yungeberg & Quinn., auctioneers; Iowa State Bank, clerk. Copperheads are the most .widely distributed, and in many places the most abundant of poisonous? snakes in.the eastern U. S. Tuesday, January 9, 1962 Algeria (lo.) Upper Des Mofne*-3 ST. JOE By Mrs Syl Wogrter Catholic Daughters of America will meet Wdenesday, Jan. 10, fo their regular monthly meeting with Mrs. Francis Erpelding, grand regent, presiding. CommK'- tee in charge will be Emma Thtil, Kathryn McKenna, Rita Plathe, Florence Klein, Carmen Wagner, Bertha Becker, Florence McGuire, Connie Thome and Mary Salz. Mrs. John Thul entertained her 500 club Thursday with Mrs. Joe Sinmvell, Mrs. Peter Bormann and Mrs. John Reding receiving prizes. Mrs. Tony Becker entertains tho club Jan. 18. Mrs. Herbert Kayser came home from St. Ann hospital, Algona, Wednesday where she had been a medical patient. Phyllis Thilges is assisting with the household duties in the Kayser home. Mr. and Mrs. David Thul left Thursday for their home in Mountain View, Cal. after nearly a 2- wt-ek visit here with relatives and friends. « a Mr. and Mrs. George Wagner from here and Mr. and Mrs. Nick Reding from Whittemore ar« planning to leave Monday for Arizona where they will visit with Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Wagner and sons 'at Mesa and Mr. and Urs. Cletus Reding and family'at 'hoenix. Franklin is the son of he George Wagndrs and Cletus teding is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Reding. HELP SUPPORT THE Little League Baseball Uniform Drive Benefit Dance, Sat., Jan. 20, 8 p.m. Tickets are available from the members of the following organizations. * Business & Professional Women * American Legion * Junior Chamber Kiwanis * Moose V»r.W« * Lions * Salesmen's Bureau OR TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE FOLLOWING Chamber Of Commerce Office Smoke Shop Algona Flour & Feed Buscher Bros. Joe Bradley Equipment Larry's Recreation Algona Implement Ernie Williams THUR. thru SAT. 2 EXCITING NEW FEATURES! ALGONA Thursday thru Saturday "Master Of The World" 7:00-9:35; "Ole Rex" 8:50. Saturday matinee. Cartoons at :30 "Ole Rex" at 2:20. Sunday "Second Time Around" 30-3:35-5:40-7:45-9:50. Monday thru Wednesday "Sec- nd Time Around" 7:25-9:30. CHARLES BRONSON-HENOT HUlbMW WEBSTER ABOYftHOHIS DOG VS.HIDDW, DEATH! _JMMkV kEutmu - t i;.ii.i.if : ".n- in:.:.i : ' ..I ^Rjxf SLY^IUGHES SPECIAL MATINEE SATURDAY AT 1:30 /7 OLE REX" - PLUS 6 COLOR CARTOONS Plus the "GREEN ARCHER" OUR GREATEST 92th ANNIVERSARY JANUARY CLEARANCE Continues Full Blast At The Chrischilles Store ALGONA'S POPULAR DRY GOODS AND APPAREL CENTER. An unusual and wonderful opportunity to buy strictly First Grade, QUALITY seasonable merchandise at Greatly Reduced Prices Still months of cold winter weather ahead — stock up on blankets, bedspreads, sheets, cases, pillows, wool goods, cotton piece goods, flannel and challis gowns and pajamas, Oossard girdles and Bras, lingerie, draperies, nylon scatter rugs, and HUNDREDS OF OTHER QUALITY ITEMS. ALL WINTER COATS, DRESSES, SWEATERS and SKIRTS Regrouped and Re- priced for quick clearance. Chrischilles Store WHiRJ ©UMIW IS A TRADITION Y

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