The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 9, 1962 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, January 9, 1962
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ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY; JANUARY 9, 1962 luVerne, Dies; Rlie$Jah.l8 THREE SECTIONS-18 PAGES VOl. 99 - NO. 1 Rent Blag., OK's Merger! | n he Altfnna .r<A**~...-.!L~ >».« . '. *"^ \ I '•• As Work Begins Hey. Worthy Usher to offSe -^ Smith, 8, son of Mr/and ic^L^ Q • b +J* t *- Lu Verne %£ Oon/Smith, had to undergo 2n Se [/','„ M l Blake Fuiiera appendectomy; on New Year's Day Sen^ harge of arran ^ e K^« t*Sf ?§&•**..•>.«. loked around at his par,-.-• -,- Doctors arid the nurses and asked: "Who is going to the leader?" 8 o Our malTbag, last week, brought a subscription renewal and a note te- JJmtM urtagh, Tucson,. Ariz. Jim's contribution (in addition to thf^enewal), was'this little yarn •,. "The teacher asked the small S ? y °, u had 60 cents in one pocket and-38 cents in the other pocket, what would you have?"' He replied: "I think I'd have on somebody else's pants.',' This ig the time of year when VO11 ' U/ATl/4oV* if TT.T. J1.-.L. ft ' • juu. wuiiucr it rnsyDG filter vmi'w* filled but all the federaland state reports, they might at least send you franked envelopes to mail them in . or would that add to the postal deficit? • ... . .; •:•'••» • : ' POEM: In this vale of tears our'friends "'' nfA?fc»«w, •••••••'••-..< . '• - • • ;•. r~ Butampng them we find is good old Stu, i . • v Aman whose talents we know so • WC11 j , . * ' " ' / ^ -Whose- -produce products "floe tne bell. ••> ' ™ We hope that in this brand New Year He once again will lend an ear To pleas and begging from those who know What a wonderful garden he can grow, • So that his friends with many cares May once again enjoy his wares! There is one fellow in town still wondering who gave him a six-pack of Metrecal for Christmas. Algona's police force has Its ups and j downs, but so far not as bad . as down at Fort Dodge, where a ma ,n beat up his wife in a tavern and then bit a policeman who tried to stop the melee, slashing the officer's finger to the bone. Sharp teeth!, .--..... MC conducted at the cemetery by the American Legion Mr. tton* served in the army to is Survived by his wife, Lu.--.a daughter Marcla, and a son Ronald, ; all at home. Mr. Stone was born June 3 issq grew up in LuVerne, and-retired July 1, 1959, after 36 years afa s ISR&FL purin ^ *<>**• years ne' know practical' y . e y er yone in the LuVerne area and left a host of,friends as weU as his immediate bereaved family. National Honor Society Dinner Is Held Here «»Mea$Bs a nwiday reunion dinner for live and alumni members Wednes- grevening^pec. 27, at van^ Sonla Jlozo, exchange student from Bogota, Colombia, was an Honored guest:and ! *— ; *—•-•••- - The Algona -Community School JK bo ? rd J* education niet with Mrs. Joe Tschetter, owner of the building housing Consumer's high school, Monday evening and discussed the t possibility of renting the structure for use by the school,. The board will negotiate further with Mrs. Tschetter in ,an attempt »" rfraw^p a lease on :the build- If the structure can be leased, it will be put jnto partial use this spring, with a possible rental fee of $275 per month to be paid Mr,its complete use after July 1 this year. , ^By moving'the entire shop program into the Tschetter building "uch additional space in the pres- available for use as junior arid senior high school class rooms It would also provide the opport'un- ity to include metal work in the shop program, a step the board hno K^ unable to tpake wiDtna ™ space. The board also discussed the proposed merger of the Whittemore Independent and Algona Community Schbol districts and agreed that a plan announced earlier would be acceptable here. Two public meetings, dealing wiUr the merger, are slated with- m "Jne next eight days. The first with the Whittemore board as' hosts, wilT be held at Whittemore Monday night, Jan. 15,* :and: second will be- 'lifild "ii school Auditorium'here , rcu ., e5 aay m .fht, Jan. 17. Details of the plan discussed for the benefit interested patrons /and the that might come up.' Should the public meetings result in an okay s to the plans, the founty board .will then' study it thoroughly and, hold ^.public meeHn " Then will follow several ter of ceremonies. _0ther' guests were Mrs. Heleri ; Kelley, chapter advisor,' and her daughter, Susan and Kathryn Sorenson, senior advisor. A feature of the evening was a College Quiz Bowl contest between students of the various universities represented. A question session was also held in which alum- nl gave advice to seniors planning to attend college. Graveside Rites For Klein Baby 4tlrvingt ameside rites fo Even a fire in the attic wasn't enough to make Dick Sjogren take off his grocer's apron. He just pulled on a jacket and lent a hand to the fire fighters, apron and all. One of the holiday visitors a our home was Chuck Oberwetter whose folks moved away to Bed. ford a few months back. But it was no easy task to run into Chuck, even though a guest. Finally,, one morning, we popped open the dormitory door and yelled "Hello Chuck", He acknowledged, and that's the only time we saw him J —'— " •• ' three days. Well, that "sfeavtag the sandpaper" trick has now been expos* ed as a phony. Wonder how many of the rest - soaps, detergents, deodorants, etc, are in the same disgusting bracket? • « t That brings to mind the story about the very-much-married oJd- er couple who were talking over their painful experiences under the yoke, as they watched TV. "I'm teeing you," exclaimed the elderly man to his wife, "if they'da had electric blankets and sliced bread when I was a young man — well, J never woulda got married in the fust place." » * * As readers of this paper will Boon realize, there is no lack of (opportunity to make 4% interest on your money at any one of the local area financial institutions , . . but one fellow thoughtfully added — "alj we have to do now is find the money to earn the interest." « * * Ffjnous Last JJne - Shall I tell her yojj're en your way -on 1.7,:-"""""• "red for Kristy Fave. stillborn daughter of Mr. and Mrs. yernon Klein of Irvington, were held Monday morning at Laurel Hill cemetery at Irvington. Rev. Myron Brower, Presbyterian pastor, officiated and McCullough's Funeral Chapel was in charge of arrangements. The child was born Saturday morning. Surviving besides the parents are two sisters. Swea Council Organizational Meeting Held Mayor EarfHanson and Lowell Roberts and Martin Dahl, coun- at j"' wer<J sworn in at Swea ing of the city council, All were" elected to four year terms, John council secretary, and •ri'j—'' treasurer, were reap- EW* tnei ? P^ts- Miss Da* '„•-—•-• -" jtn^wua iri the "three areas involved, and finally,; the C °££w tio V f £? organization.. Besides the Whittemore and Algona districts, .an 80 acre area connecting the two is involved in the proposed merger. If and when we proposal comes to a vote it must pass by a majority in each of the three areas. > Should the merger be completed in the future, the present Algona Community School District would add 4.5 sections surrounding Whittemore and the 80-acre tract bringing the total amount of land involved in the district to more than 153 sections. • Fifty $1 Prizes Do you know your business firm slogans? • .] If you do, you might win on* of the 50 one dollar prizes be* ing offered by this newspaper for correct naming of local business firms as identified by their slogans. ' » For full details, see page six of today's second section. -• Hold Rites For Andrew Elbeit Af Whiffemore Whittemore — Funeral servii for Andrew S. Elbert, 70, ,we £ ldI , Fr j dav morning in St.-Michael's Catholic church at ld:30 Rev. Armand .Elbert,. a son, was celebrant; Rev. Louis KollaschJa nephew, was deacon; Rev. Victor £<? l asch r, was sub-deacon; Rev. Ciletus Besch was master'of ceremonies; and Rev, Charles Bbr- S a -™ W u S thurifer. Burial was in «" chael s cemetery north of ; Whittemore,Hyink Funeral Home was jn.charge of arrangements. > Pallbearers were nephews, Fran^. Ko » a sch, Raymond Kollasch, Milo Kollasch, David Kollasch James Kollasch and Edward Elbert. Honorary pallbearers were, i n G ^ n > Herman Zumachj:L. H. Pertlj J. -M. Fleming andfWil- .liam Roeber. t ^v,-. He was'the son of the- la^% and Mrs PeterjJ. Elbert and; w, Assessment of personal property and real estate for 1962 began ast week in Kossuth county, following meetings of township assessors on Thursday and town assessors on Friday with Leo Im- emrfall, county assessor. There are three changes this year, Immerfall said, in assessing. One concerns a new special form for owners of boats, launch- 'es, canoes and outboard or in- l ?£"? mo ' ors - The forms must be filled out, signed, and assessment will be made accordingly ; A second Concerns mobile homes or house trailers. There is now a K;/ 66 Of $5 for moblle homes, and they may also be assessed as real estate or on a monthly pro- rafa basis if used for living all or part of the year. There is also |a-jiew form for these., third change involves in- 15 Below In County; Colder Is Predicted Ted Larson, With Druggist Some Schools Mutual 42 Years, Retires — ... uu viiaugc mvuives interest-bearing moneys and credits. Savings accounts or money pn deposit drawing interest in Iowa banks for 3 months or more prior to Jan. 1, are now subject to a one mill levy only. Formerly it had been 6 mills, as are a total of nine, other categories as listed on the assessment rolls for 1962 The assessors for 1962 are as .OI1O WS i " ' TOWNSHIP ASSESSORS Ernest Peterson, Titonka Buffalo Twp. Dennis Lynch, Bancroft, Burt Twp. •••••• for for John P. Simon, Algona, for Cres- ^/\ l^nrw* - ; Thorson, Armstrong, Rock, Four Hunters Fined $25 Each, Mayor's Court Robert Gary Me- Frank and .. paid $25 and ,,, —*— ~- ~. Shierk's court this week following prel hearings of charges of hunt bits after hours. The four°were picked up by state officials and charges filed. In other matters-heard by the STO« B| T° Korte ' Bancroft,' paid $10 and costs, failing to have control of his auto; and Ernest —- < *T"T** *••*««*%. tisnv • WJU1 1710 Pcir ents when a young lad and grew to manhood on the family'farm one mile north of Whittemore. He attended Presentation Academy and Sept. 27, 1916 was united in marriage with Christina Kollasch. They established their home in Whittemore. Mr Elbert worked as an apprentice in the carpenter trade and after several years he contracted and built a number of homes and other buildings. During the winter season he was employed by Pete Haverly in the harness shop which he later bought in 1923 After several years, Mr Elbert started to specialize in hardware and in 1959 sold out to his sons Dean and Charles, who operate the business now. He is survived by his wife, six sons, Rev. Armand of Sioux City: Norvin, Grafton, No. Dakota, Ken* neth, San Diego, Calif,, Melvin. Dean and Charles of Whittemore • one sister, Ida Elbert of Tucson, Ariz.; two brothers, Frank of Whittemore and August of LuVerne-' and 16 grandchildren. .He served on the. Whittemore fire dept. and was chief for several years. He was a member of the Community Club and the Holy Name Society. co Twp. .Lloyd W. .... for Eagle Twp. '• A. D. Newbrough, Lone for Fentpn Twp. Douglas'Wildin,:Algbna,;for Garfield Twp. William'L. ..i.jiuiu LI, jn.uue, BUI ter.-'for* German Twp: * Rode, Buffalo Cen- .Clarence Vaske, Greenwood Twp. Biancroft, for Sam L. Link', Swea City, for Harr,ison_Twp. , ~ Berg, Elmore, for He- 5 n £ r ^ ki111 ^ A1 *°" a . ^ _.— •— • MUI»W, Bancroft, for Ledyard-Twp. & Ramsey Twp LuVerne J. Risius, Buffalo Center, for Lincoln Twp. Wayne H. Gade, Whittemore, for Lotts Creek Twp. & Union Twp,' W. J. Merriam, LuVerne, for LuVerne Twp. CrteSwp*' ° 1Sen> SeXt ° n> P1Um T Roger Scott, Burt, Portland Thomas Becker, Wesley, for Prairie Twp. Anton Becker, Bode, Riverdale Ted Larson, who was the second male employee of the Druggists Mutual Insurance Co. of Algona, and who has witnessed the company's growth from one man's idea, to a multi-million dollar insurance firm, has retired after slightly over 42 years with the organization. And, as one friend remarked in congratulating him on completion of his long years with the firm, "he's the youngest looking fellow of 70 I ever saw." Mr. Larson was born and raised pn a farm West of Algona. After high school he attended a business, college and went to work at Cedar Rapids. Then WOrld War I came along and he entered service. Following that he returned to Cedar Rapids and was employed by the Corn Products Co., the firm that had a terrific explosion in 1919. That terminated his employment there following the destruction and plant closing, and Aug. l, 1919, he went to work here for Al Falkenhainer in the Druggists Mutual office, which at that time was located over the present Security State Bank. In 1921 the firm moved to its first building on the corner of Mate and Moore Streets. In his final 10 years with Druggists Mutual, Ted was asst. secretary, and during his years came to know hundreds of. policy folders: * He has also been active in many community tiffairs, served in sev- era I nf fmAe—in *i«« _ A i _.__ j ^ - ; • • Algona! Country - —~..»^ , v/JuD of -Almond "*« — Congregational church. *His wife, Nell, was a native df Cedar Rapids,-and Mr. and Mrs. .arson are parents of three daugh-' ers, and have nine grandchildren. The daughters are Maxine (Mrs. M M ;^ ormle y' > > st - Louis; Meredith (Mrs. (Dr.) Wm. B. Hob-1 ins), Madison, Wis.; and dora (Mrs. (Dr.) fifwSfS m£l Ted Larson Sandy Weip Of Bancroft Dies; Funeral Held .F.'J. (Sandy), WelK"Bancroft, ""* 10:15 a.m. Thursday at hfs . He was 71. He had'suffered a heart ailment for about 10 -- and had- been confined to bed during much of that time. - "'is born Oct. 21, 1890 at 1 and came to Bancroft parents when he was two 1. He attended St. John's school. Close Tuesday; Roads Drifffog A savage change of weather in' this, area plunged temperatures from a Sunday high of 20, above to a Tuesday morning reading of 15 below zero and resulted ii» many school closings for Tuesday classes. While the Algona public and Gnrrigan high were both operating today, the local school for retarded children had no classes, and the school systems of Sentral, Swea City, West Bend, Whittemore and Twin Rivers among those in this area did not operate Tuesday Weather forecasts were for even colder readings by Wednesday morning. County snow plows, tackling the drifts Tuesday morning, were called back in at mid-morning as it became evident that high winds would continue for at least some more hours. Drifting on county roads was reported as considerable in many places. Bus schedules were being maintained, but running behind time in this area today. , Every garage and service station in Algona reported a flood of service calls, as a host of motor vehicles refused to start in the IS below temperature. The week's weather: •Date :. •• •'•.-•<• •..• ;.',• •. : ; t jj. Jan. 4:... .*....;.tf 4 ..,..,. ^39 Jan. 5 ................ /.... ..i Jan.. 6 .'....!....'. .'.'.'.12 ( JanV"7 Jan. 8 L 21 "5 -4 10 •4 Indications are tnat '%*, emrenr winter>may be one. of .the'* coldest and worst for a good many'years; at least it is setting some new records thus far. ms;, Madison, Wis • and Then- £ ' " e attended St. John's dora (Mrs. (Dr.) C. N. Fischer) lic scho ol. La fo r .t e .' J nd. All of the' daughters L H * was married Nov. 24, 1914 to and, their families were here for Christine Berens at Bancroft. Fol- Christmas. lowing[their marriage, he worked AS for the oreseni- Mr ar ,A **-..„ as a livestock hnwr nnH <•,<,„ i«*— . As for the present, Mr. and Mrs. Larson are content to enjoy complete leisure until - if they do they get tired of it, and then they sons - John an d might travel a bit. Meantime, his P uroft; wllliam -t.--- T . *..%»« M UIL. ivicall former insurance duties are being divided between Gordon Schmidt, Dick Godfredsen and Dick Thoreson. (Isaacson Foto - lIIlnT «•*»«»..._.! v . UDM engraving) ° "•-" »"««i <<>B C > «o worKeo as a livestock buyer and was later i a businessman in Bancroft Surviving are his wife; three Charles of Ban-1 -- "••• "i Marshalltown; three daughters, Mrs. Clyde Eckhart of Bancroft; Mrs. William Hammond and " of Omaha. Also surviving are three broth *C A »*(• Oil/-I Tnn ~.t TT\ *. ... . District Court Pef if, Grand Jurors Named Petit and grand jurors for the <*Art*«iin*»t i« u _ * it ... •••»*• To Be Charged With Larceny Loretta Binzen, Fenton, for Twp. as J. Bormann, Livermore, Sherman Twp. Glen E. Klocke, Ledyard, for Springfield Twp. Wayne Lynch, Fenton, for Swea i wp. Dale H. Struthers, Wesley, for Wesley Twp. Dennis Weber, Whittemore, for Whittemore Twp. UDM Gets Wew Look' The first W62 edition of The J*"* to ?w readers with"! Mttle surprise. » new type face, devel- "^ year end adopted for , Linptype Ca. So f«W 18 we know The The fape ig g% point 8faMMe4 vWiop ««loili H • * "*•* ** Kf**ie«» possible eye eas*. w| hone YOU Pltinv it •-•'... f»r . Wjp» bad letter A ' XiiVrr , • B ' au BlalB vases. An OMVI hearing is slated this week, also. John Rosensteil, 28 Algona, was charged after his auto struck two parked cars, owned by rrank Brusie, Algona, and Linda Larson, Lone Rock, on North Thor- Jngton street about midnight Jan 3. Patrolman Charles Bird filed the charge. Damage to the three autos exceeded $500. Swea Pastor To Suburban Church nn^L^L piUrasn of ^ '- Algona from Fort Dodge by Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst this morning (Tuesday) and they will face charges of larceny, according to County Attorney Gordon Winkel, The charge is the result of theft of a portable transistor radio from Tom's Radio and TV here in July. -in were later apprehended ..... "Dodge, charged with shoplifting there and -picked up by Lindhorst, who had a hold order on them, when they were released after serving terms there. Golden Wedding For Stattelmans Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stattclman of West Bend will observe their golden wedding annlvpr- sary on Sunday, January 21st. A reception will be held in their honor in St. Peter and Paul's Parish Hall, West Bend, and all friends and relatives are most cordially invited to attend. Guests will be received from two to four o'clock. . ............ . - -— -*•••* siuiiu juiurs : Mrs. Jack Surge | February term of district court which is slated to begin here Feb.' „„ "r , .• ¥ "' 6 " lc uucu orom-1 5 - were drawn at the courthoum ^. A £i nd , J ° e ° f B ^ r ° ft; Wai- Monday morning. Here aT ftS Dodge; and five sisters, | names of jurors drawn for duty_ Pet 't Jurors - R u th Bay, Alex Dermand, Don Erickson, Vivian S Jf' Emma Haggl Mrs Walf er Heerdt, Ora Lichter, Maxine Mer- M Vm , an ;,^ dward MUler > J rene Me- Neill, Helen Pletch, Kenneth Roethler Matt Selzer, Ava Simpson, TVinoM t> c».uu <i . r . ' Bertha Welp and Mrs. Roy Mc- of Bancroft; Mrs. Edward of Osage, Mrs. William —n of Mapleton, Minn.; and Mrs. John Gale of California. Sixteen grandchildren and three great grandchildren survive. He was preceded in death by an Want son, Edward, two sisters and one brother. Donald P. Smith, Algona; Arnold Becker, H. J. Boettcher, Harry W Ukena, Lakota. Welp was a member of the L Bil1 Bernhard, Phil Inman, Mrs :„ «_., „ i Leona JohnsODi Ed Kennedy'ptor. ence Wolf, Bancroft; Charles Bju- ftrom, Edna Potratz, Clara Thul, U/n if r AninMn . **t . ..... * Mrs. Dolores Vaske, Bancroft, I for Bancroft Inc. & Burt Inc A. A. Krueger, Lone Rock, for Fenton Inc. & Lone Rock Inc John E. Smith, Lakota, for La- Marvel Halvorson, Ledyard, for — " — "• •—••^ | Ml 114 lllO church of Bancroft, has his resignation effective Change Guard Age Lindebak, LuVerne, for Inc. L, Franks, Swea City, for Swea City Inc. Robert Lang, Titonka, for Titonka Inc. . Alphonse L. Studer, Wesley, for I Wesley Inc. Milton H. Espe, Whittemore, for Cardiac Arrest Ruled In Death According to Dr. R. F. Snyder Kossuth county medical examiner I Funeral" Home Z&&tt$fS3k$\-~-£Z a cardiac arrest, precipitated by a congenital enlargement of the heart. Dr. Snyder announced results of a post mortem, performed at Fort Dodge, Monday. The medical examiner staiea that Erpelding's heart weighed 450 I fi a frame inn n.. n ~. n ,, I ilo Catholic Order of Foresters and was a member of the Bancroft public school board for about 30 years. Services were held at 10 a r Monday at St. . Ex-Coach Dies last week in Phoenix, Ariz, where The church, with a , membership of more than ««/ „ * su h«rb of Minneapolis. The 'hurch h«s just completed a fund aising campaign and property ias been purchased for a ^6*. ueatwnal unit to be built in toe ext two years. Jftt^SW &• ^ved tha Guard. The local unit 95 men in uniform wo ears " ; ' • • **v^~ w* f MIA UUp m this area five f*A!0«nqn Pies •W/\v*/l Ko - < ««i Man Fails To Pay For Items An unknown man, using the name of James A. Larson, attend!» a farm sale at the John Murra arm near Buffalo Center Jan. 3 id on three items, totaling more man $200, then disappeared with W*e purchases before he paid for grams, 100 grams more than a normal adult heart. Davis, Irvington; ,„„. u. ureyer Duane Habeger, D. L. McArthur,' Bernard Pettit, Carl Pijahn, Lone Rock; Wm. Hammond, Wm. J. " au Ptly, Wesley; Junior Helmke, Ruth Hurlburt, Edward Kahler Merle Lockwood, Swea City; John K ' le y. Corwith; and Sam Metzger, West Bend. Grand Jurors — Heiko holidays. His" wife .-._„.„ r .imary grades and - «„.. ,h e . was coach in the Wesley public [Titonka"; Marvin CalKm" nwoia .Young Erpelding died late the \f^L T «! y uT v ,! d to Indian ola J, Cowan, Algona; L. W. Davidson, night of Dec. 26 after he and a e fta d been an invalid lp '" Vlo " J "'" ° -."• companion, Art Becker stopped ' much ° f the time since and Patrolman Bill Tordoff asked three children Phoe! w tniiu- -j-ne pian, apparently using a aSfflr* ^S~^SB"S endgale seeder. --— --..—...„,, tn, t J.WUOH asKeu Erpelding for his driver's license Erpelding collaspsed in the auto Plan Dance The salesmen's bureau of the Algona Chamber of Commerce and nine other local organizations will sponsor a dance Saturday night Jan. 20, at the VFW hall ta anat- te mpt to raise funds for T-shirts and baseball caps for Algona little league baseball players this summer All proceeds from the dance will be spent on "' '' m , caps. Tickets are being members of the sponsoring organizations for ? 1. 6 Ottosen Church Elections Held New officers were elected at the annual meeting of Ottosen Presby terian church, held last Sunday afternoon following a pot luck din- nav ner. Jesse Van Buskirk was named elder; Mrs. Earl Long and Mrs Essie Cooper, trustees; and Lawrence Telford, re-elected treasurer. Ralph Richards is Sunday school superintendent, with Mrs. Albert Thorsen, assistant, and Mrs. Ralph Richards, secretary-treasurer, ri- L j A "*6"""i «• «• "OVtUBOn, Richard O'Green, Swea City; Phil^ lip Doocy, Bancroft; G. R. Krause, Fenton; Ruth Patterson, Burt' Fred Ploeger, Ledyard; Jack Qumn, Lone Rock; Myrtle Usher Ottosen; and Orvilie Wagner, Bode! St. Ann Medic Staff Elects Dr. John Schutter was named President of the St. Ann hospital, staff for 1962 at a recent eKn here. Other officersi are Dr. Carroll Plott, vice president, and Dr Jo, seph Rooney, secretary-treasurer. bt. Ann hospital recently received full accredttattojQ for three years from the Joint CommUtee of Accreditetloo t ^~^9mim \,

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