The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 28, 1961 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1961
Page 16
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, fold /hie, aBout a >of,the Jewish' Hte& at tirhlch s'- played the plpe,c*gan. He Hey, Bfe* Impreasivti ana tittftil " "services." Recently 1 ckQf.the festivities of Hanuk- .'ithe- eight»day flbservance aftd'^hich have bfeiV. faithfully - dbserved since 185. B.G.'-.,; :. In' ' origin in Jer- W-fedejficMlon' follow- t . HA f H'_ * *.•>{>.* A VL . aJ ! .IT '. ,T«-- i ?"'-"v s 'f iIU F spiritual' fliystery inspired the eight-day festivities M, as; the. Feast of Dedication,-; , ' '*'.!!*' I* ' ' In.hornet a cladelabra for nihe candles is used and certalmritUal* used to keep the tapers fc -*•—-"- been named.DouglpS.Scott.!Ar- den's family consists of ArdeA Jr. 18, Linda 14, Nina Jane, 11, and Sharon 9, Dennis Ortons have toftd s"dns,,Paul and Manfiel", S.'tfhd Id, month?,, respectively- / ( , • Mr 6nd Mrs L'e6f«trd Maasdam are recently back from a trip "to Miami, Fla. with Mr Maas'dam'S son-'in-law and 'daughter, Mr,ami Mrs Don Weaver, Northwood. While the trip was greatly en'—'-* Mrs Maasdam ?'Said, >. Shes it' give ""trie" stat§ of'lowa for' 'the. whole ;&ib.oodle of, land /ifaj- 'A-Jt ' J \-Ljj? 444';— J k 8 f. « . >« « , fhey.dr&vi '•» '• >*.; inStatt&e, who.Vhave 'Settled' at •.VMM vv *»«,%, j^ b*J\. b«£SCA O Pi/UA. 1IIJ1K for thi| eight-,'ctey period. 'Special foods a^efp"i£p«red7and gifts wlttf special meanings are given. There •are also special prayers, Mr and 'Mrs Phil Diamond joined Mr and Mr&Chester Bahr' at : Ejnmetsburg for 4h6" v o^serva'rieV't 1 -' ! -* : '"-'' A1 '''* '.' -• * •?•*; - The slork wai'a'b-., ... 3, delivering' twofbabies „ , r wacte Myrna Orton grandma twide iti 1$ minutes,! How is', that for,,*record? A daughter, Patricia Marie, .weighing, seven pounds, lls oUnfcesJ -waa delivered at St.'Ann to'Mr and Mrs Dennis Orton, and at San Jose,"Calif, a.son "was delivered fcTMr and A*- .AJa*--/-.->•, tdn4'This£biaby v Margate and with whom the Maas.dams'.had;a iiice. visit. The Thorpes are busy with their work toWard'the -new^Methodist' church being built and Burton"fs" lending hts-'time'and talent to many features qf'the jproject. ; • , Sknia CiauS- not' paid me a few Visits 'ah-ea'dy. One gift he left from Maxine Quhitard and Clyt Kent ,is a lovely pink poinsetti Estelle Little, Sam Rafael, came e ofhfcse eatda Lfeold, about, ,mas ' t *' Excerpts frpm greetings ""receiv ed so far are from " Elizabet Rowe, former resideht here no\ living at -Atlantic,,^-,' t ,"C}ot tw more grandchildren the past year Joe had a girl iii Bermuda, Terrj Elizabeth and BeverlysJiad 8 FRUIT JUICES 8 TUMBLERS 8JCCDTEAS ; . \4uYNOW-EnJoyNOWthe com fort of SWEEPING SUPER FLOOR HEAT Don't let that old heater fool you and freeze you another day. Order your new Siegler Heater with Super Floor Heat now—and receive your beautiful Glwaww* get absolutely free. Stop io and start saving I I FINANCE TERMS AVAILABLE THERMOGAS COMPANY OF ALGONA So. Phillips St. CY 4-2841 (52-1) BUSINESS FORMS SALES BOOKS, Plain or Imprinted LEDGERS And LEDGER SHEETS FILING SUPPLIES CARBON PAPERS - ADDER TAPES TYPEWRITER - ADDER RIBBONS * * * SPECIAL FORMS, STATEMENTS, RECORDS PRINTED TO ORDER YOUR BUSINESS SUPPLIES AT UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. Mkfgreaves, a Christmas card and note telling about -the trip she ahd her husband Gilbert are making to San Francisco and San -Pedro - Mytra West, Perry, says ,she is busy as usual and will spend Christmas in Des Moines with her daughter Virginia and family, Mabel Livingston, Apache Junction, writes "It's rather haru for nie to get into the Christmas it seems like it is the month of September instead ot December. That's about 'the only fault one can find with this ca mate. .We don't, have the four seasons like Iowa. I planted some seeds the other day and was wondering why they didn't come up. My neighbor lady told me "You can't expect them to grow fast. This* is' Supposed to be winter time." Abner Long eame up with an unpleasant truth. "Fifty , years put a new-face on us alL" Well, not a NEW face t Abner, but cer- iainljra DIFFERENT one. I must admit I am.not' too,pleased with the one being dished out to me'I %w about the res't of you?; A note arid' greetings'-from, Mary King (Mrs Horace), Sunnyvale, Calif., told hie she had not been well of late and her Christmas activities have - been considerably slowed .Up. Neva 'Patterson Collyer, ^Portland,. Ort., high 'school graduate here in-19(57, said she and her daughter are flying to Hawaii for Christmas and New; Years. Lucky. women ! * •» • * » It is always nice io have greetings from local friends, and one from, the Paul Ostwinkles lies be-; fore 'Tne> , ' / J • ' • '1; 1 1 ," * . * • t'l A-inowsy^lftller'-frbm the'Ray inbtt Henrys,-formerly of '.Moline,'; III./ and since last February 'oi't Indianapolis', Ind., v says in r tfarti' "Ra>mc(n >was appointed general sales manager last mid-February.' We had a lot of fun looking foj a house in Indiana's worst' snow storm in history. As usual, we decided 'to build. We were very ; proud,when our Pat njade the; Dean's Honor list last'year and: this year Sounds good too. (She s enrolled in Bloomirigton). Ray? mort and I had two wonderful weeks in Florida in 'November. • : •. : * '. • More carolers have been here. The Good Hope Lutheran group, and each resident was, given'fruit and cookies, a group came to sing especially for Martha Freden and Sarah Krppf, who is. compariijb'p,- hoUsekeeper for Mrs Ida Nicker- pn, told, .me.-they .sang for her, po. . ; They are hiembers.-of the jjrtie church at West Bend-1 wa| lonbred, too, by Berenice Rising's -roup of young folks., . Gene Schemel has been in Des Wpines; several'weeks and is havr rig*a.leg fitting. He had an, am- liitation some .time 1 ago' and h?S made very''good recovery! When possible he plans to go to, Hou- ort, Tex., to spend the winter vith^ his son and! daughter-in-law, rtr arid Mrs Mart Schemel., Sarah Kropf had been hJs .housekeeper. Mr 'and Mrs Dave Lettert were ecenfly 'visited by their son-in- aw ;rind daughter, Mr and Mrs larbld' Parsley, Barrington, '111. Ir' Parsley had made a trip to he Philippines not long ago and vas in Honk Kong and Tokyo. He s an engineer employed with the nternational Harvester company nd when mechanical difficulties rose in a coal mine in the Philip- ines, Mr Parsley was sent there o straighten out affairs. • » • A leljer from my very good -iend Betty Libott, Los Angeles, alif., had some interesting intimate hews on the recent fire near here. Quoting, "the 'girl cellist vith Lawrence Welk lost her house- This fire took the mansions up to $500,000.00 value for the property. Then the second fire took ten homes in the cheaper class., The second fire was arson and they think they have the man who set it. If it had gone east to the next big canyon it would have taken Pickfair (Mary Pickford's home) the Charley Chaplin ana the Charles Ray place. One bad blow hit a woman who had a rented house with three car garage crammed with furniture for her new home nearby. The rented house, new house and all the furniture burned. Zsa Zsa Gabor's servants loaded her cars, their things too, the man drove to Sunset and parked it. Went back to get his wife and got back to find the things had been looted. Nice people in the world ! Important item — at long last we had rain. If only it will rain enough ! (How about giving them some of our snow? Thanks to "Chris" for hig "Tho Railroads of Mexico." Are yov> an old timer? I am fo; I can remember when "Time wa.' marching on instead of runnini oitt — a bureau was considered a piece of furniture — a compact wa" something the girls used to repair their 'complexions and only small boys feared consequence^ when they smoked cigarette*-" » • » We look very festive here. The Pink Ladies came yesterday and put up Christmas decorations. A pretty poinsettia garland decorates my door and those across the hall. • • * QrittUh came Wednes- from SI6U* fflfy fa motei;-i to Sioux Skilly quite new 'Milfoai Dell over here Thursday on many tif us, Hfr itf itt and they have been ::.:..„ Lawtonv Okia. I Believe they-' married in October. They !§! Michigan to visit his parents will go from there to ' '_'_ Us, Ind., where he will ente&jj tal school. He has signed uf three more years 'of service* j •LAKOTA By Mrs Stanley Sreeke'r , Sunday evening, young *jp4o- pie of the Presbyterian church enjoyed a caroling party.' Several car loads of the young pebble accompanied by Rev. -.ahc£ ,Mrs. Harlan Kruse and Dohaldf^Buffet' sang at many homes in'the" community. Following the singing, they enjoyed lunch in the church basement. Hostesses were Nornia Smith, Florence Paulsen, Ejlsie Koppen.and Amle Enhen. ,4?'$ " The Ledyard ToWnSlijp" Homu-" makers met Friday at the home of Mrs- Maurice Carlson,, with Mrs. Lou Nitz and .Mrs.j,JEfenry Steenhard was the J e6-!h,ostess. Mrs. Jerry Heetland reacVa' poem and a Christmas gameiwas played. Secret pals weref f&vealed and members drew •• vhejw secret pals for the comingVyear. Lunch was served by the,hostesses. The Lakota junior and senior high school choirs, .uflufef jhe dl* reetlen ef Donald SuHer, • pffc* seht'ed, tHeif afii\uar rf ,IShfis{miii Glatiftfgh! affd^als, Clafe, Ba*» '" t ,and a isfrinf •oHtl6sm> ; ' ' T^enty^'lnV ^mgfAbef s 1 ef the GorHmunity, ^lab,. iliiet Motfday evening; 'Dee* .11*' at' the ,L4gion Hail. v JiJn v Meitffer r secretary, t& ported $1,86 ^as Cdilected.«'|or\-ihe ChrlstMaS 'fuhd. ThYeiTriew* niem'- ber^-"were iAtr6dtic^ and -welcomed by the club, Ronald Richardson, Albert .. Davis and John Krtssih. ' ' Fractures Ankle Lu Verne ^-.Mrs, Cecil Jolliffe fell at her home Wednesday suffering two broken ,'bohes in an ankle. Shejwa* tfiken tb Luth- e'raft hospital, Fort Dodge, ^ for ! ' *• ' . • • - Crushes Chest Bancroft ,—• Jack JSchiltz.. son '' '.rc.s a patient at Holy Family hospital, Estherville; 'afte> he ran off thd dead end just east of the Don Degert residence. He is sufferin - 3 Mr afidlMriiE.lD.'livticiael of ;Selma fecfintly.! ceiUbrlte'cU. their, , ( NO MATTER WHETHER YOUR WARDROBC IS Cp|ipjLK 6ft SAfIN, S..__. YOUR COSMETICS W.TH CARE AND FROM ; NATIONALLY ACCEPTED LINES WITH ' '-"-^ ** M&t PERFUMES V'l .-, *"- 0"** <*•'•**- "• *-<•»-" •..•^•- itft frdCK ffifr REVLON MAX ^AtfOR DU BARRY SHULTOti '\ . AND MANY, MANY OTHERS. *, OUR SERVICE AND ADVICE IS AS NEAR AS YOUR TELEPHONE. 1 APPROVAL . -f TUSSY LANPLI^PLUS RUSK DWG AND 117 East State St. iiiiiiiiiiimiiniiiiiiiMiiiiipaiiiii NEW MACHINES AND USED MACHINES ... ALL TO BE CLEARED OUT AT DRASTIC REDUCTIONS 1 I I HERE'S "ONCE" A* YEAR' 1 'CHANCE TO BUY DEMONSTRATOR MODELS FROM OUR OTHER STORES, BROUGHT HERE L 1 EARArlcE : . 1 VdR ALl^R^/lCA^liuUPbSES THESE MACHINES ARE AS* GOOD AS NEW;AND WE SO GIJAR^NYEE : THEM 'A'S SUcU SOME^HAVE'PAINT 5 CHIPS OR SCRATCHES, SOME ARE 1961 MODELS, BUT ALL' OF USED Straight Stitch | [ t Portable gjagfk •'lAutbrnaHc •~« 2 Only WHITE Straight Stitch * > ' ' t v "* 1 NEW SINGER Portable . $39 YOUR CHOICE AT 1 NECCHI Supernova .. (Le«s' Than '/2 Price) 3 Only WHITE Zig Zag 1 SEWCRAFT Zig Zag . OF THE ACTUAL GOING PRICE! MANY OTHER MODELS ••••*••••• •• m • • ' ' • ' WHY IT PAYS TO BUY SEWING MACHINES HERE! 1. Choie* of Popular make, and model*. W* DON'T have te lay one !$ bwt or *ell the* model* that have "bug*", 2. You get all the FRf E leswni you want. 3. You get good dependable, QUALIFIED SERVICE - FREi. 4- Better !rade4n allowance*, bwa«»e we handle many make*, We eon better recondition tr^Mm and *ell them to our market, 5, l«*y <* terms-NQ MONiY POWN. 6. Exchange privilege*. 7. World-wide Servke connections. NORTH IOWA r ssytC M Ar-uiKip ipn 11^1^ lyBMl^iliniEl \s\J* ALCONA, K)WA Wi SERVICE ALL MAKES AND MODELS I

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