The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 28, 1961 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1961
Page 15
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blank ease* on it Keep Oioil a?eTr? with b«fiiiht Its 3We Of ^.year-has b?ougYt"to the"membe"« oTour 0 tonfl^ 10 ™ 11 ™ """ fa ' ' , * ^12^"' * * ^u rrj^-- 18 1 1( Wfi-HAD'THE first of our children receive his high school diploma, It was also. the,.year the first of our offspring left- the nest It was off to college tlw he went, and a thing we had prayed'f of, ^Hjj* 80 ^ 60 jfe*& Vift n *£y$Lte <i, u i te , tr l e same around here again The rniame one seemea-to nave'left ner/icnilahood entirely behind diiMnir lira tar and Its qufe, U£ ytatflady.rie is & 1962 ThTlittSw^SdU- £'-£ ..TJ? Bryan? ScKopl, during the year and now -that 1 she's a junior high student I no long|£h<tve fmeftenger to deliver copy to the Algona Upper DesjMolnes on the way to school. f ' ' ' * , * * * / WSHING'.WASN-T TOO GOOD IM 1961 ft* Father, a facVhe<rerfrets, and he also'reporta he couldn't hit thb bMUftbfa of a baWdS hunting seaSofw.The yeaf was 6ne of transition •lrl,oui' ehufbrrlh M&v s wa left the old bOildWg wlttfifs Host of nostalgic' memories bifiirid ana Sov ed info the extremely' beautiful new one. . • • * ' i * * * \ <' |'l|)to|Tr'^l ^ACAtlOKf IN 1981, b'ut f'haaleveral^gl day'Biterabon'Hap^ahd a ".weekend at the lal?e|41'aaded grey flairs io rajf. head,-but on the 6ther Handy f iaiheU^Back s^flmeVdf my Ibst v^eight. November went by in a flash, due to the SubsbriptiSh"contest and December brought one of our nicest Christmases. * ; * ' '*. IN THE DAYS WHEN SANTA used to visit our. house, Christmas Was fr great deal of fun. But so-ate the Christmases of today. It used to be that the kids woke us before dawn to see their presents; this year thr parente.were up a couple of hours before the youngsters! Nowadays, they L do^ v their own, shopping,,and. whats more they earn their own |l fe tMgfftC^e|lI know |6 many hours of baby-sitting or store jSpP^fito, e > adhjpresent, l lt mikes the gift doubly, sweet ^f^iil-',s'l'.^iL>lit*''iV'1'" * HJGHT many,letters and greetings j of Mason City, and-a former co- sheet with her* caret' Betty has the «.wi-»T-—7v~>- 1 of'Catholic Women at 'her home, |dWbtff;th6?campaign for Crippled Children, is a director 1, ^treasurer of the Newman School Home Associ- . Jopment chairman in Holy Family' Guild, is on and does a great deal of speaking on the dangers of -i "ii-«-. •<<.«?*""• The Ber r |es 1)ave a new granddaughter who is al$Q "4 living doll*' like her big brother, Jack, who is 2. "•>" J f '/-,';,t. * i» • * • . t GERTRUDE LONG CLOW writes from Lodi, Calit that their'daugh- fi|, Susan r was married this summer, son Scott Is at Humboldt State College Jor'his first year .of .forestry and Tim is a high school sophomore. Mis Minnie Long lives with them and is active in Art Guild and does |bn»'lovely oils and water colors. She taught arts and crafts-at a child- rejrs dude ranch. Trudie says of her mother, "What a gal! I give out long before she does'!" • 1 !•' ' * * * ' r '{t GLADYS BARKER WRITES FROM Glendale! Ariz, where she is housekeeper for an air^fprce officer.jThe.two^oys^S and 9 have adopted jMrs Barker as their;, mother'and give" her theiV Christmas gifts they ijnake in school and ;Cub'Scouts. Mrp Sarkec-has 14 'grandsons and 13 granddaughters now.'< |S " ' ' ""•* " • •'•••;•••• ". - • ": : :. •-, •*,*,*' column of I wrote jier night clothes as her possessions^SlWi S, well adjusted to the home now and has nothing to complain about, but misses some of her cherished possessions and having so few^ books around.'"At no'time in my long life pave I been without books around me", she says. . . , ROMANTIC PLANS WERE IN THE Christmas mail.' Barbara Rekers, [daughter of our •long-time friends,.Marion Corey and Everett Rekers, Announced her engagement recently; Tom Vinsbn, son of Betty and Craig lyinson, was-married last >week; and Karen Knudsen, daughter of Ken |jmd Thelma Knudsen of Des Moines, has marriage plans for the future lifter sh;.- is graduated from Iowa State University at Ames. IT'.: ••.-.•• • ' * * * ' -' ; OUH FORMER TEACHER, RUTH MESSENGER STILLWELL, sent r'greetlngs'from. Champaign, 111 in rhyme this year. Their son,»is a shman at college now and Grandma Messenger is back from South Jakota to live with them again. The daughter is in high school and Ruth ind her hAisb^nd are both university teachers. I was glad to h.ear from piorence-'Dehpert Dinkle at Victoria, Kansas, but sorry to learn'she'has [eukemia^ It's; under control Florence writes but she's so full of holes >m shots she feels like a sieve. * * * THERESAS A NICE LETTER from my adopted^ "Aunt Hattie" 1 Baker atlLuyerne. She lost her husband within the last year so Christinas was expected to'be a little sad this year. Fran Nealy wrote from pogers, Ork. that it will also be her first Christmas without Bob. She's |old the cemetery and the farm and is now working in town. She had a trip to Europe this summer. * * * \ I ENJOYED THE VERSE from our neighbors, Myrtle and Jens Sorensen and the family pictures from the Edmund O'Briens' Whittemore, ind the Glenn Gabrielsons of Sexton. Mrs ROy Walrod wrote from Wesley, Alice Chester March from Los Angeles and Dorris Long Pitcher from Pennsylvania. * . • * * * •, i \- I DON'T KNOW WHO LEFT THE nice cook book for me at the e pper Des Moines, but I am happy to have it. It was compiled by Mrs. irson's third grade at Bryant. This week's recipe is from it and it was fubmitted by Darwin Metzger. It's for Lemonade Chiffon Pie, 2—6-oz. cans frozen lemonade concentrate • | Vi cup cold water I 1 envelope unflavored gelatin. \ 4 egg yolks •..'".:... | : ' ; J/4 tsp. salt i ,4 egg whites < '/4 cup sugar I • Vt cup whipping cream ; 9". crumb crust I '.Allow lemonade concentrate to defrost. Sprinkle gelatin over the old'water and let stand. Peat egg yolks slightly and turn into top part if double boiler with d«fro|ted Ieiti6na4e and, gait. Cook ovep hot water iptjl thick — about 5 minutes, st(rrin| coBstanUyt .Remove, from heat, dd gelatin and stir. Turn into bowl and cool' 'm ,'refrigwator until partially ongealed, Beat egg whites until stiff then continue beating and add ugaj, slowly. Beat 1 more minute, Fold beaten egg whit^ into ehi|lpd ?roon rojxture,.Whip cre'am and fold it in,' Pile lightly into baked and ooled crust. Chill before Drying. —GRACE, Cqr-Truck Sales Total 22 Here In Past Week in truck week as 28 red a{ till office Here* weeks h(f 59i of vehicles, pg* st week: Olds — E. -C. or EjM]a Biersteai, — N- 0- Michaelson, i >f ^ J.-W, »dw> lurt{ tswy ^ a--W. «9 $M, BsH), tone .;• and J, s, laf at w ttfet of ft school 9! instruction course, conqucteg by the Iowa Grain Pealcrs Ass'n. Purpose of the coiwse is to CP* ate the various systeni§ i{j and give pertinent jnforniii- on record keeping of the ffit'iont nature for both p|- afi4 iaS re^Uti-ed by uicut. Ciai-k & Steelc irst' fiofiM,' , listing sheets, avail"-' 8BI<< S{ etfr bfflc^, fffib listing ift this coltimn and any layout help you may need in preparing thft sale, <4< i Ako n if (Sale is postponed. We-cfe'tUfl tne«ad without charge uadfef ' oitf ' feather insurance plan. - Hermafa *IM»* T w ~t »s»*iif I l^rGSt OZ xibuiiww.iubj i north, 1st, bU»ee west oft-high,way,-8. I;arm equipment, etc.jAti* dersort ,& Kleve .auctioneers! Humboldt Tnlst & Savings SanR* Gilmore City, clerk. Sale' details ill tJDM today.'V, ' f ;;•>•''" Bifos. iarfti sfiie,;wltri lig Uhe,6£ power machinery, etc', At.farftCS' west and 8 north ,of Algeria j dfe 4%, south and"34'west'0< Loiifr Rock, GlArk & Clark, auction* eers'f Security State Bank, Atf lona, clerk.' Said details In full in January. . ;Jan, ie, fuwitey; -i Ate«d doslftg out, full llhft df IJfewer machin«ry and livestdck |t jarm M mitt ehiKai St. .Bene- doirt&lete detailr Wer in Jan. 16, Tuejdny' — , Frank De Orotte sale, 1 mile ..north, 1 West of Humboldt. Farm machinery, 70 head, cattle, et& Anderson «. Kleve, auctioneers; • • Humboldl Trust & Savings Bank,' clerk. »Jan 24, Wednesday — Jim VI- 6ftd sale, one mile south of tobarton from the old-Whitte- lore Road. Big machinery ana Uvestock listing. CJuirin, & Leek will be auctioneers'.' Sale- details to come later; Tuberculosis can strike anyone, I anytime, anyplace, ^ Pol Luck A pot luck supper, was held Dec. 19 at the Veterans hall.,by Veterans of World War' I and their wives) Watch Nighl Set Morning worship will be held at 10:45 a.m. and Watch Night Service at 9 p.m. this Sunday, Dec. 31, at the First Baptist church here. Rev. J. R. Fountain is pastor of the church. • Delphian Society Delphian society met Dec, 19 with MM. Milton Norton, assisted by Mfg. Rhoda Bonar. The pro- was lii atthew Striit." Bach nierhbif Wought a present foe the Basket for needy families. Ttf Wed Mrs. Laura Palmer and s'ort Difik have received an ihVltatlon to the weddirlg Dec. 30 at "Mlti- neapolis of the William CHubb'3 daughter, Pamela. William is a, nephew of Mrs. 'Palmer and .Will be well-remembered as a fornU-j' Algonan. Dinner Hosts Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stoffel entertained at dinner Monday anp* had as guests Mr. and Mrs. He^ bert Arndorfer, Mr. and llHrs. Joe Cogley, .Mr. and Mrs. Jack Orandgenett. Mr, a«d , ai old Illg ahd Mr. arid Mrk Dali Widen. Lumberyard Sold RlngsJed — the Weyerhaeuser company has sold the local lumberyard to the United Builders Centers. The transaction includes the retail lumberyards at "Ring'* stcd and Armstrong. Plans for the future haven't been anhounc- ed. FILING CABINETS, 2, 3, 4 drawer, also combination filing-storage cabinet* in variety of lizes. Office Supply Depi., Upper DM Moinei Pub. Co., Algona. BJUSTROM'S f\'j,\ - ' I' « t - ww T ' , SALE! READ ALL ABOUT IT! BJUSTROM'S Bonus In FREE MERCHANDISE Af 'i- •-•"•• • •.•''"' v Before we inventory — before, we have to carry over this furniture until 1962 — we are making .this "Once-in-a-life-time" offer . . . for every $10 you spend In furniture, you Will receive 25% of that purchase price In FREE FURNITURE . . . you jpend $100, you cjet your choice of $25 worth of free furniture In our store . . . you spend $200, you get $50 of your choice ... for $400 you get $100 of, your choice ... no strings attached j either ... the choice Is left entirely up to you ... IF YOU NEED CARPETING, for " every $100 spent, you get $10 In free furniture or 10% of your purchase price free. Ifs unbelievable but true ... so wait no longer. This is the time -to buy. BUY YOUR ENTIRE NEEDS FOR 1962 AND RECEIVE FREE FURNITURE . . . why wait until later next year we can fbiance and you get free furniture now I ''• BEDROOM SUITE 3 PIECE SUITES CLEARANCE OF BEDROOMS AS tOW AS ., ^^^^^ ^^^F .. ^f ^j^^ ^^JiJF '^ n ~*^*^*?y*>S**r>. t S**r*s**J^^f+^^~^ir**n BUNK BEDS t- ijiMnpring mo,W9««, CARPETING AS LOW AS 4.88 Per Square Yard MOTH - PROOF 1 ,i ALL-WOOL CARPETING 6.95 PER SQUARE YARD MAPLE DINING ROOM SUITE LIVING ROOM SUITES . .... ^AS LOW AS $ 169.95 STUDIO LOUNGES AS LOW AS 54.50 COMPLETE SUITE INCLUDES HUTCH SAVE $100.00 J^ rf ^^-^^%^*_X\_rt - -v^^^ 1 -^*^ > -^^>^^-^^^^X p %^V^VXV^^- HIDE-A-BEDS AS LOW AS 169.50 «u. DIRiCT FROM FACTORY ESTABLISHED IN 1925 § fA$¥ j > •" A ' - ., $ Floor* To Choose From WHY WAIT? USi YOUR CREDIT iASY T1RMSHI

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