The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 28, 1961 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1961
Page 13
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, . r. and Mrs. til. den Guess-were hosts to'a 6:30 p.m, dinner Dec.-17. The surftrls* hohored Mr. and. Mrs. Nels Jen- seflf who fjs' .retiring from the personnel of the LoVertie Co* Op Elevator,as of Jafr 1.'Other" guests were Mrr and "Mrs. Glen Braynard and David 'HobseHeidt, Bowling equipment, and a luncheon set was presented to the honofees as a gift. Following the dinner the boaro • of directors and-their wives came to honor the Jensens for the evening. T'hey were Mr. and Mrs. A A. Schipttll, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Miller, Mr. and Mrs. 'Albert FisV MrSafifc MVi Aharefo Marty, Mrs/Edwin Han- selmafy Mr. "and "Mrs: Wils6n Legler. Due to illness, Mr. and Mrs. Don ' Warmbior were> -not present. 500 was played, followed by a buffet luncheon. In' behali of _th,e., b.o.ard, of, directors, A. A, SchipulT presented Mr. Jensen witH"tfsRmte ? 'e<|iiipmbnt: INels Jensen has been employed at the LuVerne Co-Op Elevator trie past eighVtfears. Prior to that he owned JanflJ operated a'- port* able feed granden Mr. and Mrs; Nels Jensen'have* Jived the past 23 years in LuVerne. They havt- two sons and three daughters' also several grandchildren. > .Since bb$vuihg' and fishing are hobbies 0/5.. Nels with the new, equipment he should enjoy life to the fullest as he retires' from activity; Christmas Pariy ' ;; ; : ; , r The gift exchange. Christmas party of the Memorial Society was held Dec. 13 in the town* hall. •4 An informal program in charge of Mrs. Wilma Jiedei consisted ot a ; solo by'Mrs. John'.Hanson, reading of Christmas ' iri 'other countries by,/Mrs. ( Tiede, poem, EtttL'IjWttSr..: isjrffdfcor ' 'rti. mrs. Harry-, 'iiiemy> Entertain'* ffiiettt a£ gaMls *MfConY68ts[wt8 - Jft jlty-eyw MieFetfan alfd Mr?; ;>. PHalMs HiffsSf Withl^Hzef'Iftwatd' - |dJ^ v ''/^A'V^V-i^ 'v- ' *.*.\*a*\.aa\*a s f wcic XVAlOt JT n U i Blumer, Mfl- Minnie* Henderson, Mrs. Georgia Bartdn.- Mrs. Kate Barton .was a substitute for Mrs. Georgia Bflftoa Moiwas hospitalized, f \'f\ '.; Sally Shirk; arrived >. t Saturday for the-holiday with ^hef 7 parents, Mr. and^Mre. ,Hugn^Smfk. She is a. stewardess " on United Ah Lines With headquarters ,at Wtfsh- ihgton, D. C. 'Mr. and'Mrs. Phil.G. Lichty went Thursday td Sioux Fajls, S. D., lor the holidays 'With her son and daughter, the Richard Wermersen and Wayne Dorhber- ger families. Richard came to' get them for'the visit. Neal Jensen of Newark, Dei., arrived; Friday for the 1 holidays with his parents, Mr. 'and Mr.*, Nels Jensen and his sister, Mrs. Arlene Balimann and family, This is Neal'siirsti visit ,to hip home in seven years,- •• J*' •*'";„ ^ f Mrs/, Dtiane NeaI",entertatneU her Birthday Bridge cjub Wednesday , evening at > a gift exchange Christmas party. Her sister, Mrs. Charles Hanselman, Ji., was guest player. High; Mrs. A. W. Dimler, low, Mrs:- Hanselman. The Dec. ? Z2~ birthday-,of,'Mrs. Dimler was 'remembered with a gift. '• Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Smith -ot San Francisco, Cal., called Thursday on LuVerne .friends', Jerry, who is in the Navy, is «the son of Mr. and'Mrs. Lloyd ;'F.!,Smith of Des Moines, formely' of Lu- Vfirne. - - ; ; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lindebak, Da\vn and Layne we're hosts Sunday to a holiday dinner with guests his parents Mr. and Mrs. Jess Lindebak, his sisters the Duane Neal and Charles Hanscl- man,< Jr. families. : •* ' • Mr. and 'Mrs. 1 'Arthur*Hanselman of; Clear Lake S were Friday overnight guests : of, his, parents. Mr. and Mrs. Hanselman are both in-'ill health; Mrs. Theresa(.-Assing isi home fpr - t Christmas at her apartment ih 'the 'Phil Ltichty ,; hardware building. Mrs. •Asking-is a. praci- WED. THRU SAT. .. MATINEESDAiLY f ATij3o ALGONA • A NEW WORLD OF SCREEN .WONDERS JOSEPH E.LEVIHE PRfKNIS ' STEVE ,»REE VES-i #M- EVE AT 7:35 ONLY DAVID LADD ARTHUR 0'CONflEJ.L SATURDAY CHILDREN SPECIAL PRE-NEW YEAR'S EV? MATINEE . ',-'... - , ' V- >''••,'.-'••- ~f T- JAN. 30 AT 1:30 P,M, COLOR Kiddies 25c Adults 75e nurse.,. 3M&' BBL.,. toll Paul'W111S W^ifefMi".^. "« Richard 3&{hget% of Fort Botfge and the "Harvey Wills' of Lu- Verne. George Jeffers of Whitewater, WiSff., atrtVa'd -for " thfi holi<tojr with .his parents, the Lavernt Jeffers. Keith ;Kubly, OaJt • Park, !&', was a holiday guest of his patents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kubly and. Dale. Mr. and Mrs. Harry t-iehty had as Christmas guests their son, the DeKay Lichty family of Masg» City and his sis.ter, Grace Lichty of LuVerne. Mr. and Mrs. David Morris and Kelly of Waterloo were Christmas guests of her parents, tne John Bockes and Sister, the Stanley Genrich families. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Pitlik of Cedar Rapids came Friday evening for the holiday with het mother, Mrs. Wilm'a Tiede, and Other relatives. S/Sgt. J. D. and Mrs. Hinz, sons,- Ronald and Brian of Omaha, Neb., arrived Friday for the holiday with his pafents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hinz and his brother, the Myron Hinz,'family. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Ramus and. Sheri visited Sunday and Monday with her parents* 'Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Seim and family ai Decofah. ', ' ' * ; ( "' ',-' -' ! Holiday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schulz were .their son, the Dennis Schulzes ' 01 iM ora > Minn.j their daughters, the Roy Roeds of Woodbine; and Earl Gronbachs of -Hayfl'eld; Minn., and families. -1 Mrs. Georgia Barton returned Thursday from 'Mercy hospital at Fort Dodge,, where she -was a patient the, past*week. '"• r r t * ' . 4 Checks, 4-H Baby Beeves v 4-H • leaders, mac]e. ..plans at their meeting Tuesday of last week to weigh and enroll all baby beef projects., by January 1; All baby;beeves to ,bej ejchibitcd at the Kossuth County'Fair musj -not 'exceed a starting weight' of 650 Ib. January, 1, In 1960 207 members enrolled! 370 baby beeves. • • •: The schedule is as follows foz the balance of the clubs ? • December, 28,'Hurt, 9^00 a.mjr. 'at •Pa)tersion's';- Ag'gFe-ssttfe -£aasf 9:00 a.m., Thonipspn Vards in Lakota; December 29, Swea-Har-. rison, Eagle and Grant at • 9:00 a.m. at" Swea City; Greenwood, 9:00 a.m. at Meyer Bros.; De? cember 30, St. Joe, 9:00 a.m. at Frank Reding's; Garfield, 9.30 a.m. at Mertz Yards, West Bendj LuVerne, 1:00 p.m., Dale Zetr ner's, LuVerne; Prairie, 2:00.p.m;, at Corwith". Clubs riot mentioned will. be weighed and tattooed as arranged. •, - ' : '?. A 4-H demonstration meetink was held with Kenneth Strayej presiding. Members taking part in the program were Floyd Bode 1 ; Pledge to the U. S. Flagr Joe Skow, song leader; Albert Johnr son, secretary and Gary DeBobjn, Pledge to 4-H flag. Gerald Soderberg, vice-president, with the help of Harold Lampe, Kenneth Strayer, Herman Tjarks, Nicli Thomsen, Herschel Hartman and Ray Becker, presented a program on "Electic Magic." A talk on keeping records and estimating a feed budget was given by Rob» ert Johnson. The ,next leader's meeting wlh be January 10 a.t the Algona Country Club. Dale Hull, exten,' sion eng(neer frp.m Iowa State University, will offer training iri thjs year's special activity • Leaders attending the meeting jn addition tp tho§9 on tt»e program were — John Pergande, Bob DRtnck, Ja»Ti|§ Pierstedt, Bernard Thilges, John Richards .° n - Clarw^ Piers, B}11 Fritz, Arnold Ket^lsen and Bugene Drage?, ••«>*, THRU WlSljNeStfAY - YOUR dALA'NtvV YEAR'S SHOW! rf ELVIS At H! PERFORMS TH6 "ROCk^A-HULAtWIST" » -'>& 1 ^ ^ .^fc^s^i33t«K _E^ U i&fc . t . * their own sewing jnaehijlas. Eugene Van Berkel, 12, of Rock , Vajley was ajmdst Unhurt though bruised, when "a tractor he was driving 'overtuped *nd pinned him Beneath it rscsntiy, was getting his father's cattlcj December ?8 r -19,61 Alqpnq (|g.) UpperDM Mattl»H-S .home from the field when he at- tem.pUid to turn the vehicle- ft aptiaifently Wt a soft spot and Wiled pvef. He was badly bruised but had no broken bonea. , A cajf without a low^r jaw was. bflfft recently 1 bit fhe 3 Curtisllpey farm near Hartley. .Tho ealf la hea|thy end able U> Uke milk, but there is doujst tpf t tt will be able tb elt 'feed* MM it 'gets older- .. „ ,.. • Elvis Presley' is tyere engaged :.iri' a real cool version of the . Hulalwisi" lo Ihe June oz one •> office 14"songs in his new-Hal , Technicolor romance, "Blue' ;Hiwfii," Which arrives 'Surid,ay".,ki ,l] Algona Treaire.'ln this beach ,bash f Presley, his cd-siar Joan Blackm '(lower right) and. d group of iie.en"-age Mrists cut toose with sor>i£ 'hf* powered Hawaiian' fool-w>rk.'; TH&Parsmounl release 'Was,'filmed, Honolulu. , r righl) and.d group .of tegn-age Mrists cut tooie w|th so ed Hawaiian' fooi-w>rk.' THifPararnount release 'W^i'f lu. ' . ' : , i : i," .'"i! 'fj-.V-i .'.'•' ' I'' . '• * t ^ lrie an New Social Security Tax Goes Into Effect, Jan. 1 economist. These will consist oi '•The Kossuth i-. tountyjsi '& cultural Conservation ' • Program' for"1962 wjll 'gei,;,'under 1 ,Jway. c starting Jan; 2, 1962,> 'according to Richard I.. Anderson, man, _ rflj-lr'r" t * v « a « » ^ ^ ,vi > '• 1 .Cottimittee. Except for the a> tfajn of two new tices, the 1962 ACH stantially the sam&" as |flie J961 program- County and Cpmmun- ity r ASC Committeemen-.will':ad- miriister the ACP as in past years. v v'i i --» , The training .hiepting !at iwjwcn cbmmunity coramitteerrte.n. ^ere instructed in the details' of-^the program was h'eld on?NoV:ftf3, 1961, in Algona. Farmers who will need assistance in conservation work, in 1962 may apply at the local ASCS office at any time for assistance or advice. To be eligible for cost-sharing on any-; practice, application must- ibe :mtidQ -priori' to beginning any worfc pn {he, project, ,The Agricultural Conservation Program, is' ! ; designed' .to help farmers establish needed; con-, servation practices on their, land. 4 ' Farmers who have a Conservation pvpblem which they, .are no{ able-, to solve with their own resources are encouraged to visit the ASCS County Office to talk it over. : I I Sewing' Classes j 'Glasses .-. 011 'begintiing' clothing jconstructjqn , though. ;the'-' " ' ily "Living Program' will i begin ALGONA SUNDAY THRU WEDNESDAY CONTINUOUS SUNDAY FROM 1:30-THftU OUR GALA. NEW YjEAR'$ EVE $HpW|N<? AT MlpNITE) CpHTlMUdUS MbNbAY FROW| 1$30 SPECIAL MATINEE SHOWING TUESDAY ^- WEDNESDAY AT 1:30 Dancer* slicing th» •snd i.. singers , bellina the bluet...- couples cooing in blits ... lift you high a« th« skies with Hawaii's .happiest, Ipve btatl Br.MhUklng H.W.M PARAMOUNT I , In.y.-fllllng „• .RELEASE , • ^n»»ik..aninK •;: « PANAVISION' musca—me Amid the wpnders of Waikikil i ADDED FUN I BLACKMAN-ANGELA LANSBORY;, li 5.f_I. .". £_>-! 3_'_ '" .. ....___.-•-.'.. CQLOp CARTOON 'AND NOVELTY iHiUMmttfft^&eL- JUNfORSV75c~;CHJpREN 25c ; "-•'•'• ITT |r1Al^pp. ; APART^r^R^EWiVEAR^W^ i^oWYdu TME MOST QjUTSTANDING FILM? IN THE WORLD friEATStf AtQQM;:iOWA ' : _ _ . n ._ ,., # I . Jcin 10 A Xmas party for the U-Go-I Go, 4-H Club was held Dep. 19 at Jean Abbotts. Fourteen girls, were F e ^n 1 ' Games, were play, fifts exchanged, W 4 lunch was served by Maureen Besten, lehnsr anfl Di S n^ -Aljpn. Cindy Bradley'will represent the Club as § queen candid^^ at 4-H Fu?» Night Oep. 28. Guests were Cq Ext. Hapxe Ecoqm Avi5 Let, ' L>Rock Banquet •Ifhe Lone Rock alun]ni ban-' quet, which was previously scheduled to be at the Plantation Ballroom'Pec. 30, has beep, re-' scheduled to be at St. Cecelia's Academy at 7 p-m. Dec. 30. Reservations will still be accepted. Call or write Mrs. ' Art Person, Lone Rock. The yearly cost for care of mentally ill i§ three bi|lipn dollars. ' . , 2. Jqn- 24. 7 LEADING FOREIGN FILMS Shown ;on the follovw'na WEDNESDAY- evenings at 8: 1 5 ' ' . f £ . : 1 '-' . -\~ ! , -I • ,' ' t .' '•'. /• . . .' . — Of A Soldier^ Strada " 3. feb/ y ^Twq^Wqy Stretch" 4. Feb. 21 f/ The 400 Blows" 5. March 7 ^hePeyil StrikesgtNighf 6. March 21 "The Seventh Seal" Thursday, Friday, Saturday -r- "Misty" 7:30; "Thjef of Baghdaa 1 ' 9:17. Sunday, Monday — "Blue Hawaii 1:30, 3:40, 5:50, 8:00, 10:10, and Sunday, '12;t7,-' Tuesciay, Wednesday Hawaii" -7:32, 9;45. •**.• 7. April 4 of Gentlemen 4 Oet Your Seqsjon TicH^ts NOW 1 7 Features For Only -^ $5.00 SAVE <tO A A ^ ordering Yovr SEASON TICKET NOW I ;j>/»UU Mpil eh«k or money order to the Algprio Theatre, AlaPlfl, "9WH with self-addressed stamped envefope, SEASON TICKETS NOW ON SALE AT THE mm ARTS SERIES

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