The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 28, 1961 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1961
Page 10
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FUTURE LOOKS DIM FALLOUT SHELTER, LIGHTER VEIN West Texas Livestock Weekly - Are you onb lose far-sighted persons who,? foXfl 'aiof«• t-,* J iL^A /(* j* ±Lif^..,* -L _I*J ''^ ..7*.-^ . .. it ' Jf. i WT I flU50 • •«> wi£|«4twM |««0|<*wii« »y i ivy iw( i y ***W w fi 1 "™ cognized that the falfout shelter business di/dht to make a fortune but who, somehow,' nevergot around tb getting into the business 1 ?. ' Here In Sari Angelo the other day a shelter • , fit- • " A* -we prepare rot, another n«w, year/- vye cannot help but feel pessimistic 'about the futyre of the United Notions. It hbs been the belief of this paper,for years that,a world arganliaiiorj based on mutual allegiance, one fa artether, t6 prevent aggressors from starting wars 6r Infringing on the " other nations, has been sound. . UrtTOrtuhatoly> some of the major me,,,*,=,,;,_ . g^,**,*.,^, was.,,winy, uium/nu, e? ai were aoing a evidently do not get the Idea. Russia, of eAtM* , t|n(ra$ job of cfeating pbpular^emand m'.thls never has been what one might call a substa$f|l cburtfry; Then ,thp, firm's opening ceremonies eoepeCafor, But .there are others, the latest of; .featured a rlbbon-cuttlrig by the mayor* plus a which Is lndiei. t Ar$.,there t ore ti tJW, numerous • j'stirrin'g talk by.'Rep. O. C.'Fisher who,'for- all We Tricon troubles, of which the-Congo fs foremfcs'ts \kfew, hurried home from Washington especial nnW f\f In A t\AHi MM!!****** AIWA. « JK _L^_.±._ l _— —ji/^/^i. .= r f^ _/__... I _ . " t mtt i i ,.*..., /> , ij ..---.—,-, »,,„»,, ,,,a >_wi, y u , 9 luiemosii *ntiw/ nurrlea nome rrom wasnington Many of the new nations are no moreVeady-'fbr;. ly for the occasion. The yvhole 'affair, 'got myth U.N. membership than they are indepenflertce}} Pa^e .One spqceHn';the Ideal'paderfope'ratori of and the trouble that has resulted «hnni^f.i,ii.L tUU ,ii;«'._ i.-...i u'..J,JJ_i*2 thii .shelter concern must have/r'eal,*geniui l for -tublic-relatibhsV *. . $ I ':'•.: i. .* I ,,,,,. • • .»i UPWI Mf nf« M iwi i ii icjr ui a iiiuoueiiDsnCB^ and fhe trouble that has .resulted should j^uH prise no one. -' ' ( L-t', f, In fact-In the,Cortgo we have the on!y^U,l$( J'^- fj And' shelter salei.are good; One'of the ? ouV military force now operating trying to subdus i 5 fit's salesmen,says he's six weeks behind Iritis one section of the Congo ahd force It to join '* Ul*..rJin«i n V'AtPho „«£.;!* i* „• **^-.«. .-.:-'- Lt another. The segment of the Congo the U.N. forces are backing is the least stable, the most pro-Communist of any; the Katanga segment the U.N. forces have attacked is the only one that had any stability and the only one that has been bodily kicking out the Communists. It 1$ a queer twist of fate. Perhaps fhe world is not yet re,ady. to run a United Nations as It rr|ust'be'?Un if If is'to succeed. Maybe we have not yet learned that .nobody wins a shooting war. * * * NOT AS BAD AS CARS There has been considerable comment on the fact that 15 perp school athletes died as a result of injuries during the 1961 footbqll sea- sort. Of the total, nine weret irljuned in .gamesi. the rest in 'practice or from heat prostration. In' the last .named, we can see no reason why any coach would allow such a result to happen. The Others Were, of course, accidents, It Is to be hoped that bejfer equipment, more common sense in coaching, and a faster referee's whistle,, will reduce the toll. However, When you consider that 20,000' high schools In ' ~ "" "' ' ' "ball,•'"' ' t L «••••»« »^ (,*••/,** • IW * •»•** TT«wixa wiimu III , If 13 " hole'diggirig. 'All he needs is a' continuation of the wacm war in Order to'get rich. ,But fallout shelter selling must carry with it a certain amount of frustration. If the shelters you sell prove unnecessary, think how many people-,are,going to accuse you.of sparing them Into buying 'something they didn't peed? If the bombs and rockets really come,' what are y6u ._* . t .it.i . »*_- ses-aitd owe of : the <0afr • a' lefe • fracture when their auto failed to'make the turn on highway' 18\ae'ros"s the^Mil*. waukee tracks., east, of" Sexton. As -.beforlH the was fbr '' going, to do with the money you've made aff 'y6ur shelters? J ; ' >» , i. , As with parctically any other item, sales pitches for fallout shelters fail to woo every prospect. Along our. street, hardly anybody's buying one. Maybe they're too broke, like us. But some -'••-•'••• • • - • for he' ances who'd know he had" a shelter, "f can't everi keep their kids out of my flower beds," he complains. "How could J keep i them from crowding me out of my shelter?"' ' v > ' A certain percentage of residents in our neighborhood just-plain don't give a damn. "Whgt'm I gonna do when the i sjrens blow." they say. "I'm gonna, seel if pi; Ma|t Dillon,and Chester are on :TV> *.."« ^ V "i '", " f', ' 1 " So much fpr'fhe'^s.belte'r business; "It seems which seemed to be par for the ,. cfljyse. The.Injured persons treated at the local hospital. Koisuih coun&'s first allocation of tires came through — and* the magic number was 77. In: r Wttdedf wfera ia»; passeflgef tires arid \55; : Infok" and;'bus. tires, •' Is pass|hger tubeslAnd . 48 -tl-uck tubes. A three-man DOard was to Vho woul'd receive the ,', when needed.,'-; There s-r.**" ^ Oh ^' Usted' fdr: ariybne who feiust .used., their vehfdie for riding "'-around''ai- for taking the family for*a'spin' 6« Sunday. Another local result of World War II. , * • ; ! • Five Eagle township young men enlisted in the U-S. Navy — ^^^^^_ ___„ ...., . . . , , . , j ._ ,and all lived .withfn a radius of ^^^^^TT, ^l*^'' /: ll Pr^3!! lllll 'W lll ? Bil11 ' 1 ^^ They With y'eai making Us'choos'l'toV remain A ffu'll ''tod' El Sc^Vftf&U^ 0 ^ entrance let's'go .out on a limb vears in a.nahinW L*A.' rt t"^ 9 p f fi i' f^^^/Buerdet and John and try td predict what in store for the world pe S p1 !,'. *• • , ' j ' since < most of thern * sacrifice Predicting is always a risky much When they accept a cabinet A HAPPY HEW YEAR DIVIDEND TO OUR SAVERS1 Soon your mailman wiu'help ttt'ojeUvar.tiM^ ~, ' * ~ i good news of dividends for our savers .i.' generous earnings on the savings accounts at our Association. You can share in future \\ earnings. Start the Atew Jfeaf tight by open. ' * , ing a savinga atcdunt ViHj — •"" ' '-~ of these words nob committed;, so >"• There i firmly, io paper. !V | -^ \ (f ,, ing,'Jh'at' What aboul"^Tes?* Thai's ai^/S* this in turn wfljt ^er'ate ed'were Dr S S±? T'P' ways a .ttfely fsUbJecf of specula-jLWt' disputes on- CJa'pitbl ,Hli, iHiSon i'nti' WiSam P 'c?Li=' ^qnlln this;COuntry:.WilMhey f go'- where 'no one has beek able, to ^ utcmson and,Wi|liam P. Steele. up, "'down', 'or ' remain at-their' agfeei on',6 sound approablu to 1 > i -Here are ihe *m^-k*st« ^_ j,««.» present level? I say don't look for the farm problem New farm, leg- butchers, 260-240 Obs toDned Vl 5 el '5 f -, President . Ken ^dy will ^?'on will be proposed but it *10JK:'*™&SU^^£ ,, ! ; Home " Federal - ' j j ' Savings & Loan What we are wondering is whether or:not there might, have beert 15 more youngsters killed in automobile accidents during the same length of time, had the youths not been playing ^ and, _ around after evenings arid other' There are many ways to look at'sucK .«- talitles. ' . ^ ..*. * ' *', •' ' •**"*'•-?* '7ho Old Rugged Cross" is the nation's favorite hymn, a poll of 61,000 newspaper readers has determined. " '. ..'.•.*:•* * If an idiot were to tell you the same story every/day for a year, you would end by believing him. This may be why propaganda is so affective. - Schaller Herald. *'-.*. * •""•"'' - •• Have you ever stopped to think what a /tvonderful thing the hyrnan brain is ? It never ceases wqrking for yog from the time you are born until the moment you stqjid,. gp to make a speech.;- North English Record 111 E.Call.Stree^-Ph. CY 4-3535-^Algona. Iowa Second cla»» poitH» p«14 at Algona. low* Issued Thursday in 1961' B THE UPPEH —~ —- - _^ -. R. B, WALLER, Editor & Publisher PON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising IWgr JACK PVRCBjLLv Foreman" ',, • the plight Of a Shelter 1 .salesman,j overseeing)Installation of a new $2500 unit, when he hears the first rockets hitting nearby. He's standing over a half-dug hole 25 miles from the nearest ' • ' shelter and'realizest^he can't make' alt^q^ghi^ie's*.rnade 'a;mjlliont,bycks; „ - it/. MTrieri ;he perceives >H4ftrutKi of something he's heard all,his life: "The-first million is always the hardest." * » * ' WHAT WE'VE BEEN HOPING FOR ? Iowa Falls Citizen — Newspapers reveal interesting conflicts of fact and opinion. Ten days ago the headlines were full of charges, made by Senator BoUr'ke Hlckenlobper and his GOP colleagues, regarding the ghastly failure of the 1961 feed grain^program, Accord- ir)g to those reports, fawners :-Were" ready to march on Washington and no plague as bad as this year's farm program had ever been visited on agriculture. Then last week's headlines were as follows: U. S. MOVING CORN OUT OF WAREHOUSES. 28 AMUION BUSHELS TO LEAVE IOWA. The story went on to say: "Heavy shipments of government corn, as a result of the federal feed grain reduction program, are causing some Iowa bin owners to take cuts up to 65 percent in income from stor- • age. Co, "Some of this corn has been stored for many yaars, with firm or owners earning a gross of 13.5 or 16.4 cents per bushels an—.. _ n // * B -needs —, „„„.„.* —., means another $50 billion bile out of the Nation's re- 'i.-' n ' ' * ' • r ' i ». * - • '• '• At .the Pentagon Miqre ! jockeying back and'forth f, the .services* despite the ii " 4 * is supposed to be tinif* /-• f • i, t f r rr-orrc ! ••¥}: - > - 1 gSfSg- t n ! 'iservices aespite the over 5 -'rgr • 16% ^ ^ • ' How about a balanced'budget? -?f ( ?ti-.tnere-is supposed to be unif- > > } This is something almost every 1 ^ 1 ?" am ° ng the military forces,. Customers of'ihe liqupr sioro President, nrnmlcne Kn* • cal^nvn A" e Alr -POrCG Will Want more in Alrr^v,^ ,«^«J ^ i_^ -_ , — — - —j »-v v •• AW w*fk»>) bV^/^fCU Ctk $10.85; veal calv.el' brought $11; choice sheep, $1,75, no. 2 \vhite ^om, 72 cents; no' 2 new yellow corn, 67 cents; rioi 2 new mixed <5orn, 66% cents; white oats, no 2 yellow «soy no 3 barleyj 45 cents, r ._ .eggs, 33 tents; and hens, 5 Ibs, 16V6I ^ Spvings & Inyesfmepts -fAceounfs Insured to. $10;000 BV F,, jsi U, I. C.' " ALGONA • (Since 1917) IOWA ' ° '-, ( i ril • • your olty a bitter pliei Id Imr, work and nlsa • fimlly- tr^i result of, •lyin|i and Leiii'buiintM President promises but s.ldo ^^^^^^^^.^ ^^ t ^^^mi $&ar! wjll .. place a.; ifiW i n orbit f h ^ j^^ 1 ^ - the ^?^ bflance';,| around the earth. And it is dune to de ^ end .;. tms country *and pr^'-j soldie?s» ; Nqth uus ' wiij^apr-* NATIONAL "y . N ? ws P a P er Repvesentfttives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y, SUBSJ;RII»TION iw On* Year, in advene* ____ , ____ Both AUrona papem, In cpmbfnatlon, L-opies SUBSCIIIPTION RATES •. .' -------------------- ,„ « m .Both Algpna papers, in combination, pev year - .47,00 No subscription lets than 6 months. - ." r *'-. . . . QITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING RATES ON REQUEST nuolly." The story :went on to point out that this Is the first time since 1950-51 that production has been smaller than consumption. In other ;.words, we have been waiting 10 years for- 1 .this day.- 10 costly years while corn piled up and storage costs skyrocketed. » * * If you could rub Alqddjn's magic lamp or ring and a genie would appear, just what would you ask for? Wouldn't you hqve to ponder awhile ? Sometime? wishes made on the impulse of the moment are not really our true wishes — there is really quite, g difference between de. sire and wishing. Wagld you think only of self when you did the wishing, or would you think of family and friends, or would you be more generous and make your wishes for the well being of all mankind. Think on this; your decl. slon could reveal your true character. - Colurn. bus Gazette. * * * One thing is sure abput the compact ear trend. It has made a lot of old home garages useful again. — Hopkinton leader Today's most complicated job is trying t9 find a way to live a simple life- Times around the earth. And it is dune •— ~~T—:.. possible we will stage some feat serve-its hberty in. outer- space" -that will "even surprise the Russians. Soviet Russia will continue ic play the same old song of talking peace at the sanie time it keeps on creating turmoil all over the world. Berlin will s'till be a trouble spot but Some other : area of the world will be sub-, ijected . to . Communist pressuie and make 'new"headlines. This is all part of the Russian pattern of mai ' ' ' tainty. Fidel Castro will have)) his hands full in -. Communist Cuba. We can expect-the first signs bi wer „-— customers Stomps, according afer B- D, Brun§i ?riod Dec. proving to be • for defense toi Store Man- fe. During the total of ^ n ,T.r —" ,>628.80 .was chal^d Up ia stamps sales. There was'some good coming out of the drinking. .)«1 »»»,*•»»»»»» Townse^iHub INSURANCE 1 Chiropractor FROM THE FILES OF THE ALGONA'UPPER' DES MOINta JAN. 6, 194? V » * ».-..-'.. : \ Real winter weather moved in-' to Kossuth county with the The Townsend Club had its annual Christmas i party. at the home of W. R. Carney, Tuesday evening, Dec. 19.7 Mrs. Peggy Frink wa£ assisting'hostess. The evening started, with a Christmas; dinner i at 6:30 p.m. At eight q'clock alt enjoyed playing 500. -. High.i scores went to Mrs. Frink and •'-Wm. Muckey ;pole. ChesI s can expect r the first signs di lu "•^ aa "" 1 wuiuy wuu we new- . - r.v.r. -xv-i ."•»"«?«•» : v"«. v-ue«- revolution againslhe Castro y^' Beginning with a two below/}^ w »ey receiyed .a basket of dictatorship, to emerge. This ^ro ^rnark Dec 29, other lows §£},*"• *»' o P^e.._A special time the United States will not dunng the Period .v/ere -19 D*p. .P. ristn 3 a . 3 ca ke !,„ ,u- _" 7-.-,". ii ... 30. -18 Jan. 2-3. -25 .Tan d an ^ -on JOhn BnggS ar make the same mistakes. No ill- fated invasions will take 'place ,"' but we will have a hand in what com the Cuban people undertake io rid themselves of this tin-horn, pip-squeak dictator. Congress will get in a nasty . ...... ,.-.-„ , , r . , , . _ . , - by "Mrs. 2-3,-25 Jan. 4 and r?0> r° nn Bn P s a nd ' .decorated by se last two days were,¥ rs - Carney with/ the Nativity U 24 hours, too, because the scene ' and Santa Claug settings, were -4 the fourth and -5 w , a f, awarded to . Mrs. Chester the fifth. Preceding the cold ™ llle y f Q r the lucky number, wave*at the end'of the week-was: All enjoyed a'lunch and the an old fashioned blizzard, but we S' ft exchange, don't;know how much snow ac- The next get-together will be A. J. (Arnle) RlcWefi Hospitaiizatibn Health & Accident — :ri- Auto —T Fire — _ 2'B. State CY/4-452b ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY . ;•: -..-• Surety Bonds — All Lines . -..j, 'of Insurance • CY 4-3176 206E.Statt BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY All Lines of Insurance _ Automobile * Furniture Loan 7;N. Dod'ge.'- : Phone CY 4-273 > Or. O. D. Aniotd > Chiropractor Over Penney's Office Phone — CY 4-3373 - Hours: 9.1)0 —'5:00 Open Friafcy Night ,ylonday — ^ednesday -- Fridaj • Dr. William L. Clegg Chiropractor • TT " .521 E. State St. Hours: 9:00 — 6:00 thru: Sat 9:00 — 9:00 Friday Ph - OK' CY 4-4677 Res. CY 4-346( BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 5 ,N. Dodge Phone CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile - Farm. Polio Insurance Over 6,000 Fwmilies Read The ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES EVERY ISSUE i\l V»ur|*Ie» A\e«W^» Reache* o R«ceptiv« Audience In This Newspaper, ' • v »., a .v^> nut yci JH a iiasiy .. — ,,.-. - u . V . -"-•• "- *"c IICAI eei-iugeiner Will D6 fjght over our foreign trade po- c °nipBmea the n 'gn winds. With on Tuesday evening. Jan 9 at llcy. What action Congress takes those / low f^'nes, Who needed the Chester Willey home, Mr in 1962 will determine-for years mucl\, snow.' ^ Mrs.} A. M. Anderson will to come the course of American • -•,.»,» assist. trade with the rest of the < world, Kofsuth county Sheriff AW •——— Many American industries are Cpgley submitted to surgery at Jleavy tigarete smoking , mav hurt by the importatidn of for- the. Ifossuth hospital Tuesday. He contribute to or speed develon- eien orodunts u/hinh nan ha c^iri vraa exnected to hf> hnsnitnll^o/l m^nt „» ««„ uT i j. ^ CHARLES D. PAXSQN Pwellmg, Auto, Liability, Life, General Phone CY 4-4312 «uii. uj uip uiipuiiuuuu 01 ior- i!«c. t^uoaum iiuatumt xucauay. ne coninoutg to or speed develoo eign products which can be sold w , as expected to be hospitalized ment of cpronary heart disease or far cheaper than the same item* for about two Weeks, and in the its complications, says a reoort niade m this country. But the meantime, Deputy Sheriff Ralph by the American Heart Associa countries with whi'ch we do busU Idn^horst took, overhead duties tion. i , . ness do not want this trade cut '•-••••• -- - , , off and will exert great pressure tp make sure that it is not. And it is safe to predict that Congress will also spend endless hours arguing over 9 program to improve medical aid for the aged. And they will engage in a great tug-of-war over legislation to pump Federal dollars into some hind of nation wide schgqj construction program, Racial unrest wflj ,„.„„,,.,. , v plague the Natipn but not on the scale of 1961 when the words "freedom rider" became part of the American language. These Disputes will continue to wind up in the courts and the decisions again will follow the same pattern. The prices of things we eat. we wear, we ride—all will stay about the same. The economy appears to be in good shape despite the fact inflation stilj nibbles away at the value of the dollar. We predict that pne—and pp$. sibly two—members of President Kennedy's cabinet will resign in the new year. It is rare that 4 President retains all of his cabinet members of the full four f Jty tf<m iticis B = fo"aucW ; oTtKOTe$c! utive or thg men who do not KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of in urance. m force. c.Y 4-3755 Lola Scuffham, Sec'y ' HERBgT JNS. AQENCY For Auto, < House, ''Househblf Gooda, and Many Other Form* Phpn? CY 4-3733 Ted S. Herbst DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOUBNE, M. D. Physician & Surgeon •rilS-N,'Moore IT. 1 Office phone CY 4'2345 Resident phone C,Y, l 4-227» « , ,' O, Physician &, surgeon ^ 218 W . Stats $t«et . Offtce phone qY;4,8353 ^Resident phone CY 4-2614 CAROL L, PLQTT f M, D, "• 110 N. Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office HOurs by Appointment CYpreja 4«48fi4 Office CYpr^ss M. f . < Affiliated'with Farm Bureau-' Auto, (with $JQ Deductible) Life - Hail , Tractor Phone CY 4-3351 Pon Stark, Sfg r ~ _ DEAN Residence Physicians 22tt No. M. D. 4-2335 4-4917

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