The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on January 30, 1921 · Page 49
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 49

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 30, 1921
Page 49
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8 E THE DES MOINES REGISTER: SUNDAY MOKXIXG. JANUARY 30. 1921. - ru ' - : AOVIES f jgn WIS' If If ' Enid Bennett " ;T"sOs. 1 ) US&4A0y f?V0.;-GAQOEN -fSL TA.? PALACE , , ' , V AwX i Bj 11 lJB lU M V'F' V ft : I D)& cH vnA : ,7 J . -KOYAU- . S f 4 I f I a ' ' A. lVk II H VI .r- 'J v 1 51 vr IB 11 , UJi I I rl 11 KIJ ul HH fx H Ll I I I undo, H 1 I U Vwl 11 X VyiVAJlJeJejL) 1 oeS" Manesy c open tke new jtrano 4LEEN RAV anJ HARRY AiSi.AUOHi.IN lit - fVOVAL. - 'ilt Tfte Movie PZay Houses "A Romance of the world." " 'Wit Blll. . ..Clhrin Cilvart Thomaa McDnnId: . . ,JCune O'Brien lllch.rd Klllutt.,.,... ...U.vld Pawtll; ' .AVhat do you think of tlila David Powell of the luxcioui eyes and Kugene O'Prleti of the luscious pompadour la the name picture. This Is a story which James Kirkwood directed. . It la of the pitfalls of those In Jvw York's great, underworld. Catherine Calvert, wife of tha plny-wrHtht, starred in the story ou the atfkRe. awhile it deala with vice and crime, the picture carefully avoids all presentation or anytnmg otren slva. "Human interest, rich ored with dramatic Inclden the press Bbeet. Ami a moral at the end. "A Romance of the Underworld at the Majestlo until Thursday. "Forbidden Fruit." iS , , WO) Marr Mtddolc . Anne Arra THIS MAGNIFICENT NEW Home of Distinctive Photoplays Throws opens its great doors Tuesday Eve, at 6:45 First Performance 7:45 Second Performance 9:00 Surrounded by Beauty, enhanced by the delicate artistry of its appointments you will wonder tvhat Master wrought the Miracle. SINBAD, himself, would be silenced at the gorgeous magnificence of this beautiful new theatre, when it opens next Tuesday evening. Beneath is jeweled canopy you will leave the material world behind with gladness. CfclL B. BeMLLE'S PRODUCTION richly col tit, says tlion finder. . , .Forreat Stanley TV astmnva Narlmrtv .(Jeorvo I'rohert ' Our new motion picture house, the Strand, opens Tuesday with u bl picture "ForhMden Krult." Ce cil DeMllle made it. And it s one of those pictures that has so many good actors In It that you have to name them all Clarence Birfton Kathlyn Williams. Theodore Bob erts, Theodore Kosloff, Shannon Day, Julia Faye, Bertram Johns besides the leads. It ie the story of ft woman who found thut marriage meant "for werse" for her. She had beauty. refinement. He was a beast. When she by chance was Invited to be a attest at the borne of the woman for whom she has acted as scam stress,, her taste of tha life for which she seemed to have been meant, made her wonder Just what really were her obllKations to thle man who was tier mignana. "Forbiddlen Fruit" Is the pic ture. It Is at the Strand for the week starting Tuesday, -i- -- j . "Madame Peacock." .Tana Carina: llorla. Cromwal! Ilob.rt UcNauarhton. Naslmova can be the lovable ragamuffin and the highly cultivated woman of the world with equal Miacess. In "Madame Peacock" she is both. In the early part of the picture she is Jane Goring who marries for love only to find that love Is not as strong an the lure " of the footlights which means celebrity and wealth. She left her lit-tie daughter to the dubious nncurlty of a husband bardly able, through ill health, to support himself. Later, Nailmnva plays the role of. Gloria, the shy stagentruck gin who worships from afar the beautiful actress. ,'Tls reported this la Nailmova's beet picture. "Madame Peacock" at the Rial to for the week. it'Her Husband's Friend." Judith Weatovar Enid Bennett prlnoaton Hadlay ....Tom Cbatterton Just as he was proposing to her a train hit the auto and knocked the whole shooting match off Into at (Sltcb. When thev woke up they found themselves la rota side bv aide In the hospital. Since Judith were a wedding ring everyone Just assumed that the couple were ' in Judith Indignantly denies this to th doctor, but. on making fn-ou tries, the latter Is Informed by Judith's friends over the phone .. tha twn were nrobablr mar- rled Just before the accident. And Hadley" pleading with her that since erer"body believes .they're married, they might as well be, ia finally sole to convince her This Tom Ohatterton Is the one wbe married Zasu Flttsv you know. Tfll picture . is at the . Garden Today and Week at the Photoplay Houses STRAND Today all weak, Peacock. Monday. Wednesday, Knld roriay and all weak. r'ln-ll Da ililla'a "forbidden Krult." HIALTO Today and Naxlmova In "Madam UAKDtiN Today. Ttieadny and Welnas llennott In "Iter llttaband Friend." Thuraday, Friday and Saturday. Madaa Kennedy In "Tha Ulrl With tha Jail Heart." ,v PALACE Today and all week. Catherlna I'alvtrt In "ead Man Tey No Talea." ROYAL Today. Monday, Tuea-day and Wednaaday. Arlana Bay In "Money Moon llanch." Thuraday. Friday and Haturday, Allca Joyoa In "Tha Vlca of Foola." CAKINO Today, Monday, Tuesday, Thnmaa Malithan In "Tha Prince, t'hap." Wedneaday, Thura-ily, c:arter Da Havena In "Twin Beda." Friday and aaturday, Wallace Held In "Dnubla Kpeed." FAMILY Today, Monday, W. B. Hart In "Sand." Tueaday. Kddla Polo In "klna; of the Clroua." 'errneaday, Dolnrea Caaalnelll In "Tatnlntied Reputattona" and Antonio Moreno In "The VeMed Mya-tery." Thuraday. flrat ehowlnn of aerial. "Fantoma." and lilll Dtin-ian In "FlRhtlnf Fata" Prlday. rtiturdoy. Mack Sennett'a "Down on the Farm." MA.IKHTH" Today. Monday, Tliaeday and Wedneaday. "Romance of tha Underworld." Thuraday. Friday and tfoturday. "Part-liera of Fate " HKH MOINES Today and all week. Diana Allen In "Heliotrope." "Dead Men Tell No Tales. fDva ttennlaon Catherlna Calvart Ueorg Btavenaon Cola, Farcy Marmont The boy and girl stood .on the burning deck, "Dear, I love you." he said. But even as be spoke the flames were eating their way to the un- unuci lit kUD Ukitu. Neit thing she was gone and he was floating around In the ocean on a spar. 1 . Yon see, the villain had It In the plot that In order that he might secure the gold, men and women and children should perish with the ship. Want lots of excitement? Thrills at every reel? How about "Dead Men Tell No Tales" at the Palace. " . -s- , "Heliotrope." Alice Hal Jlmml Andrewa . .irjtana Allan .Wilfred I.ytell until Thursday when Madge Kennedy In "The Girl With the Jazz Heart" is on. - --"The Prince Chap." Only a whiff of hellotrone. but it saved a girl's happiness, foiled a blackmailer and sent a man to a heroic death. The plot In brief Is of a convict who secures a pardon from prison in order to protect his daughter. The girl, believing herself to he an orphan, has become engaged to a rich young man and is about to be blackmailed by her rascally mother. As "Humoresnue" was a story of mother love, this ia of father s sacrifice. For those who are eager to see a picture that is different, see "Heliotrope" at the ties Moines. One of Harold Lloyd's best comedies. "Number, Please" Is also on the bill for the week. Did You Know That - Mrs. William Vaughn Moody, widow of the author of "The Faith Healer," arrived at Hollywood to assist In the production of her husband's play on the screen. Milton Sills and Mabel Julienne Scott will have two of tbo leading roles. "Scatty Bob," great grandson of "Shlpton Brilliant," a prise-winning Engllnh sheepdog, brought over by J. P. Morgan for breeding purposes, has been bought by Wal lace Reld, the Paramount star, as a playmate for his three-year-olt son William Held. Jr. Daddy Reld boueht the doe for a thousand dol lars from the daughter of the late "Micky" Bnlriwin. rrtapf2rrwn2"Nr2r Peyton ....Thomaa Melfhan lllama William Alice Travara Kathlyn Wl Claudia Llla 'The Prince Chap" is the story of William Peyton, sculptor. In love with a beautiful woman, he leaves her to seek fame as a sculptor. Through the death of a model, lie becomes the guardian or baby girl. A misunderstanding rauaes a break between Peyton and his fiancee. And later Claudia, his ward, grows Into a beautiful woman and he discovers that bis heart is not broken, just bruised. "The Prince ChBD" is at the Ca sino. Peaches Jackson, Theodore Kos loff, May Glracl, Ann Forrest. Charles Ogle and Casson Ferguson are other good actors in the cast. -i--i--t- "Honeymoon Ranch," Blue Bonnet Arllne Ray "Wild Hill" Povlln -Ten" O'Reilly Thomaa Harry McLaughlin Their meeting was Interrupted by the arrival of a squad of cowboys who came dashing down the street, whirled like hawks around the stage and dismounted. Their leaner, a gaum, nam iacea man, tood motionless eyeing the ktoud by the stage. Tom felt a premonition of trouble. The mane eyes locked with the eyes of John Lawhorn. Slowly their hands dropped to the aruns at their hells. As if an or- 9er the cowboys divided into two gangs. For there was trouble on Honeymoon ranch. Here's a sHr-rlng western tale at the Royal which is on ustll Thursday when A lire Joyce plays In "The Vice ol , Fools." '0 The Strand Theatre and . Patti Cafeteria were ftfiSIr hv J. E. Tusant & Son Co. . General Centractors DES MOINES, IOWA J. E. Tusant, Pres.. W. K. Tusant, Meo'y-Treas. has been chosen as the first to grace the Strand screen the first of an endless line of illuminating photoplays. "FORBIDDEN FRUIT" Another Gorgeous De Mille Romance of Married Life! What are the daties a wife owes a has-barid who steadily drags her downward? What shall she do when another offers a fine true love that would lift her ap? These are questions asked and answered in "Forbidden Fruit.' A drama warm with the flesh and blood of men and women. t A story that blends the spiritual beauty of "Something To Think About" with the flare and silken fashion of "Why Change Your Wife?" DES UOIfJES STEEL GO. , , Furnished ROOF, TRUSSES AND COLUMNS FOR STRAND THEATRE ' ' W carry fall Una of STRUCTURAL AND REINFORCING 8TEKI. - STEEL, LUMBER AND LATH 1,000 Tons in Stork for Immediate Shipment KUtli anal Tattle Kin. . !-a Molnee, Ion a J. E. VAX L1KW, Pre. I kiiae Welnat 94ft. 1 - ; : 1 if : . IE a a "-----, ir;;w3rn-r-:- lim-jmh- - - The Cast: Agnes Ayres Forest Stanley Kathlyn Williams Theodore Roberts Clarence Burton Theodore Kosloff Julia Faye Distinctive Photodrama , J 9 jf'i i "For Better, LMM For Worse!" tfljj ' a and it proved to I 1 -ffl ) I be fortoorse. I ppjl lAjji Then a ' great i N JJ love came, and - JfyW hungry, at king IpMy 111 hearts and stern Wm bMj u duty fought it out. . jll I romance clad in j Ethel Tamminga Of Whom Des Moines People Have a Happy Memory Comes Direct From The PORTAGE GARDEN THEATRE Chicago To Lend Her Brilliant Personality And Glorious Voice To The Opening Of The Strand ' 'i a j u - . t . . -

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