The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 28, 1961 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, December 28, 1961
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-' •*-* ttattrM a hecjmd dtm m»tt*r at th« poHottte* •» Alton*, mm, No». i. less, uiuut Art o* COBIMM of lunot.t, isn. AlOONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1961 2 SECTIONS - 16 PAGES VOL. 98 - NO. 52 By Russ Waller feaanle - Cooper, one of Ga'rri. gan high's coaches", 'had an Interesting deluge of Christmas 'mail.' Beanie, the father of a considerable family, lives at Sexton, Ilia Christmas mail came 1 addressed Jn various .ways 7 -"Mayor of Sexton — 'c/o Municipal 'Building", etc. Beanie,' taking it all good- naturedly, has advised interested parties that since being mayor, he has passed a new ordinance in Sexton; which Wakes anyone eligible to vote, regardless of age. "That \vay,." says Beanie, "I new I Merger Outline er "aye ' an elect. .. Bob Deal reports folks with fireplaces seem to' be using- them more than formerly — • at least he is finding that fireplace wood is in considerable 'demand ,{ . > he ; doubts, however, ''that the trend is one that will cause the gas company or fuel oil dealers bv By Palrol Car, Dies Paternity Suit Filed In District Court Here municipal worry. ' •• power plant much ' • • Accidents Thrive After five! '., • •.*• >". • * ' . • .«• > i \ Georjre Wichfendahli.of .' temore knows, what ft is to have friends. About two weeks ago he came home from the' hospital but 'that same evening suffered a i severe, relapse and was returned, to the hospital here. That same evening, after removal pf kidney ; stones, .it was decided to transfer him to Fort Dodge, and Mrs. ;Wichtendahl and . her son Delbert contacted Bill Tordoff oi the. State Highway Patrol Tordoff took, them to Fort Dpdge, going, through a radar check oh. the way, 'and picking up another officer from the v rtraffic checkpoint who led them the rest oi the way tb.i the hospital. , .. . !• . • * «. *' \ • The army and Hie navy have certainly changed these past few A Kossuth: county man, .Gerald Boitnott, was narried defendant ih a paternity suit filed in district court here this week. Plaintiff in, the case is Maryea Howard, a resident of Emmet county. The .plaintiff's petition charges that the defendant is the actual father of a female'child born to the plaintiff .Dec. 26, 1959 ami that the defendant refuses to acknowledge he is the father of said child and refuses to provide for support of the baby. ' Further, the plaintiff asks that a decree be entered in.district court- finding the, .defendant is 'father of the said female child and that the decree also provide that the defendant be obligated .for support of : the child and all expenses incuffed 1 in the birth of the child.- One other petition was filed in district court .this' week. Tha Weyerhaeuser - Co., p 1 a i n-t.i f i seeks $178.22 , from Darlene Kopperi, defendant, for settlement of a bill ; for building materials allegedly-vpurchased from the plaintiff." St. Joe Youth Stricken On vA St^'Joe youth, Jerome A. Erpelding, who had ^,been stopped • by a 'highway p'tftrolman' 'on a county gravel, road 2%, mifes west and, seven ! : miles sonth i Algona, died 'sudde^lyi-behii^d -the Bancroft Couple Wed 50 Years Gas Users Here To Get $ 20,000 Refund, Rate Drop ; ; ,...*' - ,_ _- !> r' . * elding tb make its mess halls more like home, is trying glass dinnerware Instead of institution- type Jrays. Thifr changeover, tfie . army "says, will be gradual, which is a; goqdftidea. Some, of the old timers would drop tover in a" faint' if yo^ .didn't '.break 'them in gradually^ to .the idpa. >^ A n$rthe ; 'navy nas revamped a .-.-• coursejbeing offered at -San Diego ^ after complaints . were received that two pet^y -officers • conducted the' course' in , .world politics with a little flavoring of thetr own on how the jvbrld should be run. Their students: ensign? and junior^ grade lieutenants. ••''.-•' *' • • We with* to express our personal thanks to whoever it was that quashed the idea of a special Christinas present for the author of this column; 1 The special present? A tree stump, neatly Christmas-packaged. ' ••'; v • •••:,''•. Wonder what. Prime Minister Nehru would do— and which way he would jump-— if, the' IT.S. quit being a leading 'contributor in yearly foreign, aid of' about a billion- that keeps p'overty'-strick- en India going, but 'rich -enough. to invade thr^e tiny areas own? The return of real cold ; winter . weather . l here this > week lost some ,6f its punch When .'the North Central Pub- 'lie Service Co. (distribuiors ' of natural g6s in this area) 1 announced .that present .customers would .receive refund checks in the near /future. At the same time. Pat Montag, manager -'of the,. local gas outlet, . announced there will also be a' modest reduction ' in gas rates', starting with the Feb. 10, 1962 billing. •Amount .of the average re- erclal;U»er S is not known. Company officials are working oft facts and .figures now -so that refund, checks can' be 'paid in March> , 1962, locally,' Total amount o'f refund to he paid here is $20,000. The $20,000 rebate is a to- suit -of a- Federal ' Power- 'Commission' decision/- which : requires Northern Natural Gas • to pay North Central Public Service . t Co. t h at amount as settlement of & rate case that had been pend- ' ing since } Dec. 27, 1959. . Local refunds will be bas' ed on the amount of natural gas used by customers since' Jan. 1, 1960, co'yering the last two calendar years. It/ is not known yet what the fate re-' duciion will, mean in. savings. to users in the future. • The FPC ruled on the matter 1 Thursday and the local company , was , notified immediately, of the decision. All together: Northern Natural must refund a total or $12,000,000 which ii s had collected with the realization thai it would re- i.;paid"if 'i ^' ii»M- did not allow ihe increase. Rebates to customers here will be the amount of money paid by users above the 'correct rate since Dec. 27, 1959,. ' plus interest. . : '•. 1 While the tjase . had been pending for two years — the. : announcement of the decision cahio' some what as a surprise locally. .The, ruling also • affected 1 •'natural ' gas cuslo- ' mers in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota. Nebraska. South Dakota* Wisconsin jand Illinois, served by Northern Natural. ed by years. Portugal for about < 40(T Of interest to many in.ihif area if the recently announced businejjs deal in -which- the Webb publishing Co. pf St. Paul 'and the Spokesman Press of Grundy Center have merged. The Spokesman Press has : beeri" owneej, by Ralph W. Andergpn, former pub* Usher of the Ri»gste4 •Dispatch, and whose father was fpp many years postmaster at Ringsted. The Spokesman Press published the Farm Bureau Spokesman fot Iowa, then developed the National Hpg Farmer, which came to somewhat overshadow the original publication. The Hog Farmer wiu in the future pe, producea in the'new'5 million dollar St." Paul plant, the Farm Bureau Spokesman will continue puWU cation at Grundy Center. Anderson remains affiliated with both periodicals. < Who wyi « «tef«n't PW to advertise? ' - _ • A couple pf Weeks ago Louis i Scott of Purt happened tp be at fee Plum Creek gravel pit and bund a chain with a cross- He jrought it in the UPM office ana ye ran 8 "Found" ftd, Dec. 7. Sure enough, the cross and chain gad been lost by Roger Arndojv fer, 15, while swunjning there during the summer. The son of Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Arndorfer now has it back. Famous L»|t L}na what do ypj kopw, yw Winter Ends With -llemp After a slight warming trend which made winter seem not too bad ' after ' all, the mercury zoom- H ea below the zero .Tfoark again early Wednesday morning and shocked area ' residents into be? Jieving it's still a long time until "the flowers will be in bloom. f The drop to foiut bplow aero. Wednesday morning ?foJJbwed .&. vet-y pleasjnt winter day Tuesday when the^fnercuryt topped at '26 degrees, one of 'the warmer readings during the week. "The' high mark 'according to 'the official wesUier station at JCLQA, was 28 degrees Dec. 21, the first- day of 'winter : (officially), . It snijwed'D^c. 2,2 ,and mqis- fC'Cpntent of the snow we? meisurfd.: v as .6, of an Jjjch^ the only precipitation during the period. ....... Here ere the week's readings: H L Dec. 21 ,-4i,-._.,_..._^ T g8 12 Dec, 22 ! .-. ,,... .,,., T .27 18 Dec. 33 ^., — ,,.,,...,.23 13 Dec. g4 ----- ... T ,,;,;,.a4 8 Pec. 25 ---- ,„ — ,-,-,-24 0 Dec. 28 — T , T ....... ,—26 12 27 - ....... T . Offer Tax Help M, G. Foley, supervisor for this area of the Internal -JRevenue ^Service,, announced today that taxpayer assistance will be pro- 'vided in the local. Internajl .Revenue Office' in the Pbstjaffice Building [in Algona on January 5 and 19; February 2 arid" 15; March 16 and 30 and April-13 and.16.. V : , . .. "... , Ernest Fehr Rites Sunday ...,- r , ,4 -Clear, bl He skies Wednesday afternoon indicated the area might be in for jnpre cold weath, er In the immediate luture. Two Licenses To Wed Issued Here Two we44ing Ucenses were issued, by County Clerk Pearson fcejre thfe week. went to the following: 23 -r- WUliam Alma They DtC. ough and |»|e|fer, Wesley. JT .%y»»»n4 m Ward Funeral services for • .Ernest F.ehr,* 63;.,weiWcripwn Wslst Bend farmer, were held Sunday, at 1:3,0 p^n, at the Apostolic,' Christian church at ^est Bend, The Rey. Paul Banwart "officiated arid' burial was in the church cemetery with the SqheUhammeR funeral hohae in charge l of arrangements. ,Mr. Fejiy died late Thursday evening of last ! 'week at'Mercy hospital.Jn-'F^rt' Dpdge after, a three»weeH'illness., . ; J The son of Henry and : Margaret Feluy he was born at West Bend and : attended 1 the local schools. He married Jessie Black' burn on Sept, 1, 19$, at Crescp, She svpvjves as do.two children, Roger and Elaine, both of West Bend; two grandchildren,two brothers and fp,uf sister*, Alfred, Manuel, Anna' and Ida Fehr, Mrs. Minnie Bruellman and Mrs. Emma Luijs pf West- Bend- He was preceded in death by two sons and three brpthers, Only one mishap was investigated by Sheriff Ralph Lino- horst's office in this area during the entire Christmas weekend. Harlao. A. keininger, ?3, Whittemore, hit a snow drift on a county blacktop road, two miles north 1 and 7% wiles west of Algona at 0:30 a>m. Christmas Pay. fje lost control of his auto, which went into a ditch and upset. landing on, its top, Damage to th* vehicle was estimated at $300 by Deputy Sheriff Don Woo4. steering wheel of the autb he was driving at 11:'15 p.rri.' Tue^dCay.! The cause (br causes) of His death are not known. Accordin to officials, an •• autopsy is" t^p performed at Fort'Dodge and'th results will not be known Vtnll later tlus week. It is. possible h suffered a : heart attack, "aithoulr his health was thought to' b ( gobd; :'•,'-' '" Just Had: BirtKday >. Jerome, who had observed' hi; 19th birthday orily two 'day earlier, Sunday, Dec. 24, and i friend, Art Becker, also-frpm tin St.. Joe area, were in the auto a the time. I Patrolman Bill Tordoff, duf ing> his regular night' shift,' wa traveling south-on the-blacktop road which passes through Ho barton, miles south of McGregor street road. wKen h* noticed the lights of an auto or a side road. The lights appearec slanted and Tordoff thougn someone niight have been Stvick on the edge of. the ditch. 1 He slowed and made a right turn oh to the gravel road and notecl tha the lights on the auto , As, lie got nearer the car,' th^,'lights,, went on a|ain arf5 the two- i'c>re 4 approached 1 ^ each other. Tordoff. stated >WedneSday that he thought the 'octfupants 01 the auto might have been hunting^ drinking, or possjply; have been thieves,'which have been prevalent in the county ,this year He stopped his car, turned on the .parking lights .- and the' rotating red light, on top 'of 'the vehicle. The Erpelding auto, which Tordoff said'Was traveling about 10 miles per' hour, pulledValongsme the patrpl car and stopped.'.Tordoff got out: walked to the driver's side of 4he car and asked the 'driver if he could see"nis driver's license. • •, ' Erpelding. reached in his pocket after turning off -the mptor and placing the car keys in the front seat of the car, began to open his billfold and slumped to .his right.on\the 'seat,'with his head-near Becker. - : Gives Artificial Respiration A:passing motorist, Cliff Rjeb- hoff, vfho farms in the area, assisted the patrolman and the men got Erpelding' out of the 'auto ,and placed him on'a blanket on the- road.- Tordoff began giving artificial, respiration, at once) , .Young Becker notified Fr: 'Leo Schumacher of St.- Jdd 'drtd'with the help of 'Riebhoff and patrol radio, Pr, De^n Koob, McCul- lbugh,'g ambulance! and Sheriff Ralph Lindljprst '> were called from'; A,lgpnav Patrolman ; Duane Hoihan,, also in .the vicinity, 'was called ; 'ip.:aid,, ; Tordoff gave artificial respiration to v the yoqth for 15 mirliites and Homan"for another: 15 jriin-, utes. Ambulance driver Hank Geilenfeld Administered .oxygen, all to no avail, althpugh air did get in the 'youth's" lungsi ' , 'Becker stated that he an* Er. pelcUng had been hunting rab- pits ••-• ' • Jerome Andrew Erpelding, son of Paul and Rosalia Frideres Er- pelting, wa? born at St. Joe Dec, 24, 1942 and he w^. raided on the family farm, abput a fourth* mile south of St. Joe ba highway 169. He attended school at St, Joe and was a 1991 graduate pf Garrigan high school at Algona, He began hi§ freshman year §t Creighton Uriiversity, O ni a h R, this .fall. W^ile in high \schopl he was a member of the Gan> gan foptball squad. Besides his parents, he is survived by two brothers, Eldon and Peter, and two sisters, Joan and Lois. He recently joined the JCnights of Cplumbus at Council Blluffs. Funeral seryice? have been set for Saturday -at 10 a-m. in Sit. Joseph's Catholic church, St. Joe, with Father Leo Schumacher officiating and burial will be in St. Joe cemetery. Rosary will bje rected, 9t ttelfefflttt ~ ersi gpme Thursday nights at 9 p.m, Mr and Mrs Perry Torino, Bancroft, will be honored'by iheir children at an open house in celebration of, their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday, Jan. 7, .at, the First Baptist church; Bancroft, from 2-5 p.m. The chUdren are Francis, Swea City, .Mrs John Guy (Ruth),' Dexter, Minn., Mrs Howard'Nagel (Vivian) Sherburn, Minn., Mrs Fred Hudson (Doris), Omaha, Neb. and Petty Officer Lyle Torino, San Francisco, Cal. All relatives arid friends are cordially invited to attend. (Glenn's Studio Photo — UDM Engraving) Revaluation Of Kossuth -*(*&. ft -., _, -, ,, , 0 . Dropped As f' t» V Kossuth—and most of the the counties -in?the state as can forget the proposed revalu atibn 'of property ^Ordered las November by-the State Tax.Com mission. ' In a new order ' issued , las week, 47 .of .the counties sched uled' to be "revalued" were order ed ; . dropped from, the, list. Kos suth'was.bne of them.' The reasoning,behind the state )rder of November seemed to be ha| l ; the'•.-counties involved • a that, time, and that was a ma- ority of Iowa's 99 including Kos- iuth, needed to have their, valu- itions jacked up or "equalized." Th4 first order \to do so Brought a flood of protests from ill parts of the state. The yeai 962* is a political .year, with a governor 1 to be elected. Gov. Gorman Erbe, with an ear to the olitjcal winds blowing, sensed hat revaluation would play ..u iajt'in'1962 and would'not'be onducive to good will. He order- d the State Tax Commission to Iropi the matter in .all but 3L punties which are still to revaluate in 1962. One of them is 'alb.Alto, another in Hancock, Car Sales Dip After Several Brisk Weeks 1 Sales '.of .new cars Japered off ije^ filial week before Christmas fter several brisk weeks, A total if '1? "new vehicles were registej- O at< the county treasurer's of- ice.jpwners are:, Ch e vrolel — Mai'cus Holm, Ti- )njta; Andrew Crawford, Al* ftrid D. C. Behnkendorf, l^ricrbft. J. M. Berte, — Grace or A. J. Goll- Algona; and E. H. Siems, ^h|ttemore, Pprd — A. A. Anderson, Swea y;' Sandy Stebritz, Algona; J. McVay, Algona; E. H. Wal- ?rS,, Algona; W. W. Goraczkow- Ji, Swea City; and H. H- Hutch- Lone Rock. — M. C. Altman, Aji- gpna; H. E. Dontje, Bancroft; K F. WijiKelman, Lakota; and A. W. &lein, Lone Rock. Olds — H. J. Orthel, Titonka. Safe Drivers Tim Dailey of Algona high school and Donna Mergen of Gtrpigan high ischool received Safe Driver awards for the inonth pi Pecember from the Automotive Bureau of the Al- Chamber o f Commerce, at respective • schools this Ex-Whit tern or b Man Dies Of ; Heart Attack Whittemore — 'Mr. and !i Mrs. Erwin Sieihs received Word late .Wednesday afternoon from Helen .Hahn pf .DesifMoine^ .gating that her brother Henry Hahn, 47, of• Los Angeles; Cal. had died Dec. 11,' suffering i'from a -heart attack. .-. , , He'grew'to manhood in Whittemore and the son of the late Mr. .'and Mrs. Otto Hahn, former 'station operator of the C.M, St.- Paul Railroad here. He is survived by his wife, two sisters,, Helen Hahn an4 (Marie), Mrs, Ralph Albright , of Des Moirtes, and "a Brother Bernard of Elkad6r. '• ' • JayCees Furnish Gifts For 63 Local Children Algona's JayCees did their part o make Christmas a lot -happier for 63 children from 12 local 'amilies Saturday when they spent a totalof $252 for Chnst- rpas gifts for tjie children-, 'With a JayCee as ^n adopted' 'ather, each child was taken 'rom store to store here where he latter was allowed to select up to $4 worth of items for Christmas; The project was a huge uccess, JayCees raised funds for tne gifts by collecting money on street corners here during the Christmas rush and through donations of money from interested •etail businesses. Louise Peter VH Held Dec. 27 Funeral services'' 1 for" 'Mrs.' Louise Peter,' 80, 1 1 Algona hoiise- wife, were held Wednesday /afternoon . in Trinity Lutheran church here/ -Rev. G. J. G. Qer^ ike>' officiated and buriaUwas, ir) JUverview* -c'e mete r y. ; McCuli loughls ''funeral Chapel was' in charge • of arrangements^ Mrs. Peter- died Saturday at 3t. Ann hospital after' a short ill- less. •I She was born ;.in':Bobne, county March 22, 1881 to* Carl arid Katherine Schutt Schmidt and was tp Carl Peter ; April 9, Public Meeting Dates Set For 2 Communities At D meeting held last Thursday ; evening in .Whjttemore, members of the' Boards of Education of the Whittemore Independent and Algona Community School districts approved final plans for drawing up a district reorganization plan to combine the two'areas, if final approval is. received. ' : ; Two public meeting dates have been set io present tha proposal. One is planned for Monday evening, Jan. 15, at ihe Whittemore Public school, and the other for 'Wednesday, Jan. 17, at Algona. ...... .,...;•„,•. Total taxable valuation of the combined . areas would be about $16,363,000 ,ah.d the .total school enrollment Svbuld f ;lie around the 1,600 figure, or oVer, including some, tuition students from Whi$- temore'and Lotts -Cfe'ek towri- shjps..;, i..-;. . ; i ; jj.' U •; •• i, ',..- ••?* : Roughly the area jprbpbsed:'to be i included '• m [ reorganization •. would be '4.5 'sections^': Whitte- riipre Independent ;| ; 149.14 see- . tibris, Algona iCbrririiunity; arid 80 'acres; :Whittempre Twpi '•'' ' ;Sin6e the 1 twb;qUstricM are r'e- 4uired .tb- : be '''contiguous- |it : is proposed f to • include land ; in Whittemore Twp. belonging presently to Clara f Thul' and Earl arid Geneva Elbert, the latter family being actual; residents on the 80 acres in 'question. ,' ' Add About 100 Pupils ' . Addition of the, Whittemofa Independent < district, actually '' add less than 100 students enrollment, and_since narried 902 at Iowa. hus- Wesley Lady's Mother Victim Of Accident Wesley — Mr. and Mi's. Therpn Jansen went to Keota Dec. J8 o attend funeral services Tuesday at 2 p.m. for her mother, Mrs. Laura Johnson, 80. Mrs. bhnson met instant death in a ar crash Saturday evening, Dec. 6. She was in a car driven by her 9-year-old daughter, Mrs. Norma Kline, who was injured as was her daughter, Laura J,ean, 11. ""hey were struck by a car driv- n by Donna Saunders. Janice /lonehan, 14, a passenger in the ar, was killed. Mrs Johnson Is survived by three song and three daughters. )and, . .a .-farmer, preceded her in death several • years ago. Surviving are seven sons, Rev. Idwin j. Peter, Sylv&n Grovt;, :ansas, Rudolph of Burt, Walter, itanhope, Elmer, Alpha, Minn., Albert, Browerville. Minn., Carl f Lone Rock and --Harold, Alfona; three daughters, Mrs. Arthur (Hilda) Zumach, Lone Rock, Mrs. John (Gertrude) Olson, Thor, and Mrs. Edward (Caroline) Luedtke, Lone Rock; three stepbrothers, 36 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. Algonan Fined For Intoxication In Local Court An Algona nian, James Turnbull, was fined $25 and costs, with $15 suspended, following preliminary hearing of a charge of intoxication in the only city case heard in Mayor C. C. Shierk's court this week. In state cases, -Daniel Mense; Bancroft, paid $25 ($10 suspended), and Charles Cran, Liver-* more, paid $15, having loaded gun in car; Corinth Hicks, Maywood, 111., paid $10, and Nelda Steenhard, Algona, $5, stop sign violations; James Daniels, Corwith, ; paid $6, improper mufflers; and Robert Mutch, St. Paul Minn., and James Thod.en, Dakota City, each paid $8, speeding. Court costs were assessed in addition to fines. To Name Jurors County Clerk Alma Pearson announced this week that grand jurors and petit jurors for the January, 1962, term of district court here will be drawn after Jan. 5. The names are drawn from poll books not more than 30 days or less than 20 days prior to the term of court. i j n. T T iff " i ™ Tt^W^ FTJ *r tie/ladlUqnd&Cott W ... Laing of 'Algona pointed, out. '-If ihe'proposal-is accepted, transportation- ^ro'uies {Would • be .changed so-that;bupjli; In,, •have 'ho more lhari<a halfi hour to 40 i minutes 'ride. at.* the longest. It would- : prob- •' ably mean-a total of >13 reg- ; " ularbu? r<Sul«d, "where 11 are i npWji opjsrating,, hot;ipcluding , ' 'the noon kindergarten .routes. • The •'.educational''. program would include ; .the v present, off err rig^'ln* the Algbna*'district tb- ;ether with,the proposed changes in,, the jun|pr-senior high involv* ing' 4ddiri|. vocational machines shop' m the senior 'high arid ex-tending' industrial arts'and home? making in the junior, high; '; For-purposes? of e^ohgmy of pperation, .all (Student Attendance centers would be in those presently in operation in Algona. Bonded;'debts of 'tha' proposed reorgani?aJ;ipQ,',,wp,ultL be. a little over 4' perc6ri't ; of <th;e :f total tas;t able .valuation, It, stands at about $675,000 and'is being retired at the, rate of $60,000 annually. The tax rate for education under the, new : proposed setup would remain about the same millage-as paid in the Algona district fpr 1962; namely about 48 mills.; This would assume thte maximum estimated increase^ enrollment to the s 1,6,00-1,050 figure. ' '•''•'•,• ' ;Thp Steps; Ahead ' Following the two publifl meetings, and assuming that gen,-? era! acceptance ,pf, the' prppc-sal :s indicated, thX plajjf- of reprgan* zation would formally ^be'pre-. sented to the Kossuth County 3oard of Education for approval or rejection. If appoved, the pe« titions asking for a vote in the areas concerned would then be Circulated, and a public vote on he question would take place. The Whittemore school district has been endeavoring to solve its problem since notified by the State Department of Public Instruction that its high school could not operate with accredited approval after July 1, 19|2. Efforts were earlier made tp wprk out >; a reorganization in? volving West Bend, Whittemore, Rodman and Cylinder. These fell through. Then a proposed 'reorganization involving only West Bend and Whittemore was rejected by the combined county boards of education of the four counties with area involved. Santa Visits Several Algona families were surprised Christmas afternoon when Santa Claus made a personal stop at their homes. It was the annual tour of Dutch, Honsbruch, local druggist,

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