The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1961 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1961
Page 20
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*«tv •» -•' Well, as the 86ng Say*, "If Beginning to Ldofe ft liot^Uk Christmas," and for thole of ytu WhO'lfke a'whSfe one, ,yotl go" ft-mt \ least-,1' think-' it wllf 'las from todaVi 1 Deb,' lij to the : 28lh 1 don't plart to g'6 v ar}Jtyhere, so the weathef doesift'matter? *bu to those Wh6 want to r go awai and those who are coming, it's a bad deal For me'it reflects on the time it takes * 'to? do <$ _ Material Is hard to get wh'eri .the weather Is bad. THlnfc I J 11 surf gest double pay I " ' * 9 * At this time the Frank, Vesfas are toying" with-the? idea of-iet-- ting away 1 to,fePft'6eni5£'Ariz. ft& spend a, few* months )With r theu daughter,'Bhpe'^arid family. Th'ej were uncertain* ffisjt| when they'd leave, btif'Mh thre^ ^grandsons, I know'ftheyitwon'trpe- abl£ to stay heTre^They/tyill want to be With tie bbya/for Christmas, x (They left Monday). ': ,. •i * . -• * i : f i" Ralph 1 and Hazel Miller are leaving) for Brownsville^ soOn 'after Dec.. 25; It is a custom established ovirf (^flte* ^number 6i' years., - ,' - 1 1« ' . * * * ; A "Barber Shoppers" quartet was here, Saturday evening. They sang a fine group of catchy tunes, one 1 which lent itself so well to "soft shoe" jdancirig, I suggested the 'fellows add tnat to their entertainment. They promised to come back again before Christmas. • • * « ' A few of the Wesley lownship Homemakers were here Sunday evening and left each of us a gaily wrapped package of cookies.^ Among them were Mr. and Mrp., Joe Skpyj of 'wh'om^I have written' items 'from lime to 1 time} principally—with. -Prestfyteriarf church activities. Mrs. John Mueh'e played several accdrdion number?. Made several of the residents herd ;tap 'their, toes. " Now I've seen everything! A three-faced doll. Np\v I've heard of "tW.o-faced" individuals, but three faces is a bit eerie. Homely faces, I might add, but I'm of the old jera—'"curls and rounded pink' cheeks, and eyes that! Weuth to sleep. ; ) ' I ? • * * ,' f» * * * ' ' ' The person who sent a roll 01 film to the Eastman shop at B"bde will wonder whysth.ey<do'n'l| get their jpicti^res^.*, They -JJaJled to give a name' and return address. The pictures are of three children in front of the fireplace. Hope this item will be of some help. Does anyone remember' a Mr. and Mrs. Paul Flowers? I don't. Mrs. Oliver Bakken .has had a letter of inquiry from the. .former Mrs. Lena Bjelland, now Mrs, Gus Johnson, Fairmont, Minn! Mrs. Bakken is r as < much; in uu.- dark about the Flow.ers as I. » * .'» ' • • Mr. and Mrs. Willard Zeigler came home from Minneapolis sooner than they planned. They listened to weather reports and decided it was best to head for home. Lucky they did, for Dec. 10 and 11 found roads bad and snow heavy. ' '• • * • • ; • I don't know a thing about bowling but John Sires must be good, according to an item I read. He rolled 627 to pace the Algona bowlers and was in fourth place behind : three Clarion keglers. What is a kegler? Al Grill haa t, G03 series. Sure Greek to me. * ». • My violets make quite a con versation piece. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Albert Weishaar were not brave enough to "face road conditions Sun., Dec. 10, but their son-in-law and H"uahtc;r Mr. and Mrs. John Rudisill came .VYUUBII , 'Him uruve On to Stdlrtt JUke to; lieli).c|iei|rate the jjfrth^Vtofr- WthMld Wie. Oh, ;h6W I'd'love to duplicate the tfilJTO. .tfftd 1 Mrs. Fred Will anil rtneli* datfehter> Esther, Mrs. Marvirt Wallbur'f; Aiade recently. TMy r dfove to Bdston to visit ten dayskwith ^thteir* /on-in-law and tfaugme4 Mr*. 'a'ndfMri tyle Martin.* t'haye s^ich a yearning for an'east coa4t -"trip, Washington D. C.,' Boston,' Philadelphia, etc. , * * • ' * , I havo' a friend Who every now and therf balls; me t<> spell a word. I don't kfi&W' whether to feel flattered dr tSohaider -it is easier to phone * rile ; Utah Consult Webster. . e^'vir - ' - f - *- »i*t' • « I'm ahead «f ' the -^ame this year. All., packages, 1 mailed last week, all' ,glft9. wrapped and Ifirfs-tmaS. letter!' sent: • fy, ,/';,'* ""» * Goodjnews comes from Mason CHS Wi UHlCI wi. Su\aiyfl flVXC^QUgallt Xlf Is now at hoifle after & few Weeki at Mercy hospital where h^ wag ttkfift .Mlotlng .ft > Severe* f heart ittack. He Is able* to tValk rilttte and sit up quite a bit and the doctors say he is doing wonderfully 'well, * * * I. was:sorry ; to hear 6l flea Hutchison's death, f n^Ver did get to see the violins he made and tbtd fne about. How do you like Gary Morion, Lucy's new husband? 1 like him better than Desi, 1 always figur» ed JJesi { would be hard to live With: Too *-""-«•*—*-• < Christmas cards have begun to arrive, One front Bill Nugent says he and Zaida plan to get away from Iowa in February ana March. When they were' here a few weeks ago- MdAllen, Tex. was the possible destination. Dorris Long Pitcher -says she ana daughter Molly didn't make it to England this year as hpped^but ire keeping it in mind, Edna Vinslow Stebblns wrote from 'omona, Calif, that she is still msy working in a clothing store, las been, there many years ana still loves it. My cousin Jerry , ' ,.«%f\;,..:..»,* ni .. ^..^. t>le|e feSUme'M tftt f&st activities', Mr. '.fefly"' is, „„ from hist disc ailment, arid m a- heavy; brace but "is-.bltsy will His surgery. Me -fa a .sufgedn 1* ah Oakland' hospital * * f"' ' *' Ju«t leatnad that Jim Andrei. sen knows ffly cotisih'- Pat ifa" also ah attomeyi They 'were semester apart at Iowa dity, Pai lives ih Des Molnes. The mothef Julia, Mrs. Gerald Cady, Masoh City, is leaving Dec, 21 for Des Moines. Pat Will-take her to Perry and she will entrain frOm there for Oakland to .spend three weeks with' Jef$ ';arld fateiiy; The family consists of v three b'dys, Gary, Glen and Jimmy, « • ' '*• Cynthia Groan, 11, daughter'of Mr. and Mi-s. Hicharjj (jfroen/is'n't fooled a bit on the.V'good fah'y 1 ' business. When she lost a tooth recently, she handed It to her dad and said, '"Here's the tooth. Now ten cents for it and five cents for the lead filling." -, . * t • One of the 'benefits of infla* tion is that kids can no,longer get sick on a nickel's worth ot candy. ^ j Da'«fejj mttpfi Id' in the &fW*Mcbr-d fcrifW' fiient tstJJJ^tt' rtudwita; At' MM- luette BrMefsity ft Milwaukee. WjS, He ,is,4 ( de'ntlafry H student* ecky MfMtot df. Saner-eft 1* Inrollea* In fifiral ttur v , There' are Io8 lefytf 5 young men |nd wonleft £efistered - tHls se- fhe|tef at^hefMilwTifi&fee school, Ind they cdrfte front? 82 Hawkeye Itflte oomrnunitiis, They Include 14 from Cedaf :Raf»fdS, 13 from Des Molnes/elfeKl'ftdftTCubuqUe mc( flye etch ff/artt|§ajrolL Bav irip>ort *? BtvefdaieMtUstleM Unit i 4'H club held their; CMstmas party Dec. 12; Members, bi-odght clothes for needy • chirdren, 'played James and had exchange of gifts Lunch was served -by Berndette and Lenora HllbefVCharlene and Paula Thilges, Yvonne Kohlhaai. and their mothers, Hold Bird Count The sixth' annual Christmas bird count was held on Union!llBgf}^^^^^^^ ^ mflda during thl ttyr at* ytu, fie ' i NEIGHBORS GOOD KNOW ; ?• .HOLIDAY &E The Town and Joe Bradley Equipment South Hold AlgoiM Farm Machinery — Trucks — Tires Oliver YOUR ALGONA NEIGHBOR * !'*• ' . -* -* 4 ..' . . v 1 ."--••' :".'.:. .r. t< i! i'liiimiiiiiiipiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniii MORE FOR "Try Us And You'll Like Us" Quality Lumber — Elliott Paints MILL WORK Builders' Hardware Tools KLINE Tanks & REDWOOD Tanks N. of Jet Hwys. 18 8t 169 Algona - CY 4-4369 Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery Both Quality And Service Store Located On Diagonal Street On CNW Tracks. Phone CY 4-3561 Algona iiiiuiniiffliwiiiiffliaiiDiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiinM. THE MONEY OWE/43 • MORiPOWil?' • MOREVALU6 • MORgSAW A "gM w«lght, hard working you e»n depend pn «y*ry ti Takes McCulloch'j work f, tool ONIY$149? 6 complete with 16" Par and Super Pintail* C^ir?, Highest Traces / AS ume AS $00.00 PER NORTON MACHINi WORKS Algona Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly Jn<«nMtionaJ HMTTfitex P*al»r FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Balet k SeiTice Eighteen years ago lha International Harvester d3alership in Algona became 'the properly of two brothers. Walt and Deb Hall. ; In the intervening tirne. the Hall Brothers, doing business as ALGONA IMPLEMENT Co., have come to know a wide range of friends and customers, and have seen Jheir business expand into a, fine, new modern concrete block structure with plenty of privale parking and room for used machinery right at the front door or side door, you might say. The brothers came to Algona in March of 1943, and took over the IHC location then at State and Jones. In October of 1947 they moved to their fine new home on Commercial Street, where their shop room is the finest and most' ample in this area. . : : f As every farmer knows, ability to get parts in a "must", and the ALGONA IMPLEMENT parts depart- men! is one of the largest in Northern Iowa. "Service IS Our Most Important Product" is the slogan of the ALGONA IMPLEMENT, which handles not only the International line but also supplemental equipment lines as well as power lawn mowers, boat motors/ and lubricants of all kinds for tractors and machinery, and motors. The Hall Brothers and the ALGONA IMPLEMENT crew invite you to stop in — anytime I YOUR COUNTRY NEIGHBOR Introducing Meivin Alt Of Burl Melvln Alt, whose address is Burt, is this week's Country ' • Neighbor. Meivin has resided on a farm three mijes north end * a mile east of Algona in Union towmhip for 36 years. He rents a ?40 acre farm and owns a 160 acre farm a mile squth of the place he rents. Normally, he cultivates about 'three' fourths of the land. , Mr Alt claims his favorite job around the farm is talcing S?n\ pf 5 at *« e ,: He normally raises 25-30 head of, beef an<J about ?50 head cf hogs, besides cultivating corn, oats and heans and has ajwut 123 acr«; of pasture and wooded arei tin is an avid deer jmntcr, a member of She Farm Bureau, Gccd Hope church and Men's Club. ' ' Meivin was born \n 1916 at gtevsn, Minn, and has been a rssidsnt of this area since he moved with hif parents, C end JCatie Alt, to a farm near Corwith at the age of four, father is deceased and his mother resides at West Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped To Swve Yet* »b«*t M«t«4 «4f«| WATCH THIS SPACi f ViKY QTHIg WEEK MEET A NEW COUNTRY NEIQHBOR Mrs Alt is the former Bernice Dodds and Is a life -long resident of this area. They were married in 1943 at the Hope church and Mrs Alt is a member rt 4Srw makers Club and teaches a Sunday School class; The Alts have two sons, Elmer, IS, on the wrestling squad at Algona high school, Terry, 7, second grader at Bryant and two daughters, Trudy, }4, and Cindy, 4. y ' ' w Mr Alt hqi two brothers, Harry, Algona, and Larry, Fen.. $ti ""fJ"* ^** rs ' Evelyn (M « Fie <* Greinwt), Hingsted, |s,ther (Mrs Albert. Wjbben), Ledyard, Minnis (Mrs Albert 8?% W 9 w' Hft 0 ? Pear v l (Mjf? m Poiothy (Mrs Harold Lampe), iurt, and Jentg), FerUon. Mrs Alt has 4wp Je«ws, Lcn* R«k; BueUa (Mrs gwfl (Mr, Bo^, Ajferifl|j|), Ft D Kelley Lumber Co. "* , i-' . "Our Business IB Building", ' , * ^* ^ ft - A-** Miff f t ,, .,\ ^ttir ,' , i iliiimiliiiiiiiiiiiii1nlMjilllfl/'iliinMiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiIk.ii..».iii< il.iiiniiiii.liiiilifi • LUMBER • PAWT ' • CEMENT WejAlm to • N«|ar Mllwauk*. : ; v Depot - Alvona .iiiiiiiwiniiiuiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmk »11 Beecher Lane Appliances 'Wher* Th« FAMOUS NAMES Creel YPU" In TELEVISION In APPLIANCES Y 4-llia A toon* j Buscher Brothers ImpL (Minneapolis Moline - Kelly-Ryan —- Papee New I4eq Farm Mwehln«ry Cullen Hardware Our Own "Hcrdwart Store" A Complete line Of H«*dwpra Cefiitruction Co,

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