The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1961 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1961
Page 19
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Christinas v drmk< with, the: f happy taste! eervwe «t utd, t«is sauint COMPAN/. We send you d thousand gifts'of joy, love and confer) fmenf during this Yule Wed Wesi Bend sufti County, Iowa tOftS CHEEK . 86-30 . — S W 14 SW wVsWJi'Ww"^^ 1, Eli --" A ' SEJ4.SEU:& S S 5-8 SE , /4 . fu ?' ,? Wt * s »y*. w; 3-4 NW>4 SWVi. Bg. «t NW corner of SWU NW'4 then* S 35 rdB. 4'. E 12 rdsT, N 35 rds. 4 . thence W to bg., Bg, nt « W rrt. 0rn iS r -3'^ W H NWHlhcnro E 25 rds , N ?B rds., W 25 rtls., thcttco S to bg., .nfc. at SW cor. of SW'i NW'i thenei N 32 rds., to corner- of church lot, thence' N 8 2-5 rds., E 25 rds,., s 6 2-5 rds., thence W to bg., Wife SWU NW'.<j Section 2, NE*i NEW, SEW \E',i SWW NE# NW'i, N E ;« NE^. *!S 34 rds. N of SE corner Section 3, th^noe S 13 rds. 51',', W 12 rds N 13 rds. 6>V E 12 rds. to \>g., Be 47 "Is- S',i' N of SE cor. Sec. a, thonce W 12 rus., N fl rds. IT, E 12 rds. thence S to Bg., B f 34 rds N of SE cor. Sec. 3, thence 12 -ds. W, thence N 13 rds ' thence U 12 rds., thence S to tton 4, NEK NE<4, SEH NEt{, .NW',^_NE'x,,__N.'.i NE™; SE'4 I3CUUUM o, «fiiVt iNri l /4, SK\4 NE»A. E rd9 SWU NElk, E 28 rds. NW\NE NEU SEli. Sfi'4. SEU, SWU -SB , 1-8 SW SW; r 4, Nwji SI!.!*' ""=•'/* aw;*,, nji(4 NWU, NW'i NW'i,, SEli NW'4, SW'4 NWU," 82 rds. SWU NEW, W 52 rds. NW'i NE'.i Section 6, NE'4 NE',i. SE'4 NEU, E<i NW'4 NE'4 & N 7-8 W',4 NW'4 NE'.i! E 3-8 SWW NE'.i Eli NEW SE'4 & N_3-4 _W<4 NE'4 SEli. N 1-3 E'i SE>i NW'4 Section 3, NEv; NE.4, SE'i NEW. NW V. ..NEW. SWM NB& , NE't SEH. SEW SE'/JSW'/SEU NW>i 4 ' - — ... ^.^. ,.,, ^. , - u 1Y 3-4 SW 14 SE Vi Section 9, Nfi',4 NE'/ 4 , SEW NE'I, SW'4 NE'4, NWU NE'4, NEU SEli <$T?. j/. • ctp i/ our i, *i«., ' ...rr. 7 * __'?» ALGONA BARBER SHOP Phone CY 4-3535 - Your Newspaper Carole P. Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Smith of West Bend, and Larry R. Burtis son of Mr..and Mrs.'Cecil Burtis of Algona, were united in mar- .riage Nov. 241 at \7 • p;m., in the First Methodist church in West Bend. Rev. Robert 1 Williams performed the candelight ceremony. Mrsi Junior Handy sang, accompanied by Mary Jo* Anliker, organist. : : ! , The bride,' given in marriage by her father, wore a floor-length gown of Chantilly lace over nylon net and, taffeta.' 'The molded bodice was 1 of lace designed'with a bridal jpoint front and back, with lace' sleeves ending in • a point at the wrist and a sabrina neckline. The full lace skirt had an oyerskirt of J satin sweeping back into -a chapel train. Her imported silk illusion'veil'fell frorn a crown of peafls ; and'- wheat pearls. ; > ; . .• . ; Mrs.'Earl Smith-Jr. was matron of hohbr, Cindy Kay Haii- dy was flower' girl, Kenneth; Smith was, ring', bearer/ Everett and Tim Handy \were candle lighters, : 'Tom Burtis was best man and ushers :were Keith : ari« ! Earl Jr. Smith,- Sam BirHis .a^d Junior Handy. ' : ' li .M->«»W. Mr. and Mrs. Donald j.acobs were the church host and hostess. In charge of registration ol the guests was Mrs, Phil Frisbie. A reception in the church parlors followed the 1 ceremony, with Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Nelson as got DE-ICER in their gasoline?" Who's got De-Ioer in their gasoline ? Standard, that's 'who. J^o^you nice* ifyou know what I mean? Standaid.that's who host and hostess. Mrs. Glen ^^~ tis and Mrs: LeoiTayJor poiifeo. Mrs Fred Mbhr and Mrs.. Jlepry Gardellboth cut' the five-tier Weti- dlng cake. Mrs. Cliff Schuller and Mrs. Robert Schmitt served the punch. ,.-,'... Sharon Burtis, Deloris Banwart, Marilyn Cuplin and Qeanna Jurgens were waitresses. Mr. arid Mrs. R. W. Rittgers, Esty Wilson, Mrs. Opal Swanson, MrSi Andy Peterson and Kenneth Nelson were in charge of the; gifts. Kitchen hostesses : w.ere • Mrs.- Joo Dunn, Mrs: Verle Perkins, Mrs.; Roy Thompson, -Mrs. Rena Dayton, Mrs., Agnes -Tabor ana Mrs. Hazle Morey. (L6ng!s Studio Photo—UDM Engraving) i I Union Aletheans . Ther.Christmas; meeting of. the Union 1 Aletheans' 4irf club' was held V Dec. i 9 at the IJnion >twp. civic'.center. , Hostesses wert Paula and Mary.- . Beth Dearchs and. Becky and .Dorina Fisher. The mothers were guests at this meeting. A' talk on personality, and. character was given by EveV lynfBode, iguesti speaken >',': ••,!• A talk was given' by Janet 'iir- pelding and Mary Reilly gave a demonstration. Christmas gifts were exchanged as a group activity. The next meeting will be Jan. 13 at the home of Linda Dgdds. . " :, -,•*,.-. ; ; ..,.. lltl^l^s^sW/wi sfrifa^N^^/Ielur^; ' ' SE'4 ' SW14, „ ** '* "« /* *i .. /* i > • /^ >i d_i /* * & E 3-5 S'i, NE% NWWi. E 2-6 SEV4 NW%i Section'23, NE'4 NE'A, SEVi NE,'/4.-SWU^NEU. : NW.'/ t NE,ii, NlJ'A SE'4,;SE« SEU, SWW 'SEV. NWV4 SEVl, NE14 SWM, SE'A SW'i SW'/4 SWA, NW'4 SWVi, NEW NW'A, SEU- NW%;,'SW% NW4, NW% NWW NE i SW'W'. SE'4 SWW E^-l SWW SWV4, E 3-4 NWIVSW& Nstcl NWW, SEU NW',4, E 7-8'SW'A NWVi & N 2-3 Wa-8 SW%' NW'4-. NWW'NWW Section; 25j E :2-,5 ,NE W. NEVl, E .1-5 N 2-3 SEW NE& Section 20, S 1-3 E',i SEW NBi4, S'^'NEW SE^' Se El&'Njt NEVi SEU. SE'A 1 SE',4, E 4-5 SWW 35, NE'4 NEW/SE'.i NE'.i SWW NEV, NWJi NE14, NEU SE^, SEW. SEJi! SE'/i 4 SWjit SJWUi'Swlh NWW ! SWW' NEW NWVt, SEW;NW»/4. SWW NW',4, NWii NWi' 4 Section'36,'all in Township 06,' Range 30, Kossuth County, Iowa. UNION TWP; 96-29 • /it u i ~ v kJ (( ,4 It »» -Q OCUtlUIl _.„„ A W',i NEW NE'A, SEU NEW, SWVi NE '4 S 2-3 NW',4 NEW, NEW SEW, NWW SEW. SEli SEli, -SW& ?£%• SV4 NEW. SWU. & E 7-8 NlL SWV,, SE',,SWV4. SW'/ 4 SW'4, NW'4 SW'4, NEH NVf\' t , SE'4 NW'i, SWU NW'4 NW'/, NW'/4 Section 8. SWW SEW SW'4, S 2-3 SW'4 SW/4& W 2-3 N 1-3 SW'i, SWU. SW'J NW',4 SWW Section 9, W 3-4 N 1-3 SWV4 NE'4, N14 NW'!, NEW & W 3-4 S',4 NWW NEVi, NE'I NWJ4, N 1-5 SE>4 NWVV. N 1-3 SWU NW{'4, NW'4 NV?'4 Section 10, NEW NE'-J, N 3-4 SEU NE',4, SWU NE'/,, NWVi NE'/4, W'i Nil NW >4 SE'/,, N',6 .NE14 SW'4, NU SW'A SWVi, NW'irSW'/j, NEM NWU. SEli NW'4. SWU NWli. NWW NWU Sc* tlon 17, EU NE'4 NEU Section 18,'nil In Township 93, Range 29, Kossuth County, Iowa. .You and each of you nre hereby notified that there is now pending before the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, the necessity of making repairs and improvements to Dralnaco District No, 83, which is to consist of the clean out of a portion of the existing open ditch, the removal of trees and brush and the excavation of a new open ditch abbut one and one-half miles in length. That the engineer appointed by the Board, has reported favorably thereon, filed his report in the 'office of the County Drainage Clerk, recommending such improvements. For a more complete description of the proposed improvement, see Engineer's report on file. That the engineer's report may be amended from time to time before -final action. That same will come up for hearing before the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, at the Court House, Algona, Iowa, on th'e 16th day .of January. 1902, nt 9:00 o'clock A.M. tThat nil claims for damages and all objections to the proposed repairs and improvements to said Drainage DIs- tridt, must be made In writing and filed In the office of the County Auditor of Kossuth County, Iowa, at or before the time set for hearing. VvDuted this 5th day of December, 1901. BOARD. OF SUPERVISORS KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA By. C. S. Pearson . County 'Jrainage Clerk, Thursday, December 21, 196t ftfgano (to.) Upper Pet Mofnej-3 ; Hello folks! Here's hoping your Holiday seasoh will • be a wonderful one, without a care, and that Santa .brings you many packages of happiness and health. VIKING OIL CO. E. B. Carlson, Mgr. There's De Joer in both gasolines, at no ext4 cost you blow, De-icer knocks out gas-line freeze to 42 below..'. Oh * ft * 1 _•• • i i. ... who's got De-Ioer in their gasoline ? Every Standard customer, that's who! My advice, sir... get De-icer, ton Now you get the real thing, DHCER, at no extra cost In both AMERICAN. Gasolines So to prevent gasoline freeze all winter lon(|...and enjoy fast starting, too...j U 3t fill up at your Standard Oil Dealer's regularly all winter longl / A-^TT,"--—~> * (STANDARD ' from Standard \Hli|KP^^ . and you get /{/ ^^BI Prod vets in Algona at . , , STRAYER STANDARD SERVICE STATE ft JONES NOTICE OF HEAHTNG ON REPAIR AND IMPROVEMENTS TO DRAIN ACrE DISTRICT NO. 89 To M;i'-!e Mao Sln^rkor, Ca'-oli'i. Paiil'n.' Vi'jclt. Estor Hinlz. RavmniK C,'!n; c . hnrl " s F - K^dini? Alb»r Willinm Manning, John W. Schal I'n, Osyar Luedtkc, A1l)"rl Mf*z?cr Arthur A Drover, Donnld nnclif,' H nl, Dorn L'u-dt):e. A. L. ft Grace E JaeJrman, Otto Wichtondnhl, Arlluir R. K~ssin, C=jr] Fnvo. Herman Rii; Bert, Ida Witlkopf Otto Htilmko. Hob F. & Rnpsio K. Pel-.-)-, tfnhf- .i-'ner, Arthur C. Rusfh,' Mete & Adela Behnko, Arthur T.iieclt'-n, ] mer P. Jensen, Alfred Fehr, \vilhelm If. Meyer. Kathryn L.. Pntrl.-i;i "at.riek McEnroe, Georgo M. Harris, David & L'-nnn Smith. H.-irrift Opi?, Mannv I. Monall. Alnhonse Her!.'. Mvln ,T. & K'-nnc-'s K-iwn, E'lwin F Ll'-'b, Adam Li'.'b, Karl R. & l.ucv M Hoffman, Gerhard A. & Etln'i A WiM- *op(. Edward Kuqcker. Donald & Laurnette Krlckson, 'John Koh!wv-s, N. H. & Mathilda Reisner, Roslna Woltc, Thomas Schnlh r. Lou-na A & A-nnld F. & Ellen t,. Lieb, Howavd L. Platl. Louis Haekbarth, S?gi-kl Kohlht-as. I. R. & Ruby E. Walker. Carrie Dunint, Hoenk Farms Inc., Lawrence W. & Darlene Devine, Albert S. & Agnes J. Walker, Violet Walker et al. I.oul:i T. Sayers, Hazel Lusby, Irene- .t Marguerite Dalziel. Margueritr: iM:irnach. Pearl Potter. Henry & Anna Mueller, Ambrose Licktelg, Earl Rich. Juno Aclele Carr, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad Company A «8"st Pijhan, Elmer H. Pijhan, Carl A. Pijhan, Nick Gengler, l^l's fn-ck- crv., Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, Durward MeArthur. Kunico Rtebhorr, Lewis & Mary C. McEnroe, Lela Stewart Mendenjiall, J-ohn R. Cronin, Dorothy Thomas, M. H. McEnroe, Ralph H. Woltz, Raymond P. Norton. Robert N. Blckert. H. M. & Maybelle A. Hauberg, Mary Ellen Mann. Paul Craig Worster, John H. Rich, George F. Rich, VVillinm T. Clara I. Drayton, Edward H. Rich, Harriet Rose Sabin, .Mary A. Grefe, Evelyn MuNeill, Harley L. Troulman. Wl'l'am Duffy, H. T. Bunkofske, Lois & Maxlne Caldwell, Christian & Euphamie Jensen, Eugene & Mary B. H° f ' l } s . Ludwig & Clara Rcinen, Zel? q £?', M c °ulre, Robert D. & Delores J. Hobble, .Joseph J. & Marie M. Biischer, Aloysius J. Eiseheid, E. J. Hough et ul, Kate Lehman, Walter J Bradley. J p. Niekerson, N. R. & Ef- no I. Robinson, Myrtle & Carl L. y £? s ', J - v - Evans, Joe Hfnrv, Hel- Ding i e r y '. , Zada N "Sent, W. A. Corm gly i- ? Iat , ud a Hen»-.V, Frank & Lu- A H Z £ m , et - Ignatius John Wernei-t, A. L. llnlges, John Thul, Ruth Palmer Shepard et al. M. N. Phillips. Kossuth County Iowa. Edmund J Fri- neres. Ruth Dutton. Lloyd A. Vipond. Jo*!?" J. Wubker. Ralph E. Morgan F.clythe M. Cotton and J. B Mertz Wrn -r'b« f thl - > real estate hereinafter "to The Federal Land Bank of Oma- la. Equitable Lile Insiirnnrc Comoanv oi Iowa, The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States. Home federal Savmt's and Loan Association. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Iowa State Bank of Algona. Iowa, The Travelers Insurance Company, The Prudential Insurance Company of America, Harold A. Rigeert Security State Bank of Algona, Iowa Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Com- 8?i!?.?. and Fal 'mers State Bank of Whi teniore, Iowa, lien holders and in- cumbrancers of certain real estale hereinafter described. To all persons in possession or in actual occupancy or having any right, title or interest in and to the following described real estate, to-wit- FENTON TWP. 97-30 Range 30, Kos- «-a-AiJ^74 IX W •/, , W V2 ^£,,4 INW',4 6 SW E54 SEli NW',i, SWW NWW SI NWV t NW'/, & W 5-8 N'/ 2 NW'.i NW', Section 20, N 5-8 W'/a NWU NE'/ 4 , i 3-4 W IS Nfi'4 SWW & S 3-8 E'Sj NEW SW'/,, SEW SWW, SW',4 SWU NW',4 SWV,, NEV, NWW. N',i SEli-NWli MVW NW'4 NWW NWU Sec. 20 NEW NEW SE'/4 NEli, SW'4 NEU. NWW NEW, NEli SEli, SE'4 SEU, SW'4 SEW, NW'.l ,SEU. NEW SWW, SEli SWli. SWli SWU, NW'4.SWU NEW NW'4, SE',, NWW, SWW NWli NW i MWVi Section 30, NE'i NE'A, SE'4 *J ,t *• ». ,4 -J^, -r.l 1x^74 ^vy 74 OEj',-1 3VV •/, WW SWli. NW'.i SW'4 Section 31. WW NE'/, SEW & S14 E 3-4 NEW SEli. SEli SEU. SW'/, SEU, NW'4 SB 14, NE'/, SWW, SE'/,, SWU,. SW'i SWli NW'/; SW'4, NEJ4 "1WW. SE'I, NW'.i, SW'4 NW'4, NW'4 NW'4 Section 32, W',4 SWli SWli Section 33, all in Township DO, Range 9. Kossuth County, Iowa. WHITTEMOHE TWP. 95-30. NEli NEli, SEV, NEW, SW'4 NEU, W4 NEli, NEli SE'/,. N 1-8 SEW E'4 ex. Hy., NE', SWli SEli ex. Ry., ! 3-4 NW',| SE'/,, N 7-8 SE'4 NWli, li Nli SWli NW'4, NE'i NW'4, fWU NW'4 Section 1, N 5-8 NE'4 ^JEli, N 1-8 E 3-4 NWli NEW Section . all in Township 05. Range 30, Kosuth County, Iowa. CRESCO TWP. 95-29. N 3-4 Wll NE',4 SWli N 1-2 NWU W'4, W 1-8 Sli NEli, Wli SEU WU. SWU NW'4, NWli NWli Sec- iN this community we have many friends and valued customers to whom we wish to say.. .have a very merry Christmas, filled with good cheer, good health, and good fellowship. We hope this Yule season will be the brightest of all. Beecher Lane Appliance ALGIKVA,IO\VA ^^^ SANTA CfcAUS py^g& T o§ Our Many Good Customers & Friends A Million Best Wishes For A Merry Christmas Happy New Year /« .> oV OWA STATE BANK PARTNER |N PROGRESS

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