The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1961 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1961
Page 18
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\ , :WCiitihe' i6'<»>. has been acting jltf%? "adolsffrii - that this-rtews- a coordinator, in a cere risp'orise 6xpdrleh<ie*cf tniS yeaf: • < M - Two.fhlrds of; the 39 families avallafcfe' ijVvere adopted -within the first week offer an-" •& and Jrtdivlduals, who ent.' .'„ id -frtdjvjducjls, i* shoi/lcPfeel a 1'nOunce..£_,..., . Jr ^.^ Thfflfflaftfewiefotfi have madei rthl < adoptions '.mo/e WPJfflMHlLCk&Unas seqson Helping hjiiids^y&ayjj extended. , i I i i I (j* | j } ,* •* ^NiwclfilliAoucH' V tA?rl3'il& ll 'fxAl£'i 1 ,f' - Ai .i little for the kind, ,/ * • ™ ^ -3 ^V?*** i» W^M i i / VfKifef/iE^praeerned.witht hjgh-ldWh Agjlj^jftfajl'fn&vdr any w, fh'e^elhe/VlSVi'ic'cifl fas* 'pKtV-o'| s World gpyefnmenfJ|^S1mVsj/Ja^fKat'lt is^becoming .quite evldenf Aaf'the wife of Pffcif* ,? She-'fticV,. cajcji it fron\ girl sob sisfe f rs 'whS cannot CJL ._... time they want one, but Jackie has a way. of gajhering pofaj&lc[r ppfarovar'in other parfs of th.e. world.-'The fact tfiat she can speak seyeral affords, never'fails to 'endear her to the nation- J alities concerned. ,'. , ' ' * ,' There is something rather simple fo all this displqy toward Jhq Pr.esiderjtX wjfe. She makes , no effort to,sway public opinion/or to rap Communism, or to extoll our own national virtues. All she does is stand up, srtiile, 'and say a few words in th'e native tongue — and that does it. As an ambassador of good will, ffie-'Rresi- dent's wife deserves a me.clal of high order. The woman's touch-can,Indeed-te a,gre'qt soother of feelings, and a creator of good \fcfll." ' . »*. _ * - - 4 * If your wife' wants to -learn how io drive, 'don't stand in h,er vyay. - Sioux Rapids Bulletin Press. «' • t '"''.'' • OPTIMISM AS WELL AS PESSIMISM There have been a few business decisions locally which have had a tendency to-worry many. Empty sfor& fronts: er,e ft6f .eonduelve td e'xtrewe optimism In the busfness picture. But there are '"a few o'fhe'r, more uplifting Indications, that should help to Improve the general outlook. • „ > . The news that,Universal ( Manufa«urihg' Co. is enlarging the Serves, is qrt6.,Tfte total number of rtew defaler.outlets in Northern Illinois, for example, is almost as great as the Jejs! number Universal has'served in the past insertions of three states, Iowa, Nebraska and SqothiDakofa. The potential addition of 20 to 40 More employees is no small item, either. There are also unconfirmed rumors that •parties have been making business checks of Algona, and inquiring :. If any of these me that the building: in the near future. s taking place in jona Is pot alone' in see s considerable shakeup. And we hav or a* little restrained optimism, despit of a few businesses and a county pop decline of about 1,500 in fhe past 1 , years, . • It is inevitable, perhaps, that in a popula , tion' decline sjtuation of that total, there wouK be some'business upheaval, especially after fou to five poor incpme years in agriculture. Pei;hap the worst is over, and the future, promises,< brightness worthy of some optimism. flu can Matin • Questions To Him At —,— ..._ .liiBS'Oip- ALGONJLup^Efi »BS * ; Dee. 8tt Mil- ,, - • < " * *:-'*i : "« - i Shocking hews : Reached ihe home of Mrs, Vtessi£'- trutrter : bi Algona Day. A .department rea , - rner- about 6- b.m^ 'tiKristmas -telegram from 'the ' wai 1 -*-" " - lear, tihMf tel ^Uftde^si^judges stuped long ahd ,.—,.„»„, deciding an Orftirlb girl and a'Massachusetts^ bo^ had writtefltHf tf o best essays itfflie Christmas essay contest.; /,''* »/* ^¥^4 Susan .Bejird, 16, a high school junior who, 1 lives, on HuMlRolw 3, ddessa, Oiitarid, Canada, arid Bruce Anliif&geiof'walfrennMSs^Frwere 'flamed the'.two winner^ in'the* ''B" and "A" Divisions and each has been awarded $25 in cash, Bruce-Is* 13 years old and in the ninth grade at Warren High School.?' ntent - wi -' made at Pearl Harbor" BilL^who ^btlft'* in the UiS^Mfflnea ri H Jfln a „.-..,- -,-„„• preliminary training , in this country. He Was a- 1 1936 graduate' of' Algona high ^scliaol d a lifelong resident'of'Algona C cri 111 E. CaU'Street—Eh. CY 4^3535—Algong, Iowa Second claii poilaga paid at'Algpna, Iowa ' ',Iss<fe'd' Thursday, in 1961 By" . THE UPPER' DBS MOINES PUBLISHING 'CO. R. B. WALLER,' Editor"& Publisher 'DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr i JACK "PURCELL,. Foreman * NATIONAL EDITORIAL , SUSTAINING M ( M B E R NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper" Representatives, Inc. 404-Fifth Ave., New.York 18, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN TRADE AREA One Year, in advance - :' ; ,_,$4.00 Both Algona papers, in combination, per year S8.0Q Single Copies ,.„•...:..„„j..*..: 10c SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE AREA One Year, in advance —'-„„_ S5.00 Both Algoiiii papers, in combination, per year $7.00 No subscription less than 6 months. OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING R^TES ON REQUEST NOT ENOUGH EXPERIENCE , ' Sheldon 'Mail — It is sometimes easy to ticize^the people of a country such as the Do miniccm Repub|ic for their very evident mercur ial temperament when, it comes to the matter 01 politics! ' , ; 'We'are informed almost daily, in fhe news dispatches, frorp 'such .areas, of the doings 01 . emotional mobs and^the maneuvering of temperamental an,d, self-centered-leaders.-The first • impression df cfll this for a resident of tlie United States is that the problems of ' sUcrf ^ peoples might naturally be,.settled by"free elections, and , it is ( hard| at first glance, to see why such election? are not held and the decision of the voters accepted. - - i * . f ' , , , , A second''consideration ..might disclose at ^easl; one of'the reasons why this is obviously so much more complicated .than it, appears. THat'js the basic one that most of the people of such'countries QS the Dominican Republic actually have little if any background in genuine democracy..^ great many of them wouldn't know how to use, the democratic process if it was offered to them. Our country is proof of the fact that it takes a tremendous" amount-of devotion on the part of sincere people to secure the blessings of democracy in the first place and to hang qn to thepn after,wards. Our country, Weij- sed as it is with a, firnr foundation in this matter, still has not by any mpans completely ''sold" all its inhabitants on ,the, .virtues and demands of democracy '— witness, jFor instance, the compara- ,tive low percentage of citizens whjc> vote:in any election.' ' :•••"" '''"'-•. •; ••• : . The struggle for democracy evidently has something in common with the program of Alcoholic Anonymous, the subject has to have a sincere and determined desire to help himself before anyone else can help him. * ' * , *' .. The only encouraging thing abouf hidden taxes is that there can't be many places left to hide them. — Graettirjger Times Washington .^'.'. r ,....... f * ighlighis * * tftmtlon't Cmptfrt by Rmy Yn mtm With all ihe evil going on in the world' it: is appropriate dur-' ing this Christmas season to try to recall :sohie of the pleasant events of'this 'year 1961. • ! "Quite frankly, 1 it is a lot less difficult: to remember .the ^unpleasant since this is .what, makes hews more than the pleasaru side of life. • . : t : - •• • Above all we should note another year has^ passed in which we, have'been able t'o' enjoy relative peace arid certainly,; .for most of us, generous prosp;erityj This- is ;the Season' of the' yeat when-we* can i^jojce that- such has; 'been-, the;'.case .and' remind oursel'ves that elsewhere in- the wb^ld. the're has -be'eh-; no, suc*( cause for celebration.' ' , ' - • ' ';• : i • • ' ' • ; '! In; this, great .country of. ourS, .961 •; has 'continued -to bless us with, the good .things'- of. 'life.'' It whg ".a, year, in which 'the Amer-' can farmer produced more than we 'could eat,' where there were "Sc.'^^rtag. 63 , P? ' 'automobiles,,. washing .machines and television; etai/\ ••"- • • ---•'; Unemployment continues to iose-a serious problem but not p the extent where' the econo-' ny is anywhere in danger. The rice; of food, clothing and shel- 3r "has ( been held liy check ana aere fs.' no iruhawdy- 'inflation. Ml'the signs'which the econo- nists study, point to a similar conomy 'in tjie new year. New' discoveries,.' new inven- ; ^ strjdes in me4icine— , their .yokes heard and the Government' began cracking down on TV shows which corrupt the morals of jyoungstars and TV commercials which insult the intelli- gene of adults. ••. Characteristically, the United States. continued' to h.elp the '.un-!i 'fortunate . peoplife pt other, lands. : We i have. passed put. food, built idamsi ctit roads through jungles, bolstered; -• economies, I proyicied .arms, made available doctors, : nurses and medicine; and established ; the Peace Corps." > It was also a year In which , America set ne\y records in the ^air, sent oufc the Polaris missile submarine into the far reaches of our defense r frontier, i revived a dance called "The-Twist", and brought forth a neW'hairdo called the "Jackie Kennedy Look." In the full sweep of history 1961 will not make much 1 of'a' splash: It jdid; not 1 'mark the: end or the beginning of a great war! No great catastrophes i took ; place/ Halley's Comet.... did not streak across the heavens;.- But it was again a year in which most of us could be thankful'to be Americans. Was the first reported death. ;b£ an. AlgOnKn' M-,World War II., He - Was, survived b'yi his; mother, a sister and two brothers,' all living here. Meanwhile, en-J listments in, the armed forces hac^ increased after Dec. 7 and the dr^ft, which : had been taking: I quite a few young men from Kossuth county (and the rest ot the U.S.) foi* months, was stepping up its processes. First 'enlistee in the U. S. Navy'from Kossuth county following the Japanese attack' oh Pear Harbor was Ktiss Waller, junior publish- eir of the UDM. ' "»''••• Two Algona boys were doing right well at Kemper 'Military Academy '-'at Boorieville,'- Mo; -Ed Oilmore (now of the ; Iowa State Bank staff), son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold :Gilmore^ was promoted to sergeant at the Christmas din-- ner and .Bernard Morrall, son of Mr. and ^Mrs, Clarence ..Morratl, : had been.': listed on the dean's honor roll, as a cadet with an average of 87 or better in all sub- . jects. . . . : . /, ,. • , .:.;. v * •'. >":.- .*'.,'.,.. Mall Lamuih, well-known Algona ; man, announ/c^d he would i retire as , manager ot' >\he local Swift & Co. plant ! after- 3?.% ;• years \vith the company.fHe, re- ce^ved a letter ,frc-ni'the icpmp^riy ,' praising-his endeavors'hefe down through'the years. 4 . ' .' ' V '•'; : ;' - •.. ?'."• • ' , •.. Mr. and ^s. Jqe. Preston of the Svyea-Eagle 'vicinity observed their 25th. wedjdlng'iaiiniversaVy. Sunday, Dec. '21,: •fith-.'a, d|nner.', at noon followed' by] a reception' and luncheo'h iff'tKe'afternoon. Susan' wrote he? fssay .111 .the form pf her letter, stating: "Dea* Dani /I've ,'seripUsly 1 thought this oyer^ and, ?rtl afraid I'm In no position to cohtfibute ahytHMgof material Value to better "ttie "world for other'peoplejthls ChristinaS.j^ * -• • . "There is one thing I do I&V6 though — nly-faith W &od. 1 can pray for those less fortunate thflri myself. "; •* '•••"; "I will pray that Qod^wfll tovide'shelter for those who are homeless; that He wiHjgive hogeHo; those^who leel life has no'meaning.-'that those who are not blessed with parents, as I qmrfWill forget their loss tot jt»st one,day £ and fluid happiness Jq Qpd's lovejtthat God,-through man; wiU reach into the hearts of those behind the 'iron curtain,' who have never experienced the happiness and.peace with, th,e.tygrld' that.we all ,have, during this Christmas season, 1 ' "and 1 will pray a'lSo, that some day in the near future,.peace will reign throughout the World, and everyone i will measure thejdays pf his life with the 'Golden, Rule.* * t "Yes, Dan, I will pray for theseHhings and;hope with all my heart * ,-,„., v. , „ ^. .,.,_ .„,„ trU ]y'be^, be { ter world ! ' 't » . ? 4 that,intorder to make, the world a better place in which to live I certainly can do my part ,as a citizen of the United-States' and of the town of Warren. ' , "I cari giv<^ help to my fe}lpwXtudehts. I can'tjy 'to get, a, gqod wholesome education t and, devote my'life to^y! bountry. J'can attend-, church regularly and build a towering faith .in Go*d. I cari keep'myself free from trouble at-all times and not make troubledor 'anyone else.. ; , • "I can be studious and ido' nothing, (o. hinder the progress of any other student. When I become 21,1 can exercise niy right to'vote, helping to prevent illegal government: ' ' '' -,«"-;,i i . • ° • j-« Z can set a* 1 'example for younger children,-Tcari'practice racial indifference and ask allflknow to dpfthe same.« I cari fevoid* criticizing other's mistakes. > . | .,,;/,] • ,,.''•; v t t "I can do all these things .n6W:ahd'in the years:to cbm'e. and I can pray that I grow into a go6d»iijn."'? f' *•'! • * - '•; 1' -I ij •' ? ^•••-^•tn^-t'^'Mimr^iii^i'-iii All pf you contestants-submitted very; worthy essays 'and'your reward is in knowing that .if -you ^aqtice: what youBreach, the %orld will become a better place |ip|which jt6|l|vfi)inerejy] thttugW your| individual GITOrtS, *. . j j - * > * j ;-. ^ , i - - * i J. $ » ' * ( ^ i i ' '• ' , , *£ v ? lhe , ^^^^e^^bi^^m^^on'i be sdiiry or feel that you're not a g6<|d-aitizen:'Dp what you Said y6u cduld do to make this world a better place in which to 'live, |veW Wpfo ^ n } y h W p i,U but si Uftln rvM-i*.A -r** UX^iiUV-wia ^U^filU.iL: ^rii9^t'-* 1 -$ r -t- f l"f *k'f&\Si -V"V ,V>*4i l ff l 5 .Si"- tl little more at home^^i^|Ha^|||^laP ,.;•.' . .. ,,. '-; .rV'^I^Vj.ijt^.l' { 'H"ijf)'h-n*••]'• ' .nrv, 0BSrtha l° e ^ S ?'il.Hi" high;scho6'l: spph6m(|re who would like some pen pals. Her hobbies are• omi " r "' v>irf«i—(«--'-*•• * • ing and choir. Her address :is\-; It i - '' ' ! ' "' '' * V^ f ' '«*i i v Marsha Kaye a 43^oar-oia Cen.tral'Junpr High School %f P,olfdk,-3t horses and basketball and wants ' * '" V: Ftt..i; Box% ! Poll6k, 1-exasr , - ."I --^—«-T™«T"»j . fTMV TVWUAU AAffcV .., ig, playing! the'tfiario, stairip' collect- ^fiox A-8,;Gi i etnal Manitoba, Canada. i.! i*l * |' M ? • 4!' ."• i 5 j' 1 Wfnlhj grB^li? jwhoUttends |s. (She! liltesf popular music, 1 12, '13 and |4. The address: '****•!*!*****»••,»+•• *»»0»»»^ »»»»»»»» ^ • l^^^^.^r™^^!|T^ <+*+> v VQTE OF THANKS '•! •'!:, • ' --i .',' ( • -.Algona Upper Des Moincs Algona, Iowa ' Good, Hope Methodist A Burl man, Verne Lovstad, was haying terrible, luck with .automobiles. Not long ago,.he purchased a new Ford and shortly after ran into a hor§e, killing the animal and badly damagijm the auto. He got another new car. Last Tuesday evening, while driving on highway 69 five miles east of Clarion, he skidded on ice, slammed into the ditch, rolled over and the car '* was demolished. He escaped with only '»•»?»<' INSURANCE rcfctor . Hospjtalization Health & Accident Life — Auto — Fire — Hail ''. 2 E. State , •, CY 4-452D hraygh, in the battle* tp solve one I. thei "cruelest' of a.H diseases- anger, ' he M '° wl " e f medicine to extend ase pain. We are ,_ .—, that a vote of .' thanks from the Official' Board l! ? of the Good Hope Methodist L ana c h ur ch be extended to the Algona Upper' Des Maine's "for coverage of special church events during Kossuth Christmas , __ _,. inch of snow fell Christmas day and 5Vz inches the 26th. Temperature readings Christmas day were—33 for the high and 28, low. After the last snow, the mercury dipped and on Dec. 29 ALGONA INSURANCE AGEKCV J. R: (JimT KOLP Surety Bonds — All Lines ' • of Insurance i CY 4-3176 206. E. State 'BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY All Lines of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-2735 spit.-D.i D; Arnold Chiropractor o«- u Office, Phone — CY 4-3373 Hours: 9:00 — 5:00 Open Friday Night Monday — Wednesday — FridaJ - Dr. William L. Clegg , Chiropractor 521 E. State St. Hours: 9:00 — 6:00 thru Sat. 9:00 — 9:00 Friday Ph. Off. CY 4-4677 Res. CY 4-34« country '" arllif There have bee^ ^ Jther ss glamorous triumphs in the ' of Christmas byrns, bright... ftTand with a bit more safety,' perhaps, since electric bulbs, tot,, the place of lighted candles on ' Christmas trees, "^he idfa priginatedj I we're told, with a telephone man' i Vvho replaced the dangerous candlei' J on his Christmas treq with tiny i switchboard lamps. # llhat w^s m#ny I Christmases agq, but the deeper meanjpe •* ' pf the season remains t^e same. We all look forward to a Christmas trine bright with the glow qf hope and ' i love and peape. And in tb$t ipirit we'd like to add our sincere ' vf'Merry Chris Unas 1 ' to tliose of your ofher fronds. •, the men end women of more to man's knowledge A ellite which ultimately will APPRECIATE COOPERATION Upper Des Moines Pub. Co. Iowa I would feel remiss if I did conquer the ravages of weather not take just a moment - ex- »h •°i C K- 1 3"r Cate al?0 the globe daily. of the Civilian Defense Council of Kossuth county, named Clarence Phillips and W. E. McDonald, Algona, and George Hawcott, Burt, to serve as the county tire rationing board. The board's job was to allocate all new tireb to persons needing them after Jan. 4, 1942. 'According tq the rules, vehicles . efsentia^ to and health were In 1981 President Kennedy •- tion given the United Fund of Algona, Iowa, Inc. in our recent for 9Hf }B62 budget. BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 5 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, General * Phone CY 4-4512 KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,0001 worth pf insurance in force. CY-4-3756, Lola Scuff ham, Sec'y Qf . were most coppera «» a **«W , j • *««* umcia iiic tucu me uuucu way IE ueSu SWSJ? construction, the Unit- It }| tfeoygh, 8 u 5 h cooperafion as riHHi?&' .^i" SCe ^ ° . pl ^' e f you ^ ave us ^ hat we win 4 s able iiauie mat nas mystified mnr. i^"woi^,*o;« „'„„_.;„..:__ tr_:i_j ^rpu§hov4 «U hi^qry. show here during the week, un- ive hi doubtedly the top attr|ctym (drama-wise) would be — t*"= Died With Their . its Errnl Vlvnn 35 Gen. ffl „!§? ms, AQEN0Y For Auto, House, Household Goods, and Many Other Forms Phone CY 4-3733 Tccj 8. Hetpgt '....'. Fwm Bureau MutuaJ Ins, do, Affiliated with Farm Bureau DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOURNE, M. D. Physician & Surgeon •" 118 N. Moore St. Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-227* J. N. KENEFICK. M. D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phpne CY 4-2614 CAROL L. PLOTT, M. D. "~ 110 N. Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office .Hours by Appointment CYpress 4-4864 Office CYpress 4-4331 Residence '^ cheaply deserts ea.n bi? turne4 'into lush gardens and fields, industries can spring up in areas where water is scarce an.4 pjties an4 towns will no longer have to restrict the use of Water in dry seasons. . • _o—• ' In the tense ciiy pf Vditcd Statei ' hold ,, T „.„„..„ a S al n s i the Communists and won the respect of the Free World In China and in tiny Albania ity work at-resspnajjjf cpgt .0o4 With quick service. No jop too cooperation. SW£fp.&,., ' Wes H. Bartlett, President: United Fund of Algona, Iowa, WK; YOU" . wall of Soviet ^ V . WHV!1UWI could be detected. And In som. °{ "if nt'w countrieg p| Afcieu the spread of Russian Conimu- B^ni has, been contained on a nqmbjer pf fronts. can'also look back on a year in which Uncle Sam begun to clean up some of the trash on telt,-vision. Aroused citizens, especially parents, were making „. „„„ ..- .-„,,»-, you in behalf pfjhe Kossuth County JCROP (Christian Rural Overseas Pro- tjram) Cpminittec for the^excel- thr^ji^h; |j],,e ent|r§ fall. M^ch ot the success of "such a campaign <l^££n£ls uggij sdjajice $$>lic\ty given and you did a very good job through yo,ur paper. It is all very much appreciated |44 your cpnt.r|b,utign waj qs imjortant as the cash or corn given. .... Sincerely, ' ' Evan, Routh Kossuth 60. CROP Chairman NEW ELECTRIC S IE CLEANING 24 HOUR SERVICE 44892 lv§» LAING'S JWN M..SCHUTTER, M. D, Residence Phone CY 4-2335 DEAN F. KOOB. M. D. Residence Phone CY 4-4917 Physicians Se Surgeons 220 No. Dodge, Algona Office Phone CY 4-4490 HARQLP C. Represe State Farm

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