The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1961 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1961
Page 14
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THURSDAY! Charles Kuchynkas Wed 50 Years 6-Alflona (la.) Upper Des Mom 1 Thursday, December 21, T961 Portland Twp. By Mrs. Victor Fitch iWfrs. Hay Fitch attended the funeral for her sister-in-law, Mrs. •Lea Clark, Saturday morning in Sts- Patrick's Catholic church Brift..Mr. and Mrs. Howard Clayk of Grand Meadow, Minn wer^ also at the funeral. ' i^ttle Gary Eingsdorf, son ,of 3-Ir. and Mrs. Gene Riiigsdorf EstRerville, spent the. weekend . With his grandparent^ - Mr. and Mr§. Donald Ringsdorf, while his I parfents , spent the weekend in pea Momes. , Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Phelps and bqys were Sunday evening vis- ;itor;s in the Bernard and Chas. Phelps home. !^4r M ^ and Mrs - Jack Thompson , Of Minneapolis came to spend the .Weekend in the Edmund • Larsen ['home. V i ll«r. and Mrs. J. R. Thompson IjaiM.Juha, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene jThompson and Rickie and Mr t|i\<t Mrs. Jack Thompson were .Sunday dinner guests in the Ed- Ul) ihd Larsen home. J^r. and Mrs. P. w. Marlow" .Jijcjv family visited in the WiW [.liam Gifford home, Lone- Rocic, Sunday afternoon. '• , •'•" '• 'Mr. and Mrs. Bill Trenary'were SnnHnw otroninn ,.:-i±.il^ 1 , .. vciet \ „ , ArWell the. dbncernifttf '«rd1stT?oV'£ the *«* ^«n.21f 8 1 nf thfs*a +«-.i.^L F *T «>.«,. *• * v nc 'Huddle a S^itJ^^-jS&X |ShIerK, .alary <? f*7"** • *««'J** o y**es Kossuth Motors .Company 4aV a Christmas .party Saturday evening .at the. Johnson. House- for tfie personnel and spouses.,- 'RpJfal' Neighbors Yo^gelield its -hnstmas party .at the Izaak Wai- on League hall fiec. 11. There was an exchange of gifts. The """4, .Meeting ivwilL- £ take i i/8 with installation of ers. ' , . I. ASI3} 1902. Ru«chey, ' — —t *w i ouieiKi sHiarv .whose Smith? salar? '.""I" n°rf J?> st 2Js Bank < whoiar:: & t -i S A h , lerk ' « x Penses .... 1 Hotel Algona, refunc'- I *»_*»•* "''Si**' ' OC| vjte „, Reding Bros., material I Sherwln-Wllllams, * , Clerk, advanced cnsh"":: , ^K^Wmg'.-SjIln^s r,~.Tl~* .^""'." fnillips, AlSona. irf«)n' DAKRELL.F. SPARKS •Jl 1C I Will- If 1 Spreltzer, , ep »,rs „ C. C. Shlefk, expenses .... ,PUBUC SAFETY Boekelmati, salary „ Bulten, salary ...... Hutchison, salary „ III. ." iJorgenson, salary .j. ,.„. " Mofiride. salary' ... ^..^1 Kohl; salary ... . I yolstt, salary A .. " T?'. . l e < ? a nl«' w'hold. I 1 rtlRr Jtf A 0**»iA*» t«Mu..i_ . Pub. ,.., Knitters Meet Council Minutes nd- M^rBer^^eSS ary-treasurer,,hel3'a*dhristmas uncheon Tuesday at the Johnon House. A social hour and pro- ram followed. •- ... i«o oing Away Party • Mrs. Everett.- Anderson and Mrs A A. Sterling gave a neighborhood coffee Monday morning for Mrs Clem -Erlander who if moving >o WasHingtbn; The hon- oreei was alspj given ta handkerchief showervb}* the gye^ts. Firm's 'Chrik|rnas Pariyl Personnel' ' from . thi"" lrr\c TA«O(TQ n+-.ff '* i^L'*' ^ge and service -»muon -annual Christma% par- COUNCIL „ ,Tu° T Clty Council met Dec 13 laai T»m '"I" 1 ?? WhUtemore, Mayor PrA Public hearing for rezonlne of certain area from Multiple dwelling ° to 8SJ3S was Instructed to contant^ I., print. & supp" STREET Burtls, salary .....^ Frambach, salary " " Lashbrook, salary ... " Motzen, salary ..__,.... """• Myers, salary .. .. —r*.-^-". Pcrgande, salary .."I *—* Prew, salary ..... " In. State Batik, w'hofd." * Algdna Municipal UHllties servicep r_.^. - ' ' y, Aleonn Tree Sefvrce,~cut"""" '•• stumps —...L. Arnold Motors, repaiVs" 1 Barclay Co., mdse. Bituminous-Mat., mdse — i gowfnan Bldrs., cone, work"" 1 H;;M. Brown, cleaner g ties Service, gas „___ " City Clerk, freight . " gookJs^Welders, supplies""""" Ft- n odse Towel, service rjck'Hdwe.. mdse. iherg, i repairs ._ . i's, repairs i¥"^i< Motors,' repairs ...111"" Alartin Oils, dlesel oil ...I Morton'Salt Co., !rock salt I" " National Chemsearch, mdse. .. ^Pcrclval Motors, mdse. 2 f *•»••« »»»r «» nuiu, .i.•.,!«*,,, & Agency, pension ..... 1 Motors, sndse. City ClerkT'aSv. "cash"., . . g^nbew, repairs :~±::: i jveni Motors, roDftirs Hilton's,'las ...™:_L"r":r" Algona *!fi-e Co., services" ~ Ja- Smoke Eater,, subs. .."II". f^g-port, presto^ ..i..::::~: 1 J. Ei ytt: repairs ... Kossuth Motors, service ..rill Street Dept antl-freeze ,....11 re£a"4 6 Apparatus Co., t , ""sAMITATfON S^^'.fUPP'lM 12.00 9.6C 7.05 7.50 8.-IO 313.83 213.34 240.H5 231.17 188,20 • 20.00 223.25 202.00 18.64 240 3352 2.70 16.71 538 1373 244.00 18.00 480 14.75 57.10 1703 .. 293.00 Guaranty Bank & Trust, Intere'st j ± ' Valley Bank & Trust, interest" la.-Dcs Moinee Nat 1 )., Interest PABKHfO METER Grocn,, salary niley, salary _ Sands, salary .. In. State Bnnk, w'hold. ;;""";" X™ 8 ',,*: A<?cncv, pension ::.; Hutzell's Cities Service, gas . . Pratt Electric, repairs !.; ": Ready .Mix, wrvlce ^ TRUST & AGE'NCY " Linda Counlcv, pension .... Bertha Foil, pension "" Sl.OO 77.50 85.00 \ 280.09 30.04 100.25 03.90 3.29 1 0.48 4.00 0.00 20.00 75.00 iiF 1. •;'. *»™ceri supplies . W. Holdren, repairs T. M r'-nt. Pub. Service, gas . SEWER RENTAI, Gronbach,, salary .'.. . Lemkee, salary . «>; State Bank, WhoTdT"!!" Glty Clerk, mdse. funk Plb s.. supplies • "^ Ma. Water Pol. Control, dues""" Rea t d t y. E M 3 «d S e PalrS ~~ Ta; State Ba^U^" 1 """"" |3.-Dds Molnes Nat'l., interest I Shaw-McDermott, ; interest _Ia,-Dos Molnes Natl., Interest " 0.35 5.25 10.79 123.39 170.43 21.00 6.84 5.50 2.21 12.00 18.20 8.18 40.50 131.00 77.50 77.50 (" ': { < < I >' Armin Following .dinner. ,at,the! House ttie' ad l ' c cards, were (enjoyed; t , ' - * ' • - j • Ollosen i • United, Presby- 1 -'• _Friday for A skit i "TJie, Saint? of, ^ssissi' was presented' with 1 MrsnAlbert Thorsen,-Mrs. Eygene Hofius, - taking part < The group sang.many .Christmas car- T Holt retu "«d home Lutheran hospital Saturday af ernoon.,She had been a surgical patient.: ; ; r Mrs. Lorent Daniel accompan-, led Bernard Jacobs of Bradgate ^uT,? 1 ^ Friday wh <^e' ffiey visited Margaret p 0 lt , at the ah S al - Douglas Daniel, who attends the university there, returned home with them. Patty Jacobson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jacobson was eight; years old Saturday,' Dec. 16 Friday after school, al the girls from the second grade came to her home for a birthdav ta'hoi,, £ lunla ? eveni *g guests R f> rth P T her u Celebrafe were Mrs. Mr n a / a £r° bson und Arland "nd Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zinnel. H,fT » and . Danny Watnem or HumboJdt, children of the Bruc* Watnem's, are staying with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs Percy Watnem. Their mother had a appendectomy at Lutheran ho* Pital, Ft. Dodge, Friday. Residents of Ottosen enjoyea the Presbyterian group of car olers Sunday evening M , alnii ^ retu n«*i home after slx months train North. Dakota, came Saturday to spend the holidays with the Merle Holt: family.,Peter Holt, ; who,at- Mte Luther College aj DeJor- ah,. js blsp -'home , forl vadation. Gary Schultz is home from State £«Ue«^,4owa , a t Cedar Falls and Donald "Waechter is home from ;the •-University of Iowa at Iowa City. and Mrs. •WESLEY ' ; By, M,rs.. Viola, Stiver- 1 • - ' •- T "i r~ ^ w Methodist Men will serve their annual, paneate supper- t jan. 18 in. th^ church Wining room. Mr. ^rid : Mj-i Louis,Gink entertained their 500 cclub Sunday evening. The; -group was transported to the .gink .farm home in a'real bobsled. The load consisted^pf the Merle Losses, Everett Ackersons, Larry Youne- wirths Al Loebigs, Jack Lick- teigs, Bill Loebigs and Gayle Studers, • Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lappe entertained their 500 club Sunday evening Mrs. Jack Vitzthum ^-'M S T C ° r? prize for wome " and Mrs. Lappe, second high rfc, P l e 7° n hieh for men and SK Stud ? r second hi e h - J"ck £ Clarence Riebnoft''Btfml/ A^ goha. , ?J m Sparks cameihom.e.,]&iday rgiri SCI at Cedac Falls ttf roehd :hj>^ Christmas arid-'. >T^ew Year idlidays with his parent's'* 'iftr" jand=Mrs. Howard Sparks. :; - Mr. and Mrs. Guy Dimond of 'Britt were Friday afternoon vis- :itdrs and Friday evening guests nvfne Howard Sparks home. •_ bunday dinner guests jn the 3f£5£s&JSW SSi^SSA.^ •*»• erjuand Ruth -Harmsj Mrs. A iAillaud Hostes S 'j^t S''°' Ailla ' ua : jritertafhed at..^ bridge patty. JVToridav. ^oui- f'c.jyKj, V 1HJS. o j n/r —"••"""I whittembre, and Mrs. WaUerJeaferf. M^-iAil, 1 °'" T ^vas hostess at a coffee"FriV afternoon , and > »f ufesflalj mo ° ho " neighborhood .-, c .» s 1 , a and Mrs. Bill Champion, s .V^ of Algona were afternoon" visitors. jMr. and Mrs. Milton Steven aMi am rl ? .w e r i e'Sat^ay guests £r-! C T Ja y, s f e ^en T hojne. 'Mr. imd Mrs.- Jay, Steven's ison, tfim Steven^ and family of Bancroft, have bought a farm near New Hampton and will move on it March Birthday Hosted ^•Leonard Warner observed a birthday Sunday* and had as guts Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bier a> ** ? nd Mrs. .ZumacW Honored Card Club Meels : Mr. and Mrs. Harold Erpeldimr are entertaining their card c)u« at a Christmas party. Friday -evening. '• - > ;;-.f. ... • , . r f Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bauer entertained at a 500 party Wed ncs , d *y evening. Guests were Mr and Mrs. Eugene Hofius, Mr. ana Mrs. Ohver Lee, Mr. and Mrs Harley Knutson, Mr. and Mrs Kaymond, Wehrspann and Mr and Mrs. E( j K cmna. Winning high prizes were Oliver Lee and Mrs. Kemna, low, Eugene Hofius and Mrs, Knu.tson, and Mr Hofius, travel. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jacobson and Cynthia of Grand Forks, At the meeting of the Holy Name Society Thursday evening, John Youngwirth was elected president, Philip Studer, vice president; Bill Koppen re-elected secretary, and David Klein- Pcter, treasurer. Harold Weber is the retiring president. Mrs. Dale Dornbier and baby were brought home Thursday rom the Britt hospital where the infant was born Dec. 11 She has been named Annette Mane The young couple now have a , of ^x boys and throe . The grandparents, Clarence Dornbiers and August Studers. tared tor the children during tl.eir mother's absence Mr. and Mrs. Will Hauptly cn - ertamed their 500 club Dec '14 Mrs. John Hildman and Mrs.'Lee Goetz won high and low score prizes for women; Otto Fox and -ee Goetz for men and John Iildman, travel prize Degree Of Honor ^Degree of Honor held its Christmas dinner 1 party at' the* Izaak Walton, League hall p ec , 3, with 33 members and guests present. Mrs. Beulah Williams, district director, and her husband, Red Oaki were, .present • Games were played, gifts were exchanged and secret sisters revealed The next meeting will be Jan. 18 with installation of offi. cers- annual appreciation Christ-' m fS'T. djn P e . r , for r Church . School StVLulh CH ^ ^«rs h0 o° •trinity, j. Lutheran, -was held r,m Dec. 14th. The dinner is a ChnV AM o e f m t C h e Pr & BCt ° f the Ladie ^ ^h L e u Churc h, Mrs. Paul Schpeider,, chairman- Fifty sbnTwere In attendahc'e During the course of the br program, Mrs. Ida Zumach w commended for, her 35 years 4 n 'the church school utheran. She -retired September of 1961. Wm. Dau J chairman of Trinity Luthera f ° rm , er Pupil of Mrs. 2u "Wed ,SALE STARTS AT 1:00 P.M. SHARP School, 'Mrs. R G spoke for the teaching staff Pastor commended her for ° n ' iCe and f the n Legal Notice Thursday thru Saturday ' Pnhii K *" ull > County, Jowa «"ni X"~* """* "«<-uiCiay —I tho ninii, n0 " et; , is he reby 'given'thi ;S:^^-^|i|f|||^^ i the quarte — "Mr. Sunday and Monday — "The I Lommancheros" 1:30 - 3:35 - 5:45- 31 - HOLSTEINS - 3] 5 HEIFERS FRESH WITH FIRST CALF <6, HEIFERS COAAING WITH SECOND CALF 9, HEIFERS FRESH WITH SECOND CALF 1 COW FRESH BY SALE DAY WITH THIRD CALF 1 COW FRESH BY SALE DAY WITH FOURTH CALF \ 2^7° FRESHE ^ IN JANU ARY WITH THIRD CALF 6 COWS FRESH WITH FOURTH CALF 1 COW FRESH WITH FIFTH CAIF 1 YEARLING HOLSTEIN BULL *„„,«, ^e extend to all our friends greetings' of the season., May'you find true happiness. These cows and heifers are all C.V TB heaUh papers furnished at sale. A few of rnostof. them in Ociober and no react ««- Individual calved »-» September! SHEEP 20 GOOD YOUNG EWES 1 SUFFOLK BUCK, 4 years old 2 SUFFOLK BUCK LAMBS • dents should any occur, o r. Net r«pon»ib!e for pro- oiyner QUINN and IEIK,, Agctlonwrs TITONKA SAVINGS BANK, Clark w"!i»r,i»-ayis™}»o!{ PRICE HIT Wii in nun imai,i.«, lir , MUI WOMEN'S COATS • SUB-TEEN COATS GIRIS' COATS * SNOW SUITS GIRIS' CAR COATS ' BOYS' CAR

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