The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1961 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1961
Page 13
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" ' s, 'V MJiini fi i I ' uTTJ 1 ***wtfl> Wayzajs, Minn,, $sited' w« the, weekend, with' Uef r mother, Mrs. Jessfe . fteweL Mr. in&'-Mta fiteha** SnVde* id boys- Austin, Minn.. Were >.uane Widdel. ° ' i —-"-- * CQiI^C *«** A i for a thjjee. week' visit on tHe west coast. She wlirbe visiting with j d * a * ughtel> and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Richard -••'-' • a ,; Sehilfi is tnerforfii& Frarik> ' ' S NcFall Plumbing & Heating ' " . . A.,B£tes .of Denver, were un|ted in marriage SHflday, Dec. I?. In St.. John's Lutherajj ehm-ch in Fenbn;$ev. W; H. Fnedrlch officiated at The 3,p,th. double ringTcereniony. e!" 1 ™? 1 ho - n v°- r wai Stofcy Sunde, Minneapolis, sister, of. to bride, .and. bridesmaids,-. fceth NWjel, Wayzata, Minn., Marlene Clausen, Minneapolis, and Linda Sunde, sister of the bride. The groom's.- attendants., were Geortfe Devers, Denver, best man-and .ler, Colo!, Ralph ,^ W11 . •Denver and James Sunde, broth- 'er, of the bride. • •, ,' aid Hultquist 'both of Denver! The bride was attired in a, formal gown" of candlelight' brocade with portrait" neckline*, ' three quarter length sleeves- and-fitted £™ T T » he f ^ }1 skirt " fel1 - fron i was held and' new secret" names, Fenion '' — were drawn. • .-<•<. Cttr^lnfcfetui Fenfon — The M^h, and Mts, Holland Wateosu Methodis «iT » . * *w*Mfii* n.aison, Menu preiude was Dlaved hv TYnrit Elizabeth and Steve,- Titohfts.ftfuskafitp, -•R,ev,,Svey Vajke? wer> Sunday, afternooh -visifotsj gave; the 'ca| to; Wdrshl 'aildW in -the rJohrt Gramenz. hornet r - llvWidn, .•„ ffa - f tSI^S Mr. and M*s, B> <3. Berkelahd fi san S'Christmas ca^pisItnii; reoita- went to Des MoineS, Sunday ,'M-qW 5 " 8 'Were 'given by tHe following the baptism of. their grandson m • tne nursery ; tlass ~ VeWea Timothy John-Kalvig,,son«of'Mr,- ffl^gJas, Brian Bei-hart, and and Mrs. Elmer Kalvig,; wlip ^as Vance Voigt;, Kindergarten class 3Ofn N/\t/. ,1ftf.h tT^Atr n1 n « * 1- 11—- Pnff^r A/Tnn nn ^ . -r . . .. "» J «. . , born Nov., 18th.. They also , took Mansager, Joy .Andre ., .. aso , oo ^ ansager, oy .Andre the^Kalvig's older son home after and Randy Hurlburt; Istprimarv paying with his -grandparents for \\ cla . ss — Leann Schlei. Valaine V - oit ^erljelandS as' they baby's: sponsors. ^rs. f Art. accompanied . the. t las . were >thei ? wept to a a P e The headpiece was a crown of pearls from • which' fell- a i finger-tip candlelight illusion veu. She carried a' -cresent of talisman ° of Pears Virginia, Maxine vIlCIGS IJTlCi . aane Scott Tippie, 6.ill y ; .Doug! Lucinda ..Voigt; second / Mr. and Mr«, Frankllii . f, r andjamily and Mr. arid 1 iyir Lloyd K6m and* family' helpea Mr. and-Mrs. Art Mueller celebrate their birthdays Thursdaj evening, Mrs, Mueller^ biethday is Dec, 17; and Muellejr's is the ., AJflona, Iowa 4AIJI!Ci STUCKI . • ., • , ... . , , Mr. and Mrs. Clarence , Theesfield, and Mr,, arid Mrs. -, Larry Theesfield . and, Laron, '.Ealmont, Minn, were Sunday dinner guest at ' i • • --»-r-%«fc« ... . Primary class, r , Eldon Duncan, Wayne Gerhart, Fern,, Laaljs' Becky Nock, Patricia tyidder aril Joe Yager. •"•• ' '• J ' * ' . <" Fenton sang "The Fr!endirBealts''Trid recited a Christmas ' prayer;' The Junior Departme'rif '^presented- a- The Virginia Circle (?£„ ^f, Ho . 1 ?' Ni f ht j Tableau with r.^!»* -Mrcjoo —. ^. lime following characters:^ Rabbi- am gift of the groom. Joanne Ejreyer, Lone' -. oanne Ejreyer, Lone' -.RocHjwJs the .orlanisV^and fiuanie' DWer Humboldt wa? the soloist ' A reception was 1 held 'in the church parlors for- 125 guests- foi-> ELEVATOR resided at the guesti bo Lillian Sjunde,, r Esth ? Mrs. Clarence* ' mont, cut the Mitchell, Estherv^lle; poured. Mrs. Larrv Theesfiid] Fa^mpntj and 'Mrs.t George ^\0' ers, Denver opened the gift!"'," 'Table waitressles warefMrs.iBJH Mclaen, Mrs. 1 David, Dreyer, IM Misses Coleen Mltc^y, Judy, M and Judy TheesfielS. The bride is a 1957 graduate of Sqntral high sc ' - - ——— "-*to'»»4s» x^ii.v.ic of- the- Methodist WSCS,,met at .the home of Mrs. Dec. Hi with Mrs, allu' iylrSi tiQOr§6 oui gciibonY OF *li'ot. il —~*— «*»•»*»i*i» vruigt as co-hostess. Mrs. • Earl; LUfkin-lieteP^ds — Bruce Gerhart, Gre gave the devotions and Mrs l^ y Jones . J °hn • Shaw, '•• Marft n—:.. „ - - ,. ••l | Voigt, Archangel^-^Michael' Mansager, Angels;-^.'Jan, Newel- Gloria Nock and 'Tefri: Voigt' Wise -Men — Roger Hansen, Stei ven! Schlei and Ted Yager-, Choir - 1 -.. Mary Ellen ~" '' " . Henriksen- presented the lesson. Each member brought > box, of CHrWtmas f cookies" iff 'be'- given to the county; home, rest homes and -shut-ins?' ,< • T" i The Maxine fifoi,* n f tha •n/r^Hf I ""'"•' ^ ar y Ellen Ditsworth,- ? Ja'C' SSB-tSSt 4.& the,,:' " aN ' <l '° e Orl n fhft '^kf«tB*-v« '«' I .""-*1* ***•**. J-iawAiic VVClOUAOUf WF^ ^4 ifc^s^^^t 1 ^*^ y^Mf^miS^s?i\^^^K^'° A ^m^'* cash- Christmas gift 'from .the Wiiddel; wlurned : - the. ': after f?ajj sphppl 14 ; . , a course a* a .teohni- " ' school, .and' school of. , - --> — — — v»jyi-^ii otliUUi UI Nursing in Sioux City and has been employed- as -nurse ;ih a.aoc-, tors office in, Denver, Colo. The groom is an .Aurora -high school graduate in Denver, Colo., served in the.Navy, attended Colorado State 'College; SGtdeleyi 2is a -nath teacher ... but.-, is presently studying for his master's degree l^fi z f" a -. ^. ter a th ree week .family ; , aittended hristmas party at ' t Krumm home in Armstrong Sunda.* ' • '• •' • ' '/ ; *~^TTr«* "vf '*, ? ^*- find JVlESft Dev- !rs--will be at home at Tempet Arizona, ' * ' - . A : ,7 'riendly, Neighbors , i . The Friendly Neighbor. Club £t for .' t . l j >emu annu al Chcistmas "^•,. a * th ^ h - ome _°f Mrs. Lena _ Those attending a family Christmas' 'party atf 'the hbme of Mrs. Amanda Kern Sunday were Mrt andrMrs.. Dean , Nellis; : Fort Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. ,Melv« Kern, Opal, Karen, Linda and •Stave,; Algona, Mr. and Mrs. dJerwood Kern and Phyllis, Mr and Mrs. Marvin Gruhlke, Jef and Jolene, Mrs. Jerry Kern, Ja .; .Jim, ) &\l , o f -• .Esthecville, . Me ; . — — o**" .1.JJW44I. • tliC cpngre'gatiqn. A fellowship hour folio wed ithe program.! :•'' • > : ,•.'••;;;• .:'.•-.. • .' ; v i^. r j. •• ,. , i ,;tCARD .OF;THANKS'". .'• > My. sincere ithanks io. : all - fpr' the cards, visits and gifts which- I .received while in |he hospital. It,was much.apprecfiated. — "' ' plara Seely. . ; 5: REGISTER TICKETS and 'carbon' , register rolls. at the Uppei -- - --- s - *»^n,, j-iaiuiy Rhonda and Jody.and Mr. ane Mrs. Clarence Yager, Kern, Don. Tom, Ted, Joe and Dave. I Friday evening dinner guest of- -Mrs. Emma fReimers' were Mr , — ,—• — •••»%.* fcj . ITYWAC iv^ ^t^s^si^ariira m Irs. R. c. Goetsch and Mrs . ,, -i .z"~~ i ••^ronce. Behne -were Thursda- to the Cys-. evening'dinner guests i n evangel home of Rpv. and Mrs, C. C ( •ha.llan. in K.ana.wiia. Mr. 'and Mrs. E. Vitalie ana family,, Mason City wore Sunday guests 'in. the Paul Eigler home The VUaJies' daughcr Effie is a roommate of Judy Eigler. Judy returned hcane Friday from Cedar I-alls, for the holidays. c. and; Mrs. E. W. Ruske aj- tended, a. pre-Chi-istmaa dinner at a cousin o£ Mrs. Ruske, Miss Lillian . Qlsen in Spencer Saturday evening. ; - ' C9mb e? SH, Mrs. Larry Alt, , ., Arthur KrausQ, Mi-s. Darrei OAWCfr and Mrs. E, H. Deyer en- *°"'"ined eight tables at bridge in E. Hr Dreyer's home. Prize winners were Mrs. Emma Reimers, Mrs. Lloyd Kern, Mrs. Emil Frank and Mrs. Clayton Dicv wpj-th, e extend our sincerest greeting for lovely Ghfistows holiday, I '..•' " ' " - in FIRST TRUST BANK , . e p Oes Moines Pub. Co.. Algona. We wish )rQU, yqur family and our- many frjends. the traditional joys of an old- fashipnecj Christmas. FRIENDLY TAVERN Fenton. ^P^B^B B & W CHEVROLET f u u , me at the-hpme of Mrs. Olaf Norland Dec. 12. with' Mrs. W. E. Laage as.corhosjess. M^s, Hpmer Mat- tfuesen cfonducted. the business meeting- and • eighteen, members d.^ roll call. Mrs. Arlo gave a humorous reading nd Mrs." Charles Newel read ^•JL" °,¥ fashioned Christ- m r^ TI ? e . : - c H b ' 'voted to give a ;$1Q. .Christmfe gift to a family. ) 'SHIPPING TAGS— Up. I>er :p0a Molnes, Pub. Co., Al••' ?.'•': •-')•'<' '>•':": , Thur»da y , December 21, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Demeu* ^naere,of Victor, have a philoden* dron plant that is at least 30 feet long-and is still growing. They also have another one that i* 1.3 feet long, fn, forms, office furniture, filititfr equipment and supplies, at th|* Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Al-' gona,. a.cross from new Municipal parking lot. v ^ . with hqpjjy:Hours ' •IJQyiWil J wmdiiy& !-'- '•• \ VI- I • } • / 'Martfa^ '«t -Bill Hanielm'an ( I FOR CHRISTMAS Sam* old *ong, bitf dlwayi n«w-~ Merry Chrlitmai •-• to all of you! Standard Service JN, IOWA ?*.'«":. *op^» 1 SEASON'S [TILL comes the Christmai message, to t troubled world »* b^W wisely parapji^e4 i(i *^Pe»ce oa Earth to M** of Good WiJt'V'jiJfy it be tstablijhed in ourselves, our communities, jBHf n»Won, d»t world -*

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