The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on March 11, 1906 · Page 15
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 15

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 11, 1906
Page 15
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THE KEGISTER AND LADEK, SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 11, .1906. 101 SPORTSMEN ''IMS) mm PLAN BIG SH00I THE GOOD CLOTHES STORE. PROMINENT TRAP MEN WILL COMPETE FOR TROPHIES. HANDSOME PRIZES OFFERED See The yXWWmMV Oyster Gray IV Sprona CT BMMt flra Grey i. ; y New . mmf The New XJERE are ready-made clothes that are handsome as custom-made xx smartly tailored, and perfect-fitting suits that you may buy in the morning and wear in the afternoon. And they are grey, too. That's the color of colors this Spring grey iu all its Shadesinvisible plaid and plain effects. The coats are cut in the latest long, single-breasted style with vents at either the sides or in the back pants are cue right and vests are single breasted. These are all Fraakel Suits and every one comes fully abreast of the Frankel fit, tailoring, style and quality requirements. . We've never before seen their equals. You skeptics who pay tailors 45 and $50 for your suits should see them MarKed $17.50, $20.00, $22.50, $25.00 and $28.00. Smart Top Coats AS in suits, so It is In top coats grey Is to be the reigning color. Here are the coats to prove It swell, snappy things of unfinished worsteds In grey of every shade. They are cut. 36 inches long In box style with rich grey silk linings. Coats could not be dressier or better tailored. They range In ") Tn price from vJZU IU $JU The Rain Coats "pHE new spring rain coats are also here. They're cut in long, loose, easy-fitting styles some grey, some black, some tan. They're the ideal garment for all sorts of wear ss good with evening dress as they are for stormy weather wear correct, comfortable and dressy at all times and for ttlCTfl tQf all occasions. Prices run from.. I U C)jU Furnishing' Goods rrMIB new "Manhattan" negligee shirts for spring $1.50 better than ever. Made with plain or plaited bosoms and attached or detached cuffs In by far the most comprehensive range of light, medium and dark patterns we've ever shown here. Have a peep at them tomorrow prices are $3.50, $100, 12.60, $2.00 and...........' NECKWEAR Franke? ties at 0e are Just a little richer in quality than are the next best ties sold elsewhere at this price see the new line of plain grey, plum, green and pigeon-shades In Efto four-in-hands beauties for 3UC New Fancy Waist Coats You want, at least, one new fancy vest to wear during the first spring days, and just the right thing is waiting for you at Frankels'. We've a lot of them In exclusive effects the new fancy flannel vests In light checks and plaids are particularly good. Here's how prices range each, $4.00, fl?1 ff $350, $3.00, $2.50 and vDZ.UU Try some "Holeproof" half-hose. Best socks ever made guaranteed to wear six months. They're sold by ug only in Des Moines. Try a pair or two. The Boys' Clothes : OMB clothing stores pay particular attention to quality In boys' clothes. They please the parents. Some give stylo all the thought.. They please the boys. We're very "cranky" on both quality and style, and so we please both parents and boys. Bring that boy here lor his spring suit and see if such is not the case. RI.EFERS Mane for spring wear from fine covert cloth In reds, tans and greys with cloth buttons thHt match or with rich brass buttons all nicely tailored ana very neat In appearance sizes 214 to 8 &c El years. Prices: $3.50, $3.95, $5.00 and $UDU Boys Smart New Spring Suits Here's a brand new line of 2-pIece suits for boys of 8 to 16 years made of line serges, cheviots and cashmeres in plain greys and various fancy effects plain or nlckerbocker pants coats with or without belts Prires go up by easy stages from rQ TZf $2.00 to gDCJ.OU Children's small Russian blouse, Eton blouse and new sailor collar Russian Bults are made In 2-year to 8-year sizes from fine serges and fancy worsteds trous ers all cut in Knickerbocker style. C"7 FA Prices range from $1.95 up to 5 Jr We are as careful about the suits we buy for boys as we ara about the clothes we get for men. They must be Just right. Come see for youreslves tomorrow. Sec the Special FranKcl Stiff and Soft Hats at $2.50 and $3. ' a J Art A- w V 1M i '"t " v 11 ! J . , . jl 1 . fr - i , , - ; ' ' 1 1 ' ' , , 'f i 1 . ' 1 : VM . ! v . tiJ x- ) : -I Officers Iowa State Sportsman Association 7 I ' "' ' f f-v ' i ' ,u ! 1 ff ,- 4 ,f ! - -M V 'It , 7 V ' : ; - : !h j i. .?r- r ' . - . - y'f .' , VJ, " I ft 1 ,v; f . . , , - j. f. - t ; 1 ni.'inr.iti nit n - tin film i moii A. P. Of AM MrIK)NNF.TJ , Vice President. FRK1J CS1LBKKT, Of Spirit Lftke, I'residont. CIT ART.K3 W. RTOD, Of Des Moines, Secretaiy. FREP C. WHTTNKV, Of Dos Moines, Treasurer. CONTEST IN DES MOINE8 BEGINNING NEXT WEDNESDAY. Best Shots In the West Will Be Present and Enter the Varlout Events. PROGRAMME 13 OUT FOR WESTERN CHAMPIONSHIP List of Events for Amateur Tournament To Be Held at Glen Echo Course In June is i : ' j Issued. Ths programme for th amateur amateur golf championship tunmrnent that la to be played over the courne of the ilen Echo Country ohrt. fit. Louia, June IX to 23, lias Just been Issued. The programme follow: Monday, June lS-Olymplc rip competition, 36 holos, medal play. Open to teams of four from any golf association in the world. Tuesday, June 19-8 a. m.. first J holes ot qua.llfylnff jtiund, championship: 1 p. m.i second 18 holes of qualifying round, champion Ship. Wednesday, June 30-9 a. m.. first half of first match play round ot championship, 18 holea; 1 p. m second half of tiret match play round of championship. 18 holes; 2 p. m., foursomes, 18 holes. For those who failed 1 qualify. Open draw for partners. Thursday, June 21 - 8 s. m.. second match play round of championship. IS holes; 1 p. m., qualifying round for llia-hl competitions, U holes, with three fllnhts of eitfht each. Open to all who failed to qualify In the championship and those defeated In the first match play round ot the championship. Friday, June 'i-i a. m., third match play round of championship, IS holes; 10 m., first match play round, flight competitions, 18 holes', t p. m., seml-tinals of championship, 18 holes; 2 p. m., semifinals of flight competitions, 18 holes. Saturday, June 2a 10 a. m., flrat round of championship final, 18 holes; 10:SO b. m first round of finals in flight competitions, 18 (holes; 1 p. m., second round of champion final, 18 holes; 1:30 p, m., second round of finals in flight competitions, IS holes; 2 p. m.. general handicap for all plan ts not In the different final competitions. 18 holes. Competitors on (he Olympic teams, if from clubs outside the membership of the Western Golf association, will bo eligible to enter in the western amateur championship and subordinate events. CATLIN MAY SUCCEED CHALMERS AT IOWA CITY Effort Being Made To Retain Track Coach and Intimation is Made Thtt He May Be Given the Foot-ball Squad. IOWA CITY, la., March lO.-Speclal: The announcement that Marc ratlin will go to Notre Dame next fall to coaeh their football team makes it probuhle that Iowa will have to east around for another trainer next sprliift- This is not at sll to the liking of the local athletlo authorities nor to the athletes, for It I a bad thin to have repeated changes. No two trainers work along exaetly the same lines. The veterans on this year's team have had to unlearn some of the thinfts they were taught by Jero Delaney, although Delaney and Catlin are very similar in their methods of training. For this reason It Is probable that an attempt will be made to secure Catlln'a services again next spring. Ills work so far has been very satisfactory, he Is popular with the studenls and exerts a ffood Influenoe upon the men In the track squad. There has tieen some talk to the effect that Cfttlln might, eventually come to coach Iowa university's football team. John O. Chalmers, the present physical director and coach, will graduate next June from the college of law. He will naturally expect to enter upon the practice of his profession In a year or two, and if Catlin is connected with the track squad when C'halmerB leaves, ho would be the logical man to succeed him. How- thi KBceeT HAVANA CIGAB 1 ever. Chalmers Is certain to be here next fall and will remain unt'l he desires to commence the practice of law. CARTER IS DENIED RELIEF Rider Who Was Ruled Off Turf for Life is Refused Reinstatement NEW ORLEANS. March 10. The American Turf association convened here today. Jockey Carter, who was ruled off the turf for life for the Hlleged pulling of H. M. P., was not permitted to appear before liie board of appeals, hi? application for reinstatement being refused. A Want Ad In the Ri giatrr and Leader will bring good results. HOMEPFKKKRS' EXCT'RPION TO THE NORTHWEST, WK.T AND SOUTHWEST. Via the Nor'.h-Western line. F.xcurslon tickets at gTeatlv reduced rates are on SHin to the territory Indicated above. Stai-durd and Tourist Sleeping Cars. Free Reclining Chair Cars, mid "Tlio Hest of Everything." For dates of s.-ile and f ml particulars apply to agents Chicago A North-Western R'y. The officers of the Iowa State Sportsman association have issued the programme for the twenty-ninth annual Iowa slate shoot, to ha held in Des Moines. March H, la and 11 Shooters in this tournament this year will compete for POO in cash prizes, for the Ottumwa diamond badge, the Smith cup and the amateur championship cup. There are twenty-three prizes fur amateur averages and three expert trophies. The programme for the flrat day, which repeats Itself for Thursday and Friday, follows: Event No. 1, 13 Wue rocks; No. !, 15; No. ;i, IZ, So. 4, 15; No. 6, Jo; No. 6. ); No. 7, I,".; .v. 8, 15; No. 9, 16; No. 10, IS, No. 11,. 20; No. 12. 2i). The entrance fee is $1.50 In events Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 und 1U. The fee Is in events Nos, 6, 6, n and 1'J. The purses in H o l.i bird events are divided 60, 80 and i; In 2u bird events, 40. 30. 'X and K All slnxn from the 16 yard mark except In the diamond badc event. Special Features. The special features for Thursday and i' riflay are as follows: Ottumwa diamond badge handicap event HannVcup lli to 22 yards, open to all. 6i targets. Entrance r.. Winner gets entrance money next year le-s 10 per cent. This badge w now held by N'-al uyman of Ien Mulnc. la. Event No. K Third day. members of the association wishing to compete for Smith cup will pay an additional entrance ot 11.60 which will go to the holder of cup less 10 per cent to the association. This cup is now held by E. A. Wcalherhead ol Red Oak. Amateur championship event Only amateurs of Iowa llg:hle. One hundred taigcts. Entrance Honey in this event divided Into four equal p.irts. Ten per cent of the entrance to o 10 the asso-eiiition. I up valued at $T,0 to winner. Cup now held by A. P. McDowell of Adair. Twenty-three prizes are offered f"r the amateur aecr:iges. Flist high gun. $.'.'j; second. $ JJ . is : third. $ju: fourth, J17.n0; fifth, 11.'; sixth, i;.ji; seventh to twentieth, inclusive !; llrsi and second low guns. 110; third low, x. mere are tnree expert trophies of f 10. To the high expert making i4 per cent or better, to the high expert making 90 and under A4 per cent, and tn t ho high expert making under W per cent. Items of Interest. Th following items will be of ink rest tn all entries in the different events: The tournament will be held at Elrd-liind Union park, which may be reached by ihe Highland I'ark car line. The grounds will be open for practice on March 1.1. All kinds of londid shells may be secured at the grounds and lunch will be served itt the club house. The shooters' headquarters will be at the Klrkwoitd parlors. The handicap committee will tie (selected fi-cmi shonteiy In attendance. All pieces uceeptt i.l will lie scored. Tlie meeting ol the association will be held March Id. Many Noted Shooters. Almo.'t a hundred shooters from all parts of t!ie country have already sent in their mimes for i lit- shoot and It is expected the hundred murk will he'-d When the actual shooting begins, ffhe list of cmrli'S to time follows: E. II. Adams, Audubon, la.; E. I.. Anderson. Hess, la.; Tom H.iker, Adair, la.; W. Anderson. Hediui. la.; John Hsrger, Adair, la.: H. W. Hid, Eainimnt. Mum.; E. li Uarklev. i.'hieaBo, ill.; tiny liurn-side, Knoxviae. nil.; It. R. Barber, i'aul-Imii, la.; i 'laud Hmyoii, Hammond, Ind.; John I iuniiis ler. ttpiru IJike, la,; W. K. Crosby, I' I'iiiion. 111.; (ieorge E. Carter. J.iiKoin. Neli ; William Clayton. Kansas CUy, Mo.; Erank Campbell, Dallas Center, hi.; Dr. 1. K. I i-mtlieli, Oseeoia. la.; II. C. 1 l it luii. Fonda . la.; K. L. Dove. Cenlervllle. la. ; li 1". Eibert. Jr., Des Moines, la.; Have Klliett, Kansas City, Mo.; E. H. Uiizsinimons. cimaifo. 111.; O. N. Ford, lieavenwoet I., Kas ; Dwight French. Des Moines, la.; W. H. Fiekel. Henderson, la.; C. W. Forney. Baxter, la.; E E. Fnsblo, S"dan, la.; Chris tiotl-linli, Kansas City. .Mo.; W. H. Heer, Concordia, Kas.: Ram Hoffman, Atlantic, la.; Charles llohien, Marengn, la Fred Hoi-person, Des Moines, la.: E. C. Hoiden. Des Moines, ' a.: ("apt. A. 11. Hardy. I.incoin, Neb.; Dr. Houaawout, Fort Dodge, la.; John Hark. ns. Menlo, Jit.; Elmer lleii-shaw. okopojl. la.; W. S. Hoon. Jewell, la.; E. A. Johnson. Stratford, la.; Russell Klein. Spirit lke. la.; W. E. Kess-h-r, Des Moines, la.; Harry Kahier, Dav-enport. la.; W. li. I.lnnell, Eldoru. 'Ja.; Neal livnian. IVs Moines, la.; George W. Irfiomls, Omaha, Neb.; Daniel .Vlor-l-ell, (S nit h Omaha. Neb.; Itleliar.l Merrill. Milwaukee. Wis.; Ueorse Maxwell, Holstem. Nob.: C.eorne K. Mackie. Si'iim-mon, Kas.; Tom A. Marshall, Keithsbuig. III. ; A. 1'. McDowell, Des Moines, la.; Fay Mel-ucn, Menlo. la.; A. Oixen, Hl-dredge. Neb; H. li. 1'atterson. Des Moines, la.; C. E. 1'ettv. Auduhom la.; E. C Peterson. .Stratford. Ia.; V. R. Patch. Hartley, lit.; John Peterson. Ilandall. 1h.; C. M. Powers. Decatur. 111.: Dr. C. M. Proctor, Ames, la.; tius Rotwr, Manning, la.; J. li. Knnaion, City. 'In.; Frank C. Riehl, Alton, 111.; Harry Sher man. Kansas v. nv, .wo.; vviuiam nian-nard, Chicago, ill.; S. A. Smith, Hartley, la.; Henrv Siege. Waterloo, la.; K. U Slimmer, i'larksville, la.; A. W. Swluer. Kunnells, la.; Kurt Pours. Runr.ells, la ; It. M. Thompson, Culnsvllle. Mo.; M. Thompson, '.'ainsville. Mo.; Dr. J. M. Thornton, Des Moines, la.: C. K. Talbot t, AudulMin, la.; W. D. Townsetul. Omaha, Neb.; C. A. Thorpe. Geneva, Neb.; H. O. Tavlor, Meckling, S. 1).; U A. Ungles, Des Moines, la.; H. V. Vletmeyer. Chl-ciiro, ill.; Fred Vermllyn, Audubon. Ia.; William Veach. Falls Clly, Neb.; E. ('.. Wallace, Marshnlltown, Ia. ; F. A. Weath-erhend, Kcil Oak, I.l.; H. W. Wilson. Audubon, la.; A. E. Vearous, Eatrle Crove, la.; J. Grahani. Fox l.ake. .111 ; 11. Dunnell, Fox Lake, 111.; Bert Dunnnll, Grass like, 111. 190 6 f Shade Spring Block. I For Spring. THE YOUMANS THE YOUNG MAN'S HAT THE WRIGHT SPECIAL SOFT OR STIFF $3.00 Hand-Finished and Guaranteed. t We not only fit your head but your face with Just the block you need. CORRECT. TOGGERY FOR MEN SWELL SHIRTS FOR SPRING WRIGHT THE HABERDASHER E. T. LEAVENWORTH, Mgr. 402 WALNUT GLOBE TROTTING CYCLIST IS IN DES MOINES D. L. Mcllrath, Who Circled the Globe On a Bicycle In Three Years, Starting in ie95, Here On Business. P. T,. Mcllrath ot Chlrajrn, famous as the only bicyclist who ever encircled the alone on a wheel, whs In the city yes- terooy Hntt spent llie oay Willi nt-iicy l'rouiv of the Iowa Automobile company, looking over the city. Mr. Mellraih in now representlntr a 'hlca-(fO bicycle and automobile lire company. The trip tor wiiicli liie nie.iRo man Is fitninuH was lu'dun In when he left New Yrk for Pan Francisco with the avowed Intention of pedaling his way across three continent!". in 1W after three yejue and four months of traveling, tiie bicvelist arrived once more in New York. He had ridden to San Francisco, taken iiasaane to Honskonfr and from that point wheeled Ida Way uerosa the great Aflatle continent and Europe. Mcllrath has croawxi the American continent on a wheel three times. BASEBALL MEETWG MONDAY M i G M. E. CANTILLON CALLS STOC.v. HOLDERS TOGETHER. WHITE STEAMER TRIED HERE Effort Being Made To Introduce the Make Among Des Moines Auto Drivers. H. M. French will hold a test se.tnre Tuesday eveniiiK at Mr. Crooby'n. Klti VV. 2nd street. Come and have a good time. Collection, 2i cents. Des Moines auto enthusiasts have been much Interested during; the past week by the trial hero of the White steamer, a beautiful touriiur ear brought here by W. A lxltch of the White garage In Chicago. The new ear hue been running about the city and attracting attention everywhere not only because of Its site and beeutv.' but because ot Its practically noiseless approach, hearing silently down upon pedestrians who are unaware of Its romlnir until the huge machine Is almost upon Ihem. The White car was given a tryout upon West ;rand avenue lust Sunday in a two mile nice agiilnKt John (llbson In his Winton car. Hot h curs showed well, jack J'yer of the yueal Lumber company and Henry Frunk-1 of the Harris Kmerv company have already purchased steamers, to be delivered early In April, 'i'lie car now here will he kept at the Iowa Automobile company's garage for exhibition purpives. POSTPONED JANUARY MEETING CANTILLON VILL REACH DEb MOINES MONDAY MORNING. Will Complete Preparations for ths Arrival of the Champions and the Brewers. The annual meetinp of the Des Moines baseball club will he held at the club's office, 408 .hornet street, Monday morning at 10 o'clock. M. E. (.'amnion, secretary of the club, has sent word that he wllf arrive 111 lcs Moines early Monday and HHks that the local stockholders meet him at that time, ('amnion wilt remain In lies Moitieu after the meeting, making the linal preparations for the arrival of the lies Moines end Milwaukee teams and he will doubtless decide whether or not tic Hrewi-rs will train In lies Moines wilo the Champions or so to Colfan Hiiriimx j tor their spring training. 1 The mcetum that Is m he hckl mi day morning Is the renulur annual meeting of the club. t Hhould have been heiii in January, but. berauso of the seriuu.-Illness of Joe Ciintlllon, It was postponed until thi time. WEATHER AFFECTS SHOOTING Cold Wave of Last Week Sends Ducks Southward Reports From Lakes Discouraging. Phooters returning from the Twin Iiiltes report that duck hunting is very poor The cold wave of last week sent all the mallards southward and it will require two or three days of warm ami sunnv weather to bring the birds hack again to their Iowa ihaiinls. All of the hunters lhad a few ducks to reward them for five days' shooting, but they report that game la too scarce for good shooting. Among those returning from the lakes yesterday were li. '. Hopkins, Thomas noddy and Robert McCnlchen. JOHN VOSS WINS MATCH Rock Island Wrestler Defeats J. Adamson of Chicago at Fort Dodge. F. FORT DOPOR. Ia March M. -Special: John Vos of Hock Island, III., won tne wresllflv? match In two (Iraeeo-Homan falls In 15:24 and 2S:Z1. respectively. J. K. Adamson, the Chicago wrestler, won the lirst fall, cateh-as-cateh-oan style in 21:lrt. It was the best match ever seen in this city, without exception. BAD EARTHQUAKE IN INDIA At Least Eight Killed and Twenty-Six Injured in Province of Bashahr and Kakoola. LAHORE, India, March 1" -An alarming earthquake occurred In liashahr. one of the Simla tributary hill states of the Punjab. Considerable damage has ben caused ftt Rampur. the capital of And at Kakoola, Kight arc known "to hare teen killed and twenty-si Injured. A Want Ad In The Keglster and Leader vlll bring results. IOWA BASEBALL LEAGUE SCHEDULE FOR 1906. READ At Boone. At Fort Dodge. At Waterloo. At Marshalltown. At Burlington. At Oskaloosa, At Ottumws, At Keokuk. June 7 , jun8 s j Jrt June 11, li, 13, Boone THF Julv J 4 li July w 17? IS July , 2h 22. July 31. Aug. 1, !. Aug. 3. 4. li. July 14, 25, . July 27. 28, 29. Aug. 51, Sep. 1, 2. Aug. 24, M, . Aug. 21, 22, 23. Sept. 11, If,. 16. Sept. IS. 19. SO. SepJ, 21, 22, 23. Hept 11, 12. 13. ' Mav JO, 30, SI ' JuTil 2 i June 4, S, . lime S, 9. in. June II, 12, 13. June 14, 26. 16. June 17, IS. 19. Fort Dodge July 13. u if;. REGISTER Julv "o 21 July 1. 17, IS. July 27, 28, 29. July 31, Aug. 1, 2. Aug. 3. 4. 5. Inly 24, 36. M. Aug. 2S. ? 30, m-Wiai l Aug -j. 3- All ;4 23 6 St,pt 2l oj s,ipt lu jo a 8ppt 14 f, I8 Kept. 18. 19. 21). Mav 24 25 26. May 21, 2i "3 ' May 27 2S, 3. June 17, IS, 19. June S, 9. 10. June 11, 12, 13, June 14, IS. 16. Waterloo ...Julv ti.'7, S. July Id, 11, 12. AND Jlly 6- J"lv 24. t 26. July 27. 2s. 29. July 31, Aug. t I Aug. 3. 4. 8. Sept. 7, 8. 8. Sept. 3. 3. 4. Aug. 81, Sep. 1, 2. Sept. 11. 12, 13. Sept. 14. 15, IS. Sept. IS, 19. 30. Sept. 21. 22. 23, - i i.l . i - , June 1, 2, 3. TVlav 24, 25 26. May 30, 30, 31. . June 11, 12, 13. June 14, 16, 16. June 17, IS, 18. June 8. 9, 10. Marshalltown July 10, U, 12. July 6. 7. '. Julv 13, 14. 15. LEADER Aug. 8, 4, 5. July 24, 28, 26. July 27. . 29. July 31. Aug. 1, 5. Stp.t. 3, I, 4. Hept. 7, S. 9. Aug. 29. 29, 30. -wll jt, jg Wt jg. Sept. 21, 22, 23. S-pt. 11, 12. 13. Sept. 14, 16. May R, 9. 10. May 11, 13. 13. May 14, IS W. May 18, 19, 20. June 4, B, 6. June 1, 2. . May 30, . 31. ' Burlington June 30 July 1. 2. June 27, 2K. 29. June 24. 25. 26. June 21, 22. 23. FUR Ju,y 6- ' 8- uy !- 12- J"ly 1,x Aug. 14 15, 16. Aug. 10. 11, 12. Aug. 7, S. 9. Aug. 17, IS, 19. . Aug. 21. 22. 34. Aug. 24, 2, 26. Hept. 3. 3, 4. Mav 14, 15, 16. May IS 19. 20. May S. 9, 10. May 11, 12 13. May 24, 25. 26. ... May 30, 30, 31. June 1 2 3. Oskaloosa jne 24, 26. 26. June 21, 22, 23. June 30. July 1, 2. Junn 27, 28, 29. July 2". 21. 22. ALL July W. 14. 15. J"1' '" . Aug. 7, 8, 8. Aug. 17. IS, 19. Aug. 14, 15. 16. Aug. 10. Jl, 12. Aug, 28, 29. .30. Sept. 3. 3, 4. Aug. 31. Sep. 1, - May 18, 19. May 8, 9I May 111.'. 13. May 14, 15. 16 May 21, 22, 23. May 27, 28 .29. n,,m t-Tr '!"!" i. 6ii6'. Ottumwa jUne 21. 22 . 23. June SO, July 1, 2. June 271. 21. 29. June 24. ,. 2. July 16, 17, IS. July 4 4 B. COMPLETE ''' - ' Aug. 10, 11, 12. Aug. 7. S. 0. Aug. 17. IS, 19. Aug. 14, 15. 16. Aug. 31, Sep. 1. 2. Sept. 7, 8, 8. Mav 11. 12, is" Mav 14. 15 16. I.Mny IS, 19. 20. Mny 8. 9, 10. May 27. 28. 29. May 21. 22, 23. liny 24. t 26. crnDCO Keokuk jutie 27, 28. 29. June 24. 2Si 26. Untie 21. 22. 21. June .10, July 1, 2. July 4. 4. 5. July 10, 11, 12. July 6. i, 8. bLiUnCO Aug. 17. IS. 19. Aug. 14, 16. 16. Uug. 10. 11, 12. Aug. 7. 8. 9. Sept. 7 8. 9. Aug. 24. 35. 26. Aug. Jl, .1. 23. ' AMERICANS ARE IN FINALS Rhodes Scholars Have Chance To Land Place in the 1906 Oxford Varsity Eight OXFORD, Eng.. MJiroh 10.-Vm.-m- v, twenty-four scholars now remaining in the Torpids, the narno given to the an nual inns i,,r men wno nave not rowed in the summer 'elglna" of the previous year, there are the following Aniertcjuis their respective tlxf.ird colleges, and tlni HUtea they are rf pregcnllng In the sohol-arsldp scheme bolng given In each case: K. Ayelutte, lirazenose,.u. m-dian..; H. E. Bhalgett, Wadhnm, ' Mia-8url; J. A. Brown, New college, New Hampshire; C. YV. Hush, Brajtemwe. Deln-ware; K. J. Ford. Christ dhurch, .Mississippi: R. K. l'a'k, fn-tol. Maseachuse.tta; 1). Hinds, Queens, North Dakota; B. II, Jneohson, Exeter. 1'tah, E. R. Eloyd, Wailliiiiii, West Virginia.; P. ('. Miuiy', Queens, Ixiuisajia; 1,,. a. Rallsbaek. lln-coln, Wiwhlngton; U. W. Koule, Worcester. Maine; VV. W. Thayer. Magdalene, Now Hampshire; C. C. Vincent, yue-ns, Ohio. "El Crisplo" Cigars Be. TO CENSOR KENTUCKY RACING Bill Providing for State Commission to Govern All Tracks Passes Legislature. FRANKFORT. Ky.. March 10.Th Chirm state racing commission bill received the approval nf the house today and goes to Ooyernor Beckham for his signature. This It will receive and he-ecnie at once operative. Five commissioners are to he appointed to control all tho tracks In the atiue. SPRING WOOLENS THE cloth makers of ilie world were certainly at their best im producing this season's tempting fabrics. Over 1,000 styles. You'll pick from the choicest if you pick now. Trousers, $5 to $12 Suits, $20 to $59 V- fXSSSVTTmsM William Jerrems' Sons. .02 Walnut St. Base Ball Shoes We are in a position to save you from $1.50 to $2.00 per pair on your sboes. Come and see us. Harrington Nylander Shoe Ga. 418 E. 6th St.

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