The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1961 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1961
Page 7
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ttmmk^ t Algona paj^r's campaign, thousands to Harry t Viflfidieck, P e ftWX Schmidt, 4,','.;« i' ;, * " rU'f SAVING DISCOUNT f ON Uflr OVER 1961 'I RAMBL« AMERICAN ,. STATIC^WAG5N . .1 RAMBLSH- 4'dec* - Station ,., Wagon, overdrive, radio, heal' " • er, Twin Grip Differential, . ^ like new. 11960 OLDSMOBLffi 98 4-door Hoi- t'llday Sedan, hydramatic, radio, i^ healer, power steering, power ; r brakes and other extras. 1986 OLDSMOBILE 88 4-door Be- ( dan,, hydram&iic, radio, heater, . po^steeHag, power brakes. [ 1957; FORD Custom 300 4-door, <, Ford-o-malic, radio, healer, power steering. NASH Ambassador Country Sedan, straight stick, radio, i .. heater, white rideWall tires. I 19S3 OLDSM&BILE Super 88 4-dr. , Sedan, hydraniatjc. radio, heat. s«' er, power, brakes. [ 2-^1950 OLDSMOBILE 88, 4. door Sedans, hydramatic, radio and heater. y. , These are all exceptionally clean cars'and PmCfcU 'j.O tie^L. '•• , '!' SEASON'S GREETINGS ' lo EVERYONE ... I foAU'S GARAGE ,'; Oldsmobile & Rambler Sales and .Service in Algona ? f ' ' 5} oft Filed Here In ;l Court f DEPRESSION PRICES'S ; ON 60'S ^ 1—1960 Chev. Bel Air. 4-dr. V-8, Auto.. K. & H.L-.: $1695 J_il960 Chev. Bel Air 4-dr.. 6 Cyl., iAuto., R & rf i $1046 1—'I960 Plymouth Savoy, V-8, •Stick shift, H & H .— ,$1195 J—-I960 Chev. Biscayne 6, stick , 'shirt, R & H $i4bO Ml'959 Rambler 6. 4 dr. stick (shift, like new-— $1295 1—1958 Ford Fairlane 500, 4-dr., •Hardtop. 6 cyL Auto.. Radio 8t Heater j._- J- $ 975 1—1958 Plymouth Plaza. 4-dr. 6 cyl. iR & H, Overdrive. $ 795 1—1958 Chev. Biscayne 4-dr. 6 ;Cyl.. overdrive $1045 1—1958 Ford V-8. auto. 'Trans., 300 — $ 925 i—1959 Chev. 6 CyL St. Trans. Bel Air $1295 1—1957 Ford 6 Cyl. 300 — $730 1—J958 Mercury V-8 $ 895 i—1955 Chev. 210 2-dr. Hardtop, V-8, Auto., R & H $ 500 t—1954 Chev. 4-dr. 210 .— $ 272 1—1854 Pontiac. Make us an offer 1 1—1954 Studebaker. Make us an offer I [—1953 Olds, 2-dr., stick shift, as is — Runs Good $ 95 1—1947 Jeep, 4 wheel drive, new paint $375 1—1955 DeSoto Firodome V-8, Auto. Trans. » $ 295 1—1954 Chev. 4-dr. 210 -— $ 295 1-4954 Dodge $ 295 1—1854 Ford, O'drive 6 $ 295 KHAUSE "66" SERVICE Fenton, Iowa (51) jflfctfees,' were filed Hi district court h^6 v lasfjffefe'- HaheTederal Savings fold Loanis; plaintiff .and, Leo , ,at(d, Emilia Frideres, defendants, fa one pY fnlssbry note and mortgage'matt* A JJromfs&Srf Hot6 'f6? ^I.SOO was issued Nov. 28, 1§60 arid Home Federal seeks judgment for pay- fteht of "the notfe/^hich nbw has $2,512.59 due. ' The Farmer's Trust and Savings Bank, plaintiff, seeks* $2,008 from Arlene Bunting, defendant, in settlement for a promissory note, In the divorce matters Revera M. Gist is plaintiff and Kenneth J. Gist, defendant, in one, and Adabell F. Blumberg, plaintiff, and Peter F. BlumbeTg, defendant, li},the Other. The'BiBts'werejmarried at Poca- hdntaf Nbv. 281 1§36; aHd; Separated Npv. IS |thlsj yeair, She charges cruel .ana inhuman treatment and seeks custody of a minor child. The" fBlumfaergs were ' married July 23, 1956 here and separated Julynl,this,year. She charges cruel and inhuminf 'treatment, and asks custod^ Of |tb?ee nlinbr children. The SifcnSpn.Bldg. Serv. Inc. is plaintiff aiia fiahne K. and Maree Bahnson,\defendants, ,-in a $4,437.86 account case. Miss Hudspeth v To Wed Dec. 30 Mf and Mrs Worth Hudspeth, St. Benedict,' havX announced the engagement and | approaching marriage of their daughter; Patricia, shown here, arid Roderick M. Elbert, son of Mr and Mrs Michael Elbert, ^Algona. The wedding will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 30, in St. Benedict Catholic church. (UDM Engraving) 5 From County Elected Members Historical Unit Dr. William J. Petersen, Superintendent, announces that 203 persons were elected to membership in' the State Historical Socieiy of Iowa during the month of December. New members from Kossuth county are: Mrs. Lela Gardner. Algona; Mrs. Stanley Gardner, Algona; Mrs. Floyd Bode, Algona; Mrs. Hollis Benschoier, Algona; and John B. Wilson, Jr.. Burt. |'*#s l/'^MgojfctMr Des ... s, - ClafisUied Rates - " oo'^er Wota, Gash in Advance 7ct" Pfer^ wofd, charged 5Cfc iiinimum Copy Deadline Monday, 4 p.m. PHONE CY 4-3535 • ^JM'Want Ads Reacft 6ver 6,500 Familie-s 4 Each Week I FOR SALE, general FOR'SALE — Full size hide-a-bed sofa,'Early American, .winge"d* J dackj "gOod-lshaiJe. Sde '- at 107 4 Overmeyer -Drive, Algona. FOR -, SALE — Excellent sofa, soft * greefi aficerlt, chair in gold, recently recovered,. a Valentine Seaver quality,, sacrifice price, see at, 107 Overrneyer Drive, Algona, < 51 FOR SALE — Near new Burroughs cash register, 9 (iolg., can use double or single tape, also useable as adding machine. All the latest features. • This is an expensive -piece of-busiriess equipment new, and here as a real saving, Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., office supply dept, Algona. (51tf) FOR SALE*— Suffolk ram, regfa- ; ter'ed, 2 yrs. old. Dave Lynch, Lone Rock,'WA 5-3797. 50-51* HEAVYWEIGHT TARPS AT LIGHTWEIGHT PRICES. If WE HAVEN'T GOT IT OH CANT GET IT, IT IS NOT MANUFACTURED. < DIAMOND'S. Ifn FOR SALE r- A: few./ assorted school desks, various' sizes. These are the same as youngsters use in School, would make a good gift, and should help iri study habits. Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Algona. ••:'• ! (48tf) FOR SALE — Hospital-type Vini- Sol, qt. size. Cleans - deodorizes disinfects, $1.89, ,qt. STOEBER HARDWARE, Fenton. (49-52») FOR SALE — Wessex Saddleback bpars. Phone Fenton 511. (50-513 Wanted WANTED TO BUY — Alfalfa hay. Ernie Naumain, phi. tie 11 on 98 at Burt. (23tf) •}s}s}jJrssJsssM}fsfmh. USED folar Permanent Antifreeze, gal. «»_______lwil-i^ijll.-«l.«4- $1.60 In your coritairier; NBW HElDER\'MUffifl->B6XfiS ONrHAND .' ' c\'- " 1— 19S1 Allis 6rialmers"'WD'"tfao. tor,, A-lj »shape», w/3-14 in. ' mounted plow _L...i»..« $1050 I— Rubber tired wagon — s ._ $ 46 1—1944 "B" J.D. tractor .-» $ 326 1— New style Super 6 loader, with' . manure bucket ...ju*..-*** $ 145 1—3 BlP.v Electric Motor/. v 1— Humboldt>:t6ade1' s \with' Utility and'fork;! ____ l.l{».*-l~ $ 150 '—New Ided tractor ; ; spreader _____ —_— »j_ $190 I— 193f JD Wtof "6",i.'$125 -I— John'' Deere- "B" tractor, 1948, painted and overhauled, $426 1— Used 'Hammerrnlll' -_--,* $ 35 , ALL PRICED TO SELL 1 1— Model 70 Knipco New Heater, Demonstrator .* _________ $ 95 1— New Red Hen, Space Heater, Large Size,-. Demonstrator •> $176 BEHLEN CORN CRIBS it BINS WALSH it SIOUX CORN CRIBS WEISBHOD IMPLEMENT : Featon, Iowa '(51) Msits while 1 was in the. hospital. — fiave Potratz. * . ' 51 CARD OF THANKS 'I wish to thank all my friends and relatives for the cards, • gifW and visits and also Rev. Kauttch for the prayers and comforting Words while I was in the hospital and at home. — Mrs. Herman tVolgt. • 51 }' CARD Of THANKS •?We wish to thank the police de- iartmeht, highway patrol, Wrecker iervice, and all those who helped 'fiatat the time of mir accident Sun- iSay, December 10. Your quick and courteous service is greatly appre- jclated. — Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd K. iStanton — Sibley, Iowa. (51) Red Estate FOR SALE — 120 Acres near Feriton,' very good bldgs., extra good land. $350. W. J. Brass. 51-1* FOR SALE — Farm, 240 Acres, Kossuth:.County, 1% miles NW Ledyarcl, Mar. 1 possession, Clarion-Webster soil, excellent bldgs., grain and livestock. Contact Murray Farms Co., Donald W. Murray, RFD 1, Bancroft.' ; si LOTS FOR SALE 2 Lots N. E. Algona _. Only $1800 % Lots N. E. Algona -_ Only $1500 PAUL M. SEELEV' Algona, la. CY 4-.$174 •FOR 'SALE — 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on Potter's Hill. Oil Heat, Garage and Breezeway, large lot. Irving Urch,.CY 4-2977. (30tf) WANTED — Jack Rabbits, Gordon Haase, Burt, la. (51-2) WAJMT TO LEASE — corn stali; land. Ernie Nauman, phone 11 on ,98, Burt, la. (23tf) For Rent FOR.,-RENT — Modern two room apartment; partly furnished. Catt • CY 4-4572 or 4-2718. 51* FOR RENT — FURNISHED & 1 heated apartment, close-in. private entrance, private bath See Bjustrom Furniture. 45tfn TYPEWRITERS, all popular makes and. at competitive prices. Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Al- •:ona, ._. -j 5 S**"™ * _ , iV«/-i uVviil'B • nhflLfl-'-Wilfi BII<*UHPV!*' * *4VJ »*»•*•»«••£«••»«»•»«» fefbyloSS JgplSUB l&°i%^ l-r'inlfcute'taid. Wu££ w ^^ n r oe A| n u& S windows of the building f tent winds, Tuesday BB Results Soys West Bend 59, Cylinder 35 Algona 47, Clear Lake 44 Ledyard 72, Armstrong 43 Gii-ls flO, Qyaocter &p 00, Arthstrong 54 West IT iTi MgW§ * WS WAUT FOR SALE — Two bedroom home, remodeled, carpet and draperies, built-in stove and oven, screened patio, full basement, garage, ex- •cellent location. 709 N. Church. GY 4-3353. - (50-51*) Card Of Thanks CARD OF THANKS v .1 want to thank my relatives and friends for their visits and calls during my stay in the hospital and since my return home. It was really appreciated. — S. R. Parsons^ Burt. 51* CARD OF THANKS • I want to thank my relatives and friends, for the many cards and Percival's Used Cars I960 DODGE DART 4-dr. with 6-cylinder engine, only 21,000 actual miles. '1957 PLYMOUTH Station wagon 4-door with Automatic transmission radio. 1955 DODGE 4-dr,, 9 Cylinder, < automatic transmission, 2 tone green end motor overhauled, 1954 DE SOTO 4-door, one of the best we've seen, radio, automatic transmission, fully equipped. 1951 FORD %<Ton Pickup with V-8 engine, ^ery nice. Small Bus For School Use! 1956 PODGI ""-tor, CARRY Ail. ld«al for transporting students to and from ichool. 9-EW»in8»r - priced to ftll ! PERCIVAL MOTORS pbiljips Algong ISthool Bus Is Ditched, But Nobody Hurt |'A community school' bus loaded with' Swea City youngsters $ent into the ditch Monday while making its third stop after leaving the school. • The bus went off the driveway leading to the Marvin. Larson farm about four miles southwest of town, The bu4",,Whidh' waS turning around, r&elved minor" •Ufa dartage, according to Supt. 3Ed Stewarti The pupils were taken hom« by private cars arid were about 45 minutes late. Early Tuesday tne same bus, driven by Andrew Hanson, lost all' its anti-freeze while making its fifth stop to pick up school youngsters. They were again transported in private cars. The bus is in the garage for repairs. Both Arms Broken Bancroft — Mf. and Mrs. Arnold Schiltz received word that their son, Richard, studer* at Loras College, Dubucjue, was injured Sunday while skiing and fractured both arms, He returned to his home here where he will remain Until after the holidays. He is a freshman and a graduate of St- John's High school here. LATEST SCHULTZ BROS. TOP USED CARS i960 STUDEBAKER, Lark. 4 door Sedan. Straight 3 speed transmission with V-8 Mo! ' tor and radio., tow mileage car. J959 PONTIAC Bonneville, 4-dr. HJ., P.S., ( ,P,B., , ,P*wer Seats, ' Power' 'Windows, Radio, Air Conditioner, 4 new tires. Must se«: and drive to appreciate. 959 PONTIAC Catalina 2-door, Hydrarriatic and radio. 959 CHEVROLET , 9-passenger 'station .Wagon, with Pow '' er Steerirlg, straight transmission, overdrive, radio and electric rear windows. I ., VERY CLEAN. *! :•>!• • • .'.-•; 1958 BUICK Super 4-door hard. top, radio, heater, Dyna- : flow, Power steering and .brakes. 1956 PONTIAC 4-door Hardtop, .radio, heater, &*Hydroma- tie. : 1956 FORD Station Wagon 2 door. Six cylinder motor, with overdrive and radio. New snow tires. Runs and Drives very good. 1955 PACKARD Clipper 4-door Sedan, tutone Black and white, very clean. 1955 PONTIAC Star Chief 4-dr. Automatic Trans., Radio, New White Tires, colored glass and large hub caps. 1953 DODGE 4-door Sedan, V-8, heater and overdrive. 1948 STUDEBAKER TRUCK, I 1 /' ton, new engine last year, ' combination stock & grain box and hoist. iVe have a very good selection of older cars that will make you good transportation. Some :heapies, some junkers, some tandles. We are going to move hese so don't delay. USED APPLIANCES AT BEECHER LANE APPLIANCE BUY OF THE WfiEKI Lionel Electric Train Complete with 4' x 8' mounted track & Switches _.. $35.00 Humidafier $39.95 FOR RENT - WAREHOUSE SPACE. LOADING DOCK, ELECTRICITY, GOOD LOCATION, CHEAP. Oil Burners 10" Duotherm $59.95 1-100 Gal Fuel Tank. Ranges G.E. 36" ___. $59.9S Westinghouse 40" $79.93 Kelvinator 40" $69.93 40" Gas Range ______ $59*5 FREE TURKEY WITH EVERY USED CAR FROM NOW TILL CHRISTMAS! DIRECT BROADCASTS OVfR KU5A FRCW 7;15 tP 7:20 A.M. VERY MONPAY, WEDNESDAY ANP FRIDAY MORNIN91 Wi HAVE IN STOCK t 4 New pulcHs. « 1 NfW Cadillac. * 4 New Lorks. f 4 tyftwi Ppntiacs. Schultz Bros. TIANSPORTATION k * Pfntiac illips St. - Algona T-V SETS Motorola 23" and Stand, 6 mo. old __^ $249.95 21" G.E. Table Model __ $99.95 Irpner ironrite Ironer. Reg. $329.95 Now $124.95 Refrigerators 2-Westinghouse 9 cu. Ft. $49.95 Each I-Kelvinator 9 Cu. Ft. 4 Yrs. Old. $99.95 Washers & Dryers I—Westinghouse Laundromat $99.93 Dexter Double tub conv. $74.95 Water Heaters Hotpoint 50 gallon Electric. $ 49,95 Record Player, Decca 3-speed. $14.95 USED ELECTRIC MOTORS He have them, all sizes '/« H.P, 1/3 H.P., 1/6 H,P. all wort OK. MISCELLANEOUS foungstown 42" Cabinet Sink KeaMlar — — $189.95 NOW w $ 99.9J Sew-Mor Electric Contol Sewing Machine Save $100 $99.95 EASY TERMS IF DESIRED BEECHER LANE APPLIANCE Phant CY Thursday, December 21, 1961, Algono (la.) Upper Dm Moine*"? Phone CY 4-3535 -Your Newspaper JOHN MORRELL & CO. ESTHERVILLE, IOWA Beef & Pork Packers EVERY DAY BUYERS OF CHOICE FAT CATTLE CATTLE BUYER GERALD FRANKL CALL ALGONA, CYpress 4-4814 OR ESTHERVILLE, EMerson 2-2344 When Ready To Sell - Call Morrell! (2 EOW) 30 YOUNG WESTERN STOCK COWS If you're looking for outstanding young cows, we'll have them for our regular sale this Friday, De<y 22. These cows are from the Bad Lands of South Dakota and are bred to calf in the spring. For complete information, call Dutch Leek, Wesley, or ALGONA SALES COMPANY Algona 51 JUST ARRIVED MEN'S DRESS 4 BUCKLE -5IZES..7, THRU 12 $3.99 DIAMOND' PS. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY FOR SALE Unimproved 40 Acres The undersigned, as Referee in Partition, offers for sale the Northeast One-fourth (NE V*) of the Northeast Oneifourtn (NE V*) of Section One (1), Township Ninety-nine (99) North, Range Jwenty-seven (27), West of the Fifth P. M., Kossuth County, Iowa. Possession: March 1, 11962 Terms: 20'% down at the time of the execution of Contract of Sale, which Contract must be approved by the District Court of Iowa in and for Kossuth County. Down payment returned if approval of Contract is not obtained. Balance due on March 1, 1962 or upon receipt of abstract showing merchantable title and Referee's Deed, which ever date is later. Bids should be submitted to the undersigned Donald Louden, Box 69, Grinned, Iowa. Donald Louden, Referee in Partition (51-52) WHEN READY TO SELL YOUR CHOICE STEERS and FAT HEIFERS CALL OR WRITE THE HH_P^ • WBP" flHBB^^P ^^W ^^^» - ^^Bi_" Wl^^^^ ^^_^P ^^w Spencer, Iowa §f!Un Phone 2$21 w Whi»* Y°H Art Setting

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