The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 21, 1905 · Page 7
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 7

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1905
Page 7
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Mil WINS FIRST FOR UNDERWRITERS NEW TWIRLER MAKES GOOD, GIVING BUT SIX HITS. LONG PLAYS A FAST GAME ONE HIT, A RUN, A 8TOLEN BASE, AND EIGHT ASSISTS. tig Crowd Gives f Greeting to the Returning Player and Are Re warded With a Victory. A large and enthusiastic crowd turned out yesterday afternoon to welcome the Des Molne team Irom their western trip and to witnees the game with Omaha, and It turned out to be a tine contest from first to last, us each team played itli a vim from the time the game was called until Omaha had played their ninth Inning. For Des Moines the new arrival, McKay, occupied the box, with Wakefield at the receiving end. and the new pitcher made good ali Hie time, unu only in the tit tn inning could tney u.j 'much with his delivery. Omaha piaceU ,Heister In the box and placed their de-penuence on him, but he waa not equal 10 tne occasion, for after tne nurd inning he was retired and yuica was calied on to timsn the game, and he did better, as only four runs were made oit his delivery In live innings. Tne trouble for umaua began in tne first inning when aoukles by Hogreiver and hossmun scored one run. In the second nits by WaKetield, McNichols and Uanley brought in two more. - In the luird Long started with a single, Kossman followed with a two bagger, Shugart drew a base on balls, and p double by WakeHeld added two more, Snd then L'felster was retired. Nothing p as dulug in the fourth and fifth Innings. But in the sixth McNichols was given a lite by Martin, then he stole second, when Hogreiver's single sent him to third and he came home on a wild throw by Shipke. Nothing was doing in the seventh, but in the eighth lies MoincJ got to work again after McKay had teen uhsposed of at tirst, tiy Uaniey gathering a single, Hogreiver a lo backer, followed by a pair of two buggers by Kossman and Catty n. which netted three runs -or a total of nine without playing the last inning. For Omaha her oniy two-fun came in the fifth Inning when a single by bhipke, a fielder s choice, and a single by MeCloskcy brought n,o men over the plate. If the wuia of McKay wan any criterion to judge by in the future lies Moines has landed a very valuable man. The Score, Des Moines- AB.R. H. SH.PO.A.E. Ganley, cf , 5 12 0 10 0 Hogreiver, rf 5 2 3 0 0 0 0 Long, ss 6 1 1 0 2 8 0 Rossman. lb 1 2 3 0 U 11 t'affyn. If 4 0 1 0 0 0 0 Shugart, 2b 4 0 0 0 & 0 Wakefield, c 4 1 2 0 3 1 0 McNichols, 3b 4 3 1 0 4 3 0 McKay, p 10 0 0 10 0 Totals SS 9 13 0 27 1 1 Omaha- AB R. 11. SH.PO.A.E. McClosky, If 4 0 10 10 0 Carter, rf 4 0 0 0 0 0 1 Dolan, ss 4 0 10 15 1 "Welch. c 4 0 1 0 3 1 0 Thomas, lb 4 0 0 0 11 1 0 Shipke, b 4 110 111 Martin, 2b 3 0 10 2 4 1 Oonding, c 3 10 0 5 10 1'feister, p 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 Quick, p 2 0 1 i 0 0 1 0 Totals S3 2 6 0 24 H 4 Score by innings: Des Moines 12200103 S Omaha 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 02 Nummary Famed runs, Pes Moines i. Omaha 1; two base hits. Rossman 3. Hogreiver 2, Wakefield 2, CntTy n; bases on ills, oft i'Uestor 2; struck out, by McKay 3, by yimk 1; left on h,ut, lies Moines , Omaha 3: stolen bases, Ganley. Long. Hossman, McXiehols; pawed bails. Wakefield, -Gondii);. Time of game, 1;25. Umpire, Carruthers. DENVER 5 ST. JOSEPH 1. Jobbers Are Defeated By the Grizzlies Yesterday. DENVER, Colo., July .f'.-Speclal: Denver defeated St. Joseph today in a game of hard timing by Denver. The score: R H E. Denver .3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 -o 11 2 6t. Joseph 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0-1 5 4 Batteries-Scuaub and Lucia; Sanders and Brown. Rain at Pueblo. PUEBLO, Colo , July 20,-Fueblo-Sioux City game postponed; rain. AMERICAN LEAGUE. Rain at St. Log;. ST. LOUIS. Mo., July M.-Philadelphla-Et. Louis game postponed on account of rain. Chicago 6 New York 4. CHICAGO, July :i The score: R.H.E. Chicago 1000 0 113 6 U 1 New Vork 0 0 fl 5 1.0 1 0-4 5 2 Batteries-Owen and Sullivan; Hogg and McGuire. Detroit 7 Washington 6. DETROIT. Mich., July 22- The score: R.H.E. Detroit 1 0 0 0 0 3 110 1-7 11 6 W ashington 0 0 1 2 0 0 o 3 0 0-6 14 5 Batteries Kittson and Drill; Jacobson and Hcdon. Cleveland 7-8 Boston 34. CLEVELAND, O., July 20-Aslde from the double-header played today a notable feature was the attendance of the presidents of ail the baseball leagues and other eelehrttles In the baseball world. First same: The. score: . rj. Cleveland 0 3 1 0 0 0 3 0 -; 9 3 Boston n 0 o J o 0 ft 0 n-3 7 3 Nntterles Moore and Bemis; Young and CrtKr. Second game. The score; R 1' '; Cleveland 200003 12 -S 8 o Boston 2 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 iV-4 S 1 Batteries Hess and Btielow; Dineen and Armbruster. NATIONAL LEAGUE. Boston 1-5 Chicago 3-4. K08TON. Mass., July 20. First game: The score: RUE. P.nston 1 0 0 ft 0 0 0 0 0-1 ft 2 Chicago ft 2 1 ft ft 0 0 0 0-3 W 2 Batteries Young and Moran; Ruelhach and O'Neill. Second j-amc: The ecore: RU E. Boston .....000 3 1ft 00 1-5 R 0 Chicago 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1-4 10 6 Butteries Wllhelm and Moran; Wicker, Lundgren and Kling. Pittsburg 7 Philadelphia 5. PHILADELPHIA, Ta., July 20. First game: The score: R H E. Plttshnrff 5 0 4 0 0 0 0 1 0-7 12 1 Philadelphia 0 0 0 6 0 00ft 0-5 9 3 Hsttprtes fhlllppl, lyncti ana unison, Corrldon, Bparks and Abbott. BASEBALL TODAY Des Moines Vs. Omaha Yesterday's Results WESTERN LEAGUE. R wne. Denver ; u ai ?'ix City .... " j Omaha ;J a at. Joseph .,.. :.:::;::;j g IOWA LEAGUE. pttumw ' "V Keokuk J4 w'rJoo w 34 & i U U OskaliKisa ,., jj B jj Mari,alltwn SI 34 fcurlingiori u 1S 2 AMERICAN LEAGUE. Cleveland X 2? p.Hie.pma. :.::::::T5 2 I rMcVt 76 4i 30 'e'"t r, m Boston -,4 a w New lork,,,., 7J u lo St. Louis 77 ra w Washington , 74 jo tj Pet. . .5j .44 .3:1 .Hi Pet. .! M . .ti i.i Pet. .Wi A ,5w .too .id NATIONAL LEAGUE. New Jiork 53 5 ' Si .&! ' M ill .V h "' M 4 l Incninati u u 5u 4,2 Lou'a 31 54 .ma ijosl0lf M 2 5J .i.1 Brooklyn n 21 7 Western League. At Ies Molnes-Des Moines 9, Omaha 2 At Denver-Denver 5. St. Joseph L At Pueblo-No game; rain. Iowa League. At Marshalltown-Marshailtown 2 Ot-tunma :ii. At C skaloosa Oskaloosa . Waterloo L At Boone Boone 2, Burlington 1 At Port Dodge Fort Dodge . Keokuk -. i National League. At Boston-Boston 1. Chicago 3 (first game). Bostmj 6, Chicago 4 (second game I , At Brooklyn Brooklvn I, Cincinnati 1. At New York-New York 7, St, Louis 4 (first game). New York 2, St. Louis 1 (second game). American League. At St. Louis Rain, no game. At Chicago Chicago 6, New York 4. At Deirelt Detroit 7. Washington 6. At Cleveland Cleveland 7. Boston 3 .(first game). Cleveland s, Boston 4 (second game). American Association. At Kansas City-Kansas City-Louisville game postponed on account of circus in city. At t. Paul-St. Paul 4. Toledo I. At Minneapolis Minneapolis 2, Columbus 3. At Milwaukee Milwaukee 14, Indanapo-11s 3. Second game Postponed on account of rain. Brooklyn 2 Cincinnati 1. BROOKLYN. N". Y., July 20. The score: R H E. BrooKlyn 0 ( A J ft 0 0 0 -2 S 7 Cincinnati 0 v 0 0 v 0 1 0 01 7 1 Batteries Stricklett and Brgen; Overall and Schlei. New York 72 St. Loui 4-1. NEW YORK, July 20.-First game; The score: R H E ft. Louis 80000101 04 7 1 New York 0 0 1 9 4 ! 0 0 -7 10 1 Eiatieries Brown and Grady; McGinni-ty and fiowerman. Second game: The score: R.H.E. Ft. Louis 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0-1 i 2 New York 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 -2 t 1 Iia'terles Egan and Leahy; Willia and B"werman. LOSE GAME TO CSKALOOSA Waterloo Unable to Do Enough Busi ness With the Stick to Get the Run. CSKALOOSA. !., July 20.-Speeial: Osknloosa again defeated Waterloo this afternoon in a sensational home run tin ting contest. Shave in the box was more effective than Clayton, allowing less hils, but striking out fewer batsmen. Rudd, for the visitors, performed in the second, starting home-run stunt. The game was characteriied by fast fielding, the Oskaloosa outfield making numerous cu-cus catches. The score: R.H.c.. Osknloosa 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 - 2 1 Waterloo 0 1 0 000000 1 ti Battel Its Shaw and lives; Clayton and Meek. Summary-Struck out, by Shaw 2, by Clayton 6; base on balls, off Shaw 2, oft Clavton 1; earned runs, Oskaloosa 2. Waterloo 1; two base hit, Firesttne; died on bases, Ofkaloosa 7. Waterloo 8; hit by pitcher, Moody; stolen base, Flrestlno. impire, Brennan. Attendance, loo. A GARRISON FINISH. Boone Takes a Fast Game From Burlington. BOONE, la., July 20-Special: Burlington had the game going when Manager Haller of Boone was sent to the bench and then out of the grounds for questioning a decision of Flynn. The Boone bunch then gingered up and batted Killian out of the box, winning the game. Bennett was unsolvahle. The Burlington run came on errots by Boone. The score. R.H.E. B.ione 0 0OJO0OOO-2 11 4 Burlington 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 01 5 0 Butteries-Bennett ana uougnerty; ku-lian, Krlck and Daniels. Sunimarv-Siolen bases, Painter, Frls-bee; two base hits, Howard, Benson, Lally; bases on balls, off Bennett 1, off Krick 1: double Dlays. Dougherty to Ben son, Lally to Dougherty to Pennington; struck out, hy Bennett , dv tvrieK 1; passed ball, Dougherty: hit by pitcher, by Killian 1, Umpire, Flynn. Attendance, OTTUMWA 10 MARSHALLTOWN 2 Pocr Playing Result In Big Score for Ottumwa. MARSHALLTOWN, la.. July 20. -Special : Marshalltown has lost another ir;ime to Othimwa hv a lot of Door Pla log and errois. Parkin started, but Dlsch was put in at tne tourtn in oraer 10 try to save the. day, but it had gone too far. The score: R.H.E. Marshiilltown 2 00000000-3 4 1 tntumwa 1 1 0 4 1 01 0 3-10 12 Batteries- Parkin. Diseh and Brugge-maud; Lompke and Corbett. Summary-Struck out, by Parkin 1, by Pisrh 2, hv Lempke 5; base on balls, oft Parkin 1, off Dlsch 2. off Lempke 0. FORT DODGE 5 KEOKUK 4. Game of Error and Grand Stand Play. FORT DODGE, la., Jul 20 Special: Fort Dodc aftain defeated Keokuk In game replete wilh errors and good playi mined Indiscriminately. Hurp's hitting was the feature. Keokuk's runs were all unearned, while Fort Dodge had but two unearned runs. The score: K. Keokuk 0 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 1-4 9 2 Fort Dodge 0 0 0 0 3 2 0 0 -6 10 4 Unttei ies-Tilexrud and llackett; Ku-hnnks and Clark. Summarv-Two base hits, Hupp, Jiloh-ai-d-i Fleming, Corrigan; bases on ball, off Blexiud 3. off Eubanks 3: struck out, by Knbanlis 5, by Bh'xrud 5. Umpire, Burrell. Time of game, 1.4o. Attendance, 250. Ketcham Buy Gallagher. TOI.EOO O. July 2-). George Ketcham. owner of t'h champion stallion t'resceus, has Just closed a deal for Gallagher ' -ffli'i the great Canadian pacer now at the' Windsor track. Mr Ketchem will shortly br ng the ,moei- n Ins stables hero and later will I h m io l-ouis Wlnnns of London. hnS. "or w"mn lh hma Wns P"r" chased. ... . MmuWov Tranp- Read Regl" end Leader want ads. THE REGISTER AND LEADER, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 21. 1985. :iaarnr-Ti W. B, WHITE, Grocer 311 W.9lh SL Iowa 'Phone 1051 M. 20 lbs granulated sugar for $1.00 with your 5.00 order. 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Runnells baseball team defeated the ho.-t.e team here today by a score of 9 10 i. Trie visitor outclassed the locals In ail detriments Ward was driven Irom tne box atier five Innings. I'ansy est pitched tor the visitors and let them down with five hits, one of which was a two baso hit. lha seure: R.H.E. Runnell 0 0 4 0 2 1 0 0 2-S 11 3 W interset I 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 0 6 S Baueries Kunnells. West and Pollock; Wituerset. Ward. Kr:ger and Palmer. Summary Two basn hit, Tiley, Jones. Gibbc-as 2i Koss Smith; home run'. Pollock; struck out, by W est 3, by Ward i, by Kng-r 3, bus.- on balls, off West 1, off Ward 1, off Kriger 1; hit by pitched tail, West 2, Hnger 2. Time of game. I . Attendance, urn. L'mpiie, (iiismer. Colfax 3 Indianola 1. IXDIANOLA. la.. July 20.-Speetal: Colfax won trom Indianola today in a hard fought game by a score of 3 to 1. Th memory of the seventeen Inning cam wmca Iiulianula won from Colfux years ago stilt lingers, and Colfux cam down loaded for a hard battle. Nordstrom pitched a strong gains Tr.e score: R.H.E. Indianola 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-1 1 3 tor ix 1 O20OO00O-3 5 1 Baaeries Indianola, Trimble and Hnu, Colfax, Nordstrom and Crawford. Summary Btrtick out, by Nordstrom 18. by IrtmMe 7; bases on balls, off Trimble 2, bit by pitcher, Nordstrom 1, Trimble 1. "Tournament at Grime. GRIMES, la . July 20. Special: The second annual baseball tournament will be held at Grimes on August 12. Three games will be played by teams evenly matched, after which the bail season closes, as the factory opens, snd most of the players are there employed. The following teams meet: Mlnburn vs. Madrid; Waukee vs. Granger; Dallas Center vs. Grimes. FJich game is to be played for a $ purse, winner Uke all. Runnell 6 Winterset 2. WINTERS FT, la., July Runnells defeated Winterset in a hard-fought battle here yesterday by a score of i to 2. A muddy diamond made fast fielding impossible. Kunnells outlieUied and oiithatted the home team at every stace of the game. The score: R.H.E. Runnells 0 3 0 0 0 2 0 0 1-4 11 4 Winterset 0 0 0 O 1 1 0 0 0-2 8 4 Batteries Runnells: Hnbbs and Pollock; Winterset: Ward and Chase. Summary Struck out. by Hobbs 6, by Ward 2. Sheldon 3 Ashton 2. 8WELDON. la.. July 20.-8peclnl: The Sheldon Independents defeated the Ashton Grays in an exciting game here today by a score of 3 to 2. Both pitchers did excellent work In the box and few errors were made. Batteries Klock and Delles; Slre.t aid Dressell. Menlo 9 Brownie 8. MEN'IX), Is., July ? Special: Menlo won today from the Pes Moines Brownies by a score of to 8. Home runs hy Johnson and Pulfenbarger were the features of the game. Batteries Menlo, Cnnino and Mclntyre; Brownies, Lyman and Johnson. Summary Struck out, by Canine 6, by Lyman 2. Yeomen Forfeit Game. MITCH EI.LV1LLE, la., July 20.-Spe-cial: The Yeomen team forfeited their game In the Interurban league here yesterday by failing to put In an appearance. Garwln 6 Webster City 0. OARW1N. la.. July 20-Speelal: Oar-win dele-ated Webster City here today by a score of i to 0. Ames and Cambride to Play. AMES, la. July 20 Sporial: Cambridge telephoned Ame today that a game of baseball to play off their tie was wanted provided a side wnger of J1"0 was put up by each team, and both sides have the same line up as when thev played here on Monday. Ames has accepted, but the dato is nol yet arranged. There Is some talk of playing Momlav, July 24. Cambridge won the first KHTtie by a score of W to 1. and Ames the second hy a score of 3 to 1. Retting Is even between the two teams. Scranton 12 Bagley 2, SCRANTON. la.. July 20-Speelal: Scranton won from Huglev In a one sided game, by a score of 12 to 2. The score: R H E. Scranton 0 0 2 0 0 S 0 7 0-12 11 2 liagley (100 ! 0 0 0 00,-2 4 8 Batteries Campbell nd Weldnmnn; Reynolds and Sprague. Williamsburg 6 Yale 5. WILLI AMSM'RO. la..' July M.-Pne-elnl: In tho baseball game here todav Williamsburg defeated Kust's Yales of Davenport $ to 5. Players Chosen, LONDON. July 20-Holcombe Ward and William A. l.nrnotl have been selected for the singles, and Waril and Heals C. Wrlaht tor the doubles In the challenge, round for the Pwight V. Oavls International tennis trophv, play for which will be begun at Wimbledon tomorrow, but the right Is retained to change these nomination at the last moment. Western Leaps Night Baseball Gam DES MOINES OMAHA 8:30 SATURDAY EVENING. Ball Park will be lighted by electric lights. BUM Gift NOW Id THE LEAD DEFEAT8 A VETERAN ON THE IOWA GOLF COURSE. WINS NINETEENTH GREEN MAXWELL A LITTLE OFF AT THE BEGINNING. Goes Down at the Eighteenth Green, He Loses Out Completely and Young Man. Win. (By a Staff Correspondent.) BURLINGTON. Ia., Jul 20. Special: Bun Ouluand won the nineteenth green from Dr. John Maxwell in the greatest match of the day. Thl puts on of the veteran Iowa golfer out of the championship and one of the youngest golfer who ever contested in an Iowa tournament in the running for the lirst golf honor of the state. Maxwell game wa a little off at the beginning and at the eod of the first nine boles Guinand had hint two down. Maxwell grew stronger and after six holes of great golf tne two contestants were even up. Maxwell won the seventeenth hole, but on his approach to the eighteenth went down into the sand bunker and (iuinand look the hole. On the nineteenth both drew to tne ai yard mark and on ln next stroke the balls lay within eiaht feel of the hole. Maxwell missed hi put and the Ies Moines boy won. W. O. and E. C. Ftnkbine rlnyed twenty holes when W. O. Unkbme won on the gieen. i he tournament is the most Interesting ever held In Iowa and a gallery of nearly two hundred followed lb Ma-well-t.iulnaiid match. fairings for tomorrow' championship play are; H. O. Guinand with H. H Ferguson, B K. Guinand with John McDonald. R. H. Unkblne with L. W. Maxwell. Dickinson with W. O. Flnkbme. With the excepiiou of a high wind during the. early part of the afternoon the day was perfect and good golf was In order. The results oj me day play in the championship match are; 11. G. Uuluaiid, Des Moines, and John R. Maxwell, Keokuk; Uuinand 1 up la holes. McFarland. Keokuk, and H. H. Ferguson. Dubuque; Ferguson S up and ti to play. H. V. Guinand, Des Molms, and Mat-Hss. Keotiuk; Guinand S up and 7 to pUy. John McDonald, IJuluo,u, and Clarey, Burlington; McDonald 2 up snd 1 to play. Goodrich, Keokuk, and K. H. Fink-bine, Ds Moines; Finkbine 4 up and S to play. s L V. Maxwell, Marshatltown, and A. E. Ferguson, bubuque; Maxwell 3 up and 2 to play. Berry nill, Des Mouies, and Dickinson, pfK Moines; Dickinsvn 2 up and 1 to play. W . O. Finkbine. Des Moines, and E. C. Finkbine. Des Mointc; W. O. F'.nsbine 1 up. 20 holes. The play for the semi-finals for the consolation cup resulted; Guernsey. Des Moines, 3 up and I to play, over Ely. Des Mollies. Woodbury, Burlington. 4 up nd t to play, over Plumb. Des Moin. Swisher, Waterloo, S up and 3 to play. Crapo, Burlington. 1 up and 19 holes, over Mullan, Waterloo. TRACY GARRETT. WOMEN'S FIRST MATCH. Dec Moinei Girl Take the Lead in Yesterday's Play. r.t'RLINOTON, la., July .-i3peclal: The first match play at IS holes in woman's championship was played this morning, leaving Miss Crapo of Burlington former woman's champion. Miss Foster f Des Moines, Miss Davis of Keokuk and Mrs. Chamberlain of Burlington, In frr tho semi-final Friday morning. Mrs. Chamberlain played the course in 49 and M. a score that compares favorably with the men's scoies. Flay this morning resulted: Miss Crapo S up 7 to play over Miss MoConneil. Miss Foster 2 up 1 to play over MiFS Mudge. Miss Davis 2 up 1 to play over Mrs. W. O. Finkbine Mrs. Chamberlain 7 up 5 to play over Mrs. Carpenter. Sixteen teams played today In the two ball match against bogey and three De Moines teams tied three up on the colo. nel. The, teams were: Hyperion club-Fred Carr and B. F. Guinand. Golf and Country Clirh Elbert and B O. Guinand and Dickinson and R. Finkbine. EGAN LOWERS BOGEY. Make the Second Round in Chicago Tournament in 70. CHICAGO, July 20-Plaving the best golf of his career, H. Chandler Egan, the national champion, todav in the second round of the play for tho Ravinoaks cup at the Omvcntsia club covered the eighteen holes In seventy strokes. The bogey mark for the course Is SS. In both rounds today Egan continued his brilliant work and won each of his two matches by 7 up and 6 to play. Egan card for the second round was as follows; put ; 4 4 4 4 4 4 S 4 487 In 4 2 4 4 8 4 1 4 4-l Total 7n In the semi-final which will he played tomonow morning Chandler Egan will meet Edward and Walter Egan will have How-land for an opponent. The finals, which will be at thirty-six holes match play, will he decided on Baturdav, and It is generally believed that the two Egans, who are cousins, will be the contestants for tho trophy, Two More Quality. CHICAGO. July 30.-Valdner of Chicago and Emerson of Cincinnati auallfled in the semi-finals of the western lennis tournament today, while Collins and Wnidner of Chicago and Rubs and Ores-son of Texas will meet in the finals In the doubles. Miss Ateer of Piiuoerg end Miss t'arrle Neely of Chicago will meet in the finals of the singles for women. NEW OFFICERS ELECTED. Des Molne Hyperion Club Will Get the Next Meeting. lU'RLl.NGTON, la , July ?nSpecla: Tho Hyperion club of lies Moines was given the Iowa state golf tournament for lKNi at the annual meeting of the Iowa ritato Golf association tonight S A Foster, representing th Des Moines Golf and Country club, declared that the cluh would give sll possible. Md to the new club In holding the tourney. Officers and directors were elected for the ensuing year as follows: Fresldent-Dr. Georgo Kinney of Burlington. Ice president John McDonald of Dublin,". Secretary and treasurer Tracy Garrett of Des Moines, Directors B. F. Swisher of Waterloo, John K. Maxwell of Keokuk, L, R. Maxwell of Marshalltown, Warren Dickinson of Des Moines, and M. V. Bolton of Cedar Rapids, FINED FOR CROOKED DRIVING Mason City Drivers Taken to Taak By Starter for Holding Up Their Horses in Fast Races, MASON CITY, la., July 2A-t3peclal: There wns plenty of excitement at the races today aside from the Interest in the speed. Mllo, In the 2. IS pace, unseated his driver snd ran away at furious gallop, but was stooped by the ringing of tho gong. Two of the drivers In tho 2:10 pace, Fnrker and Martin, wers fined li) for alleged holding up the first heat and John Kathan was twice called to supersede negligent drivers. There wa a record breaking crowd. Summaries; 2:28 trot, purse J4O0: King Zoo. b. h.. by Norval Klng....l 12 1 Leo Allerton. hr. h hy AIIerton....4 6 12 Jack. Ingrain, b, If , by Sorsation...6 2 S 3 Terrific Reductions Have been made in all departments that absolutely defy competition. We have made such low prices that must sell our entire stock at once as we are GOING OUT OF BUSINESS. 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Tim-2:H4. 2:IW. S-J4- 2:10 pace, purse : , ... Baby Kid. b. m.. by CUptain Kldd .3 111 fiinnv Slope fi:luH) b. m., by Happv Hflr 3 Billy Bog iv:'i ch. m.. y Haxball ,1" Vvant Utar (2:114) b. g , by Aliw- sure 4 3 Time2:1(H. 2iW. 2:loij, 2:l,'s- n DORVAU. RACES ON. Yachting for the Seawanhaka Cup Started, POrtVAL, Quebec, July 30. The annual yachting contest for the Seawanhaka clialleiig" cup hrg.ui today at 2.J p. m. on Lake St. Louis. The challenger Is the Manchester of tne Manchester Yacht cluh. the defender belli the Alexandra of the Royal hi. I-aw-tence Yacht club. Today s course was two miles straightaway to windward aud let urn, repeat three times, making the total distance twelve miles, time limit three and one-half hours. l....... l,,,i..a the outer mark on the first round at 2 5. the Aleiandia at S i'' The wind was increasing. m t..i ik. A.nUi,.,i. hiuir wnn lead til bv about a quarter of a mile. The Main nob ler turnea me noma i.ui-j vh mi- ....v round of four miles at -:. the Alexandra at !:S'Vfc. , . , The Manchester completed the second round at 3:S!4 o'clock. The Alexandia rounded at g.:W. Th Manchester won. nishm f 4-os:0i The Alexandra lln- ifhed at 4:12.10. KEENE'S COLT FIRST. Sysonby Takes the Iroquois Stake at Brighton Beach. NEW YORK, July .-James tt. Keen' rest colt Hyermby scored an easy victory In the (TAO lroquol stok for 3-year-olds, on mile and a quarter, at Brighton Beach today. The victory of the Keene horse was almost a walkover, as Migraine and Pasadena, who were his opponents, never threatened the colt at any pari of the Journey. was held at the prohibitive price of 1 to 30. and galloped the distance with LS pcunds up In J:i2-j. Summary: , . First race, six furlongs-Sue Smith (a to ; won. Sly Hen second, Edith James third. Time. 1:14 4-5. Second raee, one mile and a sixteenth Chlmnev Sweep id to 1) won. The Mighty second, 'Canteen third. Time, l:4fi l-o. Third rac , live and one-half furlongs Whimsical (3 to li won. Last Cherry second. Karly and Often third. Time, 1:07 14 Fourth race, the Iroquois slake, mile and a quarter Sysonby (1 to 3e) won, MltM-aine second, Pasadena third. Time, Fifth race, mllo and ft sixteenth-Alan-a-I'ale (even! won, Devout second, Sinister third. Time, Sixth race, six furlongs-All Right (JO to 1) won. Kin Cole second, Banker third. Time, 1:14 Sixth Rac On. CONCORD, N. H, July a-Clear skies and a fresh breoie gave the (Hidden motor tourists a good start today on the sixth stags of their endurance run, Mos1, of tho thirty-one competing machines started early and the last car out left at 9. SI o'clock. Today's run terminate at Wprcester. TRIAL CF H. C. GRIFFITH FORBIDDEN BY COURT Alleged Attempt to Wreck the American Baseball League Will Not Receive It Needed Airing. CLEVELAND, .. July jo-Judge Ford of tho common pleas court today Issued ft temporary restraining order forbidding the trial of Howard C, Griffith of Jersey City by committee of baseball magnates on charge of trying to wreck the American league, and further forbade the publishing of any facts concerning the trial, should It already have taken place. The trial was to nave started this morning In thl city. The hearing in court will come up next Monday. The charges against Griffith, who la a member of the executive committee of the .National Association of Professional H is. ball clubs, have been hied hy President Han Johnson of the American league and state that Orlllith has attempted to form a combination nniong flee of the strongest of the minor league for the pnrpna of wuglng wr on tlm American league. In order to avoid the legal pompllca-tlona that might be Incurred under the Iniunclion obtained by Howard C. Griffith today, the NiHIonal baseball commission did net take up the charg-s nro-1 erred against him, but in a mcoling this Glothincj Go. cn dnfrpti enrded Madras Shirts, in neat pink, black aud blue and figured patterns, an ideal hot weather shirt hisih as J w , H11U 1, Boys' Wash Suits, 2-pieco double breasted style), crashes nud linens. 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"Resolved, That the National Association of professional Baseball leagues on or before August li present to this commission satisfactory proof as to whether the statements nnd representations, It made, of certain of its oiile.-rs In an endeavor to disrupt organised baseball, uus with the authority and consent of the National Association of Proft ssional Baseball leag-tiea. and at the same time and place to inform Ibis commission what action. If any. has been taken. by the said national association to punish or discipline its said officers charged with so flagrantly and publicly attempting; to disrupt and Injure organised baseball. "Be It further resolved. That unless the terms of tl'in resolution as above act forth, be complied with by the National Asaooatinn of Professional Baseball leagues that all rights guaranteed to It by the agreement of September It, 1903, shall at once cease and terminate." WILL PLAY BASEBALL BY ELECTRIC LIGHT Omaha and De Molne League Team Will Play Under Glare of Arc 8aturday Night Affair is Unique. An Innovation in Western league baseball will be made next Saturday night, whin the Underwriters meet the Chair-pious In a game played by the light of tr.ooMind of elot'rx- lamps. The whole Uifalt Is inilnue, nm'.li-r, oi the kind hav-;, tver been ateni,ttd In tho west. The management are at present engaged in truing poles and vuing In shape for illumination of the grounds With the except, n of the regulation Indoor baseball. .vbl h is to be used, the gums will nol differ n-alenslly from that witnessed everv ift-rti..on bv the fans. President Tip O'Neill of the Western league shows much Interest In the outcome of the affair, which, if successful, will probably occur fivaneiitly In the future. Wall Fper Bargains Pome of the greatest bargains ever offend In Wall Paper in las Moines are now offered at Stoner's. Mo Wslnut SI. and S.'ii K. Grand Ave. Bead the prices below and make your selections early: Any Tapes-try In stock 12'2a Any hb-li priced pressed goods l'o Anv Kitchen Paper Imported patterns, for parlor 3il-':e Tibe to sue Leatherette Papers. now....'.'.'iC Anv Dining Boom Gilt Papers ..loo Best Bed Boom patterns So Any Fancy Stripe Papers lie I t ... n.r.,11.. f ' ' 1 lf.l VHIlCUhU KIII8, Slopplessripss. o miii 1 Rothwell Block, Iowa 'Phone 1632-M. " B Aik It r. i . V i collar at striped sacrificed at 1. A GEORGE C. DUNHAM ESCAPES FROM SOLDIERS' HOME. TAKEN THERE WEDNESDAY DISAPPEARS AFTER BEING LEFT BY DEPUTY TEMPLE. " Was Father-ln Law of Deputy and Had Made His Home With Him for Years. Either drowned In the Iowa river or wintering demented throiiRh the country Is George C. Dunham, aged 71 years, ot los iioines, who has been missing from the soldiers' home at Marshalltown lnc Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Dunham, who is the fathor-in l.ivy of Deputy Sheriff Charles Temple jf Dei Moines, was taken to the Marstialiiown, home hy Mr. Temple Wednesday morning. Ho was placed in the hospital ward of the institution, and Mr. Temple returned to Do Moines, leaving Mm in tho hands of the authorities. He wa first missed the same afternoon between ami o o clock and a search wa til Hinuieq at ance, but no traces of ths man were found. No one ha.t ..,., hi m Ituvo the hospital, and no one was cognl tain vi ma w nereanouts, . Mr. Dunham has been subject to tils of temporary Insanity from time to time, and It Is thought that he tiilhor wandered away from the Institution while suffering from one of these spells, or that be was drowned In the Iowa river near the home. When .Mr. Temple left him In the morning he had seemed very happy and cheerful, and glad that he had reached the home; No suspicion of any troublo was frit at that time by Mr. Tcmplo. Mr. Dunham has made his home with Mr. Temple In 1'es Moines since ISM. His wife died In February, 19m), and he continued to live with hla daughter and son-in-law. He was about 8 feet 4 Inchea In height, of slender build, with light hnlr and a sandy beard slightly touched wltn gray. When ho left the home he was dressed In clllsens' clothes and had un aimy button In his coat, Mr. Temple I Inclined to censure the authorit.ra of tho home, whom he claims did not exerciba the proper care In watching over htm. Will Visit Kaiser. lirCRLIN, July ao It la stated that the king of Spain will start for Herlin Sept. 10, DES MOINES MAN MA BE DROWNED Quick Results and Honest Treatment KIM.,... n.hilltu UI..I.II.CI Lokh of Moninrv. Ambition and Power, Weak Huok, T-,l....l..-,.H,.., r.,n(l.i.itl., J.'UIUVBE. luuisenui uuuoui., Enema, etc. Blood Poisons, LMs- hiirgos, Uniptlona, SwullttiRS, Tains, Ulcers, boro Throat or Mouth, Kidney ami Urinary i. Troubles, burulUR or painful symptoms, - Mv and Drivatolv cured la hotli sexes. v No misleading statement or de ceptive proposition, but all curable diseaies cured in the shortest possible time. Medicines ftirnlnhod. Advice free. Call or write. Con- ndentia). Hours 9 to 4 dally; 7 5 in 9 n m Mnndavs. WednuHilava and Saturdays; Sundays 10 to 12. Dr. F. C. Walsh, Specialist Sixth and Walnut fjiafii !! i imiii I I

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