The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1961 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1961
Page 22
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%$£$&*•*?':•, Now combs the latest development. • It is a, computer Which, according to ad TRADING POST RETURNS 'i; /W^en.yj&u s)0p to thlrtkACjb r ,out f )f/diyefop- vaflce publicity releases from Iov>d City, vvil went 6f ftllafthise 4hoBJ>IH§ lentefs i»><Jally a predict the college grades that will be received fldshback to the days of the flld tradlhg post. ' by. High school -students when, they get to <ol- •'••:' Orrlu ItA \jnnn nnntkb thnnnlnri fanihr \urtt l&tib. i ' , < ^.^. years ago the shopplnfj center was cpti$iaered jo.mefhinfl of a fad and q whlrnSey; r,000 of these hey/'centers have been developed In the past year alone.', • $yt while the "downtown" retail shopping locations did little or nothing about this for a time, they are now fighting'back. Downtown 'business areas In cities are being cleared of old 'buildings, glanf parking areas are being established, and-the "downtown ^tore" is'trying for _ a corneback as against the shoppings center.'/- / In pioneer days the trading,post — whore you could get a little bit of everything, plus,free' crackers, a slug of whiskey and the latest gossip — was be,'relished.when you Visited it. The modern shopping center, has^had sprriei of the same glamor. Now some of ,thiit glamor and novelty may be wearing offo > In smaller cities the shopping center is not likely to become a' factor Irj 'local business life, pf least not in a major sense.,It takes.a mass population to .furnish the raw fodder for a shopping center. Most rural areas, clo not have sufficient population. -, * ' i , ; ' ,' .' ' But we have Witnessed many other recent changes In business life.', • The' crearrjery', was! pofrtially f a majoV industry, and a J natural; meeting place. As cream: erjes have' vanished/ the community loss • has , been considerable.'Once there was at least one laundry to a JoWn or cify.. Today the self-serve laundries are making life rough for a real • 'jaundry. And, we might add, they add nothing 'to 'the ernployment of p community. Dry' cleaning firms are next. In fact, they pften are owne.d by outside interests, and when that is so even the money doesn't stpy around the* community, ln.w.hjch they pr$ Ibcatecj. '< ! • •' '< ,' i '< \ 1 j It is impossible for. anyone to stay the ,hqrid pf progress. Buf rnapy of the changes (hat,have; taken place are not really progress. They are' /detriments to a community in the long pull. And they .could well be deciding factors, in whether . more and more small communities and cities, jive or die, decline or expand. They ar,e free, loaders on the work and sweat bf others who built and developed the community. .,*•»•• ' * ' AGE OF THE COMPUTER ' Thli Is/a replacement for the crystal bal W.hlch has endeavored to answer these questions in the past. Students tpklng the tests, American College Tests/ which are now required in most schools, will pay a fee of $3 for the privilege. There are'an estimated 11,000 tests to be made In Iowa, which according to our own private .computer means a "take" of $33,000 for the season for someone, which Isn't bad,in itself. . ! *• • 'the/computer, no doubt, will arrive at the Conclusion, that if ,you have done poorly in mathematics in high school the chances dre you 'will do likewise in college. But will computer overlook the fact that if you'have done, poorly • Ih'^iatli in high school, chances are you will shy ,f,qr,aWJi»y,'from math" In college and concentrate . in 1 some field more to' your liking. How trie computer will compensate for this probability Is not explained. , ,,' , , ' , $ , But, alas, is seems we are entering an era where a mechanical monster will ^predict our fate/ and also have a direct bearing on whether or not some colleges will want you. , ' Yes/ we live in a great age! ' . ' > . » ; • !j' r * -,- 5'O'CLOCK STAMPEbE ! ! , j Newsweek Magazine,— Luther Hodges, born 63 years ago in a jog cabin' in Virginia, is the very model of a modern Horatio Alger herb. With pluck, initiative, and'driving ambition he worked his way up from a 50-cent-a-day mill hand to a textile millionaire,, won election as governor of North Carolina and then.appoint- 1 mfnt as Secretary bf ,Comrnerfce. But, as his' harried subordinates! have frequ'entlyi complained, Hodges, a come-early-work-late type, has' 'ha'd; trouble understanding why everyone else' 'doesn't follow the same simple, success formuld' —and last week he voiced ,his "discontent again on a CBS television show. ' ' •;'(''.!' "We* are soft in this country," Ho'dges rurri- 'bled."Making it clear he was talking about ex- ecutives'as Well as blue-collar men/ he continued; "We ha\>e gotten a little bit careless and complace'nt. 1 Our young people are not disciplined, made to do things . .,. Today, wijh 4 million unemployed there L pre-, thpysands of con- 't6 Fdr Tnli area, Mr; Nolle aid' January, 1942, would be ComBfiratively mild,"wfth abo\fe a of ships clean. vast' clouds of •lightning and ,the Japanese ,.issued Dee. reading for the week was one degree below zero Dec. 10, while the high mark was 52 degrees ttee. 17, reading Comments On A Aspects Of Upper Bet Moiftef -•--W ^7 ™ i 1 Alf ofta, Iowa, knees?'Tn6 pxlblltf, fttf the Wale3j' or the merchant, to tae.ihoMjj Again we b6th helve failed to. put Christ first, • - " • ' In'these 1 east few, years-and Most merchants I- know ar? In m tonews series, there goo d Christians, and the majority a few small attempts W0 uld like very much t6 ,pw toward putting "Christ" back in Christ back, in Christmas and td Christmas. The purpose is'to attend church on Sunday but stamp ou\ the commercialism they do'not know how and where that has such a strong hold on the to .start. , Not much , been rhade because fail to recbgnize just Wh6 is le for the commercial- If we could but be content with. What we have and with whit we are, until that time corned that we can improve without giving offense, we Will then start We r are readily placing qult6 the trend of putting Christ back _ bit of the blame on the mer- jh Christmas, chants, but are they alone really The same with Sunday shop, to blame?- They may be tempting ping; abstain instead of indulge, us with 'their wares as Satan W e will soon give Sunday back tempted Adam and Eve with the to Christ, also. Irvingfon .fMtfjbUt, if-.we Weaken to cus- Now comes the statement, but : y *" i - '• :^l wdshtn.gttifi t ^.^"^ m * I"IA . How many : family gatherings spuUcaring and giving to 6! there.'.without, the'Christmas who'-carinot return payme ...... ___, _____ Press' ? AsSqclAfon •' Werd ; sla i ed . party at't , West tdohipartf fwit Bend tohight (Thursday). •Dlnnefbdt who fc tt ,tl* fe £ M*^ 1 * * * be..follojVed;by; 'two .dollar^ s^tlfo Dnae ' ' ' M Dnag There is a"situation developing not the' way to air a military n this country today which, can grievance, if indeed such griev- become very dangerous but more ances j are legitimate in the first disturbing* is the fact that it place. • .' should be taking place at all. - ' • o >• It is this matter of reservists recently called to active duty. Their complaints about condi- which he can seek'assistance. He can go to his chaplain for in- all this is beijig stance or to a 'representative of the Red Cross. And there is always the inspector generals office' which was set up for just . Jt dWw-, jtog/ f ; ' ' - I, 1 ;'!'* /' I BftS.jJahd- for , (xha purpose, of .gjving ;ls Sthis; hop; Give to those ,-w'ho need, not those t ' who. greed; 'Give to show .honor,, not?' gef ' honor.' Spend where it will benefit the sick, .vyc If a man in uniform has an honest complaint he has available j n 1882 and ions in camp, about the poor quality of food, the lack 01 equipment , aired daily in the newspapers. accuse ' trie merchani ' „ * ,!,.„: '* ' „* ' know they are not ifesponsibiu the aged and the wayward cluldi Judge William B. Quarton, for our actions. We are Edging the' i n ' doing this, we are putting widely-known Algonan, died merchant to display gifts that -••-'- been in the practice of law here per. As. customers! .we are dang- since his graduation from the lingimbney in front-'of his eyes, -erh mess, and start to put Christ University of Iowa at Iowa City Who is,tempting whom? If he first in O ur lives, then and only JSrlo^^? r!^ n * ^* u ^!?_ d _ b _ ites '_^ ^n can we stamp out commer- Only when we, as individuals, 'recognize our guilt in this mod- to him several channels through court judge from 1894 to 1908. is at fault and I helps promote ,daBsnTan'd' r^'christ badc'ln" Judge Quarton's 'mdjbr interest commerciajism. ?He mayAccuse cKia^and' mate!Sunday a We have sensed • forborne- -1lni^ r that »thV normal, ordinary human brain ,is being supplanted by a combination of tubes, wires, buttons' and dials all of which are making it less necessary for the human race to develop the ability to useiwhaj is between the. ears 4 if any. rull day's work 'don't look 'at the , tho} it you really glvV yourself to your 111 E.'Call Str4ptxph. CY 4-3535— Algona, Iowa Second cl^i* po«iag« paid, at AJpona, Iowa THE Issued Thursday in 1961 By ' UPPER PE5 MOINES PUBUSHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH,, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. : JACK PURCELL. Foreman NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN THAPE AREA One Year, l;» Advance _ $400 Both Algona papers, in combination, per year $8.00 Single Copies .....;.„ lOc gVBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE AREA On* Year, in atjvance „ $5.00 Both Algona papers, in combination, per year $7.00 #» «tf>spripMon less tftan 6 months. OFFICIAL CITY ANP COUNTY NEWSPAPER APVERTI8ING RATES ON REQUEST work, the making of money is easy. You have got to look for opportunities." What was bothering Hodges? Amplifying his off-the-cuff remarks, he later warned: "We're '' going to have trouble ahead in international competition, unless we're as, efficient, as possible." As an.example he added: "I tried to buy a suit in Washington, and I had to go to three or four stores before a clerk came up to try to be helpful. Most just lean on a counter 15 feet away and call pver to you.'' . •• ; :.,• Are .we becoming a, nation , : o;f clock watch- :ers? It was evident that Hodges' had touched on a subject that involved nearly everyone. If there has been a rise in clock watching, what's beKind it? Some agreed with Hodges' diagnosis: "We're not giving (children) a set of values," said one woman. But others traced the condition to rising prosperity, the rise in leisure time, and the fact, as president Robert Bell of Packard Bell Electronics put it, that "the home is a much nicer place to be than it was." Several agreed with the attorney who said jobs have become "so atomized the individual has no feeling of personal responsibility." Hodges offered no eyre for clock watching, but his supporters suggested q few, Seattle florist Adolph Cqntplirvi, complginlng pboyt bis employes, couldn't think of any solution ''unless I make them all partners" — gnd, soys' h*'* *0r.- iously considering doing just thcjt. Ana 1 a West Coast attorney suggested simply:. "We need inspired and enlightened leadership (Jo) inspire people to take pride Iri their work •*- pride like their fathers' and their fathers' fathers," •.*,•* * ' The ultimate minimum pf praise is contained in, the appraisal made by g dealer when your're trying tp trade in ygur pld cpr, • 1 r * • * • * Indecision is costly but hgsty action sometimes costs more. Fortunately, we know thai the number complaining 'represents nly an extremely small portion if'all reservists. But their -voice s loud and it is dangerous. We are sure there ,are inequi- ies. We are cpnyjpced that some f their complaints are well- ounded. And we know it has seen difficult for these men to .ave -been torn from their fam- lies, their jobs and £t a timfc vhen we are not actually' at •ar.. • •'..'...... •; But it: was their choice to serve in the ; reserve force of this country. Some chosef to do so to avoid the .draft. Others, who have already .served-', in , theVarmeo. force's, remain in the reserves for the extra money it means. We should not for a moment, however, overlook the fact that these men belong tp a force which has but one objective—to protect the United States in time of emergency. , This country today is in an emergency, 'it is not exaggerating to say we could be on the brink pf a terrible nuclear war. There is more^.peril now than perhaps outside the practice of law was us but he knows we are not re- Holy Day again agriculture. - He raised Guernsey sponsibje for his actions. cattle, was ope, of, the 10 organ- ' The -early dates of - AffSt congress and was • 'credited eally 'the one that starts the Sincerely, such a purpose. <wit h having Sown the first sweet £££ The early Because these are isolated com- i clover and , alfalfa .in Kossuth .won't be plaints and come only from a rei- county. I|e came to Algona after atively few soreheads there is • his graduation from the Univer- no reason why the whole Army sity and was survived by his should be criticized; The bulk 01 wife an£T fiye, children.' our servicemen are, re,al':soldiers, • • • > / '^^•tSiSSTffi h A Burt JL, H. i meich. was ^ W^^^^^^ deprivations :of military -life. TO having a little trouble getting them we owe a great' debt of .over the effects of a recent pi- . . _ ...... gratitude To the others we say, noc hle game. He had a hand with shopping. Who is demanding that his . Al eona, Iowa Groen who ;caught shOrt,> of -th» merchant, tha}; Jjas the wares? In order fo stamp out cpmmercial- 'ism we ar'e both going to" "have to start' with' ourselves; ones; who ; , must 100 Minnie Huser of Sac City her 100th . gictuiuuc. AU iiic uwicio ,wc pay ,. "~ a \ a ~ ^r " ...— "Grow up and do your job like a tl J? usand [?'? S ' f 1 - 1 , °f *??' a ^cording t6'dthfer'phiyeH during the game with friends at Burt. a; man. put "Christ" back in' Cnristrnas. 1 ^^ The same goes - ;fpf ' Sonday 1 'cently "wa^pr'elented 'ajewel foils demanding that his 60 years? bf ^membership i» open for .convew-. the Masonic Lodge. JA. .A. .& .^ ^. ^S ^- ^ ^. '_'' ^ *'* 1 t 5 * '. '1 • ' FROM THE FILES OF THE ALGONA UPPER PES MOINES Pec. 18, 1941 " » *..'.»' The late Harry Nolle served The members of the staff of the UDM wished everyone a 'lj[*«j*..Ch*istmas- .and. a Happy. New Year with a .little greeting on the front page. It was signed by J. W. Haggard, R. B. Waller, June Corey, Merle Schwietert, Earl Sprague, Dow- Laidjey, jArne Pedersen and- Shirley iVihs'oni ' f • • * Several good movies were on tap here. Included were; ['Blues' In The Night", with Priscilja Lane, Betty Field, Richard Whorf, Lloyd Nolan and Jack Carson, Professional Directory i; t. ?«•**«»,, *a-?jfi INSURANCE ractor Hospitalization Health & Accident ,, i Wfe — Auto iT jFye — HaU 2 'Restate > •» * ' fj * ? CY 4- for many years as Algona's "The Maltese Falcon",YwJt'h.-Hura- before Pearl Harbor or the sink- weather man. As usual,' the sta- phrey Bogart, and "Skylark" ALGQNA INSURANCE tistics from the weather front featuring Claudette Colbert, Ray ing of the Lusitania. The point we are striving to appeared in the UDM, and Mr. Miland and Brian Aherne,. '". ; make is that these complaints '• '" ' "" "'' ' -• . •' " ' '' .'• '• 'I* • from ,men in uniform'can have a telling effect on how the Russians view the military strength of the United States. PUBLIC NOTICE • •_ • '• . ,j . „, , .„,„.„.. All Law Offices In Kossuth County Will Be Closed . , . -SATURDAY, DEC, 23rd AND -SATURDAY, DEC. 30th KOSSUTH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION (50-51) The Russians are looking for soft spots in our military machine, make no mistake about it. Don't think for a moment that the Soviets are not putting their troops through the most vigorous type of training. They must be laughing up their sleeves because our boys don't have all tne creature comforts of home at the training camp. This may sound ridiculous but I have been asked to check and determine why the men at one You Can Address Question* To Him At BOX 66 KALISPELl, MONTANA •'J.R. Surety Bonds *-• of insurance . CY, 4.3176 .V .^.T 206 instate * BLOSSOM INSTANCE *"" ' ! ' AGBNpY' ••*--.. All Lines of "insurance , Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-2736 •' ' vvi^&XsD. SArooM Chiropractor , •.: ••. Over. Penney's .Jlpfffc^ Phone — CY 4-3378 |?f?:Hours: 9;QO — 6:00 *T*A J * Open Friday Night Monday —,-Wednesday — FridaJ 1^ Etate 9:00 -i>9:0 Ph. Off. Friday BOHANNPN ilN&UHANCE V Pear Pan: I'm 12 years old and J would like {girls and boys to write to me. I like the outdoors and my name and address are Judy Bitter Rural Route 4, Columbus, Neb. ' .-•'"'> * » * - -..-. .: ; .' . • •' - 5 N. Ocidgp. ; Ph^rie CY 4-4443 Home - AutQii^bije' -Farm Polio "Under ?1" Boy?' Ranph Inc., which is rnffntjoiwd here from lime to time, is continuing to make progress and 'present plans Call for its start sometime before June of 1962. • We have some property in mind in western Montana and we hope camp had no ping pong tables or to be 8 ble to offer needy and neglected boys not only-food, clothing and footballs for recreation and that shelter but an opportunity to grow up under conditions that money can't they were given only one of the two blankets promised them. . aren't trained prpperjy, if they aren't toughened up ... the results will show if they are called into combat, CHARLES Dwelling, Aut*?,- Lfabilitar.' Life, General 1 r ? Phpne CY 4^12 ':•, ?r Lola KOSSUTH: INSURANCE '4 Over $74,000,000 worthi of in' "Under 21" Boys' Ranch will not cater'strictly to Montana boys.' suranc ,, e ** £ opc £* CY; 0758,i Because it's "your" ranch, its doors will be open to boys in all states arid Let us not forget that these Canadian provinces in which this column js published. Boys accepted at men are not training for a ping tlie ranch ' wm <? h wlU be a real hom ^ for them, will he Accepted on the pong contest. And this isn't a basis of their needs w lthou t regard of their religion, their color or their game for softies. If they aren't natlo , n , ,n y ; • ' We'll keep you posted as we progress in our Plans in the coming weeks. '»•*». •. , ^__^_^,«_^_^— inii * Pear Dans I'm going steadily but not steady with this-girl around *"W» Sweau MutusJ Jni, Co. corner and she's ffettine tnn sprinnc fnr mA Rho hocnU a«* n » n »v« n Affiliated With ¥'arm "R Auto (with $10 Deductible) Life-, Hail * Tractor Phone CY 4-3351 Don Stark, Mgr. HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, House, Household Goods, and Many Other Forms. • 'Phqne CY 4-3733 Ted g, Herbst DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOURNE, M, D. Physician &'-Surgeon 118 N. $p re ': Bt , •'. ; n °« lce Pbpne PY 4^345 • Resident phone-CY 4-227J the comer and she's getting too serious foi; me. She hasn't ever come girl getting not prepared well, and they don't have enough, equipment. Row car* I telJ this girl the story without makipg her feel like I'm hitting her m the face ? -^ Indy, ; Pew Indy; The next time mention of the ping Js bfPitfht UP, even Of course, probably all of this casually, ju$t as casually te}J her yo« can ngyef jive your rjng to a girl is very true. Soldiers have com- nq/m^t^r how rnwch you Ijke her because of .efjers pn'ftie home front. rrpm the beginning of Once she knows this, she may let up and change the subject. '' •?**"* lrvv SUNOS? Representing ; ' State Farm Jns" Co. m So. Phij^s St. time. But soldiers aren't babies. suppospd to be men. P«W Pww Every so often my boy friend sh^s UD fM broke and jt 1T7C VlUnrWlnC lirVlOn IlIO KtllfA O fjr*tn fnn 4-Vin Hnn B *! n «r'zl. __L— — ___ t ____ ' _• __ These men have been called to always happens when we have a date for tji? ro,q$es r op soVewhere'elsei duty because of a fhj-eat to our I don't enjoy sitting at homje but what elsp ftio'WP 4ft W}*n he'dgggn't country. They fall jntp two cate- have any money? I get a nice allowance $ach w^ an4 want tp know gories; (1) The ones who have- not yet completed their military obligation to their country, and (2) Those who volunteered for duty as reservists or National Guardsmen. if it would be wrong to offer him a loan of g coupl/s pf dpjjgjg. That solve all our problems. — Lillian. ! * Pear LUli«n; Sorry but you might create more'problems. Jf your boy friend doesn't have enough money for all the dating you do, that - Id mean you two either spend too much m one date or you're dating , often. What's wrong wj$}} sitttnj[ at Ijpnu! orjce in a whtfg? ^ Youj' heart is in the right plftcf but J dpr»'t fink any money should pffered under the cu-ciujjutanqg! you wjpte |b§ut. '. ' ^ *>i*r«* S IF * ' I , CRAWFORP iBRV Of 'ord urancfi Pear Pan; Are peg pants completely out of style **—' !p. Q,8 I certainly hppe so. The first group >$ merely IP fulfill a responsibility of devoting 3 certain part of their life to the defense of their country. The second group 15 pnly carz-y- jng out the terms of a contract which they agreed to knowing able. If my date ana * Stey put on tfc poi'qh loager ,ihan a, jninutB he full well the consequences of starts calling me into the ftoule and f don't. fciSrBe WtBrMftf^My their decision. parents ne ver say anything. What can I do about him? - S 7 hashing off letters to the news- pegr S.: Time can slip by very quickly when a girl and 9 boy are '<"•' goodnigljt. Jiowuv^r, see wUat youi- mother has to say, Form Management P«W Pen; My older brother usually gets hprne from the time I come home from my dates and he i^-'—- '--•-"' able. If my date and } *tey opt p/i th^e ppi:qjj for all tjie wuilU to . -r, Phone' CY 4-2363 Resident phon& CY 4-20J4 CAROL L. PLOTT, M. P. " UO N. Moore &Si^ practice Limited to Surgery Office Hours "by Appoiotment .CYpress 4-4884 Office.: CYpress 4-4331 .Residence JOHN M. SCHUTTER. M. P7 Residence Phone CY 4-2335 PEAN F. KOOB, M. P. Residence Phone CY 4-4917 ' Physicians & Surgeons 220 No Oodge^gZ Office Phone CY 4-4490 OPTOMETRIs DBfflfTS

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