The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 15, 1930
Page 2
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, INiU J3LYTHEV1LLE. (ARK.) COPRIER NEWS PAGE THREh-— Wed in Defiance of Curse mm FOR Paul Marino Cashes in On Real Estate Holdings but Keeps Push Cart. NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 15 'UP) — "That Paul Marino, he Is a uooJ fellow thai one, bin why d'.cs IIP •.icrfc?" So a.-:k the housewives of the i l-Vc-iicli quarter here, as a sturdy, j {"tuning little man. liis fnce seam- i ctl like a smlihy's auron, calls his j wares from door lo door. j For Paul Marino, son of Italv. who i;- said lo bt worlli $150.000, daily trudges from door to dear, trundling a wheelbarrow piled high with vegetables, and kindling wood salvaged from nackiim b~xe:s. A former dealer in olive oils, and once owner of a half dozen buildings I" the Vicux Carre, Marino reccnllv ;.(ild at all his holdings and invested the proceeds. I Bui like Kugcnle Orandel, he works • and saves, w-rks on and saves. Late at niglu. revelers emereing from night clubs and studio rendezvous see Paul, demolishing old barrels anil boxes for the wood lie j '''*Again, "of"mornings he makes his It was in defiance of a curse put upon ihei r live that Edward Keller rounds 'with the eggs and vegcta- deft) and Mrs. Florence Keller <ce:ii'.r) were married, as pictured b!rs gleaned from farmers return- aijoy.-, j,, Newark. N- J. Pour nior.Ois ago Huiry Keller—then Mrs. iiiK.htune with nearly emply mar - K( ,.. crs ; ms b an< i ttn d Edwards brother—commll'.ed suicide and left u '**ll W hea"l and' ta MaUame P Crcole f I nulc which said: "I will do you m:re harm dead than alive. Florence. thVgreat bargainer.' wails his com- I may ycu always rcim-mbtr lhal I loved you once, but die liatint' you " in". ° i He was reputed to have killed "He doer, not sell all of his , ovc f .,. llls | )ro uier. wcod," said a rooming house kcep- •ho:n he once lived. "Many himself when he learned ol his wife's Marino gives wood to „ with w! a uo-^r family has n fire in winter only because them." Marino's mother, who was a pic-1 turcsciue figure of the Quarter. Alt- ir emigrating to New Orleans from Genoa with her husband and liny I'aul, she became Ihe famous "Apple Mary" who sold apples lo sailors a:on« the levee. Middle-aged Marino -he is the one—tiny hat awry, sagging trous- err, and faded jtu«]>ers. he bargains Arkansas State College alcd at the junior college have made application to return asj yt . llr " -'.•.— «—.- |.Sir Hubert Wilkms Will At- j lemnt to Navigate Below I Ice Cap. 1 I'lIl.LADEU'IlIA. Am;. 15 lUl>> ;- Flaalinjf demurely beside Dewcy's :hi.-icric flagship Olympla In Ihe ' bad: channel cl Hie Navy Ynrd here is a- little red submarine lh« it I* '):'(• i:i!! mi" "f lhc miM-t historic " afti. in lhc wiirlil wllliln lhc nex nvo year,. The subiimlne Is Ihe O-I2. wliiel -.on will bi":o.nvcrlcd Into Ihe Null I hi'- alvji Jules Verne's brainchild Caplitu H:r Gc-oryc- Hubert I kins, internationally famous Aus Inilliin Arciit explorer. Is hnvln ,the little submarine remodeled wll: Ihe idea of making Ihe dreum o •(.1 fiiriiiK men (or ccnltirles com irue. lie plans lo cruise in 111 , iNi.utilus from the eastern to til »" I ustern hemisphere, under 111 p-lir Ice cap. I Hundreds of daring seamen Ic'iffcrcnt nations have for cenliii I ies attempted to force the North- • ,vi's' Passive. All hnve failed. Most of them lost, their lives, and literally limuhcds of vessels have been cnuhed lo matchwood by the Arctic ice-ftoes while •.illenipliiig lhc passage. Sir George, who wns Ihe first lo fly from one hemisphere lo Ihe oilier via the Ncrlh Pole, already i lias lie-jun the preliminary work of 1 >cmn:lrlhiK l!ic submarine. As he is a British subject he had to lease ~~-'the O-12 through the American ifiim of Oftiihowcr and Lake for the !ev( - 1 '' nominal rental of one dollar a ig Prophet's Loss ol' 'Power Worry to Owner TOII.ERHUNT ITARCV ch>sex> u::. Am. 15. lUl')—A litile pit: 1:11 ttfii; to market ti'i yi'ar.-s ;IK" 1:1! never came bark has t:iiciwn liis village int'.) lurniolL U rani; aljoul 111 Ihls way. Trie ili; wa.s given Ihe parents of u. !. Kiiu'iiy. inn kceiiiT. us a llii^ |)ic.sent, and promptly iniehered. ' Mr-. Kincny. a staunch chmvh- l<>'r. M»;gcsle<l i; should hi' r-.uni it i-lirlslenings of Ihelr elnldri'ii. CiiK-iiy rebelled at first siiu-.' he niv unly mildly religious, lint m In- end Mr-i. FliH'liy \voil. r:ich child was rlirlsdwd « was I'iili'ii. At the l/uili of last yon. liiiicny won and It nc.t rhrlsiciicd. Neillur \vas Ih • lust liam ralen and years later discovered to be 1111 excel- h'lit lun.nietet. V:!:;ii;eih felt Hie himi tx'lore nlcnlc.-i. II It was noil, I jrain wns in prospect; .sunny weulh-' jcr could or e.xpeeled If lli'f ham. I was firm. I ^ Ol Into, however. Hie ham has I slowly bi'en solidifying. An American has ulfcivd lo provide u new. iKirmneliT lull Enu'ily -su far has' ili'rlliv.'d. He l.s BuardliiK I lie veil- 1 erable Joint- walously, hoping bin > lioiiblir.i: il.s mystic power.-, will rr- luin. I'UKSCO'n 1 . Ari/.., lUI'i — Giles Clo.swlck, Kuvernim-nl hunter u! \\od- piedatory uniuuils In this distrir'i. naslhiis killed nine ir.ouiilalu lions ilur- { Ihe past seiison. he dccliueil on visit here recently, K3ISKB WfltCfu^irjJi Varmlsfc Lacquer <u\'i Knoitrr.'s The Ai'knio Lumber \'a CASH GROCERY A Home Institution 10 Ibs. 52c (I't'iniino ltl:u-|< Hawk Sliri'il, 1'iniml Mutton Roast I'ouiul 15c EMKEWfi x Sausage ib. lOc u^,,.. Crsl uf remululiiiR the ves- Wi'l OfiPV Full Course • u PP" r classmen. Some of them have , sr | w | n an.u-oxiiiiulc S150.000. He IT 1,1 ^111.1^1 uii v-uuioi. attcm]C[ , coI1pgc elsewhere fur ;• !,.>.. lc , c ; year and arc now eligible to Brail- ' JONESDORO. Ark., Aug. 1...- i ualc , u ,„,, firsl senior eollcge class Per the First lime in Us history Ar- I to hc u;n)cd olll bv Al . k(lll:1!ls stale kansas State College will offer; 1]exl spl .i ngi courses for the iwo upper years of j civdc V college when il.s fall lerm opens September 1. As a resull of lhc re- cenl aunounccmenl of 'Hie board thai the college -had liecn raised frcm the two year junior level to | the four year senior college level the largest registration in the his, lory of Ihc institution is expccteJ In Marl his expedition early next summer probably in May. Wan . Ulc CO [^ KS bur- ?Q1 . 'j^^,, „ slatcmclU today thai lhc cosl . of allemling college at Ar- Kansas Sia'.o would not be creased by its entrance into absently over a dime of okra. A cheap room on Danphine street, food, frieildly gossip—raul Marino, successful merchant, prob- S i u( jp. u , wi n h ., v( , .,„ ,, 1 , lm ,| ll ,, ably will work the rest of days.! u^merllny of tVZ col- ! lege classes, freshman. sophomDre , juniod or senior, according to their | collegiate standing as candidate? for B.A.. B.S.. or B.S.E. degrees. senlor college field but would re• O3HKOSH, \Vls., i UP)— Arltiur C. Powell hus wen a name here for allraeiiui; lianl hick. In May slcrm h!ew one of his barns off ol in-jits In June two barns the |were removed from their founda- wind stirm. KcceiUV} lllain Ql nl)=l ,t one half Ihe aver- '; he lost three of his farm buildings TOSt of attending college else- w | ler( , U,,\( liail- 9/</inn/ dCHUVl One month of our term was completed Friday, August 8th and in spite of the hot weather we have done some splendid work. Both pupils and patrons show such s line spirit of cooperation, lhat 0111 prospects for a successful school year are very promising. Miss Turner, county supervisor, has paid us several visits. Bath rooms arc proud of the new librarj which is to be made still more adequate In a few days by the addition of a set of art books. Our first baseball team, with Earl Shaneyfelt, as manager, and the second team with Samuel Oneal as manager, have played several interesting match games with other school teams. Visitors for this month were: Mre. J. C. Hawkins, Mr.s. John Holland, J. I. Gaines, J. H. Hannon, B. F. Gay, Mrs. Oneal, Mrs. Portlock. Mrs. W. R. Lightfoot. Miss Elmire Caldwell, Mrs. Gay. Mrs. Buck and Misses Esther, Oma and Nora Hodges. To be placed on the honor roli a pupil must, be neither absent, nor tardy, must have a good deportment, and have an average of A or B on literary work. The following pupils met these requirements for the first month: Pierce Baskin, W. R. Mghlfoot, Juanila Gaines, Ira dailies, Helen Williams, D. F. Gay jr., Ora Lee Hawkins, Eugene Buskin, Russell Springer. W. H. Richardson, Esther Haskins, Lottie Baskin and Maxine Holland. Primar- i ic.r. Mary Lightfoot, Ncda Plor I Richardson, Lealous Jones, Hasssl ! Laster, Elmo Jones and Eula Jones. Many former students whn griulu- TIRIE TO DKPAKT IjEABURG. Ore. (UP)—Ira Ish- ani was picking blackberries. Hf ;net anoUier picker. It was a black bear. Bolii ran. jy fire. And to top it off, his cai wns damaged In an automobile uol- lision which occurred when he wa: I driving to CMikosli to report hi. lire losses. Ask for Gold Medal Flour at Your Grocers Merchants Grocery Co, Distribiilors A REAL HELP Cardwell Newa Notes Mrs. John Owens and ctaughler, Billy Burke, of Moscow, Term., are visiting relatives in Cardwell and vicinity. Hoy Rupert Clark, of the Joe P. Pills show, spent the week In Cnrd- well visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Clark. The show goes on the road again Monday. Mr 1 , and Mrs. Sid Herren. daughter Helen and son Allan, of Sanla Anna, Calif., arrived Monday for a visit with relatives at Cardwell and f'aragould. Mrs. A. R. Flippin, daugntcr, Miss Juanita Williams, and Miss Gladys Keit'n had business in Jonesboro Tuesday. Misses Juaniw Williams and Ai- Icen Brewer and Mrs. Kathleen La- i nier were shopping in Paragon 1 Thursday. Byron Bishop, who lives near Cfirdwcll. was stricken with acute . indigestion Wednesday afternoon. M this writing (Thursday) he was only slightly improved. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Smith au^ Mrs. Dewey Miles of Senath were visiting'In Cardwell Tuesday evr- ning. Roy Rupert Clark. John O. Cunningham. Jimmy Edwards and Roy Staufill motored to Parngould Wednesday evening. John Herren had business !n ParngouW Thursday afternoon. "Shorty" Jones returned las! after spending several weeks in SI. Louis. Warllck Brannum visited Boynton Wednesday evening. Miss Irene Neel of Eiiropa visit ed friends In Cnrdwell Sunday. PRODUCTION UAKKH Sugared Sohu- niac'licr i.s llie; idont oar- liohyilrnlR [i:irl of Ihe dairy cow's ralion. It blc.nds pcr- ft:clly wilhuliit'li [ivolcin con- ccnlrnlc; il maintains body condition; il is a must important contribution tosciciilifK 1 , balanced feeding. Kcmciiibcr this name— Quaker Sugared Schumacher contains molasses! Let us give yon full information on this remarkable aid lo maximum miilc production. Browne & Billings Co., Inc. Jilylhcville, Ark. MILK SWEET POTATOES aked Ham Ib.Gbc EAGL Crockles 15c Spaghetti nap 5oap uds ihwhmtl, Medium Can 2 l-'ov Kvapnralcd, nil lirands G Small or 11 tall For Specialising IN QUALITY Fine groceries are our main u|>- |)eal--We i'eaiiire foods of freshness and lasle--Yet yon will always find lhal worlli considersd, here are usually low. Oualily buying and small profit margin make lhat possible al all limes here, Some Typical Bargains LEMONS BUTTER BEANS BANANAS LETTUCE 'age or I'd, :i Tall or (> Small Pound TOMATOES No. 2 Cans, :i !'<>r 25c LAMB CHOPS I'otind 25 c BACON Fancy Sliced Pound 28c PURE PORK SAUSAGE Pound 15c ftl BUY QUAKER FEEDS IN S TRIP E_^ S AC K'8 BEL GROCERY & IMT PdARKET Phone 177 We Deliver FLOUR 24-lb 11.05 •12-lb $ .55 OLEO Delco Nut Pound 15c nut Butter ^ 25c Mustard Mayonaise KinK Toslc, I'ulI -S-0?. .liir 2k Tomatoes Home Grown, Pound 5c

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