The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 6, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 6, 1949
Page 2
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I, i TWO BLYTHEVH.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JULY 6, 1949 THI NATION TODAY Slum-Clearance and Housing Program to Be Joint Project For U.S. and Municipalities ] (Bdttor'i Not*: This Ii the Mcond of » Mi1«i on th« govrrn- BMnt'a new houtlnc program.! By Jane* Marlow * WASHINGTON, July «. <*•)—JOHM lives in t «!um. Whal'i [he gov- crnmtnt't new program—ilum-clfar«nce »nd public housing—going lo tttteji to him 7 Maybe nothing. M»ybc * lot. It depend! on whether his own city w*nU Lo take part la the progrftm. No city hu to. The government itself doesn't ?o +~ _ in »nd Uar down a slum or even start a slum-clearance going. It st»nd« on the sidelines lilse > com- binition banker and rich uncle: It'* ready to help with money— in gifts »nd loans— any city which \vnnU to tear down *. slum and set up low-rent public housing lor low-Income people. The program goes Nice this: A city hfcs a bad shim. It wants Ui jet rid of it, Jt gets permission from its .state legislature to do so and It ReL*> a small loan from the government to survey the whole problem. Mu«t RaTf OM RuMdlnjts This includes public hearings where people with an interest in aeetnic I he slum stay or go can speak their piece. Suppose, then, the city decides to go ahead and tear down the slum. ThU Is where money, maybe big money, cornea In. Buying tip the slum property and tearing down the rotten build- Ings may take a lot of money. more than the city can spare, even though the city gets some of it back later by selling the leveled off land. The government steps in. It's willing to stand two-thirds of any loss on the deal. The city must agree to hear the other one-third of any loss. The government is willing to lose up to $500,000,000 on slum clearance to get these blights mil of the way and their tenants moved Into better, low-rent homes. So, for slum-cler ranee, in the next five years the government is prepared to hand out $l.500.f>00.000 to cities In loans and grants, this wayt 1. Loan 5—, This money all has to be paid back by the cities at 2!£ to 3 per cent Interest. Tut they get 40 years to do it. *SM,M*.M» In Grant* •' 3. Grants—»500,000.000. These {grant* are really glfU which the citie* never have to pay back. Stnce the loans have to b« paid bark, but the grants don't, the most the government figures to lose on all alum-clearance la $500,000,000 In ffrantfl. But—and thin in important for JoriM and hi* neighbors In the alums—the government will relocated, in housing at not worse than (hey left and at rent within their means. And people forced out if a slum, secause the city is tearing It down, will get first crack at a new, low- rent public housing unit, provided they're otherwise eligible. That is one of the rea-ons why lot of cities, before starting slum- clearance, probably will build public housing, also with government help. The government's eivi of the deal—checking, Investigating;, and deciding what city gets how much money and for what—will be handled by the Public Homing Administration, a government agency. Marriage Licenses The following couples obtained marriage licenses at the office of Miss Elizabeth Biythe between Saturday and Tuesday: Mackey J. Fireman and Miss Bobbie Sue Roach, both of Manila James Kdward Uicius of Blytheville and Miss Mary Jane McDonald of Keiseiv Edward Victor Ivy of Blythevllle and Miss Helen jane Werley o Piggott. Grady Sims of Jonesboro and Miss Betty Lou price ot Blythevitle. Cecil v. council and Miss Evelyn McElhaney. both of Blythevllle. Melvin W. Sorneson and Miss Gladys L. Hanson both of Peoria Lll. Jesse L. Burns and Miss Stella Mae Davis, both of Blytheville. Ray Hazclwood of Mor.ette and Miss Mildred Trantham of Blvthe- vllle. Arley Hipp and Mrs. Lena Hauls, both of Leachville. Esker Northcutt and Mrs. Kdna Barrett, both of Bvansvllle, Ind. Hal BoyU's Column— Boyle Reverts to Tripe, Otherwise Known as Poor Man's Philosophy WAGNER SUCCESSOR? Seventy-one-year-old Herbert H. Lehman, former governor of New York, above, is mentioned as a likely candidate to succeed Democratic Sen. Robert F. Wagner, 72, who resigned because of 111 health. Lehman is expected lo run on the Democratic ticket in a special election this fail. NEW YORK <AP»—Cuff notes by the poor man's philosopher: Afterthoughts are what we have when we don't want our fun spoiled beforehand. A redwood tree never hates anybody—and it HVM longer than anything. The poorest dog i* an empire to a flea. A revolving door is the best example of .segregation without discrimination. A cat's conscience Ls in its claws. The only community without gossip U a cemetery. The hardest thing for A wear well is success—and wears a man harder. man to nothing Memory mirror. Ls Just life's rear-view The bast way to praise God is to have ehjldren. People who always are trying to make an easy dollar generally wind up looking for a hard buck. This country will never be safe until somebody invents a sceing-eye umbrella. Definition ol a iadie.s' rest room —a roupe gallery. The biggest trouble with a budget is—you can't budge it. Real Estate Transfers (Chickasawb* District) E. Parkhurst to Layman and Mildred Bynum, Lot 20 of leplat [ of noJltson Subdivision, for $5,500. j S.S. and Jnai.iU Holms to John M. and Beryle Duncan, part of Lot 4, replat of Lot 3 ot Vail's first r.ddition and of Lot 8 of Vail'.s third subdivision, for $5,500, Maude Toliver to O, C. and Maggie Lee Lo\ r e, part of Lot 6, B!<x-.k 1, Allison's Addition, for S3,000. Gladys H. and A. B. to E. B. David, r.ot 4, Block 1, Countrv Club ai-oa. for $2.450. . Hairy S. mid Mary Sue Hcnrn to j Citizens School Building As.soctation- ) Inc.. pan of Lot 15, Section 9, Middle age Ls Just a man's com- j Township 15 North, Range 11 East, promise between a growing sense of 1 for S80 °- respoiujbllity and a growing sense I Barney L. and Fay Sxsift to Citi- of insufficiency. j zons School Association. Inc.. lx>t Addition, jor $1 and other consideration. Bill Reid Co. of Arkansas Inc., to Leon and Catherine oenning, Lot 11, Block 2, David Acres Subdivision, for $6.67S. Osuorn-MoKinnon Co., to Ernest and Cord la Webb, part of Lot 4, Block "C" of OsixH'ii-McKinnon ad- dition Manila. Arkansas, for 15,350. Bill Reid Co, of Arkansas Inc. to James L. and Jean Thomas, Lot IS, Block 3, David Acres Subdivision, for $6,515. American Security Co. to William R. Phillips. Lot 8. Block "D", Nelson's Addition, Leachville, Ark., for $750. DECLARE WAR! Crab Fisherman Killed In Chesapeake Bay Feud CttiSFIELD, Mil., July 6. (API— A Mnryland crab li.shcrman wa/s .shot lo death aft or a plane landed beside his boat at the Maryland- Virginia line in lower Chensapeake Buy tod.-.y. A witness said the plane bore markings of the Virginia state con- scivai.ion agency. Thorp Ls a rivalry between watermen of the Iwo .slate.s, although there has never been any violence in the neighborhood of the .shooting. 'I"he victim was Ear) Nelson, flbiMi t 50, a former chief of police here. Calvin Marsh, another Maryland crabber, brought Nelson's body ashore. Sex ia here to slay, but—are yon Failure Ls only public acceptance of a man's private opinion of him- An ostrich that insists on sticking its head in the sand may have ite own end in view. It Isn't, life that keeps good men down, kid. It's death. All great preachers aren't hu- mortsUs. But all great humorists arc preachers. The only way to catch minks in a crowd is to buy a fur coat. Rapid Runners Couriers (or the Turkish .sultanx, during the Middle Ages, often ran froii] Constantinople to Arlrianopie nntl back, a distance of nlwut 520 miles, in t^'O days and nights, according to the Encyclopedia Brl- tnnnlca. With the Courts Chancery: Ofralrilne Lockridge vs. Charles Ray Lockrldge, suit for divorce. John K. Kruska vs. Leona p. Kiaska. suit for divorce. help »njr city in any way In getting rid of a slum unless: The slum-dweller; forced to inove can b« placed temporarily. K«p Their Rats Every ship, even the luxury liners, carries Us own rats. To make it 'certain the ruts don't get ashore lo spread disease, rst guards, or lar^e metal disks, must be put on nil lines extending from ship lo shore, according to international law. Nothing in life self-admiration. is us hnneM body Eveiy coining what he deserves. j zons School Association, I 18. Block 8, Bryan Subdivision, [or $100. E. tn. and Fiovene c. Dayid to Hill licici Co. of Arkansas. Inc.. I_,>t 11. Block 2, David Acres Subdivision, S800. M. P. Simon to Kemp E. nmi Mary Wi.seulnmt, Lot 4, Block 2. Sitnon Addition, (or $1,050. John A. ,nd Florence E. Turner i lo L. O. and James E. Drown nart ui him—without getting] of , nt u n i oek ,. G ,. of A lazy man's boldest act is the seizure of leisure. Hollywood version of the marriage \T/,V: "For better—or worse." Lust ijs just love out of focus. to gel what's on Roaches, Silver Fish, Bed Bugs and other Household Pests! replnt of ] Pride and Gateway subdivision, for 1 $1.000. an oy.sler j Paul ami Rozelle Downs to Rilev woman, it i 5 i:nk1 "' Herman Alston and A, X. A small irritation produces a pearl. In v -m..^,, ^ , produce, merely a sense of injus- ^^^^.^. tice. Arkansas, for S1500. B. and Rovene C. David to Reid Co. 15. Block Most men would rather part with their convictions than their hair. The louder anyone flatters you ! with his n.outh .the more he laughing at you in his heart. E. Bill Reid Co. of Arkansas, Inc.. Lot 15. Block a of David Acres Subdivision. $800. John B. and Annie Ethel FIoiv- H Ls funny how many families become sophisticated in America atter crude oil is discovered on Grandpa's farm. ers to Citizens School Building Association Inc.. irregular Lot 16. Section S., Township !5 North, and Range 11 East, for $2,250. Tom Wecdcn to Sam and iva May, part or IJH 5, Block I. Wil[ son's second addition, for $2500. ' Gabe and Rosa Moore to Bvifnrri Martin, Lot 4. Block 11 .Robinson with AEROSECT 1 Ddn'f le( diseiise-heiirinjr. annnvi ;, liuys and insects get the upper hand- in your home. An AEROSECT Bomb 1 is cheap insurance against them all. i. Kasy to use . . . non-poisonous to humans or animals . . . can even be used around open foods ... no kerosene odor . . . non-inflammable. Up (i> .'i limes the killing power in (he hig lli-ouni-e, refillable bomb . . . Only $3.98 or $2.35 with Empty Bomb (ittT THE BUST . . GET AEROSECT HUBBARD HARDWARE Co., lnc H | 11 Wort M n ; n DL«_. tnif fi 213 West Phone 2015 f The price of some things is coining down. That's good. Our price for Coca-Cola has never gone up. That's better. Home Folks! ^ V LldN OIL COMPANY'S CUSTOMIRS, DEALERS, EMPLOYEES AND MANAGERS ARE SOUTHERNERS WORKING WITH OTHER SOUTHERNERS THE SOUTH a6e $~1 QO rfi'/io.vf — nt your rfrnlrr) IOTTIIB UNDIt AUTHO«I1Y OF THI COCA-COIA COAPANY IY COCA-COLA BUri'UNG CO. of BLYTHKV1LLE SOUTHERN INDEPENDENT MERCHANT-He makes "Fill 'er up" mean more Ever since America was founded, it has been an ideal and a tradition for a man to get into business for himself —to he im/e/>cndcnt. And when a man is a "home town" merchant—whether he's running a hank ot a service station—he is interested in far more than just making a living. He's interested in the weljare nj the community. . . in making bis home to\s r n— your home town—a better place in which lo live. Lion Oil Company is gkd to have a hand in helping hundreds of Southern independent merchants—like your neighborhood Lion Oil Dealer—to establish their own businesses and to keep them thriving. Throughout the South, Lion's independent dealers, employees and stockholders share in the prosperity of the company that's always, first of all, a Good Neighbor ... "Home Folks." LION OIL COMPANY I L DORADO, ARKANSAS LION Oil MAKCS THIS! LEADING PRODUCTS . . . filrtlttm: Gasoline, . Bulone Go* . Keraon* . Tractor Fu«l . Di«i«[ fu«l . H«olfng Oili • Haovy Fuel Oili • Uibncalinj Oili • Greasel • Road Oils . Paving and Roofir.a. Aiphalts • Protective Coalingi /: Arhydfoui Ammonia • Nitrogen Solution! . Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer . Aqua Ammonia • Sulphate of Ammonia ALL SOUTHERN- MAD E F O * *>Sr V> U -TV H* f R A 0 E

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