The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1961 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1961
Page 5
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5 - Day , A pair of accidents Tuesday brought to 15 the total of mishaps reported in Kossuth county Within a five-day period—one of the busiest, accident-wise; iri recent history. Snow-packed roads, streets and 'highways Were/ re- f sponslble for most of the crashes. Fortunately, most of the mishaps were of a minor nature and only two persons, Damian Cen,- graf of Bode and Phylis Baade, Titonka, wese injured. He 'suffered an injured side" Friday evening when a truck driven »y Robert ^Walker, Estherville, jack- flif£d and struck, the Centgraf auto ort highway 169 ,four miles south of Algona. The truck was headed south : at the time. Damage to the auto was estimated at $1,000 while damage to the truck was not estimated. Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst and Patrolman Bin Tordpff investigated, > ' •.••••>•., "The fir/st"mishap Tuesday pc- pured at.4!a.m.- on Diagonal street here. Ail! auto" driven by Elmer Q. Phillips, 65, Sqxtori, and, a pickup .driven by 'Donald 1 } .J. Hauptmatv 32; Wesley, collided, resulting-in an estimated $230 damage .to, the auto. City pdljce investigated. '' At 1:58 p;m. Tuesday, an auto driven by Raymond T. Uthof, 32, Fenton, and a city truck driven by Oscar 3. •Mye'rs,- 23, Algona, collided on Hall street, resulting in $125 damage to the auto, which; was stopped^ waiting '• for an 'on-coming truck at the time. City police investigated. Four mishaps occurred Monday. At 5:20 p.m., a pickup driven by Roger L. Hoover, 31, Algona, and an auto driven by, Lamar T. '• Chimpson, 43, Plover, collided ;ajt^; the junction of high- Ways 169 anti 18 north of Algona. Chimpson was Headed, West piill* ing out ''from a stop sign at .the tune. Hoover was headqd north. Damage!amounted to $150 to the £uto and,$5 t6 the p|ckup, according . tp. J "Patrolman Charles Bird who investigated. > i • At 8:25 a.m., a car driven ;by Donald D. Reimers, Burt, hit a state snow plow driven ''by .Hugh Willey of Algona as it turned into the state shed on 'SoutB Phillips street and damage estimated at $525. :Early .Monday, a city .truck driven by Joe 1 ! Metzen skidded arid clipped off a stop light pole aV the intersection of State ana Mxiore .strip® *3Sa truck was slight, 1 f v Late ' in the * ? afternooh," autps,- driven by Gail Frank and Joanri' Gade,? both ,of AJgonaj ; collided at the* 'intersection of Jorie's • and Lucas streets, resulting' |n d£\rn- age estimated at $140'to ; the vehicles. It, is i possible Frank will b? charged'for failing to enter a highway safely. City police investigated. ' '' •• • , 'There were also four, mjshaps Sunday. At"8:20 a.m., autos driven by Alfred. Baade and Raymond Helrhers, both from Titonka, collided 4Va miles northeast of Titonka, with damage to the auto? estimated at $500, according to Tordoff who investigated. The Helmers aUto cdme^pv'er 'the crest "ojt.;as hill jusV'as Baade wa? attempting to turn his, car-a'rpund and tljc former. waX' unable IQ stop. : Miss Baade -suffered Toll; 15 Crashes, 2 Hurt, $6,000 Damage . About upon, a car "driven ' by Lort»|| Acudurfcr, Wesley, collid- td wilh H pttl'kud car owned by MiniU'ci, Algona, and re- iiim,' was pstimated ai Tortluff, The mishap l road about $l,OUO by ou it Suxton. Siiit|i!)un, Wesley, paid foul' 8(«nlt'y $10 tun! C(>Ht» |u Mayor C. C, SiiknVrt iMtii't U8 lht> result af. »nitjlim> M half-mile wt'st of loy.uu l>ittl>w«,v 18 shortly .iiftur 10 tun uulo ii){| . '1'ho Hiiu|i.s()i) « veUk-U' lii'lvyii by of Hibloy, rwmU- In tin t^tnnuli'd $(100 totiil ui't'<»i'(Uns to Turdoff. Suiutwy IHHMI, t'lii* itdvuu by Mvrkt Wiilt*. Hti'wui'tvllln. Minn., urn! ClvruUI Ki'pt'ldliijj, Whiltu- inoro, HklcUM «nd I'nlllriod lit Uio intfi'MuvtUui nf N«,l^'utiUtt estimated $650 damage to the autos. .. Sheriff Ralph Undhorst totaled up property' damage reported as a result of auto accidents investigated by his office or othei county aiitliorities so far in and came up with a figure in the neighborhood of $82,OpCj. Ifs not hard to understand how the total can be so high— when mrs- haps occur with the regularity that they did during the pas: Weekend. Luckily, there aren't to6 many weekends like that one.' Drive safely I In Area Used A.G.P. Practices Soil .. and ..water conservation practices carried, out on farm's and, ranches not .only save soil and water but provide other benefits as well. Of particular interest to hunters at this time pf the year are the benefits to wildlife —quail, pheasants, rabbits, ducks, geese, and deer. . Richard 1 Anderson. -Chairman of the Kossuth County Agricyl- lural 'Stabilization a'nd Conservation Committee, points o^ut that conservation' practices carried out under the Agricultural Conservation Program , (ACP) have provided nesting -areas, i cover, arid foijd for wildlife on many Iowa firms. Practices which , are particularly" helpful are planting trees arid shrubs; planting grass; es and legumes,' ponds for live-? stock water, s.tripcrppping, i ways, .etc. ' • ., i ' '; . According to, lAnd^sp.n about 2176 farms in Kossuth County, Have participated' in' "Vthe(" A^P and' practices beneficial to -wildlife ; have been carried out on a, numbeTi of these . farms and ' ' ' ' Under recent Federal legislation, ACP help is ^available 1»^ 1962 for' additional practices, which are, primarily ; beneficial to*wndlife< • • • ' "' ! ' : Thf6ughi conservation as encouraged s by" ACP, farmers throughout the Cation prevent ^psHyliunoff of water- and subse- ' 'erosion.* Through ACP future ^generations of •J^ouhg'Americans-will be assured of '. good lands—not wastelands, as" their: heritage. ACP practices include planting grass and trees, creating farm ponds, terracing, and* performing other practices which .ultimately give to the people all= pver America • more plen- tiflil supplies of wa^er for drinking, for industry, and for wildlife; provide greenlands, with Council A^if\utes NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL STATE ;OF ;IOW/T* KOssuth- County; ' is. IhJ DISTRICT COURT No. 7996 .October Term, 1961 TO ALL WHOM -IT 'MAY CON- r < f :•-' . YOU ARE. HEREBY NOTIFIED, That an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Elmer F.' Bell,' Deceased, dated November 29, 1950, having been this day" filed, opened ancj read, Tuesday the 26th day of December, 1961, is fi)jed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algonu, Iowa, before Jhe District VClillill 1 H WilM tmlillliiUnl lit $110. fci«tm'(l»y'a uouiil wus ttuw. lue 0» UlH IllUill Stl'W't «t HUIKTOII 1'UJUilttul In It iHilllNloa bctwrfii Vtthl«U's ili'lvuu by John F. Co«- loy, (11, lluiu'iufl, uiul Wiilium A. lUi Uodiuua." Hm-h wu« wn»l und Cugley wu* u purldiig upql ul tnu tluiu ul thu lulKlmp, U:30 p.m. '4'ho llosuli auto tiuatulnyd $200 aum««e, whllp llm Cogloy auto At 3 p.m., uutou driven PJ IJuitt untl Quorge Mil- AlBunu, rallldud «t thq of Mcare«ur aftcl Phillips , a'BuHlnJi iu an estimated duinugo tu thu vehlcluu. MU- tHK-'d W and costs in tsowl here for fuiUntj to At 0:48 by Alton SeUvfiiWW. Algojuj, clashed Into u 'parked auto own- t)d by C. U. Bronspn, Algona, on sti'uct, resulting in an cs, tiinwtud $375 damage to the ve- driven Court of said County, or the of said Court; and at ten o'clock A. M., of the day above mentioned^ all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and Hhow'c^uqp, if any they have, why instrument should not be pro- baled und allowed as and for the luot Will und • Testament of said domisetl. Doted at Algona, Iowa, December 13, 1UU1, Alma Peavgpn Clerk of the pisjrict Court McMuhon & Cussel, Attorneys NOTICE OF PROBATE OF STATE OF IOWA rCuaautli County ss, IN DISTRICT COURT No. 7885 Qptftber Term, 196} TO AL^ WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: YOU ARS HEREBY NQTIFIEP, That aii instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Anna Sparks, Deceased, uatud Decembev U, 1939, having been this day filed, opened and read, Tuesday the 26th day of ; cember, 1961, hearing pr in roof of samp at the Court Hoiise Iowa, bf fpre the District p| said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at ten o'clock 4,^., of MW clay above mentioned, all persons interested are hereby notified, and. required (o appear, anl show cause, il any they have, why instrument should not be probated. and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament o| said ciecep. ed. Pitted ut AJfiojia. ipwa,, Pecembe|> 12, 1961. AU V ^ Pearson Clerk of the District Court Wu&sl ft W&kf Algona, Iowa forage and cover for all forms of wildlife, and make it possible for more'people to ehjoy grlateri participation in healthy, invigorating outdoor recreation. The; farmers and the 'Government* share.costs in this great program.' Nativity Scene Here Will Be Open Dec. 16-27 The Nativity Scene at the,Kfos suth county fairgi'ouflds; heraj is; slated to open lo the pubp ped. 16 at 2 p.m.7 acc'bfdirfg to 'a Indices'- man for the Methodist 'Men's* Club which'IS sponsoring the'sCene^'gaiTl this year. Built'by a German'-pri- ajonerol war duri^ ""-'•' "'-^" ft has been displ • ?J>'' TI* ' ajjquiled by flees' tr$ jt£e mid- . The scene will be open from 2 to 9 p.m. daily from Dec. '\%$ anfl from nopn to 9'pjn, Siitt^i Ded, .17, and S.unday, Dec. 247 There is no admission charge, to; view the Nativity Scene, which was constructed of concrete. Appreciation Day Here Saturday Farmers Service Center, Inc., Sam Davis and crew, is holding a big Appreciation Day, Saturday, pec. 16, as' announced , in; , complete detail in - a big ad else- where In; today's paper. The Service Center, located on few* FMUJW St., w fee and yeireshJrft^nt host of registration for- the event, f h? fi the former Hi^rig 'Eley^t April I, and thhns""^ ajipreciatioiji for the fine; tibn, received during the, months.: '; H Kenneth B.r wner of the iator Repair J • '••.'' * ' V< \~ 1 4 ie yto.rt ijwsirss 'rpffl dftet C3opfr l» pec. IIUKTION TRSii XMAS CANDY CHOCOLATES WALNUTS NESTLES CHOC. CHIPS 2 CHASE & SANBORN INSTANT COFFEE SQUlR TO M AT Of '- • " ,'-f h v:.t;/r ."; Tail ^0 Cans m*W BROWN OR POW'pEREb 1 SUGAR H|-C pRINK ORANGE ; • V -- ,/ ' .'^.f q,^ FRESH FROM THE COAST BUTTERNUT SUNSHINE RED PACK SCOTTIES 400 COUNIT KRAFT MINIATURE '} MARSHMALLOWS "6*4 OZ. PKG. 1P.OZ.PKQ. 4ERSHEY UB.CAN PINT SOLID PACK 3 LB. CAN SMQKED NUMBER ONE QUALITY SLICED BACON CAKE AND CQOKY Bottles QT. BOTTLE KING 5IZE LB. CARNATION CONDENSED MILK Toll Cans FRESH SLICEP -TENDER DUNCAN HINES LB. CAKE MIX FOR YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION AND A JOYOUS CHRISTMAS DINNER DIAMOND NUT MEATS YELLOW - CHPCQLATi - WHITE REG. PKGS. 5 OZ. PKG. AND GRADED K ENGLISH WALNUTS TOMS 16 TQ ^4 IPS. H 6 N S 9 Tp 15 IBS. CALIFORNIA IB, LB. TOMATOES Tube of 4 FRESH WISCONSIN FRI5H JWWC:. MINCE MEAT FOR CRANBERRIES! PKG. - POLICY - Yaw Cfn fte S«f* When Yev Shop At Ferewgy That You Get The Savings Adypntage Of AI! The lowest Prices. ,Y9W' Ferewpy. PRICES \4TH THROUGH DECEMBER 20TH. Q R A.TI FOO» OIBTRIBUTION

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