The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on March 28, 1897 · Page 11
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · Page 11

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 28, 1897
Page 11
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THE DAILY TEIBUKE: SALT LAKE CITY; UTAH. STJ^BAT MQBS1NG. MARCH 28,1897, This week: Salt Lake Theater, James Corbett, Wednesday night: "Patience," Saturday afternoon and c-venlng. Grand: "The New South," Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday; Bob Fitz.simmons, Wednesday nlprht; "Carmen," Wednesday matinee. Lyceum: Closed ali week. * * * There promises to be a sharp rivalry for public favor on Wednesday next, v.-he-n Bob Fitzslmmons, the clrnmpkm pug-Hint, gives an exhibition at the Grand, against Corbett at the Theater. Both -will give practic-ally the- same- wort of exhibition, consisting of boxing 1 , wrestling and bag-punching. Salt Lake will offer a splendid opportunity to test the present popularity of the rival ath- letps, since It is without prejudice and turned out In full force to witness each man when he Mopped here on his way to the Carson flprht. * «• * "Carmen" did a tremendous business at the Grand yesterday, filling every available seat at both afternoon and evfninpr performances. A great many not being able to get admission, it was determined .by the managers to hold l.he costumes and give the piece for a Wednesday matlner- the present week. * « * POP the benefit of home patrons. "Patience" will be put on at the Salt Lako Theater Saturday afternoon find evening of th« coming \vei-k. H. C, K as ton and Edna Dwyer have been added to the list oC principals. "Patience" Is a high-class light opera, free from roughness or gags. The costumes come from the same firm that supplied the "Mascot" costumes. Some very pretty selections from "El Cnpl- tiin" have been Interpolated. * * * Ada Dwyer left over the fast Union Par! no train yesterday morning for Detroit, where she will rehearse with the Mayo company in "Pudd'n.head AV'i),son." She replaces Eleanor Mor- retll as thn ootowon girl of the piece, and commences playing in Brooklyn. HI * + On the basin of other vendablo goods, tho iittrnetlons Ural were worth $1.5»> five years ago are new •worth $1; a.nrt those worth $1 then are worth 75 or F,0 cen>ts now. Otis Skiu- TUT is one of those who, apparently, thinks that, falling prices do not apply lo dramatic goods; that while salaries of Rotors have fallen, hotel rates have. dropped, clothing become cheaper and living lower than five years, ago, admission. prices to theaters should remain the same. Accordingly he charges $1.^.0, the same as he would have dono five years ago. He argues, find with some reason, that people rate attractions for what, they charge as* well as what they are; and that by charging $1.50, he gains a higher estimation In public opinion than If he came to Salt L<ako at $1. With acute people Mr. Skinner's argument holds perfectly good. They rate T)v>n'ormances as they rate everything olse— aecorcllnp to their price. But hard times have taken, the edge off this fashion, and most people go \vlu;i;o thev can. gft the most for their money. 'rhf-y require a very exceptional occasion' in which they are willing to pay more than SI for admission. At the regular rate-s. Mr. Skinner would have had a far more profitable business in Salt- Lake; and except in the eyes of a performances in Salt Lake that ante- }J T .~. I I UL HJCHlVj^: O 41 V +*r**sf v ~ - ^ . dated'even those of Social hall veteran comedian. Phil Margetts probably has a greater fund ° f theatrical lore than anyone in Salt X*x*%± y ,l calls attention to the old Bowery, situated on the southeast cornel of tne old Temple block, the first place or amusement in ZJon, It was fa^d .he "Bowery" from the fact that the loor was a thatched one._ The jh&t ( play given In the spring of 1851 ort Macalre," the cast being as Kohert Mocaire Dumont ...- ...... -. ........... « G Opvmonil .'. . , .................... %• V1311sw orth •:::;::::::::::::£• T. Burton Miss M. Drum M it were determined to =,-- - . time performance to celebrate the plo- reer days "Robert Macalre" as the i m-st play given In Salt Lake wou d be « most 1 appropriate.of all. and would at the same time be one- to- appeal to present day ^ It is not'likely that the Broadway Theater Stock company of Denver will be transferred to,Salt Lake In Its en- Hretv though a number of the company 'may -be engaged by Manager SS^rs to supply those of «« present Grand company who drop out to f i few people, would have suffered no 'loss of dignity or prestige. He is a splendid actor, is .surrounded with a i-apabk" company, and gives his p\t\ys a magnificent stage setting. When hr Lake again— and it is be an annual visitor all tne old favorites—Jessie Bartlett Davis, Henry Clay Barnabee, Eugene- Cowles, etc., and a new singer, Miss Alice Neilson, who has scored quite a success. ..-/-/ The Damrosch, company in. German opera, is doing weft at the Metropolitan and much interest is manifested m the appearance, this week, of Madame Nordica as Brunhilde. This role is the identical one which caused' all tne trouble at the begm-ning of the Abbey and Gra'u season, and..resulted in the withdrawal of Madame . Nordica fro-m the company. "He who. laughs last, laughs best." iii * * For this week, we are promised a number of novelties and openings, as t is usually the case after a dull week. "To what base uses," indeed! Here it is but three weeks since that' admirable production of "Tess of the D'Urbeivilles," and it is now announced that Miss Marie Dressier will appear at Keith's this week in a sketch entitled "Tess of the Vaudevilles." The j title^s clever, at all events, and we may expect a bright entertainment. The next recruit of note to the vaudeville ranks will be 'Mr. Maurice Barrymore. The profession is very like an hour glass, and it looks as though the time is near at hand to turn it around! Mr. Joseph Herbert's burlesques have been quite a feature of the season, and to succeed, "Under the Red Glob^" at Weber and Field's, he has prepared a skit, called. "Mr. Kew York, Esq., (No Relation; to the Manhattans)." Ihe parenthetical explanation: is caused by the fact that this week we.are to have "In Gayest Manhattan"-at Hosier and Bial's. and "Miss" "Manhattan," a new musical comedy, at Wallack's. MI-SS Olg-a Nethersole opens, at, the Garden Theater tomorrow night - J ~ "Carmen-." In which part she scored a success last year equal to that ol Madame Calve in the lyrical version, The friiends of Miss Victory Bate-man heard with much interest that she was to essay that famous part mis week. There is no doubt as to her ability to give a brilliant performance, and tne criticisms will be read with much m- The only disqualification which would suggest itself to Miss Bateman's totally opposite appearance to that usually expected for "Carmen," but _ this will no doubt be overcome by a little more use of•'the .make-up box than is her Mr 4 M. Palmer is in town, ostensibly to "attend the Dramatists' .dinner, but it has been discovered that his real purpose is to lead an.opposition- to the Haymaw "syndicate." No action as yet'has been taken tit the matter, however as there- are several unlocked for obstacles, caused by the refusal of some managers to co-operate. STAGE SETTINGS. scure the view of both the young: men alternately, instead of only one, which is the usual privilege of the biff theater Af t'er 6 nearly dislocating his neck in the vain endeavor to dodge the shadow, au- ghast said to his friend; What a pity it is that a lady with such a pretty face should be obliged to wear %uch a large hat in order to conceal same personal defect about her head! _ "What do you suppose the defect is. replied Gildersleeve. in a loud whisper. "Hush, not so lowd, or she will hear you," warned Tillinghast. in penetrative tones. "It's my opinion that she is prematurely bald." The conspirators saw that their comments were heard, for the hat ceased to bob around, and the lady's head assumed an attentive attitude. "Oh, no, I don't think she is prematurely bald," replied Gildersleeve. It s my opinion that her hair is turning gray, bhe is using hair-dye, and has neglected, to put it on for a week or so. and. in consequence, the hair is showing white at the roots, while it is black where it has been dyed. One naturally wishes to hide it, under such circumstances, you know. \t this point the wearer of the hat g:a\ e a sniff of denaoice, half looked around and then raised her hat from her head and placed it on her lap, and no doubt s>he thought, to herself. l •Til just show them whether I am prematurely bald or-whether I haven t had time to apply hair-dye for a week! Tillinghast smiled softly as he said "Just see what magnificent hair she has! We were both wrong. Isn't it a pity that such hair should ever be covered by a hat?" "It is. indeed," replied Gildersleeve. Then the two wily young men enjoyed the plav. while a smile of pleasure played on the face of the lady.—Harper s Bazar. * * * Edwin Milton Koyle's new comedy drama, "One Plus One Equals Three, j Shall "THE ANGEL AT THE RINGSIDE." ALT LAKE THEATER. > CHA5. 5. BURTOK. fltaM>Mv "Instead of squandering their talents on spring- poems, why don't soma ot our poets give up some verses on Tn« AJtsrei at tho Ringside?"—Memphis Appeal. The result of the sujrg-estion, is below, with apologies to Mr. Whittier and his "Angels of 'Bucna Vista." "THE ANGEL AT THE RINGSIDE." "Speak and tell us. Rosie dearest, looking . in upon the fray, O'er tho roi>es around the ringside on this bright Nevada day. Who is losing-? who is winning? Is it Jim or Robert dear? Look again and toll us. sister, Brother Julian wants to hear!" "Around tho riosr, in. every corner, see my husband rain the blows: Ah. despair, the hound! the puppy! Jim draws blood from hubby's nos* Claret's flowing: Framz is sinking: No! a feint, I see him winki He's up again, and smashing Corbett, giving him the rinky dink." Mrs. Fits, this ringside angeJ. docs not sport a pair of wings: Like those of Icarus, they melted, she is , garbed in warmer things, ve* are flashing, cheeks are burning, ills arc clenched within her Wednesday Evesiog, at 8:15. 31. Testimonial Reception to JAMES J. CORBETT, BY HIS MANY SALT LAKE FRIENDS. On which occasion, an entertaining athletic programme will be given, including- bag-punching, wrestling and boxing. Prices, 25c, 50c, 75c aad $L Sale ot seat*. begins Monday, March 23th. will be given a single performance at the Garrick theater tomorrow afternoon. 1 lie summer cngragetnen-ts. Jnston is fairly wild to renew friendships and others of tne way company are anxious to make the acquaintance of Salt Lake. Next week the Home Opera, company makes its second appearance before the Sic. This time "Patience" will be the oi• f-ra presented. With the conference nflux the managers have no occasion to feel anxious for business, as to tho host of Salt Lake people.who cWn- to see the company, will be added the throngs from the country. * B on the occasion of the previous production Ogderi and Logan will share the cnSoymen't of Lake in seeing this excellent company. MUSIC CHANTS. "Th« usual seats?" asked the gentlemanly! box office attendant. "Er— no; give me something cheaper, m ^Here .you are. Thanks. Glacl^ your wife cot safely home from her trip." ". * * , * Twinkle, twinkle, painted star, How I wonder what you are, . Prancing, there -upon the stage— Buxom youth or . When Tillinghast and Gilrlersleeve took their seats in the theater the other night. tr,ev stage found their Interrupted by view of large the pic- .. ture-hat -on 'the head of a lady m front of them.- By adroit movemen.ts laterally the wearer of the hat managed to ota- author himself will be in the east and his wife. Selina Fetter Boyle, will impersonate the heroine. Admission is by invitation only.—New York Journal. • • • tuberculosis paper Salvini died of intestma.l tuber but his widow assures a New .York that her husband's death was due to the unkind comments of the Chicago dramatic circles when he revived the Windy City. Othello" in And urgln's-, screaming, yellinp. shouting, she seconds Fitz to beat the oand! "Kill him Robert, punch his head off! Dearest, if you lose the mill And don't win the Ions' mazuma, I ca.n t pay my headgear bill! You've g-ot him going", jab him, Bobby, swat him hard right on. the snout! There! You did it, on the stomach! Sweetest, you have knocked him out; "Oh ray heart's love! Oh my dear one! lav thy poor head on my km*?! [ 1 kiss the bloody muggy? <-*ore I care not for, you see. Oh my husband, brave and mighty, we 11 go back to little Bob, And we'll tell the 'itty tootsie that his papa, is no slob." , 1 * —Tod Goodwin. NEXT ATTRACTION. SALT LAKE OPERA COMPANY In "Patience." and "The Mascot," April 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th and Sth. Reduced prices. Sale of seats commences Thursday, April 1st. There is more Catarrh in this srction. of the country than all other diseases put tog-ether, and until the last few years was supposed to be incurable. For a great many years doctors pronounced it a local disease, and pre- removed to 122 Main St. class suitings $30.00. Men's first- The Keeley Institute. Nervousness, Liquor, Morphine and Tobacco'diseases cured. Strictly conn- dential. 166 W. 2nd North. Lockbox 480. Just Received at Auerbach's' Our own importation of the celebrated "CROWN" AND "MASCOT 1 kid gloves, in black, white, cream and all the leading spring- shades. 7/8 Buttercup*. Best candy on earth. Schlitz Malt Extract, a food, a tonic, $2 a dozen. The Kentucky Liquor Co., 13 E. 2nd South, agents. Week Be ginning Moo day, March Ion-Til ch ,«*' J. B. KOGEBS, Mmr. ment, "pronounced it incurable. Science has proven catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and therefore requires constitutional treatment Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney <8- Co., Toledo, Ohio : * is the only constitutional cure on the market. It is taken, internally in doses from 10 drops to a teospoonful. It acts di- H rectly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer one hundred, dollars for any case it fails to cure. Send for circulars and testimonials. Address. F. J. CHENEY & CO, Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c. ' Copp's Mining Code, 1S96. Price, 50c. Tribune • office. i "COMING EVENTS CAST THMB SHAIX)WS BEFOKB." Indications point to a phoaanMna} business for THE NEW SOUTH, Which will be the bill at THE GRAND ; for ' ' WEEK COMMENCIN6 MARCH 29. The play is strong* and drau th,« naounting* will be ela.bomt», you can't afford to xnisa it. That tiiumph of dramatic THE SILVER KINO, is in active preparation. Prices—-25c. 35c and 5Oc, Saturday^ 25c. Evening* at S:15| Matinee at 2:15. AT WALKER'S. Thp Davnes & Conner company has jus t puwSied a collection of Uventy- flve mostly new anthem* by 1^*1^he work has some very fine and will be of great benefit looom;, an to choirs .generally throughout the State. conies to Salt likely he will Mr H. S. Goddard's recital will be the event of the spring season. Many new singers will make their first appearance on this occasion. Several of the church choirs -are preparing: very flno programmes for Last- The incidental musia to "Carmen" was an appreciated feature of the week's bill at the Grand. Seasonable Longings and the Last Days of the Season. Correspondence Tribune.] ' | New York, March 21,—This is the lime of the yeur. when the signs of spring meet us on. every hand, when our winter garments begin to oppress up with their weight, etc., and we long for Easter with its new bonnets and spring styles. The shops are in their glory, and- so varied and tempting is the display that but one dlfllculty of.... .1.. wna; t not to buy. "he tailor- CHOICE CORRESPONDENCE PAPER, MONOGRAMMING, VISITING CARD ENGRAVING, ETC, Our own importation from the firm of ED. PINAUD, PARIS, Retailed by ounce;; Rarest of extracts , WOMEN'S DRESSES. +~ A ryoioYA/ of them here, representing the highest skill or its. A galaxy oTtnemn«r«,^H Zouave has sent her*af'ter—he -will receive a warm re- fe . rs itsell'—what not to buy. .me M.UOI- centlon; but he .should profit by this nia cie girl, has blossomed forth again, , as to prices. s • • The Grnrid has struck a ptrealc of coocl playst; and though the royalties eome- pretty heavy, the outlay Is well repaid iby the Inrroaslng business, "Carmen" ha» been, an unusual ilraw- InK caircl the past week, and "The New South" will bring out tho crowds d-ur- injf the ensuing woek "The New South" is Qrisjner & Davles's great suc- ce»H Knowing the momentous consequences for success or failure of a New York/engagement, Mr G-rismer figured for years on a. play with which to make the metropolitan debut of The New South J aa attractive as ever, the florists windows are bright with violets, hyacinths, and other seasonable beauties, and last-mentioned, but most important indication of all, Mr. Georgre' Lederer is preparing- for his annual theatrical ve- This has become an important organization i vi«\v feature of amusements the end-of-the-season and is composed of a series of burlesques- on the production lions'" of the year, largely interspersed with vaudeville and specialties. We hope for as agreeable an entertainment "In Gay New York" afforded us last companies have already as ol since."'\V 1th "fil'tticuity it "was secured hv the Grand. Mr. Orlsmer's personal manuscript (tho only one in existence) being 1 loaned for the purpose. The vole of Georcla G\vynm\ Phoebe Davit* s role-is to be assumed by Victory Bateman. Mr. Grlsmer's part, drops into- 'the hands of Howard Kyle. The role -* the impudent biu-k netfro, wnieh \ -nq done in New York by Jim Herne of '"Shore Acres" fame, will be taken bv "Walter Edwards—bis first attempt at a darky character. Mr Blakemo-re a* the faithful, devoted- old colored servant. The Play i« based upon the practice in the State'of Georgia of farming- out -\f-nitenilarv convicts to private con- fractors, whereby the con vie* becomes I'mi«S better than a slave. The play is the most lmportant_yet undertaken by Corbett, the vanquished, will give'a init I different exhibition, it is safe to 2av from that of Corbett. the oham- Son When, he appeared in the Salt T ake Theater the last time, on the Vv-iv-'to Carson, he pave an exhibition i, brief as to disappoint everybody. Before blinking Him this time Manager required guaranty that the rx- ,. _..,j v, o a ' thorough, com- have with him the Bane bM wrestlers -who, were here on,£ii»- la»t visit, Mr. and Mr«. Julian are- also'. coming, and the big mastiff will be here with the rest^of the heroes. Salt Lake is all expecta,n- cv over the coming of the victor and the vanquished, and -it, is safe to as- iume that Wednesday wW be a great day The lanky FittBinun<w3 will give a. rea-ular athletic tournament at the Grand, in -which he will give *n exarn- pl» of the blow that did up hi« adver- '' OMi revetw in Sunday's- ITibune of ptrformaj>ce at the old Social "iaH Lake Tbeaior <apropo» Mri-CW**** 1 * 1 *-!' Jubilee), bring* the fR «»*t inere were theatrteal ins that the "crop . cases a little before the regular time of closing. "The fact that the warm weather is approaching-, has caused a little stirring: up in the profession, and all eyes are directed toward the summer stock. This instiltition offers same hope'to the many—it is deplorable how many—who were forced to remain idle over the winter. I am afraid, however, that the country with be flooded with a superabundance of summer companies, if a-M tne disengaged and worthy actors were provided with positions. ' The theatrical profession is the most unjust business in the world. A movement ought to be introduced on the lines of "Civil Service Reform." requiring 1 aspirants to pass a certain examination before receiving permission to act. In this- way, the idlers, fritters and incompetent, masses ••would not the way of those who are earnest, talented, and willing to labor •I iv the cause of art, as it now the-case in BO many instances. The drama would be elevated, public taste. .Would become -"correspondingly enlightened, •and the theater would in truth, become an educator.' as well :as ,a. place of amusement.:- , - 4 - •.. The ".Siberia" company paid salaries in full, and disbanded here .last .week, so Miss Jennie Kennark is. seen .about •town"in 1 company with her husband, Mr. iTharles Lothian. They are both 'on the lookout for summer engage- $10 DRESSES—Skirt one color, jacket another-, the very; latest pronuncia- mento of the chic girl. Skirt of blue and white checked suiting, 'jacket of plain blue serge (there -are other combinations of course); fl» Q F7C full lined throughout, well J)Qi I U tailored, the suit.. • « • •'•••.• • ZOUAVE giriTS—Handsomely braided coat/Taffeta silk lined^full sweep, seven gpred skirt, percaline lined, well bound. at bottom . . •/ CAPES—Of silk and chiffon, velvet and chiffon, dainty, fluffy creations, but for all serviceable,, with plenty of style about them, suitable for street or evening. Others of capeirig fabrics, full (hn CA circular sweep, some Yf, jy heavily braided or jetted, ^ beautifully silk lined, price scale ,•••'.'" WOMEN'S COATS—There's a jauntiness about the new Spring coats; they're made by men tailors^tnat is, in general. We have never known their equal in style and finish. The fly front Beefer, worn open enclosed, bids for popularity.. Variety large of stuffs and colors, Royal <£^Q tO Blues, Browns, Blacks, etc. ^^^ Prices **& CHILDREN'S KEEFEBS—Box Env pire front and back; the same quaint a a b nd ZO ;e aV h e a n vfp&Thema,"com m and em ^-&^&^'£%ffi$f*' LMderehip of our M "" n °™ reclSfiSn'accorded the first view on Monday. _____ Hens' Clotting Stow. Sjlks and Dress Three Sales Appointed for nonday, Tuesday and Wednesday. cu to $1O advance Th.«"'-'Spiriii9meV company closefi in Washlniltoni bri Saturday Anight, rather a pud olow to Sar<lou's genius, and FrohroaTv*B astulene«s. Mr. J. H. Harbury and" Mr. Milton Xlpman. (who spent la*t summer in Salt Lake)'will take a stock company to Atlantic City for a limited engagement. There \va* but one new last -week— that -of «t-he^Bpstonian:* opera, entitled, "The Serenade,'' which prttfnices to be »8 much of a popular success as "Robin Hood; 1 '- if the 'case, they are. to be congratulated,:; for the mibllc have never been able-to forget th,at e*qul»ite- llttle-^pera, :»nd, have refused to be satisfied by the entertainment since offered by this excelr lent or«ani*ation. The cast includes all asserts itself in these. Fancy check fabrics and^: pl^-inj large sailor collars and cuffs braided ••' • • SHIBT WAISTS—The styles that will mak$the s girl a thing of beauty bye and bye are here now. Finest are apt to get a scant day's showing here, ere> tne desire for exclusives has taken them. HERE'S ONSr-Of »heer Swiss, Plaid—common-place wpr^d to express such delicacy of-tinting-ra. pale sunset viewed through spider webbing you have Price .'....- --.\' SEP ABATE SKIBTB--Th» lateat icuts,' - ; " . WTWftVOBj •^•m+-^i—~j -%^ • -^ j 'Grenadine,, witli colpr«o ^showing thr«*g^ ^5* J?*? ;a» low a»H,|W |W»d W»b ,as ^ ...",,..« ( .^ WBAPPBES—Kor« o effect, jacK«t ,fr«tt*«i' collara trimmed wit^ some in sheer jn*&'- TEA in baby- As you enter Monday morning, ar- nged on special tables in center ffwiU te found 300 BCXfcTS, lled from our choicest Spring DBEISS GOODS STOCK-Frenclx ^ta- mints, Pebble Coverts, Momie Cloths, French Jacquards, Scotch Cheviots, English Checks, Tailor Suitings, BouWtes,. Mixtures and many others, I whose regular selling ' pricifcs are 55c, 60c, 65c and 75c the yard, for these days 49c SHOE STORE, coin toe shoes for friends The new women are winning -comfort and all the. style of the more pointed ones. We havejust invoiced some in the new colored skins, Chocolate, Wine, etc., which are to be almost exclusively this season. merely real bargains; good reading to this list. It should interest you to read it and pa7 well to heed it. Note this first: Ff)R WOMEN— Handsome Oxford coiiv toes* made of best yici i^' Wine color, worth $3,to B{LACK DRESS GOODS Opportunity. Its equal has not occurred; twi oenler tables filled with latestjdack ***'*" i . i • _ i— T3l*ii*ta introduce them this week BUTTON SHOES— Chocolate, com toes, thU week. . . FINE KID LACE SHOES —Beautiful shade Oxblood, worth ,$3.50, this week ---MISSES— Bright dongola, e hoe, square or round toe, sold for $1.75, sizes 11 to 2, ;his w«ek ............... FOR MEN— French enamel, welt iroods of Snd Fancies. newest, designs in Plains Nothing but purest jauntiness as found'In the grown-ups «*•* wi de Black Goods allowed in QCC oTH-c it=Aif in these. Fancy ^._ ' TT^!,,^ -rn^. to 85c. at I An •0, pnio BUU-$3.50 w this. Values 70c to 85c, at one [price net, these three da ^ ' SILKS—4000 yds. of fancy figured Taffetas, pure silk, high art patterns, charming, colorings, $1 and $l-5O silk's. An entire. Manufacturer's Spring output, bought cheap ^^C will be sold same way sale entjre week at BRAIDS — W oven 9TC cveT T con " ceiyable design, loops, straps, Jackets, front pieces, military conceit^ etc., to contrast with dree* stuffs, at prices remarkably small. KNIT tTNDBKWEAlU-For fromen long »le«v««i whlt« »nd ecru, Mctr* vmiue*..,:,,.. jZBflanr MBBED BBAW- ERS—^Fr«M^ yoke band, lisle ftnirti ^«T **• qu«lit|r Bibb«d Ve»t and 50c CORSETS. front, sleeve* lac* trimmed, and • dresfy nients.... 100 down Black, full regular, for Women, bought for a special bargain offering, will be sold thU week—3 pairs for t* j *•*** 50c Satisfaction's citadel U Iwr* •***•: your happi«»t rem«nbr«nc*of * torn tailor-mad* suit, w% ml its fit and halve it« pric« styles. Cloths as you know (*Ufp«»^ ing 1 you to be * frequent* store) come in innumerabla tions of large and •mml checks, invisible pl ald *_^J some mixture*; cut sc rower than for several FULL Tan and Black, extra fine, value ......... One of the best value* in the market here, Black hose with white w>l% fine gage.. 25c button $1,33 this line will sell for $2<83 V fli uu " Best Russia Calfskin, hard welted Chocolate color toes, lace, * a sizes .6 to 10 1-2, to E A $3.85 MUSLIN UNDERWEAR. MUSLIN TTNDERWBABr-Oener- ously cut and well-made underwear at most economical price*. Good weight wash Un«i &\ AA petticoats, umbrella ruffle.. <P »« ww Muslin Petticoat*, cluster « ubrold - 50c CARPET STORE NEWS.—Our pet »tor» U ««pecially strong this season, abaolute completenew marks its mammoth stock. The opening of new goods at the beginning of Spring gives a pleasure to hundred* that daily come to welcome them. We have just now a special shipment of Rich. Oriental Rugs, small sizes, only personal tiott will suffice for Price each UPHOLSTERY SECTION.—A veritable academy of fine arts. New things daily. Newness of and fasbiosn'* touch of color, perts to sugfceat ideas for home decoration. Artistic furnishings with- jn ths- reach of every one. ery ruffle embroidery About o«a« wid* and §3.00 Alpaca $1,25 UNDERWEAR. 'or M«n, German Skirts and Drawer*, «** V -* 5 ' 70/» jinnent, on sals fer a ( y^ ihtrt»

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